“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Mulbry Grove Cottage & Marker image, Touch for more information
By Tim Carr, August 1, 2009
Mulbry Grove Cottage & Marker
1Alabama (Autauga County), Prattville — Mulbry Grove Cottage — McWilliams - Smith - Rice House
2Alabama (Autauga County), Prattville — Pratt Gin Factory — 1 mile —
3Alabama (Autauga County), Prattville — Prattville Dragoons
4Alabama (Autauga County), Prattville — Sidney Lanier/Prattville Male and Female Academy Site
5Alabama (Autauga County), Prattville — The Prattville Dragoons
6Alabama (Baldwin County), Blakeley — Alabama
7Alabama (Baldwin County), Blakeley — Battle of Blakeley — April 9, 1865
8Alabama (Baldwin County), Blakeley — Fort Blakeley (Fort Blakely*)
9Alabama (Baldwin County), Blakeley — Redoubt Six
10Alabama (Baldwin County), Blakeley — The Battle of Fort Blakeley
11Alabama (Baldwin County), Blakeley — The Battle of Fort Blakely
12Alabama (Baldwin County), Blakeley — The Siege of Fort Blakeley
13Alabama (Baldwin County), Blakeley — The United States Colored Troops (USCT) at the Battle of Fort Blakeley
14Alabama (Baldwin County), Blakeley — Union Artillery Batteries
15Alabama (Baldwin County), Bon Secour — Stop 3 — Vicinity of Salt Works and Camp Anderson — “Salt Is Eminently Contraband” — Civil War Trail Battle for Mobile Bay —
16Alabama (Baldwin County), Fairhope — Confederate Rest Cemetery
17Alabama (Baldwin County), Fort Morgan — Colors of Significance: Historic Flags of Mobile Point
18Alabama (Baldwin County), Fort Morgan — Noble Leslie DeVotie
19Alabama (Baldwin County), Fort Morgan — The Battery Bailey — Position of the 2nd Connecticut Light Artillery August 20-25, 1864
20Alabama (Baldwin County), Fort Morgan — The Pride of Seven Flags
21Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — "Damn The Torpedoes!" The Campaigns for Mobile, 1864 - 1865
22Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — Stop C4 — "The Shells Were Bursting All Around Us" — The Siege of Fort Morgan: — Stop C4 —
23Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — 32 Pounder Sea Coast Defense Gun — On Barbette Carriage
24Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — 6.4” (100 pounder) Parrott Rifle / 7” Brooke Rifle
25Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — Citadel (1825-1865)
26Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — Navy Cove / Pilot Town
27Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — The Battery Lincoln — Position of Company “C” of the 20th Iowa Infantry
28Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — Stop C1 — The Battle of Mobile Bay — “A Deadly Rain of Shot and Shell” — Civil War Trail, Battle for Mobile Bay —
29Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — Stop C3 — The Battle of Mobile Bay — “Damn the Torpedoes!” — Civil War Trail, Battle for Mobile Bay —
30Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — Stop C2 — The Battle of Mobile Bay — “Now I Am In The Humor, I Will Have It Out!” — Civil War Trail, Battle for Mobile Bay —
31Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — The Citadel — (1821-1865)
32Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — The Overland Campaign — Storm Clouds Gather — Civil War Trail, Battle for Mobile Bay —
33Alabama (Baldwin County), Magnolia Springs — The Springs
34Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — “Damn The Torpedoes!” — The Campaigns for Mobile, 1864-1965
35Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — 1st Division, U.S. Colored Troops
36Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Albert Carey Danner — 1843~1921 —
37Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Caisson Trace
38Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Confederate Drive
39Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Confederate Main Line of Resistance — (The Battle of Spanish Fort, March 26-April 9, 1865)
40Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Confederate Redoubt No. 3 / Gibson’s Brigade
41Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Confederate Redoubt No. 4 / Holtzclaw's Brigade
42Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Confederate Redoubt No. 5 / Ector's Brigade
43Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Fort McDermott
44Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Fort McDermott
45Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Ft. McDermott Confederate Memorial Park
46Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Red Fort
47Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Site Of The Naval Battery
48Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Spanish Fort
49Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Spanish Fort — Alabama
50Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Stop 7 Fort McDermott: — "The Men Dig,Dig,Dig" — Civil War Trail —
51Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Stop 8 The Eighth Iowa Line: — “The Very Air Was Hot”
52Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — The 8th Iowa Infantry — Battle of Spanish Fort
53Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — The Final Assault
54Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — The Union First Parallel / Union Siege Battery No. 16
55Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Union Siege Battery No. 1
56Alabama (Baldwin County), Spanish Fort — Union Siege Battery No. 21 / 3rd Brigade of Carr's Division
57Alabama (Baldwin County), Stockton — Sea Coast Mortar — Union Weapon from the Civil War
58Alabama (Barbour County), Clayton — Octagon House
59Alabama (Barbour County), Eufaula — Confederate Hospital — 1861 - 1865
60Alabama (Barbour County), Eufaula — Fendall Hall / Young and Dent — The Young - Dent Home
61Alabama (Barbour County), Eufaula — General Grierson’s March
62Alabama (Barbour County), Midway — Fort Browder / 15th Alabama Infantry
63Alabama (Bibb County), Brierfield — Absalom Pratt House
64Alabama (Bibb County), Brierfield — Bibb Furnace
65Alabama (Bibb County), Brierfield — Bibb Naval Furnaces Brierfield Furnaces — — ½ mile →
66Alabama (Bibb County), Centreville — Centreville Cemetery — Bibb County
67Alabama (Blount County), Blountsville — Battle Royal — May 1, 1863
68Alabama (Blount County), Blountsville — None — Blountsville Court Square Timeline
69Alabama (Blount County), Blountsville — Exploit of Murphree Sisters — Incident of May 1, 1863 during Streight (USA) -Forrest (CSA) Campaign.
70Alabama (Blount County), Blountsville — Federal Raid — May 1, 1863 — 1 mile south —
71Alabama (Bullock County), Midway — Confederate Memorial
72Alabama (Bullock County), Midway — Jefferson Davis Highway
73Alabama (Bullock County), Union Springs — Log Cabin Museum/Old City Cemetery
74Alabama (Butler County), Greenville — Confederate Park/Greenville City Hall-Site of Public School
75Alabama (Butler County), Greenville — Our Confederate Dead
76Alabama (Butler County), Greenville — Our Confederate Dead Monument
77Alabama (Butler County), Greenville — Site of Confederate Hospital — 1861 – 1865
78Alabama (Calhoun County), Anniston — Major John Pelham — Was born here → — September 7, 1838 —
79Alabama (Calhoun County), Anniston — The Birthplace of the “Gallant Pelham”
80Alabama (Calhoun County), Jacksonville — 10th Alabama Volunteers — Army of Northern Virginia, C.S.A.
81Alabama (Calhoun County), Jacksonville — Beauregard's Headquarters
82Alabama (Calhoun County), Jacksonville — Confederate Hospital
83Alabama (Calhoun County), Jacksonville — Forney’s Corner
84Alabama (Calhoun County), Jacksonville — General Leonidas Polk C.S.A.
85Alabama (Calhoun County), Jacksonville — Jacksonville, Alabama — “Gem of the Hills”
86Alabama (Calhoun County), Jacksonville — John Horace Forney — 1829-1902 — Major General, C.S.A. —
87Alabama (Calhoun County), Jacksonville — John Tyler Morgan — 1824-1907
88Alabama (Calhoun County), Jacksonville — Maj. John Pelham — 1838-1863
89Alabama (Calhoun County), Jacksonville — Pelham
90Alabama (Calhoun County), Jacksonville — The Depot — Chief Ladiga Trail
91Alabama (Calhoun County), Jacksonville — Thomas A. Walker — 1811-1888
92Alabama (Calhoun County), Jacksonville — William Henry Forney — 1823-1894
93Alabama (Calhoun County), Ohatchee — Janney Furnace
94Alabama (Calhoun County), Oxford — Historic Oxford
95Alabama (Calhoun County), Oxford — Simmons Park
96Alabama (Chambers County), LaFayette — LaFayette Cemetery — Chambers County
97Alabama (Cherokee County), Cedar Bluff — Cornwall Furnace
98Alabama (Cherokee County), Cedar Bluff — Cornwall Furnace — A Victim of Union General William T. Sherman
99Alabama (Cherokee County), Cedar Bluff — Cornwall Furnace Memorial Park
100Alabama (Cherokee County), Cedar Bluff — Gen. John B. Hood Headquarters

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