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Court Street Baptist Church image, Touch for more information
By Scott Rollins, June 1, 2009
Court Street Baptist Church
1 Virginia, Portsmouth, Olde Towne — Court Street Baptist ChurchPath of History, Portsmouth, VA
Established in 1789, the Portsmouth and Norfolk Baptist Church served as the first Baptist congregation in South Hampton Roads. The name was changed in 1791 to Portsmouth Baptist Church and again in 1855 to its current name, Court Street Baptist . . . Map (db m20467) HM
2 Virginia, Portsmouth, Olde Towne — Towne SquarePath of History, Portsmouth, VA
The intersection of High and Court Street was known as Towne Square, the cornerstone of the community. The square that you are standing on was known as Courthouse Square, the site of the original courthouse from 1803-1846. In 1855 the Ocean Hotel . . . Map (db m20463) HM
3 Virginia, Portsmouth, Westbury — The Historic Portsmouth Community LibraryPath of History, Portsmouth, VA
The Portsmouth Colored Community Library was the library for Portsmouth’s Black citizens from 1945 to 1962. The building serves as a reminder of the segregation when African-Americans could not use the “white’s only” public library. Thomas C. . . . Map (db m191677) HM

4 Virginia, Portsmouth, Hope Village — Norfolk Naval Shipyard“The Beginning” — Path of History Portsmouth, VA —
Founded November 1767 under the British flag by Andrew Sprowle, a Scottish-born merchant, the Norfolk Naval Shipyard is the U.S. Navy's oldest, continuously operating shipyard and actually predates the United States Navy Department by nearly 30 . . . Map (db m76823) HM
5 Virginia, Portsmouth, Hope Village — Norfolk Naval Shipyard“1774-1800” — Path of History Portsmouth, VA —
Leased in 1794 by the federal government, as part of its response to acts of piracy by the Barbary States, the shipyard produced in 1798-99 the 36-gun frigate Chesapeake, a sister ship of the USS Constitution known as "Old Ironsides." . . . Map (db m76825) HM
6 Virginia, Portsmouth, Hope Village — Norfolk Naval Shipyard“Hammerhead Crane” — Path of History Portsmouth, VA —
Built between December 1939 and June 1940, this 20-story crane can lift 350 tons. The Hammerhead is the largest crane of its type in the world. Its uses have included lifting a tugboat from the water, hoisting 16-inch gun turrets onto battleships . . . Map (db m76826) HM
7 Virginia, Portsmouth, Hope Village — Norfolk Naval Shipyard“Dry Docks Construction” — Path of History Portsmouth, VA —
Dry Dock 2, first built of wood, was completed in November 1887, but rebuilt with concrete in 1933. Dry Dock 3 was completed in November 1903. Dry Dock 4 was opened on April 1, 1919, with the King and Queen of Belgium in attendance. Dry Dock 5 . . . Map (db m76827) HM
8 Virginia, Portsmouth, Hope Village — Norfolk Naval Shipyard“1889-1904” — Path of History Portsmouth, VA —
With the advent of the Spanish-American War, an era of wood and canvas gave way to steel and steam in naval shipbuilding. The first U.S. Navy battleship to be commissioned, the USS Texas, and the first modern cruiser, the USS . . . Map (db m76828) HM
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9 Virginia, Portsmouth, Hope Village — Norfolk Naval Shipyard“World War I” — Path of History Portsmouth, VA —
World War I ushered in a new period of growth for the shipyard. Three new dry docks and a major ship building way were added, in addition to new shop facilities. With the focus on ship repairs, along with construction of destroyers and 110-foot . . . Map (db m76829) HM
10 Virginia, Portsmouth, Hope Village — Norfolk Naval Shipyard“World War II” — Path of History Portsmouth, VA —
The yard’s employment peak of 43,000 workers was reached during World War II when the yard bustled with activity, building nearly 30 major vessels and repairing 6,850 U.S. and Allied ships. The shipyard also built 20 tank-landing ships and 50 . . . Map (db m76830) HM
11 Virginia, Portsmouth, Hope Village — Norfolk Naval Shipyard“Korea - 1965” — Path of History Portsmouth, VA —
The outbreak of hostilities in Korea in 1950 increased the workload once again. The shipyard completed work on more than 1,250 naval vessels and also built its last two warships, the wooden-hulled minesweepers Bold and Bulwark. . . . Map (db m76835) HM
12 Virginia, Portsmouth, Hope Village — Norfolk Naval Shipyard“1907-1922” — Path of History Portsmouth, VA —
In 1907 President Theodore Roosevelt launched the "Great White Fleet" from the shipyard as it began its journey around the world. Norfolk Naval Shipyard built the first flight deck on a ship, the USS Birmingham (CS-2). . . . Map (db m76836) HM
13 Virginia, Portsmouth, Hope Village — Norfolk Naval Shipyard“Dry Dock 1” — Path of History Portsmouth, VA —
Convinced of the need to more quickly and efficiently repair the nation's Navy ships, President John Quincy Adams and Congress agreed in 1827 to follow engineers' recommendations to build two dry docks, one here and one in Boston. The . . . Map (db m76838) HM
14 Virginia, Portsmouth, Hope Village — Norfolk Naval Shipyard“1833-1862” — Path of History Portsmouth, VA —
Following the evacuation and burning of the yard by Federal forces, Dry Dock 1 was used by the Confederate States Navy to convert the partly burned steam frigate Merrimack into an ironclad, renamed CSS Virginia. In March 1862, the . . . Map (db m76839) HM
15 Virginia, Portsmouth, Hope Village — Norfolk Naval Shipyard“1812-1833” — Path of History Portsmouth, VA —
After the War of 1812, the shipyard helped repel an invasion of Craney Island and the USS Chesapeake was captured off Nova Scotia. Gosport continued to expand and improve. The keel of the USS Delaware was laid in the summer of 1817. . . . Map (db m76840) HM
16 Virginia, Portsmouth, Hope Village — Norfolk Naval Shipyard“Quarters A” — Path of History Portsmouth, VA —
Three prominent structures stand out along a one-block stretch of Portsmouth's Lincoln Street – Quarters A, B and C. On an 1827 map of the shipyard they are designated as the “Proposed Commandant's House,” the “Proposed Master Commandant’s House" . . . Map (db m76841) HM
17 Virginia, Portsmouth, Hope Village — Sail portion of the USS Thomas Jefferson(SSBN 618) later SSN 618 — Path of History Portsmouth, VA —
During USS Thomas Jefferson's 22 years of service, it was both a ballistic missile submarine and an attack vessel. Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Company built USS Thomas Jefferson, which was commissioned on January 4th, 1963. The . . . Map (db m76837) HM
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18 Virginia, Portsmouth, Olde Towne — Chevra T'helim Synagogue
Chevra T'helim, (translation: House of Psalms), housed an Orthodox Jewish Congregation, established in 1917. It served the religious needs of a congregation largely composed of merchants who emigrated from Eastern Europe th the port city of . . . Map (db m36890) HM
19 Virginia, Portsmouth, Olde Towne — Lincolnsville
The four houses directly across the street are the last remaining original houses of Lincolnsville, Portsmouth's first middle-class African American community, established in 1890. It was an area of about 34 acres and operated as a city within a . . . Map (db m36911) HM
20 Virginia, Portsmouth, Olde Towne — The 1846 CourthousePath of History — Portsmouth, VA —
The 1846 Courthouse building at the corner of Court & High Street in Olde Towne Portsmouth was designed in the classic Greek Revival style by architect, William R. Singleton and built by Willoughby G. Butler. It housed the Norfolk County Court until . . . Map (db m76790) HM
21 Virginia, Portsmouth, Olde Towne — The Yellow Fever of 1855
On June 19th, 1855, following a twelve day quarantine, the merchant ship Benjamin Franklin arrived from the West Indies and docked at Gosport Shipyard for repairs. While emptying its bilge, mosquitoes carrying yellow fever were released. After . . . Map (db m36892) HM
22 Virginia, Portsmouth, Park View — Cedar Grove Cemetery
Cedar Grove Cemetery was established in 1831 as the first secular cemetery by the Town of Portsmouth. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992. The four-acre parcel cost $400.00 and was sectioned into 167 lots which sold for . . . Map (db m119425) WM
23 Virginia, Portsmouth, Swimming Point — Portsmouth Naval Hospital"Naval Medical Center Portsmouth" — Fort Nelson Park • Path of History • Portsmouth, VA —
Naval Medical Center Portsmouth is known as the “First and Finest.” It was the nation’s first Naval Hospital and has served the military since 1830. The hospital complex is 112 acres and serves approximately 430,000 active duty service . . . Map (db m62263) HM
24 Virginia, Portsmouth, Swimming Point — Portsmouth Naval Hospital"Charette Health Care Center 1999" — Fort Nelson Park • Path of History • Portsmouth, VA —
The Charette Health Care Center was dedicated in April 1999 and it is the third naval hospital built in Portsmouth. The 1 million square foot, five story, state-of-the-art hospital contains 17 operating rooms, 300 exam rooms, 120 beds, 140 special . . . Map (db m62279) HM
25 Virginia, Portsmouth, Swimming Point — Portsmouth Naval Hospital“Civil War 1861-1865” — Fort Nelson Park —
Virginia seceded from the Union on April 17, 1861. On April 2, the Governor ordered the 3rd Virginia Regiment to occupy and fortify the Navy Hospital grounds. A battery of earthen works was hastily erected on the point and renamed Fort Nelson, after . . . Map (db m83920) HM
26 Virginia, Portsmouth, Swimming Point — Portsmouth Naval Hospital“Spanish-American War 1898” — Fort Nelson Park —
After the Spanish defeat at the battle of Santiago, Cuba, in July 1898, the sick and injured needed treatment. The newly converted hospital ship USS Solace transported 55 sick U.S. Navy and 48 wounded Spanish sailors to the hospital. The . . . Map (db m83924) HM
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27 Virginia, Portsmouth, Swimming Point — Portsmouth Naval Hospital“World War II and Korea 1937-1953” — Fort Nelson Park —
World War II created the need to rapidly expand the hospital in 1941. The $1.5 million program increased the number of hospital beds to 3,441. A dental clinic, ships service, library and a bank were added. The staff -- medical officers, nurses, . . . Map (db m83925) HM
28 Virginia, Portsmouth, Swimming Point — Portsmouth Naval Hospital“Hospital Renovation 1907-1910” — Fort Nelson Park —
By 1900, time and use had taken its toll on the hospital building. In October 1907, the Navy's Bureau of Medicine and Surgery ordered hospital personnel to remove patients to tent-covered wooden platforms constructed several hundred yards away from . . . Map (db m83926) HM
29 Virginia, Portsmouth, Swimming Point — Portsmouth Naval Hospital“Building 215, Portsmouth’s First Skyscraper 1960” — Fort Nelson Park —
Building 215 was constructed to provide a much needed modern hospital and to centralize the medical departments scattered around the base. The 500-bed hospital became the command’s second primary hospital facility when commissioned in April 1960. . . . Map (db m83930) HM
30 Virginia, Portsmouth, Swimming Point — Portsmouth Naval Hospital“The Navy’s First Corps School 1902” — Fort Nelson Park —
On June 17, 1898, President William McKinley signed a bill establishing the Navy Hospital Corps. Navy Corpsmen are trained in the science of health and nursing skills necessary to provide proper patient care at hospitals, ships at sea and to the . . . Map (db m83932) HM
31 Virginia, Portsmouth, Swimming Point — Portsmouth Naval Hospital“Yellow Fever Epidemic” — Fort Nelson Park —
In June 1855, the steamer Franklin put into Norfolk for repairs while sailing from the West Indies to New York. Mosquitoes carrying yellow fever escaped when the vessel docked. The Naval Hospital’s first yellow fever patients came from . . . Map (db m83935) HM
32 Virginia, Portsmouth, Swimming Point — Portsmouth Naval Hospital“Naval Burial Ground 1838” — Fort Nelson Park —
There are 840 graves of seamen and soldiers in the naval cemetery on the hospital grounds. They include the remains of seamen from the U.S., Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Denmark and Japan. The oldest known burial was a . . . Map (db m83936) HM
33 Virginia, Portsmouth, Swimming Point — Portsmouth Naval Hospital“The U.S. Navy’s First Hospital” — Fort Nelson Park —
In 1826, Philadelphia architect John Haviland submitted construction plans for this hospital. This building, which houses offices is now known as Building 1, was made of granite and freestone. Its style is classical Greek Revival architecture, which . . . Map (db m83939) HM
34 Virginia, Portsmouth, Swimming Point — Portsmouth Naval Hospital“Hospital Point” — Fort Nelson Park —
The Naval Hospital faces a peninsula surrounded by the Elizabeth River. In 1636, Captain Thomas Willoughby received a land grant from the King of England that included this peninsula. The land was used as a plantation and changed owners several . . . Map (db m83941) HM
35 Virginia, Portsmouth, Swimming Point — Portsmouth Naval Hospital“Hospital Fund” — Fort Nelson Park —
The British had a custom of taxing its sailors for their health care. In 1798 Congress established the “Hospital Fund" based on the British system. 20 cents per month was deducted from the pay of each officer, sailor and marine to provide for . . . Map (db m83944) HM
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36 Virginia, Portsmouth, Swimming Point — Portsmouth Naval Hospital“Early Naval Medicine” — Fort Nelson Park —
Naval regulations of 1798 state: ”A convenient place be set apart for sick or hurt men, to which they are to be removed with their hammocks and bedding when the surgeon shall advise the same, and some of the crew appointed to attend . . . Map (db m83945) HM
37 Virginia, Portsmouth, Swimming Point — Portsmouth Naval Hospital“Navy Nurse Corps 1908” — Fort Nelson Park —
The Navy Nurse Corps was created by Congress in 1908, allowing women to perform duties that previously had been done by men. They held no rank and were titled “Nurse.” The first 20 to graduate were known as the “Sacred . . . Map (db m83946) HM
38 Virginia, Portsmouth, Swimming Point — Portsmouth Naval Hospital“World War I 1917-1918” — Fort Nelson Park —
When the United States entered World War I, immediate steps were taken to expand the hospital. Several temporary wood-framed buildings were constructed to accommodate the ever-growing number of patients. These buildings included 34 patient pavilions . . . Map (db m83947) HM

39 Virginia, Portsmouth, Olde Towne — Lightship Portsmouth101-WAL524
Lightships were “floating lighthouses.” They were anchored at the entrances to ports, bays and outer limits to off-lying danger areas such as shoals and reefs. These vessels served as aids to navigation. Lightships were originally . . . Map (db m20407) HM
40 Virginia, Portsmouth, Olde Towne — Lightship Portsmouth101-WAL524
Lightships and the City of Portsmouth go back to the beginning of lightship duty in this country in 1820. The first lightship was established off Craney Island at the mouth of the Elizabeth River. Working lightships were constant visitors on the . . . Map (db m20408) HM
41 Virginia, Portsmouth, Olde Towne — Seaboard Air Line Railroad
The Portsmouth & Roanoke Railroad was incorporated in March 1832 and began operations in July 1834 when the first train, pulled by horses, ran a full circuit from Portsmouth to Suffolk. A locomotive replaced the horses later that year. By late 1836, . . . Map (db m20387) HM
42 Virginia, Portsmouth, Olde Towne — The Coast Guard
The City of Portsmouth has had a long history of supporting U.S. Coast Guard operations. Today it serves as a center for Coast Guard regional administration and operational oversight through the Atlantic Area Command headquarters, Fifth District . . . Map (db m20431) HM

43 North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, Charlotte center city — L-56 — Confederate Navy Yard
Established here 1862 following its removal from Portsmouth, Va. Produced ordnance for the Confederate Navy.Map (db m125678) HM

44 New York, Delaware County, Sidney — Sheldon Hobert Barnes, MD
Lieutenant Commander, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy Vietnam Era An EPI graduate, Sheldon was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant upon his later graduation from the School of Medicine, Syracuse University and entered active duty in 1956. Completing an . . . Map (db m239467) WM
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45 Connecticut, New Haven County, Meriden — Meriden Soldiers Memorial
To The Memory Of Our Fellow Citizens Who Died In Defense of the Government. 1861 – 65 Erected     1873 [ battle names on the column ] Antietam • Gettysburg • Vicksburg • Fort Fisher • Appomattox • Atlanta • New Berne • . . . Map (db m27336) HM
46 New York, Delaware County, Sidney — Ralph Elwin Rice
Petty Officer Third Class, U. S. Coast Guard World War II - USS Lowe (DE-325) Following an initial assignment aboard the battleship USS New York, Ralph, a Gunner's Mate 3rd Class, was reassigned to the destroyer escort. USS Lowe (DE-325), where . . . Map (db m239300) WM
47 North Carolina, New Hanover County, Wilmington, Historic District — Vollers-Hardin-Walker House1896
Henry Bonitz, Architect Louis Henry Vollers, Contractor Queen Anne style house built by and for Louis Henry Vollers (1862-1943), native of Point Caswell, building contractor; and wife, Susan A. Barnhill (1862-1942). Purchased in 1900 by John Haywood . . . Map (db m226998) HM

48 Maryland, Frederick County, Burkittsville — Chew’s Ashby Artillery
Captain R. Preston Chew organized Chew’s Ashby Artillery, the first “horse artillery” in the Confederate army, in November 1861. He named it for Colonel Turner Ashby. Chew’s battery boasted a 3 in ordinance rifle, a 12-pounder smoothbore . . . Map (db m168571) HM
49 Maryland, Frederick County, Burkittsville — The Stage is Set
On the evening of September 13, 1862, Confederate cavalry under Brigadier General Wade Hampton and Colonel Thomas Munford occupied the Crampton’s Gap/Burkittsville vicinity. Early on the 14th, Major General J.E.B. Stuart, en route to Harpers Ferry, . . . Map (db m2150) HM

50 Virginia, Virginia Beach, Princess Anne — KV 32 — Sgt. Miles James(ca. 1829-ca. 1871)
Miles James, born into slavery in Princess Anne County, made his way to Portsmouth and enlisted in the U.S. Army in Nov. 1863. He was mustered into service at Fort Monroe and soon became a corporal in the 36th U.S. Colored Infantry. James was . . . Map (db m204138) HM

51 Maryland, Frederick County, Burkittsville — C.P. 5 — Confederate ForcesMunford’s Brigade and Mahone’s Brigade
Confederate Forces Col. T. T. Munford, 2nd Virginia Cavalry, Commanding, Munford’s Brigade, 2nd & 12th Virginia Cavalry. Mahone’s Brigade, Lt. Col. Wm. A. Parham, 41st Virginia, Commanding. 6th, 12th, 16th, 41st, and 61st Virginia Infantry . . . Map (db m2045) HM
52 Maryland, Frederick County, Burkittsville — C.P. 3 — Crampton’s Pass Tablet C.P. 3
(September 14, 1862) Upon the approach of the Sixth Corps, Army of the Potomac, from Jefferson, Col. T. T. Munford, Commanding Cavalry Brigade, prepared to dispute its advance through this Pass. Mahone’s Brigade, Lt. Col. Parham, Commanding, was . . . Map (db m2023) HM

53 Maryland, Frederick County, Burkittsville — “Sealed With Their Lives”
Just before the Confederate line along Mountain Church Road gave way, Brigadier General Howell Cobb arrived in Crampton’s Gap with his Georgia and North Carolina troops. After meeting with Colonel Thomas Munford, who had been directing the battle, . . . Map (db m2060) HM
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54 Maryland, Frederick County, Burkittsville — Brownsville Pass: Semmes’ Gamble
General Robert E. Lee directed Major General Lafayette McLaws to close in on the Federal garrison at Harper’s Ferry via Elk Ridge, west of South Mountain. McLaws’ route from Frederick took him through Middletown, where he turned southwest on the . . . Map (db m153126) HM

55 Virginia, Amelia County, Amelia Court House — Pvt James Milton Parrish
Pvt James Milton Parrish Feb 4 1926 - Feb 19 1945 94th Inf Div 302nd Inf Reg MIA at Tettingten Germany during the Saar Basin Battle buried May 12 1949 Portsmouth VA Map (db m180253) WM

56 Maryland, Frederick County, Burkittsville — Bartlett Leads the Way
Colonel Joseph J. Bartlett, the Commander of the Second Brigade of Franklin’s First Division, found himself in a curious position. As a brigade commander, Bartlett chose both the field across which Franklin’s Corps would attack and the formation . . . Map (db m2151) HM
57 Virginia, James City County, Jamestown — Remembering Ancestors
The Middle Passage For more than 350 years, approximately 12 million Africans were transported across the Atlantic Ocean in the largest forced migration in history. Two million, unknown and forgotten, died during the voyage. Of the ten . . . Map (db m147817) HM

58 Virginia, Suffolk — Civil War Militia of Suffolk and Nansemond County
1861 ~ 1865 More than 1,500 men and boys from Suffolk and Nansemond County left their homes and families in defense of constitutional liberty and states rights to face overwhelming odds. Many paid the ultimate price; all endured hardships and . . . Map (db m104106) HM WM

59 New York, Ontario County, Bloomfield — East Bloomfield to the Memory of her Sons
East Bloomfield To the memory of her sons who died in defence of the Union 1861-5 Peninsula Richmond 85. Regt. N.Y. Vols. Co. B. Lieut. Amos Brunson Died. Bottoms Bridge, Va. May 24, 1862 Serg. John Buell Died. Andersonville, Ga. Sept. . . . Map (db m125793) WM
60 Virginia, Poquoson — Veterans Memorial
World War I R.R. Holloway • H.R. Wainwright • W.T. Wainwright Operation Iraqi Freedom Kyle W. Brown Vietnam R.T. Huggett • G.W. Page • P.A. Meyer • D.B. Owen World War II G.L. Adams, Jr. • J.R. Forrest • . . . Map (db m166646) WM

61 Virginia, Norfolk, Fort Norfolk — Historical Points of Interest
The Hampton Roads area has seen its share of history - much of it played out in the waters before you. In 1775, Lord Dunmore, Virginia's last Royal Governor, was driven from Williamsburg by American colonists and established a temporary base across . . . Map (db m199895) HM

62 Virginia, Portsmouth, Olde Towne — Virginia Ship Repair Association
In 1981 the Tidewater Maritime Training Institute (TMTI) was officially established in Portsmouth, VA to support the training of commercial ship repairers to perform maintenance and modernization of the naval fleet in Hampton Roads. In 1984 the . . . Map (db m163610) HM
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63 West Virginia, Kanawha County, Standard — Mary InglesCaptive Journey! — America’s Byways — Paint Creek Scenic Trail —
The War for Empire during the 1750s (often called the French & Indian War) was a contest between France, England, and several American Indian Nations to control much of eastern North America, especially the Ohio River Watershed. This rich region . . . Map (db m137756) HM
64 West Virginia, Raleigh County, Beckley — The Indian Path
Known as the "War Road", the "Hunter's Road", or simply the "Indian Path" by the time European explorers arrived in the 18th century, Paint Creek had long been a route of travel for Native Americans. Delawares, Mingoes, Ottawas, Senecas, . . . Map (db m75165) HM

65 Pennsylvania, Blair County, Altoona — Soldiers' and Sailors' MonumentFairview Cemetery
Died For Their Country (South face) (Top Center Column) Capt. Henry Wayne • Capt. T. L. McGlathery • Capt. P. T. Keys (Left Column) Lieut. Geo. W. Burley • Lieut. P. Morris • J. Kelly • G. R. Everson • Jr. • G. M. Loudon • J. . . . Map (db m95886) WM

66 Rhode Island, Washington County, Narragansett, Point Judith — The S.S. Black Point
The S.S. Black Point was built in 1918 at Camden, New Jersey as a coal collier. She was owned by Sprague Steamship Co. of Boston, Mass. And was 369’ long 55’ at the beam and was carrying 7500 tons of coal. Captain Charles Prior was master with a . . . Map (db m76004) HM WM

67 Delaware, New Castle County, Wilmington, Brandywine Park — African American Medal of Honor Recipients Memorial
[Panel 1:]African American Medal of Honor Recipients Memorial The Medal of Honor takes its place in our country as the highest award for military valor. The honor, awarded by the President in the name of Congress, may only be accorded an . . . Map (db m173924) HM
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