“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers in Ireland

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By William Fischer, Jr., April 8, 2009
A Fighting Chance Marker
1Ireland, Connacht (County Galway), Killeany — A Fighting Chance
John Ridgeway & Chay Bylth rowed the Atlantic in English Rose III from Orleans to Kilronan, Aran, Ireland 4th June 1966 - 3rd Sept. 1966 Na laga dia iadMap (db m22850) HM
2Ireland, Connacht (County Galway), Kilmurvy — Dún Aonghus
This, one of the finest prehistoric fortresses in Western Europe, consists of three dry-stone ramparts, and the remains of a fourth, the outermost of which encloses an area of 11 acres. Outside the second rampart there is a 30 foot band of . . . Map (db m109137) HM
3Ireland, Connacht (County Galway), Kinvara — Francis A. Fahy1854 - 1935
Poet, Writer, Life-Long Worker in the Irish Cause was born in this house Sept. 29. 1854. ——•—— “For peace of mind I'll never find until my own I call that little Irish cailín in her ould plaid . . . Map (db m28091) HM
4Ireland, Connacht (County Galway), Oghil — Welcome to Port Corrúch Seal ColonyFailte go Port Corrúch
Welcome to Port Corrúch Seal Colony [First part of the marker is about the seal colony along the coastline and is not transcribed] As you look across the North Sound you can see the Coast of Connemare and the Twelve pins of Connemara. Near . . . Map (db m22928) HM
5Ireland, Connacht (County Mayo), Althore — Srahwee or Altóir Megalithic Wedge TombClew Bay Archaeological Trail site 13Slí Seandálaíochta Chuan Módh
Sraith Bhuí – The Yellow River Land This is one of the finest megalithic tombs in Ireland. This particular example is a wedge tomb, so-called because of its shape, wider and higher at the entrance and gradually tapering towards . . . Map (db m28063) HM
6Ireland, Connacht (County Mayo), Cloonlaur — Bunlahinch ClapperbridgeClew Bay Archaeological Trail site 14Slí Seandálaíochta Chuan Módh
Bún na hInes - Bottom of the River Meadow This clapperbridge is a very unusual feature in the West of Ireland. The word clapper originally meant plank in the Sussex area of England, where there are many examples. Clapperbridges are a . . . Map (db m28058) HM
7Ireland, Connacht (County Mayo), Cong — Monk's Fishing House / Teach Iascaigh na Manach
Monk's Fishing House Fish was a staple in the diet of the mediaeval monastery, and this small building, probably built in the 15th or 16th century, is believed to have been used by the monks of Cong to make the task of catching fish a little . . . Map (db m28068) HM
8Ireland, Connacht (County Mayo), Killeen — Killeen Graveyard and Cross SlabClew Bay Archaeological Trail site 15Slí Seandálaíochta Chuan Módh
This graveyard is now in the area known as Killeen. There is no trace of the early Christian church but there is a circular raised platform within the graveyard which could indicate where the original church stood. Tradition has it that if a . . . Map (db m28056) HM
9Ireland, Connacht (County Mayo), Louisburg — Famine Museum and Granuaile Centre, LouisburghClew Bay Archeaological Trail site 12Slí Seandálaíochta Chuan Módh
Cluain Cearbhán - Meadow of the Buttercups The Famine Museum in Louisburgh recounts local memories of the famine, presents coverage of the famine in the media, nationally and locally, and shows how links have been established . . . Map (db m28044) HM
10Ireland, Connacht (County Mayo), Moneen — Lime Kiln, Moneen,Clew Bay Archaeological Trail site 11Slí Seandálaíochta Chuan Módh
Móinín - Small Bog Lime Kilns date from the 18th century and were used until the 1940s in some areas. By lighting fires in these kilns and adding crushed limestone, lime was produced for use as fertiliser in the fields and also for . . . Map (db m27989) HM
11Ireland, Connacht (County Mayo), Murrisk — Murrisk Abbey / National Famine Monument / Statue of St PatrickClew Bay Archaeological Trail sites 6, 7, 8Slí Seandálaíochta Chuan Módh
Murrisk Abbey • site 6 Muraisc - Sea Marsh Murrisk Abbey was founded circa 1456 by the Augustinian Friars because “the inhabitants of those parts have not hitherto been instructed in their faith.” It quickly . . . Map (db m27757) HM
12Ireland, Connacht (County Mayo), Murrisk — Murrisk Fisherman's Monument
Ag Críost an mhuir Ag Críost an t-iasc I líontaih Dé go gcastar sinn This monument was erected to honour the contributions of the traditional seafaring fishing community in Murrisk. We celebrate their memory and ask you to remember . . . Map (db m80404) HM
13Ireland, Connacht (County Mayo), Murrisk — Murrisk Friary / Mainistir Mhuraisce
Murrisk - from Muraisc (Sea-marsh) Murrisk Friary This small house of Augustinian friars, located here on the south shore of Clew Bay in the shadow of Croagh Patrick, was founded in 1457 by Hugh O'Malley. It was dedicated . . . Map (db m27587) HM
14Ireland, Connacht (County Mayo), Murrisk — National Famine MemorialCuimhneachán Náisiúnta ar an nGorta Mór
To honour the memory of all who died, suffered and emigrated due to the Great Famine of 1845 - 1850, and the victims of all famines. The Memorial was unveiled by the President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, on 20 July 1997. I gcuimhna . . . Map (db m27583) HM
15Ireland, Connacht (County Mayo), Murrisk — Squadron Leader R. F. C. Garvey
In loving memory of Squadron Leader R.F.C. Garvey D.F.C. & Bar Only son of J.C. & Gladys Garvey Born at Murrisk Abbey 11th July 1918 Killed in a flying accident at Shawbury, England, on 14th January 1948 & buried there Dearly . . . Map (db m28259) HM
16Ireland, Connacht (County Mayo), the Doo Lough Valley — 1849 Famine Walk
To commemorate the Hungry Poor who walked here in 1849 and walk the Third World today Freedom for South Africa 1994. “How can men feel themselves honoured by the humiliation of their fellow beings.” Mahatma Gandhi in . . . Map (db m27687) HM
17Ireland, Connacht (County Mayo), Westport — Major John Mac Bride / Seán Mac Giolla Bríde
IgCuimhne ar an maor Seán Mac Giolla Bríde Major John Mac Bride Vice-Commandant Irish Republican Army, Major in the Army of the South African Republic, Organizer of the Transvaal Irish Brigade, who died for Ireland 5th . . . Map (db m27564) HM WM
18Ireland, Connacht (County Roscommon), Ballinlough — Glynn - Glavey - Keane Memorial
This memorial was erected to commemorate the memory of Comdt. Patrick Glynn Lieut. Michael Glavey Vol. Michael Keane who gave their lives for the cause of freedom during an attack on Ballinlough R.I.C. Barracks on Sept. . . . Map (db m27768) HM
19Ireland, Connacht (County Roscommon), Ballyconboy — 988:1272 — Cruachan / Cruachain (Rathmore)
Cruachan is traditionally said to be the inauguration place of the Kings of Connacht. There are a number of monuments spread over an area of about two square miles. These include a large mound, a number of differently-shaped enclosures and some . . . Map (db m28192) HM
20Ireland, Connacht (County Roscommon), Cloonyquin — Percy French1854 - 1920
This memorial is erected on the site of the birthplace of William Percy French Born 1st May 1854 and commemorates his life as engineer, song-writer, entertainer, artist and journalist. “Remember me is all I ask, and yet if . . . Map (db m28177) HM
21Ireland, Connacht (County Roscommon), Rathmoyle — Rathmoyle Cemetery
Rathmoyle Cemetery is unique in that it is the property of the parish and is maintained solely by the local population. The site appeas on the 1st edition of the 6 inch O.S. series of maps for Co. Roscommon as a Mortuary Chapel with surrounding . . . Map (db m28204) HM
22Ireland, Connacht (County Roscommon), Strokestown — Dr. Dudley Forde House
Fine example of town's Georgian architecture. Home of Dr. Dudley Forde popular medical practitioner in this area for many years Died 1945Map (db m27557) HM
23Ireland, Connacht (County Roscommon), Strokestown — Mahon Dower House
Former Mahon Dower House Originally constructed in 1740's later used as Scoil Mhuire Secondary School until 1967Map (db m27538) HM
24Ireland, Connacht (County Roscommon), Strokestown — Strokestown Brewery
Brewery here in early 18th centuryMap (db m27548) HM
25Ireland, Connacht (County Roscommon), Strokestown — The Sharkey Sisters
The Sharkey Sisters Una and Lena resided here. Leading members of Cumann na mBan during War of IndependenceMap (db m27553) HM
26Ireland, Connacht (County Sligo), Ballymote — Ireland's National Monument to the Fighting 69th Regiment& Brigadier General Michael Corcoran
Ireland's National Monument to the Fighting 69th Regiment & Brigadier General Michael Corcoran Unveiled by The Honourable Major Michael R. Bloomberg New York City 22 August 2006 John Perry T.D Chariman Ballymore Community . . . Map (db m85947) WM
27Ireland, Connacht (County Sligo), Ballymote — Irish of the American Civil War Monument
We sent you our starving and our evicted you gave them freedom and opportunity 1861-1865 You sounded the call of arms We answered with loyalty and courage We gave service, limb and life To the honour and lasting memory of Irish . . . Map (db m85946) WM
28Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — Arrival of the Carmelite Order
To commemorate the arrival of the Carmelite Order in Ireland Leighlinbridge 1271 Jubilee 2000 ———————— Comoradh ar theacht na Mbrathar mban go Heirinn . . . Map (db m136334) HM
29Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — Birthplace of John Tyndall FRS1820-1893
Experimenter & Educationalist Light Pipe : IR Analysis : Respiration AnalyserMap (db m136205) HM
30Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — Brian Mulroney Ancestral Home Visit
Planted 12 July 1991 by the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney Prime Minister of Canada to mark the occasion of his visit to his ancestral home. . . . Map (db m136332) HM
31Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — Cardinal Patrick Francis Joseph Moran(1830-1911)
. . . Map (db m136351) HM
32Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — Culm Crusher
Now part of our industrial heritage, culm crushers are remnants of the coal mining industry in the Coal Measures Hills of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Concentrated mostly in the areas around Old Leighlin and Castlecomer, they were a communal . . . Map (db m136345) HM
33Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — 5 — Gairdín cuimhneachain / Garden of Remembrance
Déantar cuimhneachán ar go leor daoine áitiúla móra le rá anseo. Ach bealach ar leith atá sa Mheilteoir Colmais chun comóradh a dhéanamh ar shaol laethúil mhuintir eile an tsráidbhaile. D'úsáid siad an chloch ollmhór ar chúis . . . Map (db m136446) HM
34Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — 6 — Gairdín na nDealbh / Sculpture Garden
Déantar cuimhneamh i nGairdín na nDealbh ar thriúr de na mic ba mhó le rá i Leithghlinn an Droichid: John Tyndall, Comhalta den Chumann Ríoga, arbh é an chéad duine a chruthaigh gurb ann don larmhairt Cheaptha Teasa, an Cairdinéal Patrick . . . Map (db m136426) HM
35Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — Ireland's First Toll Bridge1335
The Kavanaghs dominated this area. To use the bridge The Crown paid Black Rent Safe shall sail Through life's gale, From the Quay of Leighlin, O. Rowan McCombe.Map (db m136199) HM
36Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — John Tyndall(1820-1893) — Man of Science —
The story of John Tyndall is one of courage, passion and idealism. A story of the highest personal success achievable by any person of humble beginnings in his time.Map (db m136381) HM
37Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — Leighlinbridge Malt Houses
Supplied malt to breweries & distilleries of Ireland via the navigable River Barrow As we're tied, Side by side, At the Quay of Leighlin, O.Map (db m136201) HM
38Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — Myles Walter Keogh(1840-1876)
The Colonel from Leighlin who died in one of the greatest battles to grip the public imagination, The Battle of the Little Big Horn or what became known as Custer's Last Stand.Map (db m136355) WM
39Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — Nicholas Aylward Vigors FRS1785-1840
Zoologist & Scientific Reformer founder of Zoological Society & First Secretary 1826 Ornithological ResearchesMap (db m136206) HM
40Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — Nurse Margaret Kehoe
In Memory Of Nurse Margaret Kehoe Orchard, Leighlinbridge. Born on 17th March 1867 who was shot dead while carrying out her duties at The South Dublin Union (St James Hospital) on Easter Monday April 24th 1916. . . . Map (db m136335) HM
41Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — River Barrow / An Bhearú
Second longest river in Ireland, 192 km, one of the Three Sisters Whilst we lie Snug and dry, At the Quay of Leighlin, O.Map (db m136200) HM
42Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — Sisters of Mercy1910 - 2010
A Tribute to the Sisters of Mercy in Leighlin in Appreciation of their service to the community since 1910Map (db m136331) HM
43Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — The Tyndall WayAn Sli Tyndall
From 1837-39 John Tyndall and his sister, Emma travelled the River Barrow towpath to Ballinabranna school, 4 miles distant. On the way they would occasionally join with their teacher, John Conwill who lived near the towpath at Rathornan and . . . Map (db m136347) HM
44Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — welcome to leighlinbridge - the garden village
Leighlinbridge enjoys a range of gardens, built and designed by the local community to commemorate various aspects of village life over the years. The Millenium Garden, located on Ballyknockan Hill, was built to celebrate the New Millenium . . . Map (db m136384) HM
45Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Leighlinbridge — World War I Memorial1914 - 1918
[County Carlow Roll of Honored Dead]Map (db m136343) WM
46Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Rathvilly — Doyle Family Shoeing Stone
This shoeing stone has been in the Doyle Family of the Moate for five generations and has been donated by them to the people of Rathvilly ———————— The shoeing stone was relocated . . . Map (db m136195) HM
47Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Rathvilly — Kevin Gerard Barry
H. Company 1st. Batt. Dublin Brigade I.R.A. of Tombeach in the Parish of Rathvilly Born in Dublin 20th. January 1902 Taken in Action against British troops 20th September 1920 Hanged in Mountjoy Jail 1st. November 1920 Aged . . . Map (db m136190) HM WM
48Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Rathvilly — RathvillyCarlow Towns and Villages — Ireland's Ancient East —
Rathvilly nestles at the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains on the River Staney in the lush, green landscape of Ireland's Ancient East. The name Rathvilly derives from the Irish for 'Ring Fort of the Trees'. The village and its surrounds has a . . . Map (db m136197) HM
49Ireland, Leinster (County Carlow), Rathvilly — The Rathvilly Rose
To Mark The 50th Anniversary Of Rathvilly All Ireland Tidy Town Win In 1961 This Plaque Was Unveiled On The 18th June 2011 By The Minister For The Environment Mr Phil Hogan TD . . . Map (db m136193) HM
50Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Castle HallHalla an Chaisleáin
Castle Hall The causeway entrance to the 13th century Dublin Castle lies under this building on the North/South axis. The Bedford Tower was built on the medieval entrance towers. This building, comprising of the former Genealogical Office and . . . Map (db m22435) HM
51Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Chris Reid Oral History Artwork Project
Chris Reid completed a public artwork consisting of 20 bronze plaques and a printed book. The texts are based on recordings the artist made from 2004 to 2008 with residents and people associated with Nicholas Street, Ross Road, Bride Street and . . . Map (db m22480) HM
52Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Countess Constance Markievicz1869 - 1927 — Major, Irish Citizen Army, 1916 —
A valiant woman who fought for Ireland in 1916 _________________________ In the 1916 Rising she was Second-in-Command to Michael Mallin in the College of Surgeons. She was sentenced to death for her activities but was released from prison in . . . Map (db m22504) HM
53Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Dublin Millenium Literary Parade988 - 1988 — Dublin Corporate Parks Dept. —
One of Dublin's major contributions to European civilisation has been in the area of literature. It is remarkable that so many writers of world renown were born here including three winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature. This Literary Parade . . . Map (db m22472) HM
54Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — First Performance of Handel's Messiah
This bronze commemorates the first performance of George Frideric Handel's Oratorio Messiah, given in the Old Musick Hall in Fishamble Street at noon on Tuesday April 13th 1742Map (db m22450) HM
55Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Fusiliers’ Arch
In memory of the officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers who fell in the South African War A.D.1899·1900 Fortissimis suis militibus hoc monumentum eblana dedicavit MCMVII Hartshill•Ladysmith•Talana•Colenso• . . . Map (db m22470) HM
56Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Haslam Memorial Seat
In 1925 a finely sculptured garden seat of Kilkenny limestone was placed in the park and inscribed on the back - “Anna Marie, 1829 - 1922 and Thomas Haslam, 1825 - 1917. This seat is erected in commemoration [sic - ‘honour’] of their long . . . Map (db m22485) HM
57Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — James Clarence Mangan(1803 - 1849)
He has been described as the greatest poet of the nineteenth century. He died of cholera in 1849. The bronze bust by Oliver Sheppard was unveiled in 1909 on behalf of the National Literary Society. In a niche in the pedestal is a marble head . . . Map (db m22488) HM
58Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — James Joyce(1882 - 1941)
Acknowledged as a world figure in literature. He dismantled the English language and put it together again so that it became music. The sculpture in bronze was unveiled on June 16, (Bloomsday) 1982.Map (db m27047) HM
59Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa / Ó Donnabháin Rosa(1831 - 1915)
Ni dhéanfaidh gáeil bhearmao orc go brách [Gaelic transcription is best effort] ——— Erected in 1954. An uncut rock of Wicklow granite symbolises the patriot's unbreakable spirit. Into the rock is set a plaque bearing an . . . Map (db m25316) HM
60Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Leinster HouseMalton Trail
Since 1924, Leinster House has been the seat of the two houses of the Oireachtas, Dail and Seanad (Irish Parliament and Senate), who meet here a total of 90 days a year. Designed in 1745 by the architect Richard Cassels, who also designed the . . . Map (db m22459) HM
61Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Lord Ardilaun
Prior to 1877 St. Stephen's Green was a private square for the use of the residents of the Green. In that year, through the generosity of Sir Arthur Edward Guinness (Lord Ardilaun) negotiations were concluded for converting it into a public park. . . . Map (db m25311) HM
62Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Margaret Anna Cusack1829 - 1899
Margaret Anna Cusack was born on this site on May 6th 1829. At the time York Street was a centre of medicine. She was the daughter of Sara and Dr. Samuel Cusack. Her uncle was the interationally renowned surgeon James William Cusack, 3-times . . . Map (db m22454) HM
63Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — National Memorial to members of the Defence Forceswho died in the service of the State — "An Dún Cuimhneacháin" —
The National Memorial to members of the Defence Forces is a place of contemplation and remembrance, providing a focal point where families, relatives and members of the public can reflect on the contribution and sacrifice made by members of the . . . Map (db m26868) HM
64Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Oscar Wilde House
Oscar Wilde 1854 - 1900 Poet, Dramatist, Wit Lived Here 1855 to 1878Map (db m24754) HM
65Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Robert Emmet(1778 - 1803)
Presented to the People of Ireland by The Robert Emmet Statue Committee of the United States of America April 13, 1966 Francis J. Kane, Chairman Ambassador Scott McLeod Devlin W. Dormer, Esq. Hon. Michael J. Kirwan, M.C. . . . Map (db m25304) HM
66Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Saint Patrick’s ParkPáirc Naomh Pádraig
Tradition has it that Saint Patrick baptised the first Irish Christians in a well, situated here in St. Patrick's Park, with water from the River Poddle, which still flows underground. A small wooden church was erected here to commemorate the . . . Map (db m22468) HM
67Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Sir William Robert Wills Wilde1815 - 1876
aural and ophthalmic surgeon, archaeologist, ethnologist, antiquarian, biographer, statistician, naturalist, topographer, historian, folklorist, lived in this house from 1855 to 1876Map (db m24755) HM
68Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — St. Patrick's CathedralMalton Trail
This majestic view of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin is a colour reproduction from a series of original aquatints etched by James Malton, whose work, A Picturesque and Descriptive View of the City of Dublin, gives us a glimpse of Dublin at the . . . Map (db m22465) HM
69Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — St. Stephen's Green Bandstand
Erected in 1887 from funds subscribed by the Dublin Metropolitan Police to commemorate Queen Victoria's Jubilee. [From the Monuments of St. Stephen's Green marker found in the park.]Map (db m22483) HM
70Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — The "Three Fates"
This fountain, erected in 1956, is situated near the Leeson Street entrance to the park. It consists of a group of three bronze figures – Nornenbrunnen, representing the Three Fates, who weave and measure the thread of man's destiny. The . . . Map (db m25306) HM
71Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Theobald Wolfe Tone(1763-98)
An Irish patriot convicted of treason. He died mysteriously in prison in November 1798. The memorial consists of a ten-foot figure of Wolfe Tone backed by a wall of rough granite columns of varying width and rising to 16 feet in height. . . . Map (db m25303) HM
72Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Thomas M. Kettle1880 - 1916
Born in County Dublin 9th February 1880 Killed at Guinchy 9th September 1916 Poet•Essayist•Patriot ____________________ Killed at Guinchy during the Great War, September 1916. “Died not for Flag nor King nor Emperor But for a . . . Map (db m22489) WM
73Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Veronica Guerin1959 - 1996
Sunday Independent journalist, was murdered on 26th June 1996. Be Not Afraid Greater justice was her ideal and it was her ultimate achievement Her courage and sacrifice saved many from the scourge of drugs and other crime. Her . . . Map (db m24078) HM
74Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — William Butler Yeats(1865 - 1939)
“He may be regarded as the pivot around which Irish literature turned from instinctive to conscious art.” (George W. Russell). The memorial, erected in [October] 1967, is a tribute in bronze by Henry Moore, the sculptor.Map (db m27039) HM
75Ireland, Leinster (County Fingal), Howth — Balscadden House
W. B. Yeats Poet Lived Here • 1880-1883 “I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams”Map (db m24771) HM
76Ireland, Leinster (County Fingal), Howth — Howth Abbey, St. Marys / "Mainistir" Bhinn Éadair
Howth Abbey, St. Marys Sigtrygg, King of Dublin, founded the first church here in 1042. When this church was amalgamated with another on Ireland's Eye in 1235, it was re-founded by Luke, Archbishop of Dublin. Much of the present church dates . . . Map (db m27205) HM
77Ireland, Leinster (County Fingal), Howth — Howth The Village / Binn Éadair ______The Fingal Way / Sli Fhine Gall
A Fishing Village References to the fishing industry in Howth can be found from the twelfth century, although in the seventeenth century the port was also known in the area as a base for pirates roaming Dublin Bay. In Elizabethan times a . . . Map (db m27057) HM
78Ireland, Leinster (County Fingal), Howth — Lost At Sea
The monument was erected by The Howth Fishermens Association and commemorated the lives of all persons lost at sea, no matter where or no matter how. [Representative memorial plaques follow] Fishermen Brian Faherty and . . . Map (db m26806) HM
79Ireland, Leinster (County Fingal), Howth — St Mary's Church / Eaglais Mhuire
Howth from Old Norse Hofuth (a promontory); Binn Éadair (the hill of Éadar) is the Irish name. This church, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, was collegiate; that is, it was served by a college or community of . . . Map (db m27183) HM
80Ireland, Leinster (County Fingal), Howth — The Lord Killanin
Sixth President of the International Olympic Committee 1972 - 1980 President of the Olympic Council of Ireland 1950 - 1973 This commemorative bronze bust was unveiled by Dr. Jacques Rogge Eight[h] President of the . . . Map (db m27050) HM
81Ireland, Leinster (County Fingal), Howth — The Ready Boat PillarSculpted by Seán O'Dwyer
Seeing the meaning When viewing a piece of sculpture one can see many different layers of meaning. The clues given here are only the first layer of meaning and are meant only as a gateway through which you can go on your way to see meanings . . . Map (db m25301) HM
82Ireland, Leinster (County Fingal), Malahide — Malahide / Mullach Íde
[Excerpt from marker] History There has been a settlement at Malahide (Mullach Íde in Gaelige meaning the Hill of the Hydes) since ancient times. The Vikings landed in 795 AD and the Danes were settled here from 897 AD. In 1185 the . . . Map (db m72714) HM
83Ireland, Leinster (County Fingal), Portmarnock — The Southern Cross MonumentBy Rachel Joynt & Remco DeFouw
This sculpture celebrates Portmarnock's unique role in world aviation history. This beach, known as the Velvet Strand, was used as a runway for the first successful East-West Transatlantic flight, on 24th June 1930. After a gruelling 33 hours . . . Map (db m25788) HM
84Ireland, Leinster (County Fingal), Portmarnock — The Velvet Strand / An Trá ChaoinPortmarnock / Port Mearnóg
What's in a name? Portmarnock is names after St Marnock, a prominent missionary who founded a church in the area. The Velvet Strand and Aviation History It was from the Velvet Strand, on 24th of June 1930, that the famous Australian . . . Map (db m83440) HM
85Ireland, Leinster (County Kildare), Celbridge — St Patrick's Church, Celbridge
By 1855 the Mass House which had served the people of Celbridge for over one hundred years was in a poor state of repair. It was situated in front of the present church. It was known as a Mass House as Mass was the only service allowed in it. . . . Map (db m143176) HM
86Ireland, Leinster (County Kildare), Celbridge — A Brief History of Celbridge Poor Law UnionCelbridge Poor Law Union Burial Ground
The Irish Poor Law System The origins of the Irish Workhouse system lie in the Irish Poor Law Act passed by the parliament of the United Kingdom in 1838. The Act, entitled an Act for the More Effectual Relief of the Poor in Ireland was . . . Map (db m143231) HM
87Ireland, Leinster (County Kildare), Celbridge — Arthur's Way / Cosán ArthurIn the footsteps of Arthur Guinness — Celbridge to Hazelhatch —
"Along the banks of that river, amid the groves and bowers of Swift and Vanessa, I grow convinced that I was right." Henry Grattan INTRODUCTION Celbridge (Cill Droichid: 'Church by the Bridge' originally angicised to . . . Map (db m143210) HM
88Ireland, Leinster (County Kildare), Celbridge — Castletown
Tá Eastát Castletown, Cill Droichid i mbaile clúiteach Arthur Guinness agus tailte cúirtéireachta Jonathan Swift, údar Gulliver's Travels. Lonnaithe sa stair chlúiteach seo, is é Castletown an teach mór ar stíl Phallaidiach is mó clú . . . Map (db m143409) HM
89Ireland, Leinster (County Kildare), Celbridge — Celbridge AbbeyHistoric Buildings of Celbridge
• The original Celbridge Manor was built at the beginning of the 18th century by Bartholemew Van Homrigh, a wealthy Dutch merchant, who was Purchaser of Provisions and Commissioner of Ordnance for the victorious forces of King William III. • . . . Map (db m143209) HM
90Ireland, Leinster (County Kildare), Celbridge — Celbridge Union Workhouse CemeteryIs talamh naofa i seo — [This Is Sacred Ground] —
Pray for the souls of all poor and afflicted whose bodies have been laid in this cemetery since 1841 R.I.P. ————————————— This Holy Ground is . . . Map (db m143226) HM
91Ireland, Leinster (County Kildare), Celbridge — Celbridge Union Workhouse Cemetery GateGeata na marbh — [The Gate of the Dead] —
Through this gate from 1841 onwards passed the bodies of deceased inmates of the Celbridge Union Workhouse on their way to burial in these grounds. The Workhouse System conducted its burials in a characteristically efficient manner and . . . Map (db m143227) HM
92Ireland, Leinster (County Kildare), Celbridge — Edward Bridgeman
C Company, 1st Battalion, Dublin Brigade, I.V. Four Courts & Interned in Stafford & Frongoch 1916 Unveiled by Cllr. Frank O'Rourke 21st February 2016Map (db m143171) WM
93Ireland, Leinster (County Kildare), Celbridge — Kildrought House1719
An Early Georgian Merchant's HouseMap (db m143168) HM
94Ireland, Leinster (County Kildare), Celbridge — Sir Gerald Dease, K.C.V.O.
Erected by his numerous friends of all classes and of all creeds in memory of Sir Gerald Dease, K.C.V.O. Born 17th July 1831, died 18th October 1903. A man of stainless honour, who used his high position and great . . . Map (db m143180) HM
95Ireland, Leinster (County Kildare), Celbridge — Welcome to CelbridgeOur Story
The origins of our town In ancient times there were five principal roads in Ireland. One of these roads was known as the "Slí Mhór". It extended from Dublin Bay to Galway Bay and forded the river Liffey in Celbridge just below where the Mill . . . Map (db m143545) HM
96Ireland, Leinster (County Kildare), Leixlip — The Wonderful Barn
In 1740-41, famine spread across Europe, following a great frost[,] the so-called 'Black Spring'. Rivers froze, and water-powered mills that ground grain into flour stopped working. This led to a flour scarcity, hoarding by wholesalers, . . . Map (db m143165) HM
97Ireland, Leinster (County Kildare), Maynooth — Caisleán mhagh nuadhad / Geraldine Castle
Muiris Mac Gearailt a thóg 1176 : rinneadh méadh air ó am go ham ina dhiaidh sin. [?] dtús na 14ú aoise ba é príomháit chónaithe ghearaltach chill dara é, chuir "Tomás an Tsíoda" i dtreo cosanta in aghaidh na sasanach é i . . . Map (db m143158) HM
98Ireland, Leinster (County Kildare), Maynooth — James, Duke of Leinster
. . . Map (db m143143) HM
99Ireland, Leinster (County Kildare), Maynooth — St. Mary's Church (Anglican)
The Church of St. Mary's - a living centre of worship today - is also a monument to the Fitzgerald family whose history is permanently linked with the nearby Geraldine Castle. Originally built as a private chapel for the castle, in 1248 St. Mary's . . . Map (db m143157) HM
100Ireland, Leinster (County Kildare), Maynooth — St. Mary's Church of Ireland East Window
This Large East Window is unusual because it is made of wood and set in stone. During the restoration of 1770 this window was taken from the church of Laraghbryan, which had fallen into ruins[.] Note how the stonemason corrected the misspelling in . . . Map (db m143155) HM

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