“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

McCracken County Kentucky Historical Markers

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By Sandra Hughes, September 14, 2011
"Duke of Paducah' Marker
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 795 — "Duke of Paducah"
Irving Shrewsbury Cobb, 1876-1944. One of Paducah's famous sons. "A first~class humorist from a conversational gesture to a book wit who made all the world laugh with him." Author of more than sixty books, short story writer, recipient of O'Henry . . . — Map (db m47263) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — "Evening Roll Call"
The Boy Scouts of America began in February of 1910. During the first year, The Reverend Clinton S. Quin, Rector of Grace Episcopal Church, organized a a troop, which his parish sponsored, to serve the boys of Paducah. Troop 1 is recognized as one . . . — Map (db m48506) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — "Market"
Gen. William Clark, the founder of Paducah, designated the Second Street area as a location for public affairs. The original name for Second Street was "Market" reflecting its use as a trading center. The original Market House was built of logs in . . . — Map (db m49752) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 839 — "Old Judge Priest"
Here for six years presided William Sutton Bishop, the famed Judge Priest of Irvin S. Cobb's stories. Judge Bishop, 1839~1902, was First District Circuit Court Judge from 1891 to 1897. Served in 7th Ky. Conf. Inf. "This was a man." Paducah Bar . . . — Map (db m47268) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1036 — $5 Bought Paducah
In 1827, Gen. Wm. Clark purchased 37,000 acres of land, including the site on which Paducah now stands, for $5. This land, part of a Revolutionary War grant to his brother, George Rogers Clark, was secured from George Woolfolk, of Louisville, who . . . — Map (db m47259) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 8th U.S. Heavy Artillery (Colored)
During February 1864, the Adjutant General of the U.S. Army, Lorenzo Thomas, under the direction of the Secretary of War, Edwin L. Stanton, authorized the recruitment of African Americans by the Union Army in Kentucky. The 8th United States Heavy . . . — Map (db m48462) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — A Century of Library Service 1904-2004
This Carnegie Public Library opened at 826 Broadway in October 1904 with a grant of $35,000 from Andrew Carnegie. The book collection contained 1,800 volumes. The Library served at this location until a fire in 1964 forced it to move into temporary . . . — Map (db m48503) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1107 — American Red Cross
Side A McCracken County Chapter chartered May 14, 1917. Organized by Mrs. A.R. Meyers, with W. F. Paxton as first Chairman. Initial WWI fund drive raised $42,000. During great Ohio Valley Flood of 1937 carried on an amazing evacuation and . . . — Map (db m47253) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 2137 — Ann I. Baker / Ann I. Baker (1873 - 1931)
Ann I. Baker Ann Baker had idea for professional women's club in Paducah. Business Women's Club held first meeting, Sept. 1920, chartered Oct. 1920. Name changed to Paducah Business and Professional Women. Baker also served as first president . . . — Map (db m47242) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Area riverbeds
Area riverbeds are rich with mussels whose shells, when polished, have a luster suitable for processing into "pearl" buttons. In the late 19th century, mussels were harvested by brailing from the river bottoms; they were then cooked in vats for meat . . . — Map (db m49181) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Barkley/Cobb Memorial
Alben William Barkley (1877~1956) Elected McCracken County Attorney, County Judge, U.S. Representative, and U.S. Senator, Barkley served Harry Truman as Vice-President and was known as the "Veep". He was re-elected to the U.S. Senate in 1955. . . . — Map (db m49749) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1030 — Barkley's Law Office
Alben W. Barkley, Congressman, U.S. Senator and Vice President, began practice of law here, 1901. He had read law for two years in offices of Rep. Charles K. Wheeler and Judge Wm. Sutton Bishop, the old Judge Priest of Irvin Cobb's stories. Barkley . . . — Map (db m47262) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Bicentennial of Paducah
In 1966, Mayor Tom Wilson, a civic-minded Paducah native, was encouraged by then Kentucky Governor Ned Brethitt, to organize a celebration of the state's bicentennial. He envisioned festivities right on the riverfront where the city's history . . . — Map (db m49194) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1029 — Broadway Methodist
Paducah's oldest institution. Founded 1832. First edifice erected 1842 on northwest corner Broadway at 4th. Relocated 1875 on southwest corner Broadway at 7th. Moved to present site 1896. Destroyed by fire 1929; rebuilt 1930. Judge Wm. Sutton . . . — Map (db m47265) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Broadway, Paducah's Main Street
This scene shows Broadway, Paducah's main street, in the 1940's when the downtown area was the center for the community's retail, business, and entertainment activities. Such downtown landmarks as the Guthrie Building, 1937 Post Office, Palmer House . . . — Map (db m49517) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Chickasaw Tribe in Kentucky
The Chickasaw tribe claimed all of Kentucky and Tennessee west of the Tennessee River until a treaty in 1819. Therefore, on November 11, 1803, traders, trappers and Chickasaw natives took little notice of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Corps of . . . — Map (db m48706) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 793 — Chief Paduke
Chief of sub~tribe of Chickasaw Indians, who lived and hunted in this area until Jackson Purchase, 1818. Land here then owned by Gen. William Clark, who founded Paducah; named it in honor of friendly chief. Statue sculptured by Lorado Taft, 1909, . . . — Map (db m4768) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Christening the Towboat Eleanor
Paducah has long been the foremost hub of the inland marine waterways. Thus, many towboat companies have located here.The christening of the Towboat Eleanor is indicative of the significance of each new vessel that joins the home fleet of the Port . . . — Map (db m49187) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1031 — Col. Hick's Hdqrs.
Here stood the headquarters of Col. Stephen G. Hicks, commander of the USA occupation forces here during Battle of Paducah March 25, 1864. Next day Col. Hicks ordered sixty private homes that had been used by CSA forces as cover near the fort burned . . . — Map (db m47260) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Construction in the 1840's
Construction in the 1840's, the two-story Greek Revival structure overlooking the Paducah riverfront was originally the location of the Branch Bank of Louisville, one of the community's first banks. After the Civil War, the building was used for . . . — Map (db m49175) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Dawn of the Atomic Age
Urgency was the order of the day, as construction of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, TVA's Shawnee Steam Plant, and Electric Energy Inc.'s Joppa, Il Steam Plant all began early in 1951. Recognizing the importance to national security, workers . . . — Map (db m48696) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Dolly McNutt Plaza
Named for the Honorable Alice (Dolly) McNutt. Member Kentucky House of Representatives, 1976~86. Mayor City of Paducah, 172~76; City Commissioner, 1968~70. Renowned for her outstanding ability as a public speaker.

Respected for her high . . . — Map (db m47271) HM

Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1057 — Dr. Reuben Saunders
Side A On this site stood the office of Reuben Saunders, M.D., credited with discovering that hypodermic use of morphine~atropine halted cholera during epidemic here in 1873. Telegraphed prescription to other plague~stricken areas. . . . — Map (db m47252) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1452 — Dr. Reuben Saunders (1808-1891)
(side 1) Outstanding pioneer physician in Western Kentucky for 50 years. Born in Frankfort; died in Paducah. Buried in this cemetery beside his son, Dr. John Bartlett Saunders (1840-1873), also a physician of eminence. John migrated to . . . — Map (db m47218) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 2495 — Dr. William Stuart Nelson — 1895-1977 — Lincoln grad had global footprints —
Front Dr. Nelson was born in Paris, Ky. and graduated from Lincoln High School in Paducah. During World War I he served in combat as a 1st lieutenant. Returning to his studies, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Howard University in . . . — Map (db m146182) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Fire Station #5 at 17th and Broadway
This building served as Fire Station #5 at 17th and Broadway, from 1910 until 1973, when it was replaced with a modern two-bay structure. In 1910 the city had nine pieces of horse-drawn fire-fighting equipment, including the ladder-hose wagon and . . . — Map (db m49751) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — First County Seat - Braxton Small
Established in 1827, Wilmington served as the first County Seat. During the flood of February 1832, Braxton Small, serving as the first County Court Clerk for McCracken County (1825-1858), removed all records to Paducah from the original Courthouse . . . — Map (db m48708) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1052 — First Log Cabin / First Frame House
First Log Cabin Here in April 1821, three years after the Jackson Purchase, the first home, a round-log cabin, was built by James and William Pore. Only a few Indians remained. James Davis, his wife and three sons, built a shelter soon . . . — Map (db m47213) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Flanking the Statue of Chief Paduke
The centerpiece of this mural is the February 1948 cover of the Enthusiast magazine featuring officers David Drew and Jullian Pryor Slaughter on their Harleys flanking the statue of Chief Paduke. Also shown are: Paducah motorcycle racer "Tennessee . . . — Map (db m49515) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1287 — Forrest's Headquarters
In a grove of trees at this site, CSA Gen. Nathan B. Forrest had headquarters, Battle of Paducah, March 25, 1864. USA Fort Anderson attacked, warehouses burned, about 60 homes destroyed by USA after battle. CSA lost 300 men, withdrew that night. . . . — Map (db m91819) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — George Rogers Clark, 1752-1818
George Rogers Clark, 1752-1818, a Virginia surveyor, came to Kentucky to seek his fortune. In 1776, he thwarted the claim of Richard Henderson and Daniel Boone to the territory wet of the Appalachians by persuading the Virginia legislature to create . . . — Map (db m49761) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1090 — Grace Episcopal
Grace Church was organized in 1848 in the home of Adam Rankin Hickman. First structure, built of lumber cut in Louisville and floated downstream, was located on riverfront near Market Street. Consecrated on April 21, 1851. During Civil War . . . — Map (db m47267) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1698 — Grave of John T. Scopes / Scopes "Monkey Trial"
(Side 1) Grave of John T. Scopes Here is buried the man who, at age 24, taught Darwin's theory of evolution to a Dayton, Tennessee, biology class. The Paducah native and University of Kentucky graduate violated a Tennessee law . . . — Map (db m47216) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Hanks Bros and Jones Hardware
This Property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of The Interior Hank Bros and Jones Hardware 1897 G.E. Hank *Hank* Maj. T.T. Jones — Map (db m47257) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Iced Solid - Clear to Illinois!
Still recovering from the flood that was the worst disaster experienced in the United States up to that time, the new year, 1938, started with what many feared was a prelude to another debacle. At Paducah, the Ohio River froze solid. The riverfront . . . — Map (db m49169) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Illinois Central 2613
In 1960, Illinois Central 2613, a Mountain type engine with 4-8-2 wheel arrangement, became the last steamer to operate on the railroad, ending a 190 year tradition. Western Kentucky, with its many coal mines, were among the last places in the U.S. . . . — Map (db m49520) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 794 — Iron Horse Memorial
(obverse) This Mikado type steam locomotive is dedicated to Illinois Central men and women, past and present, and to the importance of the railroad to Paducah's history and commerce. No. 1518 is the last "Iron Horse" owned by the ICRR. . . . — Map (db m47206) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 962 — Irvin S. Cobb
Native of Paducah, famed wit and humorist; newspaper reporter, war correspondent and feature writer; author of books, short stories, movie scripts and plays. Started career with local paper. Moved to New York, 1904, to Hollywood, 1934. Beloved, . . . — Map (db m47217) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1025 — Irvin S. Cobb Said: / Alben W. Barkley Said:
Irvin S. Cobb Said: "Here in Paducah one encounters, I claim, an agreeable blend of Western kindliness, and Northern enterprises, superimposed upon a Southern background. Here, I claim, more chickens are fried, more hot biscuits are eaten, more . . . — Map (db m47251) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 2208 — Lewis and Clark in Kentucky — McCracken County
(side 1) Lewis and Clark, with the nucleus of the Corps of Discovery, stayed in present McCracken Co. in Nov. 1803 while traveling down the Ohio River on their journey to the Pacific. Clark returned 1827 to establish Paducah. Over. . . . — Map (db m47208) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Lock and Dam 52
Lock and Dam 52, completed in 1928, is located at Ohio River Mile 939.9. This site, and Lock and Dam 53, are the only remaining movable wicket dams on the Ohio. Both will be removed when the Olmsted Locks and Dam become operational. When the . . . — Map (db m49179) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — MAQS
Museum of the American Quilters Society opened April 25, 1991. Meredith and Bill Schroeder dedicated this facility to promote, preserve and perpetuate quilting. Paducah, Kentucky, home of the American Quilters Society, is visited by thousands of . . . — Map (db m4805) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Marine Royalty "Red Coats"
On July 2, 1996, the City of Paducah was visited by marine royalty. All three of the Delta Queen Steamboat Company's boats docked simultaneously at the Port of Paducah. The Delta Queen, Mississippi Queen and American Queen frequent this community . . . — Map (db m49190) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Marine Ways
Paducah's first heavy industry was a marine ways to build and repair river craft. Elijah Murray of St. Louis got a contract in 1843, but it did no materialize until 1853. These works have been in continuous operation ever since, with a brief . . . — Map (db m49170) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — May 1913 Paducah Homecoming
In May, 1913, Paducah held a homecoming celebration to excite and entertain the public and to offset the negative image of the city given the nation by media reports of the flood that year. The first event had Mayor Thomas N. Hazelip welcoming the . . . — Map (db m49171) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1377 — McCracken County Courthouse
1825~First courthouse built of logs at Wilmington

1832~County seat moved to Paducah.

1861~First courthouse at this site, then at edge of town.

1943~Present building occupied.

Marker presented by McCracken Co. Civic Beautification . . . — Map (db m47270) HM

Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — National Quilt Museum
The National Quilt Museum opened on April 25, 1991. The museum was founded by Meredith and Bill Schroeder and works to honor and promote the work of today's quiltmaker. The museum is a destination for quilters and art enthusiasts, receiving visitors . . . — Map (db m147877) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — On the Trail of Discovery — By George Lundeen
As Meriwether Lewis and William Clark wound their way westward, they encountered many indigenous people. The Native Americans portrayed here represent those who helped Lewis and Clark during their travels to the Pacific Ocean. The flag that the . . . — Map (db m47210) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Paducah 1873 "Birds Eye View"
It was common practice in post-Civil War America for communities to be depicted in bird's-eye views showing buildings, people, animals boats, rivers, streams and railroad lines. This mural recreates an 1873 Bird's -Eye View Map of Paducah which now . . . — Map (db m49758) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Paducah 1937 Flood
While the river has usually been Paducah's best friend, flood waters turned it into the community's enemy in 1884, 1913, and again 1937. The area's most devastating event of the twentieth century was the flood of 1937 when 90% of Paducah was covered . . . — Map (db m49518) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Paducah Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Paducah Coca-Cola Bottling Company was founded in 1903 by Luther F. Carson. The business moved into this landmark building at 32nd and Broadway in 1939. The building was designed by Lester Daley of Metropolis, Illinois. The lighted dome colorfully . . . — Map (db m48499) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Paducah Marine Supply and Service
Paducah Marine Supply and Service, owned and operated by Hougland Barge Line, was one of the first floating boat stores on the inland waterways. The operation had its own fleet of towboats, barges and a machine and carpentry shop. Houghland Barge . . . — Map (db m49182) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 916 — Paducah, Kentucky / McCracken County
Paducah, Kentucky McCracken county seat, founded by Gen. William Clark of Lewis and Clark Expedition at confluence of Ohio and Tennessee Rivers. Named for legendary Indian Chief Paduke. Home of Vice Pres. Alben Barkley and birthplace of Irvin . . . — Map (db m146587) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Paducah's Architecture
Paducah architecture reflected the settlers' different religious faiths. These institutions helped unite the early settlers of the community. Broadway United Methodist Church is the oldest, founded 1832 at 4th and Broadway. It relocated to the . . . — Map (db m49757) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Paducah's River Industry
Paducah's River Industry was the city's lifeblood. Steamboats and tobacco were critical to the area's economy in the late 1880's. Mule-drawn transfer wagons moved hogshead barrels of tobacco that weighed around 1,600 pounds each. Nearly 20,000 . . . — Map (db m49755) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Paducah's Riverfront
Paducah's Riverfront was a critical break-in-bulk point on the nation's inland waterways system. Cargo from deeper draft vessels, as well as passengers and mail, would be loaded and unloaded on to packet boats that ran regular routes on the . . . — Map (db m49177) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Paleo and Archaic Indians
Evidence of Native Americans in the lower Ohio Valley includes the Paleo Indians, who lived in this area near the end of the last Ice Age, about 13,000 years ago. Often called Big Game Hunters, they were efficient, nomadic, hunters, fisherman, and . . . — Map (db m48704) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Proudly Dedicated to the Kentuckians — Who Faithfully Served Their Country in Vietnam — "Bless Them All" —
USA, USN, USAF, USMC, USCG Purchase area service men who lost their lives in Vietnam. Beard, Leon • Bradley, Given W. • Clements, Robert A. • Colson, Ronald S. • Cruse, James D. • Doom, Charles L. • Dunigan, Jerry W. • Emerson,Robert . . . — Map (db m47524) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Raymond C. Schultz Park
This riverfront park is dedicated to Raymond C. Schultz, celebrated public official who served as McCracken County Judge Executive from 1974 to 1985. An Ohio county native, Judge Schultz was born July 8, 1911. He was a graduate and lecture at the . . . — Map (db m47240) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Riverside Hospital at Fort Anderson
Riverside Hospital was founded at the Civil War site of Fort Anderson by the municipality in 1905. That location, at the corner of Forth and Clay Streets, was the hospital's home for many years. The Fourth Street wing of the hospital had to be . . . — Map (db m48504) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Robert S. Davis
In 1884, Robert S. Davis recalled that the first building was a round-log cabin, about sixteen feet square, erected by the Pore brothers, James and William, in April of 1821. Davis identified four families living at the site at that time. Records in . . . — Map (db m49759) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1027 — Second Courthouse
First courthouse at Wilmington, 1824~32. Second courthouse, a two story brick structure, 36 feet square, built near here at a cost of $3,049, on land given by Gen. William Clark, founder of Paducah. Courthouse also provided meeting place for various . . . — Map (db m47243) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Spanish American War Monument
"You triumphed over obstacles which would have overcome men less brave and determined." President Mc Kinley 458,151 Erected in Honor of The Veterans of the Spanish~American War — Map (db m47269) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Strawberry Capital of the World
In the early 1940's, Paducah-McCracken County was known as the strawberry capital of the world. Schools excused students to pick berries. Entire families were involved in this agricultural event. Freight cars carried thousands of crates of berries . . . — Map (db m49519) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Tennessee ~Tombigbee Waterway
Paducah: Mid~America's Gateway to the Gulf This historic waterway reaches from Paducah to Mobile, providing a navigational artery between the upper Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee Rivers and the Gulf of Mexico's east~west Intracoastal Waterway and . . . — Map (db m47241) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — The "A" Boom in Paducah
On October 18, 1950 the U.S. Atomic Energy commission approved the site of the former Kentucky Ordinance Works as the location for a new facility in the nation's rapidly growing nuclear production complex. Construction of the Paducah Gaseous . . . — Map (db m48700) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — The August 8th Emancipation Celebration at Stuart Nelson Park
Nelson was a graduate of Lincoln High School, commissioned officer in WWI, and president of several major universities. He marched with Ghandi in India and with Dr. King in Alabama. Burks Chapel AME,7th and Ohio, ran the first school for Negro . . . — Map (db m49753) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — The Pilothouse
This scene depicts a captain, a highly trained and skilled professional, standing his normal 6-hour navigation watch in a typical pilothouse. He is looking out over a 15-barge town with 24,000 tons of cargo. His location is down bound, passing the . . . — Map (db m49192) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — The Telephone System
Through the depression, a struggling telephone industry crept along with advancing technology. In 1940 progress stopped. Most personnel and materials were used to win W.W.II. The local telephone system became outdated. In 1945 the boys came home and . . . — Map (db m49516) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 939 — Tilghman Home
Gen. Lloyd Tilghman, soldier and rail builder, lived here, 1852~61. Born, Maryland, 1816. Graduated West Point, 1836. In the Mexican War (1846~48). Chief engineer, 1855~56, New Orleans and Jackson Railroad, first to enter Paducah. In Civil War . . . — Map (db m47266) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Site 24 — Tilghman House
This was the home of Confederate General Lloyd Tilghman. Tilghman was born in Claiborne, Maryland in 1815. His family had a long and distinguished history in Maryland. He graduated from West Point with the Class of 1836 and was a veteran of the . . . — Map (db m91818) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — U.S. Marine Hospital Service
Founded by an act of Congress in 1798, the Marine Hospital Service was the first federal-level mechanism to provide public health care and disease prevention in the U.S. These hospitals were constructed at key river and sea ports across the nation . . . — Map (db m48505) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Union Gen. U.S. Grant
Union Gen. U.S. Grant occupied Paducah on Sept. 6,1861, building a pontoon bridge across the Ohio River to the Illinois shore. Ft. Anderson was built and named after Kentuckian and Ft. Sumter commander Maj. Robert Anderson. Attacked March 25 and . . . — Map (db m49754) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Union Headquarters
Because its location at the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee rivers, and at the northern terminus of the railroad, Paducah was a strategic location throughout the War. Large numbers of troops and supplies passed through Paducah on their way . . . — Map (db m48461) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Union Labor
Union labor helped build Paducah, including the flood wall on which this mural appears. Unions in construction, business, industry and government helped create a large middle class in Western KY especially after World War II. The region's earliest . . . — Map (db m48502) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Visitors Coming to Paducah
Visitors coming to Paducah by boat in the early part of the twentieth~century would have been greeted by the hustle and bustle of a riverfront lined with hotels, warehouses, packet boat offices, lumber yards, supply houses, iron foundries, maritime . . . — Map (db m49172) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Wacinton — (To have understanding)
Hand chiseled from a local 56,000 pound Red Oak to honor the Chickasaw Indians who lived and hunted in this area until the Jackson Purchase, 1818. By Sculptor Peter "Wolf" Toth Dedicated May 26, 1985 to the City of Paducah and the Commonwealth . . . — Map (db m4769) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Welcome to the Atomic City
Today, the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant is the nation's only uranium enrichment facility. Operated by USEC, Inc., the plant is a global supplier of enriched uranium for electricity production. The Shawnee Steam Plant, on the bank of the Ohio . . . — Map (db m48699) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Western Baptist Hospital
On a warm Sunday afternoon in October 1953, Western Baptist Hospital was dedicated as the newest and most modern facility in Kentucky. The foresight of the original seven-member commission, formed in 1945, created a strategically important . . . — Map (db m48501) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Wheel Repair
Paducah, being located at the confluence of the ohio and Tennessee rivers and within close proximity of the Cumberland and Mississippi, is the hub of the river industry. Two major shipyards serve the Port of Paducah: James Marine and Walker Boat . . . — Map (db m49183) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1754 — Whitehaven
Side A Main part of house, two~story brick structure, built in 1860s by Edward Anderson. Edward Atkins bought it in 1903 and had noted Paducah architect A.L. Lassiter transform Victorian farmhouse into Classical revival mansion. He added the . . . — Map (db m47238) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Woodland and Mississippian Indians
Woodland Tradition Indians, around 2,000 years ago, developed exotic mortuary cults, built burial mounds and effigy earthworks, and traded great distances for obsidian, copper, mica, and conch shells. They explored and exploited the caves of south . . . — Map (db m48705) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — World War II Memorial
Dedicated to the military veterans who served our country in war and in peace. To protect and preserve our freedom. A nation conceived in liberty and justice. November 9th 2007 — Map (db m47525) HM

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