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Former U.S. Presidents: #11 James K. Polk Historical Markers

The "Loveliest Village" Marker image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, December 28, 2014
The "Loveliest Village" Marker
1 Alabama, Lee County, Auburn — Auburn 1865~Present / The "Loveliest Village"
Side 1 Auburn 1865~Present Only one house was built in the village in the decade after the Civil War, and though the state took over the bankrupt college in 1872, the institution received no state appropriation until 1883. . . . Map (db m79947) HM
2 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Seminole Wars / Mexican War
Seminole Wars 1814-1858 I am Private Pet Younger of the 4th US Infantry Regiment. I joined the Regular Army in November 1835 at age 15. I was specially trained as part of the light infantry company whose main jobs were scouting and . . . Map (db m85604) WM
3 Alabama, Morgan County, Decatur — 5 — Dancy-Polk House (circa 1829)“A Hard Nut To Crack” — The Battle For Decatur —
The oldest home in Decatur still standing, this Early Classical Revival mansion was built by Frank Dancy and was a private residence until 1872, when it became a boarding house and hotel. During the Civil War, the home belonged to Dancy’s daughter, . . . Map (db m28243) HM
4 Arizona, Pinal County, Kearny — Kearny, ArizonaNamed in Honor of Stephen Watts Kearny — Brevet Major General U.S. Army —
At the outbreak of the Mexican War in 1846, President Polk directed Colonel Kearny to organize the so-called "Army of the West" and to lead it to Santa Fe and thence on to secure California. On August 18, 1846, Kearny claimed the area of Santa Fe . . . Map (db m232146) HM
5 California, San Bernardino County, Barstow — General Steven Watts Kearny1794-1848
He was “the Father of the US Calvary” and President Polk named him “Commander of the Army of the West”. In 1848 he went from Santa Fe, NM on to CA with 100 men on an arduous trip across our desert and on to a battle at San . . . Map (db m50576) HM
6 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Columbia Heights — James BuchananDiplomat, Statesman, and Fifteenth President of the United States — Meridian Hill Park, National Historic Landmark —
Buchanan was our only bachelor president and relied upon his orphaned niece, Harriet Lane, to act as his First Lady during his years in the White House (1857 to 1861). In her estate, Harriet Lane Johnson made a bequest to fund a memorial to her . . . Map (db m156671) HM
7 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Downtown — The Rodgers House
The Rodgers House referred to on the above tablet was situated on this site, in addition to the Secretary of State William H. Seward who here, on March 30, 1867, signed the Treaty with Russia to purchase Russia-America, now the State of Alaska, the . . . Map (db m195423) HM
8 Florida, Polk County, Bartow — F-549 — Old Polk County Courthouse
Polk County was established February 8, 1861 formed from eastern Hillsborough County and western Brevard County and comprised one of two counties created after the state's secession from the union. Polk County was named after James Knox Polk the . . . Map (db m54003) HM
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9 Florida, Putnam County, Palatka — F-828 — Bronson-Mulholland House
The Bronson-Mulholland house was constructed for Isaac H. Bronson around 1853. A lawyer and United States congressman from New York, Bronson served as a member of the Committee on Territories in the late 1830s. He proposed the act for Florida . . . Map (db m80742) HM
10 Georgia, Forsyth County, Cumming — 058-3 — Colonel William Cumming
The town of Cumming (incorporated 1834) is named in honor of Col. William Cumming, distinguished Georgian, born July 27, 1788, son of Thomas Cumming and Ann Clay, daughter of Joseph Clay, of Savannah. William Cumming graduated from the College of . . . Map (db m33581) HM
11 Georgia, Harris County, Ellerslie — 072-5 — The Wire Road»—→
This road marks the route of the first telegraph lines from Washington to New Orleans, via Columbus, completed in 1848. The road entered Harris County at Mount Airy (later Ridgeway), 5 miles from here. A stagecoach inn, stores, houses, and schools . . . Map (db m22377) HM
12 Georgia, Polk County, Cedartown — 115-1A — Polk County
Created December 20, 1851 and named for President James Knox Polk. Cedartown is fittingly named for the trees which flourish in this beautiful valley. The city is a railroad center, has a thriving textile industry, and a large paper mill. . . . Map (db m35738) HM
13 Georgia, Spalding County, Griffin — 126-15 — The Fannin Avengers
In 1846, when President Polk called for volunteers to fight against Mexico, a company of men organized promptly in Griffin. Calling themselves “The Fannin Avengers”, they marched to Columbus where the company became part of a regiment . . . Map (db m27576) HM
14 Louisiana, Ascension Parish, Gonzales — The Mexican-American WarThe Louisiana Connection
Three Louisiana men played prominent roles in the Mexican-American War. Though John Slidell was born in New York, he moved to New Orleans in 1819, started a successful law practice, and eventually became an important leader of the Democratic Party . . . Map (db m114832) HM
15 Louisiana, Ascension Parish, Gonzales — The Mexican-American War1846-1848
Panel 1 Fifteen years before Americans began fighting each other in the Civil War, they were at war with their neighbors to the south in Mexico. The Mexican-American War began in 1846 and lasted less than two years with the Americans achieving a . . . Map (db m114839) HM
16 Maryland, Garrett County, Grantsville — Casselman River Bridge State ParkBicentennial 1813-2013
Spanning the Cassleman River and supporting 200 years of hooves, boots, sleigh runners, and wheels of every type and description, the Cassleman River Bridge begins its third century on the National Road in Grantsville, Maryland. It is one of the . . . Map (db m135702) HM
17 Maryland, Garrett County, Grantsville — Casselman River Bridge State ParkBicentennial 1813-2013
Spanning the Casselman River and supporting 200 years of hooves, boots, sleigh runners, and wheels of every type and description, the Casselman River Bridge begins its third century on the National Road in Grantsville, Maryland. It is one of the . . . Map (db m167079) HM
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18 Maryland, Garrett County, Grantsville — Mountain Maryland Gateway to the WestGarrett County, Maryland
[Side 1] Gateway to the West The overarching theme in the Heritage Area is Garrett County's relationship to the opening and development of America's western frontier in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. In fact Garrett County is . . . Map (db m223083) HM
19 Maryland, Washington County, Hagerstown — Hagerstown & The National Road
The National Road was the first Federally-funded road project authorized by Congress. A gateway to the western frontier, it began in Cumberland and extended to Vandalia, Illinois. Heavily used from the time it opened, it was America's first . . . Map (db m148826) HM
20 Massachusetts, Hampden County, Springfield — Union House / Chandler Hotel / Edisonia Theater — Stop 5 • Springfield Experience Walk —
Union House / Chandler Hotel The Union House opened as a hotel in 1846. Two Presidents slept here, including James K. Polk, the 11th President, who stayed during a trip through the Northeastern part of the country. He was joined by his . . . Map (db m136695) HM
21 Minnesota, Polk County, Climax — Polk County
. . . Map (db m195336) HM
22 Missouri, New Madrid County, New Madrid — Fort Bankhead
To further protect New Madrid from Union attack, a smaller fort was built on the east side of town at the mouth of St. John's Bayou. This upper fort, named Fort Bankhead (the original location was washed away by the ever-changing Mississippi River) . . . Map (db m82002) HM
23 New York, New York County, Manhattan, Battery Park — The Lives of Castle Clinton:Defense, Entertainment, Immigration, Education — [Castle Clinton National Monument] —
In 1790 the Common Council of the City of New York authorized the removal of stone and soil from Fort George and the Grand Battery to fill in the pier line along the Battery. Beginning in 1808, the defenses of the city were extended out into the . . . Map (db m148098) HM
24 North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, Charlotte center city — Thomas Polk Park
Thomas Polk (1732-1797), one of Charlotte's most prominent citizens within its formal years, was born in Pennsylvania. Like many of his fellow Scotch-Irish, he moved south on the Great Wagon Road, settling in Mecklenburg County about 1753. A . . . Map (db m175516) HM
25 North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, Pineville — Cotton on the Polk FarmPresident James K. Polk State Historic Site
In 1793, Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. This machine removed seeds from cotton boll fibers and cleaned the crop faster than could be done by hand. The machine became popular quickly, and by the early 1800s, more than 50 cotton saw gins were . . . Map (db m175705) HM
26 North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, Pineville — L-78 — James K. Polk1795-1849
U.S. President, 1845-49. Born nearby in house no longer standing. Land & reconstructed buildings now State Historic Site.Map (db m116043) HM
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27 North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, Pineville — James Knox Polk Birthplace
Here stood the house in which was born November 2, 1795 James Knox Polk, President of the United States 1845 - 1849.Map (db m175699) HM
28 North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, Pineville — Mecklenburg Chapter of the Daughters of the American RevolutionPresident James K. Polk State Historic Site
Mecklenburg Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution Organized on September 27, 1898, the Mecklenburg Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution was the first chapter in the state of North Carolina. Harriet Nesbit . . . Map (db m175698) HM
29 North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, Pineville — Polk Family CemeteryPresident James K. Polk State Historic Site
Polk Family Cemetery As one of Mecklenburg County's early family graveyards, the Polk family cemetery has special importance to the history of the area. The cemetery is the resting place for James K. Polk's grandmother, Maria Polk, and several . . . Map (db m198696) HM
30 North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, Pineville — President James K. Polk S.H.S.Little Sugar Creek Greenway
Welcome to the birthplace of America's 11th President, James K. Polk Welcome to the boyhood homesite of James Knox Polk, the 11th president of the United States. Come inside and experience the multimedia displays to learn how Polk's life led . . . Map (db m198743) HM
31 North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, Pineville — The Polk FarmPresident James K. Polk State Historic Site
The Polk Farm In 1794, Samuel and Jane Polk started a farm they received as a wedding gift from Samuel's father, Ezekiel. The couple lived here with five of their ten children, including their eldest child, James Knox, born November 2, . . . Map (db m175700) HM
32 North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, Pineville — The President James K. Polk State Historic Site
The James K. Polk State Historic Site is currently 22 of the original 150 acres owned by Samuel Polk. It was on this land that Samuel and his wife Jane gave birth to their oldest son James in 1795. The family lived here until 1806. James K. Polk . . . Map (db m175708) HM
33 North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, Pineville — Tobacco in the PiedmontPresident James K. Polk State Historic Site
From the 17th through early 18th centuries, tobacco quality in the Carolinas was poor. This was attributed mainly to the thin soil in the area. As a result, tobacco grown in the Carolinas was typically traded locally to supply the need for snuff . . . Map (db m175701) HM
34 North Carolina, New Hanover County, Wilmington, Riverfront — Masonic Hall1841-42; 1907
Third building to house St. John's Lodge No. 1, A.F. & A.M. Until 1899 third floor used by several Masonic lodges. Receptions held here for Henry Clay (1844), Daniel Webster (1847), and President James K. Polk (1849). Public hall on second floor, . . . Map (db m226501) HM
35 North Carolina, Wake County, Raleigh, Downtown — Presidents North Carolina Gave The Nation
1795 - 1849 James Knox Polk of Mecklenburg County President 1845 - 1849 He enlarged our national boundaries 1767 - 1845 Andrew Jackson of Union County President 1829 - 1837 He revitalized American Democracy 1808 - . . . Map (db m40797) HM
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36 Ohio, Auglaize County, New Knoxville — 7-6 — New Knoxville: The Ladbergen Kinship
Side 1 The history of New Knoxville provides one of the best examples of chain migration to America. After the Shawnee were removed from what would become Auglaize County, James Knox Lytle, cousin to James Knox Polk, purchased land in . . . Map (db m92310) HM
37 Ohio, Lucas County, Sylvania — Stone Academy
This school is a half-scale replica of the two story school that was built on this site in 1844. It was named "Stone Academy" because it was built out of local cut quarry stone. In 1869, a brick building replaced it called "Sylvania High School". . . . Map (db m105029) HM
38 Oregon, Clackamas County, Oregon City — Joseph L. MeekBorn 1810 - Died 1875
Born in Washington Co. Va., Meek leaves home at age 18, arriving in St. Louis in the fall of 1828. Meek signs on as a trapper with the Rocky Mtn. Fur Co., remaining in the Rockies until 1839. 1839 - 1843: Meek travels to the Willamette Valley and . . . Map (db m8673) HM
39 Oregon, Washington County, Hillsboro — Joseph L. Meek
This marks the land claim of Joseph L. Meek, famed and unlettered "mountain man," who arrived in 1840 after driving from Fort Hall to Walla Walla in the first wagon on that part of the Oregon Trail. He was a founder of the Provisional Government; . . . Map (db m113887) HM
40 Pennsylvania, Franklin County, Cove Gap, Peters Township — President James Buchanan
The incorruptible statesman whose walk was upon the mountain ranges of the law.” Life long friend Jermiah S. Black U.S. Attorney General 1857-1860, U.S. Secretary of State 1860-1861
This . . . Map (db m58657) HM
41 Pennsylvania, Franklin County, Mercersburg — James Buchanan15th President of the United States 1857 - 1861
James Buchanan, a Representative and a Senator from Pennsylvania and the 15th President of the United States; born at Cove Gap, near Mercersburg, Franklin County, Pa., April 23, 1791; moved to Mercersburg, Pa. with his parents in 1796; was privately . . . Map (db m202788) HM
42 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County, Philadelphia, Torresdale — Glen Foerd on the DelawareCity of Philadelphia, Neighborhood of Torresdale — The King's Highway Foundation —
This historic mansion and estate was built as a summer home circa 1850 in the Italianate style by Charles Macalester, Jr., a prosperous businessman and banker. He held close personal relations with Presidents Jackson, Van Buren, Polk, Pierce, . . . Map (db m194951) HM
43 Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville, Downtown — 3A 78, 95 — Downtown Presbyterian ChurchAmerican Presbyterian and Reformed Historical Site
From 1814 to 1955 this was the site of the First Presbyterian Church. President Andrew Jackson was received into the church in 1838. James K. Polk was inaugurated governor here in 1839. The building designed in the Egyptian style by William . . . Map (db m121842) HM
44 Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville, Downtown — The 11th President James K. PolkJames K. Polk and Deaderick Street
James K. Polk moved back to Nashville after graduating from the University of North Carolina. he went to work for Felix Grundy a prominent Nashville lawyer and congressman who resided just west of Deaderick Street in a home called 'Grundy Place'. . . . Map (db m213215) HM
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45 Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville, North Capitol — James K. Polk
James K. Polk from Columbia elected Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives in 1835.Map (db m215452) HM
46 Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville, North Capitol — James K. Polk death
James K. Polk, 11th President of the United States, died in Nashville in 1849Map (db m215551) HM
47 Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville, North Capitol — James K. Polk, elected President and territorial gains during the Mexican War
In 1844, James K. Polk was elected U. S. President. During his term of office, territorial gains from the Mexican War extended the western border of the United States to the Pacific Ocean.Map (db m215514) HM
48 Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville, North Capitol — Tomb of James Knox PolkJames Knox Polk, — President of the U.S. Born Nov. 2, 1795, Died June 15, 1849. —
The mortal remains of James Knox Polk are resting in the vault beneath. He was born in MecKlenburg County North Carolina and emigrated with his father Samuel Polk to Tennessee in 1806. The beauty of virtue was illustrated in . . . Map (db m85552) HM
49 Tennessee, Giles County, Pulaski — 3F 44 — Governor John C. Brown House
Built between 1853 and 1860 by Dr. William Batte, this house is a significant example of Greek Revival architecture. As the home of Dr. Elihu Edmondson, it was occupied by Union troops during the Civil War. The house was owned by John C. Brown after . . . Map (db m151113) HM
50 Tennessee, Grainger County, Bean Station — Bean Station
One of Tennessee's earliest settlements. The valley you see was a warpath for the Cherokees, led Daniel Boone to Cumberland Gap and was traveled by Davy Crockett. Across Highway 11W to the right stood Bean Fort, built by William Bean, first . . . Map (db m80338) HM
51 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — 1C 76 — Dickson - Williams Mansion
Designed and constructed (1815-21) by Irish craftsmen Thomas Battersby and John Hoy, this house was built by Greeneville's first postmaster, William Dickson, for his daughter, Catharine (Mrs.Alexander Williams). Marquis de LaFayette, Presidents . . . Map (db m81610) HM
52 Tennessee, Hardeman County, Bolivar — 4C 27 — Polk Cemetery
The land was acquired by James K. Polk, Jr. and others on October 23, 1845 as a family cemetery for the descendents of Ezekiel Polk. Colonel Polk, the patriarch of the Polk family in Tennessee, was the grandfather of President James Knox Polk. The . . . Map (db m148497) HM
53 Tennessee, Haywood County, Dancyville — James K. Polk / James C. Jones
Here on June 23, 1841, James K. Polk, Governor of Tennessee, running for re-election debated James C. Jones, both masters of the stump speech. James “Lean Jimmy” Jones, a Whig, who was a natural mimic and actor, defeated Polk and served . . . Map (db m53118) HM
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54 Tennessee, Marshall County, Lewisburg — 3G 23 — Polk's Law Office
In a building which stood here, James Knox Polk had an office for the practice of law between the time of his relinquishment of the Governorship of Tennessee in 1841 and his election to the Presidency of the United States in 1844.Map (db m151103) HM
55 Tennessee, Maury County, Columbia — James K. Polk HouseFor the Union
This house, constructed in 1816, is the only surviving Tennessee residence associated with the nation's eleventh president. James Knox Polk (1795-1849) lived here from 1818 to 1824. When Polk's mother died in 1852, the house passed to his younger . . . Map (db m97096) HM
56 Tennessee, Maury County, Columbia — 3D 39 — James Knox Polk
The parents of the eleventh President of the United States occupied this property in 1816, at which time young Polk was 21. From that time, except for periods of absence due to holding public office, or his extensive law practice, this was his home . . . Map (db m28951) HM
57 Tennessee, Maury County, Columbia — Jane Knox Polk ChapterDaughters of the American Revolution — Columbia, Tennessee —
Organized in April 1895, the Jane Knox Chapter was named in Honor of Jane Knox Polk whose father, James Knox, was a Captain in the Revolutionary War, her husband, Samuel Polk who was a Colonel in the Revolutionary War, and her son, James Knox . . . Map (db m151181) HM
58 Tennessee, Maury County, Columbia — 3D 21 — Polk's Boyhood Home
The first house here was built by Maj. Samuel Polk, who came here from North Carolina in 1806. In his family was the ten-year-old son, James Knox Polk, who was to become the 11th President of the United States. He spent his boyhood here.Map (db m75046) HM
59 Tennessee, Maury County, Columbia — Site of the First Law Office of James Knox Polk
On this site stood the first law office of James Knox Polk 1795-1849 Lawyer, State and National Legislator Speaker, House of Representatives in Congress Governor of Tennessee and Eleventh President of The United . . . Map (db m189432) HM
60 Tennessee, Maury County, Columbia — The Polk Family
This is the final resting place of the parents and seven of nine siblings of James Knox Polk. Revolutionary War Major Samuel Polk and Jane Gracey Knox were married on Dec. 25th, 1794 at Hopewell Church, located in Mecklenburg County, North . . . Map (db m151180) HM
61 Tennessee, Putnam County, Buffalo Valley — Site of Roulston Stand
. . . Map (db m157316) HM
62 Tennessee, Rutherford County, Murfreesboro — 3A 166 — Geographic Center of Tennessee
In 1834, the State of Tennessee hired Professor James Hamilton to find its geographic center in order to locate the state capital as near as possible to the center of the state. However, certain circumstances and politics left the capital in . . . Map (db m82459) HM
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63 Tennessee, Rutherford County, Murfreesboro — 3A 134 — Old Bradley Academy
Bradley Academy was founded in the early nineteeth century as a school for white males. Among the earliest students was James Knox Polk. From 1884 until the 1960s, it was an elementary and secondary school for African-Americans in Rutherford County. . . . Map (db m76073) HM
64 Tennessee, Sullivan County, Blountville — 1A 33 — Old Deery Inn
Built shortly after 1785 by William Deery. Stopping place for many distinguished travelers of early days, Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk, the Marquis de Lafayette, Prince Louis Phillipe, Andrew Johnson and others enjoyed its hospitality. It operated . . . Map (db m82955) HM
65 Tennessee, Sullivan County, Kingsport — Netherland Inn / King's Boat Yard
In 1802 William King of Saltville, Virginia purchased two lots in Christianville where he built a dwelling, wharfs, warehouses and a store. In 1818 Richard Netherland, Esquire, purchased the property and established a tavern on the Great Stage . . . Map (db m158080) HM
66 Tennessee, Sumner County, Cottontown — 3B 37 — Tyree Springs
A mineral springs resort was established here by R.C. Tyree sometime between 1814 and 1822. By 1834 it was the most celebrated watering place in the state. Presidents Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk were guests here. Burned during the Civil War, . . . Map (db m151838) HM
67 Tennessee, Sumner County, Gallatin — 3B 35 — Trousdale Place
Built by John Bowen prior to 1820 and purchased in 1822 by William Trousdale, Governor of Tennessee, 1849-1851. He fought in the War of 1812, and the Creek, Seminole, and Mexican Wars, and was brevetted brigadier-general by President Polk in 1848. . . . Map (db m68415) HM
68 Tennessee, Washington County, Jonesborough — 1A 90 — Chester Inn
Built in 1797 by Dr. William P. Chester of Lancaster, Pa., it has been continuously occupied as an Inn, a hotel and an apartment house. Among the guests here have been three presidents of the United States, Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk and Andrew . . . Map (db m22845) HM
69 Tennessee, White County, Sparta — 2D 35 — The Rock House
Built of Tennessee sandstone between 1835 and 1839 by Barlow and Madison Fisk, the Rock House served as a frontier toll house and stagecoach inn along the Wilderness Trail. President Andrew Jackson stopped here on his trips to and from Washington to . . . Map (db m75377) HM
70 Texas, Coleman County, Santa Anna — 4573 — Santa Anna, C.S.A.
Mountain and town named in honor of man in power here in 1840’s, a Comanche chief friendly to Texans. Santa Anna in 1846 visited President Polk in Washington during U.S. negotiations to annex Texas. Also signed and kept until his death of cholera in . . . Map (db m94527) HM
71 Texas, Polk County, Livingston — 16074 — Polk County
Created from Liberty County March 30, 1846 Organized July 13, 1846 with Livingston as county seat Named for James Knox Polk, 1795-1849 President of the United States Who favored the annexation of Texas Early settlements were . . . Map (db m119269) HM
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72 Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Capitol Hill — Thomas L. Kane
[panel 1] Following the days of their severest persecutions in the winter of 1846-7, when the Mormon pioneers, driven from their beloved city of Nauvoo, Illinois, by mob violence, were scattered across the frozen plains of Iowa, there came . . . Map (db m167225) HM
73 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — 3 — RetrocessionCity of Alexandria, Est. 1749 — Alexandria Heritage Trail —
Alexandria, D.C. In 1791, Alexandrians applauded their inclusion in the District of Columbia, believing that the town would benefit economically as part of the Federal district. These positive feelings toward inclusion in the District . . . Map (db m239716) HM
74 Virginia, Arlington County, Arlington, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport — The Hunter FamilyAbingdon Plantation
After the Stuarts moved from Abingdon in 1793, the Alexander family once again owned the plantation. Robert Alexander III’s son, Walter, leased Abingdon to several families over the years. In 1807, he advertised the Abingdon estate for sale, ending . . . Map (db m8379) HM
75 West Virginia, Ohio County, Elm Grove — “Monument Place”
On site of Fort Shepherd is this mansion, built in 1798 by Moses Shepherd and known as Shepherd Hall. Among its guests were Lafayette, James K. Polk, Andrew Jackson, and Henry Clay. Clay's support brought National Pike here.Map (db m750) HM
76 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — HazelwoodHazelwood was the home... — Fox River Trail —
of the Morgan L. Martin family for 100 years (1837-1937). Martin was a prominent Green Bay attorney, civic leader, Indian agent and entrepreneur, originally from upstate New York, who helped lay the foundation for Wisconsin's statehood. In 1848, . . . Map (db m37204) HM
77 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — 156 — Hazelwood
On this site Morgan L. Martin (1805-87) built this home in 1837, after his marriage to Elizabeth Smith of Plattsburgh, N.Y. It was a center of social, literary and political accomplishment for nearly a century. Coming here in 1827 as a young . . . Map (db m37202) HM
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