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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers in Essex County, Ontario

Buildings in the King's Navy Yard at Amherstburg Marker image, Touch for more information
By Dale K. Benington, August 9, 2010
Buildings in the King's Navy Yard at Amherstburg Marker
1 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Amherstburg Navy Yard
[West Historic Marker]:Amherstburg Navy Yard A Navy Yard was built here in 1796 to replace Detroit as the base and supply depot for the Provincial Marine on Lakes Erie and Huron. In 1812 the GENERAL HUNTER and QUEEN CHARLOTTE, built . . . Map (db m37552) HM
2 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Bellevue 1816
This house, one of the finest remaining examples of domestic Georgian architecture in Ontario, was commenced in 1816 and completed about 1819, by Robert Reynolds, the commissary to the garrison at Fort Malden. Bellevue was also the home of his . . . Map (db m103677) HM
3 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Boblo Island
Boblo Island For many centuries the island you see in front of you was used for hunting and fishing by First Nations people. Called Île aux Bois Blancs by the French, Boblo Island's key location made it a site for . . . Map (db m71185) HM
4 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Brick Officers’ Guard Room
Brick Officers' Guard Room and Staff Sergeant's Quarters (1839) Poste de garde des officiers en briques et quartiers du sergent de l'etat-major (1839)Map (db m71220) HM
5 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Capture of the Anne, 1838
On January 9, 1838, a force of Canadians and Americans sympathizing with Mackenzie's rebellion, sailed from United States territory and landed on Bois Blane Island. The schooner "Anne," supporting the invasion, cruised along the Canadian mainland . . . Map (db m37246) HM
6 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Colonel Matthew Elliott1739 - 1814
Near this site stood the house erected in 1784 by Matthew Elliott. Born in Ireland, he emigrated to the American Colonies in 1761, and during the Revolution served with the British forces as a captain in the Indian Department. He was an Indian agent . . . Map (db m37286) HM
7 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Connection to Town
Connection to Town Fort Malden (originally called Fort Amherstburg) was the anchor of the town, which grew to the south. In this view, you are looking past the parade grounds of the fort (now a park) down Dalhousie Street . . . Map (db m71192) HM
8 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Detroit River Heritage
Detroit River Heritage This river not only forms the border between two great nations, but is also a vital transportation artery into the upper Great Lakes. Imagine the vessels that have travelled on it … First National canoes, . . . Map (db m71160) HM
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9 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Fort Amherstburg (Fort Malden)
The post was begun by the Royal Canadian Volunteers in 1796 to replace Detroit and to maintain British influence among the western Indians. As the principal defense of the Detroit frontier in 1812, it was here that Isaac Brock gathered his forces . . . Map (db m34353) HM
10 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Fort Defences
Fort Defences In front of you is a recreated piece of the fort's palisade, a vertical wall of sharpened logs. This wall surrounded the fort, linking the four diamond-shaped corner projections, called bastions. Around each . . . Map (db m71173) HM
11 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Fort Malden Points of Interest
Fort Malden Points of Interest • Fort Malden Points d'intérêt (1) Visitor Centre 1939 Centre d'accueil 1939 (2) Military Pensioner's Cottage circa 1851 (Restoration) . . . Map (db m71278) HM
12 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Indian Council House
Indian Council House Two hundred years ago a small building stood about 100 metres north of here, close to the water's edge. This was where meetings took place between the representatives of the British government and those of . . . Map (db m71170) HM
13 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Lt. - Colonel William Caldwell
Born about 1750 in Fermanagh County, Ireland, Caldwell emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1773. During the American Revolution he served with the British forces as a captain in Butler's Rangers at Niagara and Detroit. In 1784 he obtained land near the . . . Map (db m37291) HM
14 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Major John Richardson(1796 - 1852)
Born at Queenston in Upper Canada, John Richardson served as a volunteer at Fort Malden during the War of 1812 and was taken prisoner by the Americans at Moraviantown. He was released at war's end, retired on half-pay in 1818, and spent most of the . . . Map (db m76737) HM
15 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Pensioner's Cottage
Pensioner's Cottage This cottage was built in the early 1850s for a retired soldier and his family. About 85 of these homes were constructed just east of the Fort, and leased at a modest rate to veteran soldiers in return for light . . . Map (db m71167) HM
16 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Privy
Privy The foundations in front of you are from a communal privy (toilet) for enlisted men and their families that stood here in 1840. The women and children had a small room - the soldiers made do with an open structure offering . . . Map (db m71221) HM
17 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Shoreline Breakwall
Shoreline Breakwall Over time, the force of water and ice has eroded the river bank, creating the need to stabilize the shore. Parks Canada, the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) and Environment Canada partnered to . . . Map (db m71161) HM
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18 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Simon Girty U.E.1741 - 1818
Girty's life crossed cultural boundaries between native and white societies on the frontier of American settlement. In 1756 his family was captured by a French-led native war party in Pennsylvania. Simon was adopted by the Seneca, then repatriated . . . Map (db m34688) HM
19 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Skirmishes at the Canard River
In the War of 1812, the first engagement in Canada involving British and American forces in significant numbers occurred here on the Canard River. On July 12, 1812, Brigadier-General William Hull invaded Canada and encamped near Sandwich. British . . . Map (db m34336) HM
20 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — Strategic Location
Strategic Location A deepwater channel between here and Boblo Island brings ships close to shore, a fact dramatically illustrated when a north-bound lake freighter passes by. This was why Fort Amerstburg was originally located . . . Map (db m71191) HM
21 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — The "Tecumseh Stone"
Tradition has it that the Indian leader Tecumseh stood upon this stone to deliver a final address to the British at Amherstburg after the Battle of Lake Erie. Donated in 1939, it originally stood near the corner of Dalhousie and Gore Streets. In his . . . Map (db m34412) HM
22 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — The Battle of Lake Erie
In September 1813 the British squadron under R. Barclay sailed from Amherstburg to collect desperately needed food supplies. They were met by the larger, more heavily armed American squadron commanded by O. Perry. The British had the initial . . . Map (db m37707) HM
23 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — The Commissariat Office
The office for the Commissariat Department was built in 1831 near the government wharf and storehouse. Commissary officials purchased from local contractors the flour, beef, straw and firewood used by troops. They also managed Fort Malden's . . . Map (db m37356) HM
24 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — The Great Sauk Trail
Part of an ancient network of Indian paths, the Great Sauk Trail, as it came to be known, extended from Rock Island in present-day Illinois to the Detroit River. It played a significant role in the communications between the native peoples in the . . . Map (db m36976) HM
25 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — The Site Over Time
The Site Over Time Today the site looks very different than it would have 170 years ago, when Fort Malden was at its height. Almost all the buildings from that period have been lost, and most of the ditch and wall that encircled . . . Map (db m71174) HM
26 Ontario, Essex County, Amherstburg — The WyandotLes Hurons de Detroit
This area was once the home of the Wyandot, remnants of the Huron, Neutrals, and Petuns who were dispersed by the Iroquois in the 1640's. Some eventually reunited and settled along the Detroit River, where they became known as the Hurons of Detroit, . . . Map (db m37340) HM
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27 Ontario, Essex County, Leamington — Carolinian CanadaMiddle Island / Île Middle
Middle Island Middle Island is the most southern piece of land in Canada. Only a few metres from the Canada-US border, the tiny 22-hectare island is part of the western Lake Erie archipelago. Migrating birds and insects use the island to . . . Map (db m124119) HM
28 Ontario, Essex County, Lighthouse Cove — Thames River LighthouseLower Thames Valley Water Conservation Authority
Construction of this Lighthouse by the Oartier family in 1818 and its predecessor. A frame structure destroyed by fire in the latter years of the War of 1812. Established an enduring landmark at the river mouth and a dynasty by the Oartler family as . . . Map (db m198365) HM
29 Ontario, Essex County, Tecumseh — The Banwell Road Area Black Settlement
Beginning in the 1830s, at least 30 families fleeing enslavement and racial oppression in the United States settled in the Banwell Road area in Sandwich East. They had the opportunity to purchase land through two Black-organized land settlement . . . Map (db m90183) HM
30 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — 1748
. . . Map (db m37519) HM
31 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — District Court House and Goal
When the British withdrew from Detroit in 1796, they transferred the courts of the Western District to Sandwich (Windsor). An abandoned blockhouse, relocated from Chatham, served briefly as the court house and gaol until fire destroyed it in 1797. . . . Map (db m198382) HM
32 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — French Settlement on the South Shore
Front - In English Windsor is the oldest known site of continuous settlement in Ontario. The government of New France, anxious to increase its presence on the Detroit River, offered land agricultural settlement on the south shore in 1749. . . . Map (db m37343) HM
33 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — Hiram Walker1816 - 1899
Massachusetts born, Hiram Walker had by the 1850s become a successful general merchant, distiller and grain dealer in Detroit. After Michigan adopted prohibition in 1855 he acquired land across the river in Canada where he established a distillery . . . Map (db m37377) HM
34 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — Hull's Landing 1812
On July 4, 1812, Brigadier-General William Hull, commander of the North Western Army of the United States, landed with about 2,000 men near this site. He issued a proclamation stating that he came here to liberate Canada from oppression. The British . . . Map (db m34302) HM
35 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — Jesuit Mission to the Hurons
In 1728 a mission to the Huron Indians was established near Fort Pontchartrain (Detroit) by Father Armand de la Richardie, S.J. The mission was moved to Bois Blane Island and the adjacent mainland in 1742. In 1747 it was destroyed by disaffected . . . Map (db m37386) HM
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36 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — Montreal Point in 1782The Huron First Nation's gift to the Roman Catholic Church
In the year 1782 the Huron First Nation gave Montreal Point to the Diocese. The Jesuit Fathers constructed the Assumption Parish in 1787, the first Roman Catholic Parish west of Montreal, Quebec. Today the park, named Assumption, is owned and . . . Map (db m37389) HM
37 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — Original Home of Major F.A. Tilston V.C. Armoury
This armoury was named after Major Fred Tilston, a true military hero of this community. Maj. Tilston, a member of the Essex Scottish, was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest award for bravery, for his exploits at the Battle of Hochwald Forest . . . Map (db m42292) HM
38 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — Pelee Passage Lighthouse
Served as the main navigational aid for the Great Lakes mariners using the Lake Erie Pelee Passage from 1902 to 1975. The lighthouse was re-erected by Dean Construction Co. Ltd. on the present site as a gift to the City of Windsor. In honour . . . Map (db m198379) HM
39 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — The Battle of Windsor - 1838
Early on December 4, 1838 a force of about 140 American and Canadian supporters of William Lyon MacKenzie crossed the river from Detroit and landed about one mile east of here. After capturing and burning a nearby militia barracks, they took . . . Map (db m37172) HM
40 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — The Capture of Detroit
Confident of victory, General Hull had invaded Canada in July 1812, but failed to take advantage of his early success and the demoralization of the defenders. Fear of the Indians then rallying to the British cause and an inability to maintain supply . . . Map (db m34321) HM
41 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — The Detroit River
The Detroit River is unique in Canada, the United States and indeed, the world. Its shores embrace the largest metropolitan area on any international border - but rather than separating communities, the river connects them culturally and . . . Map (db m37378) HM
42 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — The Francois Baby House
This house and adjacent farmland were the property of François Baby (1763-1856), first member for Kent in the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada (1792-96), militia officer and Assistant Quarter Master General during the War of 1812. When the . . . Map (db m34303) HM
43 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — The Great Western Railway
The main line of “The Great Western”, from Niagara Falls through Hamilton and London to Windsor, was opened in 1854. The company extended its line from Hamilton to Toronto in 1855, from Komoka to Sarnia in 1858, and from Glencoe to . . . Map (db m100728) HM
44 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — The Rt. Hon. Herb Gray, PC., C.C., Q.C.
The Rt. Hon. Gray represented the west side of Windsor in the House of Commons from June 1962 to January 2002. He was elected thirteen consecutive times - a record - and set another record for continuous days of service in the House of . . . Map (db m37496) HM
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45 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — The Siege of Detroit 1763
Shortly after the founding of Detroit in 1701 a village of Ottawa Indians was established on the south shore of the river in this vicinity and its inhabitants lived on friendly terms with the French garrison and settlers. However after the British . . . Map (db m36944) HM
46 Ontario, Essex County, Windsor — The Underground Railroad in Canada
From the early 19th century until the American Civil War, settlements along the Detroit and Niagara rivers were important terminals of the Underground Railroad. White and black abolitionists formed a heroic network dedicated to helping free and . . . Map (db m37379) HM
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