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Colorado - History Colorado Historical Markers

Markers of the Colorado state historical markers program administered by History Colorado, a self-described 21st century historical society, charitable organization, and state agency under the Department of Higher Education.
Front Range Flight Marker image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, November 29, 2013
Front Range Flight Marker
1 Colorado, Adams County, Bennett — 218 — Front Range Flight
The Rocky Mountains proved a formidable barrier to early aviation, leaving Colorado in a familiar position: bypassed. As with the railroads fifty years earlier, transcontinental air traffic went through Wyoming; Colorado had to make do with a . . . Map (db m70525) HM
2 Colorado, Arapahoe County, Bennett — 218 — High-Five Plains Towns / Ten Miles a Day
High-Five Plains Towns Watkins, Bennett, Strasburg, Byers, Peoria, Deer Trail, Agate, Godfrey, Cedar Point, Riverbend—most of these Colorado high plains towns were founded around the time when the Kansas Pacific Railroad arrived in . . . Map (db m70522) HM
3 Colorado, Arapahoe County, Littleton — Public Transportation
The evolution of mass transit in Denver has resembled a cross-town commute — a long stop-and-go journey. It began in 1871, when the Denver Horse Railroad Company started running horse-drawn coaches over tracks laid in the middle of downtown’s dirt . . . Map (db m177560) HM
4 Colorado, Arapahoe County, Littleton — Rough and Ready
At various points in its history, the Rough and Ready Mill churned out flour, lumber, and livestock feed. But the end product was always the same: growth for Littleton. Built in 1867 by pioneers Richard Little, Joseph Bowles, and John Lilley, among . . . Map (db m177558) HM
5 Colorado, Arapahoe County, Littleton — The Good, The Bad, and the Hungry
Colorado CannibalAside from his conviction for cannibalism, Alfred Packer was a fairly commonplace frontier character: He came West to find his fortune but found trouble instead. Packer, like most, brought his woes upon himself. A . . . Map (db m177559) HM
6 Colorado, Broomfield County, Broomfield — Columbine Mine / Coal Field Country
Front Colorado's Northern Coal Field: Lest We Forget Colorado's immense northern coal field, centered beneath these rolling hills, contributed to the early development and growth of Colorado and to the birth of nearby towns. . . . Map (db m119521) HM
7 Colorado, Chaffee County, Salida — 130 — Christmas 1806
Frustrated in their attempt to climb Pike’s Peak on November 27, 1806, Zebulon Pike and his party of 15 trudged on through South Park looking for the Red River, southern boundary of the Louisiana Purchase. After crossing Trout Creek Pass, the . . . Map (db m127876) HM
8 Colorado, Cheyenne County, Cheyenne Wells — 207 — Trails West
Smoky Hill Trail The Smoky Hill Trail was the most direct route to Denver and the goldfields of the central Rockies. Immigrants heading west through central Kansas followed the Kansas River, then headed up its Smoky Hill River branch into the . . . Map (db m77898) HM
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9 Colorado, Cheyenne County, Kit Carson — 150 — Kit Carson
Named for the great western scout, guide, trapper, and Indian fighter. Located on famous trails – at the junction of the Smoky Hill stagecoach route and the Texas – Montana, Potter and Bacon, and Chisum cattle trails. On the old Kansas . . . Map (db m88444) HM
10 Colorado, Conejos County, Sanford — 43 — Pike's Stockade
Near here, on the banks of the Conejos River, Zebulon M. Pike built a log stockade in early February, 1807, and for the first time raised an American flag over what is now Colorado. Pike's trek of 1806-07 was the second official United States . . . Map (db m22701) HM
11 Colorado, Costilla County, Fort Garland — 16 — Fort Garland Reported permanently removed
This memorial is the Property of the State of Colorado ——— Fort Garland United States military outpost to protect settlers from hostile Indians. Named for Brig. Gen. John Garland . . . Map (db m22731) HM
12 Colorado, Costilla County, Fort Garland — 190 — Fort Garland / Buffalo Soldiers
Front The Soldier’s Life Fort Garland housed infantry and cavalry units. During the 1870’s the famed Buffalo Soldiers—African-American cavalrymen—were also posted here. For all soldiers—and their . . . Map (db m71032) HM WM
13 Colorado, Custer County, Westcliffe — Mining and Ranching / Early Settlement / Westcliffe and Silver Cliff / Westcliffe Country
Mining and Ranching For a time, the Wet Mountain Valley appeared destined for mining glory. Silver strikes at Rosita (about fifteen miles southeast of here) in 1872, Querida (about twelve miles southeast) in 1877, and Silver Cliff (six . . . Map (db m120228) HM
14 Colorado, Delta County, Delta — Western Slope Agriculture / Delta County
Western Slope Agriculture According to an 1888 U.S. Department of Agriculture report, western Colorado's thin soils, high altitude, and lack of rainfall rendered the region totally unfit for cultivation. The document’s author apparently . . . Map (db m120123) HM
15 Colorado, Denver County, Denver, Auraria — Elephant Corral
This tablet is the property of the State of Colorado ——— Immediately north-east of this point and covering much of Block 18 East Denver stood the famous Elephant Corral camp ground, immigrant headquarters and stock . . . Map (db m203481) HM
16 Colorado, Denver County, Denver, Auraria — 32 — The Rocky Mountain News
This tablet is the Property of the State of Colorado On this site stood the original home of Rocky Mountain News First newspaper established in the Pike's Peak Gold Region Founded by Wm. N.Byers, April 23, 1859, . . . Map (db m5780) HM
17 Colorado, Denver County, Denver, Central — 280 — Sand Creek Massacre
The controversy surrounding this Civil War Monument has become a symbol of Coloradans' struggle to understand and take responsibility for our past. On November 29, 1864, Colorado's First and Third Cavalry, commanded by Colonel John Chivington, . . . Map (db m6755) HM
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18 Colorado, Denver County, Denver, Central Business District — 73 — Passing of the Street Car
This tablet is the Property of the State of Colorado —— This plaque was presented to the City of Denver by the Colorado State Historical Society and the American Pioneer Trails Association on June 3, 1951, the day . . . Map (db m4679) HM
19 Colorado, Denver County, Denver, Central Business District — Silas S. Soule
At this location on April 23, 1865, assassins shot and killed 1st Colorado Cavalary Officer Capt. Silas S. Soule. During the infamous Sand Creek Massacre of November 29, 1864, Soule had disobeyed orders by refusing to fire on Chief Black Kettle's . . . Map (db m67133) HM
20 Colorado, Denver County, Denver, Central Business District — 40 — Smoky Hill Trail
This tablet is the Property of the State of Colorado —— Here was the end of the famous Smoky Hill Trail Immigrant and stage road extending from the Missouri River to Denver. Traversed by pioneers in 1858. . . . Map (db m4678) HM
21 Colorado, Denver County, Denver, Elyria-Swansea — Platte River Trail
This memorial is the property of the State of Colorado ——— Commemorating the route of the Platte River Trail principal route of Colorado pioneers trail of Major S.H. Long in 1820 trappers’ trail of 1830s and 1840s the . . . Map (db m203494) HM
22 Colorado, Denver County, Denver, Lincoln Park — Camp Weld
This tablet is the property of the State of Colorado ——— This is the southwest corner of Camp Weld Established September 1861 for Colorado Civil War Volunteers. Named for Lewis L. Weld, first Secretary of Colorado . . . Map (db m203499) HM
23 Colorado, Denver County, Denver, Northwest — Gold Was Discovered
This tablet is the property of the State of Colorado ——— One mile north of this point Gold Was Discovered on June 22, 1850, by a party of California-bound Cherokees. The discovery was made by Louis Ralston, whose name . . . Map (db m203500) HM
24 Colorado, Denver County, Denver, Overland — Overland Park
This tablet is the property of the State of Colorado ——— Most historical of Denver’s municipal parks. Created in 1882. This site was homesteaded in 1862 by “Potato” Clark. Jim Beckwourth, Mulatto “Daredevil”, erected a home in 1860 .6 . . . Map (db m203446) HM
25 Colorado, Denver County, Denver, Sloan Lake — Manhattan Beach
This tablet is the property of the State of Colorado ——— On the northwest shore of Sloan’s Lake was Manhattan Beach popular amusement park of the Gay Nineties, with a theater, boating, dancing, and specialties. Opened . . . Map (db m203490) HM
26 Colorado, Douglas County, Franktown — 57 — Franktown
This tablet is the property of the State of Colorado —— Franktown Named for J. Frank Gardiner, a pioneer who settled here in 1859. First known as "California Ranch," it was a way . . . Map (db m96174) HM
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27 Colorado, Douglas County, Franktown — 288 — Russellville - History of Franktown / Franktown Country - Timber Industry
Panel 1 Russellville For a few exciting months, Russellville felt like Colorado's gold-rush capital. The town rose five miles southeast of here in late 1858, after William Green Russell discovered a few gleaming . . . Map (db m97969) HM
28 Colorado, Douglas County, Parker — 54 — Twenty Mile House
This tablet is the property of the State of Colorado — — Due West ¼ mile stood the TWENTY MILE HOUSE (Twenty miles from Denver) First house built in Parker, 1864. On the . . . Map (db m96176) HM
29 Colorado, El Paso County, Manitou Springs, Cascade — 13 — Ute Pass
This memorial is the Property of the State of Colorado Ute Pass Named from the old Ute Trail which led from South Park through Manitou to the Plains. Traversed by the Utes on hunting and war expeditions. Improved highway built . . . Map (db m32663) HM
30 Colorado, Elbert County, Kiowa — 272 — Kiowa
Frontier Communication. Kiowa was originally named after its postmaster, Henry Wendling. Such identifications were common among Colorado’s frontier hamlets, where the post office often was the town. Widely dispersed settlers would congregate . . . Map (db m45754) HM
31 Colorado, Elbert County, Kiowa — 272 — Trail Under Siege / Rising to the Challenge
Trail Under Siege Indians of Colorado’s High Plains Kiowa and Comanche Indians migrated to these prairies in the 1700s, followed by Cheyennes and Arapahos in the early 1800s. The region’s vast grasslands, thick bison herds, and brisk fur . . . Map (db m45756) HM
32 Colorado, Fremont County, Cañon City — 141 — Royal Gorge
Lt. Zubulon M. Pike and his men, who traveled through this area in November and December 1806, were the first American explorers to view the Arkansas River Canyon now known as the Royal Gorge. A small party from the Maj. Stephen H. Long expedition . . . Map (db m34858) HM
33 Colorado, Fremont County, Cotopaxi — 269 — Rainbow Route / Western Fremont County
[Side A:] Rainbow Route Completion of this road opens up a scenic paradise unequalled in any other state of the Union and unsurpassed by the scenic gems of the Wild West. Governor George A. Carlson on the opening of the . . . Map (db m55639) HM
34 Colorado, Huerfano County, Walsenburg — 181 — Huerfano ButteBeacon to Settlement
Here, in the shadow of the Spanish Peaks and the Wet Mountains, stands El Huerfano - "the orphan." This stark and lonely volcanic outcrop, named in the late 1700s by an unknown Spanish trader, had for centuries guided earlier Hispanos and . . . Map (db m97717) HM
35 Colorado, Huerfano County, Walsenburg — 79 — Huerfano Butte
The isolated cone-shaped butte, east of this point and 10 miles north of Walsenburg, was named El Huerfano, “The Orphan,” by early Spaniards. The name appeared in Spanish records as early as 1818. This butte was near the Trappers’ Trail . . . Map (db m64793) HM
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36 Colorado, Jefferson County, Golden — Arapahoe City
In this immediate area once stood Arapahoe City A pioneer placer mining camp the earliest town in Jefferson County. Named for the Arapaho Indians. Town company organized Nov. 29, 1858. From here went George A. Jackson and John H. Gregory . . . Map (db m82878) HM
37 Colorado, Kiowa County, Eads — High Plains Country
Plains Indian Life By the nineteenth century, Colorado’s southeastern plains country was home to many native peoples, including Comanches, Kiowas, Plains Apaches, Arapahos, and Cheyennes. Although vastly different in language and . . . Map (db m107178) HM
38 Colorado, Lake County, Leadville — 67 — Healy HouseA Regional State Museum — Property of the State of Colorado —
Erected 1878, by August R. Meyer, builder of Leadville’s first reduction works. Given to Leadville Association, 1936, by Nellie Healy, agent for the heirs of Daniel Healy. Presented to the State of Colorado by said association, 1947, and . . . Map (db m51812) HM
39 Colorado, Larimer County, Livermore — 244 — Virginia DaleTrails West — Welcome To Colorado —
What a welcome sight Virginia Dale must have been to nineteenth-century travelers. It was one of the largest stagecoach stations on the Overland Trail, offering hot meals and other conveniences to weary passengers - the equivalent, for its day, of . . . Map (db m89639) HM
40 Colorado, Larimer County, Loveland — 20 — Namaqua
This Memorial Is the Property Of The State Of Colorado Namaqua Home, trading post and fort of Mariano Modena, early trapper, scout and pioneer. First settlement in the Big Thompson Valley. Station on Overland . . . Map (db m51194) HM
41 Colorado, Las Animas County, Trinidad — 10 — Raton PassBetween Colorado and New Mexico — Altitude 7,881 Feet —
"Raton" is Spanish for "Mouse". On mountain branch Santa Fe Trail. Crossed by Kearny's Army of the west in the Mexican war and by first regiment, Colorado Volunteers in the civil war. "Uncle Dick" Wooten's toll road built 1865. Railroad . . . Map (db m77853) HM
42 Colorado, Las Animas County, Trinidad — 212 — Road to Santa Fe - Over the Pass / Santa Fe Trail Country - "Uncle Dick" Wootton
Panel 1 Road to Santa Fe "...for it begins upon the outside line of the outside State (Missouri) and runs directly toward the setting sun..." - Sen. Thomas Hart Benton, following the Santa Fe Trail survey, 1825 For . . . Map (db m97715) HM
43 Colorado, Las Animas County, Trinidad — 247 — The Ludlow Massacre - Cultural Frontier / Hispano Colorado - El Moro Country
Panel 1 The Ludlow Massacre By April 1914, the striking coal miners encamped at Ludlow (ten miles northwest of here) had nothing to lose but their lives. Poor, powerless, largely immigrant, they had held out for . . . Map (db m97716) HM
44 Colorado, Las Animas County, Trinidad — 192 — Welcome to Colorado - Trinidad Country / Trinidad - Army of the West
Panel 1 Welcome to Colorado Colorado's vast plains, rugged mountains and grand plateaus, so magnificent in their beauty and variety seem at times to overshadow the state's history and people. But look closely. The . . . Map (db m97739) HM
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45 Colorado, Lincoln County, Arriba — 245 — Arriba CountryColorado
Panel 1 Arriba In frontier Arriba (locally pronounced "AIR-uh-buh"), the only thing more scarce than water was whiskey. Charles Creel, who founded the town in 1888 to greet the advancing Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific . . . Map (db m89381) HM
46 Colorado, Lincoln County, Hugo — Hugo Country
Sand Creek Massacre At dawn on the morning of November 29 I was still in bed when I heard shouts and the noise of people running about the camp. I jumped up and ran out of my lodge. From down the creek a large body of troops was . . . Map (db m107245) HM
47 Colorado, Logan County, Merino — 2 — Fort Wicked
Due west 940 feet stood “Fort Wicked" Originally Godfrey’s Ranch Famous Overland Stage Station One of the few posts withstanding the Indian uprising of 1864 on the road to Colorado. Named from the . . . Map (db m61998) HM
48 Colorado, Logan County, Sterling — 34 — Battle of Summit Springs
3 miles southeast from this point is the site of theBattle of Summit Springs Last engagement with Plains Indians in Colorado, July 11, 1869. Cheyennes who raided western Kansas were attacked by General E. A. Carr with the Fifth U.S. Cavalry . . . Map (db m61997) HM
49 Colorado, Logan County, Sterling — 227 — Indian Wars 1864-1869
In November 1864, in southeastern Colorado, U.S. Volunteers troops attacked Black Kettle’s peaceful band of Cheyenne Indians at Sand Creek. In retaliation for the massacre and mutilation of 163 Cheyenne men, women, and children, Cheyenne warriors . . . Map (db m51217) HM
50 Colorado, Logan County, Sterling — 227 — The Overland Trail
Call it the Pikes Peak Trail, the Denver Road, Overland Trail, or the South Platte River Trail – by any name, it dominated the movement of people and goods in Colorado between 1858 and 1867 and ranks with the great trails of American history. . . . Map (db m51215) HM
51 Colorado, Logan County, Sterling — 29 — Valley Station
This tablet is the Property of the State of Colorado 3.8 miles north along county road is the site of Valley Station, built in 1859 as a stagecoach station of the Leavenworth and Pike Express. Station on the Overland Trail to California, . . . Map (db m51214) HM
52 Colorado, Montrose County, Montrose — The Dominguez-Escalante Expedition / Dominguez-Escalante Country
The Dominguez-Escalante Expedition Just south of here on August 27, 1776, the Spanish explorers Dominguez and Escalante met a Ute Indian whom they called El Surdo (The Deaf One). They were seeking a route west, the two Spaniards . . . Map (db m120219) HM
53 Colorado, Montrose County, Montrose — The Utes / Uncompahgre River Country / Ouray (1833-1880) / Chipeta (1843-1924)
The Utes An Abundant Earth The bountiful food resources of the Uncompahgre Valley normally allowed the Tabeguache Utes a life free from hunger. Elk and deer ranged through the valley in profusion, as did antelope, mountain sheep, beaver, . . . Map (db m120289) HM
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54 Colorado, Morgan County, Fort Morgan — 224 — Fort Morgan
Junction Station, the first settlement at this site, suffered numerous Indian attacks similar to those that raged all along the South Platte during the mid 1860s. To protect the crucial crossroads, which joined the South Platte River Trail with its . . . Map (db m47322) HM
55 Colorado, Morgan County, Fort Morgan — 224 — Sugar Beets
Sugar beets didn't become Colorado's first major cash crop by accident. Scientists, businessmen, and newspapers spent thirty years singing the praises of this starchy root, which as early as the 1860s was found to be perfectly suited to Colorado's . . . Map (db m47321) HM
56 Colorado, Prowers County, Lamar — Welcome to Colorado - Lamar Country
Welcome to Colorado Colorado’s vast plains, rugged mountains, and grand plateaus, so magnificent in their beauty and variety, seem at times to overshadow the state’s history and people. But look closely. The story of Colorado is every . . . Map (db m106936) HM
57 Colorado, Pueblo County, Pueblo — 219 — A Highway for the Ages - Trail Days / Palmer's City - Pinon County
Panel 1 A Highway for the Ages Though less famous than the trails that brought American pioneers westward, the north-south route along the foot of the Rockies covers far greater distances in space and in time. This . . . Map (db m97734) HM
58 Colorado, Pueblo County, Pueblo — 274 — Borderland - Pueblo / Railroads - Pueblo Country
Panel 1 Borderland The 1819 Adams-Oñis Treaty fixed the boundary between the U.S. and Spain at the Arkansas River, formalizing a centuries-old convention - the Arkansas had always been a border. Neighboring Indian tribes . . . Map (db m168584) HM
59 Colorado, Pueblo County, Pueblo — 44 — Jacob Fowler's Lookout - Fountain City
This tablet is the Property of the State of Colorado —— The hill one block east is Jacob Fowler's Lookout. Later called Sugar Loaf Hill. Near it in a log house Fowler and his trappers . . . Map (db m96053) HM
60 Colorado, Pueblo County, Pueblo — 219 — Pueblo - Trail Days / Industrial Frontier - Pinon County
Panel 1 Pueblo El Pueblo El Pueblo never achieved great commercial success, but one could make a living there. Built in 1842 by traders George Simpson, Matthew Kinkead, Robert Fisher, Jim Beckwourth, and several others, . . . Map (db m89335) HM
61 Colorado, Pueblo County, Pueblo — 60 — The Mormon Battalion
This memorial is the Property of the State of Colorado ____ A detachment of United States Soldiers of The Mormon Battalion in the Mexican War spent the winter of 1846-47 near this site. . . . Map (db m96068) HM
62 Colorado, Pueblo County, Vineland — 161 — San Carlos de los Jupes
By 1700 Comanches moved south from the northern Rockies onto the plains of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. They raided the Apaches and Spanish settlements from the late 1600s until 1779 when the Governor of New Mexico, Don Juan Bautista . . . Map (db m64775) HM
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63 Colorado, Saguache County, Saguache — Otto Mears Park
This park is dedicated to Otto Mears, Russian-born Colorado Pioneer, know as “The Pathfinder of the San Juan”, who came to the San Luis Valley in 1865. In Saguache (A Ute Indian word meaning “blue earth”), Otto Mears was married in 1870, . . . Map (db m120163) HM
64 Colorado, Saguache County, Saguache — Saguache
The land around Saguache (pronounced “sah-WATCH”) has been inhabited for thousands of years – first by unnamed nomads, later by the Utes (who camped here seasonally), and later still by Mexican traders bound for California on the . . . Map (db m120166) HM
65 Colorado, Sedgwick County, Julesburg — 223 — Colorado's Wildlife Story
From the eastern prairie to the Rocky Mountains and the western plateau country beyond, Colorado enjoys a rich abundance of wildlife. Protecting this heritage has been a challenge, and Colorado's success is due to the efforts and cooperation of . . . Map (db m47323) HM
66 Colorado, Sedgwick County, Julesburg — 223 — Last Days of the Buffalo
For thousands of years, these grasslands have supported tens of millions of buffalo, from the giant species of ancient times to the smaller version of today. As North America's largest land animal, buffalo dominated life on the Great Plains. In . . . Map (db m47319) HM
67 Colorado, Sedgwick County, Julesburg — 19 — Old Julesburg
Due North 1235 Feet is the Original Site of Old Julesburg, named for Jules Beni, whose trading post was established at the "Upper Crossing" of the Platte prior to 1860, junction of Oregon and Overland Trails. Pony Express Station, 1860-61. . . . Map (db m47348) HM
68 Colorado, Sedgwick County, Julesburg — 223 — Welcome to Colorado
Colorado's vast plains, rugged mountains, and grand plateaus, so magnificent in their beauty and variety, seem at times to overshadow the state's history and people. But look closely. The story of Colorado is every bit as dramatic as the physical . . . Map (db m47324) HM
69 Colorado, Sedgwick County, Ovid — 49 — Fort SedgwickDue South 1 ¼ Miles is the site of
Established in September, 1864, as a United States Army Post. Called Camp Rankin and Post Julesburg Name changed in November 1865, to honor General John Sedgwick, who was killed at Spottsylvania May 9, 1864 The fort protected the stage line and . . . Map (db m47365) HM
70 Colorado, Summit County, Vail Pass — 246 — 10th Mountain DivisionCamp Hale
The 10th Mountain Division, created for alpine and winter combat during World War II, girded for battle on the steep, inhospitable terrain of Camp Hale (about twenty-five miles southwest of here). Built at an old railroad sheep-loading stop, the . . . Map (db m58466) HM
71 Colorado, Summit County, Vail Pass — 246 — Mount of the Holy Cross
It is as if God has set His sign, His seal, His promise there – a beacon upon the very center and height of the Continent to all its people and all its generations…as if here was a great supply store and workshop of Creation, the fountain . . . Map (db m58578) HM
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72 Colorado, Summit County, Vail Pass — 246 — Vail / Vail Pass Country
Marker Front: Vail Mountain stood bare just days before the resort’s 1962 grand opening. As luck would have it, a late December storm blanketed the area, dumping several feet of powder on the untracked slopes. Fortune just kept smiling on . . . Map (db m58485) HM
73 Colorado, Weld County, Firestone — Fort Junction
This memorial is the property of the state of Colorado. — Two Hundred feet due east of this point stood Fort Junction a sod enclosure erected in 1864 by the pioneers of Boulder and St. Vrain Valleys . . . Map (db m119519) HM
74 Colorado, Weld County, Fort Lupton — Fort Lupton
This memorial is the property of the State of Colorado Due west ¼ mile is the site of Fort Lupton Established in 1836 by Lieut. Lancaster P. Lupton A rendezvous of the early . . . Map (db m119520) HM
75 Colorado, Weld County, Loveland — 256 — LovelandColorado
During its brief but colorful life, Mariano Medina's toll bridge and trading post overflowed with high living and tall tales from the proprietor's fur-trapping days. Built on the Big Thompson River in 1858, astride what would become the Overland . . . Map (db m89279) HM
76 Colorado, Weld County, Platteville — Fort Vasquez / Fort Vasquez Country
Fort Vasquez As trappers and explorers, Louis Vasquez and Andrew Sublette helped build the lucrative fur trade. But by 1835, when they raised Fort Vasquez midway between Fort Laramie and Bent's Old Fort along Trapper's Trail and . . . Map (db m120215) HM
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