“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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Sharp School Bell Marker image, Touch for more information
By Michael Baker
Sharp School Bell Marker
Ohio (Allen County), Lima — Sharp School Bell
This original alloy steel school bell rang for the children attending the Sharp School located on Delong Road. The Sharp School was built in 1870 and was one of eleven one-room school houses in Shawnee Township by 1874. In 1926, ten of the schools . . . — Map (db m119972) HM
Ohio (Ashland County), Ashland — 5- 3 — Founding of Ashland College / Ashland Eagles Tradition
Founding of Ashland College The dream of establishing a college was born in the hearts of members of the German Brethren Church. In March 1877, a meeting was held at the Maple Grove Brethren Church to discuss the establishment of a college in . . . — Map (db m97072) HM
Ohio (Ashland County), Ashland — Jones Memorial Terrace
Erected in 1957 by George and Jessie Jones in loving memory of their son, Earl E. Jones, Ashland College student 1920-21, who died in 1921. This terrace is dedicated to the pleasurable growth and development of the young people who attend . . . — Map (db m25836) HM
Ohio (Ashtabula County), Austinburg — 6-4 — Betsey Mix Cowles(1810-1876)
Betsey Mix Cowles dedicated her life to fighting slavery and improving the status of women. Her desire for a formal education led her to Oberlin College, where she completed two years of study in 1840. An advocate of immediate abolition, Cowles . . . — Map (db m121528) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Albany — 2-5 — Albany / Enterprise Academy
Albany (Side A) The village of Albany was established in 1838 as a market center for the surrounding agricultural area, which saw its first white settlement in the early years of the nineteenth century. Education was always a major concern of . . . — Map (db m52872) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Amesville — Ames Academy Bell1852 - 1955
Over a century its clear tone carried from valley to hill beckoning all to learn — Map (db m15536) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Amesville — Historic Amesville
Pioneers began arriving in Ames Township in 1797, making it one of the earliest settlements in the Northwest Territory. As early as 1804, the village purchased enough books to create a library. It is known today as the Coonskin Library because it . . . — Map (db m15537) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Amesville — 5-5 — Western Library Association1804 — The Coonskin Library —
In the years leading to Ohio statehood in 1803, Ames Township citizens decided to establish a stock-owned circulating library. Since cash was scarce during Ohio's frontier era, some citizens paid for their $2.50 shares by the sale of animal pelts, . . . — Map (db m15540) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Bicentennial of the Northwest OrdinanceOhio University
[Campus side of the marker] In commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 Ohio University, the first public university established in the Old Northwest Territory, was founded on the principles of the . . . — Map (db m15635) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Manasseh Cutler HallOhio University — 1816 —
Oldest building of the first institution for higher education of the Northwest Territory This tablet is dedicated to honor Manassah Cutler 1742 - 1823 Chaplain in the Revolutionary War Minister, Physician, Scentist, Teacher and . . . — Map (db m53820) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Memorial Auditorium
Memorial Auditorium stands as a testament to the dedication of Ohio University alumni, who raised funds for its construction. Completed in 1928, Memorial Auditorium was erected to honor those who have died serving our country; this includes past . . . — Map (db m53845) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Normandy ParkAt Ohio University
In honor of the War Correspondents who landed in Normandy, France, on D Day, June 6, 1944, with Allied Invading Forces; and others who joined them to report the Crusade Across Europe to bring freedom to that continent and the eventual end of a . . . — Map (db m53863) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — 4-5 — Ohio University
[Marker front] Manasseh Cutler, Rufus Putnam, Winthrop Sargeant, and Benjamin Tupper of the Ohio Company conceived Ohio University, which was encouraged by the Ordinance of 1787 and the Northwest Territorial Legislature in 1799, . . . — Map (db m15564) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Ohio University 1915 Alumni Gateway
The Ohio University Alumni Gate was built with funds contributed by many alumni, with the original intent of honoring the class of 1815, which was the first graduating class. The largest contribution, however, came from Edward C. Berry, a black man . . . — Map (db m15562) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Ohio University Sundial
Site of first Ohio University building erected in 1807 Here Hon. Thomas Ewing was graduated in 1815 One of the first two graduates — Map (db m42164) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Ohio University's Distinguished Visitors
Susan Brownell Anthony Woman Suffrage Leader Visited October 19, 1878 "To secure both national and 'domestic tranquility,' to 'establish justice,' to carry out the spirit of our Constitution, put into the hands of all women....the . . . — Map (db m53838) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Student Voices
College Green has served as a forum for the voices of Ohio University's students throughout its history. Whether supporting civil rights, advocating for the abolishment of women's curfews, or in protest, students have and will continue to play a . . . — Map (db m15570) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — The Elms
The elm trees President McGuffey planted near this path in the 1840s stood for over 100 years. Their beauty is recalled each year when the community members gather for the Concerts under the Elms. Dedicated by the Class of 2005 — Map (db m15571) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — The Kissing Circle
The Kissing Circle holds fond memories for decades of Ohio University Alumni, and symbolizes our affection and dedication to one another. May it remind future students, as it has those of the past, of valued friendships formed here and inspire . . . — Map (db m53075) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — The Silas Bingham HouseCirca 1805
Silas Bingham arrived in Athens in 1797. His home, originally built on South College Street, is the oldest house in Athens and one of the few remaining examples of a two-story log building in the area. Since the commissioners held meetings in . . . — Map (db m10909) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Nelsonville — Daniel Nelson
This tablet is erected in honor of Daniel Nelson founder of Nelsonville who donated the ground for the Fort Street Cemetery the Public Square and this lot for School and Meeting House purposes This stone was a part of the doorway . . . — Map (db m37040) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Waynesfield — Manchester School
This is the former site of a one room school house that was established in 1882. It later became known as the Manchester School. — Map (db m101810) HM
Ohio (Belmont County), Bellaire — 16-7 — Bellaire High School Clock Tower / Central School Clock Tower and Bell
Side 1 Bellaire High School Clock Tower The Bellaire High School Clock Tower was erected in 1925 as the second town clock to be mounted on Bellaire’s public schools. C.W. Bates of Wheeling designed this tower, built by C.D. Keyser & . . . — Map (db m78492) HM
Ohio (Belmont County), Martins Ferry — 12-7 — William Dean Howells / James Arlington Wright
Side A: William Dean Howells "The Dean of American Letters" Author, editor, and social critic William Dean Howells (1837-1920) was born in Martins Ferry, the son of an itinerant printer and publisher. Self-educated, Howells learned the . . . — Map (db m28477) HM
Ohio (Brown County), Ripley — John P. Parker’s Early LifeJohn P. Parker Memorial Park
• Born into slavery 1827 • First sold at age 8 • Forced to march from Norfolk Virginia to Mobile Alabama • Bought by a doctor • The doctor’s sons taught him to read and write • Learned the trade of iron moulding • Bought his freedom at . . . — Map (db m135475) HM
Ohio (Brown County), Ripley — Mr. Thomas KirkerWith Whom General U. S. Grant Boarded
In 1838 Mr. Thomas Kirker resided in this house, with whom General U. S. Grant boarded, while attending the Whittmore private school, his parents living in Georgetown. — Map (db m135536) HM
Ohio (Brown County), Ripley — The John P. Parker FamilyJohn Percival (1827–1900) & Miranda (Boulden) Parker (1831–1920) — John P. Parker Memorial Park —
John and Miranda had seven children. 1. John P. Parker, Jr. (1849–1871), Oberlin College. Died while in college. 2. Hale Giddings Parker (1851–1925), Oberlin College and Law School. Was Superintendent & Lawyer. 3. Cassius Clay . . . — Map (db m135474) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Busenbark — 8-9 — Busenbark / Dr. Charles F. Richter1900 - 1985 — An originator of the Richter Scale —
Side A: Busenbark In 1833, Robert Busenbark deeded land to the directors of School District No. 6 for Busenbark School. Twenty years later, Robert and son David granted a right-of-way on their property for a station on the Cincinnati, . . . — Map (db m28533) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 2-9 — Bethel Chapel 1815- 1873Historic Bethel Presbyterian Cemetery
William Holmes McGuffey, author of the Eclectic Series of Readers, was ordained a Presbyterian minister in a log meeting house on this site in 1829. The ordination was performed by Robert Bishop, President of Miami University, and other ministers . . . — Map (db m107745) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 37-9 — Lane Public Library / Clark Lane
Side A

Clark Lane built this library in 1866 and donated it to the people of Hamilton two years later. The 1913 Great Miami River flood catastrophe damaged much of the building and many of its books and records. The refurbished library . . . — Map (db m122413) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 7-9 — Lane-Hooven House
Side A: James Elrick, a local carpenter, built the Lane-Hooven House in 1863 for Clark Lane (1823-1907), a Hamilton industrialist and philanthropist. Lane, who first came to the area at age twenty-one as a blacksmith, resided in the house for . . . — Map (db m28775) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Millville — 2-9 — Bethel Chapel1815 - 1873
William Holmes McGuffey, author of the Eclectic Series of Readers, was ordained a Presbyterian minister in a log meeting house on this site in 1829. The ordination was performed by Robert Bishop, President of Miami University, and other ministers . . . — Map (db m24060) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Miltonville — 5-9 — Village of Miltonville
The village of Miltonville, located along the banks of Elk Creek, was platted in 1816 by George Bennett, Theophilus Eaglesfield, and Richard V. V. Crane. The creek served two grist mills, one built around 1804 and operated by a free black, Bambo . . . — Map (db m28776) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Okeana — 1-31 — Birthplace of William BebbGovernor of Ohio — 1846-1848 —
Edward Bebb, father of William Bebb and first Welshman to settle in Paddy's Run, Morgan Township, Butler County purchased this cabin in 1801. Originally the cabin stood four miles southeast of this site on the Dry Fork of the Whitewater River. It . . . — Map (db m24001) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — Alpha Delta PhiOlder Marker on the South Porch
In October 1833 was organized at Old Miami a chapter of Alpha Delta Phi- the first Greek letter fraternity to expand west of the Alleghenies. With this event Miami became the fourth college in the United States to . . . — Map (db m107742) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — Alumnae HallRemnants of a Glorious Past
Alumnae Hall Built: 1890- 1892 Razed: 1977 Born of the vision of President Leila McKee and built through the generousity of Olivia Meily Brice, Class of 1866 and Western’s first woman Trustee, Alumnae Hall was truly the gift of women to . . . — Map (db m107803) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 15-9 — Langstroth Cottage / Lorenzo Langstroth"The Bee-Man of Oxford"
Side A: Langstroth Cottage Reverend Lorenzo Langstroth, renowned as "The Father of American Beekeeping," lived in this simple two-story, eight-room house with his wife, Anne, and their three children from 1858 to 1887. Unchanged externally, the . . . — Map (db m24009) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 29-9 — Mother of FraternitiesAlpha Delta Phi
In 1833, Samuel Eells founded Alpha Delta Phi (ΑΔΦ), the first fraternity west of the Allegheny Mountains and the first fraternity at Miami University. The formation of Miami's Alpha (founding) chapters followed in the next two . . . — Map (db m107741) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 32-9 — Oxford Female Institute / Caroline Scott Harrison 1832-1892
Oxford Female Institute Chartered in 1849, the Institute was the first of three women's colleges established in Oxford. The original brick building was completed in 1850, and forms the core structure. The Reverend John Witherspoon Scott, a . . . — Map (db m107675) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 38-9 — Percy MacKaye / "The Poet's Shack"
Percy Mackaye Percy MacKaye (1875-1956) was a poet and dramatist elected to the National Institute of Arts and Letters in 1914. From 1920-1924, MacKaye held the position of writer-in-residence at Miami University, the first position of its . . . — Map (db m140417) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 35- 9 — Stanton's "Magnificent Dwelling" / Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Stanton's "Magnificent Dwelling" Home of Two Miami University Presidents

Built by “Old Miami” University President Robert L. Stanton, D.D. (1810-1885) as his private home and president’s office, Stanton’s 1868 Italianate . . . — Map (db m120312) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — The Act of 17941732- 1932
(bust of Washington)

The Act of 1794

In the name of the United States of America: It is hereby declared that one complete township or tract of land, of six miles square, to be located with the approbation of the governor, for . . . — Map (db m116659) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 13-9 — The DeWitt Family / The DeWitt Log Homestead
Side A: The DeWitt Family Zachariah Price DeWitt was born of a Dutch family in New Jersey in 1768. With brothers Jacob and Peter, he migrated to Kentucky where, in 1790, he married Elizabeth Teets, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1774. By . . . — Map (db m24064) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — Upham Hall
This building is named for the fourteenth president of the university 1928-1945 who met the challenges of depression and war Alfred H. Upham Member of the class of 1897 whose "Old Miami" tells the story of her first . . . — Map (db m140481) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — William Holmes McGuffey1800 - 1873
Who, while professor in Miami University compiled the famous McGuffey Readers which established the social standards of the Great Middle West of the United States for three-quarters of a century. Professor of Miami University 1825-36 . . . — Map (db m24781) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 14-9 — William Holmes McGuffey House
William Holmes McGuffey (1800-1873) was a Miami University faculty member in 1836 when he compiled the first edition of the McGuffey Eclectic Reader in this house. His Reader taught lessons in reading, spelling, and civic education by . . . — Map (db m24012) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Rosewood — Asa B. BukrokerMonument to a Veteran School Administrator — Classic Artifacts in Rural Champaign County —
in memory of Asa B. Buroker superintendent of Adams Township Schools 1907- 1920 the guilding influence throughout his life was service. He gave the rarest of gifts – himself — Map (db m80736) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), St. Paris — 22-11 — A. B. Graham
Albert B. “A. B.” Graham was born in Champaign County on March 13, 1868, the son of Joseph and Esther Graham. He was raised in a small rural home, but a fire destroyed the house in 1879, and the family moved to Lena where Graham attended . . . — Map (db m13789) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Urbana — 5-11 — Bailey and Barclay Halls / Johnny Appleseed
Side A: Bailey and Barclay Halls Urbana University was established by the Swedenborgian Church in 1850. Bailey Hall (1853), named after Francis Bailey (1735-1815), was designed by W. Russell West, architect of the Statehouse of Ohio. Bailey . . . — Map (db m13808) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Urbana — Xue, Bian, and Sun Memorial
These Urbana University MBA students lost their lives in an auto accident in Springfield, OH. Gone but not forgotten Xue, Bing (Jo) 12/31/1982-3/8/2007 Liaoning Province Bian, Jin (Jack) 10/13/1979-3/8/2007 Liaoning Province Sun, . . . — Map (db m13810) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — A. B. GrahamFounder of 4-H
On January 15, 1902, Mr. Albert B. Graham called to order the first meeting of a “Boys' and Girls' Agriculture Experiment Club”. Before growing season 85 children from 10 to 15 years of age had already volunteered to join. One hundred . . . — Map (db m13217) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Eliza D. Stewart1816 - 1908

"Mother Stewart" as she is affectionately called, is the pioneering spirit behind the local and statewide temperance movement. In 1858 she lectures on and promotes temperance for the "Good Templars Society". During the Civil War she serves the . . . — Map (db m81938) HM

Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Jeremiah Warder and Ann Aston Warder1780 - 1849 and 1781 - 1871

Jeremiah and his wife Ann, wealthy Quakers from Philadelphia, arrive in Springfield in 1830 to claim extensive acreage inherited from his late father’s estate. That same year, he purchases from the estate the village of Lagonda consisting of . . . — Map (db m81890) HM

Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Springfield City Hall Bell
This bell from Springfield's first City Hall, located on this site in 1848, is placed here to honor the school children of Springfield and Clark County who participated in the Esplanade/Fountain Square Project. Time capsule encased beneath this . . . — Map (db m13356) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — The A. B. Graham Building
In this building, on January 15, 1902, A. B. Graham organized the first boys and girls agricultural club in the United States out of which grew the 4-H Clubs of America. — Map (db m13220) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — 3-12 — The Birthplace of 4-H
A. B. Graham, superintendent of Springfield Township Rural schools in Clark County, established the "Boys and Girls Agricultural Experiment Club," which revolutionized agricultural education and non-formal youth development methods. The first . . . — Map (db m13216) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Batavia — One-Room SchoolhousesLucy Run
The nearby Lucy Run School (1885) is an example of the one-room schoolhouses that served rural Clermont County from 1800 to 1930. Before an Ohio law assessing taxes for public schools was passed in 1825, the first schools were by . . . — Map (db m99693) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Goshen — 11-13 — Goshen School Building
Side A In 1907, the Goshen School Building, later known as both Goshen Intermediate School and Sheila Green Elementary, was erected. The two-story, buff-colored, pressed-brick building was the first attempt at school consolidation in Goshen . . . — Map (db m99433) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Goshen — Honoring Goshen School Building1908- 2002
Honoring Goshen School Building 1908- 2002 in tribute of the memories made by generations of Goshen Warriors — Map (db m99434) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — 8-13 — Mt. Zion Chapel / Mt. Zion Cemetery - Lafayette School
Mt. Zion Chapel The Mount Zion Chapel of the Christian Church was built in 1872 on this hill adjacent to the members' cemetery outside of Clermontville. The site was part of a two-acre parcel that had been secured from the farm of William R. . . . — Map (db m99887) HM
Ohio (Clinton County), Blanchester — 2-14 — Garrison Corner Community
Side A Descendants of Lemuel Garrison Sr., a Revolutionary War soldier, were among the first Europeans to own and settle land at Garrison Corner (intersection of State Route 123 and Shawnee Trace) . Garrison Cemetery burials took place from . . . — Map (db m121044) HM WM
Ohio (Clinton County), Wilmington — 7-14 — Marble Hall
After World War II, colleges across the country struggled to house students following surges in enrollments made possible by the G.I. Bill. Wilmington College was no exception. The College's enrollment doubled compared to pre-war levels. On April . . . — Map (db m121047) HM WM
Ohio (Clinton County), Wilmington — Smith Place School1893 - 1984
Smith Place School was built on this site in 1893 as a high school. It was an outstanding example of Romanesque architecture and the arched stone entrances were quarried locally from Todd's Fork. Many generations attended classes here and it became . . . — Map (db m18730) HM
Ohio (Clinton County), Wilmington — 5-14 — Wilmington College
The 19th century saw a great migration of Quakers from the Carolinas and from eastern Ohio to southwestern Ohio. Attracted by rich soil and abundance of fresh water and springs, Quakers became the dominant religious group in the region. Clinton . . . — Map (db m27837) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Calcutta — Dustin Huffman Memorial Overlook
Dustin Marshall Huffman lived his life with a “Pay It Forward” attitude, always there to help out, even if it was for a stranger. He was pure goodness with a touch of orneriness and a smile that could light up a room. On June 30th . . . — Map (db m55113) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Central School
Site of schools since 1820's Log House School. Union School in 1869. Central School built in 1894 for $65,000.00 and held 1,000 students. In 1971 following 77 years of service as East Liverpool's High School it was demolished. The ELHS Alumni . . . — Map (db m80712) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — 18-15 — Land Ordinance of 1785 / The Seven Ranges
Side A:Land Ordinance of 1785In April 1784, the Continental Congress adopted the Report of Government for the Western Territory, a broad plan drafted primarily by Thomas Jefferson for organizing the United States' new western lands . . . — Map (db m44156) HM
Ohio (Coshocton County), Plainfield — 3-16 — George W. Crile, M. D.(1864 - 1943)
George Washington Crile was born in 1864 at Chili, in Crawford Township, Coshocton County. Before embarking on his notable medical career, he graduated from Northwestern Ohio Normal School (now Ohio Northern University) at Ada, teaching for two . . . — Map (db m15178) HM
Ohio (Coshocton County), Roscoe — Hay Craft and Learning Center - 1987
This building, dedicated in the spring of 1987, was named in honor of Raymond Hay as a lasting memorial to the late Coshocton businessman for the many contributions he made to the Roscoe Village restoration and to Coschocton County. It is also . . . — Map (db m26403) HM
Ohio (Coshocton County), Roscoe — James Taylor House (Reconstructed) - 1971
James Taylor, owner of a Coshocton woolen mill, built a house and possibly the fruit cellar on this lot in 1826. Taylor moved to California in 1840. Subsequent owners include David Frew, a miller, farmer, and a postmaster, and Daniel Rose, a . . . — Map (db m27383) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Berea — 61-18 — Baldwin University
In 1845, Baldwin Institute, one of the first schools in the area open to all students regardless of gender, race, or creed, was chartered. The wealth generated by the sandstone and grindstone industries of Berea allowed John Baldwin to found the . . . — Map (db m3536) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Berea — 18-18 — Berea District Seven School
A find example of the district school building common to Ohio int he early years of the twentieth century. This two-room, red-brick schoolhouse was completed in 1913. Accommodating elementary school children in east Berea and adjacent areas of . . . — Map (db m3532) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Berea — 16-18 — Berea Sandstone Quarries
For more than ninety years, this area was the heart and soul of Berea's sandstone quarries. In the early 1830s, John Baldwin discovered that the area's sandstone deposits made superb grindstones and building stones. in the 1840s, thriving sandstone . . . — Map (db m5516) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Berea — 23-18 — Lyceum Square
On this site the Lyceum Village and the Berea Seminary were established in 1837 by John Baldwin, Jame Giruth, Henry O. Sheldon, and Josiah Holbrook. Their vision was to create the first in a connected series of Lyceum Villages. The Villages were . . . — Map (db m3538) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Broadview Heights — 92-18 — Brecksville Township’s First Settler
In 1811, Colonel John Breck sent Seth Paine to survey a new township of the Western Reserve. Travelling from Massachusetts, the Paine family journeyed by wagon pulled by a team of oxen, a trip that took them forty-two days. For his . . . — Map (db m137187) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Andrew J. Rickoff / Charles Edward Adams
Andrew J. Rickoff, Educator, Administrator, Innovator. The Cleveland Public School Board recognized one of its first superintendents by naming one of its elementary schools in his honor. Andrew Jackson Rickoff (1824-1899) was born in New . . . — Map (db m137061) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Benjamin Rose1828-1908
Briton, industrialist and philanthropist who came to Cleveland in 1848. Formed the Cleveland Provision Company in 1875, Cleveland's largest meat packer. Pioneered meat shipping using refrigerated cars. Built the Rose Building, E. 9th and Prospect, . . . — Map (db m12116) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 68-18 — Federation of India Community Association
In 1962, Asian Indian students of Case Western Reserve University started India Association of Cleveland (IAC). In 1967, IAC started a newspaper "LOTUS," regarded as the first such Asian Indian community newspapers in the United States. In 1978, IAC . . . — Map (db m6946) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — L. Pearl MitchellAlpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. — Alpha Omega Chapter —
Elected third national president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. First Greek letter sorority for African-American Women. Initiated into Zeta Chapter at Wilberforce University. Held membership for more than 50 years in Alpha Kappa Alpha. . . . — Map (db m11931) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 130-18 — Saint Ignatius High School
In 1886, Bishop Richard Gilmour (1824-1891) of the Roman Catholic diocese of Cleveland requested that the Jesuit superior of Buffalo establish a high school on Cleveland’s west side. The Jesuits, an order of the Roman Catholic Church founded by . . . — Map (db m136938) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 114-18 — The Templin-Bradley CompanyPenny Packet Seeds
In 1907, the Templin-Bradley Company’s Children’s Flower Mission was developed in response to the Cleveland Public Schools Horticulture Program, supplying seed packets for 1 cent each — commonly referred to as Penny Packet Seeds. This . . . — Map (db m136909) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 19-18 — University Circle
Named for the streetcar turnaround once located at Euclid Avenue and East 107th Street, University Circle is a 600-acre district that is home to many of Cleveland's major cultural, educational, medical, and service institutions. The area was first . . . — Map (db m18158) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Lakewood — 120-18 — Dr. Jared Potter Kirtland
Dr. Jared Potter Kirtland was a prominent nineteenth century professor, physician, naturalist, and horticulturalist. In 1837, Kirtland purchased land in Rockport Township that stretched from Madison Avenue to Lake Erie. Kirtland used that land as a . . . — Map (db m136827) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Middleburg Heights — 6-18 — Old District 10 Schoolhouse1912
This Little Red Schoolhouse served children from Berea, Brookpark, and Middleburg township. The first mayor and council of Middleburg Heights were elected here. During its colorful history, the schoolhouse has been a City Hall where town meetings . . . — Map (db m5548) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Moreland Hills — 15-18 — Birthplace of James A. Garfield
James Abram Garfield, 20th President of the United States, was born here in 1831. His father died when he was two, but the family remained on the farm where James helped when he was not attending school. He continued to live here through his years . . . — Map (db m118214) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), North Olmsted — 98-18 — Frostville Post Office / Frostville Museum
From 1829 to 1842, the northern region of Olmsted Township was called Frostville. It was named by Elias C. Frost, who operated a post office in his farmhouse located at what became the intersection of Kennedy Ridge and Columbia Roads in North . . . — Map (db m136817) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), North Olmsted — 9-18 — North OlmstedFirst Settlement and Schoolhouse
David Stearns, the first permanent settler, built a log cabin near this site on the "Ridge" (Lorain Road) in 1816. Stearns was given this land by his father, Elijah, who had bought 1,002 acres from the Olmsted family. This area of North Olmsted was . . . — Map (db m43342) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), North Olmsted — 14-18 — Parker RanchAdele Von Ohl Parker
Adele Von Ohl Parker was a daredevil stunt rider once starring in Buffalo Bill's shows. Stranded during the Depression, she started a riding school; her flamboyance captivated her young riders. The 34-building ranch was the scene of many rodeos and . . . — Map (db m11547) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), North Olmsted — 12-18 — The Oxcart Library
In 1829 the citizens of Lenox voted to change the township name to Olmsted as their part of a bargain to acquire 500 books owned by the heirs of Aaron Olmsted. Believed to be the first publicly-owned library in the Western Reserve, the books . . . — Map (db m43344) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Parma — 30-18 — Crile Hospital
Crile General Hospital, named for renowned Cleveland surgeon, Dr. George W. Crile, was dedicated at this site on April 21, 1944. Dr. Crile, founder of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, was a brigadier general in the U.S. Army. The $4.5 million . . . — Map (db m23924) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Pepper Lake — Saint Angela Merici
Leader in the education of women. — Map (db m137100) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Pepper Lake — 62-18 — Ursuline College1871
The first women’s college chartered in the state of Ohio, Ursuline College opened in 1871 in downtown Cleveland as part of the educational mission of the Order of St. Ursula (O.S.U.). Founded in Italy in 1535 with an early presence in North America, . . . — Map (db m137093) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Shaker Heights — Site of Center FamilyNorth Union Society of Shakers
. . . — Map (db m9676) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), University Heights — 104-18 — John Carroll UniversityFounded in 1886
John Carroll University opened its doors as Saint Ignatius College on September 6, 1888. Originally located on Cleveland’s West Side, the College was founded at the request of Bishop Richard Gilmour by German members of the Society of Jesus (the . . . — Map (db m137063) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Valley View — Valley View Village Town Hall
Valley View Village Town Hall erected as an eight grade school in 1907, A.E. Smith, Principal. Became Village Hall in 1941, since used for municipal purpose. Incorporated 1919, Burt C. Allen, Mayor

Valley View-Cuyahoga Valley Historical . . . — Map (db m140166) HM

Ohio (Darke County), Greeneville — Studabaker SchoolFirst Brick School House in Darke County
First brick school house in Darke County Fort Greeneville Chapter DAR 1840 — Map (db m96012) HM
Ohio (Delaware County), Bellpoint — 16-21 — Bellpoint Buccaneers / Bellpoint High School
Bellpoint Buccaneers In the early part of the twentieth century, most small villages in Ohio focused community pride on the accomplishments of their high school's athletic teams. The Bellpoint basketball teams of the 1920s were a great example. . . . — Map (db m12812) HM
Ohio (Delaware County), Delaware — 1897 Memorial Tree
Provided for at the 40th Anniversary of the class as a memorial to their departed class mates — Map (db m19659) HM
Ohio (Delaware County), Delaware — Eddy, Kroener, and Riesz Memorial
In Memoriam This rock and these three flowering crab trees are placed here in loving memory of three Ohio Wesleyan University students, who died in an auto accident while attending a conference on Russian studies at Oberlin College on September . . . — Map (db m12833) HM
Ohio (Delaware County), Delaware — Edwards Gymnasium / Home of High School Basketball Tournaments
Edwards Gymnasium The gym was dedicated February 22, 1906. It is named in memory of OWU Trustee John Edwards whose initial gift made its construction possible. At the time of its completion it was considered the largest and finest basketball . . . — Map (db m12854) HM
Ohio (Delaware County), Delaware — 8-21 — Elliott HallOriginal Building at Ohio Wesleyan University
Built in 1833 as a health resort named the Mansion House Hotel, Elliott Hall is noted as Ohio's oldest collegiate Greek Revival building. The closure of the Bank of the United States and an economic panic in 1837 created nation-wide financial . . . — Map (db m12822) HM
Ohio (Delaware County), Delaware — 5-21 — George W. Campbell Home
George W. Campbell originally built this highly picturesque structure in 1854. Designed with Romanesque and Norman Revival architectural features - a round tower, arched windows and doorways - and constructed of locally mined blue limestone, the . . . — Map (db m12817) HM
Ohio (Delaware County), Delaware — Site of the First Ohio State Football Game
On the morning of May 3, 1890, Ohio Wesleyan University and The Ohio State University met at this location for a football game. It was the first game in Ohio State football history. Ohio Wesleyan had invited the newly organized team to a contest as . . . — Map (db m18316) HM
Ohio (Delaware County), Delaware — The Sulphur Spring
Ohio Wesleyan owes its location to the initial efforts to establish a resort for healing purposes on the site of the Sulphur Spring. When the business faltered, Adam Poe, a pastor and several citizens purchased it and gave it to the Methodists for a . . . — Map (db m18313) HM
Ohio (Delaware County), Delaware — University Hall and Gray Chapel
University Hall was completed in 1893. It is constructed of Amherst Sandstone. The bell tower rises to a height of 148 feet. The structure houses administrative offices, classrooms, and the legendary Gray Chapel. Among the celebrities who have . . . — Map (db m12845) HM
Ohio (Delaware County), Delaware — Wesley Branch Rickey1881 - 1965
. . . — Map (db m12843) HM
Ohio (Delaware County), Gregory — Former Site of Berlin School1915 - 1973 — "Oh, we're proud of the school that stands on the hill." —
Berlin School stood on this site from 1915 to 1975. The first graduating class was in 1916, with the first graduate being Mildred Schanck. The last graduating class was in 1953 with 14 members. Over these 38 years, 472 students graduated from . . . — Map (db m20554) HM
Ohio (Delaware County), Westerville — 3-12 — Sharp Family Homes
Marker Front: The Sharp family homes and their locations on N. State Street and Africa Road mark an important route through Westerville on the Underground Railroad. The family patriarch, Garrit Sharp, was an original settler of Sharp's . . . — Map (db m20552) HM
Ohio (Erie County), Birmingham — Birmingham School
Birminghan School was built in 1916 and served as a high school until school districts merged in 1954, and it was repurposed into an elementary school. In 1988, schools districts merged again and the Birmingham School was closed. The Firelands . . . — Map (db m144388) HM
Ohio (Erie County), Huron — 16-22 — The Huron Playhouse
Ohio’s oldest continuing summer theatre, the Huron Playhouse, has been housed at McCormick Middle School for its entire history. Dr. Frederick G. Walsh (1915-1999) of the Bowling Green State University (BGSU) Speech Department founded the . . . — Map (db m141596) HM
Ohio (Erie County), Sandusky — 29-22 — Erie County Jail / Sandusky Library
The Erie County Jail was built in 1882-1883 in the Gothic style. Constructed of blue limestone, the $45,750 facility featured 26 cells, the sheriff’s residence, and boasted then modern innovations including chrome steel bars and safety . . . — Map (db m141925) HM
Ohio (Erie County), Sandusky — Knute Rockne Wedding
Legendary University of Notre Dame Head Football Coach Knute Rockne married Bonnie Skiles of Kenton, Ohio in the rectory of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church on July 15, 1914. Father William F. Murphy officiated. The two met in the summer of . . . — Map (db m141931) HM
Ohio (Fairfield County), Carroll — Bell From Schoolhouse on High Street1868 - 1910

Donated by Carl E. and Mildred F. Benson — Map (db m137611) HM

Ohio (Fairfield County), Lancaster — 1-23 — Fairfield School for Boys1857 – 1979
As the nation’s first and largest minimum security correctional facility, the Fairfield School for Boys served over 100,000 Ohio juvenile offenders. The school was converted to an adult facility in 1980. (text on supplementary . . . — Map (db m119566) HM
Ohio (Fairfield County), Lancaster — Lancaster Methodist Camp Ground Historic DistrictEstablished 1872
was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Service, U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Sept. 10, 1987 in recognition of its historical and architectural significance. Originated at Logan 1872; moved to . . . — Map (db m52871) HM
Ohio (Fairfield County), Lancaster — Liberty Township No. 6 School
This building, the original Liberty Twp. No. 6 School, was presented to the Fairfield County Agriculture Society by the Arthur Weakley Family of Baltimore, Ohio, August, 1976. The original school house bell was presented by Douglas A. Weakley of . . . — Map (db m61844) HM
Ohio (Fairfield County), Lancaster — 5-23 — The Fifty Star FlagA Symbol of America
The design for the fifty star flag was born here at Lancaster High School in 1958 when student Robert Heft designed it for a history class project. Reasoning that since Alaska was seeking admission as a state and that Hawaii would soon follow, Heft . . . — Map (db m12478) HM
Ohio (Fairfield County), Pickerington — The Carnegie Library
Side A: This Carnegie Library was built in 1916 with funds from the Carnegie Corporation. It was constructed and furnished from a Carnegie Corporation grant of $10,000. Pickerington was one of the smallest of the 1,946 communities in the United . . . — Map (db m17432) HM
Ohio (Fairfield County), Thurston — The History of Thurston
Back in the late 1800's and early 1900's, Thurston was the railroad town which everybody knew. The town was the only place in southeast Ohio which a train could turn around 360 degrees and choose which track it would want to go on. Thurston had a . . . — Map (db m24813) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Bexley — Capital UniversityTransforming Lives Through Higher Education
Founded in 1830 as a Lutheran Seminary and chartered as a University in 1850, Capital University offers diverse undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts, sciences and professional studies. Ethical, moral and religious values essential to . . . — Map (db m15784) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Canal Winchester — Ohio's Oldest Active School
Ohio's Oldest Active School 1862 - 1987 125 years — Map (db m12531) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Canal Winchester — Prentiss School No. 8
This building was generously donated to the Village of Canal Winchester in the interest of historic preservation by the following businessmen: Lloyd Stebelton, Dick Weiser, Don Weiser, Robert Wood, Neil Wyman. It was moved from its previous . . . — Map (db m12180) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Canal Winchester — Stradley Place
In Honor of Dr. Bland L. Stradley 1889-1957 Dr. Stradley was a noted educator whose career began in 1913 as principal of the Canal Winchester High School. He spent 38 consecutive years at the Ohio State University where he was Vice President in . . . — Map (db m12532) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Central College — 3-25 — Central College Presbyterian Church
This church was organized April 22, 1843, in conjunction with The Central College of Ohio on land donated by Squire Timothy Lee. The college, chartered in March, 1842, continued until 1892. This brick chapel was erected in 1870 under the . . . — Map (db m18062) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 117- 25 — A. B. Graham and the 4-H Movement / Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center
A.B. Graham and the 4-H Movement In 1902, Albert Belmont Graham (1868-1960), a school teacher and superintendent, established the Boys and Girls Agricultural Experiment Club in Springfield, Ohio. Graham believed in learning by doing, a . . . — Map (db m94110) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — America’s Pioneer Kindergarten
Miss Caroline Louise Frankenberg (1806- 1882) brought the kindergarten concept from Germany to Columbus in 1836. She returned to Germany for further study, then established the school at the S.E. corner of Rich and Pearl Alley in 1858. The . . . — Map (db m94247) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Browning Amphitheatre / The Outdoor Performance Center"All The World's A Stage"
Browning Amphitheatre Dedicated June 11, 1926 for the encouragement of drama, dance and music. Seating restored October 12 1985. Browning Dramatic Society Originally organized 1882 as The Young Ladies’ Literary Society. Founded 1908 as . . . — Map (db m16950) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Central High SchoolThe Historic National Road in Ohio
On the west bank of the Scioto River stands the former Central High School, now the core building of the Center of Science and Industry (COSI). The Plan of the City of Columbus, released in 1908, was developed to create a vision for the city in line . . . — Map (db m96393) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Clinton Township High School / East North Broadway Historic District — A New Marker, Also a Replacement —
Clinton Township High School The first school in Clinton Township was opened in 1809. That school was located on the west side of the Olentangy River and children had to wade across to attend. The 1872 map of the township shows a school . . . — Map (db m108022) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 84- 25 — Coach Woody HayesOhio State Football Legend — “the Coach” —
Over his 28-year coaching career, Woody Hayes (1913-1987) cemented The Ohio State University's tradition of football excellence while amassing one of the most impressive records in college football. Wayne Woodrow Hayes grew up in Newcomerstown . . . — Map (db m94097) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Coach Woody Hayes1913- 1987
“You can never pay back, but you can pay forward” Wayne Woodrow “Woody” Hayes was a buckeye from birth. born in Clifton, Ohio, he spent his entire life giving back to the state he loved. Woody earned a bachelor’s . . . — Map (db m94098) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 97-25 — Columbus Main Library / Judge Noah Swayne Home
Columbus Main Library The first tax supported free public library in Columbus was formed in 1873 and housed in City Hall. In 1901, City Librarian John Pugh petitioned Andrew Carnegie for funding and was granted $200,000. In 1903, the Swayne . . . — Map (db m12927) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 13-25 — Deaf School Park
This ten acre site was purchased in 1829 for the Ohio School for the Education of the Deaf. The first school building opened here in 1834; the school was enlarged in 1845. In 1868 the original school was replaced. Another school building was added . . . — Map (db m12934) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Discovery Park
Is the first park developed specifically to honor Ohio's public educators. It was created by members and friends of the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio as part of the system's 80th anniversary celebration. Included in the park are the names . . . — Map (db m14491) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 51-25 — First Modern Streamflow Measurement in Ohio
Streams are both a principal economic resource and a natural hazard in Ohio. Accurate and systematic streamflow records are crucial in protecting lives and property and ensuring an adequate water supply. At this site in 1892 and 1893, engineering . . . — Map (db m12763) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Former Site of St. Mary's School and Convent
For over a century, this site was part of St. Mary Catholic Church, established to serve the many German families moving into the area in the 1860s. A primary mission of St. Mary's parish has been the education of its children. The first . . . — Map (db m141818) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Freedom Brutus
. . . — Map (db m60934) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 75-25 — George Bellows / Roy Lichtenstein
George Bellows George Bellows (1882-1925) is widely recognized as one of America's premier artists. His vivid portrayals of modern urban life have become indelible icons of American art. Born and reared in Columbus, he retained close ties here . . . — Map (db m14485) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Home Site of Henry Howe — Historian1816 — 1893

He preserved for posterity the story of the brave men and women who founded this great state. He traveled Ohio in 1846 and again in 1886 and twice published his Howe’s Historical Collections of Ohio — Map (db m98741) HM

Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — James A. Rhodes
He served as Governor for 16 years—longer than any other state governor in the history of the Union. Governor of the State of Ohio, 1975–1983, 1963–1971 • Auditor of the State of Ohio, 1953–1963 • Major of the City of . . . — Map (db m88644) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Lincoln Goodale1782 - 1868
This bronze bust was created in 1888 by Ohio scupltor J. Q. A. Ward in memory of Dr. Lincoln Goodale, the area's first physician. Dr. Goodale was also a successful businessman whose wealth and generosity allowed him to provide free medical care . . . — Map (db m16922) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Maynard E. SensenbrennerHilltop
Dedicated July 4, 1992 by the Citizens of Columbus Maynard E. Sensenbrenner served four terms as mayor of the City of Columbus, 1954-1959 and 1964-1971, longer than any other mayor. During this time he was responsible for the farsighted . . . — Map (db m16960) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 50-25 — Monsignor John Joseph Jessing
Monsignor John Joseph Jessing, founder of the Pontifical College Josephinum, was born in Germany in 1836. He immigrated to America and, in 1870, was ordained a priest in Columbus. He published a newspaper, the Ohio Waisenfreund (Ohio Orphans' . . . — Map (db m12870) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 98- 25 — Mount Vernon Community SchoolPilgrim School
Side A Until the 1970s, Pilgrim Elementary school was different from today. Pilgrim had a smaller playground with a brick wall around it. The gym was used only for physical education classes and most students went home for lunch, while . . . — Map (db m94623) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — NECKO Neighborhood / E. J. McMillen Homestead Addition
Welcome to the NECKO Neighborhood The NECKO neighborhood, a section of the historic E. J. McMillen Homestead Addition, is a part of the Near North Side Historic District as designated in the Historic Register in 1980. It is recognized as a . . . — Map (db m17424) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Neil Avenue Gate
Construction of these brick columns was authorized by the Board of Trustees of the University on November 6, 1915. The columns later supported iron gates bearing the University seal, which were used to close this south entrance to the campus. . . . — Map (db m49788) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 71-25 — Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station
Side one: The Ohio General Assembly established the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station in 1882. From its inception until 1892, the Station occupied 17 acres on the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University before relocating to 470 acres . . . — Map (db m46136) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 114- 25 — Ohio Dominican University Est. 1911 / Early Sister-Founderesses of Ohio Dominican University
Ohio Dominican University Est. 1911 The Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the Springs founded Ohio Dominican University on this site on October 5, 1911. It was incorporated that year as the Ladies Literary Institute of St. Mary of the Springs, . . . — Map (db m94624) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Ohio Farm Bureau Founded
Ohio Farm Bureau Founded

On January 27, 1919, the first meeting of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation took place on this campus at the former Botany and Zoology Building, now Jennings Hall. Farm Bureau members representing 76 counties . . . — Map (db m130445) HM

Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Ohio Institution for Education of the Blind
This nine acres of land was purchased by the citizens of Columbus in 1837, and deeded to the state for use as the Ohio School for the Blind. The first building, designed by N. B. Kelly and occupied in October 1839, was replaced by the current . . . — Map (db m17178) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 88-25 — Ohio School for the Deaf
The Ohio School for the Deaf was established in 1829 by an act of the Ohio Legislature. Although the fifth school for the deaf in the country, it was the first school to be 100% funded by the state. The school first opened in a small rented building . . . — Map (db m12869) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 60-25 — Ohio State School for the Blind
In 1835, Dr. William Awl of Columbus and Dr. Daniel Drake of Cincinnati presented recommendations to the Ohio General Assembly to establish a school for the blind. Legislation, signed by then governor of Ohio Duncan McArthur on April 3, 1837, . . . — Map (db m94099) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 38-25 — Old Ohio Union
Built in 1910, the old Ohio Union was the first student union building constructed on a public university campus and the fourth to be built in the United States. Made possible by a direct appropriation from the 77th Ohio General Assembly and private . . . — Map (db m16943) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 87-25 — Reverend Father Alexander Cestelli / Chiesta Italiana di San Giovanni Battista
Side A: Reverend Father Alexander Cestelli The National Italian Catholic parish of Saint John the Baptist was founded in October 1896 by the Reverend Father Alexander Cestelli, D.D. Father Cestelli was born in Fiesole, Italy and came to . . . — Map (db m14487) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 48-25 — Roy J. PlunkettJune 26, 1910 - May 12, 1994
Roy J. Plunkett was born in New Carlisle, Ohio, and graduated from Newton Township High School in Pleasant Hill. He received his B.A. degree from Manchester College before enrolling as a graduate student in chemistry at The Ohio State University, . . . — Map (db m17412) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 49-25 — Saint Mary of the Springs Academy / Anne O'Hare McCormick 1880-1954
Side A: Saint Mary of the Springs Academy On this site stood St. Mary of the Springs Academy, a school for girls first founded by the Dominican Sisters in 1830 in Somerset, Ohio, to respond to the educational needs of frontier Catholics. The . . . — Map (db m17387) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Second Baptist Church / James P. PoindexterHistoric Underground Railroad Site
Side A: Second Baptist Church - Columbus' Oldest Black Baptist Church, 1836 Second Baptist Church cordially received its independence as a mission church from the First Baptist Church on January 7, 1836. Rev. Ezekiel Fields was chosen as . . . — Map (db m17174) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 111- 25 — Southwood Elementary SchoolHistoric Building, Still in Use
Side A Built in 1894, the original eight-room Southwood Elementary School cost $16,000 to construct on this site purchased from a local family for $3,000. The school originally had five teachers and a teacher-pupil ratio of 50-1. Mary . . . — Map (db m94245) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Spirit of the SpringsSaint Mary of the Springs Academy
Honoring the history of Saint Mary of the Springs Academy founded 1830 flourished on this site 1868- 1966 Dedicated to the alumnae and the Dominican Sisters in celebration of the spirit that they have carried into the world — Map (db m94625) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 73-25 — St. Patrick Church / St. Patrick College and Aquinas College High School
Side A:St. Patrick Church Built in 1852 and dedicated a year later, St. Patrick Church is the second oldest Roman Catholic Church in Columbus. Founded as the English speaking parish, this church of Norman Gothic design served as the home . . . — Map (db m17474) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — The Jesse Owens Track
James Cleveland (Jesse) Owens, 1913-1980, Ohio State University Track and Field Star, Olympic Champion, Ambassador of Sports, Humanitarian, Friend of Youth. Jesse Owens' incomparable achievements as an Ohio State and Olympic athlete are . . . — Map (db m12773) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 5-25 — The Ohio State University
The Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College grew out of the Cannon Act of March 22, 1870. “But let it be started,” Governor Rutherford B. Hayes told the Legislature in 1873, “with the intention of making it a great State . . . — Map (db m16944) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 3 of 5 — The Underground Railroad on University Land
After 1856, escapees on the Freedom Train followed Neil Run past the Neil Farm and through the swampy hollow that is now Mirror Lake. The stream forked, with the northeastern branch emerging from the marshy land where the Ohio Union now stands, to . . . — Map (db m16952) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 4 of 5 — The Underground Railroad on University Land
Joseph Sullivant, a member of the first Board of Trustees of Ohio State, was known as a “friend of the colored race.” He grew up in Kentucky but developed a distaste for slavery after witnessing a slave auction. Another Ohio State board . . . — Map (db m16953) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 5 of 5 — The Underground Railroad on University Land
Along Lake Erie, Toledo, Sandusky, Cleveland, Fairport Harbor, and Ashtabula Harbor were major routes from slavery to freedom in Canada. Even though African Americans lived throughout the state, Ohio itself was not really safe. Slavery was . . . — Map (db m16954) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 57-25 — Trinity Lutheran Seminary

The German Seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Ohio, the first Lutheran theological seminary west of the Appalachian Mountains, began instruction under Pastor Wilhelm Schmidt in Canton in 1830. The seminary relocated to Columbus at . . . — Map (db m80014) HM

Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — University Hall
Site of original University Hall. Completed 1874. First campus building housing library, administrative offices, graduate school, dormitory, classics and philosophy. Demolished 1971. Reconstructed 1976. Historical Marker — Map (db m43010) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 77-25 — Wilbur H. Siebert Collection
Dr. Wilbur Henry Siebert (1866-1961) organized one of the most extensive historical collections on the Underground Railroad in the United States. Siebert served as a professor of history at the Ohio State University, 1893-1935. His collection on the . . . — Map (db m17416) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — William and Hannah Neil
William Neil and his wife Hannah Schwing Neil each played significant roles in the early development of Columbus. William was a large, outgoing, and ambitious man determined to make a fortune. His first successful business was a tavern on High . . . — Map (db m29957) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Grove City — 3306 Columbus StreetEst. 1853
. . . — Map (db m137708) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Grove City — 3968 BroadwayEst. 1903

Site of Wm. Breck's 2nd Store & Pilgar's Harness & Saddle Shop.

Built as First National Bank of Grove City, the Women's Civic Club established first public library in the Director's Room.

The Telephone Company was on . . . — Map (db m137635) HM

Ohio (Franklin County), Grove City — Dr. Leslie A. BosticHumanitarian, Visionary LeaderService Above Self

Dr. Leslie A. Bostic served 40 consecutive years as the founding executive director of the Buckeye Ranch (formerly Buckeye Boys Ranch) in Grove City. He earned his undergraduate degree and Master of Social Work from the Richmond . . . — Map (db m137678) HM

Ohio (Franklin County), Grove City — 37-25 — Orders Road School / The Orders Family
Side A: Orders Road SchoolEducational standards for rural children did not exist during the early 1800s, but by the 1870s most states had enacted compulsory education laws. In rural areas, township school districts built schools like this . . . — Map (db m12922) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Grove City — Sherol Saxton Mulligan1945 - 2016Service Above Self

Sherol was a Gold Star Daughter, whose support for the men and women of our military was rarely matched throughout her career. She served on the USO of Ohio Board of Directors.

Sherol was a business leader in our community that was . . . — Map (db m137679) HM

Ohio (Franklin County), Groveport — John S. Rarey and Cruiser
John S. Rarey (1827-66) of Groveport gained international fame in the mid 19th century for his humane methods of horse training, which involved talking to the horse and using a gentle, but firm, touch. Rarey's horsemanship attracted people . . . — Map (db m12660) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Hilliard — N.W. Franklin County Historical Society and Museum
Incorporated Nov. 11, 1966 Founding trustees: Bassel L. Johnson Pres. Eldon M. Schatz V. Pres. Mildred Hart Treas. Raymond K. Bradley Delmar J. Kunz James D. Knick Ruth E. Mast Richard L. Kuhn Lester T. Porter Mary Weaver . . . — Map (db m13861) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), New Albany — 23-25 — Wagnor CemeteryPioneer Burial Ground & Site of First School in Plain Township
Side one: In 1820, Mark Evans, John Davis, and Jacob Waggoner acquired from Daniel Triplett an 18-rod-square parcel (approximately two acres) at this location on which to build the first school in Plain Township. Education was not . . . — Map (db m40646) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Westerville — 9- 25 — Benjamin Russell Hanby1833- 1867
Song writer and minister of the United Brethren Church, Hanby was an Otterbein College graduate, class of 1858, known throughout the world for the inspiring songs, "Darling Nellie Gray," "Up on the Housetop," and "Who is He in Yonder . . . — Map (db m94133) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Westerville — Darling Nelly GrayOne of Multiple Markers
In 1856, Benjamin Hanby published his first song, Darling Nellie Gray, a tale of fugitive slave Joe Selby, who was en route to Canada. Selby died in the Hanby’s Rushville house in 1842. Selby had hoped to buy the freedom of his love, Nelly, who had . . . — Map (db m107210) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Westerville — 66-25 — Otterbein College
This historic college opened in1847 as Oterbein University of Ohio, named for Philip William Otterbein (1726–1813), a founder of the Church of the Brethren in Christ. The church later merged with the Evangelical Church to become the United . . . — Map (db m9122) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Worthington — Eclectic Medical CollegeWorthington College
Near this site was established in December 1830 as a part of Worthington College The first Eclectic Medical College in the Middle West. This tablet commemorates the faculty and students of the college who by reason of their . . . — Map (db m95133) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Worthington — Mary Armstrong
In Honor of Mary Armstrong Founder Worthington Historical Society 1955 Longtime resident of Plesenton Drive — Map (db m12758) HM
Ohio (Gallia County), Ewington — 5-27 — Ewington Academy
The Ewington Citizens' Literary Institute purchased this site and sponsored the construction of Ewington Academy which opened in 1859. The building, designed by George Ewing, was financed by popular subscription with much labor and materials . . . — Map (db m30466) HM
Ohio (Gallia County), Gallipolis — 10-27 — Pine Street Colored Cemetery
Side A: This 4-acre plot, established ca. 1860 by John Gee, is a burial ground for local colored citizens. John Gee was a religious leader as well as a skilled carpenter who built houses in early Gallipolis. Some Gallipolis colored pioneers . . . — Map (db m30493) HM
Ohio (Gallia County), Rio Grande — 6-27 — University of Rio GrandeFounders: Nehemiah and Permelia Atwood
This historic marker is on the western boundary of the original 10 acre Rio Grande, College Campus, founded and endowed by Nehemiah and Permelia Atwood. The campus was located on the southeast corner of the Atwood Farm. Construction of . . . — Map (db m123087) HM
Ohio (Geauga County), Bainbridge Township — Bainbridge SchoolThru the years...

[Engravings of former school buildings] — Map (db m138052) HM

Ohio (Geauga County), Burton — 5-28 — Great Geauga County Fair
The Great Geauga county Fair is the longest continuously operating county fair in Ohio. The fair is a major county gathering event each year, pulling together people from the whole county. Geauga’s settlers imported the idea of the county fair . . . — Map (db m134516) HM
Ohio (Geauga County), Burton — In Commemoration of Rev. Joseph Badger1757-1846
Soldier of the Revolution Pioneer Missionary and Educator of the Western Reserve Founder of the Burton Academy in this village in 1805 Marked on July 24, 1926 — Map (db m122772) HM
Ohio (Geauga County), Burton — 12-28 — The Second High School / The Burton Public Library
Side A The Second High School This Queen Anne style building with segmental-arched windows and steep hipped roof was Burton's second high school. Completed in 1885 at a cost of $12,500, it is wood framed with a brick and stone . . . — Map (db m122774) HM
Ohio (Greene County), Wilberforce — 18-29 — Brigadier General Benjamin Oliver Davis, Sr.
[Marker Front]: Benjamin Oliver Davis, Sr. (July 1, 1877 - November 26, 1970), the nation's first African American general in the Regular Army, was born in Washington, D.C. Davis first served as a temporary first lieutenant of the 8th U.S. . . . — Map (db m14054) HM
Ohio (Greene County), Wilberforce — Carnegie Library (1907)
This neoclassical structure, a combination of Federalism and Great Reunion, was a gift of Andrew Carnegie to Wilberforce University. It was built in 1907 and was remodeled and enlarged in 1938. The building provided general reading, reference, . . . — Map (db m14062) HM
Ohio (Greene County), Wilberforce — 16-29 — Central State University
Central State University originated on March 19, 1887, when the Ohio General Assembly passed an act establishing a Combined Normal and Industrial (CN&I) Department at Wilberforce University. Through various transitional changes, it emerged as an . . . — Map (db m14056) HM
Ohio (Greene County), Wilberforce — 9-29 — Galloway Hall
[Marker Front]: At the turn of the twentieth century, increased enrollment in the Combined Normal and Industrial Department at Wilberforce University (which later became Central State University) spurred construction of new teaching and . . . — Map (db m14057) HM
Ohio (Greene County), Wilberforce — 17-29 — Hallie Quinn Brown
[Marker Front]: Hallie Quinn Brown (c.1850) was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to former slaves. She and her family moved to Wilberforce, Ohio in 1870, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree from Wilberforce University in 1873. . . . — Map (db m14055) HM
Ohio (Greene County), Wilberforce — Kezia Emery Hall (1913)
This Colonial style building was originally constructed as a women's dormitory, but was later occupied by men. It was erected largely through the generosity of Andrew Carnegie and Miss E. J. Emery, a Cincinnati native living in England. The building . . . — Map (db m14061) HM
Ohio (Greene County), Wilberforce — 20-29 — Martin Robison Delany
The son of an enslaved father and free Black mother, Martin Delany became one of the most prominent Black leaders in 19th Century America. Called the “Father of Black Nationalism,” Delany promoted African American pride and . . . — Map (db m120157) HM
Ohio (Greene County), Wilberforce — 8-29 — Old Wilberforce University Campus at Tawawa Springs
Side A: In the early 1800s, William and Eleanor Kendall owned this land, known for its natural springs, beauty, and farmland. In 1850, Elias Drake, lawyer and former speaker in the Ohio General Assembly, purchased the property and named it . . . — Map (db m14058) HM
Ohio (Greene County), Wilberforce — 23-29 — Payne Theological Seminary
Payne Theological Seminary was originally established as Union Seminary in West Jefferson, Ohio, by the Ohio Conference of the African Methodist Church (AME) on October 18, 1844. The Cincinnati Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church North met . . . — Map (db m52891) HM
Ohio (Greene County), Wilberforce — 22-29 — Wilberforce University / Distinguished Wilberforceans
Wilberforce University (Side A) Wilberforce University, founded at Tawawa Springs in 1856 by the Methodist Episcopal Church, is the first private historically black college or university in America. The inspirations for Wilberforce were an . . . — Map (db m52889) HM
Ohio (Greene County), Xenia — 11-29 — Collins School
[Marker front]: In 1854, Samuel and Rebecca McClellan Collins deeded 1.28 acres to Beavercreek Township, Greene County, for the purpose of building a schoolhouse. The first two schoolhouses were constructed of stone with fireplaces for . . . — Map (db m14063) HM

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