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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Former U.S. Presidents: #25 William McKinley Historical Markers

City of Foley Marker (side 2) image, Touch for more information
By Timothy Carr, June 19, 2013
City of Foley Marker (side 2)
1Alabama (Baldwin County), Foley — City of Foley
The City of Foley was founded in 1905 by John B. Foley of Chicago. Mr. Foley, who was in the pharmaceutical business, heard about this area from a railroad land agent as they traveled to President William McKinley's funeral in 1901. Mr. Foley . . . Map (db m188732) HM
2Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Thompson MansionCirca 1850s
An elegant blend of Greek Revival and Italianate architectual styles, the Thompson Mansion reflects the aesthetic and economic highs of the 1850s. The symmetrical layout of the house with entrances on all four sides features interior cross hallways . . . Map (db m71400) HM
3Arkansas (Benton County), Bella Vista — United States Commanders in Chief
[Written on the initial marker, provided for context] Our Constitution names the President of the United States the Commander in Chief of all the Armed Forces. Presidents who have served in our military are displayed on the following . . . Map (db m92421) HM WM
4Arkansas (Phillips County), Helena — Judge Jacob Trieber1853-1927
Jacob Trieber served as United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Arkansas from 1901 to 1927. He was the first Jewish judge ever to serve on the federal bench. Trieber was born in Prussia in 1853, immigrated with his parents to St. . . . Map (db m107824) HM
5California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — McKinley Rose Garden
McKinley Rose Garden Park History McKinley Park, as we know it today, was opened in 1871 as the privately owned East Park, a name given to it for its location in the undeveloped area, just east of city limits. As a ploy to increase street-car . . . Map (db m137486) HM
6California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — William McKinley Park146 Years of History (1871-2017)
Burns Slough McKinley Park has a rich and fascinating history. It began as a natural low swampy area with a flowing stream called Burns Slough. In 1868, levee construction to prevent flooding of Sacramento cut the slough off from the American . . . Map (db m137570) HM
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7California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Dewey Monument
(Panel 1) On the night of April Thirtieth 1898 Commodore Deweys squadron entered Manila Bay and undaunted by the danger of submerged explosives reached Manila at dawn of May First 1898 • Attacked and destroyed the Spanish fleet of ten war . . . Map (db m15075) HM
8California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — War in the PhilippinesThe Spanish-American War, the Philippine-American War, and the Presidio — 1898 – 1902 —
On April 21, 1898, the United States declared war against Spain. The immediate causes were America’s support of Cuba’s ongoing struggle against Spanish rule and the mysterious explosion of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor. This was the first . . . Map (db m48530) HM
9California (Santa Clara County), San Jose — 23 — St. James Park
St. James Park and its environs were the heart of nineteenth century San Jose. While the Plaza has been the center of the older Hispanic settlement, St. James Park and its surrounding buildings reflect the aspirations of an emerging American city. . . . Map (db m52561) HM
10California (Tuolumne County), Jamestown — The Willow
Est. and in continuous operation since 1862. “The Willow Hotel” was named for the trees that were growing here long before the Gold Rush started. In its heyday The Willow hosted President McKinley, Mrs. Robert E. Lee and . . . Map (db m33720) HM
11Connecticut (Fairfield County), Ridgefield — 15 — St. Mary Church and RectoryRidgefield, Connecticut — The Museum in the Streets —
A New Catholic Church was first planned in 1896. This Victorian Gothic building was completed and dedicated on July 5, 1897. This building is described by the Ridgefield Preservation Trust as "… one of Ridgefield's finest buildings…a complex . . . Map (db m32049) HM
12Connecticut (Tolland County), Vernon — Vernon
First settled by families from East Windsor in 1716 and originally a part of East Windsor and Bolton, the Town of Vernon was incorporated in 1808 by division of the Town of Bolton. In 1889 the City of Rockville, named from the Rock Mill, was . . . Map (db m111842) HM
13Delaware (New Castle County), Wilmington — McKinleyPresident — March•4•1897 — Sept•14•1901 —
President Governor Member of Congress Major Captain Lieutenant SergeantMap (db m131162) HM WM
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14District of Columbia (Washington), Capitol Hill — Cortelyou House1891 — Residence of George B. Cortelyou —
This residence was designed by architect Appleton P. Clark, Jr. and built in 1891 for Daniel Birtwell. In 1900, George Bruce Cortelyou occupied the house when he became secretary to President McKinley. Cortelyou continued to serve in public office . . . Map (db m69292) HM
15District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown Washington — The Tayloe HouseLittle White House
. . . Map (db m2172) HM
16District of Columbia (Washington), Dupont Circle — Theodore RooseveltDupont Circle — Diverse Visions | One Neighborhood —
Theodore Roosevelt resided in a number of houses in Dupont Circle. Two still standing are 1215 19th St. and 1820 Jefferson St. In 1898, he lived at 1810 N St. (below, since razed). That year he led a volunteer cavalry called the Rough Riders . . . Map (db m96038) HM
17District of Columbia (Washington), Logan Circle — John Logan HouseA Memorial to General and Senator John A. Logan — Champion in the Struggle to Preserve the Union and Establish Racial Justice in America —
The house at #4 Logan Circle, built in 1878, was the 1880's home of Senator John A. Logan. In the Civil War, Logan's military valor helped to save the Union. In the postwar era, Logan lived here as a political leader deeply committed to achieving . . . Map (db m153985) HM
18District of Columbia (Washington), Logan Circle — John Logan HouseA Memorial to General and Senator John A. Logan — Champion in the Struggle to Preserve the Union and Establish Racial Justice in America —
The house at #4 Logan Circle, built in 1878, was the 1880's home of Senator John A. Logan. In the Civil War, Logan's military valor helped to save the Union. In the postwar era, Logan lived here as a political leader deeply committed to achieving . . . Map (db m195513) HM
19District of Columbia (Washington), Logan Circle — John Logan MemorialNational Mall & Memorial Parks — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
“We should guard their graves with sacred vigilance. All that the consecrated wealth and taste of the Nation can add to their adornment and security is but a fitting tribute to the memory of her slain defenders.” John A. Logan . . . Map (db m53016) HM
20District of Columbia (Washington), Logan Circle — Logan CircleIn Past and Present: Mirror on American History
Pierre L'Enfant's 1791 design for the Nation's capital featured a prominent triangle formed by the "President's House" and two intersections: Pacific Circle, located to the northwest of the presidential residence, and Iowa Circle, to the northeast. . . . Map (db m153986) HM
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21District of Columbia (Washington), Shaw — 8 — Reading and 'Riting and 'RithmeticMidcity at the Crossroads — Shaw Heritage Trail —
Wrapping the corner across Rhode Island Avenue is Asbury Dwellings for senior citizens. In 1901 it opened as the city's white-only McKinley Technical School, memorializing slain President William McKinley (1843-1901). In 1928 the "colored" . . . Map (db m130845) HM
22District of Columbia (Washington), Southwest Federal Center — James Wilson
James Wilson Memorial Arch So named by the Congress, in Resolution approved by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, June 16, 1934, to honor the memory of James Wilson 1835-1920 Secretary of Agriculture 1897-1913 . . . Map (db m110425) HM
23Florida (Escambia County), Century — F-157 — Century, Florida / Alger Railroad
Century, Florida Founded in 1900 to house mill employees of the Alger-Sullivan Lumber Company, formed in 1900 by General Russell A. Alger - Governor of Michigan, U.S. Senator, and President McKinley's Secretary of War - and by Martin H. . . . Map (db m102557) HM
24Florida (Hillsborough County), East Lake-Orient Park — The Philippine-American War 1899 - 1913Hillsborough County Veterans Memorial Park
The Philippine-American War, also known as the Philippine War of Independence or the Philippine Insurrection (1899 -1902), was an armed conflict between the United States and Filipino revolutionaries. The conflict arose from the struggle of the . . . Map (db m194588) HM WM
25Florida (Hillsborough County), Tampa — Rough Riders
(Front face) 1 [Crossed Sabres Emblem] 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment Rough Riders Park Dedicated March 1, 2003 Ybor City, Tampa, Florida (Top Plaque) "You Triumphed Over Obstacles Which Would . . . Map (db m32795) HM
26Florida (Santa Rosa County), Milton — The Spanish – American War1898 — Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Plaza —
February 15, 1898 Sinking Of The USS Maine April 19, 1898 U.S. Adopts Joint Resolution For War April 25, 1898 U.S. Declares War On Spain May 1, 1898 Battle Of Manila Bay . . . Map (db m152467) WM
27Georgia (Athens-Clarke County), Athens — Dedicated to the Veterans of 1898 to 1902
“You triumphed over obstacles which would have overcome men less brave and determined.”President McKinley Dedicated to The Veterans of 1898 to 1902 by the Camps and Auxiliaries of the Department of Georgia United States War . . . Map (db m120240) WM
28Georgia (Ben Hill County), Fitzgerald — Dedicated to the Veterans of 1898 - 1902
“You triumphed over obstacles which would have overcome men less brave and determined” President McKinley (On base of soldier): Hiker of ‘98 Dedicated to the Veterans of 1898 -1902 By the Camps and Auxiliaries . . . Map (db m62952) WM
29Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — 025-54 — Chatham Artillery's"Washington Guns"
These cannon, which were captured when Lord Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown in the American Revolution, were a gift to the Chatham Artillery by President George Washington - a mark of his appreciation for the part the local military company . . . Map (db m5517) HM
30Georgia (Glynn County), Brunswick — Dedicated to the Veterans of 1898 -1902
“You triumphed over obstacles which would have overcome men less brave and determined” President McKinley Hiker of ’98 (On base of soldier) Dedicated to the Veterans of 1898 -1902 By the Department of Georgia and . . . Map (db m62953) WM
31Georgia (Hall County), Gainesville — Dedicated to the Veterans of 1898 - 1902
“You triumphed over obstacles which would have overcome men less brave and determined” President McKinley Dedicated to the Veterans of 1898 - 1902 By Department of Georgia National Auxiliary United Spanish War Veterans . . . Map (db m60433) HM
32Georgia (Muscogee County), Columbus — Dedicated to the Veterans of 1898 to 1902
“You triumphed over obstacles which would have overcome men less brave and determined” President McKinley Dedicated to the Veterans of 1898 to 1902 Camps and Auxiliaries of the Department of Georgia United Spanish War . . . Map (db m57362) HM
33Georgia (Richmond County), Augusta — President McKinley Visit to Augusta
This stone erected by the citizens of Richmond County, Georgia marks the spot where President William McKinley descended from the railroad train on the occasion of his visit to Augusta, Georgia on December 19th, 1898. The name of McKinley Avenue has . . . Map (db m200114) HM
34Georgia (Richmond County), Augusta — The Veterans of 1898-1902
"You Triumphed Over Obstacles Which Would Have Overcome Men Less Brave And Determined"                        President McKinley Dedicated to The Veterans Of 1898 to 1902 by Department of Georgia National Auxiliary . . . Map (db m10187) HM
35Georgia (Talbot County), Talbotton — 130-6 — Straus Home Site
Here stood the small frame house in which Lazarus Straus and his family lived when they came to Talbotton in 1854. Seeking a new home in America after leaving Bavaria, Straus visited Talbotton during a “court week” and decided to make . . . Map (db m38249) HM
36Georgia (Walker County), Chickamauga — North and South ReunitedHistoric Camp Thomas
In 1898 the Spanish-American war allowed the South to demonstrate its loyalty and honor under fire. At first, secretary of war Russell A. Alger, was concerned that Southerners would not support the war due to bitterness over losing the Civil War. He . . . Map (db m82710) HM
37Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — The Boulevard System
Chicago’s Boulevards are one of the city’s most overlooked treasures, and one of the largest and oldest boulevard systems in the nation. The 28-mile system contains 540 acres of green space, and provides a link between seven inland parks and . . . Map (db m110744) HM
38Illinois (Hancock County), Carthage — Hamilton HouseLooking for Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln probably stayed at the Hamilton House when he came to Carthage in 1839 to serve as the defendant's counsel in the Fraim murder trial. There are no other known Lincoln court cases in Hancock County. But he did handle . . . Map (db m57867) HM
39Illinois (Kane County), Geneva — Spanish-American / Philippines War(1898 - 1902)
Major Campaigns and Deaths San Juan Heights/El Caney, Cuba (6/98-7/98) 1,475 Cuba Campaign (6/98-8/98) 350 Battle of February 4th, Philippines (2/99) 60 Balangiga Massacre, Philippines (9/01) 48 Manila, Philippines . . . Map (db m94845) WM
40Illinois (Macon County), Decatur — Lincoln's LegacyLooking for Lincoln
During his presidency, Abraham Lincoln had promised to care for the men in the armed services-and for their widows and orphans. Lincoln was unable, however, to keep that promise. In response, the Grand Army of the Republic or G.A.R. . . . Map (db m56908) HM
41Illinois (Madison County), Alton — North Alton Confederate Cemetery
Alton Military Prison In late 1861, Union Gen. Henry Halleck received permission to use the former Illinois State Penitentiary in Alton, Illinois, as a military prison. The old prison had 256 cells, a hospital, a warden's house, and . . . Map (db m154164) HM
42Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Confederate Burials in the National Cemetery
Camp Butler Prison Camp On February 16, 1862, Fort Donelson, a Confederate stronghold on the Cumberland River west of Clarksville, Tennessee, surrendered. Faced with 15,000 prisoners, the U.S. Army converted several training camps, . . . Map (db m159004) HM
43Indiana (LaPorte County), Michigan City — Michigan City Spanish War Veterans Memorial
. . . Map (db m75721) WM
44Indiana (Washington County), Salem — John Hay Center
Historical Society Organized 1897. Headquarters and Genealogical Library in Museum building. Birthplace of John Hay Built in 1824 as a school. John Hay, Secretary to pres. Lincoln and Secretary of State for Presidents McKinley and . . . Map (db m46803) HM
45Kansas (Lyon County), Emporia — White Memorial Park
What is Kansas? April 25, 1922 in the Judge by William Allen White Kansas is a state of the Union, but it is also a state of mind, a neurotic condition, a psychological phase, a symptom indeed, something undreamt of in your . . . Map (db m49799) HM
46Kansas (Montgomery County), Cherryvale — Frank E. BellamyDedicated In Memory Of — Spanish American • Philippine War —
To stimulate the patriotism of the Spanish-American War, President McKinley suggested a new pledge of allegiance be written and ask[ed] the patriotic organizations take charge of it. When the contest was over, the honor of writing the "Pledge . . . Map (db m61436) HM WM
47Kentucky (Warren County), Bowling Green — Spanish - America War Memorial
"You triumphed over obstacles which would have overcome men less brace and determined." President McKinley 438 131 Every man a volunteer Erected in honor of the veterans of the Spanish-American War by the Department of Kentucky . . . Map (db m143048) WM
48Maine (Androscoggin County), Lewiston — "Remember the Maine"
When the U.S.S. Maine was commissioned in 1895, it was the first modern American battleship, and the first modern U.S. Navy warship to be built in an American shipyard of materials and components manufactured in the United States. The Maine . . . Map (db m186041) HM WM
49Maryland (Howard County), Columbia — The Town of GuilfordPatuxent Branch Trail
The Town of Guilford History Once, a thriving community prospered here along the banks of the Little Patuxent River. Guilford was a center for milling, quarrying, and cotton=cloth production in the late 18th through the . . . Map (db m19884) HM
50Maryland (St. Mary's County), Scotland — Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery
Camp Hoffman Prison The Union prison at Camp Hoffman, Maryland — called Point Lookout — opened in 1863. A 15-foot-high plank fence surrounded the 40-acre prison compound. The first prisoners arrived in July 1863-Confederates . . . Map (db m128948) HM WM
51Maryland (Washington County), Hagerstown — Bench Mark "A"
"In October 1877, Bench Mark "A" was cut on the water table of the recently rebuilt courthouse in Hagerstown, Maryland", reads the report of the coast and geodetic survey to President McKinley. This was the beginning point of a . . . Map (db m6529) HM
52Maryland (Washington County), Hagerstown — Hagerstonians in the Civil WarColonel Henry Kyd Douglas, CSA 1838-1903
Douglas was raised at Ferry Hill Place, on the Maryland side of the Potomac River at Shepherdstown. In 1861, he enlisted in the 2nd Virginia Infantry and fought in the Battle of First Manassas. From April to October, 1862, Douglas was the youngest . . . Map (db m107394) HM
53Maryland (Washington County), Sharpsburg — 23rd Ohio Infantry
(Front Inscription): OHIO 23d Infantry Commanded by Major James M. Comly Hugh Ewing's (1st) Brigade Kanawha Division Ninth Army Corps Army of the Potomac (Rear Inscription): This Regiment with its Brigade . . . Map (db m6669) HM
54Maryland (Washington County), Sharpsburg — William McKinley
(Front): William McKinley January 29, 1843 - September 14, 1901 (Rear): Fourteen Years Member of Congress Twice Governor of Ohio 1892-3 and 1894-5 Twice President of United States 1897-1900 and 1901. Sergeant McKinley . . . Map (db m173317) HM
55Massachusetts (Berkshire County), Adams — William McKinley
[West Face] "Let us remember that our interest is in concord not conflict - and that our real eminence rests in the victories of peace not those of war" From President McKinley's Address at Buffalo September VI MDCCCCI [Bas-relief . . . Map (db m118599) HM WM
56Michigan (Berrien County), Three Oaks — S0239 — The Dewey Cannon
This cannon, captured in the Spanish-American War by Admiral Dewey, was presented to Three Oaks when its citizens raised $1,400 for a memorial to the men of the battleship Maine. This was the largest contribution, per capita, of any community in the . . . Map (db m1603) HM
57Michigan (Washtenaw County), Ypsilanti — The Real McCoy
Among the many contributions to the Industrial Revolution few are more important than the lubricating cup, invented by Elijah McCoy. He was born in Canada, educated in Scotland and made Ypsilanti his home. As a fireman on the Michigan Central . . . Map (db m103321) HM
58Minnesota (Ramsey County), Saint Paul — James J. Hill / The James J. Hill House
James J. Hill "Most men who have really lived here have had, in some shape, their great adventure. This railway is mine," wrote James J. Hill to the Great Northern Railway employees upon his retirement in 1912. Throughout his long working . . . Map (db m31496) HM
59Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg — President McKinley Visits the "Land of Cotton"
When William McKinley, the 25th president of the United States (1897-1901), visited Vicksburg on May 1, 1901, cotton was “king” in Vicksburg and Warren County, as is evidenced by this arch of cotton bales (each weighing about 450 pounds) that . . . Map (db m190968) HM
60Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg — 24 — Small Beginnings — Vicksburg Heritage Walking Trail —
Davis-Mitchell House (1872) Dr. Charles Mitchell built the house in 1872 for his wife Lucy Bradford who was Jefferson Davis's niece. In 1884 this small house became the first office for the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in Vicksburg. . . . Map (db m115421) HM
61Missouri (St. Louis County), Lemay — Confederate Burials in the National Cemetery
Military Prison in St. Louis St. Louis had two small Civil War prisons, each housing several hundred persons. Gratiot Street Prison was the former McDowell Medical College, located near Eighth and Gratiot streets and the Mississippi River. . . . Map (db m124972) HM
62Nebraska (Douglas County), Omaha — 400 — Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition of 1898
In 1898, following the financial panic of 1893 and the droughts of 1894-95, a world-class exposition was held in Omaha under the guidance of Gurdon W. Wattles and other civic leaders. The Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition emulated . . . Map (db m33044) HM
63Nebraska (Douglas County), Omaha — 406 — Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition of 1898
At this site in 1898, Omaha hosted the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition. Following the model of other “world's fairs,” the exposition highlighted the “Progress of the West,” drawing over 2.5 million admissions. . . . Map (db m33018) HM
64Nebraska (Gage County), Beatrice — Beatrice's Own - Civil War and the Spanish-American WarWe Answered the Call — 1861 - Today —
April 12, 1861: Fort Sumter, South Carolina was fired on by Rebel forces. On the 18th of May, Nebraska Territory Governor Alvin Saunders issued a proclamation calling for volunteers to either answer the call from President Lincoln for service in . . . Map (db m48286) HM
65New Jersey (Atlantic County), Atlantic City — Spanish War Marker
"You triumphed over over obstacles which would have overcome men less brave and determined." President McKinley
Presented by the Auxiliary United Spanish War Veterans 36th Annual Convention . . . Map (db m5790) WM
66New Jersey (Monmouth County), Long Branch — Church of the PresidentsSt. James Episcopal Church
Built in 1879. Named for the seven U.S. Presidents who attended services here: Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, Chester A. Arthur, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, and Woodrow Wilson. Deconsecrated in 1953, . . . Map (db m14049) HM
67New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Confederate Burials in the National Cemetery
Elmira Prison Camp Overcrowding at the military prison at Point Lookout, Maryland, led the U.S. Army to establish Elmira Military Prison in May 1864. Elmira, New York, initially a rendezvous point for enlisting Union soldiers, had barracks, . . . Map (db m90076) HM
68New York (Erie County), Buffalo — From Social Center to Civic CenterBuffalo History and Architecture — Niagara Square North —
Conceived in 1804 by Joseph Ellicott (right), Niagara Square was the beginning of what renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted would in mid-century call "the best planned city as to its streets, public places, and grounds in the United . . . Map (db m92820) HM
69New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Highlights of Buffalo HistoryBuffalo and Erie County Historical Society — Cultural Heritage —
1655: Seneca Indians win control of Niagara Region from Erie tribes. 1678-79: French explorer Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, claims the region for France. He builds a sailing ship, Griffon, on the bank of the Niagara River and . . . Map (db m80361) HM
70New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Milburn House
Site of the Milburn House Here died William McKinley September 14, 1901Map (db m43892) HM
71New York (Erie County), Buffalo — President McKinley
In the Pan-American Temple of Music which covered this spot President McKinley was fatally shot Sept. 6, 1901.Map (db m43890) HM
72New York (Erie County), Buffalo — The Buffalo Club
Founded 1867, with Millard Fillmore 13th President of U.S., as its first president. Another U.S. President, Grover Cleveland, was a member from 1881-1908. In 1901, after President McKinley's assassination, the club was used as headquarters by his . . . Map (db m75836) HM
73New York (Erie County), Buffalo — The Pan-American ExpositionHistoric New York
Extending one mile north from Delaware Park Lake, between Elmwood and Delaware Avenues, the Pan-American Exposition was a spectacular sight to over eight million visitors from May 1 to November 2, 1901. Ornate buildings, embellished with . . . Map (db m57079) HM
74New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Trees Planted November 30, 1925
Tree planted November 30, 1925 by Wm. Richardson Woman’s Relief Corps No. 59 Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic in honor of Bidwell-Wilkenson Post No. 9 Grand Army of the Republic; Bidwell Post No. 9 organized April 1, 1870; J.W. . . . Map (db m138864) WM
75New York (Erie County), Buffalo — William McKinley
[west side] William McKinley was elected to Congress as a representative from Ohio in 1876, '78, '80, '82, '84, '86, '88, was elected Governor of Ohio in 1891 and 1893 and President of the United States in 1896 and 1900. [south side] William . . . Map (db m92791) HM
76New York (Essex County), Newcomb — The Roosevelt-Marcy Memorial HighwayHistoric New York
On September 6. 1901. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt was vacationing in the Town of Newcomb when he was informed of an attempt on the life of President William McKinley. The President had been shot while receiving visitors at the . . . Map (db m147316) HM
77New York (Essex County), Newcomb — Theodore RooseveltBecame President of the United States Near this Point
Near this point while driving hastily from Tahawus Club to North Creek at 2:15 A.M. Sept 14 1901 Theodore Roosevelt became President of the United States as William McKinley expired in Buffalo Relay Drivers David Hunter • Upper Works to Lower . . . Map (db m137860) HM
78New York (Essex County), Newcomb — Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt became President of the United States while in Newcomb during the early morning hours of September 12th, 1901. Earlier in the day he was descending from Mount Marcy when a guide reached him with information that President McKinley . . . Map (db m147527) HM
79New York (Essex County), Tahawus — Adirondac1826-1858
A Mining Town On The Hudson This stretch of the Hudson River valley was occupied by a growing mining community, following the discovery of rich iron ore in 1826, and continuing until 1858. Mining operations ceased and the village was . . . Map (db m147514) HM
80New York (Essex County), Tahawus — MacNaughton CottageThrough It All
This cottage has stood on this site for nearly two centuries; it is the only building that survives from the early mining community. The cottage first housed iron mine owners, later caretakers of the abandoned village, then members of a hunting . . . Map (db m147520) HM
81New York (New York County), New York — Claremont PlaygroundRiverside Park
      Rich in history, the plain of Claremont Playground has been the site of a Revolutionary War battle, a country estate, a fashionable inn, and a children’s recreation area. This was the scene of fierce combat during the Battle of Harlem . . . Map (db m53992) HM
82New York (New York County), New York — Lieutenant Joseph Petrosino Park.03 acre
This small park is at the crossroads of several dynamic New York neighborhoods: Little Italy and the Bowery to the east, Chinatown to the south, and SoHo to the west and north. The site/area became parkland as a result of the City Charter of 1938, . . . Map (db m133620) HM
83New York (Niagara County), Lewiston — 577 — Niagara Gorge R.R.
Niagara Gorge R.R. Trolleys traveled scenic route along gorge here to Niagara Falls 1895-1935. President Wm. McKinley rode trolley September 6, 1901 Map (db m154542) HM
84New York (Niagara County), Lewiston — Suspension Bridge TollhouseJuly 21, 1899 to November 2, 1962
This tollhouse was part of the Lewiston-Queenston Suspension Bridge which spanned the Lower Niagara River at the foot of the Niagara Escarpment near today’s Artpark. Historic Lewiston Bridge Linked U.S. with Canada After the first . . . Map (db m189520) HM
85New York (Niagara County), Lewiston — The Cibola Anchor
From the wreckage of the steamship Cibola which caught fire at the Lewiston dock on July 15, 1895. Tragedy struck in 1895 when the Cibola caught fire at the Lewiston dock and in turn, burned the American Hotel to the ground. The fire started . . . Map (db m82152) HM
86New York (Niagara County), Lockport — 9 — Tour Boat Then & Now
A packet boat was upwards of 80 feet long, 9 feet wide at is extreme breadth, with 50 feet of cabin space in the center for passengers. This left 10 feet of space in the prow and 20 feet for the steerage deck. The long but narrow cabin was . . . Map (db m76935) HM
87New York (Niagara County), Niagara Falls — Challenging the Whirlpool Rapids
The Whirlpool Rapids provided the ideal location for daredevils to pursue their riskly feats during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They challenged these raging waters by swimming, riding in barrels, and navigating boats through them; some . . . Map (db m74415) HM
88New York (Niagara County), Niagara Falls — The Great Gorge RouteThe Most Scenic Ride
The Great Gorge Route (1895-1935) once offered spectacular trolley rides through the Niagara Gorge. Initially, the route ran from Niagara Falls to Lewiston, NY. After the Lewiston-Queenston Suspension Bridge opened in 1899, however, the line . . . Map (db m75312) HM
89New York (Warren County), North Creek — North Creek Depot
The North Creek Railroad Station, the northernmost terminus of the Adirondack Railroad, is listed on the State and National Historic Registers as a fine example of a 19th Century rural station. The depot itself was built in 1871, and remains . . . Map (db m138521) HM
90New York (Warren County), North Creek — North Creek Railway Station
At this site early in the morning of September 14, 1901 Theodore Roosevelt received the message that President McKinley had died in Buffalo and that he had become President of the United States.Map (db m22535) HM
91New York (Warren County), North Creek — Theodore RooseveltTheodore Roosevelt in the Adirondacks
While visiting the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo on September 6, 1901, President McKinley was shot and wounded in an assassination attempt. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt arrived in western New York the next day. Four days later, with . . . Map (db m138517) HM
92New York (Warren County), North Creek — Theodore RooseveltCitizen Soldier, Steward to the Nation
Citizen Soldier “I waved my hat and went up the hill with a rush.” In 1898, Roosevelt resigned as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, volunteered for service in the Spanish-American War and became Lieutenant Colonel of the 1st United . . . Map (db m138518) HM
93North Dakota (Billings County), Medora — 29 — The President Returns
Theodore Roosevelt first came to the badlands in September 1883 to hunt buffalo. “Old Four Eyes” loved the life of the badlands’ cowboys and participated in roundups, brandings and social events, earning the respect of those he so . . . Map (db m88009) HM
94Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Ohio University's Distinguished Visitors
Susan Brownell Anthony Woman Suffrage Leader Visited October 19, 1878 "To secure both national and 'domestic tranquility,' to 'establish justice,' to carry out the spirit of our Constitution, put into the hands of all women....the . . . Map (db m53838) HM
95Ohio (Belmont County), Barnesville — 19-9 — Watt Car and Wheel Company
Joseph Watt and son James H. started a small foundry in 1862 making plow points, window sash weights, and heating stoves. Later, brothers Stewart, Ross, and John W. joined and the name became J.H. Watt and Brothers. Securing a patent for a . . . Map (db m26750) HM
96Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — 9-13 — Henry Clark Corbin / Colclazer Run
Henry Clark Corbin Henry Clark Corbin was born September 15, 1842 and reared here on the family farm along Colclazer Run near Laurel. He attended public school and the private Parker Academy in nearby Clermontville. After teaching school and . . . Map (db m99622) HM
97Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Site of The Taylor Mansion
John N. Taylor, an owner of K.T. and K. Pottery Company built a three story Victorian mansion on this site and was once visited here by President William McKinley. The home was demolished to allow construction of the new City Hall.Map (db m44168) HM
98Ohio (Columbiana County), Lisbon — Civil War Naval Cannon
This cannon and its twin at the cemetery were donated to New Lisbon by President Wm. McKinley (1897-1901). Made of carbon steel, it will never rust or need painted; it is capable of firing a 100 lb. projectile 7-8 miles. McKinley’s mother, Nancy . . . Map (db m164135) HM WM
99Ohio (Columbiana County), Wellsville — Wellsville Mural
[Mural is on both sides of brick walls on the northern end of town that lie on both sides of the street:] Wellsville Revitalization Committee Picnic "Riverside" Presbyterian Church, USA 525 Riverside Ave. Founded April 5, 1831 . . . Map (db m156060) HM WM
100Ohio (Delaware County), Delaware — Old City Hall and Opera House
The old city hall opened in 1882. Its clock tower rose to a height of 92ft. The first floor housed administrative offices, the police department, the jail, and the fire department. A 1,050 seat auditorium known as the Opera House graced the second . . . Map (db m12852) HM

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