“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Vermont

Canada Geese Marker image, Touch for more information
By William Fischer, Jr., October 7, 2017
Canada Geese Marker
1 Vermont, Addison County, Addison — Canada Geese
Canada geese assemble at Dead Creek from many locations within eastern North America. They are attracted to this management area because of the protection offered by the refuge and the excellent combination of forage fields and water. Fall . . . Map (db m109247) HM
2 Vermont, Addison County, Addison — Chimney Point
This strategic point on Lake Champlain was occupied by Native Americans for thousands of years. In 1690 Jacobus deWarm build a small stone fort here. The French build a wooden stockade in 1731, erecting Fort St. Frederic across the lake in 1734. . . . Map (db m85414) HM
3 Vermont, Addison County, Addison — DAR John Strong Mansion
General John Strong was a Revolutionary War patriot and a prominent early citizen of Addison County. He served as a judge, state legislator and represented Addison at the State Convention, which adopted the Constitution of the United States and . . . Map (db m85231) HM
4 Vermont, Addison County, Addison — Northern Terminal of the Crown Point Military Road
Near this spot on the shore of the lake was the Northern Terminal of the Crown Point Military Road built by Gen. Amherst, in 1759Map (db m109079) HM
5 Vermont, Addison County, Addison — Snow Geese
Snow geese are relatively new to the Dead Creek refuge, having begun to use the area as recently as 1981. Their numbers have continued to increase annually, and peak populations present here in mid-October exceed 20,000 birds. Snow geese do not . . . Map (db m109245) HM
6 Vermont, Addison County, Addison — The Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area
The Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA) was established in 1950 to provide breeding and migrational habitat for waterfowl. It is owned by the State of Vermont and managed by the Fish and Wildlife Department. Acquisition and development . . . Map (db m109246) HM
7 Vermont, Addison County, Addison — War MemorialVictory • Peace
(front) Addison Remembers Her Heroes 1771 - Revolutionary War - 1778 [Honor Roll of Veterans] 1812 - War With England - 1814 [Honor Roll of Veterans] 1861 - Civil War - 1865 [Died in Service] Joseph Arno • Joseph . . . Map (db m109277) WM
8 Vermont, Addison County, Addison — Wetland Resources
As the name implies, "wetlands" are wet areas characterized by soils that are permanently or seasonally saturated with water. They contain a variety of plants, shrubs and trees which have adapted to living in a wet environment. Wetlands are also . . . Map (db m109244) HM
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9 Vermont, Addison County, Bridport — Hathorne SchoolBridport District Schoolhouse #1
Erected c. 1864, this one-room schoolhouse served hundreds of children in Bridport for nearly a century. Originally founded as the first district school in Bridport, it later became known as Hathorne School, reflecting the name of a nearby . . . Map (db m96475) HM
10 Vermont, Addison County, Bridport — War Memorial
Dedicated to the men and women of the Community of Bridport who devotedly served their country in all warsMap (db m109278) WM
11 Vermont, Addison County, Bristol — In Memory of Pvt. Norman E. Wasley — Bristol Falls —
This land was given to the Town of Bristol by Irving J. Wasley Sr. in memory of his son, Pvt. Norman E. Wasley of the 341st. Engineers Co.D. He died in an explosion while fighting a fire in Dawson Creek, B. C. on the Alcan Highway. 1/27/1924 . . . Map (db m159845) HM
12 Vermont, Addison County, Cornwall, Bread Loaf — Cornwall Remembers1861-1865
South Side inscription: Died in Hospital: Sergt. Romeo R. Peck Nelson Baxter Loyal Darling Adams H. Potter Emerson Mayo Ja's E. Fenton Hung by Guerillas Alva K. Barlow North and West side inscriptions . . . Map (db m136370) WM
13 Vermont, Addison County, Cornwall, Bread Loaf — William Slade / The Gag Rule1786–1857 / 1836–1844
William Slade was one of Vermont’s great public servants and an ardent abolitionist. Born when Vermont was an independent republic, he died just before the Civil War. A graduate of Middlebury College admitted to the bar in 1810, Slade was a . . . Map (db m135841) HM
14 Vermont, Addison County, Ferrisburgh — "Rokeby"Home of Rowland E. Robinson Writer of Vermont Folklore
Here in 1833, Rowland E. Robinson was born of Quaker parentage. He became a popular illustrator and interpreter of nature and Yankee dialect. "Rokeby" was a station on the "Underground R.R." Here are the blind author’s memorabilia. Open to the . . . Map (db m75967) HM
15 Vermont, Addison County, Ferrisburgh — The Great Convention
Frederick Douglass delivered a fiery abolitionist speech here in July 1843. Born in slavery in Maryland, Douglass freed himself by escaping to the north, where he became a tireless crusader for African American freedom and equality. He was among . . . Map (db m95449) HM
16 Vermont, Addison County, Granville — The Corner SchoolGranville School District #10
The one-room Corner School, established here at “Codfish Corners,” operated from 1871 to 1951 for grades 1 through 8. Previously, G.V. Wilson’s blacksmith shop (1860-69) and the I.H. Archer Store (1869-74) stood at this site. Granville once had 10 . . . Map (db m196206) HM
17 Vermont, Addison County, Middlebury, Bread Loaf — Ancient Paths
Vermont is crossed by a complete system of ancient major routes from the Lake Champlain Valley to the Connecticut River Valley leading eventually to the sea. Paths were first made by migrating herds of animals searching for salt, and later by Native . . . Map (db m144471) HM
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18 Vermont, Addison County, Middlebury, Bread Loaf — Birthplace of Ray Fisher
Born in Middlebury on October 4, 1887, Ray Lyle Fisher grew up on farms along Otter Creek and Creek Road. Ray starred in baseball and football at Middlebury High School and Middlebury College before joining the New York Yankees in 1910. He pitched . . . Map (db m75987) HM
19 Vermont, Addison County, Middlebury, Bread Loaf — Charter House
In this house, the home of SAMUEL MILLER, ESQ. September 30, 1798 Timothy Dwight, President of Yale College, counseled with Gamaliel Painter and other citizens of Middlebury concerning the founding of Middlebury College. This conference led to the . . . Map (db m76001) HM
20 Vermont, Addison County, Middlebury, Bread Loaf — Court Square
From 1796 to 1814 Court Square was the site of the first Addison County Courthouse, which also served as the seat of the Vermont Legislature (1800, 1806), and home of Middlebury’s first female academy (1800). Here in June 1804 a New York slaveholder . . . Map (db m135859) HM
21 Vermont, Addison County, Middlebury, Bread Loaf — Emma WillardPioneer educator gave women first college training here
Emma Hart came to Middlebury in 1807 to take charge of the Female Academy. After her marriage to Dr. John Willard, the town’s first physician, she gave the earliest collegiate instruction for women in America at a Seminary in her home, during the . . . Map (db m75983) HM
22 Vermont, Addison County, Middlebury, Bread Loaf — Emma Willard Memorial
Front side of marker In memory of Emma Hart Willard who wrote at Middlebury in 1818 the Magna Carta for higher education of women in America. Rear side of marker Education should seek to bring its subjects to the perfection of . . . Map (db m136530) HM
23 Vermont, Addison County, Middlebury, Bread Loaf — John DeereInventor of "The Plow that Broke the Plains"
John Deere learned the blacksmith trade here as an apprentice in the shop of Capt. Benjamin Lawrence from 1821 to 1825. The shop was located below this spot on Mill Street, in what is known as "Frog Hollow". In 1836 Deere removed to Grand Detour, . . . Map (db m77845) HM
24 Vermont, Addison County, Middlebury, Bread Loaf — Marble Works Memorial Bridge
The Marble Works Memorial Bridge was constructed and generously donated by the Marble Works Partnership to the citizens of the town of Middlebury for their use and enjoyment. The bridge is dedicated to the memory of the mechanics of Middlebury . . . Map (db m144478) HM
25 Vermont, Addison County, Middlebury, Bread Loaf — Middlebury Civil War Memorial
To her SoldiersMap (db m136390) WM
26 Vermont, Addison County, Middlebury, Bread Loaf — Middlebury War Memorial
(side 1) Middlebury In The 1861—Civil War—1865 Joseph Alexander • Henry W. Bennett • Merrill Bentley Bertrand W. Billings • John Brunelle • Michael Burke John Caffrey • Roderick A. Champlin • . . . Map (db m136571) WM
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27 Vermont, Addison County, Middlebury, Bread Loaf — Samuel Miller, Esq.September 30,1798
In this house, the home of Samuel Miller, Esq., Timothy Dwight, president of Yale College, counseled with Gamaliel Painter and other citizens of Middlebury concerning the founding of Middlebury College. This conference led to the granting of the . . . Map (db m136473) HM
28 Vermont, Addison County, Middlebury, Bread Loaf — The Addison County Courthouse
In 1792, the Vermont Legislature ensured Middlebury’s future prominence by choosing it as the site for Addison County courts. Three courthouses have been built in this area. The original clapboard courthouse shown on the right in the photograph, was . . . Map (db m136662) HM
29 Vermont, Addison County, Middlebury, Bread Loaf — The Battell Block
Built from the Ashes Middlebury's Main Street has been the commercial center of the town since its founding, but its character has changed many times, largely due to that great public enemy of the era-fire. In the first half of the . . . Map (db m136661) HM
30 Vermont, Addison County, Middlebury, Bread Loaf — Town & Gown
The Shire Town Middlebury was chartered in 1761 as one of New Hampshire Governor Benning Wentworth’s land grants. The first settlers claimed land in the town in 1766, but were forced back to southern New England during the Revolutionary War. . . . Map (db m136535) HM
31 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — American Blockhouse – 1777Mount Independence State Historic Site
“I have also provided timber for two Blockhouses.” - Col. Anthony Wayne, February 4, 1777 In the summer and fall of 1776 American forces concentrated on fortifying the northern point of the rocky Mount Independence . . . Map (db m19321) HM
32 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — British Blockhouse - 1777Mount Independence State Historic Site
“Blockhouses, none of them finished.” - Lt. John Starke, Royal Navy, September 1777 After the British captured Mount Independence on July 6, 1777, their military engineers decided to build six new blockhouses to augment . . . Map (db m19332) HM
33 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — Burial SiteMount Independence State Historic Site
“ . . . this Day there was two men Buried from our Regt.” - Lt. Jonathan Burton, October 4, 1776 This small stone, engraved “N. Richardson of Staddard Eng died 1760,” may mark the only identified grave on . . . Map (db m17849) HM
34 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — Fort Ticonderoga and Mount DefianceMount Independence State Historic Site
“ . . . a perfect mousetrap.” - Col. Alexander Scammell, September 21, 1777 From here are seen nearly all the powerful forces of nature that made this spot on Lake Champlain the Gibraltar of the North as well as its . . . Map (db m17846) HM
35 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — Foundation -1776 or 1777Mount Independence State Historic Site — What do you think? - —
This is one of the best-preserved stone foundations on Mount Independence. It was built during the Revolution, but historic maps and documents do not refer to it. Who built it? Did the Americans have time to build it during the two weeks in June . . . Map (db m19441) HM
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36 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — General Hospital – 1777Mount Independence State Historic Site
. . . the new Hospital . . . 250 long & 24 wide.” - Rev. Enos Hitchcock, June 14, 1777 This shallow, dry-laid stone foundation was for the largest building at Mount Independence – a 250-foot long by 24-foot wide, . . . Map (db m19319) HM
37 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — German Hut – 1777Mount Independence State Historic Site
Our men built huts out of boards to protect themselves from the cold weather.” - Lt. Von Hille, October 22, 1777 During the American occupation from July 1776 to July 1777, soldiers constructed a breastwork of logs and . . . Map (db m19436) HM
38 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — Heritage Travelers over the Years
Some of the intrenchments are still visible.” – John Disturnell, 1857 After the American Revolution, numerous visitors curious to see the places that figured so prominently in the war for independence visited Mount . . . Map (db m19501) HM
39 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — Lake Champlain and the American RevolutionMount Independence State Historic Site
. . . the possession of every thing here depends upon keeping the Command of the Water.” - Maj. Gen. Horatio Gates, July 16, 1776 In front of you is Lake Champlain, at 120 miles long the sixth largest lake in the United . . . Map (db m19440) HM
40 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — Military Road
Military Road from Mount Independence to Hubbardton 1777 Marked by Hands Cove Chapter D.A.R. 1933Map (db m9234) HM
41 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — Mount IndependenceBastion of the Revolution
Fortification was begun in June of 1776, and the name Mount Independence was bestowed following the Declaration of Independence. Lieut. Col. Jeduthan Baldwin was the chief construction engineer. Here the exhausted American Army, Northern Department, . . . Map (db m9275) HM
42 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — Mt. Independence Military RoadRoute to Hubbardton, 1777 Reported permanently removed
After Ethan Allen seized Fort Ticonderoga, the Americans built Fort Mt. Independence, northwest from here on the Lake. Following Burgoyne’s invasion, Gen. St Clair evacuated the Forts, retreating across these hills to Hubbardton. Vermont . . . Map (db m9232) HM
43 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — Mt. Independence Military RoadRoute to Hubbardton - 1777
This vital American military road to the south of here was built on the September 7, 1776, orders of Gen. Horatio Gates to connect Mount Independence, a new Revolutionary War fortification on Lake Champlain, to Hubbardton, Rutland, and Fort No. 4 . . . Map (db m97307) HM
44 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — Officers Quarters – 1776Mount Independence State Historic Site
“ . . . some of the officers have good framed houses.” - Dr. Lewis Beebe, September 30, 1776 This fifteen-foot square, well-defined stone foundation may be the remains of quarters for one or more American officers in the . . . Map (db m17863) HM
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45 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — Southern Battery – 1777Mount Independence State Historic Site
began the works at 3 places on Mount Independence.” - Col. Jeduthan Baldwin, June 20, 1777 On June, 1777, American Chief Engineer Jeduthan Baldwin wrote in his journal, “in the afternoon went with Col. Kosiusko . . . Map (db m19437) HM
46 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — Southern Defense Trail
This walkway is a loop approximately 0.2 mile long with stairs and gentle slopes. It leads you past the remains of a blockhouse (near the parking area), provides a look at the Mount’s rock formations, and provides a vista of the lake south of the . . . Map (db m19536) HM
47 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — Storehouse - 1776Mount Independence State Historic Site
ordered a large Stoer House to be built.” - Col. Jeduthan Baldwin, August 17, 1776 At least one of the storehouses constructed on Mount Independence during the Revolution stood in this area. Portions of the remaining . . . Map (db m19366) HM
48 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — The American Southern Defenses – 1776-1777
we are Building a Large & Long Breast work on the South Side.” - Pvt. Thomas Killam, August 19, 1776 When the American Northern Army arrived at Ticonderoga in mid-July 1776, the 300-acre peninsula opposite on the Vermont . . . Map (db m19543) HM
49 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — Third Brigade Encampment – 1776Mount Independence State Historic Site
. . . our Men is clearing the Encamping Ground over the Lake.” - Sgt. Timothy Tuttle, July 23, 1776 In July 1776 Northern Army commander Gen. Horatio Gates organized regiments at Mount Independence and Ticonderoga into . . . Map (db m19318) HM
50 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — To Repel the Enemy
The Generals have Fix’d on a spot . . . to be fortified.” - Lt. Col. Matthias Ogden, July 19, 1776 On July 5, 1777, Thomas Anburey, who was traveling with British Lt. Gen. John Burgoyne on Lake Champlain, observed as they . . . Map (db m19480) HM
51 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — War Memorial
(front) These We Honor Dedicated to the following from the Town of Orwell who served in the Armed Forces of our country World War II William H. Murray • Franklin F. Phelps Charles D. Wright • George B. Wright [Died . . . Map (db m109307) WM
52 Vermont, Addison County, Orwell — World War Memorial
In honor of the Boys of the Town of Orwell who served in the World War Theron D. Bishop • Charles D. Collette Linas W. Duffany • Harry M. Fitzgerald Roy G. Phelps • Lawrence H. Ross [Died in Service] [Honor Roll of . . . Map (db m109279) WM
53 Vermont, Addison County, Panton — Benedict Arnold
Near this spot on the afternoon of October 13, 1776 in the first important naval engagement of the War for Independence BENEDICT ARNOLDafter a battle in which he had displayed great boldness, gallantry and sagacity ran ashore and burned the . . . Map (db m76010) HM WM
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54 Vermont, Addison County, Ripton — Robert Frost1874 - 1963
A distinguished American poet by recognition and a Vermonter by preference, Robert Frost was Poet Laureate of Vermont and for many years “First Citizen” of the Town of Ripton. He was long associated with the Middlebury College School of . . . Map (db m37171) HM
55 Vermont, Addison County, Shoreham — Ethan Allen with Eighty-Three Green Mountain Boys
From Hands Cove northwest from this spot Ethan Allen with eighty-three Green Mountain Boys embarked for the capture of Fort Ticonderoga May 10 1775 To commemorate one of the most heroic adventures of the Revolution this tablet has been . . . Map (db m118290) HM
56 Vermont, Addison County, Shoreham — Larrabee’s Point
John Larrabee established the first regular ferry here under a grant from the Vermont Legislature when the only business at the site was his tavern. In 1823, the year that the Champlain Canal opened, Larrabee and Samuel Holley built a store and a . . . Map (db m15580) HM
57 Vermont, Addison County, Shoreham — Levi P. MortonStatesman and Banker lived early years in Vermont
Levi Parsons Morton, son of a minister, was born on this site, May 16, 1824, and for 8 years lived in Shoreham. He became a New York City banker, Member of Congress, Minister to France, Vice-President under President Harrison, and Governor of New . . . Map (db m95458) HM
58 Vermont, Addison County, Shoreham — Shoreham Covered Railroad Bridge
This Howe truss Railroad Bridge is one of only two covered railroad bridges left in Vermont. It was built in 1897 on the 15.6 mile Addison Branch connecting the Rutland Railroad at Leicester Junction with the Delaware and Hudson at Ticonderoga, New . . . Map (db m85416) HM
59 Vermont, Addison County, Vergennes — Commerce at the Crossroads
Intersection of Rivers and Roads Imagine traveling hundreds of miles in an ox-drawn wagon along muddy, rock-strewn, deeply rutted roads through the wilderness. In search of new homesteads, early settlers followed the same routes you took to . . . Map (db m89157) HM
60 Vermont, Addison County, Vergennes — Commodore Thomas MacdonoughBorn December 1783 — Died November 1825 —
Victorious commander of the American Fleet in the naval battle of Plattsburg September 11, 1814 A Gallant Officer An Exemplary Citizen A National Hero Memorial erected to commemorate the building by Commodore Macdonough of . . . Map (db m109195) HM
61 Vermont, Addison County, Vergennes — Early Life Along Otter Creek in Vergennes
The Wilderness Shhh. Imagine Otter Creek 300 years ago when it was pristine wilderness. The river teems with fish, herons, ducks and other waterfowl. Deer and moose tracks dot the river's edge. Downed trees, trampled shrubs, and mounds of . . . Map (db m89155) HM
62 Vermont, Addison County, Vergennes — Macdonough Shipyard
Below the Otter Creek Falls was the site of Thomas Macdonough's shipyard, where the U.S.S. Saratoga was built in 40 days and other ships launched that defeated the British at the Battle of Plattsburgh, 1814.Map (db m75977) HM WM
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63 Vermont, Addison County, Vergennes — Site of Naval Shipyard
Site of Naval- shipyard 1804-1812 Erected 1938 Map (db m118291) HM
64 Vermont, Addison County, Vergennes — Stephen Bates Vermont’s Earliest Known Black Sheriff and Chief of Police
Stephen Bates (1842-1907) was born enslaved on the Shirley Plantation in Virginia. He escaped in 1862 and after the Civil War came north to Vergennes with U.S. Congressman Frederick E. Woodbridge. Bates was first elected Sheriff in 1879 and served . . . Map (db m195671) HM
65 Vermont, Addison County, Vergennes — The Bixby Memorial Free Library
. . . Map (db m109199) HM
66 Vermont, Addison County, Vergennes — The Vergennes Pump House"People of Vergennes at the mercy of the flames" — -H.C. Johnson, Editor, Vergennes Vermonter, October 18, 1867 —
In Need of Water Fire was the scourge of downtowns all across America in the nineteenth century. Buildings were destroyed by fire time and time again. Water often had to be transported from nearby rivers. Firefighting efforts were frequently . . . Map (db m89159) HM
67 Vermont, Addison County, Vergennes — Vergennes 150th Anniversary1788 • 1938 — Qui Patres Transtulit Nos Sustineat —
Commemorating the one hundred and fiftieth year of incorporation Erected August 15, 1939Map (db m109238) HM
68 Vermont, Addison County, Vergennes — Veterans Memorial
In grateful tribute to the men and women of Vergennes Vermont who served in the Armed Forces of our countryMap (db m109194) HM
69 Vermont, Addison County, Vergennes — World War Memorial1917 • 1918 — Vergennes Vermont —
Honor Roll [Died in service] Philip E. Goodere • Edward L. Mercure Frederick C. Morris • Hobart P. Preston [Veterans Honor Roll not transcribed]Map (db m109197) HM
70 Vermont, Addison County, Weybridge, Bread Loaf — Silas Wright1795-1847
Born at Amherst, Mass., Silas Wright came to Weybridge as an infant and grew up here. Graduated from Middlebury College in 1815, he studied Law at Sandy Hill, N.Y.; began Law practice at Canton, N.Y. in 1819, and entered politics there. A Brigadier . . . Map (db m77967) HM
71 Vermont, Addison County, Weybridge, Bread Loaf — The U.S. Government Morgan Horse Farm
The U.S. Government established a Morgan horse breeding program in 1905 at the University of Vermont to study and refine the Morgan horse as a superior cavalry mount. That program moved here in 1907 when Joseph Battell donated this farm to the U.S. . . . Map (db m77965) HM
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72 Vermont, Addison County, Whiting — Major Samuel Beach1752-1829 — The Paul Revere of Vermont —
He lies buried in this cemetery. He walked 64 miles to recruit men to aid Ethan Allen in the capture of Fort Ticonderoga, May 10, 1775.Map (db m136470) HM
73 Vermont, Bennington County, Arlington — Norman Rockwell1894-1978
This renowned American painter and illustrator lived in Arlington from 1939 to 1953. Moving into this house in 1943, Rockwell employed neighbors as models to create memorable images for calendars, advertisements, and magazines. Iconic pictures like . . . Map (db m97290) HM
74 Vermont, Bennington County, Arlington — State Seal Pine Tree
This ancient tree was already a monarch of the forest in 1778. Visible then from the Arlington home of Thomas Chittenden, first Governor of Vermont, it is believed to have inspired Ira Allen in designing Vermont's Great Seal. Note a similarity . . . Map (db m90228) HM
75 Vermont, Bennington County, Arlington — Chittenden Home
Oldest frame building one block east, built by Jehiel Hawley, 1764, was home of Thomas Chittenden, Vermont’s first Governor. Legend says the western vista, with its great pine, became the State Seal in 1779. Ethan and Ira Allen lived nearby.Map (db m78249) HM
76 Vermont, Bennington County, Arlington — Dorothy Canfield Fisher(1879-1958)
Known for her depiction of rural life in Vermont, Fisher was a popular novelist and proponent of education. She introduced the Montessori teaching method to American readers and helped found the Adult Education Association in the U.S. Born in . . . Map (db m78248) HM
77 Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington — Dimick Tavern1777          1927
Site of Dimick Tavern where John Stark and his New Hampshire Volnteers camped before the engagement at Walloomsac Heights where they led in the winning of a decisive victory . . . Map (db m105506) HM
78 Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington — Old Post Office1913
Post office 1913-1967 US federal building 1967-1996 Acquired by the town of Bennington in 1997 from the federal government through the General Services Administration under the Historic Surplus Property Program, a program of the . . . Map (db m198075) HM
79 Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington — Shaffe’sc. 1850/1963
Shaffe’s c.1850/1963 Store throughout its history. 1963 front retained in restoration after 1992 fire. State Register of Historic PlacesMap (db m141048) HM
80 Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington — Town Officesc.1844
Henry G. Root homestead transferred to the Town by his descendants for municipal purposes in 1920 National Register Historic DistrictMap (db m197554) HM
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81 Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington — Vermont is a State I Love
“I could not look upon the peaks of Ascutney, Eillington, Mansfield, and Equinox without being moved in a way that no other scene could move me. It was here that I first saw the light of day; here i received my bride; here my dead lie . . . Map (db m77057) HM
82 Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington — Vermont Veterans' Home
(side 1) In 1884, the State General Assembly authorized an initial $10,000 appropriation to establish a soldiers’ home to care for disabled veterans of the Civil War. The former country estate of Seth B. Hunt, erected in 1860, was . . . Map (db m108851) HM
83 Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington, North Bennington — Park-McCullough House
Built as a summer cottage in 1865 for lawyer-entrepreneur-philanthropist Trenor Park and his wife Laura, the mansion was financed with a fortune amassed in California in the aftermath of the California Gold Rush. It was designed by the New York . . . Map (db m94423) HM
84 Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington, Old Bennington — Battle of Bennington
The expedition led by Lieut. Col. Baum sent to seize military stores here, was defeated by volunteer American militia forces from New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont, commanded by General John Stark, aided By Colonels Warner and Herrick, of . . . Map (db m13649) HM
85 Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington, Old Bennington — Bennington Civil War Monument
To the memory of the men from Bennington whose patriotism helped to maintain and perpetuate the Union 1861 – 1865 A tribute by Bennington Post no. 13, American Legion Dedicated at the Department Convention of the Legion, the first held in . . . Map (db m105774) WM
86 Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington, Old Bennington — Ethan Allen
A few feet south from this stone stood the house in which Ethan Allen lived while he was a resident of Bennington 1769 - 1775Map (db m61279) HM
87 Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington, Old Bennington — John Stark
Brigadier General John Stark 1728 – 1822 Victor of the Battle at Bennington 1777 “There they are boys! We beat them today Or Molly Stark sleeps A widow tonight!” Design by John Rogers – 1889 Sculpture by Robert Shure Gift . . . Map (db m105507) HM
88 Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington, Old Bennington — The "Corkscrew" Railroad
When wealthy North Bennington resident Trenor Park purchased the Bennington-Rutland Railroad, he found that the railroad "barons" of the Troy and Boston Railroad refused him access to the New York lines. Rather than fight this monopoly, Park built a . . . Map (db m36902) HM
89 Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington, Old Bennington — VermontMolly Stark Trail and Historic Old Bennington
State Highway 9 traverses scenic Hogback Mt. to the Connecticut River Valley. Old Bennington, site of the Battle Monument and Historical Museum, was the meeting place of the Green Mountain Boys. It was the first town chartered by Governor Benning . . . Map (db m94427) HM
90 Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington, Old Bennington — Vermont's Colonial ShrineVermont Legislature Joint Resolution December 11, 1935
Whereas, the Old First Church of Bennington was organized December 3, 1762, and is the Oldest Church within the present limits of Vermont; and Whereas, our forefathers met in Prayer in the First Meeting House for assistance against the . . . Map (db m28223) HM
91 Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington, Old Bennington — View of the Hill Top
View of the hill top where the Battle Monument stands today, painted in 1798 by Ralph Earl. It shows the State Arms Inn (brick) on the left and in the middle the first Court House, which burned on May 17, 1809. The second Court House built on the . . . Map (db m161886) HM
92 Vermont, Bennington County, Bennington, Old Bennington — William Lloyd Garrison
Fifty feet west of this spot William Lloyd Garrison edited the Journal of the Times October 3, 1828 – March 27, 1829 Hither came Benjamin Lundy December 6, 1828 to enlist him in the cause of the slave. Garrison departed hence to lift up . . . Map (db m90235) HM
93 Vermont, Bennington County, Dorset — Cephas Kent’s DwellingCephas Kent Inn
Vermont Society of Colonial Dames Historic Marker Site of Cephas Kent's dwelling adjacent the Cephas Kent Inn where the First Convention of the New Hampshire Grants was held in 1776 The Dorset Conventions July 24, 1775 Seth . . . Map (db m159535) HM
94 Vermont, Bennington County, Dorset — DorsetHere New Hampshire Grants First Voted Independence
. . . Map (db m78213) HM
95 Vermont, Bennington County, Dorset — Fenton Pottery Site1801-1810
Jonathon Fenton established a pottery and kiln near this site in 1801. He first made redware from clay found along the banks of the Mettowee River. He then became the first potter in Vermont to make salt-glazed stoneware. In 1810 he moved his . . . Map (db m78224) HM
96 Vermont, Bennington County, Dorset — First Marble QuarryOldest Quarry in U.S., 1785
Here, near Mt. Aeolus, Isaac Underhill opened the first marble quarry in 1785. Dorset quarries were most active in early 1800's when small slabs were used for hearths, doorsills and headstones. With better transportation and saws, larger blocks . . . Map (db m78226) HM
97 Vermont, Bennington County, Dorset — The Dorset Field ClubOldest Continually Operated Golf Course in the United States
Marker Front: On September 12, 1886 a group of golfers, principally from Troy and New York City, who summered in Dorset, laid out a nine hole golf course, then known as The Dorset Golf Links on this present site. The Club's first president . . . Map (db m77585) HM
98 Vermont, Bennington County, Dorset, East Dorset — Birthplace of William Griffith Wilson1895-1971 — Co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous —
Bill Wilson was born November 26, 1895, in a room behind the bar at the Wilson House Hotel. From age 11 until entering the Army, he lived at the Griffith House across the church yard from his birthplace. Bill W. wrote the book "Alcoholics Anonymous" . . . Map (db m94430) HM
99 Vermont, Bennington County, East Rupert — Harmon's MintEast Rupert
On the site at Hagar Brook stood the small clapboarded mint-house in which Reuben Harmon, Jr. coined copper for the Republic of Vermont, 1785-1788. When the Federal Government was instituted in 1789, Vermont abandoned minting. This rare currency of . . . Map (db m73639) HM
100 Vermont, Bennington County, Manchester, Manchester Center — 94 — Legends & Lore - Manchester Vampire
Thought to be a vampire Rachel Burton was exhumed and burned around 1792 at Jacob Mead's Forge. Her grave lies east of here.Map (db m203081) HM

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