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"Mud" Street and "Underground Eureka" Marker Photo image, Touch for more information
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"Mud" Street and "Underground Eureka" Marker Photo
1Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — "Mud" Street and "Underground Eureka"
Professor KALKLOSCH’s Guidebook, published in 1880, states: “The first street of the town was surveyed down the gulch below the spring. A broad avenue connects this street with the famous EUREKA BASIN SPRING. It being the first street it . . . Map (db m79755) HM
2Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — A Timeless PlaceUpper Spring
The buildings, the bluffs, the spring and The Boulevard all make this a special place in Eureka Springs which has kept a peaceful beauty of earlier times. The front of the McLaughlin Block has changed little since it was built in 1900 to . . . Map (db m80138) HM
3Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Avarana
Resort home built 1899 by William Henry Reid of Chicago. Architect Theodore C. Link of St. Louis. Design reflects simplicity favored at end of Victorian era. Upper floors are wood with verandas on four sides. Lower floor is Beaver Limestone. In . . . Map (db m80118) HM
4Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Bank of Eureka Springs
Bank of Eureka Springs was established in May, 1912, in the Klock and Clark Building at 75 Spring Street. In 1946 it was relocated to 40 Spring Street. In 1966, the bank purchased the McGinnis property at 70 South Main Street. The old livery . . . Map (db m90573) HM
5Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Bank of Eureka Springs Community Room
Ellis Murphy established Murphy's Firestone Tire Service at this site about 1923. Called "Murphy the Tire Man", his services were frequently required to patch inner tubes and repair tires for hundred[s] of automobiles bringing tourists to Eureka . . . Map (db m90706) HM
6Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Carnegie Library
This is one of only four free public libraries in Arkansas funded by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. It was built of native limestone and completed in 1912 on this site which was donated by Eureka Springs resident Richard C. Kerens. The architect . . . Map (db m80137) HM
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7Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Chandler Mall Buildings
Richard H. James and Charles S. Beck built the three story brick and limestone Beck and James Building in the year 1888 to house a clothing and apparel store. F. H. and Avarilla James and their family resided in the upper rooms and C. S. Beck . . . Map (db m79738) HM
8Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Citizen's Bank Building
Ornate brick and limestone structure built after Great Fire of 1888 for Citizen's Bank established 1887 by J.T. Waddell. The bank failed in 1907. First National Bank occupied building until 1931 when it failed due to Great Depression. Bank of Eureka . . . Map (db m79736) HM
9Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Crescent Spring and Trail
Crescent Spring was revered for its healing waters almost as much as the basin, the legendary Indian Healing Spring. Situated beside the Wagon Road on a hillside with a rocky outcropping described as "crescent" shaped, the spring was soon given . . . Map (db m80135) HM
10Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Eastview Cottage
Eastview is situated adjacent to Harding Spring on a lot originally registered by Absalom M. Thomas after the town site survey of 1879. John E. and Bell Perrin purchased the lot and residence in October, 1881, then sold to David R. and Harriett . . . Map (db m80140) HM
11Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Eureka Springs Historical MuseumEstablished 1971 in Calif House
This three-story limestone building with metal-clad roof enclosing the top story was constructed in 1889 by Samuel L. Calif. For fifty years it served as a residence, general merchandise store, and boarding house. About 1948 the building was . . . Map (db m90699) HM
12Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Fire and Brick & StoneUpper Spring
The neighborhood above the current First Baptist Church burned in the Great Fire of 1883, the first of four Great Fires which destroyed most of the town's early wooden structures. New commercial buildings were built of more fire-resistant . . . Map (db m131739) HM
13Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Grotto Spring
The words "esto perpetua" emblazoned upon a stone above the entrance to Grotto Spring declare the prevailing belief that these healing waters would flow forth forever. Early townspeople discovered the spring under an overhanging rock ledge, a . . . Map (db m80121) HM
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14Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Harding Spring
Named for J. Emmett Harding, a photographer who began the tradition of making photographs of people in front of the spring as souvenirs. He built a small dwelling near the spring in the summer of 1879. In 1879, the spring was accessed by a . . . Map (db m80151) HM
15Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Kentucky House
Kentucky House Hotel established on this site 1880, Mrs. E.D. Andrews, proprietor. Building survived Great Fire 1888, disappeared by 1900. Street work 1915 created stone wall. Sharp’s Continental Oil Company gas station constructed 1928. Epley and . . . Map (db m79756) HM
16Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Laundry Spring
The site of this spring was outside the area included in the 1879 survey. Known as East Mountain, this area was crowded with wood structures by 1885. The spring, which flowed from a small cave lined with projections of onyx stone, was already . . . Map (db m80152) HM
17Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Law Offices of F.O. Butt
Festus Orestes Butt was born in 1875 in Illinois just before his family moved to Carroll County, Arkansas. He became a licensed attorney before he was of legal age. The Arkansas General Assembly set aside his "disability of minority", and he set up . . . Map (db m79735) HM
18Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Mud Street to Main StreetNorth Main
"It being the first street in town... it was named Main Street. But owing to its low elevation and the law of gravitation, the water would find a level in the street, and as the immense travel created an abundance of mud, the street was nicknamed . . . Map (db m80153) HM
19Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Sweet Spring
This spring derived its name from early townspeople who declared the water to have a pleasant, sweet taste. The spring was originally located in the deep ravine below the present site. A long wooden stairway led from the spring to the narrow . . . Map (db m80115) HM
20Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Sweet Spring Hotel - Huntington Infirmary - Sweet Spring Home
Sweet Spring Hotel The Sweet Spring Hotel was established about 1887 at the corner of Pine Street and Spring, then known as Rice Street, with A.S. Capps as proprietor. The spacious three-story frame structure was painted white with dark . . . Map (db m80112) HM
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21Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — The Basin Bath House
Basin Bath House was established 1879 adjacent to Basin Spring by Dr. Alvah Jackson's son, Thomas. John S. Tibbs succeeded Jackson about 1880, operated bath house and Eureka Water Shipping Company. Building was destroyed by Great Fire of 1888, . . . Map (db m59969) HM
22Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — The Berlin WallActual 10 x 10 Section
• Between 1945-1961 2.7 million escaped East Germany • In 1960, 200,000 East Germans escaped to Freedom • Order given to build Wall - Sunday, Aug. 13, 1961 Construction began Aug. 16, 1961; completed 2 mos. later • Initially 6 ft. . . . Map (db m80171) HM
23Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — The Crescent Hotel & Spa
May 20, 1886... America's newest and most luxurious hotel built at a cost of $294,000. It was two years ago that Powell Clayton and his associates chose the site of the new Crescent Hotel... twenty seven acres at the north end of West . . . Map (db m80116) HM
24Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — The Perry House - Basin Park Hotel
1884 - Cutter's Guide The Eureka Springs of Arkansas The hotels and boarding houses of Eureka Springs are numerous. The Perry House is the only real first-class hotel in the city; and we say this with no disparagement of the . . . Map (db m79733) HM
25Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — The Railroad Depot
The Eureka Springs Railroad opened in February, 1883. As the first trains arrived at the original station house, a finely crafted wooden structure, passengers were met by horse drawn carriages and hacks which quickly carried them to the best . . . Map (db m80173) HM
26Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — The Southern Hotel
The Southern was built in the year 1880 adjacent to Basin Spring and some 25 feet above it on the hillside. L.M. Rainey of Missouri, its original owner, sold the hotel to W. E. Beatty in 1886, at which time it was acclaimed to be one of the city's . . . Map (db m59970) HM
27Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — The Springs
"It is sometimes called The Basin Springs, and is invariably the first resort for visitors. If there is any one in the city you desire to find, if no other way, go to the Basin Springs, seat yourself comfortable, and await his coming." Prof. . . . Map (db m63300) HM
28Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — The Three Flat-Irons
The original Flat-Iron Building was constructed within sight of Basin Springs in the year 1880. It housed the town's first banking establishment and was the first structure made of brick among hundreds of wood buildings. The unusual three-sided, . . . Map (db m63302) HM
29Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — The Town that Water BuiltNorth Main
First by horseback, wagons or on foot, invalids from all over this region flocked to Eureka Springs in 1879 to seek cures from the miraculous healing springs. But soon there were easier ways to arrive - stagecoaches, then trains. This laid a base . . . Map (db m80211) HM
30Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — The Western District Courthouse
Eureka Springs was incorporated on Valentine's Day in 1880. At that time, the only courthouse was in the county seat of Berryville, some 12 miles to the east. This was a great distance at the time, the roads were bad, and the King's River had to be . . . Map (db m59962) HM

31Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — The Stone Walls
Eureka Springs claims an estimated fifty-six miles of stone walls. Skilled stonemasons constructed most of the walls between 1885 and 1910. The limestone used was sometimes quarried on site but the majority was transported to the town site by horse . . . Map (db m63299) HM

32Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Clayton-Becker House
Crescent Cottage on the National Register of Historic Places Built in 1881 Home of Powell Clayton, the first governor of Arkansas after the state was readmitted to the Union following the War Between the States Owners Ray & . . . Map (db m80139) HM
33Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Steam Locomotive(0-4-0)
Built in Berlin, Germany 1934, 600 millimeter gauge (24 inch) (same engines are used at Silver Dollar City). Engine was found near Orlando, Fla. in 1989. Was bought by gentleman from Switzerland and hauled to Eureka Springs same year. Plans are to . . . Map (db m80172) HM

34Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — The Civic CenterSouth Main
These two large limestone public buildings anchor this part of downtown Eureka Springs. They span the deep ravine cut by Leatherwood Creek which flows in a tunnel beneath all the buildings on this entire part of Main Street. [Photo 1.] This . . . Map (db m59964) HM

35Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Calif SpringSouth Main
Calif Spring was originally called Table Rock Spring, named for the rock formation above the spring area. This area was set aside as a spring reservation in 1886 by City Ordinance. S. L. Calif established a residence and general store next to the . . . Map (db m90703) HM

36Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — 18 — Civil War Healing
The Eureka Springs area's reputation as a health resort has its origins in the Civil War. Late 19th-century accounts claim Dr. Alvah Jackson treated sick and wounded soldiers during the war. In early 1865, Maj. J. W. Cooper, who led Confederate . . . Map (db m59967) HM

37Kansas, Shawnee County, Topeka — Corridor of Flags
Delaware, 1st State December 7, 1787 1609 • Henry Hudson visited Delaware Bay 1638 • Swedish colonists established Fort Christina, Delaware's first permanent settlement, and founded the colony of New Sweden 1655 • Dutch captured New . . . Map (db m47214) HM
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