“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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The Pride of Seven Flags Marker image, Touch for more information
April 4, 2007
The Pride of Seven Flags Marker
1 Alabama, Baldwin County, Fort Morgan — The Pride of Seven Flags
(East Face): Tribute dedicated to the memory of the soldiers who gave their lives in the defense of our country here at Fort Morgan. Here lies the pride of seven flags entombed in our ancestor’s worth, who heard the thunder of the fray . . . Map (db m4649) HM
2 Alabama, Baldwin County, Gulf Shores — Fort Bowyer War of 1812
At, or near, this site, the United States, after seizing this point of land from the Spanish in 1813, built Fort Bowyer, a structure of wood and sand. A small garrison of men courageously fought to defend the fort against two British attacks, one . . . Map (db m187339) HM
3 Alabama, Barbour County, Eufaula — The St. Julian Hotel
On this site stood the St. Julian Hotel where Jefferson Davis and his daughter Winnie, spent the night and where he spoke to the people of Eufaula, March 9, 1886.Map (db m185917) HM
4 Alabama, Butler County, Greenville — Ogly-Stroud Massacre / Gary's Stockade
Ogly-Stroud Massacre William Ogly built his cabin near this site at Poplar Springs along the Federal Road, and was killed here with most of his family on March 13, 1818. His friend Eli Stroud's wife was fatally wounded and their infant . . . Map (db m120933) HM
5 Alabama, Clarke County, Coffeeville — Mitcham Beat and the Mitcham War
In erecting this marker the Clarke County Historical Society's sole purpose is to mark events and areas affecting the county's history. Beat 15 of Clarke County, since the mid 19th century, came to be known as Mitcham Beat, named for an early . . . Map (db m203677) HM
6 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — The Singing River SculptureIn Muscle Shoals, Alabama
This sculpture is dedicated to the many individuals whose efforts made Muscle Shoals and the Muscle Shoals area the “Hit Recording Capital of the World,” and to those who continue that legacy. Legend of the Singing River The . . . Map (db m167279) HM
7 Alabama, Covington County, Andalusia — Old Courthouse Clock Bell
Old courthouse clock bell from 1897 to 1917 has been donated to Covington County this Bicentennial year 1976 by H. Speller Moates and family. Dedicated to the early settlers of Covington County Erected in honor of the . . . Map (db m94205) HM
8 Alabama, Cullman County, Cullman — Bent But Not Broken
A tribute to the citizens of Cullman County for bending, but not breaking, following the EF4 tornado on April 27, 2011. Dedicated: April 27, 2013 Designed by: Cullman City Street Dept.Map (db m101094) HM
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9 Alabama, Cullman County, Cullman — Marion Albert HillNov. 13, 1895 — Feb. 3. 1979
The Cullman County native was the first man drafted in America for World War I. His Selective Service number 258, was the first one drawn in the U.S. Senate Building in Washington D.C. on July 20, 1917. 10,500 men were drafted that . . . Map (db m101097) HM
10 Alabama, Cullman County, Vinemont — Streight’s RaidThe Battle of Hog Mountain
"This was a glorious fight, one that did the soldiers' hearts good to look upon, made there in the mountains in the darkness of the night, almost hand-to-hand, with only the light from the vivid flash of the artillery and . . . Map (db m101089) HM
11 Alabama, Cullman County, Vinemont — Streight’s RaidA Failed Campaign
"The thanks of Congress are again due to General N. B. Forrest and the officers and men of his command, for meritorious service in the field, and especially for the daring, skill, and perseverance exhibited in the pursuit . . . Map (db m101090) HM
12 Alabama, Dallas County, Cahaba — Death in the Street
On a May afternoon in 1856, an angry John A. Bell rounded this corner carrying a large hickory stick. He passed by Edward Perine's fine brick store, and continued south down the sidewalk. Under his coat, he carried two pistols and a . . . Map (db m112527) HM
13 Alabama, Elmore County, Wetumpka — Wetumpka Impact CraterChronological Sequence of Crater Formation — 85 Million Years Ago —
A shallow offshore area of the ancient Gulf of Mexico eventually became the land upon which downtown Wetumpka was built and through which today's Coosa River flows. This area also was the site of Alabama's greatest natural disaster and the "bull's . . . Map (db m222632) HM
14 Alabama, Elmore County, Wetumpka — 1 — Wetumpka Impact CraterEducational Viewpoint #1
You are on the northwestern rim of the Wetumpka Impact Crater. In this area of the crater rim, there are several man-made cuts into the metamorphic bedrock. Mica schist forms the bedrock in this area down to depths of several thousand feet. After . . . Map (db m189013) HM
15 Alabama, Elmore County, Wetumpka — 2 — Wetumpka Impact CraterEducational Viewpoint #2
The beautiful vista across the Wetumpka Impact Crater is best seen from the highest point on the northwestern rim here at Bald Knob. A favored area for communication towers, Bald Knob is almost 600 feet above sea level. Looking down the power . . . Map (db m189019) HM
16 Alabama, Elmore County, Wetumpka — 3 — Wetumpka Impact CraterEducational Viewpoint #3
You are on the crater floor inside the western rim of the Wetumpka Impact Crater, in an area called the "cliffs." After the meteor's impact, there was a massive landslide from the southern rim that brought vast quantities of clay and sandy sediment . . . Map (db m189021) HM
17 Alabama, Elmore County, Wetumpka — 4 — Wetumpka Impact CraterEducational Viewpoint #4
This section of Buck Ridge Road is unusual because you can easily see hills created on both sides of the road that are related to the impact of a large meteor 85 million years ago. These hills contain large boulders that came to rest near the . . . Map (db m189024) HM
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18 Alabama, Elmore County, Wetumpka — 5 — Wetumpka Impact CraterEducational Viewpoint #5
Because of the cleared natural gas pipeline, this area provides an excellent view of the eastern rim of the Wetumpka Impact Crater. The notch on the far rim is over a mile away. On the west side of Trotters Trail (behind you) the high point is . . . Map (db m189029) HM
19 Alabama, Elmore County, Wetumpka — 6 — Wetumpka Impact CraterEducational Viewpoint #6
From a distance, one of the best vistas of the Wetumpka Impact Crater is from the Wetumpka Sports Complex. Your view here is of the highest remains of the northwestern rim of the crater. In the center, several communication towers are located on . . . Map (db m189035) HM
20 Alabama, Elmore County, Wetumpka — 7 — Wetumpka Impact CraterEducational Viewpoint #7
The rock layers here in the Coosa River are part of the deeply eroded western rim of the Wetumpka Impact Crater. The Coosa River curves around the rim in the downtown area and these rock layers tilt away from the crater center, typical of . . . Map (db m189038) HM
21 Alabama, Elmore County, Wetumpka — Wetumpka Timeline(Prehistory – 1924) / (1925 - Present Day)
Wetumpka Timeline (Prehistory – 1924) 85 Million Years Ago A meteor strikes Wetumpka during the age of the dinosaurs creating a five-mile wide impact crater blasted into the bedrock. 1714 At the invitation of the Creeks and . . . Map (db m222651) HM
22 Alabama, Etowah County, Gadsden — Eleventh Street School
The Eleventh Street School, built in 1907, was one of the earliest elementary schools in Gadsden. It is the only local surviving school building of that era. This two-story red brick structure has solid masonry exterior walls and an entrance which . . . Map (db m83734) HM
23 Alabama, Etowah County, Gadsden — The North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church
The North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church was organized on this site in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South of Gadsden, Alabama November 16, 1870 Bishop Robert Paine, presiding The Centennial Convocation of the Conference . . . Map (db m83739) HM
24 Alabama, Houston County, Ashford — Ashford Centennial
Ashford was incorporated on June 22, 1891. Citizens, friends, and families of Ashford gathered here on June 22, 1991, to remember Ashford's durable and progressive history. This commemoration also affirmed their faith in Ashford's future by placing . . . Map (db m73411) HM
25 Alabama, Jefferson County, Leeds — John HenryLegendary ‘Steel Drivin’ Man’
The story of “steel drivin’ man” John Henry is one of America’s most enduring legends. The strong ex-slave became a folk hero during construction of the Columbus & Western Railroad between Goodwater and Birmingham. He drilled holes for . . . Map (db m22207) HM
26 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Elgin — Cherokee Chief Doublehead's Village Around 1800
About 1800 Doublehead located his village at this site, where his brother-in-law Tahlonteeskee had previously lived. Doublehead's log house was built along the same style of those of the white settlers. Chief Doublehead had previously led raids . . . Map (db m83942) HM
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27 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — "Mountain" Tom ClarkHanged September 4, 1872
The notorious outlaw gang leader who boasted that no one would ever run over Tom Clark lies buried near the center of Tennessee Street where now all who pass by do run over him. In 1872, Clark, who terrorized helpless citizens during the Civil War, . . . Map (db m80320) HM
28 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Andrew Jackson's Military Road1817
Construction of this road, as ordered by General Andrew Jackson, began in May 1817 by troops of the U.S. Army for national defense purposes. Beginning near Nashville, Tennessee and continuing to Madison, Louisiana, it shortened the distance from . . . Map (db m80321) HM
29 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Dr. Ethelbert Brinkley NortonCity of Florence Walk of Honor
Dr. E. B. Norton was a member of the U.S. Education Mission sent to Japan after World War II to advise Gen. McArthur on the complete reorganization of the Japanese School System, which is still in place today.Map (db m219325) HM
30 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Lt. Col. R. Edward YeildingCity of Florence Walk of Honor
After flying more than 90 worldwide reconnaissance missions, in 1990 Lt. Col. Ed Yeilding set a coast to coast aircraft speed record of 67 minutes 54 seconds flying an SR-71 spy plane, which is now at the Smithsonian.Map (db m219174) HM
31 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Prehistoric Native Americans / Historic Native Americans(Circa 8,000 B.C. ~1500 A.D.) / (Circa 1550 A.D.~ 1816 A.D.)
Side A This area near the mouth of Cypress Creek was inhabited by Archaic People as early as 8,000 B.C. Their main food consisted of freshwater mollusks from the river. (These mussels were the origin of the name "Muscle Shoals.") The . . . Map (db m84044) HM
32 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Samuel Cornelius PhillipsCity of Florence Walk of Honor
Known as the "Father of Rock and Roll," Sam Phillips established Sun Records in 1952, helping Elvis Presley and other well-known artists launch their careers. He received a Grammy for Lifetime Achievement in music.Map (db m219189) HM
33 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — The University of North AlabamaFootball Program National NCAA Division II — Championship Titles (1993~1994~1995) —
The University of North Alabama became the first school in the history of NCAA scholarship football to win three consecutive national championships (1993, 1994, and 1995). Under Coach Bobby Wallace, UNA posted a 41~1 record over the same three ~ . . . Map (db m32765) HM
34 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Waterloo — Trail of Tears
Thousands of Cherokee Indians passed through Waterloo in the 1830s when they were forced by the U.S. government to move West on the "Trail of Tears". Most came by boat from Tuscumbia and camped here to await transfer to larger steamboats. During the . . . Map (db m84301) HM
35 Alabama, Lawrence County, Oakville — Historic Indians
Five Historic Indian tribes lived in this area. By 1701, The Yuchi were living at the shoals on the Tennessee River. In early 1700s the Yuchi left, some moving to the Cherokee Nation on the Hiwassee River, TN and others to Chattahoochee River, GA. . . . Map (db m36040) HM
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36 Alabama, Lee County, Loachapoka — Boom and Change
Coming of the railroad from Montgomery in 1845 started a new era, with Loachapoka's name revived. It became the trade center for Waverly, Roxana, Rome, Camp Hill, Dudleyville, and Dadeville. Rousseau's Raiders hit Loachapoka at sun down, . . . Map (db m31356) HM
37 Alabama, Lowndes County, Mt. Carmel — Lynching in America / Lynching in LetohatcheeCommunity Remembrance Project
Lynching in America Thousands of black people were the victims of lynching and racial violence in the United States between 1877 and 1950. The lynching of African Americans during this era was a form of racial terrorism intended to . . . Map (db m97983) HM
38 Alabama, Macon County, Tuskegee — 12 — Samuel "Sammy" Leamon Younge, Jr. — The Tuskegee Civil Rights and Historic Trail —
Samuel "Sammy" Leamon Younge, Jr. (1944-1966), a civil rights and voting rights activist, was the first African American university student killed during the civil rights movement. A Tuskegee native, Younge was attending Tuskegee University when . . . Map (db m139875) HM
39 Alabama, Macon County, Tuskegee — 11 — Tuskegee High School — The Tuskegee Civil Rights and Historic Trail —
In August of 1963, the United States District Court M. D. Alabama sided with the plaintiff in Lee v. Macon County Board of Education. This pivotal civil rights case involved the integration of, the all-white Tuskegee High School (located on . . . Map (db m139878) HM
40 Alabama, Macon County, Tuskegee Institute — 2 — Charles Goode Gomillion — The Tuskegee Civil Rights and Historic Trail —
Charles Goode Gomillion (1900-1995) was born on April 1, 1900, in Johnston, South Carolina. He joined the faculty at Tuskegee University in 1928, where he served as dean of students and chair of the social sciences department. He was president of . . . Map (db m140006) HM
41 Alabama, Madison County, Brownsboro — Trail of TearsDrane/Hood Overland Route
In May 1838 soldiers, under the command of U.S. Army General Winfield Scott, began rounding up Cherokee Indians in this area who had refused to move to Indian Territory in Oklahoma. About 16,000 Cherokees were placed in stockades in Tennessee and . . . Map (db m33318) HM
42 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Alabama’s Constitution And Statehood
Before statehood, the Alabama Territory had only limited rights of self government. Between July 5 and August 2, 1819, forty-four delegates from across the Territory convened in Huntsville to draft a constitution for statehood. Lawyers, merchants, . . . Map (db m26592) HM
43 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — The Chamber of Commerce Huntsville/Madison CountyEstablished January 12, 1894 Reported missing
Side A Organized to enhance the economic growth and well~being of the community in order to provide employment opportunities and a superior quality of life for local residents. First known as the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce, the . . . Map (db m234324) HM
44 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Where Alabama Entered the Union1819    1910
This tablet marks the spot where Alabama entered the UnionMap (db m154266) HM
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45 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — L'Arbre de Pau
The Tree of Pau Presented to the people of Mobile from their sister city, Pau, France. Symbolic of the restoration after Hurricane Frederic 1979.Map (db m86439) HM
46 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Le Marquis de Lafayette visited Mobile
On this site stood the home of Mayor Samuel H. Garrow, where the Marquis de Lafayette was entertained on his visit to Mobile, April 7, 1825. Lafayette, French officer, statesman, and hero of the American Revolution, visited the United States as . . . Map (db m86420) HM
47 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — LuxembourgKorean War Memorial
Although having a very small military, Luxembourg sent a 44-man volunteer infantry platoon to Korea in November 1950. This unit served as part of the Belgium Battalions who were assigned to the U.S. 3rd Infantry Division throughout the war. The . . . Map (db m192094) WM
48 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Memorial to USS Herring (SS-233) — Submarines and the Battleship Park —
Panel 1: Anderson, Fred H., RT1 Anderson, John L., Jr., MoMM2 Armstrong, James E., RM1 Balestrieri, S., ENS Blair, Jack L., S2 Blevins, J.T., S1 Boucher, Leo J., S1 Brennan, James J., TM2 Bronder, John J., SC2 Brown, . . . Map (db m74810) WM
49 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — 27 — Michael Donald
On March 21, 1981, 19-year-old Michael Donald was abducted, beaten, killed and hung from a tree on this street by members of the Ku Klux Klan. He was randomly selected in retaliation for an interracial jury failing to convict a black man for killing . . . Map (db m111384) HM
50 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Chris’ Hot DogsEstablished In 1917
Greek immigrant Christopher Anastasios Katechis opened Chris’ Hot Dogs on May 1, 1917, at 138 Dexter Avenue. Until the 1960’s, Chris offered curb service for its hot dogs, leading to long lines of cars cued for service. The hot dogs featured Chris’ . . . Map (db m103243) HM
51 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Georgia GilmoreFebruary 5, 1920 - March 3, 1990
Georgia Gilmore, cited as a “solid energetic boycott participant and supporter.” Lived in this house during the days of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Once arrested on a bus, Gilmore was ardent in her efforts to raise funds for the Movement . . . Map (db m28197) HM
52 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Harris House
Front Between May 20-24, 1961 Dr. Harris opened this home to a group of 33 students from Nashville, Tennessee, who were challenging interstate bus segregation. Known as the Freedom Riders, the group was attacked at the historic Montgomery . . . Map (db m86119) HM
53 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — History of the Alabama State Bar
On December 13, 1878, a meeting was held in Montgomery for the purpose of forming a bar association, and on January 15, 1879, delegates from each county met for five days at a preliminary conference in the Hall of the House of Representatives. The . . . Map (db m86121) HM
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54 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — The National Memorial for Peace and Justice
In the 17th and 18th centuries, 12 million African people were kidnapped, chained, and brought to the Americas after a torturous journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Nearly two million people died during the voyage. The labor of enslaved black people . . . Map (db m118044) HM
55 Alabama, Morgan County, Hartselle — The Great Hartselle Bank Robbery / Three Hours Required to Accomplish Heist
The Great Hartselle Bank Robbery In the early morning hours of Monday, March 15, 1926, bandits pulled off one of the most brazen bank robberies in the history of Alabama. In a well-planned operation, a band of five to ten men took around $15,000 . . . Map (db m217091) HM
56 Alabama, Perry County, Marion — South College Barracks Fire of 1924
Erected By The Cadet Corps 1923-1924 Cadets Jefferson Bryant Meharg and Lawrence Christopher Olsen who lost their lives in the burning of college barracks March 17, 1924 "Greater love hath no man than this, . . . Map (db m116917) HM
57 Alabama, Russell County, Fort Mitchell — Fort Mitchell and Creek Removal — Creek Heritage Trail —
Fort Mitchell served as a primary point of concentration for creeks being sent westward to Indian Territory before, during, and after the Second Creek War (1836-1837). By the terms of the 1832 Treaty of Washington, Creek heads of household and . . . Map (db m101840) HM
58 Alabama, St. Clair County, Ashville — Assassination Site of Sgt. E. Frank Harrison
In 1870 St. Clair Co. was still under Radical Republican Reconstruction. On August 20, 1870 honorable men of the County (former Confederates) had decided to hold the first Democratic Convention after the War Between the States. The meeting would be . . . Map (db m28142) HM
59 Alabama, Talladega County, Oak Grove — Stars Fell On Alabama / Hodges Meteorite
Stars Fell On Alabama November 30, 1954. It was a cold, clear early afternoon when Dr. Moody Jacobs left his office for lunch. In the sky, he saw a trail of dark smoke and heard an explosion before white smoke shot out in several directions. . . . Map (db m44229) HM
60 Alabama, Tuscaloosa County, Tuscaloosa — “The Indian Fires Are Going Out”
The Trail of Tears led thousands of Creek Indians through Tuscaloosa, capital of Alabama in 1836. Chief Eufaula addressed the legislature with these words: "I come here, brothers, to see the great house of Alabama and the men who make laws and . . . Map (db m119308) HM
61 Alabama, Tuscaloosa County, Tuscaloosa — Site Of The Stand In The Schoolhouse Door / Foster Auditorium, 1939
Foster Auditorium is the site of the June 11, 1963, “stand in the schoolhouse door” by Governor George C. Wallace in defiance of a court order requiring The University of Alabama to admit African-American students Vivian Malone and James . . . Map (db m37917) HM
62 Alaska, Juneau Borough, Juneau, Downtown Juneau — Seward & Alaska
Visionary An ardent expansionist, Seward pursued his vision of “Manifest Destiny” to expand the borders of the United States through peaceful means. Some of his interests included a port in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Guam, British Columbia, and . . . Map (db m181745) HM
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63 Alaska, Sitka Borough, Sitka — 250th Anniversary of the Bering- Chirikov Expedition1741-1991
[Top rim]: К 250 летию экспедиции В. И. Беринга и А.И. . . . Map (db m8448) HM
64 Alaska, Sitka Borough, Sitka — Alaska Purchase
On October 18, 1867, the Russian eagle ceded its perch on this hill to the American eagle. What a Deal! By the 1860s, the Russian-American Company (RAC), which managed Russia's colonies in Alaska, was losing money, so Russia decided to sell . . . Map (db m181361) HM
65 Alaska, Sitka Borough, Sitka — In This Place
The first American flag was raised by a colorguard from Company F, 9th Infantry, to signify the transfer of Alaska from czarist Russia. The first 49 star American flag was raised on July 4, 1959, by a colorguard from the First Battle Group 9th . . . Map (db m133863) HM
66 Alaska, Skagway — Fatal Duel
Frank Reid, guarding the approach to Sylvester's Wharf, where the vigilantes were meeting to restore law and order, shot "Soapy Smith" who failed to stop when challenged, July 8, 1898.Map (db m72790) HM
67 Alaska, Skagway — Inspector Charles Constantineand Staff Sergeant Charles Brown — North West Mounted Police —
[Seal of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police] In Commemoration of Inspector Charles Constantine and Staff Sergeant Charles Brown North West Mounted Police First members of this historic Canadian police force who landed at Skagway, Alaska . . . Map (db m69014) HM
68 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 17 — Bertha Wahl Shooting
In 1899, 14 year old Bertha Wahl was murdered here by a shepherd. Just south of here was the original Becker Store. Beyond lie the graves of the Becker family. Due west stood Henry Springer's Mercantile.Map (db m36647) HM
69 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 19 — James Hale Shooting
On Dec. 25, 1886, James Hale was gunned down here in front of the Brighton Saloon. His accused was never brought to trial. In 1894 this site, then called Hunter's Hall, held the first Presbyterian services in the Round Valley.Map (db m36651) HM
70 Arizona, Cochise County, Douglas — Douglas International Airport
At this location on June 5, 1933, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, dedicated Douglas International Airport as the first international airport in the United States. Designed by J. P. Sexton as the first . . . Map (db m28357) HM
71 Arizona, Cochise County, Douglas — Mormon BattalionLDS Church
Longest infantry march on record Dec 6, 1846Map (db m28299) HM
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72 Arizona, Cochise County, Douglas — Mormon BattalionLDS Church
San Bernardino Ranch Rest Camp Dec 5 1846Map (db m28300) HM
73 Arizona, Cochise County, Hereford — The Coronado Expedition, 1540-42
Spanish: En el año 1539, recordando aún el anuncio de la conquista del imperio inca que occurrió en 1533, el virrey Antonio de Mendoza receloso pero con te a la vez, envió a un sacerdote para comprobar los rumres [rumores] sobre ricas . . . Map (db m28255) HM
74 Arizona, Cochise County, Tombstone — 18 — Campbell & Hatch Saloon and Billiard Parlor1881
Bob Hatch and John Campbell opened a billiard parlor in 1880. Bob Hatch was a colorful character and an amateur thespian. It was said he kept a jar of frogs on the counter as their croaking helped him predict the weather. He followed the Earps to . . . Map (db m48516) HM
75 Arizona, Cochise County, Tombstone — City Marshall Virgil Earp
Virgil Earp was ambushed here and crippled for life as an aftermath of the OK battle-Dec 28, 1881Map (db m61873) HM
76 Arizona, Cochise County, Tombstone — 36 — Tombstone Engine Co. No. 11881
The devastating fires of 1881 and 1882 brought major changes to the Tombstone Fire Department. A new fire station was completed in 1881, a new Rescue Hook and Ladder Co. was formed, and a new water source was obtained. Thirty six miles of fifteen . . . Map (db m53403) HM
77 Arizona, Coconino County, Flagstaff — Flagstaff
Named for a pine tree stripped of its branches by a party of immigrants and used as a flagpole for a patriotic celebration on July 4, 1876. Nearby Antelope or Old Town Spring provided water and led to the establishment of a railroad construction . . . Map (db m33330) HM
78 Arizona, Coconino County, Flagstaff — Walkway of Flags1994
Flags have been important to the history of Flagstaff. It was a pine tree used as a flag staff that gave the town its name when Old Glory was flown at a spring (that later became the site of Flagstaff) on the occasion of the nation's . . . Map (db m33338) HM
79 Arizona, Coconino County, Page — Bureau of Reclamation Memorial Fountain
This fountain is dedicated to the memory of our fellow employees who died October 8, 1997 in a plane crash near Montrose, Colorado. Their names encircle the fountain just as the accomplishments of their careers and lives encircle us. . . . Map (db m40325) HM
80 Arizona, Gila County, Young — The Pleasant Valley War a.k.a. The Graham-Tewksbury FeudCirca 1882 - 1892
One of the West’s Longest and Bloodiest feuds took place here and around Pleasant Valley. The Grahams and the Tewksburys had been in the cattle business and it seems probable that they first fell out over the division of cattle they jointly . . . Map (db m78742) HM
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81 Arizona, La Paz County, Bouse — 90 — 740th Tank BattalionDaredevil Tankers
The 740th tank battalion was activated at Fort Knox, Ky. on March 1, 1943. It trained at Fort Knox and at Camp Bouse, Az. as a canal defense light (CDL) unit and as a standard medium tank battalion from October 15, 1943 to April 24, 1944 then sailed . . . Map (db m78562) HM
82 Arizona, Maricopa County, Scottsdale, South Scottsdale — Merci Train BoxcarA Gift of Friendship
This boxcar is one of 49 that comprised the French Gratitude Train. Once filled with 50 tons of gifts, the Gratitude Train was a way for the people of France to say “Thank You” to the American people for their help during and after World . . . Map (db m126700) HM WM
83 Arizona, Maricopa County, Wickenburg — Wickenburg Massacre
. . . Map (db m29478) HM
84 Arizona, Mohave County, Kingman — Ha' Qa' Muwe:(Ancestral Home of the Hualapai)
In Memory of Our Hualapai Ancestors Who Fought Against Cultural Genocide With Bravery and Foresight They Sacrificed Their Lives So The Hualapai People's Survival May Continue Today And Forever… This location was a . . . Map (db m36013) HM
85 Arizona, Mohave County, Kingman — Mohave Center Plaza of Valor
"O Lord, thou givest us everything at the price of an effort." Leonardo Da Vinci 1452-1519 We remember those who gave their lives in the Holocaust of July 5, 1973, in Kingman John O. Campbell • Allan Hanson • Christopher G . . . Map (db m29421) HM
86 Arizona, Mohave County, Lake Havasu City — British – American Friendship
"We are now friends with England and with all Mankind." Written by Benjamin Franklin, American Peace Commissioner in Paris, following the signing of the peace treaty ending the American Revolution September 1783 With American and . . . Map (db m31843) HM
87 Arizona, Mohave County, Lake Havasu City — London Bridge
Opened By The Right Honorable The Lord Mayor Of London Alderman Sir Peter Studd G.B.E.M.A.D.Sc. In The Presence Of The Honorable Jack Williams Governor Of Arizona October 10, 1971 Robert P. McCulloch Sr          C.V. Wood Jr. . . . Map (db m4328) HM
88 Arizona, Mohave County, Littlefield — 121 — The Old Spanish Trail1829 - 1848
The Old Spanish Trail, the main trade route between Santa Fe and Los Angeles, passed this way beginning in 1829. At the end of the Mexican-American War this portion of the route evolved into what was variously known as the Salt Lake Road, the . . . Map (db m78535) HM
89 Arizona, Navajo County, Holbrook — Jasper Forest
The petrified wood strewn in the valley below was once encased in the bluffs around you. When erosional forces removed the softer rocks, the petrified wood tumbled and accumulated on the valley floor. Once filled with fallen logs, Jasper Forest was . . . Map (db m68871) HM
90 Arizona, Navajo County, Holbrook — Summer Solstice Marker
A solstice is an astronomical event that happens twice annually as the Sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, June 20th is usually the longest day of the year and is referred to as the summer solstice. . . . Map (db m68888) HM
91 Arizona, Navajo County, Show Low — "show low and you win the ranch".
In 1876, Corydon E. Cooley and Marion Clark, two ranchers who had both laid claim to, and eventually became partners in managing 100,000 acres of land at the northwest edge of the White Mountains determined that the land could not support two . . . Map (db m36664) HM
92 Arizona, Pima County, Tucson, Downtown — Commemorating the Raising of the First American Flag within the Walled City of Tucson
Commemorating the raising of the First American Flag within the Walled City of Tucson Dec 16, 1846Map (db m74174) HM
93 Arizona, Pima County, Tucson, Downtown — Exchange at the PresidioThe Mormon Battalion Enters Tucson, 16 December 1846
Near this site on December 16 – 17, 1846, the U.S. 101st Infantry ("Mormon") Battalion under the command of Colonel Philip St. George Cooke peacefully occupied the Presidio San Agustin del Tucson. Organized in Council Bluffs, Iowa, to . . . Map (db m73983) HM
94 Arizona, Pima County, Tucson, El Presidio — Padre-Eusebio-Francisco-Kino, S.J.
Born Segno, Italy, 1645 – Educated at Jesuit Colleges Entered society of Jesus, 1665 – His petition to be sent upon a distant and dangerous mission granted, 1678 – Began missionary labors in Lower California, April 1, 1683 . . . Map (db m26394) HM
95 Arizona, Pima County, Vail — The CCC WorkerCamp SP-10-A — Colossal Cave Mountain Park 1934 – 1937 —
Honoring the young men who served in the Civilian Conservation Corps here and across the nation. With shovel and hammer, trowel and chisel, they moved earth, planted trees, crafted stone, and built structures that shape our landscape and remain a . . . Map (db m30614) HM
96 Arizona, Pinal County, Casa Grande — In Honor of Mormon Battalion
Who camped here Dec 20, 1846 in rout to Cal. War with Mexico. Erected By Aaronic Priesthood Mesa 3rd Ward L.D.S.C. Troop 57 Boy Scouts of America R.C. Hugh Dana Sp.• Joseph Moody S.M. • F.K. Pomeroy 1st Coun • T. Elmer Hastings Asst . . . Map (db m27207) HM
97 Arizona, Pinal County, Gila River — Gadsden Purchase
The Gila River north of this site marked the international border of the United States and Mexico from 1848 to 1854. James Gadsden negotiated to purchase 38,000 sq. miles of "wild country" for $15 million in gold. Amended to $10 million for 29,640 . . . Map (db m33689) HM
98 Arizona, Pinal county, Gila River — Gadsden Purchase
The Gila River north of this site marked the international border of the United States and Mexico from 1848 to 1854. James Gadsden negotiated to purchase 38,000 sq. miles of "wild country" for $15 million in gold. Amended to $10 million for 29,640 . . . Map (db m33692) HM
99 Arizona, Pinal County, Globe — The Hanging TreeDedicated to Gila County Law Enforcement — Protect and Serve —
From a Sycamore near this spot, L.V. Grime and C.B. Hawley were lynched on Aug. 24, 1882 for the hold up – murder of Andrew Hall, Wells Fargo Packer, and Dr. S.T. Vail. The culprits had a fair hearing before JP Allen on Wednesday eve, and at 2 . . . Map (db m34116) HM
100 Arizona, Pinal County, Sacaton — Dedicated to Ira H. Hayes USMC
Dedicated to Ira H. Hayes USMC February 23rd 1992 by the Memorial Committee Lance Lewis Director, Shirley Lewis Coordinator JR Currea Artist In Country Vietnam Veterans Post 2 Tempe Arizona Ira H. Hayes American . . . Map (db m32845) WM

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