“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers in United Kingdom

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By Roger W. Sinnott, August 17, 2013
Church Entrance with Marker
1United Kingdom, England (Cambridgeshire), Cambridge — Great St. Mary’s Datum
This disk marks the datum point from which in 1725 William Warren, Fellow of Trinity Hall, began to measure the one mile points along the roads from Cambridge at which were then set up the first true milestones in Britain since Roman . . . Map (db m68118) HM
2United Kingdom, England (Cambridgeshire), Molesworth — 303rd Bombardment Group (H) "Hells Angels"Flew from this airfield — Station 107 Molesworth —
Left Panel: 303rd Bomb Group (H) 8th Air Force Arrived UK - 12 Sep 42 First Combat Mission 17 Nov 42 Last Combat Mission 25 Apr 45 365 Combat Missions (The most of any 8AF B-17 Group) 10,721 Sorties - 378 Enemy aircraft . . . Map (db m77892) HM WM
3United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Bodmin — Bodmin Beacon
Walter Raleigh Gilbert Born March 18 1785 Died 10 May 1855 To the Memory of Sir Walter Raleigh Gilbert. Lieutenant General in the Bengal Army who, after sharing as a Subaltern in the campaigns of 1803 and 1804 under Lord Lake . . . Map (db m124240) HM WM
4United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Bodmin — Bodmin Militia Stores Keep
In 1859, because of the aggressive foreign policy pursued by Napoleon III, Britain felt herself under threat of invasion by France. This keep was built in that year, on land donated by the Town of Bodmin, as a militia stores, designed to hold . . . Map (db m124237) HM
5United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Bodmin — Bodmin War Memorial
. . . Map (db m124232) WM
6United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Bodmin — Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry Memorial
Erected By the DCLI To Their Glorious Dead 255 Officers 4027 Other Ranks 1914 — 1919 I France & Flanders 1914 – 1917 Italy 1917 – 1918 France & Flanders 1918 – 1919 VI France & Flanders 1915 – . . . Map (db m124233) HM WM
7United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Bodmin — RAF Linguists Association
The Royal Air Force Linguists’ Association 2004 RAFLing Association JSSL Between 1951 and 1956, the Joint Services School for Linguists was located at Walker Lines, Bodmin. Here Linguists were trained for covert work, their vigilance . . . Map (db m124239) HM
8United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Bodmin — Sir Arthur Quiller Couch House
On or Near This Spot Stood the House in which Sir Arthur Quiller Couch House Renowned In All the World As a Freeman of the Borough of Bodmin Was Born on the 21st November 1863. 21st November 1963. ( lower plaque ) This . . . Map (db m155012) HM
9United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Bodmin — The Trafalgar Way — Bodmin —
The Trafalgar Way Bodmin – 3rd Post-Horse Change On Monday, 21st October 1805 the Royal Navy decisively defeated the Combined Fleet of France and Spain off Cape Trafalgar south of Cadiz. This victory permanently removed the . . . Map (db m122160) HM
10United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Bodmin — U.S. Army 29th Infantry Division Memorial
In honor of the Hallowed Memory of the 3533 Men of the 29th Division. United States Army Killed in Battle from 6 June 1944 To Victory in Europe 8 May 1945 In October 1942 the 29th Infantry Divison Composed of National Guard Units from . . . Map (db m124236) HM WM
11United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Falmouth — Discovery Quay
Welcome to the Discovery Quay From the quayside and the National Maritime Museum Cornwall (NMMC), there are fine vistas of the harbour with Falmouth's historic fabric of tiered harbourside properties dominating the waterfront. The Port . . . Map (db m124016) HM
12United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Falmouth — Falmouth Docks
Welcome to Falmouth Docks The port of Falmouth’s greatest asset is its deep and sheltered harbour. Amny mariners throughout the centuries have long regarded Falmouth as the “First and Last Port” for ships crossing the Atlantic . . . Map (db m124042) HM
13United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Falmouth — HMS Forte IV
Coastal Forces of World War II HMS Forte IV This plaque commemorates the men and women of Allied Coastal Forces who served with the Royal Navy at HMS Forte IV at Falmouth between 1941 and 1946. At HMS Forte IV Motor Torpedo Boats, Motor Gunboats . . . Map (db m124014) WM
14United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Falmouth — Killigrew Pyramid
The granite pyramid was erected in 1737 by Martin Lister Killigrew the owner of Arwenack. He never stated specifically the purpose of it, but many have assumed it to be a memorial to the Killigrew family. The Killigrew Family The Killigrew s . . . Map (db m124012) HM
15United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Falmouth — National Maritime Museum Cornwall
This stone commemorates the start of work on the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh twenty-seventh of July nineteen ninety-nineMap (db m124017) HM
16United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Falmouth — Pendennis Point
Welcome to Pendennis Point Black Rock and St Anthony's Lighthouse Black Rock, the isolated rock located in the entrance to Falmouth Harbour, roughly divides it into two distinct channels: the eastern deep-water channel and the western . . . Map (db m124043) HM
17United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Falmouth — Russian Convoy Memorial
. . . Map (db m124013) WM
18United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Falmouth — The Port of Falmouth
Early in the 17th century, according to local legend, Sir Walter Raleigh pointed out to Sir John Killigrew of Arwenack that Falmouth was the ideal site for a port to handle sailing ships. In 1611 John Speed wrote “Falmouth is so copious, . . . Map (db m124018) HM
19United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Falmouth — Watching the waterline
There have been defences on this point since 1539, when Henry Ill built a blockhouse known as 'Little Dennis' to protect the estuary from enemy warships. The blockhouse was equipped with heavy guns. You can see three gun openings at ground level . . . Map (db m124044) HM
20United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Launceston — Dooms-Dale Launceston Castle
George Fox 1624 – 1691 was imprisoned in this castle in 1656, for eight months. With other Quakers he suffered under unspeakable conditions in Dooms-Dale “There was never under any imprisonment that I was in but it was for the . . . Map (db m124010) HM
21United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Launceston — gorseth kernow
. . . Map (db m124122) HM
22United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Launceston — Kitchen
Kitchen c.13th century This building was later converted into a bakehouse and breweryMap (db m124129) HM
23United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Launceston — Launceston War Memorial
To the Immortal Honour of Those from this Town who gave their Lives for King & Country in the Great Wars 1914-1918 1939-1945 W.H. Adams · S. Bartlett · D.B. Bennett · T. Bennett · C. Bickle · G.T. Brendon · A.J. Brent · J. . . . Map (db m124177) WM
24United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Launceston — Moote Hall
Moote Hall c.13th century The castle, a symbol of law and order was used as a centre of justice. This building was used by the assizes (travelling courts) and also for administrative purposes.Map (db m124128) HM
25United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Launceston — North Gate House
This was the main entrance into the castle from the town until the late 12th century. Originally, there was a deep ditch around the castle crossed by a fortified bridge. This was destroyed when nearby Eagle House was built in the 18th century. . . . Map (db m124009) HM
26United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Launceston — Saint Cuthbert Mayne
. . . Map (db m124125) HM
27United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Launceston — Shell Keep
Shell Keep c.12th century This circular stone wall had a wall walk on the top designed principally for use as a fighting platform. The High Tower was built inside this wall in the13th century and the gap spanned with a platform. (Note the joist . . . Map (db m124180) HM
28United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Launceston — South Gatehouse
In the Middle Ages this gatehouse led out to the Earl's private deer park. The entrance passage continued out across the castle ditch, over a fortified bridge to where the Guildhall now stands. Four square holes for the timber decking can be . . . Map (db m124176) HM
29United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Launceston — The Castle Courtyard in the 13th Century
Throughout the Middle Ages the courtyard was packed full of buildings providing accommodation for the Lord and his followers. There were also service buildings: a survey carried out in 1337 lists a chapel, stable, gaol, hall and various . . . Map (db m124126) HM
30United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Launceston — The development of the Castle
The development of the Castle The first castle was built in the years immediately after the Norman Conquest — a military outpost in hostile country. The original timber defences were gradually replaced in stone and by the 12th century . . . Map (db m124178) HM
31United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Launceston — The Earl’s Chamber
The Earl's Chamber You are standing in the lobby which led into the Earl's chamber in front of you. Behind you another door led out onto the flat roof which, in the 13th century, covered the space between the high tower and surrounding walls. . . . Map (db m124203) HM
32United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Launceston — The Gate
The Gate There was a strongly defended gate here in the 13th century. The slot for the portcullis and the deep socket for the stout timber beams which secured the door can be seen in the wall behind you. To your right, steps within the . . . Map (db m124206) HM
33United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Launceston — The Keep
The Keep In the 13th century, the building high on the mound in front of you provided a lordly reception suite where the Earl could entertain on special occasions. The approach was deliberately formal and designed to impress. Anyone wishing . . . Map (db m124179) HM
34United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Launceston — The Landscape
The Landscape From the top of this high tower it is easy to see why the Normans built their castle here at Launceston. Not only does the castle dominate the surrounding countryside but it also controlled the main road into Cornwall at the . . . Map (db m124205) HM
35United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Launceston — The Trafalgar Way — Launceston —
The Trafalgar Way Launceston - 4th Post-Horse Change On Monday, 21st October 1805 the Royal Navy decisively defeated the Combined Fleet of France and Spain off Cape Trafalgar south of Cadiz. This victory permanently removed the threat . . . Map (db m122161) HM
36United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), St Breward — Diamond Jubilee Oak Tree
This Oak Tree Was Planted In Commemoration Of The Diamond Jubilee Of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II On 4th June 2012Map (db m124244) HM
37United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), St Breward — St Breward War Memorial
We Must Not Forget We Must Always Remember WWI 1914 – 1918 L/Sgt Francis S Armstrong · L/Cpl William H Arthur · Pte George Bunt · Pte Frederick W Chidley · Pte Frederick C Cottell · PO John Drew · Sgt Frank Ebbett · Sapper James H Gill · . . . Map (db m124241) WM
38United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Tintagel — A changing coastline
A Changing coastline Arvor ow chanjya Looking north-east, this spectacular view tells a story about the complex geology and changing shape of this north Cornwall coast. The slates and siltstones that make up this coastline were . . . Map (db m124105) HM
39United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Tintagel — A complicated ruin
Great Hall A complicated ruin Magor gomplek The ruins in front of you are the remains of a series of successive halls and service buildings that once stood at the centre of the castle. The original Great Hall was built in about 1230 and was . . . Map (db m124064) HM
40United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Tintagel — A romantic retreat
Garden A romantic retreat Argel romansek This walled garden was probably built in the 1230s and may have been part of a romantic literary landscape. Gardening was taken up enthusiastically by English royalty in the 13th century. This . . . Map (db m124104) HM
41United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Tintagel — Excavations and discoveries
Excavations and discoveries Kowansow ha diskudhansow This small hut was built for the site custodian shortly after excavations on the headland were completed in the 1930s. These excavations, led by CA Ralegh Radford between 1933 and . . . Map (db m124107) HM
42United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Tintagel — Florence’s shelter
Florence’s shelter Skovva Florence Built in about 1900, this shelter provided welcome protection from the wind and rain for the ‘keeper of the keys’, Florence Nightingale Richards (b.1856). Like her mother and grandmother before her, she . . . Map (db m124063) HM
43United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Tintagel — Prince Dafydd’s tale
Great Hall Prince Dafydd's tale Hwedhel Pennsevik Dafydd It is a windy day in October 1242. Servants and tradesmen are busy bringing deliveries of food and barrels of wine, preparing for a feast. You are standing in the island courtyard of . . . Map (db m124062) HM
44United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Tintagel — The Haven
The Haven An Harber The beach and headland at Tintagel appear to be wild and remote today, a haven for coastal plants and animals. But in the 19th century this area saw intensive use for mining, slate quarrying and fishing. Beyond . . . Map (db m124110) HM
45United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Tintagel — The northern ruins
Dark Age Buildings The northern ruins An magoryow kledh When this area was cleared by Ralegh Radford's workmen in the 1930s, they found the walls of several simple buildings. We do not know the date of these structures but they probably . . . Map (db m124068) HM
46United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Tintagel — The Priest’s tale
Chapel The Priest's tale Hwedhel an Pronter In the driving rain, the weary priest makes his way to the chapel, as he has done every day for years. Today, in November 1361, he resolves that he won't spend another winter on this lonely, . . . Map (db m124071) HM
47United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Tintagel — The Sheriff’s Tale
Gatehouse Courtyard The Sheriff's tale Hwedhel an Mer It is an autumn day in 1306. Thomas de la Hyde, sheriff and steward of Cornwall, is visiting the castle to check on the progress and costs of building repairs. Arriving on horseback, . . . Map (db m124060) HM
48United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Tintagel — The Trader’s tale
Dark Age Buildings The Trader's tale Hwedhel an Gwikor A wooden sailing ship, laden with goods from the Mediterranean, is being unloaded down at the deep harbour. There are shouts in unfamiliar languages as large jars are brought up the steep . . . Map (db m124065) HM
49United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Tintagel — Tintagel village
Tintagel village Tre War Venydh The village of Tintagel, once known as Trevena, has been enormously influenced by the presence of the castle since it was built in the 1230s. The medieval village of Trevena was enhanced by Earl Richard who . . . Map (db m124066) HM
50United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Tintagel — Tunnel
Tunnel Kowfordh This tunnel is puzzling. Marks on the inside show that it was cut with metal tools, perhaps enlarging a natural cave. It could have been a food store for the castle or perhaps a mysterious garden feature.Map (db m124069) HM
51United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Tintagel — Upper Courtyard
Upper courtyard Garth gwartha Soon after this part of the castle was built, the sea-cliff to your right collapsed, taking part of the medieval wall with it. The new wall built to replace it included two latrines that projected over the . . . Map (db m124061) HM
52United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Tintagel — Well
Well Puth This well is 5.5m deep. It was probably built at the same time as the castle, in the 13th century. It is fed from natural springs, which emerge across the island. These springs would have provided fresh water for both the Dark Age . . . Map (db m124070) HM
53United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Tintagel — Where history meets legend
Tintagel Castle has long been connected with the mythical King Arthur and its history is entwined with legend. But what really happened here? In the 5th and 6th centuries AD there was a large, high-status settlement on the headland. It was . . . Map (db m124109) HM
54United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Truro — The Coinage Hall
Here on the Site of The Coinage Hall John Wesley Preached 27th August 1776 And on Other Occasions “Ye are saved through faith”Map (db m124047) HM
55United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Truro — Truro War Memorial
In Memory of Those Who Fell In the Great Wars of 1914 – 1919 & 1939 – 1945 Falkland Islands 1982 Palmer, Andrew Afghanistan 2009 Olaf S.G. SchmidMap (db m124046) WM
56United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Wadebridge — Carnewas at Bedruthan
Welcome Dynnargh Since Victorian times, this has been one of the most popular destinations on the Cornish coast. The cliff tops at Carnewas are famed for spectacular views of the giant rock stacks known as Bedruthan Steps marching away into the . . . Map (db m124048) HM
57United Kingdom, England (Cornwall), Wadebridge — RAF St Eval
R · A · F St Eval 1939 – 1959 In Memory of those who served and the 974 gallant airrew who lost their lives Also the 22 Airmen and WAAFS who were killed in bombing raids Unveiled this day 10th April 2005 by Wing . . . Map (db m121959) HM WM
58United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Durham — Alfred Robert Tucker
Alfred Robert Tucker Curate of St. Nicholas Durham 1885 – 1899 3rd Bishop E.Eq. Africa 1890 – 1899 1st Bishop of Uganda 1899 – 1911 Canon of Durham 1911 – 1914 Born 1 April 1849 Died 15 June 1914 I . . . Map (db m126288) HM
59United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Durham — Bishop Cosin’s Almshouses
Bishop Cosin’s Almshouses 1666 Replacing Bishop Langley’s Song and Grammar Schools 1414 1923   1973Map (db m126286) HM
60United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Durham — Bishop Cosin’s Library
Bishop Cosin’s Library 1669 Entrusted To The University 1935 1923   1973Map (db m126291) HM
61United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Durham — Charles William Vane Stewart
Charles William Vane Stewart 3rd Marquis of Londonderry Earl Vane and Baron Stewart Of Stewarts Court K.C. G.C.B. Lord Lieutenant County of Durham And Founder of Seaham Harbour General in the Army Born May 8th 1778 Died March 6th 1854 . . . Map (db m126168) HM
62United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Durham — Durham Cathedral and Castle
Durham Cathedral and Castle World Heritage Site In Accord with the Principles of the World Heritage Convention Durham Cathedral and Castle have been designated a World Heritage Site One of a number of protected areas of outstanding natural and . . . Map (db m122207) HM
63United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Durham — Durham Light Infantry Boer War Memorial
. . . Map (db m126287) WM
64United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Durham — For ValourDurham Light Infantry
Durham Light Infantry For Valour Pte. J. Byrne, D.C.M.   Crimea 1854 Capt. T. de Courcy Hamilton.   Crimea 1855 Sgt. J. Murray.   New Zealand 1864 Pte. T. Kenny.   France 1915 Lt. Col. R.B. Bradford. M.C.   France 1916 Pte. M.W. . . . Map (db m126173) HM WM
65United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Durham — Former Exchequer
Former Exchequer And Chancery of The Palatinate Built for Bishop Neville (1438 – 57) 1923   1973Map (db m126293) HM
66United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Durham — George William Kitchin
George William Kitchin Dean of Winchester 1883   1894 Dean of Durham 1894   1912 First Chancellor of Durham University Born Dec 7 · 1827 Died Oct 13 · 1912Map (db m126289) HM
67United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Durham — Neptune
Neptune This statue was given to the City in 1729 by George Bowes M.P. of Gibside and Streatlam as a symbol of the scheme to link Durham to the sea by improved navigation of the River Wear. It stood on top of the Market Place wellheads . . . Map (db m126170) HM
68United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Durham — Old Registry
Old Registry County Court House on this Site 1588 – 1811 Rebuilt as Diocesan Registry 1822 Passed to Union Society 1935 And to University Library 1978Map (db m126290) HM
69United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Durham — The Durham Light Infantry
1758     1968 The Durham Light Infantry Dedicated to All Who Served in the Regiment And in Memory of Those Who Gave Their Lives In the Cause of Freedom Faithful ( side plaque ) The Regiment’s long connection with County . . . Map (db m126171) HM WM
70United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Hartlepool — Castle Eden War Memorial
To the Memory Of the Men of This Parish Who Gave Their Lives In the Great War 1914 – 1918. Thomas Hindson Biggins Pte Som. L.I. · Rowland Burdon Capt. & Flt. Comdr R.F.C. · Thomas Burns L/Cpl Durham L.I. · James Henry Francis . . . Map (db m125904) WM
71United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Horden — Horden Colliery
British Coal Corporation Horden Colliery Shaft Ref.   North Shaft Diameter   6090 mm Shaft Depth   438 M Depth to top of cap from top of monument   2 M Date of Capping   Aug. 94Map (db m125912) HM
72United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Rookhope — Rookhope War Memorial
“For Home and Country” Erected to the Memory of the Men from this Parish who Served in the Great War 1914 – 1918. Those Who Fell Richard Bell Adamson. · Robert Hodgson Adamson. · John Christopher Baty. · John Edward . . . Map (db m126343) WM
73United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Seaham — Eleven ‘O’ One — Tommy - World War One Soldier —
Eleven ‘O’ One Known locally as ‘Tommy’ was bought on Aug 4th 2014 from the public local schools businesses and Durham County Council. He sits here for future generations to visit, enjoy and remember. By — Ray Lonsdale Two . . . Map (db m125911) WM
74United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Seaham — Seaham Cenotaph
. . . Map (db m125907) WM
75United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Wolsingham — Millenium Window
. . . Map (db m126342) HM
76United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Wolsingham — Wolsingham War Memorial
Remember With Thanksgiving The True and Faithful Men Who In The Great War Went Forth From This Parish For God and the Right The Names of Those Who Returned Not Again Are Here Inscribed To Be Honoured For Evermore 1915 — . . . Map (db m126340) WM
77United Kingdom, England (Cumbria), Burgh by Sands — King Edward I Statue
King Edward I died in Burgh-by-Sands on 7 July 1307 whilst leading a campaign against Robert the Bruce. He was laid in St. Michael's Church.
This plaque was unveiled by HRH The Duke of Kent, KG, GCMG, GCVO on 3 July to mark the . . . Map (db m85599) WM
78United Kingdom, England (Devon), Axminster — Abbeyfield
Historical Axminster Abbeyfield Standing opposite the Old Carpet Factory, this large house was built in 1797 to replace an earlier vicarage, which was from 1834 to 1848, the home of Reverend W.D. Conetbeare, an eminent geologist and vicar of . . . Map (db m123750) HM
79United Kingdom, England (Devon), Axminster — Axminster War Memorial
In Grateful Memory of the Men of Axminster Who Died for Their Country in The Great War 1914 – 1918 Bertram P. Bowles · Henry A. Bruce · John S. Channing · Charles S. Chant · Francis F. Chick · William C. Chick · William A. Claybin · . . . Map (db m123632) WM
80United Kingdom, England (Devon), Axminster — Cattle Market
Historical Axminster Cattle Market A Charter was granted to the town in 1210, which included the right to hold a weekly market. The market was held in Market Square until 1834. It then moved to Trinity Square. The Market then moved to this site . . . Map (db m123748) HM
81United Kingdom, England (Devon), Axminster — Jubilee of Queen Victoria
In Commemoration Of The Jubilee Of Queen Victoria 1887Map (db m123746) HM
82United Kingdom, England (Devon), Axminster — Law Chambers
Historical Axminster Law Chambers Standing beside the Old Carpet Factory, this double fronted house was at one time the home of Thomas Whitty. It is now occupied by a firm of solicitors. Rotary Club of Axminster Serving the Community for 50 . . . Map (db m123749) HM
83United Kingdom, England (Devon), Axminster — Rose Cottage
Historical Axminster Rose Cottage Listed Grade II Property. Thought to date from circa 1630. The last thatched property within the town. Many original features including the Old Pump within the garden frontage, timbered ceilings, cob walls, . . . Map (db m123747) HM
84United Kingdom, England (Devon), Axminster — The Old Carpet Factory
Historical Axminster The Old Carpet Factory This large grey stone building was erected in 1828 on the site of Thomas Whitty’s original carpet factory, which was destroyed by fire two years earlier. Closed as a factory in 1835, it was used as . . . Map (db m123751) HM
85United Kingdom, England (Devon), Axminster — The Trafalgar Way — Axminster —
The Trafalgar Way Axminster - 9th Post-Horse Change On Monday, 21st October 1805 the Royal Navy decisively defeated the Combined Fleet of France and Spain off Cape Trafalgar south of Cadiz. This victory permanently removed the threat . . . Map (db m122166) HM
86United Kingdom, England (Devon), Kilmington — Kilmington War Memorial
To the Glory of God and In Honoured Memory of The Men of Kilmington Who Gave their Lives for Their King and Country in The Great War E.W. Woodman   Died 1915 · J.H. Woodman   Died 1915 · L.F. Loveridge   Died 1916 · W. Sanaom   Died . . . Map (db m123752) WM
87United Kingdom, England (Devon), Kilmington — The Trafalgar Way — Kilmington —
The Trafalgar Way Kilmington On Monday, 21st October 1805 the Royal Navy decisively defeated the Combined Fleet of France and Spain off Cape Trafalgar south of Cadiz. This victory permanently removed the threat of invasion of England . . . Map (db m122162) HM
88United Kingdom, England (Dorset), Abbotsbury — Abbotsbury Swannery
It seems likely that mute swans nested on the Fleet long before the earliest written record of 1393, which gave us the name of William Squillor - a monastery swanherd. Monks took advantage of this ready supply of fresh meat but today the ‘Game of . . . Map (db m123628) HM
89United Kingdom, England (Dorset), Blandford Forum — 1731 Fire
In Remembrance of God’s dreadful Vifitation by Fire which Broke out the 4th June 1731, and in few Hours reduced, not only the Church and almoft this whole Town to Afhes wherein 14 Inhabitants perifhed, but also two adjacent Villages . . . Map (db m123576) HM
90United Kingdom, England (Dorset), Blandford Forum — Blandford Forum War Memorial
( left panel ) To Commemorate the Self-Sacrifice of Those Whose Names Are Inscribed Hereon Who Gave Their Lives for Their Country in The Great War 1914 - 1918 Alexander C.B. · Andrews J.J. · Arnold G. · Arscott B.J. · Axford . . . Map (db m123575) WM
91United Kingdom, England (Dorset), Blandford Forum — Jack Counter VC
Jack Counter VC Born and died in Blandford Forum 3rd November 1898 — 16th September 1970 16h April 2018 marks the centenary of the actions carried out by Private Jack Thomas Counter of the King's Liverpool Regiment near Boisieux St. Marc, . . . Map (db m123577) HM WM
92United Kingdom, England (Dorset), Blandford Forum — The Bastards' HouseBlandford Civic Society
Rebuilt by John and William Bastard in 1732 for their occupation.Map (db m123578) HM
93United Kingdom, England (Dorset), Blandford Forum — The Battle of Blandford
The Battle of Blandford: defences against a German invasion in World War II “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in . . . Map (db m123574) HM
94United Kingdom, England (Dorset), Blandford Forum — The Trafalgar Way — Blandford Forum —
The Trafalgar Way Blandford Forum - 12th Post-Horse Change On Monday, 21st October 1805 the Royal Navy decisively defeated the Combined Fleet of France and Spain off Cape Trafalgar south of Cadiz. This victory permanently removed the . . . Map (db m122167) HM
95United Kingdom, England (Dorset), Bovington — Centurion Mark 12
Centurion Mark 12 Hull with Fv4005 Turret This British vehicle is a Centurion tank hull fitted with a 183mm L4 gun - the biggest direct fire gun ever mounted on a tank. It was built after the Second World War to counter the threat of the . . . Map (db m123579) HM
96United Kingdom, England (Dorset), Bovington — Challenger I Main Battle Tank
The Challenger I design was originally planned for the Imperial Iranian Army and was due to be named the Shir (Lion) I. With the fall of the Shah (King) in 1979, the vehicle was renamed Challenger and adopted by the British Army to replace . . . Map (db m123585) HM
97United Kingdom, England (Dorset), Bovington — FV603B Armoured Personnel Carrier
FV603B Armoured Personnel Carrier, Mark 5 The Alvis FV603 Saracen was an armoured personnel carrier and part of the FV600 series of vehicles. It first appeared in 1952 and saw action during the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960). It was later . . . Map (db m123587) HM WM
98United Kingdom, England (Dorset), Bovington — Household Cavalry and Royal Armoured Corps Memorial
In Memory of Those Serving in the Household Cavalry Armoured Corps Who Have Died on Operations Since 1945 Take these men as your example. Like them remember That prosperity can only be for the free, Who alone have the courage to defend . . . Map (db m123581) WM
99United Kingdom, England (Dorset), Bovington — M4A1 Medium Tank Grizzly
M4A1 Medium Tank, Grizzly Mark I During the Second World War the Canadians built the M4A1 Sherman named 'Grizzly.' It had a few modifications including a Canadian Dry Pin Track (if you look at the tracks there is no rubber used). The Grizzly . . . Map (db m123580) HM WM
100United Kingdom, England (Dorset), Bovington — Royal Tank Regiment Memorial Statue
This exhibit is a fibreglass model used to create the bronze statue that now stands in Whitehall Place, London. The London statue was unveiled by the Royal Tank Regiment's Colonel in Chief, Her Majesty the Queen, on the 13th of June 2000. The . . . Map (db m123583) HM WM

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Jun. 29, 2022