“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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William Bartram (April 20, 1739 – July 22, 1823) image, Touch for more information
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William Bartram (April 20, 1739 – July 22, 1823)
1 Alabama, Clarke County, Rockville — Bartram's Trail
William Bartram, America’s first native born artist-naturalist, passed through Clarke County during the Revolutionary era, making the first scientific notations of its flora, fauna and inhabitants. As the appointed botanist of Britain’s King George . . . Map (db m101568) HM
2 Alabama, Coffee County, Enterprise — Boll Weevil MonumentDecember 11, 1919
In profound appreciation of the Boll Weevil and what it has done as the Herald of Prosperity this monument was erected by the Citizens of Enterprise, Coffee County, AlabamaMap (db m30306) HM
3 Alabama, Colbert County, Cherokee — Welcome!Natchez Trace Parkway
The Natchez Trace Parkway is designed to encourage leisurely exploration of the history and beauty of Old Southwest. Here are a few pointers to make your trip more enjoyable. Regulations and Safety Obey posted speed limits. Be alert for . . . Map (db m107254)
4 Alabama, Colbert County, Cherokee — Wet, Wild, and Wonderful
Alabama’s Winter Waterfowl The Tennessee River Valley is the winter home for thousands of waterfowl. These birds migrate from across the northern US and Canada down through the center of the continent to the Tennessee River. Careful . . . Map (db m107253) HM
5 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — Birds of North Alabama
Many Kinds of Birds Call North Alabama Home The northern tier of Alabama has two distinct landforms-the Tennessee River Valley and the Appalachian Plateau. A variety of terrain provides wonderful birding habitat and offers excellent . . . Map (db m150937) HM
6 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — Explore the River
Just downstream from Wilson Dam lies a series of trails maintained by the Tennessee Valley Authority. Starting at the Visitor Center, explore the trails as they meander along the riverbank and through the forest 1.Wilson Dam Visitor Center . . . Map (db m106186) HM
7 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — Gulls Glorious Gulls
Gulls are a Diverse and Fascinating Group of Birds Popularly known as sea gulls, these birds actually occur at the seashore and far inland as well. Each winter thousands of gulls gather along the Tennessee River. Three species form the . . . Map (db m106184)
8 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — Home Sweet HomeHeron Rookery
Scan the wooded island just across the Tennessee River for numerous bundles of sticks scattered through the canopy. These bulky structures are the nest of Great Blue Herons. Dozens of these nests are scattered across the island, and each year Great . . . Map (db m106179) HM
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9 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — Muscle Shoals National Recreational Trail
The Muscle Shoals National Recreational Trail complex is a 17-mile paved and primitive trail and bikeway for public use located on TVA’s Muscle Shoals Reservation. This National Recreation Trail System connects numerous historical sites including . . . Map (db m106117) HM
10 Alabama, Colbert County, Sheffield — Forest Elders
Escape to an Earlier Time The giant trees of Northern Alabama's mature forest have stood throughout generations, witnessing considerable natural, historical, and cultural changes. Some probably witnessed the Civil War while others only date . . . Map (db m117058) HM
11 Alabama, Cullman County, Cullman — Alabama's Aquatic Biodiversity
Alabama is one of the states with the most biodiversity. In fact, Alabama ranks #1 when it comes to the number of freshwater critters! Biodiversity refers to the total number of different plant and animal species. Every organism from . . . Map (db m106105)
12 Alabama, Cullman County, Cullman — Birds of Alabama
Birdwatching is a popular hobby for many in Alabama. Not only are birds fun to watch, but they also tell us a lot about environmental health. Pileated Woodpecker • Red-tailed Hawk • Yellow-bellied Sapsucker • Cardinal • Bluebird • American . . . Map (db m106103) HM
13 Alabama, Dallas County, Cahaba — Missing Pieces
"We by-and-by discovered...a pair of those splendid birds, the Ivory-billed Woodpeckers (Picus principalis). They were engaged in rapping some tall dead pines, in a dense part of the forest, which rang with their loud notes." . . . Map (db m112801) HM
14 Alabama, Houston County, Dothan — Marvin Holman
A mule trader for 65 years, was known throughout the nation for the slogan,"'Tolable' fair dealer". Opposite this site, on the southeast corner of East Main and Holman Streets stood one of the south's largest mule stables. Built in 1917, the . . . Map (db m83784) HM
15 Alabama, Jackson County, Stevenson — Wet, Wild, and Wonderful
Alabama’s Winter Waterfowl The Tennessee River Valley is the winter home for thousands of waterfowl. These birds migrate from across the northern US and Canada down through the center of the continent to the Tennessee River. Careful . . . Map (db m106298) HM
16 Alabama, Jefferson County, Birmingham — Lane Park
In 1822 William Pullen, Revolutionary War veteran, acquired this land from the Federal Government for farming. In 1889 his heirs sold the land to the City of Birmingham for use as the New Southside Cemetery which operated from 1889 to 1909 with . . . Map (db m27096) HM
17 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Florence, Alabama
The Forks of Cypress plantation was established in 1818 by James and Sarah Jackson. Its home, believed the design of William Nichols, was one of Alabama's great houses, featuring perhaps the earliest peristyle colonnades in America. Built by skilled . . . Map (db m83975) HM
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18 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Forks of Cypress
The Forks of Cypress plantation was established in 1818 by James and Sarah Jackson. This home, believed the design of William Nichols, was one of Alabama's great houses, featuring perhaps the earliest peristyle colonnades in America. Built by . . . Map (db m156982) HM
19 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — James JacksonCity of Florence Walk of Honor
Often referred to as the most successful breeder of thoroughbred horses in America, James Jackson imported Glencoe and Leviathan to the U.S. in the early 1800's, leaving a permanent imprint on both the breed and American racing history.Map (db m219334) HM
20 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Rogersville — Return of a Native
When the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources began a Bald Eagle Restoration Project in 1984, Bald Eagles had not successfully nested in Alabama since 1949. Thanks to these restoration efforts, Bald Eagle populations increased . . . Map (db m107997) HM
21 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Waterloo — A Gathering of Eagles
When the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources began a Bald Eagle Restoration Project in 1984, Bald Eagles had not successfully nested in Alabama since 1949. Thanks to these restoration efforts, Bald Eagle populations increased . . . Map (db m105709) HM
22 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Waterloo — Mud Glorious Mud
Birds Come From All Directions to Enjoy the Tasty Treats Hidden Beneath the Mud In the late summer. fall, and winter, reservoir levels in the Tennessee River Valley drop drastically to expose areas of mudflats. although unsightly to some, theses . . . Map (db m105713) HM
23 Alabama, Lawrence County, Moulton — A Significant Forest
A Special Place: for People and Birds The forest of Bankhead have been here for many generations, witnessing considerable natural, historical and cultural changes. This area was home to native Americans for many years. The pioneers who live . . . Map (db m107295) HM
24 Alabama, Lawrence County, Moulton — Birds of North Alabama
Many Kinds of Birds Call North Alabama Home The northern tier of Alabama has several district landforms including the Tennessee River Valley and the southern Cumberland Plateau. The variety of terrain and the large expanse of forest in the . . . Map (db m107297) HM
25 Alabama, Lawrence County, Moulton — Explore the Forest
Discover the Incredible Variety of Habitats and Birds in the Bankhead National Forest 1. Walston Ridge Road The road along Walston Ridge provides a variety of forest habitats. Prescribed fire maintains the open oak-pine woodlands. . . . Map (db m107294) HM
26 Alabama, Lee County, Opelika — Municipal "Monkey" Park
Opelika's Board of Parks and Recreation hired W.J. "Bill" Calhoun as its first director in 1951. His top priority was to develop a wooded area behind Northside School. Two adjacent parcels of land were donated by I.J. Scott, Sr. and Winston Smith . . . Map (db m210764) HM
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27 Alabama, Limestone County, Capshaw — Nicholas Davis
Born April 23, 1781 in Hanover Co. Virginia, married there to Martha Hargrave of a wealthy Quaker family. He served as U.S. Marshall and in other positions. Moved to Kentucky in 1808. Was a Captain in the War of 1812 and became a political and . . . Map (db m29284) HM
28 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Ala. Red-Bellied TurtleSweet Homegrown Alabama — Alabama State Reptile —
The Alabama red-bellied turtle was placed on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Endangered Species List in 1987 and is of the highest conservation concern. Alabama red-bellied turtles live almost exclusively in the fresh and brackish water of the . . . Map (db m144914) HM
29 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Ms. Baker: Monkeynaut
Able, an American-born rhesus monkey, and Baker, a South American squirrel monkey, where launched on May 28, 1959, aboard an Army Jupiter missile. Launched in the nose cone, the two animals were carried to a 300-mile altitude, and both were . . . Map (db m98202) HM
30 Alabama, Mobile County, Dauphin Island — John F. Porter, Jr. Goat Tree Reserve / The Goat Tree
John F. Porter, Jr. Goat Tree Reserve John F. Porter, Ph.D. served as volunteer Executive Director of Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuaries, Inc. (incorporated as Friends of Dauphin Island Audubon Sanctuary) from its inception in 1992 until his . . . Map (db m151634) HM
31 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — An Unheralded Breed of Soldier
Let all who read these words of gratitude and praise know that tens of thousands of America's fighting men and women owe their lives to the deeds and courage of war dogs and their handlers. Further, let it be known that many breeds of dogs, large . . . Map (db m74162) HM WM
32 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery, Forest Park — Remount Depot / Keyton Station
Side 1 Remount Depot During World War I, in the summer of 1917 the U.S. Army opened a remount depot here to buy horses and mules for Camp Sheridan's 27,000-man 37th Division from Ohio. Despite the introduction of motor transport . . . Map (db m71340) HM
33 Alabama, Sumter County, Gainesville — Woodbury
Earliest known Morgan Horse in Alabama and one of the three major stallion sons sired by Justin Morgan, foundation sire of the breed. Woodbury was foaled in 1816 in Vermont, where he remained until sold to Norman Bugbee of Gainesville, Alabama, . . . Map (db m69710) HM
34 Alabama, Talladega County, Sylacauga — Hightower Brothers Livery Stable
Founded in 1896 by brothers John Judge and Milton Graham Hightower, this small-town livery stable served the community and surrounding countryside until its closing in 1955. Originally located nearby, the business moved to this “New . . . Map (db m57763) HM
35 Alaska, Anchorage — A Prickly WorldAlaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Some Points about Quills: *Porcupines have approximately 30,000 quills which cover every part of the body except the underside, face and ears. *Quills are modified hairs that are barbed, lightweight, and filled with spongy substance. . . . Map (db m170937) HM
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36 Alaska, Anchorage — Brown Bears of AWCCAlaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Good Clean Livin The largest bear enclosure in the United States is found here at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Solar electricity powers the electric fence that encloses 18 acres of land, and water is pumped into the pond by the . . . Map (db m170904) HM
37 Alaska, Anchorage — Moose CalvesAlaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Calves are born mid-May to early June. Cows give birth to twins 15 to 75 percent of the time and triplets occur about once in every 1,000 births. Calves stand within minutes and begin eating vegetation a few days after birth. Calves stay . . . Map (db m70720) HM
38 Alaska, Anchorage — Our Living National SymbolAlaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Top Predators Eagles will prey on any animal they are capable of overtaking including ducks, gulls, porcupines, foxes and rabbits. The primary tool used to catch and kill prey are its feet. Equipped with needle sharp talons and powerful tendons, . . . Map (db m170902) HM
39 Alaska, Denali Borough, Denali National Park — Ice Age HuntersThe Deadliest Predators
High above river valleys, at overlooks like this, Denali’s first human visitors watch for mammoth, giant bison, and caribou. Ridge tops made the best game launching platforms; herds tend to follow sheltered stream corridors. Hunters had to . . . Map (db m69724) HM
40 Alaska, Juneau Borough, Juneau — Guard Islands
A square, white wooden tower housed the Guard Islands light, with a separate keeper's house nearby. When a reinforced concrete building replaced the old light tower in 1922, a second house was built so two keepers could live there with their . . . Map (db m181640) HM
41 Alaska, Juneau Borough, Juneau — Patsy Ann: her history
Ships arriving in Juneau in the 1930's could count on being met at the dock by a small, white dog named Patsy Ann. A local dentist, Dr. E.H. Kaser, brought the English bull terrier as a puppy from Portland, Oregon in 1929. Although loved and . . . Map (db m181734) HM
42 Alaska, Juneau Borough, Juneau — Patsy Ann: her statue
Fifty years after Patsy Ann met her last ship, admirers led by June Dawson organized the Friends of Patsy Ann. The group raised funds and commissioned a statue so Patsy Ann could once again greet visitors on the dock. Sculpted by Ann Burke . . . Map (db m69663) HM
43 Alaska, Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Wasilla — BaltoIditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
Dedicated to the indomitable spirit of the sled dogs of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. “The Last Great Race on Earth” Endurance • Fidelity • Intelligence Dedicated the first Saturday of March, 2012 Historic replica of . . . Map (db m80411) HM
44 Alaska, North Slope Borough, Barrow — Paġlagivsi!Welcome to the Ancient Village of Ukpiaġvik — “The Place Where We Hunt Snowy Owls” —
Sharing Food, Sharing Life – Then and Now Ukpiaġvik, which means ‘the place where we hunt snowy owls,’ was one of several ancient villages in the Barrow area. Our ancestors settled here primarily to hunt the great bowhead whales. But . . . Map (db m49595) HM
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45 Alaska, Skagway — Three Thousand Pack Animals
[Rendering of a loaded pack horse and pack mule] The dead are speaking in memory of us three thousand pack animals that laid our bones on these awful hills during the Gold Rush of 1897-1898. We now thank those listening that heard our groans . . . Map (db m69126) HM
46 Alaska, Valdez-Cordova Census Area, Copper Center — Ciisi nekeghalts´et´fishwheel´
Widely used today on the Yukon and Copper Rivers, the fishwheel was introduced in Alaska near the turn of the 20th century. It is thought to have been prominent in the Pacific Northwest, particularly the Columbia River, prior to making its way to . . . Map (db m173903) HM
47 Arizona, Cochise County, Hereford — Lehner Mammoth Kill Site
At this location in 1952, a large bone bed was discovered containing the remains of extinct mammoth, tapir, bison and horse. Found with the bones were the weapons and tools of the Indians who had killed and butchered these animals. The bones and . . . Map (db m43633) HM
48 Arizona, Cochise County, Sierra Vista — Carmichael House/Sierra Vista Realty301 North Garden Avenue — Built in 1927 —
The Carmichael House was built by William and Margaret Ziegan Carmichael on 131.05 acres. On December 11, 1911, Margaret, a single woman at the time, purchased the property from John and Ellen Reilly for $8,000. As the years passed, the Carmichael . . . Map (db m27894) HM
49 Arizona, Cochise County, Tombstone — 37 — Million Dollar Stope
At 1:00 p.m. on April 21st, 1907, the "Million Dollar Stope" was created when the Good Enough Stope caved in dropping a horse and wagon 75' into a gaping hole. The driver had climbed down to see why his horse had stumbled only to find himself . . . Map (db m131088) HM
50 Arizona, Coconino County, Flagstaff — Beale RoadHistoric Site
In 1857 Congress authorized Navy Lieutenant Edward F. Beale to survey a wagon road along the 35th parallel from Fort Defiance, New Mexico Territory, to the Colorado River. A secondary mission was to test the feasibility of using camels in the . . . Map (db m33348) HM
51 Arizona, Coconino County, Flagstaff — Beale Wagon Road1857 - 1882
From 1857-60, Lt. Edward F. Beale and a crew of 100 men completed the first federal highway in the southwest from Fort Smith, Ark. to Los Angeles, Calif. at a cost of $200,000. The wagon road was used extensively by immigrants en route to California . . . Map (db m33346) HM
52 Arizona, Coconino County, Flagstaff — Biology
The rich diversity of plants and animals of the Flagstaff area was first recognized in the summer of 1889 when Dr. C. Hart Merriam led a biological survey to the San Francisco Peaks. Merriam's "Life Zone Theory" detailed that temperature and . . . Map (db m201772) HM
53 Arizona, Coconino County, Flagstaff — Raymond Building1911
As the keystone shows, this building was constructed in 1911. Its owner was R.O. Raymond, M.D., one of Flagstaff’s first doctors. Raymond came west for his health. After a short stay in Williams, he moved to Flagstaff in 1906. He was the doctor . . . Map (db m59511) HM
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54 Arizona, Coconino County, Flagstaff — The Historic Basque Handball Court
Historic Basque handball court (cancha) built in 1926 by Jesus Garcia, a Spaniard who migrated to Flagstaff in 1912. He owned and operated the adjacent Tourist Home. The Basque would reportedly herd sheep, drink, chase women, or play their beloved . . . Map (db m59498) HM
55 Arizona, Coconino County, Flagstaff — Verkamp Building1899
John G. Verkamp came to Flagstaff in the 1890s. He first worked for the Babbitts (three of his sisters were married to Babbitt brothers), then succeeded in a number of businesses on his own, including lumber, livestock and merchandising. He is best . . . Map (db m59505) HM
56 Arizona, Coconino County, Grand Canyon National Park — Mules and the Canyon
Behind you is the Bright Angel mule corral, where each morning mules greet riders and another adventure begins. Mules have carried people into Grand Canyon since sightseeers first visited here in the 1890s. For many people - including those who . . . Map (db m205170) HM
57 Arizona, Coconino County, Jacob Lake — Kaibab Squirrel Area
Has been designated a National Natural Landmark This site possesses exceptional value as an illustration of the Nation's natural heritage and contributes to a better understanding of the environment. Map (db m94912)
58 Arizona, Coconino County, Jacob Lake — Theodore Roosevelt
In memory of Theodore Roosevelt 1858 'Teddy' 1919 Est. Grand Canyon National Game Preserve ‘06 Map (db m94913) HM
59 Arizona, Coconino County, Sedona — Van Deren Ranch
Lee Van Deren, cattleman, arrived to put his children in the new Sedona school opened in 1910. Ranching was a major part of Sedona’s early economy. Round ups and cattle drives were a twice a year occurrence for ranchers when moving their herds from . . . Map (db m54229) HM
60 Arizona, Coconino County, Williams — William Sherley WilliamsSculpture by B.R. Pettit
"Old Bill" was born January 3, 1787 in North Carolina. He died March 24, 1849. In that 62 year life span he did a heap of living, most of it in the wilderness. In the late 1700's and early 1800's the mountain men were trappers. In the quest of fine . . . Map (db m205150) HM
61 Arizona, La Paz County, Bouse — Bouse Homesite
Thomas Bouse was born in Mendecino County, California and came here about 1889 as a prospector and built the first two rooms of his home. He ran a small store here. He brought his wife, Katherine, and infant daughter here in 1892. Three more . . . Map (db m29070) HM
62 Arizona, La Paz County, Bouse — 120 — In Memory of Eight Ball - Morale OfficerEquus asinus — Camp Bouse —
He was our drinking buddy While on duty He drank our beer He was Full of good cheer And went to the nurses' quarters around the bend And came to an untimely end, Of the Colonel, he was unaware That it would be the crime of all time . . . Map (db m78536) HM
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63 Arizona, La Paz County, Quartzsite — Hi Jolly
The famous camel herd with which the name of Hi Jolly is linked constitutes an interesting sidelight of Arizona history. Jefferson Davis (afterward president of the Southern Confederacy), as Secretary of War, approved a plan to experiment with . . . Map (db m70566) HM
64 Arizona, La Paz County, Quartzsite — The Last Camp of Hi JollyCamel Driver, Packer, Scout
. . . Map (db m32201) HM
65 Arizona, La Paz County, Salome — Salome"Where She Danced"
This desert town was made famous by the humor of Dick Wick Hall, healthseeker and operator of the laughing gas station. Hall's publication the Salome Sun was filled with extravagant tales of the desert's adaptation of species. He told of his frog . . . Map (db m31824) HM
66 Arizona, Maricopa County, Carefree — The Old Verde River Sheep Bridge
Marker 1 - (Main Marker): The original Verde River Sheep Bridge, also known as the Red Point Sheep Bridge, was constructed at this location in 1943 by Flagstaff Sheep Company, which had been grazing sheep in the area under a Forest . . . Map (db m53966) HM
67 Arizona, Maricopa County, Chandler, Downtown — Dr. A. J. Chandler1859 – 1950
He knew no yesterdays His living was for tomorrow Founder of the town of Chandler Built the San Marcos Hotel Arizona’s first veterinarian Father of modern irrigation system Pioneer rancher and developer of the southside area of . . . Map (db m70990) HM
68 Arizona, Maricopa County, Glendale — Corrals and Tack Houseat Sahuaro Ranch…
The corrals here are the remnants of the sprawling complex of corrals and pastures needed to raise the livestock that was always important to the operations of Sahuaro Ranch. In early years, horses and mules were the primary source of power for . . . Map (db m40686) HM
69 Arizona, Maricopa County, Glendale — Dairy Barnat Sahuaro Ranch…
Although some cows were probably always kept on the ranch to supply fresh milk and butter, it was not until after Richard W. Smith bought Sahuaro Ranch in 1927 that dairy cows were raised here commercially. At first the Smith family sold only . . . Map (db m40662) HM
70 Arizona, Maricopa County, Glendale — Stable / Granaryat Sahuaro Ranch…
Little is known about the history of this building, which started out as a horse stable, but it almost certainly was one of the earliest work buildings to be erected at Sahuaro Ranch. The eastern half, with the vertical wood siding, was built . . . Map (db m40685) HM
71 Arizona, Maricopa County, Glendale — The Barnyardat Sahuaro Ranch…
The barnyard was the center of activity as Sahuaro Ranch. Horses and mules were stabled, trained, and shoed here. Cattle were brought to the corrals for branding, treatment and shipment. Farm implements and wagons were stored and repaired here. . . . Map (db m40674) HM
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72 Arizona, Maricopa County, Phoenix, Camelback East Village — Hunt Bass Hatchery
* USA * Work Program WPA Hunt Bass Hatchery Erected A.D. 1936 Sponsored By Arizona State Game Department O.P. No. 65-2-544Map (db m34557) HM
73 Arizona, Maricopa County, Phoenix, Central City — Arizona's First Zoo
This concrete trough was part of the E.A. Tovrea Memorial Zoo. In June 1942, the Phoenix Gazette announced the opening of a zoo featuring Arizona wildlife. The small zoo housed bison (like the one pictured here) elk, deer, antelope, coyote, . . . Map (db m142633) HM
74 Arizona, Maricopa County, Wickenburg — Everett BowmanAll-Around Champion Cowboy of the World — Years 1935 & 1937 —
b. July 12, 1899 Hope, NM d. October 25, 1971 Wickenburg, AZ Known as the cowboy's cowboy Admired and revered by townsfolk Father and organizer of Turtle Association 1936 which became the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association 1937 Owned . . . Map (db m29473) HM
75 Arizona, Mohave County, Kingman — Lt. Edward Fitzgerald Beale1822 - 1893
Pioneer in the path of empire hero of the War with Mexico, lieutenant in United States Navy. Appointed general by the Governor of California. Commanded exploration of wagon route to the Colorado River, with the only camel train in American History . . . Map (db m32208) HM
76 Arizona, Mohave County, Oatman — Gold Mining Ghost Town, Oatman, ArizonaRoute 66 Roadside Attraction
This turn of the century gold mining camp was on the original road through the Black Mountains and eventually became Route 66. Burrows came with the miners and still roam the streets today. Get you Kicks on Route 66 in Arizona.Map (db m188974) HM
77 Arizona, Mohave County, Oatman — OatmanArizona Territory — "The Ghost Town that refuses to die!" —
World War I was funded partially by the gold out of these mountains in 1912. Oatman boomed from 1910 to the 1920's. Upwards to 8,000 people lived here. Gold mines were closed about 1942. Mines were needed to mine copper for World War II. Blue Ridge . . . Map (db m119942) HM
78 Arizona, Mohave County, Oatman — 80 — Oatman Arizona and its Burros
Oatman was founded around 1906 as part of Arizona's richest gold mining area. Oatman was reborn in the late 1960's and early 1970's as a tourist town. The main attraction was the wild burro herd. The burros roaming the Oatman area are descendants of . . . Map (db m78570) HM
79 Arizona, Mohave County, Oatman — Oatman, ArizonaElevation 2700 Feet
Oatman was founded about 1908. By 1931, the area's mines had produced over 1.8 million ounces of gold. By the mid 1930's, the boom was over and in 1942 the last remaining mines were closed as nonessential to the war effort. Burros first . . . Map (db m18964) HM
80 Arizona, Mohave County, Oatman — Oatman, ArizonaElevation 2700 Feet
Oatman was founded about 1908. By 1931, the area's mines had produced over 1.8 million ounces of gold. By the mid 1930's, the boom was over and in 1942 the last remaining mines were closed as nonessential to the war effort. Burros first came to . . . Map (db m114819) HM
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81 Arizona, Navajo County, Shonto — Roundleaf BuffaloberryShepherdia rotundifolia
Map (db m144398) HM
82 Arizona, Pima County, Tucson — Desert LifeSaguaro National Park
The Sonoran Desert can be described as a “desert jungle” because more than 200 species of animals and 600 species of plants live here. Saguaros---with their branching arms and accordion-like pleats—dominate this scene. Intermixed . . . Map (db m83147) HM
83 Arizona, Pima County, Tucson — AQHHMP #8 — Rillito Race TrackAmerican Quarter Horse Historical Marker
This famous track on the banks of the Rillito River was the birthplace of many racing innovations still in use today. The Southern Arizona Horse Breeders Association, the organization that pioneered Quarter Horse Racing in Tucson, had been hosting . . . Map (db m83215) HM
84 Arizona, Pinal County, Red Rock — 2 — Red Rock Post Office
Established June 14, 1887. A small conical red peak gave Red Rock its name. Red Rock was a major cattle shipping point via the S.P. Railroad. This post office celebrated its Centennial in June 1987.Map (db m31190) HM
85 Arizona, Santa Cruz County, Sonoita — AQHHMP #27 — Sonoita Quarter Horse Show and RacesAmerican Quarter Horse Historical Marker
Seeing whose horse was fastest or who had the best working ranch horse was a natural form of competition for early settlers in Arizona cattle country. So began the race and show tradition at Sonoita. The Sonoita Quarter Horse Show began at the Santa . . . Map (db m46881) HM
86 Arizona, Yavapai County, Lake Montezuma — Historic Bell Trail
In 1932, Charles Bell constructed this trail through the rugged canyon of Wet Beater Creek. It was, and still is, used to move cattle up and down the Mogollon Rim. Bell Trail is six miles to the edge of the Rim and climbs a rocky 1200 feet in the . . . Map (db m187583) HM
87 Arizona, Yavapai County, Montezuma Castle National Monument — Macaw Pen Stone?
Could This Stone Be The Opening to a Macaw Pen? Where Did This Stone Come From? Who Used It? Why Is This Stone at Montezuma Castle? Did the Ancient Sinaguans Possibly Raise Macaws Here? In the 15th century, near modern-day Casa . . . Map (db m40895) HM
88 Arizona, Yavapai County, Prescott — Our Creeks are Alive!
The Water Table By March of 1881, fire wells like this one were hand-dug on the four corners of the Courthouse Plaza. At the time, the water table was high enough to allow bucketing of water for fire emergencies. These wells were abandoned . . . Map (db m157663) HM
89 Arizona, Yavapai County, Prescott — Ruffner Plaza Stables
The Ruffner Plaza Stables were built on this lot purchased from Frank Murphy for $3,600. In May 1898, a local newspaper reported that it was "one of the most substantial as well as ornamental improvements which has been put up for several . . . Map (db m20297) HM
90 Arizona, Yavapai County, Prescott — Solon Hannibal Borglum America's First Cowboy Sculptor1866 - 1922
This free-spirited Son of the West, sensitive to the changing era in which he lived, portrayed the western epic in marble and bronze. Our "Bucky O'Neill" monumental bronze is among his greatest works, and is acclaimed by art critics as one of the . . . Map (db m21165) HM
91 Arizona, Yavapai County, Sedona — Little Horse Park/Chapel of the Holy CrossHistoric Sedona
Little Horse Park, now called the Chapel area, was originally a mixture of private and US Forest Service property. Lee Piper homestead there and Otto Hallermund held the Forest Service-issued grazing permit for the area – part of the Sedona . . . Map (db m133690) HM
92 Arizona, Yavapai County, Seligman — Beale Wagon RoadSeligman, Arizona
From 1857 to 1860 Lt. Edward F. Beale and a crew of 100 men built the first federal highway in the southwest. The 1857 Beale Expedition used 22 camels and dromedaries for pack animals. This road went from Fort Smith, Arkansas to Los Angeles, . . . Map (db m32206) HM
93 Arizona, Yuma County, Yuma — Yuma East Wetlands TodayA Return to Balance
Restoration in Progress The Yuma East Wetlands (YEW) is an innovative restoration project pioneered by the Quechan Indian Tribe and the City of Yuma. The 1,418 acres of the YEW are comprised of native riparian wetland, and aquatic habitats . . . Map (db m158390) HM
94 Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — The Railroad Depot
The Eureka Springs Railroad opened in February, 1883. As the first trains arrived at the original station house, a finely crafted wooden structure, passengers were met by horse drawn carriages and hacks which quickly carried them to the best . . . Map (db m80173) HM
95 Arkansas, Desha County, Kelso — 64 — Skirmish at Amos Bayou
In mid-February 1863, Confederate troops at Cypress Bend fired on Union transports on the Mississippi River. On Feb. 19, a force of Union cavalry and mule-mounted infantry set out in pursuit. The Union troops drove off enemy pickets before . . . Map (db m107693) HM
96 Arkansas, Garland County, Hot Springs — Happy Hollow Spring
Spas thrive on pleasant diversions. In contrast to sedate Bathhouse Row, Happy Hollow developed a a free-wheeling carnival atmosphere. At the turn of the century, Norman Mcleod opened an amusement park in the vicinity of this cold spring and . . . Map (db m145652) HM
97 Arkansas, Garland County, Hot Springs — Horse Racing in Hot Springs — Hot Springs Central Avenue Historic District —
Horse racing had its origins in the early history of Hot Springs. Farm boys brought their horses into the small settlement to race them prior to the Civil War. Formal racing began in the 1890s. The Essex and Oaklawn tracks began operations in . . . Map (db m211177) HM
98 Arkansas, Lawrence County, Walnut Ridge — The Legacy of John A. Rhea
Much of what we currently know and enjoy as Walnut Ridge is built upon the work of an enterprising, 19th Century businessman by the name of John Rhea. His life, and even his death, are the stuff of local legend. John A. Rhea was born in . . . Map (db m170301) HM
99 Arkansas, Marion County, Rush — Four-footed LinkBuffalo National River — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
The livery barn shown below stood on the site in front of you. Working horses and mules required shoeing, harnessing, and grooming, thus the barn was one of the first buildings built by the Morning Star Mining Company. The animals were essential . . . Map (db m161926) HM
100 Arkansas, Monroe County, Holly Grove — Life in the Swamp — Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park —
Before Lewis and Clark explored the Louisiana Territory in 1804, little was known about the land or the animals of this vast region. President Jefferson, interested in America's natural resources, instructed the expedition to collect specimens and . . . Map (db m155194) HM

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