“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Lafayette’s Farewell Tour Historical Markers

From July 1824 to September 1825, the Marquis de Lafayette, the last surviving French general of the American Revolutionary War, made a tour of the 24 states in the United States. He was received by the populace with a hero's welcome at many stops, and many honors and monuments were presented to commemorate and memorialize the visit.
William Rufus DeVane King 1786-1853 Marker image, Touch for more information
By Tim & Renda Carr, November 6, 2010
William Rufus DeVane King 1786-1853 Marker
1 Alabama, Dallas County, Selma — Highlights of Selma History / William Rufus DeVane King 1786-1853
Highlights of Selma History Dallas County was created by Territorial Legislature Feb. 9, 1818. Selma Land Company formed Mar. 19, 1819 by George Phillips, William Rufus King, Jesse Beene, Gilbert Shearer and Caleb Tate. Selma incorporated . . . Map (db m37679) HM
2 Alabama, Dallas County, Selma — This Tablet Commemorates the Visit of Lafayette
Soldier of France Volunteer in the cause of American Liberty Guest of the Nation Entertained in Selma On his way to Cahaba 1825 Placed by the Cherokee Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Selma, Alabama June 14, . . . Map (db m37671) HM
3 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Le Marquis de Lafayette visited Mobile
On this site stood the home of Mayor Samuel H. Garrow, where the Marquis de Lafayette was entertained on his visit to Mobile, April 7, 1825. Lafayette, French officer, statesman, and hero of the American Revolution, visited the United States as . . . Map (db m86420) HM
4 Alabama, Monroe County, Perdue Hill — Masonic Lodge No. 3
Oldest Building in Monroe County Erected in 1824 with funds from a public lottery. Lower floor served as a Baptist Church and a Court Room in which William B Travis, then a resident of Claiborne, practiced law. Visited by General LaFayette April . . . Map (db m39203) HM
5 Alabama, Monroe County, Perdue Hill — Piache
Piache, an Indian town visited by DeSoto in 1540 was near here. DeLuna made a settlement here, Nanipacna in 1560. Fort Claiborne was erected on the south bluff, in 1813. LaFayette was entertained here, 1825. . . . Map (db m47639) HM
6 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Lucas TavernEarly 19th century
Located on the Federal Road near Line Creek (present Waugh) in eastern Montgomery County, this wayside hotel was built prior to 1818 and was owned by a least two other families before coming into the possession of Walter and Eliza Lucas around . . . Map (db m98557) HM
7 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Lucas Tavern / Lafayette
Lucas Tavern Stood four hundred yards north of this point Lafayette Spent the night here April 2, 1825Map (db m71358) HM
8 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Marquis de Lafayette
On this site stood, until December 1899, the house in which Marquis de Lafayette was given a public reception and ball, April 4, 1825, while on his last tour through the United States. This tablet is placed by the Society of the Sons of the . . . Map (db m70727) HM
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9 Alabama, Montgomery County, Waugh — Lucas TavernCirca 1818
Stood 2800 feet north of this point, just west of Line Creek on the Federal Road. Moved to Montgomery in 1978 to serve as the Visitor and Information Center for the Old North Hull Historic District, it is the oldest remaining building in Montgomery . . . Map (db m60906) HM
10 Alabama, Russell County, Fort Mitchell — Indian Ball Ground
The most popular game among the Indians of this region was "stick ball." This field has been constructed so that the game may be enjoyed again in the Chattahoochee Valley where it was played for hundreds of years. Sometimes known as "little brother . . . Map (db m26020) HM
11 Alabama, Russell County, Fort Mitchell — Pokkecheta, or the Ball Play — Creek Heritage Trail —
Pokkecheta, or the ball play, was an ancient and vital part of the social life of the Creeks and a popular game among many groups of Southeastern Indians. The game enhanced interaction between towns and provided highly ritualized sport and . . . Map (db m101817) HM
12 Connecticut, Hartford County, Hartford, Downtown — 35 — Lafayette's TourThe Lafayette Trail — Mapping the Fairwell Tour —
On Sept. 4, 1824, General Lafayette visited Hartford during his triumphal return to the U.S. He was addressed here by Governor Wolcott.Map (db m230408) HM
13 Connecticut, New Haven County, East Haven, The Centre — East Haven
This area, purchased by the Reverend John Davenport and Theophilus Eaton in 1638, was later known as East Farms. It was obtained from Indian sachems Momaugin and Mantowese. In 1639 Thomas Gregson, the first landowner, purchased Solitary Cove, . . . Map (db m35312) HM
14 Connecticut, New Haven County, Madison, Madison Center — Frederick W. Lee, EsqPatriot-Statesman
Born April 3, 1766 Married Anna Fowler Captain Lee’s Portrait-painted by General Kosciusko 1797 Captain of U.S. Revenue Cutter “Eagle” War 1812 Lee Academy built 1821 Hosted Marquis De Lafayette 1824 Named our town ‘Madison’ 1826 First town . . . Map (db m66476) HM
15 Connecticut, New London County, New London — Shaw Mansion
Built 1756 by Captain Nathaniel Shaw, Senior •       •       • Continental, Colonial and State Naval Office of Nathaniel Shaw, Junior New London, Connecticut During the War of the American Revolution. He was appointed Naval Agent by the Continental . . . Map (db m48205) HM
16 Connecticut, Tolland County, Tolland — 12 — Lafayette's TourThe Lafayette Trail — Mapping the Farewell Tour —
On September 4, 1824, General Lafayette traveled from Stafford Springs & passed through Tolland on his way to New York CityMap (db m230448) HM
17 Delaware, New Castle County, New Castle — NC-A5 — Van Dyke House
Built about 1820 by Senator Nicholas Van Dyke. The marriage of Dorcas Van Dyke to Charles I. DuPont took place here Oct. 6, 1824. At this wedding the Marquis de LaFayette was a guest, and gave the bride in marriage.Map (db m57131) HM
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18 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Georgetown — America's Oldest Catholic University
Georgetown University, founded in 1789 by the Reverend John Carroll as a school for students of "Every Religious Profession," is the oldest Catholic university in America, administered by the Jesuits since 1805. According to the 1831 University . . . Map (db m121208) HM
19 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Georgetown — Political Salons of Georgetown
Throughout its history, Georgetown has been at the center of Washington’s political and social life. As early as 1789, Washington and Jefferson met in a local tavern to plan the new capital. The Marquis de Lafayette, who fought with us in the . . . Map (db m97757) HM
20 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Penn Quarter — The New WillardErected 1901
Site of Joshua Tennison's Hotel 1818. John Strother 1821. Basil Williamson 1824. Frederick Barnard 1828. Proprietor of Mansion Hotel, Azariah Fuller American House 1833. City Hotel 1843. Willard's Hotel 1847-1901. Distinguished Guests . . . Map (db m6618) HM
21 District of Columbia, Washington, Southeast Washington, Navy Yard — 34 — Lafayette's TourThe Lafayette Trail — Mapping the Farewell Tour —
On October 15, 1824, General Lafayette visited the Washington Navy Yard at the invitation of Navy Commodore Thomas Tingey.Map (db m184842) HM
22 Georgia, Baldwin County, Milledgeville — In Commemoration of Marquis De Lafayette
In Commemoration of Marquis De Lafayette and his visit to Georgia's Capitol March 27-29, 1825. Monday March 28 a ball and supper were given in his honor in the State House and a barbecue was . . . Map (db m103176) HM
23 Georgia, Baldwin County, Milledgeville — 24 — Lafayette's Tour — The Lafayette Trail —
From March 27 to 29, 1825, General Lafayette stayed at the Government House during his visit to Milledgeville, then Georgia's capital.Map (db m227241) HM
24 Georgia, Baldwin County, Milledgeville — 005-1A — Old State Capitol>>>>--- 2 Blocks --->
A reproduction of Georgia’s State Capitol 1807-1867 stands on the original site. Wings to the main building were added in 1828 and 1837. Here the Secession Convention met Jan. 16, 1861 and after three days of bitter debate passed the secession act. . . . Map (db m36405) HM
25 Georgia, Bibb County, Macon — 011-20 — General Edward Dorr Tracy, Jr.1833 – 1863
Edward D. Tracy, Jr., was born in Macon, Georgia, on Nov. 5, 1833. His father served as Macon’s second Mayor (1826-1828), a Judge of Superior Court, and hosted General Lafayette during his visit to Macon in 1825. The younger Tracy graduated from the . . . Map (db m25388) HM
26 Georgia, Chatham County, Savannah, Historic District - North — 025-38A — Johnson Square
Johnson Square is named for Governor Robert Johnson of South Carolina who befriended the colonists when Georgia was first settled. It was laid out by Oglethorpe and by Colonel William Bull in 1733, and was the first of Savannah's squares. In early . . . Map (db m5494) HM
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27 Georgia, Chatham County, Savannah, Historic District - North — 025-12 — Nathanael Greene Monument
Beneath the monument in this Square repose the remains of Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene, of Rhode Island, who died near Savannah on June 19, 1786, at Mulberry Grove Plantation which had been granted to him by this State in appreciation of his services . . . Map (db m5442) HM
28 Georgia, Chatham County, Savannah, Historic District - North — 025-26 — Owens-Thomas HouseMarquis de Lafayette
This residence is the outstanding monument to the architectural genius of William Jay who completed his designs for its construction prior to his twenty-first birthday. Supervision of the work brought Jay to America in 1817. Its period is English . . . Map (db m5772) HM
29 Georgia, Chatham County, Savannah, Historic District - North — Richardson-Owens-Thomas HouseMarquis De Lafayette
In this house designed by the Architect William Jay in early 1800 Marquis De Lafayette was the guest of the City of Savannah March 19-21, 1825. A friend of Washington and a defender of American liberty "Until . . . Map (db m19823) HM
30 Georgia, Chattahoochee County, Fort Benning — Old Federal Road Reported missing
The Old Federal Road, which intersected the Chattahoochee River at this natural fording site, was originally a Lower Creek Indian Nation trading path. With the advent of colonization, it became one of western Georgia's earliest and most important . . . Map (db m40597) HM
31 Georgia, Chattahoochee County, Fort Benning — The Lafayette Monument
Along the Federal Road built in 1811 east and west through this place there passed in 1825 Lafayette Soldier of France and volunteer in the cause of American Liberty “At the first news my heart was enrolled” Here stood the Indian . . . Map (db m111889) HM WM
32 Georgia, Hancock County, Sparta — 070-2 — Old Eagle Tavern
The Eagle Tavern, built in the late 18th century, once stood on the site of the present Lafayette Hotel. A stage coach stop on the Augusta to Macon line, the tavern owned by a Mr. A. Abercrombie was the scene of a great ball held for the Marquis de . . . Map (db m24334) HM
33 Georgia, Jones County, Clinton — LaFayette
On March 25, 1825 LaFayette Paused Here and Made an AddressMap (db m25188) HM
34 Georgia, Marion County, Buena Vista — 098-2 — Old Federal Road<------->
The road crossing east and west here is the Old Federal Road, western Georgia’s first vehicular thoroughfare. Beginning at Fort Hawkins (now Macon) it led across the Creek Indian Country to the Alabama River above Mobile. Permission to open the . . . Map (db m27257) HM
35 Georgia, Muscogee County, Columbus — 106-9 — St. Elmo
“St. Elmo,” one of the most exquisite examples of the classic houses of America, stands in view of this point. It was built on the old Stagecoach Road, by Colonel Seaborn Jones, for his wife, Mary Howard Jones. Completed in 1833, it was . . . Map (db m43119) HM
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36 Georgia, Richmond County, Augusta — 121-42 — LaFayette Visits Augusta
This is the site of the old Planter's Hotel, which was burned in 1839. There the Marquis de LaFayette was entertained during his visit to Augusta in March 1825. LaFayette landed at Savannah on March 19th and traveled to Augusta with Governor Troup . . . Map (db m35526) HM
37 Georgia, Richmond County, Augusta — 121-34 — Meadow GardenHome of George Walton ← 400 Ft. —«
400 feet west of here is Meadow Garden, home of George Walton, Revolutionary Patriot and soldier, Governor, Congressman, Senator, Jurist. With Button Gwinnett and Lyman Hall, he signed the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776, for the State of . . . Map (db m33358) HM
38 Georgia, Talbot County, Talbotton — 133-3B — Old Federal Road
The Federal Road across the Creek Indian County, western Georgia’s first vehicular way, passed here leading from Fort Hawkins (now Macon) to the Alabama River above Mobile. The trace, which followed closely the course of the earlier noted Lower . . . Map (db m27366) HM
39 Georgia, Taliaferro County, Crawfordville — 131-9 — The Common Road of the English Following Old Indian Trail
The colonial road from Charleston to Vicksburg followed the highway at this point. The route, used by Col. Langdon Welch on his expedition to the Mississippi in 1698, was thereafter followed by British traders. Through Taliaferro Co., it followed . . . Map (db m15242) HM
40 Georgia, Twiggs County, Jeffersonville — 143-4 — Myricks Mill
This old mill has been in operation in the same building for at least 150 years. In 1825 on his visit to Georgia, Marquis de LaFayette stopped here and found this mill grinding corn and making unbolted flour. As soon as he reached a city market, he . . . Map (db m12092) HM
41 Georgia, Warren County, Warrenton — 76 — Lafayette's Tour — The Lafayette Trail —
On March 25, 1825, General Lafayette spent the night in Warrenton on his way from Augusta to Milledgeville. He departed the next morning.Map (db m227214) HM
42 Illinois, Gallatin County, Old Shawneetown — Rawlings' Hotel
One of Shawneetown's earliest brick buildings, Rawlings' Hotel, stood on this lot. It was built in 1821-1822 for Moses Rawlings, who owned until 1841. On May 7, 1825, it was the site of a reception held for the Marquis de Lafayette during his visit . . . Map (db m154634) HM
43 Illinois, Gallatin County, Old Shawneetown — The Spirit of ShawneetownOldest Town in Illinois
Here we honor the spirit of the place called "Shawneetown." This proud spirit was born in the heart of the first stalwart Shawnee brave who saw in this beautiful river site, a homing place. It ignited in the first white settler 17 years before the . . . Map (db m154636) HM
44 Illinois, Randolph County, Kaskaskia — 79 — Lafayette's TourThe Lafayette Trail — Mapping the Fairwell Tour —
On Apr. 30, 1825, Lafayette arrived at Gen. Edgar's home, dined at Col. Sweets Tavern & attended a Ball at William Morrison's house.Map (db m223511) HM
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45 Indiana, Clark County, Jeffersonville — General LaFayette
General Lafayette was the official guest of the State of Indiana at Jeffersonville on May 12, 1825 at the house of Former Governor Posey on the West corner of Front and Fort Streets. He was welcomed by the Governor of the the State, by a . . . Map (db m221572) HM
46 Kentucky, Fayette County, Lexington — 2 — Keeneland
Here on May 14, 1825, General LaFayette was entertained by Major John Keene who had served as his aide-de-camp during the Revolutionary War.Map (db m30837) HM
47 Kentucky, Franklin County, Frankfort — 50 — Lafayette's TourThe Lafayette Trail — Mapping the Farewell Tour ™ —
On May 14, 1825, General Lafayette was entertained with a ball at Weisiger's Tavern. He also visited Margaretta Brown here.Map (db m223580) HM
48 Kentucky, Jefferson County, Middletown — Davis Tavern
The Davis Tavern, built in the early 1800's, was a principal stagecoach stop. Distinguished guests included Lafayette, Clay, and the Breckinridges. According to legend, Lafayette lost a ring under the tavern steps during an 1824 visit. Union . . . Map (db m161787) HM
49 Kentucky, Kenton County, Covington — 1429 — Carneal House, ca. 1815
Built by Thomas Carneal, a founder of Covington, on land purchased in 1814 from Thomas Kennedy. First brick house in the city. Georgian in concept, style reveals the influence of the great Italian architect Andrea Palladio. In 1825 Lafayette . . . Map (db m78041) HM
50 Kentucky, Livingston County, Smithland — 938 — Ned Buntline / Gower House
Ned Buntline. Pen name of Edward Z. C. Judson, father of the dime novel, came to Smithland to publish his works; lived here in 1845. He brought fame to “Buffalo Bill” (William Cody) thru stories and promotion of his renowned . . . Map (db m170134) HM
51 Kentucky, Mason County, Maysville — La Fayette's Visit to MaysvilleFish Street Landing — May 21, 1825 —
On May 21, 1825, during a third, triumphal, visit to America, the Marquis de la Fayette, 67, visited Maysville. In appreciation for his services on General Washington's staff, and a commander of American troops, the town rolled out the red carpet . . . Map (db m83971) HM
52 Kentucky, Mason County, Maysville — 92 — Lafayette's Tour — The Lafayette Trail —
On May 21, 1825, General Lafayette landed at Fish St. Escorted to Capt. Langhorne's hotel, he dined and met with Revolutionary War veterans.Map (db m221946) HM
53 Kentucky, Nelson County, Bardstown — The Lafayette HotelCirca 1825
Black's Store and Tavern operated here on Lot #64 by 1820. Moses Black, the tavernkeeper, was also a noted coppersmith who signed his craft-work and had his copper-works in a log shop at the rear of the tavern. The new name for Black's Tavern became . . . Map (db m74290) HM
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54 Kentucky, Woodford County, Versailles — 1798 — Watkins Tavern
Site of stone tavern/inn built by stonemason Thomas Metcalfe, later governor of Ky. Owned by Henry Watkins and wife Elizabeth, widow of Rev. John Clay and mother of Henry Clay. Lafayette, traveling from Frankfort to Lexington, was entertained . . . Map (db m170017) HM
55 Louisiana, East Baton Rouge Parish, Baton Rouge, Downtown — Lafayette Building
One of the earliest remaining architecturally significant buildings in the city. Originally the residence of Judge Charles Tessier, first Probate Judge of East Baton Rouge Parish, who acquired the property in the early 1800's through the claim of . . . Map (db m88281) HM
56 Louisiana, East Baton Rouge Parish, Baton Rouge, Downtown — Lafayette Buildings
342-348 Lafayette Street Baton Rouge, LouisianaErected 1762 Legendary site of Lafayette's 1825 visit.Map (db m127185) HM
57 Louisiana, East Baton Rouge Parish, Baton Rouge, Highlands/Perkins — Gabriel Armand Allard Du Plantier1753-1827
French calvary officer who served as aide-de-camp to General Lafayette in Continental Army, 1781. Agent in selection of lands in Louisiana given by congress to Lafayette and host to the general on his 1825 visit to Louisiana.Map (db m143689) HM
58 Louisiana, Orleans Parish, New Orleans, French Quarter — The CabildoNational Historic Landmark — Louisiana State Museum —
[Panel 1:] Erected 1795-1799, Don Gilberto Guillemard, architect. Constructed financed and directed by Don Andres Almonester y Roxas. The mansard roof was added in 1847. The illustrious Cabildo (Spanish colonial city council) held its . . . Map (db m21508) HM
59 Maryland, Anne Arundel County, Annapolis, Parole — The General’s Highway
Across the road stood the three mile oak under which General George Washington passed on his way to Annapolis December 19, 1783 to resign his commission as Commander in Chief of the Continental Armies. According to tradition, General Smallwood, . . . Map (db m76022) HM
60 Maryland, Anne Arundel County, Annapolis, Parole — Trunk of the Three Mile Oak
Upper Plaque: This oak tree planted in 1967 perpetuates the memory of the original Three Mile Oak which stood nearby as explained in the marker below. Lower Plaque: Trunk of the Three Mile Oak Under this tree passed General George . . . Map (db m2877) HM
61 Maryland, Anne Arundel County, Annapolis, St. John's College — Liberty Tree
Upper tablet: This tablet is placed upon the Liberty Tree by the Peggy Stewart Tea Party Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution of Annapolis, Maryland, October 19, 1907 to commemorate the first treaty made here with the Susquehannocks in . . . Map (db m9276) HM
62 Maryland, Baltimore, University of Maryland — Among Family: Poe’s Original Burial Place
He lies buried amongst his kindred … and no stone or monument yet marks his resting-place." J. Thomas Scharf's Chronicles of Baltimore, 1874
Edgar Allan Poe was buried here on October 8, 1849, a day . . . Map (db m6642) HM
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63 Maryland, Baltimore County, Cockeysville — Hayfields
Colonel Nicholas Merryman Bosley, builder, 1810, awarded silver tankard “by the hand of Lafayette” for best cultivated Maryland farm, 1824. Also home of John Merryman, early importer, 1848, of registered Hereford cattle, still, 1967, . . . Map (db m2280) HM
64 Maryland, Cecil County, Port Deposit — Gerry House
Built 1813, probably by Daniel Megredy. Lafayette was entertained here in 1824. Later owned by Cornelius Smith (1792–1858), farmer and philanthropist who financed road construction to create jobs for the unemployed and aided public education . . . Map (db m127920) HM
65 Maryland, Cecil County, Port Deposit — Rich History of the Lower Susquehanna
Not only does the Lower Susquehanna River have an impressive natural history, but a rich cultural history as well. From where you stand the famous explorer John Smith made it only a little farther up the river in his schooner. A fascinating group . . . Map (db m146988) HM
66 Maryland, Frederick County, Frederick — A Good Night's RestFrederick's Hotel Block
This part of downtown Frederick has long been a place of lodging and hospitality for travelers along the National Road. Kimball's Inn, Talbott's Tavern, the City Hotel and the Francis Scott Key Hotel have occupied this site for over two hundred . . . Map (db m104243) HM
67 Maryland, Frederick County, Frederick — General LaFayette
Friend of America and Liberty Arrived at the bridge nearby on his way to Frederick December 29, 1824 —————— Created by a delegation of citizens including the gallant Lawrence Everhart who had come to escort him . . . Map (db m2326) HM
68 Maryland, Frederick County, Frederick — Hessian Barracks - Witness to History
1777 Built at direction of Maryland General Assembly 1778-79 Quartered Hessian and Convention prisoners captured at Bennington and Saratoga 1782 Quartered Hessian and Bayreuth Yager Regiments following Cornwallis' surrender 1799 . . . Map (db m2739) HM
69 Maryland, Frederick County, Frederick — Jug BridgeAn engineering marvel for early America
In 1800, travelers expected to ford rivers or use ferries that were slow and often risky in bad weather. The Baltimore and Frederick-Town Turnpike Company, building the first leg of the National Road in 1805, set out to revolutionize American . . . Map (db m2321) HM
70 Maryland, Frederick County, Frederick — Jug Bridge Monument Reported missing
The stone demijohn and memorial plaque, placed by the Sons of the American Revolution, were originally located on a bridge crossing the Monocacy River about 2 miles east of this site. The stone bridge of four arches and two 65-foot spans was . . . Map (db m136898) HM
71 Maryland, Frederick County, Frederick — The Ross Home
In this home General Lafayette lodged as a guest of Colonel John McPherson Dec. 29-31, 1824. In 1840 Francis Scott Key author of the National Anthem was inspired here to write the poem that honors his cousin Mrs. Eleanor Potts . . . Map (db m88946) HM
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72 Maryland, Frederick County, Urbana — Dennis Memorial
This boulder, taken from the bed of the improved Rt. 355 (formerly US Rte. 240) previously stood approximately 50 ft to the south at a point where the old Urbana Road/Georgetown Pike (now Araby Church Road) intersects the relocated improved highway. . . . Map (db m78432) HM
73 Maryland, Harford County, Havre de Grace — 10 — Lafayette's Tour
On July 29, 1825, General Lafayette visited Havre de Grace after he descended the Susquehanna River aboard the Steamboat Norfolk.Map (db m160215) HM
74 Maryland, Howard County, Cooksville — Roberts InnA 200-Year-Old Turnpike Tavern
Robert Inn is one of several 19th-century taverns still standing along Frederick Turnpike, also known as MD 144. Reaching here by 1808, the roadway connected Baltimore with Frederick and western Maryland. The new turnpike quickly became popular . . . Map (db m147265) HM
75 Massachusetts, Essex County, Salem — Major General Marquis de Lafayette
Cur non? In memory of Major General Marquis de Lafayette soldier, statesman, citizen of France and of the United States. On August 31, 1824 Lafayette was the guest of honor at a banquet held in this building. . . . Map (db m220801) HM
76 Massachusetts, Essex County, Salem — McIntire Historic DistrictEssex National Heritage Area
On the northwest corner of Essex and North Streets sits the Jonathan Corwin House ("Witch House") (1642-1675), a high style First Period house built for a late 17th c. merchant who served as a judge for the 1692 Salem Witch Trials. Nearby at 9 . . . Map (db m161190) HM
77 Massachusetts, Hampshire County, Worthington — General LaFayette
General LaFayette, friend of America in its struggle for liberty, visited Worthington June 13, 1825. Was a guest overnight at the tavern then located on this site.Map (db m155524) HM
78 Massachusetts, Middlesex County, Cambridge — Fourth Meeting House
Site of the Fourth Meeting House built in 1756. Here Washington worshipped in 1775. Constitutional Convention of Massachusetts held here in 1779. Lafayette welcomed here in 1824.Map (db m77777) HM
79 Massachusetts, Suffolk County, Boston, Beacon Hill — The Common / Charles Street
The Common an Historic Overview In 1634, only four years after John Winthrop and the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony settled the Shawmut Peninsula and created the town of Boston, these colonists bought a 48-acre tract of land on the . . . Map (db m176868) HM
80 Massachusetts, Worcester County, Charlton — 64 — Lafayette’s Tour
Lafayette's Tour On Sept. 3. 1824, General Lafayette was welcomed here at Wilson's Coffee House where refreshments were served and local residents assembled.Map (db m203052) HM
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81 Massachusetts, Worcester County, Sterling — 59 — Lafayette’s TourThe Lafayette Trail Mapping The Farewell Tour
Lafayette’s tour on Sept. 3, 1824, General Lafayette was welcomed at the entrance of the village where he was addressed by Isaac Goodwin of Sterling.Map (db m211720) HM
82 Massachusetts, Worcester County, Sturbridge — Commerce on the Common
The Publick House, founded by civic leader Ebenezer Crafts in 1771, and the adjacent retail building are survivors of the time when the Common was the commercial center of Sturbridge. The inn served as a stage stop on the Worcester-Stafford . . . Map (db m118864) HM
83 Mississippi, Adams County, Natchez — Bluff Park - Playground for the CityNatchez Trails
When the Spanish laid out the town of Natchez about 1790, they set aside land on the bluff for use as a public park. In 1839, after the city had sold off most of the park and built Broadway Street, writer Joseph Holt Ingraham complained . . . Map (db m87177) HM
84 Missouri, St. Louis, Carondelet — Carondelet
Clement DeLore DeTreget could stand up here looking over the gentle sweep of this great River bend, and could see the homes of his village nestled in the sylvan vale below. In 1767, four years after Spain required all west of the River, . . . Map (db m139705) HM
85 New Hampshire, Merrimack County, Concord — Lafayette Posts
Lafayette Posts Between these posts originally in front of the State House General Lafayette entered the capitol grounds on his visit to Concord June 22, 1825Map (db m140984) HM
86 New Hampshire, Merrimack County, Hopkinton — Rev Jacob Cram
Rev Jacob Cram Ordained February 25, 1789 Reception of Gen Lafayette June 22, 1825Map (db m141440) HM
87 New Hampshire, Rockingham County, Greenland — 33 — Lafayette's TourThe Lafayette Trail — Mapping the Farewell Tour —
On Sept. 1, 1824, General Lafayette was received by the citizens of Greenland at a triumphal arch erected in front of the local hotel.Map (db m186251) HM
88 New Hampshire, Rockingham County, Northwood — 024 — LaFayette's Tour
Upon invitation of President Monroe, issued at the request of the Congress, Marquis de LaFayette, Revolutionary War hero, revisited the United States for a goodwill tour which included an extensive visit to New Hampshire towns. He passed this spot . . . Map (db m77815) HM
89 New Hampshire, Sullivan County, Claremont — 22 — Lafayette's TourThe Lafayette Trail — Mapping The Farewell Tour —
On June 27, 1825, General Lafayette was greeted by crowds & 13 gun salute. He stayed at Stevens' Hotel, and left the next morning for VT.Map (db m230224) HM
90 New Hampshire, Sullivan County, Cornish — 8 — Lafayette's TourThe Lafayette Trail — Mapping The Farewell Tour —
On June 28, 1825, arriving from Claremont, General Lafayette crossed the Cornish Bridge on his way to Burlington, Vermont.Map (db m230108) HM
91 New Jersey, Bergen County, Hackensack — Grave of Gen. Enoch Poor
In memory of the Honorable Brigadier Gen. Enoch Poor of the State of New Hampshire who departed this life on the 8 day of Sept. 1780 aged 44 Years.---------------Washington, Lafayette and a portion of the American army attended the burial of Gen. . . . Map (db m62951) HM
92 New Jersey, Bergen County, Paramus — Red Mill – Paramus
Site of grist mill built 1745; scene of many raids and encounters during the Revolution. Aaron Burr was entertained here Christmas Eve commemorating his victory over British Raiders in 1776. Washington and his men often passed here. Lafayette . . . Map (db m8370) HM
93 New Jersey, Essex County, Newark, Central Ward — Elisha Boudinot and General Lafayette
On this site stood the residence of Elisha Boudinot one of Newark’s most distinguished citizens, Eminent jurist, Member of Newark’s Committee of Correspondence, Patriot and personal friend of Washington. Here on September 23, 1824 General . . . Map (db m40711) HM
94 New Jersey, Middlesex County, Woodbridge — Cross Keys Tavern
Built in the early half of the 18th century, Cross Keys Tavern took its name from the Continental term “Cross Keys” denoting an important intersection. The two most important roads in colonial Woodbridge met at the present-day . . . Map (db m125888) HM
95 New Jersey, Morris County, Morristown — Continental Army Encampments• 1776 – 1782 •
Sansay House in which reception was given Lafayette on his return here July 14, 1825.Map (db m32672) HM
96 New Jersey, Morris County, Morristown — Sansay HouseCirca 1807
Monsieur Louis Sansay, French dancing school here. House was site of ball honoring Lafayette in 1825. Later home of General Joseph Revere. National Register of Historic Places New Jersey Register of Historic Places Morris County Heritage . . . Map (db m32669) HM
97 New Jersey, Passaic County, Wayne, Wayne Township — Historic Newark-Pompton TurnpikeEstablished 1806 — County of Passaic —
(side facing north) On February 24, 1806, Businessman Israel Crane obtained a charter from the State of New Jersey to build a private toll road running from Broadway in Newark to Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike at Pompton in Morris County. He saw that . . . Map (db m104858) HM
98 New York, Albany County, Albany, Downtown — LaFayette Park
Named in honor of the Marquis de LaFayette who commanded troops at Albany in 1778. Returned here in 1784 on his way to Fort Schuyler was entertained by the State of New York and the City of Albany during his visits in 1824-1825.Map (db m64999) HM
99 New York, Cayuga County, Auburn — Site of Bostwick's Tavern1803-1868
Rebuilt 1824. Renamed Western Exchange Hotel. Lafayette a guest 1825Map (db m226062) HM
100 New York, Cayuga County, Auburn — Site of the Old Western Exchange Tavern
Here General Lafayette was entertained June 1, 1825Map (db m226060) HM

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