“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Former U.S. Presidents: #33 Harry S. Truman Historical Markers

ETO 1939-1945 Marker image, Touch for more information
By Sandra Hughes, September 13, 2013
ETO 1939-1945 Marker
1Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — ETO 1939-1945/PTO 1941-1945
ETO 1939-1945 I am US Army Air Force Sergeant Joe Makowski. I first served in North Africa and Italy as a B-17 Flying Fortress crewmember in the 99th Bomber Group, Twelfth Air Force. After completing 52 missions with the 99th, I could have . . . Map (db m85493) HM WM
2Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Chris’ Hot Dogs — Established In 1917
Greek immigrant Christopher Anastasios Katechis opened Chris’ Hot Dogs on May 1, 1917, at 138 Dexter Avenue. Until the 1960’s, Chris offered curb service for its hot dogs, leading to long lines of cars cued for service. The hot dogs featured Chris’ . . . Map (db m103243) HM
3Alabama, Walker County, Jasper — First United Methodist Church Jasper / President Franklin Delano Roosevelt — Attends Funeral of William Brockman Bankhead — Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives —
First United Methodist Church Jasper Methodism came to Jasper with the city's founder, Dr. Edward Gordon Musgrove, who donated land for the courthouse and for most of downtown Jasper. In 1826, he and others constructed a building of large . . . Map (db m29981) HM
4Alabama, Walker County, Jasper — William Brockman Bankhead Home — 1874-1940 — Speaker of the United States House of Representatives —
William Brockman Bankhead served Alabama in the U.S. Congress from 1917 until 1940. For the last four years of his life, during Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency, he served as the 47th Speaker of the House. He was the son of U.S. Senator John . . . Map (db m29980) HM
5Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — United States Commanders in Chief
[Written on the initial marker, provided for context] Our Constitution names the President of the United States the Commander in Chief of all the Armed Forces. Presidents who have served in our military are displayed on the following . . . Map (db m92421) HM WM
6Arkansas, Pulaski County, Little Rock — The Little Rock Arsenal
Shortly after Arkansas was admitted to the Union in 1836, the Federal government established the Little Rock Arsenal for the storage of munitions and weapons in defense of the frontier. Eventually, more than thirty buildings were constructed on . . . Map (db m117241) HM
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7California, San Luis Obispo County, Atascadero — Faces of Freedom Veterans Memorial
Throughout history patriotic Americans have been drawn together to serve a cause greater than themselves. Some came because of common experiences. Most came because of common values. All came because they shared a dream. The people who . . . Map (db m61431) WM
8Colorado, Prowers County, Lamar — Big Timbers Museum Collection
Indian Artifacts Our artifacts date from Paleo Indians to the last of the Cheyenne and Arapaho in the region. The Sand Creek collection includes bullets, arrowheads, cannonball fragments and campsite artifacts. It is the largest display . . . Map (db m213692) HM
9Colorado, Prowers County, Lamar — Madonna of the Trail
The Story Begins… in 1922 when Mrs. John Trigg Moss representing the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution and Harry Truman joined forces to petition Congress to designate a "National Old Trails Road," . . . Map (db m213698) HM
10Connecticut, Fairfield County, Bridgeport — Bridgeport Korean War Memorial
Korea Memorial Freedom is not free I will never leave you or forsake you Hebrews 13 5 In my generation this was not the first occasion when the strong attacked the weak. Communism was acting in Korea just as Hitler, Mussolini and . . . Map (db m170213) WM
11Connecticut, Fairfield County, Danbury — Danbury Area Korean War Memorial
Korean War 1950 – 1953 to those who died Honor and Eternal Rest to those still missing Rememberance and Hope to those who returned Gratitude and Peace [Inscribed on the left panel] Danbury . . . Map (db m23404) WM
12Connecticut, Hartford County, Hartford — Harry S. Truman
Harry S. Truman made a presidential campaign address here October 27, 1948Map (db m151925) HM
13Connecticut, Middlesex County, Middletown — Russell Library
Bbr>Within these brownstone walls, choirs sang hymns, teenagers learned astronomy, and – eventually – Middletown residents of all ages borrowed books. Although this building has housed the Russell Library for well over a century, it . . . Map (db m71116) HM
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14Connecticut, New London County, Mystic — Training Ship Joseph Conrad
Training Ship Joseph Conrad Built: 1882 Burmeister & Wain Copenhagen, Denmark Length: 111’ Beam: 25’ Draft: 12’ The veteran training ship Joseph Conrad sailed under three flags before permanently mooring at Mystic. Built in . . . Map (db m68458) HM
15District of Columbia, Washington, Northeast Washington, Lincoln Heights — 1 — Watts Going On — A Self-Reliant People — Greater Deanwood Heritage Trail —
Across the street is Watts Branch, an actively used creek that has tied together many communities. Unfortunately humans have not always been respectful of this resource. The stream has experienced cycles of neglect and rejuvenation. In . . . Map (db m130776) HM
16District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Adams Morgan — 14 — Rooms With a View — Roads to Diversity — Adams Morgan Heritage Trail —
This hill, with its sweeping views of Washington and the Potomac, has tantalized visionaries since the 1800s. But few of their plans have been built. In 1873 businessman and city commissioner Thomas P. Morgan (whose name survives as part of . . . Map (db m93415) HM
17District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Adams Morgan — 8 — Serving the Neighborhood — Roads to Diversity — Adams Morgan Heritage Trail —
Furs by Gartenhaus and truffles by Avignon Freres. Hand-crafted ice cream from Budd's. Beginning in the 1910s, such neighborhood favorites occupied the commercial buildings to your right developed by Sanner and Barr. These fashionable shops . . . Map (db m130708) HM
18District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Chevy Chase — A Man's Recollection — 2014 — Created by Jarrett Ferrier, Sponsored by Willco —
The Excitement Builds What a day! As the streetcar pulls up excitement fills the air. Opening day at Griffith! Just 10 cents will get us where we want to be. Everyone is thrilled to be heading down to the game. It's a perfect day for . . . Map (db m115982) HM
19District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Downtown — First Home of the Reserve Officers Association
From 1924 to 1938, rooms of the Lee House were the first headquarters of the reserve officers association of the United States. Founded in 1922 by General of the Armies John J. Pershing to assure an adequate national security, ROA had as an early . . . Map (db m4052) HM
20District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Downtown — 326 — Historic New York Avenue Presbyterian Church — American Presbyterian and Reformed Historical Site
This church, one of the Nation’s most historic, traces its beginnings to a small group of Scottish stonemasons meeting in a carpenter’s shop on the grounds of the White House during its construction in 1793. Many prominent Americans, including . . . Map (db m122257) HM
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21District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Downtown — In Honor of Leslie Coffelt
White House policeman who gave his life in defense of the President of the United States here at the Blair House, November 1, 1950 "For loyalty, bravery and heroism beyond the call of duty." Presented by National Sojourners in commemoration of his . . . Map (db m73876) HM
22District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Federal Triangle — 9 — Completing the Triangle — Make No Little Plans — Federal Triangle Heritage Trail —
The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center honoring the 40th president, filled the last open space in the Federal Triangle. When former First Lady Nancy Reagan dedicated it in 1998, the redevelopment of this area of . . . Map (db m57205) HM
23District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Georgetown — Georgetown's Watering Holes
Among the first businesses in historic Georgetown were its inns and taverns. They not only offered food, drink and lodging, but were focal points of community life where political debate and civic meetings took place and business deals were made. . . . Map (db m121195) HM
24District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Georgetown — Stephen Osusky — 1889 - 1973 — Paulina Osusky, 1892 - 1979 —
Co-founder of Czecho-Slovakia. Envoy to France. Pillar of the League of Nations. Advisor to the US presidents W. Wilson, F.D. Roosevelt, H.S. Truman.Map (db m189271) HM
25District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Penn Quarter — Samuel Gompers 1850 - 1924 — The Extra Mile — Points of Light Volunteer Pathway —
As founder and 37-year president of the American Federation of Labor (AFL), Samuel Gompers is credited with winning unprecedented rights and protections for the American worker. Never wavering in his belief that power for the worker lay in . . . Map (db m92227) HM
26District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Pleasant Plains — 11 — The Lake So Blue — Lift Every Voice — Georgia Ave./Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail —
The body of water that inspired the line in Howard University’s alma mater, “far above the lake so blue stands old Howard firm and true,” is McMillan Reservoir, which opened in 1902 to supply water to the city. The reservoir and . . . Map (db m130766) HM
27District of Columbia, Washington, Southwest Washington, The National Mall — World War II Memorial
Here in the presence of Washington and Lincoln, one the Eighteenth Century father and the other the Nineteenth Century preserver of our nation, we honor those Twentieth Century Americans who took up the struggle during the Second World War and made . . . Map (db m4392) HM
28District of Columbia, Washington, Southwest Washington, West Potomac Park — "He Died in Harness" — 1945 / Fourth Term — Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial —
Voters did not know the seriousness of Franklin Roosevelt's heart disease when they elected him to a fourth presidential term. With victory in sight, FDR made a final trip to Eastern Europe and the Middle East. At Yalta, he negotiated post-war . . . Map (db m197635) HM
29Florida, Alachua County, Gainesville — Major General John R Alison — (1912-2011)
John Richardson "Johnny" Alison was born in Micanopy, Florida, on November 12, 1912. He was a highly decorated flying ace and served in both theaters of World War II. Johnny Alison graduated from Gainesville High School in 1931 and the University of . . . Map (db m101412) HM
30Florida, Brevard County, Cocoa — Emory Lawrence Bennett
Born 20 December 1929 at New Smyrna, Florida. Moved to Brevard County March 15, 1936. A 1948 graduate of Cocoa High School. Enlisted in the U.S. Army July 25, 1950. Killed in action June 24, 1951. His grave in Pinecrest Cemetery is properly marked. . . . Map (db m145975) HM WM
31Florida, Lake County, Altoona — Robert M. McTureous, Jr. — United States Marine Corps
Robert M. McTureous, Jr. Private United States Marine Corps Born: March 26, 1924 Killed in Action: June 1945 Awarded his country’s highest award The Medal of Honor ”For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above . . . Map (db m167318) WM
32Florida, Miami-Dade County, Coral Gables, Country Club Section — Ruth Bryan Owen Waterway Park
Ruth Bryan Owen was the daughter of famed orator and Democratic presidential nominee William Jennings Bryan. She was born in Jacksonville, Illinois, on October 2, 1885. During World War I, she served as a nurse in the Egyptian-Palestine campaign. . . . Map (db m82381) HM
33Florida, Monroe County, Key West — The Little White House
Built in 1890 on the waterfront as a two-family dwelling for the base commandant and paymaster, this building was known as Quarters A and B. It was converted into a single-family residence in 1911. President William Howard Taft visited this site in . . . Map (db m32659) HM
34Florida, Monroe County, Key West — F-546 — The Little White House
Built in 1890 as quarters for Navy officers, the Little White House later was used by American Presidents William Howard Taft, Harry S. Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Truman used the facility as a vacation . . . Map (db m32655) HM
35Florida, Monroe County, Key West — 59 — Truman's Little White House
This house was built for the commanding officer of the Key West Submarine Base, but it was President Harry S. Truman's use of the site for working vacations that earned it fame as "The Little White House." During Truman's 11 trips here from . . . Map (db m192419) HM
36Florida, Santa Rosa County, Milton — Korea — 1950 - 1953 — Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Plaza —
July 10, 1950 Battle of Chochiwon July 19, 1950 Battle of Taejon August 4, 1950 Battle of the Pussan Perimeter September 16, 1950 The Pohang Breakout November 27, 1950 . . . Map (db m153182) WM
37Florida, Santa Rosa County, Milton — World War II — 1939 - 1945 — Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Plaza —
December 7, 1941 Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor December 11, 1941 Italy & Germany Declare War On U.S. April 10, 1942 Bataan Death March August 7, 1942 U.S. Troops Land On Guadalcanal . . . Map (db m152490) WM
38Florida, Seminole County, Sanford — Korean War — 1950-1953
At the end of World War II, Korea was divided into two parts, north and south, at the 38th parallel. Troops from the Soviet Union occupied the north and the United States forces occupied the south with the intention of eventually unifying the . . . Map (db m74149) HM
39Florida, Volusia County, Daytona Beach — Mary McLeod Bethune — Jackie Robinson Ballpark & Museum
Just as carefully as Branch Rickey chose Jackie Robinson, he chose Daytona Beach as the site for his "noble experiment.” Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, founder of Bethune-Cookman College was born July 10, 1875, in Maysville, South Carolina. She was . . . Map (db m106464) HM
40Georgia, Camden County, St. Marys — The Forgotten Battle — The War of 1812 — St. Marys History Walk —
President Harry S. Truman called The War of 1812 “the silliest damned war we ever fought. It should have been resolved through diplomacy.” Nevertheless, Congress declared war against Great Britain on June 18, 1812. The war was mainly . . . Map (db m145198) HM
41Georgia, Tift County, Tifton — Henry Tift Myers — 1907-1968
Lt. Col. Henry Tift Myers was born in the Myon Hotel in Tifton on September 16, 1907. He graduated from Culver Military Academy in 1925 and the University of Georgia in 1929. He joined the Army Air Corps, graduating at the top of his class in 1932. . . . Map (db m197699) HM
42Georgia, Walton County, Monroe — 147-1 — Moore’s Ford Lynching
2.4 miles east, at Moore’s Ford Bridge on the Apalachee River, four African-Americans - George and Mae Murray Dorsey and Roger and Dorothy Dorsey Malcom (reportedly 7 months pregnant) - were brutally beaten and shot by an unmasked mob on the . . . Map (db m19775) HM
43Hawaii, Honolulu County, Honolulu — Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, USN
He was aggressive in war without hate; he never forgot that he was dealing with human beings, on both sides of the conflict. (E.R. Potter, 1976) Born to Frederickburg, Texas in 1885, Chester W. Nimitz was accepted into the United States naval . . . Map (db m73127) HM
44Idaho, Jerome County, Hunt — 340 — Hunt (Camp) — Minidoka Internment National Monument — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Excluded from their west coast homes by military authorities, more than 9000 Japanese Americans occupied Hunt Relocation Camp 4 miles north of here between 1942 & 1945. Until they could resettle in other places, they live in wartime tarpaper . . . Map (db m61972) WM
45Illinois, Lake County, Libertyville — General Dragoljub Mihailovich
Legion of Merit Chief Commander General Dragoljub Mihailovich distinguished himself in an outstanding manner as Commander-in-Chief of the Yugoslavian Army Forces and later as Minister of War by organizing and leading important resistance . . . Map (db m55566) HM
46Illinois, St. Clair County, O'Fallon — Lest We Forget
"Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude: America will never forget their sacrifices." Harry S. Truman, 1945
This . . . Map (db m179451) WM
47Indiana, Huntington County, Huntington — Huntington World War II Memorial
James Robert Adams • Leonard D. Ahner • Charles R. Appier • Maurice J. Barnes • John A. Beeson • John R. Bickel • Frank Eugene Bowman • Paul Dee Bouman • Donald L. Brewer • Phillip Brewer • Ralph J. Bright • Geral H. . . . Map (db m161510) WM
48Indiana, Marion County, Indianapolis, Downtown — Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt — (FDR: January 30, 1882 - April 12, 1945 | AER: October 11, 1884 - November 1, 1962)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) and Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (AER) were one of the first power couples in American politics. FDR's sweeping vision helped rescue the United States from the worst economic depression in its history and led the country . . . Map (db m132850) HM
49Indiana, Marion County, Indianapolis, Downtown — Indiana Vietnam and Korean Wars Memorial
In Memory of Those Who Gave Their Lives August 5, 1950 Hi Folks, Things are going smooth here today and it wouldn't hurt my feelings any if they stayed that way. Your loving son, Jim (James W. Farmer) Killed in . . . Map (db m132839) WM
50Indiana, Marion County, Indianapolis, St. Joseph Historic Neighborhood — Indiana World War II Memorial
A World at War History records that World War II began in earnest on September 1, 1939, when German troops invaded Poland. Treaty allies Great Britain and France declared war on Germany. Italy, already branded an aggressor for its campaign . . . Map (db m132860) WM
51Indiana, Marion County, Indianapolis, Wholesale District — Ernest "Ernie" Pyle
Pyle was born August 3, 1900, near Dana, Ind. After studying journalism at Indiana University. Pyle worked as a newspaper reporter with the LaPorte Herald. He later wrote a daily aviation column for the Washington Daily News. In 1935, he became a . . . Map (db m132823) HM
52Indiana, Vigo County, Terre Haute — Philip Murray
1886 - - - - - 1952 President United Steelworkers of America 1936 - 1952 Congress of Industrial Organization 1940 - 1952 Philip Murray went into the coal mines as a boy of 16. By 1916 he had risen through the ranks of . . . Map (db m58560) HM
53Iowa, Adair County, Greenfield — Veterans Memorial
Thank You Veterans For Our Freedom
Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women of our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude. America will never forget their sacrifices. President Harry S. . . . Map (db m72443) WM
54Kansas, Douglas County, Lawrence — Korean War Memorial
This memorial commemorates the conflict that began on June 25, 1950 when North Korean military forces crossed the 38th Parallel and launched a massive invasion of South Korea. Responding to pleas for help by the Government of the Republic of . . . Map (db m77589) WM
55Kansas, Geary County, Junction City — Buffalo Soldier Memorial
Section 1 Top Tablet United States Army The Chief of Staff October 27, 2000 The Junction City - Fort Riley Community and the Buffalo Soldiers I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Junction City-Fort Riley community . . . Map (db m44250) HM
56Kentucky, Hancock County, Hawesville — 1856 — Hawesville Railroad Station
(side 1) Rails of Louisville, St. Louis, and Texas Railroad laid here June 9, 1888. First passenger train ran between Owensboro and Stephensport Oct. 7, 1888. Service between Evansville and Louisville began in April 1889. Rail line . . . Map (db m119799) HM
57Kentucky, Hardin County, West Point — Fort Knox, Kentucky
Fort Knox is one of the Army’s major installations. Run by the Army’s Installation Management Agency, it is home to several major commands including the United States Army Armor School and Center and United States Army Recruiting Command, both . . . Map (db m126196) HM
58Kentucky, Laurel County, Lily — 2033 — First Lt. Carl H. Dodd / Medal of Honor Winner — (1925-1996)
(side 1) First Lt. Carl H. Dodd This Medal of Honor recipient was born in Harlan Co. Dodd served with Co. E, 5th Regimental Combat Team, U.S. Army. He was awarded the medal for heroic action in the Korean War for capture of Hill . . . Map (db m62761) HM
59Kentucky, Logan County, Russellville — 1960 — Civil Rights Activist Author / Alice Allison Dunnigan 1906-1983
Civil Rights Activist Author In 1948, Alice Dunnigan was first black reporter on campaign trail with a president--Truman. Under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, she was member of President's Committee on Equal Opportunity. Author of: A . . . Map (db m123369) HM
60Kentucky, McCracken County, Paducah — 1112 — Alben W. Barkley / Barkley's Grave
Alben W. BarkleyAlben W. Barkley, Vice President of United States, 1949-53. Member U. S. Senate, 1927-49 and 1955-56; Senate Democratic leader 13 years; House of Representatives 1913-27. Born Lowes, Ky., 1877. Came to Paducah 1898. Elected to . . . Map (db m158864) HM
61Kentucky, McCracken County, Paducah — Barkley/Cobb Memorial
Alben William Barkley (1877~1956) Elected McCracken County Attorney, County Judge, U.S. Representative, and U.S. Senator, Barkley served Harry Truman as Vice-President and was known as the "Veep". He was re-elected to the U.S. Senate in 1955. . . . Map (db m49749) HM
62Kentucky, Rowan County, Morehead — Capt. William E. Barber, USMC — Recipient, Medal of Honor
A native of nearby Morgan County, Capt. Barber received our nation's highest decoration for bravery for heroically leading his Marine rifle company in a desperate five-day defense of a frozen mountain pass vital to the 1st Marine Division's . . . Map (db m120060) HM WM
63Kentucky, Whitley County, Williamsburg — 1702 — Roy Martis Chappell — 1921-2002
Side 1 A Williamsburg native and Ky. State Univ. student, he was a World War II Tuskegee Airman and B-25 navigator and bombardier. He participated in the 1945 "Freemen Mutiny" where 101 black officers fought inequality by entering a . . . Map (db m74178) HM
64Louisiana, Ascension Parish, Gonzales — "The War to End War" — - President Woodrow Wilson
U.S. President Woodrow Wilson had lofty goals for World War I, including his hope that the war would create a set of conditions that made future wars impossible. Along with his plea that the war should be fought "to make the world safe for . . . Map (db m114884) HM WM
65Louisiana, Ascension Parish, Gonzales — In War There Is No Substitute for Victory — General Douglas MacArthur
During the first year of the Korean War, President Harry Truman and General Douglas MacArthur, the man Truman put in charge, started to have fundamental disagreements about the methods and overall purpose of the war. MacArthur came to believe that . . . Map (db m114991) HM WM
66Louisiana, Ascension Parish, Gonzales — The Korean War
Panel 1 The Korean War (June 25, 1950 - July 27, 1953) erupted in 1950 when the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) invaded the Republic of Korea (South Korea). What started as a civil war quickly turned into a matter of . . . Map (db m115122) HM
67Louisiana, Ascension Parish, Gonzales — The Vietnam War — 1954-1975
Panel 1 Much like the Korean War before it, the Vietnam War started as a civil war in Asia, but quickly evolved into an international matter because it became yet another manifestation of the Cold War. By 1954, a communist regime controlled . . . Map (db m208813) WM
68Louisiana, Ascension Parish, Gonzales — WWII - War In The Pacific
Post Pearl Harbor American and British military planners decided on a strategy of “Europe First", but that did not mean “Neglect Japan Entirely.” Indeed, fierce fighting took place in the Pacific in the immediate aftermath . . . Map (db m115786) HM WM
69Louisiana, Caddo Parish, Shreveport — Pine Wold — Historic Site — Shreveport —
Begun in 1903 by lumberman T.M. Jones. Remodeled to present appearance 1919 by oilman J.P. Evans. Architect Ed Neild, Sr. used its interior moldings as models for White House under President Truman. Property originally part of Mighty Haag Circus . . . Map (db m138882) HM
70Maine, Cumberland County, South Portland — South Portland and Its Liberty Ships
In the mid-1800s, when South Portland was still a part of Cape Elizabeth, its waterfront appeared to be a continuous line of bustling yards building and repairing ships. From Butler on Turner's Island to Knight and Blanchard in Knightville to . . . Map (db m50413) HM
71Maryland, Anne Arundel County, Annapolis — Leahy Hall — Named in Honor of Fleet Admiral William Danial Leahy United States Navy — (6 May 1875 - 20 July 1959) —
Class of 1897, United States Naval Academy USS Oregon, Battle of Santiago, 3 July 1898 Chief, Bureau of Ordnance, 1927-1931 Commander, Destroyers, Scouting Force, 1931-1933 Chief, Bureau of Navigation, 1933-1935 Vice Admiral, . . . Map (db m114852) HM WM
72Maryland, Anne Arundel County, Annapolis — Maryland World War II Memorial
[Marker Panel No. 1]: Introduction With their lives before them, they left everything – their families, their loved ones, the serenity and security of their homes – to fight for a just cause. They departed on a journey to places they . . . Map (db m14703) HM
73Maryland, Baltimore, Locust Point Industrial Area — O'er the Ramparts We Watch! — Which Flag Flies Today?
The forts walls are called ramparts. An American flag flies over Fort McHenry twenty four hours a day by Presidential Proclamation. The size of the flag varies. On clear days with the right amount of wind, a full-size replica of the . . . Map (db m61434) HM
74Maryland, Washington County, Hagerstown — Buffalo Soldiers
About 200,000 African-Americans served in the Civil War. When the army reorganized at the end of the war, it established six regiments in the regular army to be composed of African-American recruits. The 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments and four . . . Map (db m159782) HM
75Massachusetts, Barnstable County, Hyannis — The Forgotten War — Korea: June 25, 1950 – July 27, 1953
This memorial honors the Korean War veterans from Cape Cod and the Islands. The white bricks in the pathway immortalize those who were killed in action or died while missing. One and one half million Americans served in Korea; 129,000 were . . . Map (db m142955) HM
76Massachusetts, Berkshire County, Lee — James Burt Veterans Memorial Park
James Burt Veterans Memorial Park In Memory of Those from Lee Who Died During War For Their Country World War I 1917 – 1918 James R. Bossidy • John T. Carty • Thomas M. Crerar • Russell R. Griffin • Thomas J. Fanning • Harry F. . . . Map (db m85004) HM
77Massachusetts, Essex County, Gloucester — Gloucester World War II Monument
[ inscribed around the base of the globe ] We Fought For Freedom Around The World [ plaque on central column ] Gloucester Remembers 1941 – World War II – 1945 The people of Gloucester proudly dedicate this . . . Map (db m36768) HM
78Massachusetts, Worcester County, Worcester — III — Communist Chinese Intervention — 3 November 1950 - 24 January 1951 — The Korean War —
"We've been looking for the enemy for some time now. We've finally found him. We're surrounded. That simplifies things." — Colonel Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller
The United Nations Offensive had been a story of . . . Map (db m151869) HM
79Massachusetts, Worcester County, Worcester — I — The United Nations Defensive — 27 June - 15 September 1950 — The Korean War —
"We were alerted for Korea and I remember it very clearly. We would be gone a couple of weeks at the most to make a show of force, a parade in Korea, then back to Japan." — U.S. Soldier of the 34th Infantry . . . Map (db m151872) HM
80Massachusetts, Worcester County, Worcester — II — The United Nations Offensive — 16 September - 2 November 1950 — The Korean War —
"We must act now or die. We shall land at Inchon and I shall crush them." — General Douglas MacArthur
At the end of the first campaign of the Korean War, General Douglas MacArthur was ready to attempt to repel . . . Map (db m151871) HM
81Massachusetts, Worcester County, Worcester — War in the Pacific
The Japanese Empire, like its European ally Germany, was determined to expand its control in East Asia by "annexing" territory and asserting control over the region. Japan took advantage of the European war to invade and seize French, Dutch, and . . . Map (db m151791) HM
82Michigan, Muskegon County, Muskegon — 601 — Union Depot
The Union Depot opened in 1895 to serve the Chicago & West Michigan Railway; the Muskegon, Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad; and the Toledo, Saginaw & Muskegon Railroad. A.W. Rush and Son of Grand Rapids designed the Richardson Romanesque . . . Map (db m107240) HM
83Michigan, Shiawassee County, Owosso — Walk of History
[Panel 1] In 1833, Owosso's founding fathers overlooked this river and envisioned a beautiful city on its banks. Thousands of years before, the river course was formed as the last glaciers retreaed north. The Chippewas named it . . . Map (db m184664) HM
84Michigan, St. Clair County, Port Huron — L970 — Harrington Hotel / Truman Honeymoon
Harrington Hotel The Harrington Hotel opened amid much fanfare in 1896. A unique blend of Romanesque, Classical and Queen Anne architecture, the hotel thrived for many years. As business declined due to the popularity of automobile . . . Map (db m212536) HM
85Minnesota, Ramsey County, Saint Paul — WM-18 — Cornerstones & Time Capsules
Setting the Cornerstone, Building 21 President William L. McKnight, accompanied by chief engineer E. M. Johnson, supervised the installation of the cornerstone in October 1939. The mason worked for the William Murphy and Son Construction . . . Map (db m151373) HM
86Minnesota, Scott County, Savage — Camp Savage
During World War II, some 5,000-6,000 Japanese American soldiers, members of the U.S. Army's Military Intelligence Service, were given intensive and accelerated classes in the Japanese language at Camp Savage. Their subsequent work translating . . . Map (db m41673) HM
87Minnesota, Scott County, Shakopee — 10 — The Railroad to Shakopee 1865 — Pathways of Shakopee History — A self-guided tour on the development of the City of Shakopee —
For many years, steamboats along the Minnesota River were the most efficient way for people and goods to reach the young city. However, in the mid-1860s, a new method of transportation arrived — the railroad. The first steam train rolled from . . . Map (db m213160) HM
88Minnesota, Steele County, Owatonna — Rock Island Railway Station 1901 — Owatonna, Minnesota 1985
Once on this site there stood a beautiful red brick and limestone railway station that was part of the great Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway System. It was a stately building that served our community and the Rock Island System proudly for . . . Map (db m23173) HM
89Mississippi, Carroll County, Coila — Sgt. John A. Pittman — Medal of Honor
The Medal of Honor is the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force which can be bestowed upon an individual serving in the Armed Services of the United States of America. Sgt. Pittman earned this medal by his actions in Korea on 26 . . . Map (db m62805) WM
90Mississippi, Wayne County, Waynesboro — Lt. Jake W. Lindsey Highway
Lt. Lindsey was awarded the 100th Congressional Medal of Honor given in World War II. Presented by Pres. Truman, Lindsey was the only recipient to ever receive the award before a Joint Session of the Congress.Map (db m80370) HM
91Missouri, Audrain County, Mexico — The Churchill Gate
On March 5, 1946, at Westminster College in Fulton, MO, Winston Churchill delivered his renowned "Iron Curtain" Speech. Allen P. Green built this gate in anticipation of a visit to his home by the former British Prime Minister and President Harry . . . Map (db m70531) HM
92Missouri, Barton County, Lamar — Harry S Truman — In Memoriam
Born Lamar, Missouri May 8, 1884 Died Kansas City, Missouri December 26, 1972 Patriot - Statesman - Legionnaire First Legionnaire President of the United States This memorial was erected in May 1984 by Legionnaires and Friends of the . . . Map (db m37140) HM
93Missouri, Barton County, Lamar — Harry S. Truman — May 8 1884 - Dec. 26, 1972
Birthplace: Lamar, Missouri 32nd President, Apr. 12, 1945-Jan.20, 1953 From this spot Mr. Truman delivered his Vice Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech on August 31, 1944Map (db m42287) WM
94Missouri, Barton County, Lamar — Harry S. Truman Birthplace Memorial
This shrine is dedicated to Harry S. Truman Thirty second President of the United States of America who was born at this location May 8, 1884 [died] Dec. 26, 1972 "I ask only to be a good and faithful servant of . . . Map (db m37113) HM
95Missouri, Barton County, Lamar — Lamar
Side A Lamar is distinguished as the birthplace of Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States. The son of John Anderson Truman and Martha Ellen (Young) Truman, he was born May 8, 1884. The family moved to Harrisonville in Cass . . . Map (db m42286) HM
96Missouri, Bates County, Adrian — Lt Charles Garrison Veterans Memorial — All Gave Some - Some Gave All
In memory of Veterans World War I and Veterans World War II The Perimeter The Perimeter is a place warriors will always seek- even for eternity. Just gaze out at our National Cemeteries, for out there, on the outer edge, . . . Map (db m81538) WM
97Missouri, Callaway County, Fulton — Winston Churchill's “Iron Curtain” Speech — Westminster College Gymnasium
In this building 5 March 1946 the Right Honorable Winston Churchill Wartime Prime Minister of Great Britain delivered his "Iron Curtain" Speech having been introduced by Harry S. Truman President of the United . . . Map (db m70417) HM
98Missouri, Cape Girardeau County, Cape Girardeau — George Washington Carver
George Washington Carver (1864-1943) was born in Diamond Grove, MO. As an agricultural chemist and inventor at Tuskegee Institute, now Tuskegee University, in Alabama, he developed a system of crop rotation. He also discovered 300 uses for . . . Map (db m192155) HM
99Missouri, Cass County, Harrisonville — Burnt District Monument — The Heart of the Burnt District — Missouri's Civil War —
The Civil War on the Missouri-Kansas border was an extension of the raiding and looting that took place during the Bleeding Kansas era of 1854 to 1860. Early in the war, Kansas Jayhawkers and Redlegs dressed in blue Union uniforms looted and . . . Map (db m20318) HM
100Missouri, Cooper County, Boonville — David Barton — 1783 - 1837
David Barton was born December 14, 1783, near Greeneville, North Carolina (now Tennessee). He came to the then-Louisiana Territory in 1809. Though Barton had some legal training, his first job was teaching in St. Charles. When the Missouri . . . Map (db m46019) HM

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