“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Montezuma County Colorado Historical Markers

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By Bill Kirchner
Four Corners Monument
Colorado (Montezuma County), Cortez — Colorado(Four Corners)
Colorado Territory was created in 1861 for its gold, silver and other mineral resources. Its western boundary was designated as 32 degrees of longitude west of the Washington Meridian. Colorado became a state in 1876. In 1878, U.S. Surveyor . . . — Map (db m36527) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Cortez — Mesa Verde Administrative District
. . . — Map (db m58964) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Cortez — Prehistoric Mesa Verde Reservoirs
National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark [American Society of Civil Engineering 1852 Logo] Prehistoric Mesa Verde Reservoirs Mesa Verde's industrious Ancestral Puebloans designed, constructed, and maintained Morefield, . . . — Map (db m58965) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Cortez — Yucca House National Monument
Yucca House National Monument Dec. 19, 1919. A fine example of a valley pueblo being held by National Park Service — Map (db m71498) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Dolores — Big Bend and McPhee
In 1776 the year of our independence, a family was led by two Catholic priests, father Dominguez and Escalante. They camped in a meadow on the Dolores River which in 105 years became the town of Big Bend. Big Bend had several saloons, a saw mill, a . . . — Map (db m52402) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Mancos — 1892 Horse-Drawn Pull Grader
With thanks and appreciation to Pete and Yvonne Doerfer for loaning the following items: For display only - please do not climb on this equipment. 1892 Horse-Drawn Pull Grader J.D. Adams invented the first successful . . . — Map (db m122034) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Mancos — Mancos Opera HouseBuilt 1910
Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United states Department of the Interior January 9, 1988. Placed on the State Register of Historic Places January 27, 1988. This plaque was purchased . . . — Map (db m121094) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Mancos — The Columbine BarEst. 1910
As legend has it, The Columbine Bar was established in 1910, and continues to be one of the oldest operating bars in Colorado. In 1948 it was described in the Mancos Times as "an old bar run by old timers." It has always had a rather notorious . . . — Map (db m121092) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Mesa Verde — Canyon BarriersMesa Verde National Park
Surrounded by deep canyons, villages here seem isolated, cut off from people on other mesas. Look closely at these cliffs and imagine hand and toe trails pecked into the sheer sandstone. These vertical trails were the Anasazi’s highways; steep . . . — Map (db m71206) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Mesa Verde — Oak Tree HouseMesa Verde National Park
Adapting to Alcoves To level the sloping alcove floor, the Anasazi filled in behind retaining walls. The altered floor not only supported rooms but also provided working space and a safe play area for children. Oak Tree House appears to . . . — Map (db m71209) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Mesa Verde — Pithouse LifeMesa Verde National Park
There is an enormous gap between identifying pithouse features—the hollows and scattered stones—and visualizing the inhabitants’ daily lives. Set in the four corner post holes, timbers supported a ceiling that was probably head-high. . . . — Map (db m71203) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Mesa Verde — Split-Level HistoryMesa Verde National Park
Mesa-top and Alcove Living Although the Puebloan used the cliff alcoves throughout the entire time they lived in Mesa Verde, the cliff dwellings themselves were not built until the final 75-100 years of occupation. For over 600 years these . . . — Map (db m71207) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Mesa Verde National Park — A Monument to Time
The rocks that house Mesa Verde's cliff dwellings have their own stories to tell. Deposition During the late Cretasceous period (about 90 million years ago) much of North America, including southwest Colorado and the present Rocky . . . — Map (db m71530)
Colorado (Montezuma County), Mesa Verde National Park — Far View Reservoir
Imagine this mesa top in A.D. 1150 with fields of corn, beans, and squash; supplemented with wild plants such as amaranth, tubers, and sunflowers. Children could be seen watering corn with clay water jars (ollas), and young men could be seen cutting . . . — Map (db m71901) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Mesa Verde National Park — Fire Temple
Dance Plaza Though the large alcove below is filled with Puebloan construction, there is no evidence of any habitation. The central pit – too large for domestic cook fires – held layer upon layer of ashes. Fire Temple’s size . . . — Map (db m72559) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Mesa Verde National Park — Mancos Valley
The town of Mancos, in the valley before you, historically served as the "Gateway to Mesa Verde." As word spread of the Wetherills' "discoveries," tourists flocked to the area. The Rio Grande Southern Railroad, serving Durano, Mancos, and . . . — Map (db m71529) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Mesa Verde National Park — Natural Seep Springs
As you travel about Mesa Verde look for seep springs — ready sources of fresh water for the Ancestral Puebloans. Where is the Water? Moisture, in the form of rainfall or snowmelt, percolates through porous sandstone layers until it . . . — Map (db m71531)

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