“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Lubbock County Texas Historical Markers

Idalou Cemetery Marker image, Touch for more information
By Bill Kirchner, June 9, 2017
Idalou Cemetery Marker
Texas (Lubbock County), Idalou — 13497 — Idalou CemeteryHistoric Texas Cemetery
John William Turner, Jr. and his wife, Mary Alice, deeded two acres of their farm as a burial ground in January 1921. The first burial was for their infant nephew, Weldon Fred Turner, whose grave is indicated by a homemade marker. In May of that . . . — Map (db m106239) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — A Tribute to Cotton
In the early 1900s, area pioneer farmers marketed bales of cotton on this site. Today, this cotton bale serves as a monument to those who made Lubbock County and the surrounding south plains the greatest producer of upland cotton in the world. In . . . — Map (db m102084) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 18255 — Arnett House
(Two markers identify this Craftsman Style Bungalow.) Bungalow style house built in 1915 at 1214 Ave. L in downtown Lubbock for Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Higginbotham. Designed by M.L. Waller of Fort Worth. Home of Mr. and Mrs. S.C. Arnett Sr. . . . — Map (db m106431) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — Austin Brothers Bridge
Steel bridge erected 1913 across Yellowhouse Canyon on the Lubbock-Abernathy Road. Contract awarded April 1913 to Austin Brothers Bridge Company of Dallas by the Lubbock County Commissioners. The 60 foot long, 12 foot wide, single-span, Warren type . . . — Map (db m52148) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 273 — Bacon Home
(Two markers identify this early two-story brick home.) Neo-classical style house built 1916 for Warren A. and Myrta Hunt Bacon. Designed by W.M. Rice of Amarillo. Bacon, a successful businessman and civic leader, lived in Lubbock . . . — Map (db m106428) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 434 — Bledsoe Santa Fe Depot
A relic from one of America's last frontiers. Built in 1925 on range land of newly organized Cochran County, at Bledsoe, this structure not only served its purpose as a railroad station, but was a meeting hall for churches and social groups. . . . — Map (db m73612) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 484 — Bradford Knapp(Dec. 24, 1870 – June 11, 1938)
Known for his leadership in the field of agricultural education, Bradford Knapp served as first director of the U.S. Cooperative Extension Service and helped plan and carry out World War I overseas food production for the Agriculture Department. He . . . — Map (db m106375) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 17262 — Breedlove Airport
When Charles Lindbergh was traveling the U.S. by airplane on a speaking tour, he was unable to land at Lubbock because there was no airport at the time. City leaders and aviation enthusiasts, determined to see that Lubbock would not miss out on the . . . — Map (db m73586) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — Buddy Holly1936 - 1959
Buddy Holly contributed to the music heritage of not only west Texas but the entire world as a musician and composer. It is significant that this first plaque on the "Walk Of Fame" bear his name. The citizens of Lubbock pay tribute to and honor . . . — Map (db m4499) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — Buddy Holly1936 – 1959
Buddy Holly contributed to the music heritage of not only west Texas but the entire world as a musician and composer. It is significant that this first plaque on the "Walk of Fame" bear his name. The citizens of Lubbock pay tribute to and honor . . . — Map (db m73562) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — Buddy Holly Historical MarkerCity of Lubbock Cemetery
Buddy Holly died at age 22 in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa on February 3, 1959. Fellow musicians Ritchie Valens and J.P. Richardson were also killed in the crash. The funeral was held in Tabernacle Baptist Church and he was buried in the City . . . — Map (db m73583) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 729 — Carlisle Cemetery
The pioneer Carlisle community was named for W. Augustus “Uncle Gus” Carlisle (1849-1920), who settled here with his wife Lizzie (Spikes) (d. 1914) in 1890. A cattleman and a prominent landowner, Carlisle made significant contributions . . . — Map (db m73613) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — Carlock Building
Art deco style office building constructed in 1930 as the new Cotton Exchange Building. Designed by J.B. Davies & Co., Fort Worth, for J.D. Doughty and J.B. Kerby of Weatherford. Now the Carlock Building, it symbolizes the rapid growth of cotton . . . — Map (db m111493) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 12968 — City of Lubbock Cemetery
In March 1892, a delegation of Lubbock residents requested five acres of pasture land from rancher H.M. Bandy for use as a cemetery. That same month, they held the first burial, that of a Cochran County cowboy, Henry Jenkins, who died of pneumonia . . . — Map (db m73584) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 996 — Colonel T. S. Lubbock / Texas in the Civil War
Front Side: County named for Texas Confederate Colonel T. S. Lubbock 1817 – 1862 South Carolinian. Came to Texas 1835. Indian fighter, soldier, businessman. Member Secession Convention. Went to Virginia hoping to fight . . . — Map (db m73563) HM WM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — Congressional Medal of Honor RecipientsCity of Lubbock Cemetery
In 1861, shortly after the first shots of the Civil War, America established the Congressional Medal of Honor. Given for extraordinary valor and sacrifice, it is the highest military decoration presented by the U.S. Government. Three medal . . . — Map (db m106403) HM WM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — F W & D South Plains Railway Depot
Spanish Renaissance Revival Passenger and Freight Depot built 1928 for $45,889. Architect Wyatt C. Hedrick of Fort Worth also designed the administration building on Texas Tech campus. Built by F. A. Mote of Dallas. Completion of the Fort Worth a & . . . — Map (db m73567) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 1762 — First Methodist Church of Lubbock
This congregation traces its history to 1892, when circuit riding minister R. M. Morris and 12 charter members organized the Lubbock Methodist Church. Early worship services were held in the schoolhouse and the Lubbock County Courthouse. In 1900 the . . . — Map (db m73560) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — Forks of the Brazos
In the summer of 1878, O.W. Williams and E.M. Powell began a survey of Lubbock County. It began at this point where the two forks of the Brazos River meet. They erected a rock mound at the S.W. corner of survey 1, block A. using this as a starting . . . — Map (db m106363) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 12723 — Isham and Texana Tubbs House
Isham Tubbs (1852-1947) married Texana Spikes (1857-1930) in Kaufman County in 1877. They moved to the Monterey area of Lubbock County circa 1890. Isham became one of the first school board trustees and a charter member of Lubbock's first United . . . — Map (db m73611) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — J.I. Allison House circa 1950s
Originally located at 2215 6th Street, this house was preserved to commemorate the song writing of Buddy Holly and the Crickets. While at this home in 1956, Buddy Holly and J.I. Allison (original founding members of The Crickets) penned the hit . . . — Map (db m102086) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — Landwer/Manicapelli Home
Spanish mission style home built 1936 for Dr. and Mrs. M. F. Landwer from Dr. Landwer's design. Landwer was professor of zoology at Texas Technological College from 1927 until his retirement. Virginia Landwer taught biology at Lubbock High School . . . — Map (db m52149) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 3144 — Lubbock High School
The city of Lubbock experienced a significant increase in population during the 1920s as it became the agricultural, educational, service, and trade center of the South Plains. This high school was built out of the need for providing an education . . . — Map (db m73558) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — Lubbock Women's Club
(Two markers identify this two-story brick building.) Starting in 1944, several women’s organizations met to coordinate their community improvement efforts. In February 1945, 22 groups became charter members of the Lubbock women’s club. . . . — Map (db m73559) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 3181 — Mackenzie Scout Trail
This marks one route of the Mackenzie Scout Trail extending from Camp Supply, Crosby County to Fort Sumner, New Mexico and used by the Army, 1872-1875, by buffalo hunters, 1876-1878, and by cattlemen 1878 until the fencing of the range. Erected by . . . — Map (db m106404) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — Mast/White Home
Originally located 2219 13th street, constructed 1925 by A.M. Hensley for C.S. Mast, member of the original faculty at Texas Technological College. Purchased by L.O. "Pop" and Ercil "Mom" White in 1948. Active in youth work, the Whites were . . . — Map (db m73549) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 15653 — Migrant Labor Camps of Lubbock County
Early Hispanic residents of frontier Lubbock County included ranch hands in the 1880s. Railroad lines brought many workers to the south plains, the majority recruited from El Paso. Rail companies built row houses near construction sites, and . . . — Map (db m106351) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 3443 — Monterey High School
Opened in 1955. Named for town of Monterey, one of the two original townsites for Lubbock. It was founded in present northwest Lubbock by W. E. Rayner in 1890. In a unique compromise in 1891, Rayner joined the promoters of the other townsite to . . . — Map (db m73547) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 3491 — Mount Gilead Baptist Church
The organizational meeting for this congregation was held in October 1917 by the Rev. A. Wilson. Although early problems plagued the fellowship and many members left the church, a successful cotton harvest in September 1919 attracted more people to . . . — Map (db m73582) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 17972 — Original Lubbock Municipal Airport
Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927 dramatically increased worldwide interest in aviation. To participate in this new and potentially significant technology, the City of Lubbock established a municipal airport about . . . — Map (db m106284) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — Prairie Dog TownK. N. Clapp
The vision of Prairie Dog Town was conceived and implemented by K. N. Clapp in 1935. In the 1930's the government's poisoning program was becoming effective, and he was alarmed that the extinction of the black-tailed prairie dog would result. Mr. . . . — Map (db m52146) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — Reese AFB Texas
On 30 September 1997, Reese Air Force Base and the 64th Flying Training Wing were inactivated, culminating a tradition of “55 years of excellence” in serving our nation. Since 1942, 25,349 of the world's greatest pilots graduated from . . . — Map (db m73616) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 12039 — Reese Air Force Base
Ten years of concentrated efforts by city officials led to the establishment of a U.S. Army Air Corps Advanced Flying School at Lubbock in the summer of 1941. Built ten miles west of the city, where barracks, runways and other military facilities . . . — Map (db m73614) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 12680 — Site of Old Lubbock
A predecessor of present Lubbock, this area was, in 1890, a subject of heated dispute by three factions (led by W.D. Crump, W.E. Rayner, and Frank Wheelock) that vied in the founding of the county seat. Unlike most county seat debaters in . . . — Map (db m106281) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 16427 — South Plains Army Air Field
During World War II, nine preliminary and advanced military glider pilot training fields operated in Texas; one of the most prominent sites was located here. The U.S. Army Air Forces (USAAF) leased Lubbock Municipal Airport, and with help from the . . . — Map (db m52147) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 14893 — St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church
Early Catholic settlers in Lubbock and on the Texas South Plains celebrated mass with traveling priests in private homes. Beginning in 1905, Father Joseph Keller traveled from Slaton to offer mass for Catholics at the Merrell Hotel. In December . . . — Map (db m106429) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — Texas Tech Dairy Barn
The dairy barn and silo were constructed in 1926-27 and served as a teaching facility for 40 years. The barn was designed by Forth Worth architect W.C. Hedrick with the help of Ag Dean A.H. Leidigh and Prof. W.L. Stangel. Students brought their own . . . — Map (db m54166) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 5273 — Texas Tech Judging Pavilion
One of the first four buildings on the Texas Tech campus, the livestock judging pavilion was the school's first structure built specifically for agricultural education. Completed in the 1920s, it was designed by the noted Fort Worth architect Wyatt . . . — Map (db m54165) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 5376 — The Mast House
This house was constructed in 1925 by prominent Lubbock builder A. M. Hensley for the family of Dr. Clarence S. Mast (d. 1936). Mast served as a physics professor on the original faculty of Texas Tech University. The home exhibits elements of the . . . — Map (db m73548) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 16945 — W. G. McMillan Construction Company
W.G. McMillan came to Lubbock in 1924 to assist in the construction of the Hotel Lubbock. McMillan stayed, and over the next thirty years oversaw over 850 construction projects. Some of McMillan’s first projects included the 1926 Conoco service . . . — Map (db m106282) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — World War II Glider Pilots
In memory of all World War II Glider Pilots who received advance training and silver “G” wings at South Plains Army Air Field, Lubbock Texas during the period of 13 July 1942 through 15 January 1945. These volunteers . . . — Map (db m106283) HM WM
Texas (Lubbock County), Lubbock — 14862 — Yellowhouse Canyon
Known to Spanish explorers of the 17th and 18th centuries - Described by Albert Pike who visited the region in 1832 - The last battle in Lubbock County between White buffalo hunters and the red men who had called the plains their own occurred on . . . — Map (db m106352) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Slaton — Engine 1809
September 15, 1955 The Santa Fe Railway Company officially dedicated the steam-powered Engine 1809 to the City of Slaton. Presented by W.A.J. Carter, Superintendent of the Slaton Division of Santa Fe, the engine was accepted by Slaton Mayor L.B. . . . — Map (db m102020) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Slaton — 13240 — Englewood Cemetery
Representing the Santa Fe Railroad, W.B. Storey, Jr. bought the future townsite of Slaton on April 15, 1911. The railroad's plans included a roundhouse, switch lines, depot and Harvey House, making Slaton a center for area rail transport. Rail . . . — Map (db m73587) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Slaton — 15841 — Mercy Hospital
For more than 50 years, Mercy Hospital served the health needs of the Slaton community. In 1927, Msgr. Thomas D. O'Brien, then rector of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, joined with a delegation of Slaton citizens to plan a new hospital. Father O'Brien . . . — Map (db m73610) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Slaton — 4947 — Slaton
The town of Slaton traces its history to the Santa Fe Railroad. O.L. Slaton, a Lubbock businessman and banker, was instrumental in securing the right-of-way for the railroad through this area. When the new town was laid out in 1911, it was named for . . . — Map (db m73608) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Slaton — 15834 — Slaton Bakery
In 1923, Blue Ribbon Bakery and City Bakery, each of which had opened in 1921, consolidated. By 1925, this establishment was known as Slaton Baking Company. In 1943, the Wilson family purchased the business. The Wilson's overcame rationing during . . . — Map (db m73606) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Slaton — 14011 — Slaton Harvey House
The city of Slaton has historic ties to the railroad. For decades the site was ranchland until the Santa Fe Railway sought a location for a division point to service trains. The Santa Fe bought the land in April 1911, naming the townsite for rancher . . . — Map (db m73588) HM
Texas (Lubbock County), Slaton — 13220 — Slaton Volunteer Fire Department
The Santa Fe Railroad established Slaton in 1911. In 1919, residents established a bucket brigade to help fight fires. Alex DeLong served as fire chief of the group, which used chemical tanks and buckets of water drawn from wells to extinguish . . . — Map (db m73609) HM

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