“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Former U.S. Presidents: #28 Woodrow Wilson Historical Markers

Wilson Dam Setting the Stage Marker Kiosk image, Touch for more information
By Sandra Hughes, July 26, 2017
Wilson Dam Setting the Stage Marker Kiosk
1Alabama (Colbert County), Muscle Shoals — Wilson Dam: Setting the Stage
With the U.S. entrenched in World War I, President Woodrow Wilson called for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to build nitrate plants at Muscle Shoals to produce explosives for the war effort—and a hydroelectric dam to power them both. . . . Map (db m106191) HM
2Alabama (Escambia County), Flomaton — Flomaton, Alabama
Front As railroads were reconstructed following the Civil War, a junction of north-south and east-west lines was established along the Alabama-Florida border near the confluence of Big Escambia Creek and the Conecuh-Escambia River. A . . . Map (db m47484) HM
3Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Woodrow Wilson Park1818
This park, first designated as a Public Walk, was laid out as part of the original plans of Florence in 1818. On February 20, 1924, the Board of City Commissioners officially changed its name from City Park to Woodrow Wilson Park in honor of the . . . Map (db m35665) HM
4Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — World War IHuntsville Madison County Veterans Memorial
Known by many as “the War to end all Wars,” 
World War I broke out in Europe in the summer
 of 1914 between the allied powers (United Kingdom, France, Russia, Italy) and the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, The . . . Map (db m85618) WM
5Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — World War I (Great War)/1914 – 1918
I am First Sergeant Jo Frank Fox of the 167th Infantry Regiment, 42nd (Rainbow) Division. I’m the top sergeant of my company which means when I say ‘JUMP!” all the men jump and ask “How high?” on the way up. I got a glare that can . . . Map (db m85619) HM WM
6Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — On this Spot Woodrow Wilson Said:October 27, 1913 — 1913 - 1924 —
"I want to take this occasion to say that the United States will never again seek one additional foot of territory by conquest. She will devote herself to showing that she knows how to make honorable and fruitful use of the territory she has and she . . . Map (db m86381) HM
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7Alabama (Perry County), Marion — Marion Military Institute
Founded in 1842 as Howard English & Classical School by the Alabama Baptist Convention, with Dr. S. S. Sherman as President, it later became Howard College. Lovelace Hall (Old South Barracks), built 1854, and the Chapel, built 1857, served the . . . Map (db m70091) HM
8Alabama (Sumter County), Demopolis — The Rooster Bridge
Side A In 1919 a rooster sale organized by Frank Derby raised money to begin construction of a bridge over the Tombigbee River at Moscow Ferry. This was the last link in the completion of the Dixie Overland Highway between Savannah and San . . . Map (db m38074) HM
9Arizona (Coconino County), Walnut Canyon National Monument — What Happened Here?
"It is very dusty work to dig for relics....We dug for an hour or more, and found...cornstalks, corncobs in abundance, beans, gourds, nuts, reeds, arrows, bowstrings,...coarse cloth, a child's sandal, a measuring stick with notches at regular . . . Map (db m61368) HM
10Arkansas (Woodruff County), Augusta — Augusta Presbyterian Church
The church was organized in 1861, by its first pastor, Rev. S.W. Davies. The foundation was apparently laid in 1861. It was completed in 1871. Woodrow Wilson, as a youth, worshiped here while his brother-in- law, Rev. A.R. Kennedy. was . . . Map (db m116633) HM
11Arkansas (Woodruff County), Augusta — G-3 — Woodruff County Presbyterian Church
Woodrow Wilson as a youth worshiped in this church while his brother-in-law, Rev. A.R. Kennedy, was pastor.Map (db m116637) HM
12California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Spring Street
Wall Street of the West In Northern California, they panned gold in the mountain canyons. In Southern California, they made gold, in the concrete canyons of Spring Street.Map (db m121038) HM
13California (Orange County), Laguna Beach — Historic Moss Point
Brimming with history, Moss Point was the home that Colonel Edward House built as a summer residence for his family in 1917 where it has been virtually unknown to Laguna residents. Located on one of the most beautiful promontories in the area, . . . Map (db m148258) HM
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14California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Herb Caen Way
Herb Caen published his first column in the San Francisco Chronicle July 5, 1938; he won the Pulitzer Prize in 1996. His last weekday column appeared January 10, 1997. When he moved to the San Francisco Examiner in 1950, 30,000 . . . Map (db m73492) HM
15California (San Luis Obispo County), Atascadero — Faces of Freedom Veterans Memorial
Throughout history patriotic Americans have been drawn together to serve a cause greater than themselves. Some came because of common experiences. Most came because of common values. All came because they shared a dream. The people who . . . Map (db m61431) WM
16California (Santa Clara County), Los Gatos — "The Cats"
In 1919, Charles Erskine Scott Wood and Sara Bard Field purchased a beautiful 34-acre site overlooking Los Gatos to establish a refuge for their creative pursuits. Here they commissioned Robert Treat Paine to create two large statures to mark the . . . Map (db m92716) HM
17California (Siskiyou County), Hornbook — Founding of the American Legion
This plaque commemorates the 60th anniversary of the American Legion. The national charter was signed in Hornbook on Sept. 16, 1919 by President Woodrow Wilson while his train stopped enroute from Portland to San Francisco.Map (db m88022) HM
18Connecticut (Fairfield County), Stamford — Freedom Shrine
Freedom Shrine Created by the National Exchange Club to strengthen citizen appreciation of our American heritage Presented by the Exchange Club of Stamford Dedicated June 14, 1979 [ Reproductions of historic American documents are . . . Map (db m38610) HM
19Connecticut (Litchfield County), Salisbury — Central New England Railroad
This is the roadbed for a single-track railroad originally running from Hartford to Millerton constructed in 1871. In 1888 the tracks were extended to the Poughkeepsie Bridge, making it the main trunk line across the Hudson River. Passenger . . . Map (db m42043) HM
20Connecticut (Middlesex County), Middletown — Russell House
In 1818, 29-year-old Samuel Russell set sail for Canton, China, to become a merchant in the China trade – and to make his fortune. Within a decade. Russell and Company was a leading firm among American importers, and Samuel Russell was a . . . Map (db m98679) HM
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21Connecticut (New London County), New London — Scientific ResearchWorld War I
World War I broke out in Europe in 1914, and President Woodrow Wilson firmly resolved that the United States would stay neutral. However, public opinion turned to outrage in 1915, when a U-boat (a German submarine) fired two torpedoes at the . . . Map (db m48391) HM
22Delaware (New Castle County), Newark — NC-196 — Judge Morris Estate
This estate, now owned and operated by Delaware State Parks, was once known as Chestnut Hill and contains a manor house and approximately 500 acres of land. John Barclay acquired the property after the American Revolution and in 1792 built the main . . . Map (db m154031) HM
23District of Columbia (Washington), Columbia Heights — The Wilson Center
To The Glory of God And in grateful memory of one of his servants This building devoted to Christian education Is named for Woodrow Wilson President of Princeton University 1902 — 1910 Governor of the state of New Jersey . . . Map (db m82615) HM
24District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown Washington — "The First of Patriots - The Best of Men"National Mall and Memorial Parks — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Commodore John Barry (1745-1803) was born in County Wexford, Ireland, but by age 15 called Philadelphia, Pennsylvania home. He commanded several Continental Navy ships during the Revolutionary War and won decisive victories over the British. In . . . Map (db m55504) HM
25District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown Washington — The Inaugural Parade Tradition
This montage showing four presidential inaugural parades along 15th St., NW is based on artist Earl Minderman's 1980 visioning of President thomas Jefferson's inaugural parade as well as historic photos of the inauguration of Presidents Garfield, . . . Map (db m91808) HM
26District of Columbia (Washington), Dupont Circle — 326 — Myrtilla MinerDupont Circle — Diverse Visions | One Neighborhood —
Myrtilla Miner (1815-1864), born near Brookfield, NY, was an idealistic white teacher who came to Washington to teach African Americans. In 1853, with funding from northern abolitionists, she paid $4,000 for a three-acre site at 20th and N . . . Map (db m89607) HM
27District of Columbia (Washington), Dupont Circle — The first houses south and west of Dupont CircleDupont Circle — Diverse Visions | One Neighborhood —
The first houses south and west of Dupont Circle were built mostly of brick or brick and sandstone using Queen Anne, Chateauesqe, Richardsonian Romanesque or Georgian Revival styles. The Queen Anne style building at 1400 21st St. has a . . . Map (db m89569) HM
28District of Columbia (Washington), Dupont Circle — Tomáš G. Masaryk
“He had the mind of a scholar, the figure of a sportsman, the bearing of an aristocrat, the position of a king. But he had the heart of a democrat. ...” Dorothy Thompson, NBC broadcast, September 24, 1957. . . . Map (db m30417) HM
29District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — Armistice and Legacy
As American troops moved through the Meuse-Argonne, it became apparent that Germany had lost the war. An armistice was signed on November 11, 1918, effective at 11:00 a.m. — the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. In . . . Map (db m171289) HM
30District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — 6 — Arts and ArtistsMake No Little Plans — Federal Triangle Heritage Trail —
Woodrow Wilson Plaza honors President Woodrow Wilson, noted scholar and former president of Princeton University. Located just inside the Ronald Reagan building ahead is the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, the nation's . . . Map (db m57208) HM
31District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — World War I Memorial
Whether our lives and our deaths were for peace and a new hope or for nothing we cannot say; it is you who must say this. They say: We leave you our deaths. Give them their meaning. We were young, they say. We have died. Remember us. . . . Map (db m171293) WM
32District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — World War I, 1914-1917
In the summer of 1914, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, ignited a continental war between the Central Powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire and the Allies of France, Great . . . Map (db m171277) HM
33District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Robert Latham OwenᎡᎣᏖ ᏞᎺ ᏪO — 1856-1947 —
Teacher, Lawyer, Banker Businessman and Statesman Member, Cherokee Indian Nation U.S. Senator from Oklahoma 1907-1925 Proponent and the First Chairman of the Senate Banking and Currency Committee A Principal Advocate and Co-Sponsor . . . Map (db m197642) HM
34District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — The American Red Cross
Generations of Americans have given themselves to help others at home and around the world through the American Red Cross, generously donating time, money and blood. They have helped feed, shelter, and clothe those in need—from thousands of . . . Map (db m131073) HM
35District of Columbia (Washington), Georgetown — Stephen Osusky1889 - 1973 — Paulina Osusky, 1892 - 1979 —
Co-founder of Czecho-Slovakia. Envoy to France. Pillar of the League of Nations. Advisor to the US presidents W. Wilson, F.D. Roosevelt, H.S. Truman.Map (db m189271) HM
36District of Columbia (Washington), Georgetown — The Star-Spangled Banner
The Flag. The immortal words "star-spangled Banner" refer to the magnificent flag which Francis Scott Key saw "by the dawn's early light" after the British bombardment of Fort McHenry on September 14, 1814. It is the largest flag ever flown in . . . Map (db m82470) HM
37District of Columbia (Washington), Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB) — In Memory of Col. Raynal C. Bolling
[Panel No. 1]: "Whatever happens to me will be the result of action, not inaction or drift."                                                   Bolling [Panel No. 2]: On April 7, 1917, the day after President Wilson's . . . Map (db m63899) HM
38District of Columbia (Washington), Kenilworth Park — Beauty and BusinessKenilworth Aquatic Gardens — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
"Beauty cannot be purchased, it must be created." — Helen Shaw Fowler Welcome to these aquatic gardens—transcend the busy streets and embrace the unique beauty, peace and natural rhythm to be found here. . . . Map (db m145317) HM
39District of Columbia (Washington), Mount Pleasant — 2 — Upheaval and ActivismVillage in the City — Mount Pleasant Heritage Trail —
Beginning in the late 1950s, the community leadership of Mount Pleasant changed from the exclusive Citizens Association to an array of new players. Mount Pleasant Neighbors Association was the first alternative group. It presented festivals and . . . Map (db m148598) HM
40District of Columbia (Washington), Navy Yard — Presidential Fans / Fans! / Congressional Baseball GameBaseball Americana
Presidential Fans a. Woodrow Wilson throws out the first pitch on Opening Day, 1916. National Photo Company. b. Calvin Coolidge and Senators ace Walter Johnson, 1924. National Photo Company. c. President Herbert . . . Map (db m179719) HM
41District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — 5850-2019 — Alice Paul1885 - 1977
Suffragist Alice Stokes Paul (1885-1977) advocated a more militant strategy for the woman suffrage movement, which was decades old when she came along, and short on victories. With others she founded the National Woman's Party. She and her . . . Map (db m141267) HM
42District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — Site of Rhodes Tavern1799 - 1984
Built in 1799, in the hope that the new capital would become a great city. Opened as a tavern and inn by William Rhodes, 1801. Washington's first 'town hall,' where White House architect James Hoban and other citizens met to petition . . . Map (db m39618) HM
43District of Columbia (Washington), Shaw — 4 — Armed ResistanceLift Every Voice — Georgia Ave./Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail —
Shortly before midnight on July 22, 1919, James Scott, a black army veteran, boarded a streetcar at the corner and nearly lost his life. A few days before, a white mob, including many veterans of World War I, had terrorized Southwest DC, . . . Map (db m130772) HM
44District of Columbia (Washington), Sheridan-Kalorama — Robert Emmet
[front (south) face of statue base: Robert Emmet Irish Patriot 1778-1803 [Coat of arms of "The United Irishmen"] [plaque on north face of the statue base:] "I wished to procure for my country the guarantee which . . . Map (db m30850) HM
45District of Columbia (Washington), Sheridan-Kalorama — Robert Emmet: Irish PatriotRock Creek Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
"I wished to procure for my country the guarantee which Washington procured for America" The centerpiece of this small park is a sculpture of Irish patriot Robert Emmet that serves as a tribute to how American democracy inspired the . . . Map (db m112614) HM
46District of Columbia (Washington), Sheridan-Kalorama — 11 — The PresidentsSheridan Kalorama — Call Box Restoration Project —
Five presidents lived in Sheridan-Kalorama between 1916 and 1930. Warren G. Harding lived at 2314 Wyoming Avenue while a senator from Ohio. William Howard Taft lived across the street at 2215 Wyoming Avenue while Chief Justice of the Supreme Court . . . Map (db m112606) HM
47District of Columbia (Washington), Sheridan-Kalorama — Woodrow Wilson House
Woodrow Wilson House has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935 This site possesses exceptional value in commemorating and . . . Map (db m112613) HM
48District of Columbia (Washington), Southwest Waterfront — "a magnificent waterfront entranceway…"
"a magnificent waterfront entranceway…" Pierre Charles L'Enfant architect of the Nation's Capital City, describing the Southwest Waterfront to President George Washington
Situated at the confluence of the Potomac and . . . Map (db m109326) HM
49District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — District of Columbia World War MemorialNational Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior — National Mall & Memorial Parks —
[Panel 1: northeast corner wayside.] “This monument stands for men who fought not alone for their country, but to establish the principles of justice and peace. We pay tribute here to their valor. We honor them for their . . . Map (db m76573) HM
50Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Roesch House
The exact year the Roesch house was built is unknown. It was probably constructed sometime after 1892. It was constructed by William Russell Roesch. Roesch was made city treasurer of Eau Gallie in 1887. Roesch was also mayor of Eau Gallie numerous . . . Map (db m49136) HM
51Florida (Clay County), Starke — Albert Hazen Blanding1876 - 1970 — ☆ ☆ ☆ —
1895 Enlisted in the Gainesville Guards, Florida State Troops. 1899 Commissioned Captain in the Florida National Guard, September 23, and served as the Regimental Adjutant of the Second Florida Infantry. 1908 Promoted . . . Map (db m177274) HM WM
52Florida (Hillsborough County), Tampa — United States occupation of Haiti1915 - 1934 — Hillsborough County Veterans Memorial Park —
The United States occupation of Haiti began on July 28, 1915 when 330 US Marines landed at Port-au-Prince on the authority of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson to safeguard the interests of U.S. corporations. It ended on August 1, 1934 after Franklin . . . Map (db m194405) WM
53Florida (Lee County), Fort Myers — Manatee Island
Manatee Island, in the Caloosahatchee River, is hereby donated to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to inspire a renewed interest in land dedicated to the formation of the Caloosahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, established July 1, 1920, by . . . Map (db m106680) HM
54Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-393 — Governor John W. Martin House
John Martin was born in Plainfield, Marion County, Florida on June 21, 1884. He was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1914. He joined the Democratic Party and toured the state making speeches in support of President Woodrow Wilson before and during . . . Map (db m79523) HM
55Florida (Pinellas County), St. Petersburg — The United States Veterans Memorial
(approach) The United States Veterans Memorial Dedicated to All Veterans • Past • Present • Future 1775 • ---- (North-Center-Upper) Old Glory I am the Star Spangled Banner ..... . . . Map (db m99441) WM
56Florida (Santa Rosa County), Milton — World War I1914 - 1918 — Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Plaza —
August 1, 1914 Germany Declares War On Russia & France August 4, 1914 Wilson Declares U.S. Neutrality May 7, 1915 Germans Sink Lusitania January 31, 1917 Germany Resumes Submarine . . . Map (db m152468) WM
57Florida (Volusia County), Deltona — World War IDeltona Veteran’s Memorial Park
World War I (The Great War) 1914-1919 In Honor of those Who gave their lives in the world first great war
“We shall fight for a universal domination of right by such a concert of free peoples as shall bring peace and . . . Map (db m180094) WM
58Florida (Walton County), Santa Rosa Beach — F-795 — Gulf Cemetery
Gulf Cemetery was established circa 1910 when the town of Santa Rosa was established on Hogtown Bayou. The town's first families began to bury their loved ones at this site, the area's highest elevation with a view of the Gulf of Mexico. The . . . Map (db m78730) HM
59Georgia (Baldwin County), Milledgeville — Carl Vinson • Mary Green VinsonNov.18, 1883 - June 1, 1981     Sept. 19, 1887 - Nov. 16, 1950
Carl Vinson, native son, farmer, lawyer, statesman, served in the United States Congress for 50 years; Chairman of the Naval Affairs Committee; Chairman of the Armed Services Committee; an advocate for Military Preparedness; He was credited with . . . Map (db m42626) HM
60Georgia (Burke County), Waynesboro — 017-10 — Waynesborough
On July 31, 1783, an Act was passed by the General Assembly meeting in Augusta to lay out a town, Waynesborough, on reserved or private land. Commissioners named (Thomas Lewis, Sr., Thomas Lewis, Jr., John Duhart, Edward Telfair, John Jones) were . . . Map (db m7868) HM
61Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — 025-35 — Independent Presbyterian Church
The Independent Presbyterian Church was organized in 1755. The first meeting house stood facing Market Square in Savannah, between what are now St. Julian and Bryan Streets, on property granted by King George II for the use and benefit of those . . . Map (db m5515) HM
62Georgia (DeKalb County), Stone Mountain — The Country Comes Before Me
Tablet #1 The richer, the wiser, the more powerful a man is, the greater is the obligation upon him to employ his gifts in the lessening of that sum of human misery. John Randolph Tablet #2 Those who labor in the earth . . . Map (db m87449) WM
63Georgia (Floyd County), Rome — Ellen Louise Axson WilsonWife of the 28th President of the United States
Born in Savannah, Georgia, May 15, 1860 Moved to Rome, Georgia, March 1866 Graduated from Rome Female College, 1876 Attended New York Art Students League, 1884-1885 Her father, The Rev. Mr. Samuel Edward Axson was pastor of Rome’s . . . Map (db m39430) HM
64Georgia (Glynn County), Jekyll Island — First Transcontinental Call
First Transcontinental Telephone call was submitted by a telephone of this type January 25, 1915. Mr. Theodore N. Vail, President American Telephone and Telegraph Company talked from Jekyll Island, Georgia to Mr. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of . . . Map (db m18494) HM
65Georgia (Richmond County), Augusta — 121-18 — Boyhood Home of Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson, later to become 27th President of the United States, lived in this Manse of the First Presbyterian Church of which his father, Dr. Joseph R. Wilson, was pastor from 1858 to 1870. Wilson was born in Staunton, Va., in 1856 and he later . . . Map (db m9856) HM
66Georgia (Richmond County), Augusta — 121-6 — Joseph R. Lamar, Associate JusticeSupreme Court of the United States
Joseph Rucker Lamar (1857-1916) lived in this manse from 1860-1875 while his father, James Sanford Lamar, was pastor of First Christian Church. A prominent attorney, he served two terms in the Georgia legislature and codified the civil code of . . . Map (db m14886) HM
67Georgia (Richmond County), Augusta — 121-11 — The First Presbyterian Church
Organized by the Rev. Washington McKnight, rector of Richmond Academy, in 1804. Met at first at site of St. Paul`s Church, incorporated by the Georgia General Assembly and given a lot on the common by Richmond Academy Trustees. Cornerstone of the . . . Map (db m9838) HM
68Georgia (Wilkes County), Washington — Wisteria Hall1795
Faced N to Old Augusta Road 1800s Maria Randolph added Portico Facing S Guests Woodrow Wilson Logan BleckleyMap (db m129205) HM
69Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — Blackstone HotelMarshall & Fox, architects — 1910 —
An outstanding example of Modern French style of Beaux-Arts Classical architecture. As one of the city's earliest luxury hotels, it became the "Hotel of Presidents," serving as host to a dozen U.S. Presidents, including Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. . . . Map (db m94409) HM
70Illinois (Kane County), Geneva — World War I(1917-1918 U.S. Involvement)
Major Campaigns and Deaths Meuse-Argonne, France (9/18-11/18) 26,277 Aisne-Marne, France (7/18-8/18) 6,992 Somme, France (8/18-11/18) 3,221 Oise-Aisne, France (8/18-11/18) 1,919 St. Mihiel, France (9/18) 1,799 . . . Map (db m94883) HM WM
71Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Freedom Shrine
Theodore Roosevelt Letter On Cuba On January 22, 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt wrote to Secretary of War William Howard Taft rejecting the idea of a protectorate over Cuba and expressing his determination that the United States should . . . Map (db m169581) HM
72Illinois (Morgan County), Jacksonville — William Jennings Bryan
On this site on July 4th, 1883, distinguished American William Jennings Bryan (1860-1925) began his practice of law and journey to national prominence. The forthright, spirited Bryan would become a Congressman from Nebraska, three-time Democratic . . . Map (db m149914) HM
73Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — The Wedding of the Rose and the Lotus
This painting by Nicholas Vachel Lindsay (1879-1931), entitled "The Wedding of the Rose and the Lotus" was a companion piece to one of Lindsay's poems. Lindsay recited the poem in 1915 for President Woodrow Wilson's Cabinet to commemorate the . . . Map (db m57195) HM
74Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Madame C.J. Walker Timeline
1867 Born Sarah Breedlove on December 23 in Delta, Louisiana 1882 Moves to Vicksburg, Mississippi with siser, Louvenia 1882 Marries Moses McWilliams 1885 Gives birth to daughter, Lelia 1887 Widowed when McWilliams . . . Map (db m132762) HM
75Indiana (Wabash County), North Manchester — 85.2007.1 — Thomas Riley Marshall
(Front Side) Born 1854 in North Manchester in this house on Main Street. Was Governor of Indiana 1909-13. Under his leadership, Indiana General Assembly enacted legislation, called the "Marshall Constitution," to improve government . . . Map (db m61111) HM
76Indiana (Whitley County), Columbia City — Marshall, McNagny & ClugstonAttorneys at Law
Offices of this once prominent group were above - second floor front from 1889 - 1908. Thomas R. Marshall (1854 - 1925) Governor of Indiana 1909 - 1913 and U.S. Vice President with Pres. Woodrow Wilson two terms 1913 - 1921. William F. . . . Map (db m16273) HM
77Indiana (Whitley County), Columbia City — Thomas Riley Marshall
Whitley County’s most distinguished citizen was a Columbia City resident active in civic affairs for 33 years. Born at North Manchester March 14, 1854. Spent boyhood years at nearby Pierceton and youth at Wabash College at Crawfordsville. . . . Map (db m12269) HM
78Iowa (Cherokee County), Cherokee — Cherokee County Freedom Rock Veterans Memorial
Francis L. Sampson 1912-1996 Francis L. Sampson's amazing record as a war hero put him in history books. As the "Paratrooper Padre" in World War II, he was one of the 20th century's best-known Army Chaplains. His real life story of . . . Map (db m126926) HM WM
79Iowa (Dallas County), Waukee — 24 — Historic Des Moines / Noted Des Moines Residents
The fork of the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers was recognized as an ideal site a military post as early 1834. Fort Des Moines was established in 1843, but was abandoned in 1846 following the treaty whereby the Sauk and Mesquakie Indians relinquished . . . Map (db m33004) HM
80Iowa (Polk County), Mitchellville — 23 — Historic Des Moines / Noted Des Moines Residents
The fork of the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers was recognized as an ideal site a military post as early 1834. Fort Des Moines was established in 1843, but was abandoned in 1846 following the treaty whereby the Sauk and Mesquakie Indians relinquished . . . Map (db m33009) HM
81Kansas (Crawford County), Pittsburg — Alexander Howat — Miners’ Memorial at Immigrant Park —
Among the many significant European immigrants in Kansas history is Alexander Howat, President of District 14 of the United Mine Workers of America. He was chiefly responsible for the organization of a powerful and militant union membership in the . . . Map (db m35668) HM
82Kansas (Pawnee County), Larned — 108 — Birthplace of Farm Credit
This 280 acres was collateral for the nation's first Federal Land Bank loan made on April 10, 1917 to farmer-stockman A. L. Stockwell. In those days, farmers and ranchers found credit hard to come by. If available, it was often very expensive . . . . . . Map (db m55285) HM
83Kansas (Sedgwick County), Wichita — Fifty Star FlagBicentennial Flag Memorial
With the admission of Alaska in 1959 and Hawaii in 1960, the present fifty-star flag came into being. Like other flags of our nation, the fifty-star flag has seen the varied conditions that can beset a dynamic association of peoples. Under it, the . . . Map (db m56971) HM
84Kansas (Shawnee County), Topeka — Corridor of Flags
Delaware, 1st State December 7, 1787 1609 • Henry Hudson visited Delaware Bay 1638 • Swedish colonists established Fort Christina, Delaware's first permanent settlement, and founded the colony of New Sweden 1655 • Dutch captured New . . . Map (db m47214) HM
85Kentucky (Rowan County), Morehead — Spirit of the American Doughboy
To the boys of Rowan County who gave their lives in the service of their country during the World War, this monument is honorably dedicated. Andrew Alfrey, Morehead. • Elisha Conn, Smile. • Earl Cornette, Clearfield. • William . . . Map (db m164335) WM
86Kentucky (Shelby County), Shelbyville — Shelby County WWI Honor Roll
This tablet is dedicated in memory of the boys of Shelby County who gave their lives and were wounded in the World War. Those Who Gave Their Lives {List of names} Those Who Were Wounded . . . Map (db m137633) WM
87Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — "The War to End War"- President Woodrow Wilson
U.S. President Woodrow Wilson had lofty goals for World War I, including his hope that the war would create a set of conditions that made future wars impossible. Along with his plea that the war should be fought "to make the world safe for . . . Map (db m114884) HM WM
88Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — World War IThe Great War — 1914-1918 —
Panel 1 BackgroundWorld War I, also known as the Great War, was a global clash between most of the world's great powers from 1914 to 1918. The participating nations divided themselves into two camps. On one side, Austria-Hungary, Germany, . . . Map (db m115036) HM
89Maine (Hancock County), Bar Harbor — “Hot Line” to EuropeAcadia National Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
A US Navy radio station here at Otter Cliffs served as the most important World War I facility for receiving transatlantic messages – including the first bulletin about the armistice. Alessandro Fabbri, a wealthy island resident and inventor, . . . Map (db m106555) HM
90Maryland (Baltimore), Downtown Baltimore — War Memorial
"It is a fearful thing to lead this great, peaceful people into war, into the most terrible and disastrous of all wars, civilization itself seeming to be in the balance. But the right is more precious than the peace, and we shall fight . . . Map (db m6294) HM
91Maryland (Baltimore), Madison Park — Woodrow Wilson1864-1932
Coming to this house as a Hopkins Ph.D. candidate was the first step towards Princeton University's presidency, New Jersey's governorship and the White House.Map (db m6558) HM
92Maryland (Baltimore), Mid-Town Belvedere — Mount Royal StationIcon for the Industrial Age
A monument to the golden era of rail travel, the Mount Royal Station enjoys a special place in the history of Baltimore and the nation—the home of the Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Railroad and birthplace of American railroading. The history of the B&O . . . Map (db m208442) HM
93Maryland (Baltimore), Mount Vernon — Educating Baltimore: Music, History and AcademiaMount Vernon Cultural Walk
Across Howard Street, Johns Hopkins University opened in 1876 as America’s first research university. The University attracted and trained some of the best minds of the 19th century: philosophers Josiah Royce and Charles Sanders Pierce; physician . . . Map (db m102805) HM
94Maryland (Baltimore), Mount Vernon — Lafayette Monument
La Fayette, immortal because a self-forgetful servant of justice and humanity. Beloved by all Americans because he acknowledged no duty more sacred than to fight for the freedom of his fellow men. —Woodrow . . . Map (db m2394) HM
95Maryland (Charles County), Indian Head — Railroad at Naval Proving Ground — Indian Head Rail Trail —
The Indian Head White Plains Railroad, which became the current rail trail, connected to an internal railroad system at the Indian Head Naval Proving Ground. The existing railroad system at Indian Head reflects four periods: of development: Naval . . . Map (db m98545) HM
96Maryland (Frederick County), Frederick — Francis Scott KeyFrederick's Immortal Patriot — 1779 - 1843 —
The man Americans honor as the author of "The Star-Spangled Banner" began his life and career in Frederick County, Maryland. Here he first learned the American values that guided his life. Key was a child of the American Revolution, and saw . . . Map (db m198000) HM
97Maryland (Montgomery County), Gaithersburg — Schwartz House / City HallBuilt: 1895
The house that would one day become City Hall was built for Henry Miller, an active businessman in early Gaithersburg, and his wife Rosa. In 1913, the house was bought by Edward P. Schwartz, a Washington, DC real estate broker. Here he established a . . . Map (db m3312) HM
98Maryland (Montgomery County), Gaithersburg — The Schwartz House / Gaithersburg City Hall / Schwartz Peony Garden
The building that now houses Gaithersburg's City government offices and Council chambers was originally a private residence built in 1895 by Rosa and Henry Miller. In 1913, this five-acre estate was purchased by Edward P. Schwartz, a successful . . . Map (db m128820) HM
99Maryland (Prince George's County), Bladensburg — Peace Cross“This Memorial Cross” — 1917–1918 —
This memorial cross dedicated to the heroes of Prince George’s County, Maryland, who lost their lives in the Great War for the liberty of the world. Albert N. Baden, Henry H. Boswell, Herman E. Burgess, Clarence Butler, Vincent G. Cooley, . . . Map (db m5187) WM
100Maryland (Prince George's County), Oxon Hill — Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge
[Center Panel] This bridge is named in honor of Woodrow Wilson. An early automobile enthusiast, he reportedly spent an average of two hours per day riding in his automobile to relax and “loosen his mind from the problems before . . . Map (db m19756) HM

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