“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Historical Markers in Vermont

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Wideview of Historic Lake Islands - Samuel De Champlain Marker image, Touch for more information
By Kevin Craft, September 12, 2016
Wideview of Historic Lake Islands - Samuel De Champlain Marker
Vermont (Chittenden County), Milton — Historic Lake Islands - Samuel De Champlain
These islands were first seen by a European in 1609, when Samuel De Champlain explored the Lake which bears his name and claimed them for the King of France. Ceded in 1763 to Britain, they became part of the Royal Colony of New York. After 1776, . . . — Map (db m74516) HM
Vermont (Chittenden County), Richmond — A Tribute to the Cochran Family of Richmond, VT
A skiing family....whose combined efforts as members of U.S. ski teams in Olympic and world competition have brought fame and recognition to themselves, their nation and to this Vermont ...Community Gold Medal Winner Barbara Cochran . . . — Map (db m76392) HM
Vermont (Chittenden County), Richmond — Edmunds' BirthplaceSite of Homestead of Lawyer and Statesman
George F. Edmunds, one of this nation’s foremost legislators, was born on this farm, Feb. 1, 1828. After serving at Montpelier as Speaker, he represented Vermont in Washington as Senator for 25 years, and presided over the Senate when Arthur was . . . — Map (db m86661) HM
Vermont (Chittenden County), Richmond — Huntington Gorge / Deaths at the Huntington GorgeSite of Richmond’s first grist mill and electric generating plant
Huntington Gorge By 1802, John Preston had built a grist mill here at Richmond’s best water-power site. It was operated continuously for a century, last of all by the Robinson family. The Richmond Light and Power Co. converted the mill in 1903 . . . — Map (db m86802) HM
Vermont (Chittenden County), Richmond — Richmond's Fallen Son
10th Mountain Division Richmond's Fallen Son PFC Adam J. Muller US Army Gunner HHC, 1st BSTB -Team Iroquois Killed serving our country in Iraq 11/5/07 — Map (db m76391) HM
Vermont (Chittenden County), Richmond — The Citizens of Richmond
In Memoriam erected by The Citizens of Richmond in honor of her patriotic men and women who served their country in the World War 1917 - 1919 — Map (db m76390) WM
Vermont (Chittenden County), Richmond — The Round Church / Richmond, Vermont
The Round Church This 16-sided church, Richmond's first meeting house, was built by a group led by William Rhodes in 1812-12 on land donated by Issac Gleason & Thomas Whitcomb. The first Proprietors were members of five denominations: Baptist, . . . — Map (db m76387) HM
Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Danby Water Fountain, Before 1911Unidentified maker — Iron —
. . . — Map (db m109169) HM
Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Flat World, 2008Aaron T Stephan (Portland, Maine, b. 1974- ) — Cast iron. Courtesy of the artist and Samsøñ Projects, Boston —

Aaron T Stephan believes that most world globes are relics of the past, arguing that they "fail to represent the complexities of globalization, world growth, and the interrelations of cultures and peoples." Comprised of twenty cast iron . . . — Map (db m109011) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Ticonderoga

History The steamboat Ticonderoga is America's last remaining side paddlewheel passenger steamer with a vertical beam engine. Commissioned by the Champlain Transportation Company, the Ticonderoga was built in 1906 at the . . . — Map (db m109149) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — An Intentional Landscape

Shelburne Museum's gardens and grounds, like its other collections, are designed to offer enjoyment, information, and an opportunity for relaxation and reflection. Museum founder Electra Havemeyer Webb (1888-1960) worked with Long Island . . . — Map (db m109492) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Apothecary ShopConstructed on-site: 1959

The Apothecary Shop represents a late 19th-century druggist's shop. Prior to the Civil War, druggists gathered and dried herbs, grinding, distilling, and mixing them with a variety of substances to create medicinal remedies. By 1900, . . . — Map (db m109129) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Beach GalleryConstructed on-site: 1960 • Rebuilt: 2008

Beach Gallery and Beach Lodge are designed to resemble an Adirondack camp. Named for William and Marie Beach, longtime hunting companions of J. Watson Webb (1884-1960) and Electra Havemeyer Webb (1888-1960), the log buildings were constructed . . . — Map (db m109383) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Beach LodgeConstructed on-site: 1960

Beach Gallery and Beach Lodge are designed to resemble an Adirondack camp. Named for William and Marie Beach, longtime hunting companions of Electra and J. Watson Webb, the log buildings were constructed on-site using timber from Nehasane, the . . . — Map (db m109430) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Blacksmith ShopCa. 1800 • Shelburne, Vermont — Moved to Museum: 1956 —

In the 18th and 19th centuries communities depended heavily on the village blacksmith as the primary source for tools, utensils, hardware, vehicle parts, and many other items. Many blacksmiths also served as farriers, . . . — Map (db m109099) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Colchester Reef Lighthouse Relocation

In testimony to the courage and ability of

Robert Francis, Foreman Donald Francis • Wayne Spear • Nathan Johnson Clifford Francis • Forrest Emmons

This lighthouse was dismantled on Colchester Reef, . . . — Map (db m109472) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Covered Bridge1845 • Cambridge, Vermont • Moved to Museum: 1950-1951

Measuring 168 feet in length with two vehicle lanes and a footpath, the Covered Bridge spanned the Lamoille River for more than one hundred years. The bridge's system of parallel-chord trusses and arches, which act in concert to support both . . . — Map (db m109489) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Diamond Barn19th century • Move to site: 1954

The distinctive diamond-shaped interior framing of this structure gives Diamond Barn its name. The building has housed a variety of exhibits, from brass foundry patterns to folk art. Today, the lower level of the building serves as a seasonal . . . — Map (db m109442) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Dorset HouseCa. 1832 • East Dorset, Vermont — Original Owner: Welcome Allen • Moved to Museum: 1953 —

This classic example of Greek Revival architecture originally served as a two-family house for the children of Welcome Allen. The Allens, who owned an iron foundry, built their home in the latest fashion, utilizing stoves for heat rather than . . . — Map (db m109484) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Dutton House1782 • Cavendish, Vermont • Original Owner: Salmon Dutton — Moved to Museum: 1950 —

Built in 1782 by Salmon Dutton, this house—the first dwelling brought to the Museum—was dismantled and moved from Cavendish, Vermont, in 1950. Dutton, who emigrated from Massachusetts, was a surveyor, town official, and toll road . . . — Map (db m109159) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Electra Havemeyer Webb Memorial BuildingConstructed on-site: 1967

This Greek Revival-styled structure was designed to resemble an Orwell, Vermont, farmhouse admired by Museum founder Electra Webb (1888-1960). The interior recreates six rooms from Electra and J. Watson Webb's 1930s Park Avenue, New York City, . . . — Map (db m109474) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — General Store1840 • Shelburne, Vermont — Moved to Museum: 1953 —

For many years, this building served as the Shelburne village post office before it was moved to the Museum intact, on a specially designed railroad track running down Route 7. The ground floor re-creates a late 19th-century general . . . — Map (db m109124) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Hat and Fragrance Textile GalleryCa. 1800 • Shelburne, Vermont — Original Owner: Captain Benjamin Harrington • Moved to Museum 1947 —

The earliest portion of this building was constructed by Captain Benjamin Harrington as a distillery, used to provide alcohol for the Captain's nearby inn. Constructed of hand-hewn timbers and rough planks, the building later served as . . . — Map (db m109082) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Horseshoe BarnConstructed on-site: 1949

This building was modeled after a unique horseshoe-shaped dairy barn near Georgia, Vermont. It is constructed of hand-hewn beams salvages from twelve barns and stones from two gristmills. The massive structure incorporates 745 timbers, posts, . . . — Map (db m109208) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Horseshoe Barn AnnexConstructed on-site: 1957

The Museum's collection of 19th- and early 20th-century horse-drawn vehicles was initially displayed in Horseshoe Barn. With the addition of more than 150 wagons, sleighs, coaches, and fire equipment, the collection . . . — Map (db m109215) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Jail1890 • Castleton, Vermont • Moved to Museum: 1953

The active slate-quarrying industry of Castleton, Vermont, provided ample raw materials for the construction of this holding structure, which houses two cells and a jailer's anteroom. A single barred window admits light into the building, which . . . — Map (db m109228) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Lighthouse1871 • Colchester Point, Lake Champlain, Vermont — Moved to Museum: 1952 —

The Lighthouse was located a mile off Colchester Point in Lake Champlain, marking the location of three reefs: Colchester Reef, Colchester Shoals, and Hogback Reef. The building was designed in 1869 by Albert Dow, a Burlington, Vermont, . . . — Map (db m109444) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Locomotive 2201915 • Moved to Museum: 1960

Locomotive 220 was the last coal-burning steam ten-wheeler used on the Central Vermont Railway. As a medium-sized engine it moved both freight and passenger trains and became known as the [sic] "The Locomotive of Presidents" for its use on . . . — Map (db m109152) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Locomotive 220

The Rail Locomotive No. 220, built in 1915 by the American Locomotive [C]ompany of Schenectady, New York, was the last coal-burning, steam ten-wheeler used on the Central Vermont Railway. As a medium-sized 4-6-0 engine (4 leading wheels, 6 . . . — Map (db m109153) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Meeting House1840 • Charlotte, Vermont — Moved to Museum: 1952 —

Charlotte Meeting House was built by the community's Methodist congregation. The building's architectural details reflect Greek design influences, including the triangular pediment created by cornice moldings. During the building's 112-year . . . — Map (db m109101) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Owl Cottage Activity CenterConstructed on-site: 1956

Originally used for ticketing, information, and the museum store, Owl Cottage today is a lively center for hands-on experiences for children. Toys, books, games, and craft activities engage visitors of all ages. — Map (db m109438) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Pleissner GalleryConstructed on-site: 1986

The Pleissner Gallery was built to honor Brooklyn-born artist Ogden Minton Pleissner (1905-1983), a close friend of the Webb family who earned national recognition for his work as a war artist, landscape painter, and talented chronicler of . . . — Map (db m109432) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Prentis House1773 • Hadley, Massachusetts — Original Owner: John Dickinson • Moved to Museum: 1955 —

This two-story saltbox home is built around a massive central chimney with seven flues that meet on the second floor in a beehive-shaped form. John Dickinson built Prentis House on four acres where he and his family farmed . . . — Map (db m109157) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Preservation of the Colchester Reef Lighthouse
. . . — Map (db m109471) HM
Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Print ShopConstructed on-site: 1955

Constructed from historic timbers, the Print Shop exhibits a range of printing equipment that might have been found in an early 20th-century small-town print shop, from an 1820s handpress to a 1950 high-speed Heidelberg press. Late 19th-century . . . — Map (db m109207) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Rail Car Grand Isle1899 • Wagner Palace Car Company • Moved to Museum: 1960

Dr. William Seward Webb (1851-1926), president of the Rutland Railroad and the Wagner Palace Car Company, lived for part of the year in Shelburne, commuting to New York City in his own private car, the Ellesmere, which was similar to the . . . — Map (db m109371) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Railroad Station1890 • Shelburne, Vermont • Moved to Museum: 1959

Built in 1890 by Rutland Railroad President Dr. William Seward Webb (1851-1926), the Railroad Station was originally located near the center of Shelburne to serve passengers of the Central Vermont and Rutland Railroads. Designed by architect . . . — Map (db m109368) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Ron StowellShelburne Museum Staff Member — 1953 - 1995 —

In appreciation of Ron Stowell Key member of the team that helped create and shape Shelburne Museum — Map (db m109216) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Round Barn1901 • Fred Quimby • East Passumpsic, Vermont — Moved to Museum: 1985-1986 —

The three-story Round Barn was built in 1901 to improve agricultural efficiency on the farm. Hay from the top floor and silage from the central silo dropped through feed chutes to the middle level, where up to sixty cows could be stancioned . . . — Map (db m109520) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — SawmillConstructed on-site: 1957

The Sawmill building houses the Trescott-Shepard sawmill originally located in South Royalton, Vermont. The water-powered mill was built in the late 1700s on Mill Brook by Jeremiah Trescott and his partner, Captain Stevens. Trescott's . . . — Map (db m109483) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — SchoolhouseCa. 1840 • Vergennes, Vermont — Moved to Museum: 1947 —

The one-room Schoolhouse was the first structure moved to the Museum. The building has several distinct classical architectural features, including a projecting bell tower, arched door opening, and sash windows. The structure originally stood . . . — Map (db m109087) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Settlers' House and Barn1846 • East Charlotte, Vermont • Moved to Museum: 1955

The Settlers' House is constructed of hand-hewn beech and pine timbers. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, Vermont settlers, loggers, and trappers often built similar temporary log homes. Research suggests that this . . . — Map (db m109479) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Shaker Shed1840 • Canterbury, New Hampshire — Moved to Museum: 1951 —

This building originally served a large Shaker community in Canterbury, New Hampshire, as a one-story horse and carriage stand. The simple, unadorned commercial structure was expanded in 1850 to provide storage space for brooms made and sold by . . . — Map (db m109172) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Shelburne United Methodist Church Memorial

Scripture 1800 • The First Society

Tradition 1834 • The Brick Church

Experience 1872 • The Stone Church

Reason 2000 • The Bicentennial Addition — Map (db m109237) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — SmokehouseCa. 1820 • Charlotte, Vermont • Moved to Museum: 1949

Smokehouses are small, airtight stone structures where meat was preserved. Traditionally, butchered cuts were salted and then hung in a smokehouse above a smoldering fire of corn cobs and hickory wood. Meats remained in place for several days, . . . — Map (db m109223) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Stagecoach InnCa. 1787 • Charlotte, Vermont — Original Owner: Hezekiah Barnes • Moved to Museum: 1949 —

Hezekiah Barnes, a U.S. militia captain turned road surveyor, strategically located his inn and trading post in Charlotte on opposite sides of the main stage route from Montreal. Built in the Georgian style, the exterior of the inn features . . . — Map (db m109219) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Stencil HouseCa. 1804 • Columbus, New York • Moved to Museum: 1953 — Original Owner: Melicu and Louisa Tuttle —

The Stencil House is typical of small side-gabled homes common in New York and New England. The floor plan groups four rooms around a central chimney. A central front door, flanked by pairs of double-hung windows, opens into a small entrance . . . — Map (db m109132) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Stone CottageCa. 1840 • South Burlington, Vermont — Moved to Museum: 1949 —

Stone Cottage is constructed of limestone laid in straight courses rather than in the more common scatterstone technique. It was originally built as a farmhand's house; the first tenants were a family of five, including husband and wife, two . . . — Map (db m109083) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — The Parade

Deeded to the town by Capt. Benjamin Harrington April 18, 1807 — Map (db m109235) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — The Rail Car Grand Isle

The Rail Car Grand Isle (1899) was one of the last private cars built by the Wagner Palace Car Co. before Pullman took control of the company at the end of 1899. The car was used by Dr. William Seward Webb and the Rutland Railroad until 1914, . . . — Map (db m109379) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Ticonderoga
1906•Shelburne, Vermont•Original owner: Champlain Transportation Company •Moved to museum: 1955 The 220-foot Ticonderoga is America's last remaining walking beam side-wheel passenger steamer, and a National Historic Landmark. Serving a . . . — Map (db m97385) HM
Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Toy ShopConstructed On-site: ca. 1949

Built adjacent to the Variety Unit to reflect the "continuous architecture" building style common throughout New England, the Toy Shop displays an array of children's playthings: transportation toys, mechanical banks, an operating model train, . . . — Map (db m109085) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Variety UnitCa. 1835 • Shelburne, Vermont (in situ)

This brick farmhouse is the only historic structure at the Museum original to the site. A rambling building, its complex structure consists of a series of one- and two-room additions to the original farmhouse in the New England "continuous . . . — Map (db m109086) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Vermont House GalleryCa. 1790 • Shelburne, Vermont — Original Owner: Asa R. Slocumb • Moved to Museum: 1950 —

This intimate stone structure is a conjectural restoration and reconstruction of an original log framed house built in Shelburne in the late 18th century.

Vermont House features Something Old, Something New: Continuity & . . . — Map (db m109158) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — War Memorial
. . . — Map (db m109233) WM
Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Weaving ShopConstructed on-site: 1955

Constructed using historic building materials, the Weaving Shop exhibits a variety of hand-spinning and weaving equipment and interprets American textile traditions practiced in a 19th-century weaving shop.

On view are processing . . . — Map (db m109174) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Webb GalleryConstructed on-site: 1960

This building was designed to complement neighboring historic structures. The main block, flanked by matched wings, echoes the symmetry and scale of nearby Dorset House, and the brick façade reflects the construction materials of the . . . — Map (db m109476) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Welcome to Shelburne Museum

Shelburne Museum's founder Electra Havemeyer Webb (1888-1960) was a pioneering collector of American folk art who established the Museum in 1947 to celebrate, in her words, "the art of everyday people" and to create "an educational project, . . . — Map (db m109010) HM

Vermont (Chittenden County), Winooski — Fort Frederick
Near this site in 1773 the first settlers Ira Allen and his uncle Remember Baker built of hewed timbers the block house called Fort Frederick as a protection from Indians and Yorkers It had 32 port holes and in it were held the meetings of . . . — Map (db m79911) HM
Vermont (Chittenden County), Winooski — Native Americans and Winooski
Imagine a time machine taking us back to this spot 500 years ago. We would see a deep, rocky waterfall now hidden under the ponded area behind the Winooski One hydroelectric dam, an extensive forest of small pine trees and small fields of corn, . . . — Map (db m89141) HM
Vermont (Essex County), Canaan — Canaan Civil War Memorial
1861 Civil War 1865 Canaan, Vermont 3rd Vermont Volunteers Francis Baker, Chauncey Barnett, Hiram Bowen, Samuel Cable, Thomas Colby, Charles M Elliott, Thomas Farrow, George Gamsby, James Gamsby, William H. Gault, David . . . — Map (db m140268) WM
Vermont (Essex County), Canaan — Canaan Vermont War Memorials
Canaan Remembers 1917 - World War-1919 Canaan Honor Rolls 1950 - Korean War -1954 Jean C. Lanctot, Albert Leonard denoted as having died in service 1965 - Vietnam Conflicit - 1973 1941 - World War II - 1945 no . . . — Map (db m140467) WM
Vermont (Essex County), Concord — 1st Normal SchoolPioneer in Teacher Training
The first recognized school for the purpose of training teachers was conducted near here by the Rev. Samuel Read Hall, 1823-25. Practice teaching was employed, with lectures on Schoolkeeping, which became in 1829, the first professional book for . . . — Map (db m74469) HM
Vermont (Essex County), East Concord — George Lansing FoxOne of the 4 Dorchester Chaplains
Called from his Gilman parish to serve as a Chaplain in World War II, First Lieutenant Fox died when the Dorchester was torpedoed in the North Atlantic. Giving his life jacket to a soldier, he perished with three other chaplains, in one of the most . . . — Map (db m77604) HM
Vermont (Essex County), Ferdinand — Stewart Holbrook1893-1964
Stewart Holbrook was a logger, a nationally recognized author, and self-taught historian whose topics included Ethan Allen, railroads, and the timber industry. Holbrook, believed to have coined the term “tree farm,” was renowned for . . . — Map (db m104491) HM
Vermont (Essex County), Granby — Rogers' Rangers Cemetery1759
This stone cairn marks the graves of two Rogers' Rangers who died during the French and Indian War. Their gruesome deaths were recorded in the diary of Lieutenant George Campbell: "(Sergeant) Lewis had told me that his party had shot a Moose near a . . . — Map (db m75587) HM
Vermont (Essex County), Guildhall — VermontMajor cross-state route
U.S. 2 is the major highway between the Atlantic and Lake Champlain. It leads through St. Johnsbury, the maple sugar center, down the Winooski River to Montpelier, through the tallest mountains at Bolton Gorge to Lake Champlain at Burlington, . . . — Map (db m77605) HM
Vermont (Essex County), Island Pond — Island Pond
Pioneer Railroad Planner John A. Poor’s dream of an International Railway connecting Montreal, Canada with the Ice-free harbor of Portland, Maine became a reality on July 18, 1853, when the first through trains met at this great halfway point on . . . — Map (db m75118) HM
Vermont (Essex County), Lunenburg — Lunenburg Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the men and women who served our country Lest We Forget names were not transcribedMap (db m140446) WM
Vermont (Essex County), Lunenburgh — Lunenburgh Civil War Memorial
In memory of our comrades in the Rebellion 1861 to 1865 Captains John S. Clark Elben J. Hartshorn Lieuts. Geo. P. French Nathan C. Cheney George W. Hill Sergeants Marshall W. Wright Solo L. Simonds Levi H. . . . — Map (db m140149) WM
Vermont (Franklin County), Enosburg Falls — Birthplace of Larry Gardner
Larry Gardner was born in the house at 14 School Street on May 13, 1886. After leading Enosburg Falls High School to the 1905 state baseball championship and starring at the University of Vermont for three seasons, Gardner joined the Boston Red Sox . . . — Map (db m77847) HM
Vermont (Franklin County), Fairfield — Chester A. ArthurBirthplace of 21st President
Although the exact location is debated, Chester A. Arthur was born on Oct. 5, 1829 in Fairfield. He became a New York lawyer and politician and was elected Vice-President in 1880. Upon the assasination of James Garfield, Arthur became president on . . . — Map (db m36935) HM
Vermont (Franklin County), Fairfield — Chester A. Arthur21st President of the United States
Research indicates Chester Alan Arthur was born in Fairfield, Vermont, on October 5, 1829. When he was less than a year old his parents moved to a new parsonage built at this site. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Union College, he became a . . . — Map (db m36936) HM
Vermont (Franklin County), Fairfield — Consuelo Northrop Bailey
Side A Born in Fairfield in 1899 at her family farm, Consuelo Northrop attended grade school in Sheldon and high school in St. Albans. In 1921 she graduated from the University of Vermont. Later she entered Boston University Law School, . . . — Map (db m65132) HM
Vermont (Franklin County), Highgate — Highgate Falls Lenticular Truss Bridge
Built in 1887 by the Berlin Iron Bridge Co., this structure is one of the few surviving examples of a bridge type popular in the 1880s and 1890s. The parabolic or lenticular truss, developed by William Douglas of Binghamton, NY, used less metal . . . — Map (db m109270) HM
Vermont (Franklin County), Highgate Center — Saxe's Mills
Here in 1786 John Saxe, (Johannes Sachse) a Loyalist from Rhinebeck, N.Y, built the area's first gristmill. His sons added a sawmill, potashery, general store, post office, and tavern. They incorporated the town of Highgate in this house in 1805, . . . — Map (db m74652) HM
Vermont (Franklin County), Sheldon — Colonel Elisha Sheldon1741-1805
In 1776, at the request of General Washington, Elisha Sheldon was commissioned by Congress to raise a regiment of cavalry. Named the 2nd Continental Light Dragoons, the unit served with distinction throughout the Revolutionary War. In 1791, Colonel . . . — Map (db m43774) HM
Vermont (Franklin County), Sheldon — Sheldon, VermontSite of Civil War Action — October 19, 1864 —
On their retreat to Canada after an attack on St. Albans, a 22-man Confederate detachment rode into Sheldon near dark. Crossing a covered bridge which stood on the site, they set it on fire, but alert village citizens saved the bridge. In great . . . — Map (db m76883) HM
Vermont (Franklin County), Sheldon Junction — Fenian RaidsAttempted Canadian Invasion North of Here — 1866 and 1870 —
After Civil War, two attempts of Irish patriots to invade Canada and set up a free Irish republic were repulsed between Franklin and Cook's Corners. Fenians gathered in St. Albans, marched via Sheldon to the border but were stopped by Canadian arms . . . — Map (db m74434) HM
Vermont (Franklin County), St. Albans — Camp Holbrook
This site, the former Henry Seymour farm, became a Civil War camp named in honor of Vermont’s second Civil War Governor, Frederick Holbrook. Over 1000 men of the 5th Vermont Volunteer Infantry Regiment camped on this land and were mustered in to . . . — Map (db m86591) HM
Vermont (Franklin County), St. Albans — Franklin County Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to Veterans In memory of and appreciation to all those men and women of Franklin County who have served, are serving and will serve in the armed services of this country Their service, dedication and . . . — Map (db m140781) WM
Vermont (Franklin County), St. Albans — St. Albans Civil War Memorial
To Those Brave Men of St. Albans who Fought in the Civil War Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we . . . — Map (db m140579) WM
Vermont (Franklin County), St. Albans — St. Albans Raid
The Civil War entered Vermont, October 19, 1864, when 22 Confederates spread terror from the north, robbed three banks and shot up the town. Stealing horses, they fled back into Canada. There, after trial, they were freed and the banks partially . . . — Map (db m61958) HM
Vermont (Franklin County), St. Albans — St. Albans War Memorial
In Memory Of Those Who Sacrificed Their Lives For Democracy That They Shall Not Have Died In Vain W.W.I Albert A. Bushey · Walter Clark · Frederick T. Coleman · Lynus Crandall · Walter T. Finn · Paul R. Grandfield · Carlton B. Hawley · . . . — Map (db m140574) WM
Vermont (Franklin County), St. Albans — St. Albans World War Memorial
In Honor of Those Citizens of St. Albans Who at the Call of Their Country Gave Their Lives in the World War 1917-1918 This Memorial is Dedicated by A Grateful Community — Map (db m140578) WM
Vermont (Franklin County), St. Albans Bay — Lucrative Trade to Leisure Vacations/Du commerce lucratif au voyage d'agrément
When the Champlain Canal was completed in 1823 and shipping to the south opened up a huge market to the West, St. Albans merchants benefited from the boom. Canal boats sailed south up the Lake to Whitehall, and once the sails . . . — Map (db m140057) HM
Vermont (Franklin County), Swanton — 10,000 Years of Fishing/10 000 ans de pêche
Lake Champlain: An Important Fishery for the Abenaki Native peoples have been fishing the waters of the Champlain Valley for more than 10,000 years. The first evidence of humans here dates from a time when the salty Champlain Sea . . . — Map (db m140016) HM
Vermont (Franklin County), Swanton — Missisquoi Village and MissionSwanton / Highgate
The ancient Missisquoi / Mazipskoik Abenaki village was the region's focal point into the 1760's. In 1744, Jesuits built a cabin which served into the 1790's as the first longterm Christian mission in Vermont. Speculators took much of the Abenaki . . . — Map (db m44655) HM
Vermont (Grand Isle County), Alburg — The International Boundary is Settled/ La frontière internationale est définie
The peaceful international border here owes some of its location to the War of 1812 and Vermonter William Czar Bradley. The War of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain officially ended with the Treaty of Ghent, signed December 24, . . . — Map (db m140028) HM
Vermont (Grand Isle County), Alburgh — Historic Lake Islands - Samuel De Champlain
These islands were first seen by a European in 1609, when Samuel de Champlain explored the Lake which bears his name and claimed them for the King of France. Ceded in 1763 to Britain, they became part of the Royal Colony of New York. After 1776, . . . — Map (db m75482) HM
Vermont (Grand Isle County), Alburgh — Missile Site
First Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Site east of the Mississippi River. Built 1960 - 1962 by the U.S. Air Force. — Map (db m75481) HM
Vermont (Grand Isle County), Alburgh — The Bohannon SiteA Native American Village
{Front side} In 2007, archaeologists completed investigations discovering a pre-Contact village occupied sometime between A.D. 1400-1600. Evidence of longhouses, and cooking and food processing, provide clues about the villagers' lives. . . . — Map (db m74725) HM
Vermont (Grand Isle County), Grand Isle — Hyde Log CabinBuilt circa 1783
This pioneer log cabin was one of the first buildings constructed in this area. Built from cedar logs by Jedediah Hyde, Jr., an engineer and veteran of the Revolutionary War, it was the home of the Hyde family for over 150 years. The cabin has one . . . — Map (db m75485) HM
Vermont (Grand Isle County), Isle La Motte — A Place Of Pilgrimage
Many centuries before Samuel de Champlain's July 1609 landfall, Isle La Mottte had been a meeting place for the lake's neighboring native peoples. The Wonbanakiak on the eastern shore called the land Bitawbagw, or "the waters between," while the . . . — Map (db m49374) HM
Vermont (Grand Isle County), Isle La Motte — Samuel de Champlain Monument
Created in the Vermont Pavilion during the Universal and International Exposition of 1967 at Montreal, Canada. Presented to the Town of Isle La Motte by the State of Vermont. Dedicated on July 7, 1968. — Map (db m74722) HM
Vermont (Grand Isle County), Isle La Motte — Site of French Fort Ste. AnneVermont's oldest settlement
On this shore was the site of Fort Ste. Anne built in 1666 by Capt. Pierre La Motte for defense against the Mohawks. The Jesuits celebrated the first Mass and erected the first Chapel. Though not permanent, this was Vermont's first white . . . — Map (db m74721) HM
Vermont (Grand Isle County), Isle La Motte — Sweet's Ferry
From here, "The Chazy Landing Ferry," completed the major automobile route across northern Lake Champlain from Isle La Motte, VT, to Chazy Landing, NY, before the Rouses Point-Alburgh bridge was built. In 1905 Will Sweet designed, built, owned, and . . . — Map (db m74718) HM
Vermont (Grand Isle County), Isle La Motte — Theodore Roosevelt's Visit to Isle La Motte
On this site on September 6, 1901, Vice President Teddy Roosevelt was a guest at the home of Lieut. Gov. Nelson Fisk to be the main speaker at the annual meeting of the Vermont Fish and Game League. Here Roosevelt learned that President McKinley . . . — Map (db m74729) HM
Vermont (Grand Isle County), South Hero — Ebenezer AllenSite of pioneer's tavern
Here Ethan Allen's cousin, Ebenezer, made the first settlement on South Hero. From his tavern, Ethan, one of the "heroes" for whom the islands were named, started homeward across the ice to Burlington, Feb. 11, 1789. Stricken en route, the Green . . . — Map (db m86595) HM
Vermont (Lamoille County), Belvidere Center — George Washington HendersonFirst African-American Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Minister, Educator, Champion of His Race
Born in Virginia in 1850, Henderson was employed as a servant by Henry Carpenter, adjutant in the Eighth Vermont Regiment in the Civil War. In 1865 he accompanied Carpenter to his home in Belvidere and began "to learn his letters." After study with . . . — Map (db m74259) HM
Vermont (Lamoille County), Cambridge — Cambridge Junction Bridge
This bridge was built in 1887 by George W. Holmes in order to access an important railroad junction and the surrounding village of Cambridge Junction. The Burr Arch structure has a clear span of 135 feet, making it one of the longest spans of its . . . — Map (db m94319) HM
Vermont (Lamoille County), Johnson — Julian Scott1846-1901
Julian Scott, Vermont’s most renowned Civil War artist, was born in this Johnson house in 1846. At the start of the Civil War, when only 15, he enlisted as a fifer in the Third Vermont Regiment. Scott was awarded a Medal of Honor -- for rescuing . . . — Map (db m77551) HM
Vermont (Lamoille County), Johnson — Town of Johnson Civil War Honor Roll
Honor Roll Erected by the Town of Johnson In Grateful Remembrance of Her Citizens Who Protected Their Country's Flag During the Civil War. 1861 — 1865 James H. Adams • Levi B. Adams • Sumner A . Andrews • Frank B. Atwell • Marshall . . . — Map (db m140633) WM
Vermont (Lamoille County), Johnson — Town of Johnson World War and Spanish War Honor Roll
Honor Roll Erected by the Town of Johnson In Grateful Appreciation of the Services Rendered by Her Citizens to Their Country During The World War. 1917-1919 Wallace A. Atwell • ★Howard L. Bailey • Delbert T. Dubray • C. Gordon. . . . — Map (db m140636) WM
Vermont (Lamoille County), Morrisville — Morrisville Depot
Built c. 1872 by the St. Johnsbury and Lamoille County Railroad, a division of the Portland & Ogdensburg Railroad, this depot served as an important stop linking Portland, Maine and the Great Lakes for nearly a century. The original portion of the . . . — Map (db m97752) HM
Vermont (Lamoille County), Stowe — Smugglers Notch
The southern gateway to Mount Mansfield and Smugglers Notch is via Route 100, once a plank road, the bed for Mt. Mansfield Electric Rail Road, and one of the earliest concrete roads. From the village of Stowe, Route 108 meanders past the base of . . . — Map (db m85568) HM
Vermont (Lamoille County), Wolcott — Fisher BridgeWolcott, Vermont
This bridge, spanning the Lamoille River on the St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County R. R., is the last railroad covered bridge still in regular use in Vermont and one of the very few left in the U.S. Built in 1908, it is the only remaining with . . . — Map (db m36934) HM
Vermont (Lamoille County), Wolcott — Reverend George S. Brown(1801-1886)
Reverend Brown was the first African American Methodist minister in Vermont. He was born in Newport, RI and became a Methodist minister in Kingsbury, NY in 1833. He made a living by building stone walls; many of which are still standing today. . . . — Map (db m77582) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Bradford — BradfordHome of Maker of 1st Globes and Birthplace of Adm. Clark
James Wilson, a Bradford farmer and self-taught engraver, in early 1800’s made and sold the first geographical globes in the U.S. Adm. Chas. Clark, born here in 1843, was Captain of the “Oregon”, which sailed around the Cape Horn to . . . — Map (db m65832) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Bradford — BradfordJames Wilson, Globe Maker
Located 100 yards beyond this marker is the site where James Wilson had his home and workshop. Between 1808 and 1810 Wilson made and sold the first terrestrial and celestial globes in North America. Born in Londonderry, N.H., in 1763, Wilson was a . . . — Map (db m87995) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Bradford — Hooker Family House
Albert F. Colburn commissioned George P. Loveland & Co to construct this high-style Queen Anne house in 1891 on land subdivided from the estate of Deacon Oliver Hardy. Colburn was the proprietor and treasurer of Wait's River Paper Company, . . . — Map (db m107642) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Bradford — Rear Admiral Charles Edgar Clark U.S.N.
Born Bradford, Vermont August 10, 1843 Died Long Beach California Oct. 1. 1922 Entered Annapolis Naval Academy Sept. 29, 1860 With Farragut Battle Mobile Bay Aug 5, 1864 Race of U.S.S. Oregon from California to Florida Mar. 16-May 26, 1898 . . . — Map (db m65831) HM WM
Vermont (Orange County), Brookfield — The Floating Bridge
Since 1820, eight versions of the Floating Bridge have spanned Sunset Lake, each serving as a unique gateway to Brookfield Village. Previous versions of the bridge were constructed with a variety of materials, including massive timbers, 50-gallon . . . — Map (db m95451) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Fairlee — Nathaniel Niles1741 – 1828
Revolutionary War patriot and author of the popular ode "The American Hero," written in celebration of the Battle of Bunker Hill, Nathaniel Niles was an original settler of Fairlee, then founder of West Fairlee, and first minister of this church. He . . . — Map (db m65091) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Fairlee — Samuel MoreyPioneer Inventor of Steam and Gas Engines lived here
Samuel Morey, resident of Orford and later Fairlee, successfully operated a steamboat on the Conn. River in 1793. Making over 4000 experiments, this early scientist patented an internal combustion engine in 1826 to anticipate the age of the motor . . . — Map (db m32118) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Newbury — Bayley-Hazen Military Road1776 - 1779 — Began Just North at Wells River —
Conceived, planned, laid out & financed by Newbury founder, Gen. Jacob Bayley 1726–1815, who on Nov. 24, 1775, presented his plan to Gen. George Washington for a shorter military route to Canada. On Washington's orders, Bayley began road in . . . — Map (db m87961) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Newbury — Col. Thomas Johnson
To the memory of Col. THOMAS JOHNSON an early settler of this state and a brave and efficient officer in the Revolutionary war. His duties as a civil and military officer were performed with unblemished integrity. In private life a faithful friend . . . — Map (db m89735) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Newbury — Colonel Thomas Johnson1742 - 1819
One of the first settlers of Newbury, 1762, Influential in organizing the town and state; Revolutionary officer; Aid to General Lincoln at Ticonderoga, 1777, A prisoner in Canada 1781, Elected representative ten times. This marks the location of . . . — Map (db m87960) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Newbury — ElmbankHome of Charles Ross Taggart — "The Old Country Fiddler" —
Born on March 19, 1871, Charles Ross Taggart, "The Man From Vermont", grew up in Topsham, VT and in 1907 moved his family to this house which he named Elmbank. Beginning in 1895, Taggart, a humorist and musician, traveled all over the U.S., . . . — Map (db m87964) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Newbury — General Jacob Bayley1726 - 1815
{East side} Patriot A pioneer of strong unselfish purpose A patriot of uncompromising fidelity A soldier unstained by personal ambition A citizen ever devoted to the public good {South side} Soldier French and Indian war . . . — Map (db m88114) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Newbury — Jacob BayleyFounder of Newbury and Revolutionary War General
Veteran of the Indian Wars, Bayley led a migration of settlers from Newbury, Mass to the rich lands of the Coos here at the Great ox-Bow. A staunch patriot, he bitterly opposed the "Haldimand Negotiations" carried on with Canada by Ethan & Ira . . . — Map (db m87994) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Newbury — Old Court HouseHere Stood From 1773 to 1801
The old court house with jail connected for Gloucester County New York, which became Orange County Vermont. It was used for a meeting house until 1788. The Legislature of 1787 met in this building. A few rods northerly stood the log fort of . . . — Map (db m48618) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Randolph Center — Jonathan Peckham Miller(1797 - 1847) — Freedom Fighter —
Jonathan Peckham Miller was born in Randolph and educated at Orange County Grammar School close to this spot. When he fought in the Greek Revolution for freedom from the Turks in the 1820s, he was known internationally as “the American . . . — Map (db m95450) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Randolph Center — RandolphHome of Justin Morgan
In 1791, Schoolmaster Justin Morgan brought into Vermont the colt that was to bear his name and to make them both famous. This Morgan horse which Justin Morgan took as payment of a debt, became the ancestor of one of the greatest breeds of horses . . . — Map (db m79946) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Randolph Center — Randolph State Normal School1867-1911
Near this site stood the first Public School in Vermont for special training of teachers. It burned in 1893; rebuilt at a cost of $12,000 in 1894. Many of the 1623 graduates had long and distinguished careers in the educational professions. Four . . . — Map (db m79924) HM
Vermont (Orange County), South Strafford — Elizabeth Mine
In the 1790s a body of ore was discovered here, leading to the production of copperas from 1809 - 1880s and the intermittent production of copper from 1832 - 1958. The mine site covered 850 acres, and over three million tons of ore were extracted . . . — Map (db m64920) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Strafford — Furnace Flat
In this area, what may have been the first use of hot blast to smelt copper adjacent to a mine in the United States took place. During the winter of 1833-1834, Isaac Tyson, Jr., invented a hot-blast system for smelting copper. Assisted by smelting . . . — Map (db m94486) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Strafford — Justin Smith Morrill / Morrill Homestead
Justin Smith Morrill 1810-1898 Born in Strafford Village, Justin S. Morrill was the son of a blacksmith. He entered politics in 1854 serving in the United States Congress for a total of nearly 44 years. As a member of the House of . . . — Map (db m104075) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Strafford — Old City and Old City Falls
Strafford was granted its charter on August 12, 1761. Land near here was chosen for the town's first settlement by its earliest pioneers, Ezekiel Parish and Frederick Smith. Both men with their families established homesteads in this vicinity by . . . — Map (db m107647) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Strafford — StraffordBirthplace of Justin Smith Morrill
Born April 14, 1810, Senator Morrill served 43 years in the Congress. He won unique fame as author of the Morrill Acts, signed by Abraham Lincoln, 1862. These established our land-grant colleges and universities, securing and broadening higher . . . — Map (db m65008) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Strafford — Strafford Village
The Town of Strafford received its charter on August 12, 1761. By the 1790s the area surrounding the Common, known as Strafford Village, became the town center with a mill dam and mill, several homes, an inn, and a store. The Strafford Village . . . — Map (db m100958) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Thetford — Thetford Academy
On this site stood the original Thetford Academy. Co-educational from the start, it was founded in 1819 by Thetford citizens led by Rev. Asa Burton and Judge Simeon Short. The academic building with belfry and separate doors for boys and girls . . . — Map (db m136062) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Tunbridge — Site of 1780 Raid
On the Tunbridge hilltop, across the meadow, three hundred Indians, led by the British in the wanning years of the Revolutionary War, laid in wait the night of Oct. 15, 1780. As dawn approached on the 16th, they began their pillaging, reducing . . . — Map (db m73916) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Tunbridge — Tunbridge World's Fair
This fair, founded in 1867 and held by the Union Agricultural Society on this site since 1875, was named "The World's Fair' by Lt. Governor Burnham Martin. The annual celebration reflects accomplishments of farmers and families by reinforcing their . . . — Map (db m85974) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Williamstown — Davenport Birthplace
Thomas Davenport was born on the West Hill in 1802 and worked in a blacksmith shop by the village stream. Later, in Brandon, invented the first commutator, and, in 1837, patented the first electric motor. — Map (db m86037) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Williamstown — Thomas DavenportInventor of the electric motor
Born on the West Hill July 9, 1802. Died at the age of 49, July 6 1851, in Salisbury, VT. Buried in Brandon. Near this tablet stood the blacksmith shop where he learned his trade. He invented and made the first ELECTRIC MOTOR in Brandon, Vermont . . . — Map (db m86038) HM
Vermont (Orange County), Williamstown — Town of Williamstown
Williamstown was established in 1780 by Elijah Paine and was formally chartered one year later on August 9, 1781. The first settlers lived on West Hill, along present-day Stone Road. By the mid-1800s, development had shifted from the two hills into . . . — Map (db m103775) HM
Vermont (Orleans County), Barton — Henry M. LelandDesigner of Cadillac and Lincoln Automobiles
Born in Barton on February 16, 1843 to a hard working farm family, Henry Leland carried into his life the strength and quality of his family’s work ethic adding to it his gift and love for precision. By 1890, Leland was in Detroit where he had . . . — Map (db m75107) HM
Vermont (Orleans County), Barton — Veterans Memorial

Proudly we salute our veterans & pledge eternal gratitude for their sacrifices & gallant preservation of freedom for all.

[Armed Services Emblems]

Dedicated May 30, 1989 — Map (db m122627) HM

Vermont (Orleans County), Brownington — Old Stone HouseHistorical Society Museum
In 1836, Rev. Alexander Twilight, the schoolmaster of the Orleans County Grammar School, on a main stage route to Canada, built this structure, Athenian Hall, as a dormitory for his pupils. It now holds the interesting collection of the County . . . — Map (db m85871) HM
Vermont (Orleans County), Craftsbury — Sterling CollegeFounded 1958
Sterling College was among the first colleges and universities in the United States to offer a liberal arts curriculum focused on the environment. It was founded here in Craftsbury Common in 1958 as a boys’ preparatory school known as Sterling . . . — Map (db m136063) HM
Vermont (Orleans County), Derby — Derby Academy1840-1967 — The Oldest Incorporated School in Orleans County —
On this site the Derby Literary and Theological Institute - a private boarding school - was founded by the Danville Baptist Association on one acre of land given by Lemuel Richmond and Benjamin Hinman. Colonel Chester Carpenter led a campaign for . . . — Map (db m75586) HM
Vermont (Orleans County), Derby Line — Haskell Free Library and Opera House
This structure is doubly unusual: it not only straddles the Canada-United States boundary but also contains the rare combination of a library and a theatre. Built between 1901 and 1904 as the gift of the Haskell family of Vermont, it testifies to . . . — Map (db m75167) HM
Vermont (Orleans County), Derby Line — VermontOrleans County Route
Derby Line demonstrates the goodwill between Canada & the United States with its International Rotary Club, and Haskell Library and Opera House built astride the boundary line. Southward in Orleans County lie two of New England’s most beautiful . . . — Map (db m75259) HM
Vermont (Orleans County), Glover — Runaway Pond
On this site, on June 6, 1810 settlers dug an outlet to the north from what was then known as Long Pond. The retaining bank collapsed, causing all water from the 1.5-mile long pond to be discharged toward Barton River, and on to Lake Memphremagog, . . . — Map (db m75120) HM
Vermont (Orleans County), Newport — 2 — Early 19th Century Newport / Newport au dèbut du 19e siècle

Newport was first organized as a town on October 25, 1781, though its charter was not issued until October 30, 1802, when it was granted to Nathan Fish and George Duncan under the name Duncansboro. It was not until November 16, 1816 when a . . . — Map (db m122741) HM

Vermont (Orleans County), Newport — 9 — Early 20th Century, Newport / Newport au début du 20e siècle

Newport had reached its pinnacle of success at the dawn of the 20th century, when three of Newport's most impressive civic buildings were constructed[;] the Goodrich Memorial Library, the Orleans County Courthouse and the Federal Building. . . . — Map (db m122745) HM

Vermont (Orleans County), Newport — Grand Army of the Republic Memorial

In memory of The Eighteen Charter Members of Baxter Post No 51 G.A.R.

Ina L. Rocque Dept. President W.R.C. —————————————— . . . — Map (db m122865) HM WM

Vermont (Orleans County), Newport — 10 — Newport's Fire Fighters / Les Pompiers de Newport

The Memphremagog Hose Company, organized in 1885, was the first fire station of the Newport Village Fire Department. Two separate fire departments, the Memphremagog Hose Company (which included the former Batesville Company) and the West Derby . . . — Map (db m122834) HM

Vermont (Orleans County), Newport — 5 — Newport's Hotels and Tourism / Les Hotels de Newport et le Tourisme

The grand Memphremagog House, c. 1838-1907, the core of which was one of the original buildings constructed on Main Street, dominated the hotel business in Newport, though a few other smaller hotels were also built downtown, near the railroad . . . — Map (db m122666) HM

Vermont (Orleans County), Newport — Northern Forest Canoe TrailNortheast Kingdom


For thousands of years, the waterways of the Northeast Kingdom provided the best travel routes across the rugged landscape. Lake Memphremagog is a hub which connects the northeast's major waterways: Lake Champlain to the west, . . . — Map (db m122629) HM

Vermont (Orleans County), Newport — Pomerleau ParkWelcome - Bienvenue

This property is a heartfelt gift from Antonio Pomerleau and Family. A native son of Newport, Tony wishes to ensure an enjoyable space for present and future generations. — Map (db m122680) HM

Vermont (Orleans County), Newport — 4 — The Arrival of the Railroad / L'Arrivée du Chemin de Fer

The City of Newport's development was dramatically altered by the arrival of the railroad in the mid-nineteenth century. From the south, in 1863, the Connecticut and Passumpsic Railroad arrived in Newport. In 1873, a second line, the Missisquoi . . . — Map (db m122671) HM

Vermont (Orleans County), Newport — 6 — The Lane Opera House / Le « Lane Opera House »(La Maison de l'Opéra Lane)

In 1892, a prominent citizen of Newport, Elisha Lane, commenced construction of the Lane Opera House. The opera house was a three-story brick building with a solid granite foundation and decorative granite window and door trim. The more . . . — Map (db m122633) HM

Vermont (Orleans County), Newport — 3 — Tour Boats on the Lake / Les Bateaux de Randonnée sur le Lac

For both the original Native Americans and the earliest settlers, Lake Memphremagog was important for transportation and portage, but it also would develop an illustrious history as a tourist destination. Once fronted by the grand Memphremagog . . . — Map (db m122683) HM

Vermont (Orleans County), Newport — Vietnam Veterans Memorial

In honor of those who served in Vietnam — Map (db m122794) WM

Vermont (Orleans County), Newport — War Memorial

To Honor the Veterans of All Wars They Gave Their Today for Our Tomorrow

☆ ☆ ☆

Let us remember our brave men and women who served the country they loved May we devote our lives to the building of peace . . . — Map (db m122849) WM

Vermont (Rutland County), Belmont — Village of MechanicsvilleFounded in Early 1800's
Mechanicsville was a village center in the Town of Mount Holly, which was chartered in 1792. The village prospered with the growth of water-powered manufacturing, that included sawmills, gristmills, wheelwrights, furniture shops, and the A.P. Chase . . . — Map (db m78153) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Brandon — Brandon Civil War MemorialTo Her Fallen Soldiers — 1861-1865 —
Killed in Battle Capt. Geo. B. Davenport, May 5, 1864 Capt. Chas. J. Ormsbee, May 5, 1864 Lieut. Hiram Bailey, June 3, 1864 Sergt. Ezra P. West, June 29, 1862 Corp. Chas. A. Ford, April 2, 1865 Hadley P. Ford, May 16, 1864 John . . . — Map (db m136383) WM
Vermont (Rutland County), Brandon — Brandon Training School
Established in 1915, the program served Vermonters with mental retardation and developmental disabilities continuously until 1993. Founded as the Brandon State School for Feebleminded Children, the name was changed to Brandon State School in 1929 . . . — Map (db m76003) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Brandon — Forest Dale Ironworks
Ironworking began at Forest Dale in 1810 using local ore. By 1823 a blast furnace was producing pig iron and a variety of ornamental iron. The Green Mountain Iron Company acquired the facility in 1854 to produce parlor stoves. The furnace was . . . — Map (db m78178) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Brandon — Stephen A. DouglasOpponent of Abraham Lincoln
The ‘little giant’ of national politics, born in Brandon in 1813, later moved to Middlebury to learn cabinet making. Returning to Brandon, he attended the Academy. Moving to Illinois in 1833, his career merged with the stream of American politics, . . . — Map (db m76006) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Brandon — Stephen A. Douglas
(side 1) Teacher Lawyer Orator Statesman United States Senator from Illinois 1847 to 1861 Democratic candidate for President of United States against Abraham Lincoln. Loyal supporter of Lincoln and the Union in the early days . . . — Map (db m136876) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Castleton — "Vermont's First College"
On this site Castleton State College, Vermont’s first college and the eighteenth oldest in the nation, was first established as the Rutland County Grammar School, chartered by the General Assembly of the Republic of Vermont on October 15, 1787. The . . . — Map (db m78184) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Castleton — Conflict at Fort Warren
Conflict – Site of Fort Warren 1777 – 1779 Erected under the auspices of Ann Story Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution 1904 — Map (db m105476) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Castleton — Edwin L. Drake1819-1880 — Founder of the Oil Industry —
Drilling the first modern oil well in the United States on August 27, 1859 at Titusville, Penna., Drake struck oil at 69 feet and launched one of the world’s great industries. On a farm on Drake Road, near this spot, he lived as a boy and attended . . . — Map (db m78199) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Castleton — Fort WarrenBattle of Hubbardton — Seven Miles North —
Directly east is the elevation of Fort Warren, built in 1779 for defense of the northern frontier. The road from the north was route of American retreat before Burgoyne, protected by Col. Seth Warner’s rearguard action at the Battle of Hubbardton, . . . — Map (db m78183) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Castleton — James Hope1818-1892
American portrait and landscape painter, James Hope excelled at capturing the beauty of mid-19th century Vermont. He is best known for his five large paintings of the Civil War Battle of Antietam in Maryland done from sketches made while serving as . . . — Map (db m95452) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Castleton — Meeting of Allen and Arnold
Marking The Meeting Place of Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold on their Historic March to Fort Ticonderoga May 9, 1775 Dedicated 1941 Vermont Sesquicentennial — Map (db m105475) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Castleton — Slate Pencil Manufacturing(1843-1878)
In 1843, John Cain erected a slate pencil mill along Sucker Brook. Benjamin and James Adams bought the mill in 1853, and began mass-producing slate pencils as the Adams Manufacturing Co. Soon, after acquiring more land and business partners, the . . . — Map (db m97291) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Castleton — The "Old Chapel"Castleton Medical College — (1818-1862) —
Castleton Medical College was the first such college in Vermont. This structure, built in 1821, was originally located on Main Street west of the present town library. In 1864 a leading citizen presented the building to Harriet Haskell, Principal . . . — Map (db m78198) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Center Rutland — Center Rutland DepotConstructed Circa 1912
The Center Rutland Depot is a classic example of an early 1900's rail station. Built at the junction of the Delaware and Hudson and Rutland Railroads, the depot served the area's passenger and freight customers until the late 1950's. — Map (db m77980) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Center Rutland — Mead's Falls
James Mead, Rutland's first settler, arrived at these falls on the Otter Creek in 1769. The next year he and his family were given shelter by members of the Caughnawaga tribe while they finished their log cabin. Mead built saw and grist mills on the . . . — Map (db m77440) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Clarendon — Kingsley Grist Mill
The last of a dozen mills that dotted Mill River during the 18th & 19th century. Kingsley Grist Mill stands just upstream of the 1870 Town lattice truss covered bridge.

Kingsley's Mill, the only mill ever designed and built by nationally known . . . — Map (db m74431) HM

Vermont (Rutland County), Danby — Pearl S. BuckJune 26, 1892 - March 6, 1973
Mother, wife, writer, humanitarian, and civil rights activist, Pearl Buck was the first American woman to receive the Pulitzer and Nobel prizes for literature. A visionary, she worked to cross political and cultural barriers to further . . . — Map (db m95455) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), East Poultney — Horace Greeley - George JonesNoted journalists served apprenticeship near here
At the original settlement in East Poultney, Horace Greeley, founder of the "New York Tribune", worked on the "Northern Spectator", 1826-1830. George Jones, co-founder of the "N.Y.Times", also came from here. — Map (db m78256) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), East Poultney — Jeffrey Brace1742 - 1827 — African, Revolutionary Veteran, Author, Abolitionist —
Jeffrey Brace was born in West Africa with the name Boyrereau Brinch. At sixteen he was captured by European slave traders, shipped to Barbados, sold to a ship's captain, and eventually arrived in New England. Some years later, while still enslaved, . . . — Map (db m60663) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), East Poultney — Poultney Civil War Monument1861-1865
To our country's defenders of Poultney,VT. Erected in grateful memory of their heroic service by Mrs. Josephine L. Lewis in memory of her husband Col. Judson A. Lewis. — Map (db m60775) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), East Poultney — Site of Oldest Union Church in America
Founded eight years before religious liberty was made constitutional 1780 — Map (db m60783) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Fair Haven — 9/112001 • 2011 — May We Never Forget —

This piece of steel beam was a gift from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to the FHFD. It was recovered from Ground Zero.

Dedicated in the honor of those who lost their lives.

Flight 93 • W.T.C. • Pentagon FDNY - . . . — Map (db m109318) HM WM

Vermont (Rutland County), Fair Haven — Civil War Memorial

In memory of our fallen comrades 1861 - 1865 — Map (db m109312) WM

Vermont (Rutland County), Fair Haven — First Slate Quarry in Western Vermont
This area of Vermont is known for its high quality slate; the first quarry was opened on Scotch Hill in 1839 by Alonson Allen & Caleb Ranney. Allen began the first manufacture of roofing slate in Vermont in 1848. By 1869 there were seventeen . . . — Map (db m78200) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Fair Haven — Matthew LyonFair Haven's oldest mills built on falls by founder
Matthew Lyon, Irish-born leading grantee, built grist, saw and paper mills here, 1783, and a forge above. He ran first store, inn, and newspaper. As Congressman from Vermont he was jailed under the Sedition Law and later elected from Kentucky and . . . — Map (db m78211) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Fair Haven — Site of Fair Haven High School1877 - 1957

Ralph Kehoe 1928 -1989

Athlete, War Hero, Coach and Teacher

First Four Letter UVM Athlete 1973 UVM Hall of Fame Korean War Silver and Bronze [S]tars, Purple Heart 1954 – 58 FHHS coach and teacher 1956 – 57 . . . — Map (db m109317) HM WM

Vermont (Rutland County), Fair Haven — Veterans Memorial Park
Dedicated to those who have served their country in time of need

“. . . and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall . . . — Map (db m109316) WM

Vermont (Rutland County), Fair Haven — World War MemorialFair Haven, Vt.

Honor Roll

Ebenezer Bull • William P. Cain • Michele Fumarola George N. Greene • William H. Griffith • Charles E. Ingalls Harold S. Metcalf • Carl W. Mooney • Gordon W. Preston Harley R. Streeter • Emil Trombley • Joseph Vinci • . . . — Map (db m109315) WM

Vermont (Rutland County), Goshen — The Ruth Stone House/Green Apples
Ruth Stone (1915-2011) purchased this property in 1956, and for the next 55 years it provided inspiration for her writing and a haven for the many students and colleagues she welcomed. She published her first book of poetry in 1959, the same year . . . — Map (db m135842) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Hubbardton — Battle of HubbardtonOnly Battlefield On Vermont Soil
Here on July 7, 1777 a successful rearguard action by Colonel Seth Warner’s Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire troops ended British pursuit under Generals Frazer and Reldesel. Thus, General St. Claire’s American army, retreating from Fort . . . — Map (db m74470) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Hubbardton — British Flank Near Mt. Zion
Directly in front of you stands the majestic Mount Zion. From its summit the whole battlefield can be seen and it may have served as a lookout for Tory and Indian scouts who were surveying the area for the British shortly before the battle. The . . . — Map (db m11408) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Hubbardton — Dawn Attack
Directly ahead, through the gap in the hills, ran the Military Road which connected the American garrison at Mount Independence on Lake Champlain with sites on the Connecticut River. American forces used this road as their escape route during their . . . — Map (db m11406) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Hubbardton — Germans Arrive, Americans Retreat
Most of the battle waged back and forth in this field until the Americans were finally forced across the Castleton Road to the east. They took up a position there behind a log and stone fence. After some heavy fighting, Colonel Hale’s 2nd New . . . — Map (db m11411) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Hubbardton — Hubbardton Battle Monument
The only battle fought in Vermont during the Revolution Right side of Monument: This monument erected by citizens of Hubbardton and vicinity July 7, 1859 Back of Monument: Hubbardton Battle fought on this ground July 7, 1777 Bottom of . . . — Map (db m9230) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Hubbardton — Monument Hill Charge
Colonel Ebenezer Francis and his 11th Continental Regiment from Massachusetts encamped along this hilltop on the night of July 6th. To the left, down the hill toward the Selleck cabin, were Seth Warner and his Green Mountain Boys; to the right was . . . — Map (db m11407) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Hubbardton — The Selleck Cabin
John and Sarah Selleck built their cabin near the Castleton Road when they moved to Hubbardton from Connecticut in 1775. Like many other families, they had come here to farm and raise their families away from the crowding and turmoil in the coastal . . . — Map (db m11410) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Hubbardton — Welcome to Hubbardton Battlefield State Historic Park
The only battle fought on Vermont soil during the American Revolution took place on these fields. Viewed as a rear guard action, this battle was important because it slowed the progress of the British and German pursuers long enough for the main . . . — Map (db m11405) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Killington — Mt. KillingtonState's second highest peak — scene of christening legend —
Southward appears the summit of Mt. Killington, once called Pisgah, on which Rev. Samuel Peters claimed he christened the wilderness with the name "Verd-mont" in 1763. Most historians give credit to Dr. Thomas Young’s letter "to the inhabitants of . . . — Map (db m78175) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Mendon — Edward Hastings RipleyNovember 11, 1839 - September 14, 1915
Born in Rutland, Ripley enlisted in the 9th Vermont in 1862 and fought at Harper’s Ferry, Chaffin’s Farm and Second Fair Oaks. As brigade commander of the Army of the James, the general led the first Union troops into the Confederate capitol of . . . — Map (db m103338) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Mendon — John Vincent
Near this location lived "Captain John" Vincent, a member of the Caughnawaga tribe. An admirer of General George Washington, Captain John became a firm friend of the Colonies. He accompanied Benedict Arnold and Richard Montgomery to guide American . . . — Map (db m78176) HM
Vermont (Rutland County), Middletown Springs — A. W. Gray & Sons
Near this site Albert W. Gray manufactured his horse power treadmills, which he invented and patented in 1844 and 1856. He also invented a corn sheller, patented in 1836, and a machine for making wrought iron nails.

For over 50 years the shop, . . . — Map (db m60664) HM

Vermont (Rutland County), Middletown Springs — Middletown Springs War Memorial
Plaque on Front of Monument: Middletown's Roll of Honor 1861 - 1865 1st VT Reg't.– Whitmore, Sylvanus L. 2nd VT Reg't.– Bateman, John S.•Cole, Obadiah•Perham, Merritt•Perry, Andrew J. 7th VT Reg't.– Buxton, . . . — Map (db m60814) WM

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