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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Mexican-American War Topic

Perote Bullock County Marker, back image, Touch for more information
By David J Gaines, October 20, 2012
Perote Bullock County Marker, back
1 Alabama, Bullock County, Perote — Perote Bullock County
This community, settled during the mid-1830s, was first called Fulford’s Cross Roads, then Missouri Cross Roads when a post office was established here in 1846. The name Perote, adopted in 1850 was suggested by veterans returning from the Mexican . . . Map (db m83256) HM
2 Alabama, Calhoun County, Jacksonville — William Henry Forney1823-1894
Brigadier General C.S.A. With Army of Virginia 1861-1865. Wounded in battle five times. He was one of four distinguished sons of Jacob Forney and Sabina Swope Hoke of Jacksonville who held commissions in the Confederate Army. . . . Map (db m36480) HM
3 Alabama, Elmore County, Tallassee — Brigadier General Birkett Davenport Fry, CSA / Tallassee Confederate Officers Quarters
Brigadier General Birkett Davenport Fry, CSA (1822-1891) In his lifetime General Birkett D. Fry was a cadet at Virginia Military Institute and West Point; 1st Lt. (U.S. Infantry) in Mexican War; lawyer in California; mercenary-soldier of . . . Map (db m95112) HM
4 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Seminole Wars / Mexican War
Seminole Wars 1814-1858 I am Private Pet Younger of the 4th US Infantry Regiment. I joined the Regular Army in November 1835 at age 15. I was specially trained as part of the light infantry company whose main jobs were scouting and . . . Map (db m85604) WM
5 Alabama, Marion County, Winfield — Winfield, Alabama
Earliest visitors to the region now known as Winfield were bands of Chickasaw Indians who frequented this area as a hunting ground. The abundant wildlife of the Appalachian foothills made this area attractive to early hunters. After the Chickasaw . . . Map (db m85847) HM
6 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Jefferson DavisJune 3, 1808 - December 6, 1889 — Soldier Scholar Statesman —
A graduate of West Point Military Academy, he served the United States as Colonel of Mississippi Volunteers, Mexican War; member of House of Representatives, Senator, and as Secretary of War. Inaugurated President of the provisional government, . . . Map (db m155530) HM
7 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Lomax House, 1848
Built by James J. Gilmer. Purchased by Reuben C. Shorter, 1849, for his wife, Caroline A.V. Billingslea, who later married Tennent Lomax, captain and governor of Orizaba, Mexican War colonel, 3rd Ala. Infantry Regt., CSA, killed at Battle of Seven . . . Map (db m86128) HM
8 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery, Boylston — 167th Infantry / Alabama’s Own(4th Alabama)
167th Infantry. An Alabama regiment was formed in 1836 to defend Fort Foster in Florida. Same unit, designated the 1st Alabama Volunteers ten years later, served in Mexican War. Mustered again May 4, 1861 as the 4th Alabama Infantry Regiment, . . . Map (db m38897) HM
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9 Alabama, Pickens County, Gordo — History of Gordo, Alabama
This area's first settlers arrived in the 1830s and established the Crossroads community at the intersection of the Columbus-Tuscaloosa and Vienna-Fayette stagecoach roads, one mile northeast of Gordo's present location on Highway 82. The name . . . Map (db m152577) HM
10 Alabama, Russell County, Fort Mitchell — James Cantey
Near here was the home of Confederate Brigadier General James Cantey who arrived in 1849 to operate a plantation owned by his father. Prior to coming to Russell County he had practiced law at his birthplace, Camden, South Carolina, and had . . . Map (db m81715) HM
11 Alabama, Tuscaloosa County, Tuscaloosa — Joshua L. MartinGovernor 1845 - 1847
He presided over the transfer of the capital from Tuscaloosa to Montgomery in 1847. When the United States invaded Mexico Alabamians readily joined to fight, just as they would in 1861.Map (db m29034) HM
12 Alabama, Walker County, Cordova — City Of Cordova
Cordova, Alabama, located in Walker County on the Mulberry Fork of the Black Warrior River, was founded in 1859 by Captain Benjamin McFarland Long. He named the town after one in Mexico where he served under Robert E. Lee during the Mexican War . . . Map (db m43145) HM
13 Alabama, Winston County, Houston — M1841 Mountain Howitzer
This is the M1841 Mountain Howitzer. It was used by the United States Army during the mid-nineteenth century from 1837 to about 1870. The cannon saw service during the Mexican-American War, the American Indian Wars, and during the American Civil . . . Map (db m182874) HM
14 Arizona, Cochise County, Benson — Mormon BattalionLDS Church
Dec 14, 1846 Last camp on San Pedro Turned west toward Tucson Erected 1960Map (db m27878) HM
15 Arizona, Cochise County, Douglas — Mormon BattalionLDS Church
Smith grave two mile south Buried Dec 7 1846Map (db m28294) HM
16 Arizona, Cochise County, Douglas — Mormon BattalionLDS Church
Longest infantry march on record Dec 6, 1846Map (db m28299) HM
17 Arizona, Cochise County, Douglas — Mormon BattalionLDS Church
San Bernardino Ranch Rest Camp Dec 5 1846Map (db m28300) HM
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18 Arizona, Cochise County, Douglas — Mormon Battalion
Mormon Battalion Passed here in 1846Map (db m40693) HM
19 Arizona, Cochise County, Palominas — Mormon Battalion
. . . Map (db m150957) HM
20 Arizona, Cochise County, Sierra Vista — Mormon BattalionLDS Church
The Narrows Dec 12 1846 Battle of the Bulls Erected 1960Map (db m27882) HM
21 Arizona, Cochise County, Sierra Vista — Mormon Battalion Campsite
Dec. 11, 1846 Herd of Wild Horses and Bulls Erected 1960Map (db m27884) HM
22 Arizona, Cochise County, St. David — Mormon BattalionLDS Church
Camp Dec 13 1846 Capt P.C. Merrill Returned to San Pedro 1877 Erected 1960Map (db m27880) HM
23 Arizona, Gila County, Globe — El Capitan Pass
This pass was used by Kearny's Army of the West in a march to California in 1846. Guided by Kit Carson it was described in a journal of the trip as "Carson's Old Trail”. The pass led around the impassable canyon on the Gila River where . . . Map (db m28045) HM
24 Arizona, Graham County, Safford — Army of the West
. . . Map (db m81868) HM
25 Arizona, Mohave County, Kingman — Lt. Edward Fitzgerald Beale1822 - 1893
Pioneer in the path of empire hero of the War with Mexico, lieutenant in United States Navy. Appointed general by the Governor of California. Commanded exploration of wagon route to the Colorado River, with the only camel train in American History . . . Map (db m32208) HM
26 Arizona, Pima County, Tucson — Exchange at the PresidioThe Mormon Battalion Enters Tucson, 16 December 1846
Near this site on December 16 – 17, 1846, the U.S. 101st Infantry ("Mormon") Battalion under the command of Colonel Philip St. George Cooke peacefully occupied the Presidio San Agustin del Tucson. Organized in Council Bluffs, Iowa, to . . . Map (db m73983) HM
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27 Arizona, Pima County, Tucson — To The Mormon Battalion
Which, under command of Col. Cooke, in the course of their 2,000 mile infantry march to the Pacific coast, arrived and raised the first American flag in Tucson. December 16, 1846Map (db m27281) HM
28 Arizona, Pinal County, Casa Grande — In Honor of Mormon Battalion
Who camped here Dec 20, 1846 in rout to Cal. War with Mexico. Erected By Aaronic Priesthood Mesa 3rd Ward L.D.S.C. Troop 57 Boy Scouts of America R.C. Hugh Dana Sp.• Joseph Moody S.M. • F.K. Pomeroy 1st Coun • T. Elmer Hastings Asst . . . Map (db m27207) HM
29 Arizona, Pinal County, Gila River — Gadsden Purchase
The Gila River north of this site marked the international border of the United States and Mexico from 1848 to 1854. James Gadsden negotiated to purchase 38,000 sq. miles of "wild country" for $15 million in gold. Amended to $10 million for 29,640 . . . Map (db m33689) HM
30 Arizona, Pinal county, Gila River — Gadsden Purchase
The Gila River north of this site marked the international border of the United States and Mexico from 1848 to 1854. James Gadsden negotiated to purchase 38,000 sq. miles of "wild country" for $15 million in gold. Amended to $10 million for 29,640 . . . Map (db m33692) HM
31 Arizona, Pinal County, Kearny — Kearny, ArizonaNamed in Honor of Stephen Watts Kearny — Brevet Major General U.S. Army —
At the outbreak of the Mexican War in 1846, President Polk directed Colonel Kearny to organize the so-called "Army of the West" and to lead it to Santa Fe and thence on to secure California. On August 18, 1846, Kearny claimed the area of Santa Fe . . . Map (db m232146) HM
32 Arizona, Pinal County, Picacho — 71 — Mormon Battalion Trail
The Mormon Battalion of the U.S. Army camped here enroute to California December 17, 1846. During the war with Mexico, on the longest infantry march of record, they were first to unfurl the flag of the United States in Tucson. This marker . . . Map (db m92383) HM
33 Arizona, Yuma County, Roll — Antelope Hill Campsite
1846 U.S. Army 1848 Antelope Hill Campsite Jan. 4 1847 Mormon Battalion Trail Map (db m175089) HM
34 Arizona, Yuma County, Roll — Antelope Hill Campsite
1846 U.S. Army 1848 Antelope Hill Campsite Jan. 4 1847 Mormon Battalion Trail Map (db m175090) HM
35 Arizona, Yuma County, Yuma — Mormon Battalion Crossing / Colorado River Crossing
Mounted on back of monument Mormon Battalion Crossing This monument marks the approximate site of the crossing of the Colorado River by the Mormon Battalion on 10 and 11 January 1847. The Mormon Battalion consisted of 500 . . . Map (db m62011) HM
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36 Arizona, Yuma County, Yuma — U.S. Army of the West — Mormon BattalionLongest Sustained March in U.S. Military History, 1846-1847
Between 1846 and 1848, the United States and Mexico went to war. One of the major directives of the United States during this war was to secure its western border and to occupy California and the territory of New Mexico. The government asked for . . . Map (db m22686) HM
37 Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — Mexican War
War with Mexico was the result of the annexation of the Republic of Texas to the United States in March 1845, which the Mexican government regarded as an act of war since they had refused to recognize Texas' independence. Following the capture of . . . Map (db m91501) HM WM
38 Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — United States Commanders in Chief
[Written on the initial marker, provided for context] Our Constitution names the President of the United States the Commander in Chief of all the Armed Forces. Presidents who have served in our military are displayed on the following . . . Map (db m92384) HM WM
39 Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — United States Commanders in Chief
[Written on the initial marker, provided for context] Our Constitution names the President of the United States the Commander in Chief of all the Armed Forces. Presidents who have served in our military are displayed on the following . . . Map (db m92389) HM WM
40 Arkansas, Columbia County, Magnolia — 24 — Gen. John Porter McCown
John P. McCown was born Aug. 19, 1815, in Sevierville, Tenn. An 1840 graduate of West Point, he served in the Mexican and Seminole wars before resigning from the U.S. Army on May 17, 1861. McCown joined the Confederate army, rising to the rank of . . . Map (db m121139) HM
41 Arkansas, Crawford County, Van Buren — Crawford County War Memorial
On this lawn was erected our first Courthouse in 1841 and has been the scene for many events during the wars in which Crawford County boys fought. Mexican War, 1846. War Between the States, 1861-1865. Spanish American War, 1898. . . . Map (db m96859) WM
42 Arkansas, Crittenden County, Marion — Military Road
First Highway constructed in Arkansas, Hopefield to Little Rock, extended to Fort Smith and into Indian Territory, (Oklahoma). Built by the United States under supervision of the Quartermasters Department of the United States Army. Survey was . . . Map (db m116549) HM
43 Arkansas, Pulaski County, Little Rock, Downtown — Mexican-American War Memorial
This tablet is placed by the State of Arkansas in honor of her sons who served in the war with Mexico in 1846-7; and especially in memory of those who fell at Buena Vista and other conflicts of that war. • • • ”On Fame’s eternal camping . . . Map (db m157580) WM
44 Arkansas, Washington County, Fayetteville — Archibald YellIn Memory Of
Born near Salisbury, North Carolina, Aug. 1797 Volunteer in Battle of New Orleans, 1815 Member of Tennessee Legislature, 1827 Grand Master of Masons in Tennessee, 1831 District Judge of Arkansas Territory, 1832-1836 Charter Member of . . . Map (db m59891) HM
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45 Arkansas, Washington County, Fayetteville — 39 — Archibald YellSecond Governor of Arkansas
Archibald Yell was Arkansas’s first congressman and its second governor. Likely born in Tennessee in the late 1790s, Yell received limited formal education but a sound instruction in law, which became his calling. Yell’s close friendship with . . . Map (db m234889) HM
46 California, Alameda County, Oakland — In Memory of Col. John Coffee Hays1-28-1817 • 4-21-1883
Born near Little Cedar Lick, Wilson County, Tennessee. Lived in Mississippi, where he learned surveying. Joined Republic of Texas Army in May, 1836, and served 3 years in ranger/spy companies. Gained fame as an Indian fighter while surveyor for . . . Map (db m55204) HM
47 California, Alameda County, Pleasanton — 510 — Francisco Solano Alviso Adobe Reported missing
This building, erected in 1844-46 by Francisco Solano Alviso, was the first adobe house to be built in the Pleasanton Valley. It was originally called Alisal-The Sycamores. Following the Battle of Sunol Canyon, General John C. Frémont withdrew to . . . Map (db m3558) HM
48 California, Calaveras County, Murphys — Maj. James D. Savage
Member of Fremont’s Battalion during Mexican War. Established Indian trading posts throughout Central San Joaquin Valley. Leader of the first expedition of the Mariposa Battalion into Yosemite Valley, 1851 Dr. Lewis Leach described Savage as . . . Map (db m34057) HM
49 California, El Dorado County, Coloma — Changing California
If you had stood on this spot in 1769, 1823, and 1848, you would have been in three different countries! Each time California switched hands, life changed for its people. Spanish Province “California” was a Spanish province in 1769. For the . . . Map (db m214606) HM
50 California, El Dorado County, Coloma — Mormon CabinReplica Reported permanently removed
Members of the “Mormon Battalion,” returning from the war with Mexico, were enlisted by Sutter and Marshall to help construct Sutter’s Mill. The Mormon members of the sawmill crew built a cabin near the mill during the winter of 1847. Earlier . . . Map (db m12158) HM
51 California, El Dorado County, Coloma — Mormon Workers Cabin
In 1946, President James K. Polk authorized the Army to enlist Mormons to fight in the Mexican War. 496 men joined the Mormon Battalion in Council Bluffs, Iowa on July 16, 1846. They marched over 2,000 miles, building a wagon road from Santa Fe to . . . Map (db m215525) HM
52 California, Fresno County, Fresno — 28 — John Charles Fremont
Fremont passed within sight of this spot on April 7, 1844. He was crossing from the San Joaquin River to the Kings River with his mountain men guides, Thomas "Broken Hand" Fitzpatrick, Kit Carson and Alex Godey. Fremont described a vast prairie with . . . Map (db m229460) HM
53 California, Imperial County, El Centro — 1 — Mormon Battalion
On Friday January 15, 1847 the Mormon Battalion, a volunteer unit of the Army of the West, crossed Interstate Highway 8 approximately seven miles west of this point. Lieutenant Colonel Philip St. George Cooke commanded this battalion when the . . . Map (db m191654) HM WM
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54 California, Kern County, Bakersfield — 732 — Home of Elisha Stevens
Near this spot stood the last home of Elisha Stevens, noted American pathfinder and scout. Born in Georgia April 5, 1804, he learned blacksmithing during his youth. Drifting west he became a trapper on the Upper Missouri for more than two decades. . . . Map (db m231869) HM
55 California, Kern County, Bakersfield — 690 — Last Home of Alexis Godey Reported missing
Near this site stood the home of Alexis Godey, frontiersman and scout, who lived here from 1883 until his death on January 19, 1889. Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1818, he acted as guide for John C. Frémont's expedition through the Kern area in . . . Map (db m51676) HM
56 California, Los Angeles County, Compton — 152 — Domínguez Ranch House
[The arch way leading to the grounds is flanked by two markers:] Right Marker: Domínguez Ranch House Central portion built in 1826 by Manuel Domínguez. Rancho San Pedro Ten square leagues granted, . . . Map (db m64857) HM
57 California, Los Angeles County, Duarte — Andres Avelino Duarte1805-1863
Born at Mission San Juan Capistrano, Andres Avelino Duarte joined the Mexican Army in 1821. Transferred to Mission San Gabriel, he was assigned to protect Mission property. Upon retirement, he was granted nearly 7,000 acres, which included . . . Map (db m218626) HM
58 California, Los Angeles County, Glendale, Tropico — Glendale Station ClockOak of Peace
The General Andres Pico Oak Tree once stood in Rancho San Rafael in an area that later became part of the City of Glendale. This tree played a significant role in the history of California. On January 11, 1847, representatives of Los Estados Unidos . . . Map (db m128302) HM
59 California, Los Angeles County, Glendale, Verdugo Woodlands — 2 — Oak of Peace
The Oak of Peace played an important role in the history of California. It was at this site on January 11, 1847, that the surrender of the Californios to the United States Army was arranged. Jésus Pico, emissary of U.S. Lt. Colonel John C. . . . Map (db m234878) HM
60 California, Los Angeles County, Glendale, Verdugo Woodlands — 637 — San Rafael RanchoCatalina Verdugo Adobe — Oak of Peace —
San Rafael Rancho, first granted to José Maria Verdugo, Oct. 20, 1784. Catalina Adobe built about 1828. And, General Andres Pico oak tree camp site, before he surrendered to General John C. Fremont, 1847.Map (db m128201) HM WM
61 California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles — Fort MoorePioneer Memorial and Park
On this site stood Fort Moore built by the Mormon Battalion during the War with Mexico. This memorial honors the troops who helped to win the South West. The Flag of the United States was raised here on July 4th 1847 by United States . . . Map (db m128896) HM
62 California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles — Headquarters of Commander Robert Field StocktonAvila Adobe
Headquarters of Com. Robert Field Stockton U.S.N. January 1847.Map (db m133591) HM
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63 California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills — 181 — Lankershim Monument
panel 1: James B. Lankershim. Born Charleston, MO, March 24, 1850. Died Oct. 16, 1931. Commissioned Capt. Troop D Calvary 1st Brigade, N.G.O. Aug. 9, 1895 and Lieutenant Colonel N.G.O. July 21, 1903. panel 2: Near here on . . . Map (db m125561) HM
64 California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, San Pedro — Battery Osgood-Farley Historic Site"Home of the Fort MacArthur Museum" — Battle Honors, Third Coast Artillery —
Battle Honors Third Coast Artillery War of 1812 Fort Nelson, VA. - June 22, 1813 Fort Oswego, NY. - May 5-6, 1814 Mexican War Palo Alto - May 8. 1846 Resaca de la Palma - May 9, 1846 Monterey (sic) - Sept. 21-23, . . . Map (db m81750) HM
65 California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Studio City — 151 — Campo de CahuengaOriginal Adobe
Beneath this park rest the stone foundations and floor tiles of the historic adobe where Mexican General Andres Pico and U.S. Lieutenant Colonel John C. Fremont signed the Treaty of Cahuenga on January 13, 1847. Signing the Treaty ended the . . . Map (db m126025) HM
66 California, Los Angeles County, Pasadena — The Picture BridgeHuntington Hotel
Adobe Flores … Pasadena Built by José Perez in 1839, Headquarters of the Mexican General Flores, who drew up in this house the terms of surrender to the American General Fremont. The image displayed is a facsimile of the . . . Map (db m198138) HM
67 California, Los Angeles County, South Montebello — 385 — Battle of the Rio San Gabriel
Near this site, on January 3, 1847, was fought the Battle of the Rio San Gabriel between American forces commanded by Capt. Robert F. Stockton, U.S. Navy Commander-in-Chief, Brig. Gen. Stephen W. Kearney, U.S. Army, and Californians commanded by . . . Map (db m218759) HM
68 California, Los Angeles County, South Pasadena — Adobe Flores
Headquarters of General Jose Maria Flores before the capitulation to General John C. Fremont, January 13, 1847, at Cahuenga.Map (db m129774) HM
69 California, Los Angeles County, Vernon — 167 — La Mesa Battlefield
During the United States occupation of California during the Mexican-American War, La Mesa served as a campsite for the Californio forces under General Castro in the summer of 1846. The last military encounter on the California front was fought here . . . Map (db m121401) HM
70 California, Los Angeles County, Vernon — 167 — The Battle of La MesaLa Batalla de La Mesa — January 9th, 1847 —
First marker: On this site was fought La Batalla de La Mesa - Battle of La Mesa - January 9th, 1847 - Commodore Robert Field Stockton U.S.N. in command of American forces and General Jose Maria Flores commanding the Californians. . . . Map (db m143400) HM
71 California, Monterey County, Monterey — 1 — Custom House
Constructed in 1827 by the Mexican government to collect custom duties from foreign shipping, a principal revenue source when Monterey was the capital of Alta California, Mexico's northernmost province. Thomas O. Larkin, US consul to Alta . . . Map (db m82186) HM
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72 California, Monterey County, Monterey — Larkin House
This house was constructed in 1834 by Thomas Oliver Larkin, the only United States Consul in California under Mexican rule, it has been used as a private residence, the United States Consulate, City Hall, and served as Headquarters of General . . . Map (db m82627) HM
73 California, Monterey County, Monterey — 1 — Monterey Custom House
It was over this building that the American flag was raised by Commodore John Drake Sloat, July 7, 1846, signalizing the passing of California from Mexican rule. Restored through the efforts of the Native Sons of the Golden West with the . . . Map (db m95375) HM
74 California, Monterey County, Monterey — Monterey Harbor
□ Look out upon these waters. □ Their recorded history began when Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sighted the "Bay of Pines" on Nov. 17, 1542. □ Sebastian Viscaino was first to touch land Dec. 16, 1602. He claimed the land for . . . Map (db m30347) HM
75 California, Monterey County, Monterey — Quarters of General William Tecumseh Sherman
Quarters of General William Tecumseh Sherman Lieutenant Quartermaster and Adjustant General 1847 • 1849 Map (db m82097) HM
76 California, Monterey County, Monterey — Site of Original Flagstaff
Site of original flagstaff where the American flag was first raised by Commodore John Drake Sloat on July, 7th 1846 taking possession of California in the name of the United States of America Later ceded to America under the Treaty . . . Map (db m63063) HM
77 California, Monterey County, Monterey — Sloat Monument
To commemorate the taking possession of California by Commodore John Drake Sloat United States Navy July 7 1846Map (db m72042) HM
78 California, Monterey County, Monterey — Sloat's Landing
On this spot on July 7, 1846, U.S. Marines and Sailors landed and raised the American flag over the Custom House which stands before you. Mexico and the United States were at war. American forces landing in Monterey claimed 600,000 square miles for . . . Map (db m59955) HM
79 California, Monterey County, Prunedale — 651 — Battle of Natividad
Combined American forces under Captains Charles D. Burrass (or Burroughs) and Bluford K. Thompson clashed with Comandante Manuel de Jesús Castro's Californians in this vicinity on November 16, 1846. Casualties on each side consisted of several men . . . Map (db m26646) HM
80 California, Napa County, Calistoga — 359 — Dr. Edward Turner Bale
Edward Bale sailed from England to California in the 1830s and settled in Monterey where he was named surgeon-in chief of the Mexican Army by General Mariano Vallejo. In 1839 he married Vallejo’s niece, Maria Soberanes, and in 1841 was granted a . . . Map (db m18635) HM
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81 California, Napa County, Napa — Fremont's Crossing
Historic Site Here, on July 6, 1846, 160 mounted riflemen volunteers under the Bear Flag Republic Banner crossed the Napa estuary, led by Captain, U.S. Army, John C. Fremont and U.S. Marine Lt. Archibald H. Gillespie. To gain California's . . . Map (db m153424) HM
82 California, Orange County, Yorba Linda — Yorba Linda
In 1834, Bernardo Yorba was granted the 13,328 acre Rancho Cañon de Santa Ana by Mexican governor Jose Figueroa. Most of this land was retained by the Yorba family after the Mexican-American War in 1848. A section of the rancho was sold in 1907 to . . . Map (db m195600) HM
83 California, Sacramento County, Elk Grove — 680 — Murphy’s Corral
This is the site of the beginning of the conquest of California by the United States on June 10, 1846. American settlers led by Ezekial Merritt overpowered soldiers under Lt. Francisco Arce and took their Mexican Army horses from the corral of the . . . Map (db m11869) HM
84 California, Sacramento County, Sacramento, Southwestern Sacramento — General George Wright1803 – 1865
A graduate of West Point, his gallantry on the fields of battle earned him commendations; from the Seminole War in Florida, to the Mexican War, to the Indian Campaign in the Pacific Northwest. His unwavering loyalty to the Union would prompt . . . Map (db m10766) HM
85 California, Sacramento County, Sacramento, Southwestern Sacramento — 566 — Sacramento City Cemetery
Resting place of California Pioneers. The cemetery was established in 1850. Many of the victims of the Cholera Epidemic of that year are buried here. Included among the graves of illustrious Californians are those of Governors John Bigler, Newton . . . Map (db m11349) HM
86 California, San Benito County, San Juan Bautista — 181 — Fremont Peak← 11 Miles
In March 1846, Jose Castro, Mexican Military Commander, ordered John C. Fremont from the country, and with Kit Carson and 60 men he moved to top of peak, built entrenchments, raised flag and awaited attack. Bear Flag Incident and Mexican War . . . Map (db m150263) HM
87 California, San Bernardino County, Baker — The Desert Studies CenterZzyzx
[Panel #1] 1776 - 1830: Early Explorers Francisco Garces 1776 - As the Revolutionary War broke out, California was still a province of Spain, and the Spanish government decided to help feed a hungry Mexico by farming the . . . Map (db m83575) HM
88 California, San Bernardino County, Barstow — General Steven Watts Kearny1794-1848
He was “the Father of the US Calvary” and President Polk named him “Commander of the Army of the West”. In 1848 he went from Santa Fe, NM on to CA with 100 men on an arduous trip across our desert and on to a battle at San . . . Map (db m50576) HM
89 California, San Bernardino County, Chino — 942 — Rancho Chino Adobe Site
Near this site, Isaac Williams in 1841 built a large adobe home, located on the 22,000-acre Rancho Chino which he acquired from his father-in-law Antonio Lugo. The "Battle of Chino" occurred at the adobe on September 26-27, 1846, during which 24 . . . Map (db m50665) HM
90 California, San Bernardino County, Chino — Site of the Battle of Chino
Near this spot once stood the home of Isaac Williams, first American settler in this valley, about which on September 26-27 1846, was fought the first important engagement in California of the war with Mexico. This was also the site of the Chino . . . Map (db m379) HM
91 California, San Bernardino County, San Bernardino — Historic Cannon
1818 Mexican Cannon captured in Los Angeles by Americans in 1845 and placed in Fort Benson in 1856 by an independent party in a dispute with Mormons over land title.Map (db m86676) HM
92 California, San Bernardino County, Victorville — 150 — Lane's Crossing
Since ancient times, indigenous peoples have used the many networks of trails in the East Mojave Desert for both seasonal migration and to carry on trade with coastal Indians. Most of these trails converged at narrow passes and safe river crossings. . . . Map (db m73550) HM
93 California, San Diego County, Camp Pendleton North — Leonardo Cota and Jose Alipas
. . . Map (db m117059) HM
94 California, San Diego County, Escondido — An Incident of the Mexican War
The Army sent from Santa Fe to occupy California was met and defeated by the Mexicans at San Pasquale. The American forces were driven upon a butte in the desert, on which there was no water and there surrounded by the Mexican forces Edward F. Beale . . . Map (db m12865) HM
95 California, San Diego County, Escondido — San Pasqual
The State of California honors with this monument the American Soldiers who, under the leadership of Brig.-Gen. Stephen W. Kearny, Captain Abraham R. Johnston, Captain Benjamin D. Moore, Edward F. Beale, U.S.N., and Kit Carson, the . . . Map (db m51980) HM
96 California, San Diego County, Escondido — 533 — San Pasqual Battlefield
While marching to the conquest and occupation of California during the Mexican War, a detachment of 1st U.S. Dragoons, under the command of Brig. Gen. Stephen W. Kearny, was met on this site by native California lancers under, the command of Gen. . . . Map (db m51095) HM
97 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 63 — First Raising of U.S. FlagPlaza San Diego Viejo
On this site the United States Flag was first raised in Southern California by Lt. Stephen C. Rowan U.S.N., Commanding Sailors and Marines July 29, 1846.Map (db m145635) HM
98 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 55 — Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery
A burial ground before 1847, this graveyard became an Army post cemetery in the 1860s. It is the final resting place for most who fell at San Pasqual in 1846, and for the USS Bennington victims of 1905. It became Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in . . . Map (db m82324) HM
99 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 54 — Fort Stockton
Fortified briefly by Carlos Carrillo in 1838. This site became Fort Dupont (July – November 1846) after American forces took Old Town during the Mexican War. Retaken and held briefly by the Californios, it fell once more to the Americans, who . . . Map (db m229661) HM
100 California, San Diego County, San Diego — In Memory of the Heroes of the Battle of San PasqualThey fought a good fight
1st United States Dragoons Company C Sergent. John Cox • Corporl William. C. West • Private George Ashmead • Private Joseph T. Campbell • Private Williamm. Dalton • Private John Dunlop • Private Joseph B. Kennedy • Private William. C. Leckey . . . Map (db m82318) HM WM

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