“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Former U.S. Presidents: #40 Ronald Reagan Historical Markers

Cold War-Global 1945/ Cold War German 1945-1990 image, Touch for more information
By Sandra Hughes, April 1, 2015
Cold War-Global 1945/ Cold War German 1945-1990
1Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Cold War-Global 1945-/ Cold War-Germany 1945-1990
(side 1) Cold War-Global 1945- I am Petty Officer Richard Williamson, Jr. I am proud that my dad served on the first nuclear powered fast attack submarine, the USS Nautilus (SSN 571) which set all kinds of records in the 1950s . . . Map (db m85491) HM WM
2Arkansas (Benton County), Bella Vista — United States Commanders in Chief
[Written on the initial marker, provided for context] Our Constitution names the President of the United States the Commander in Chief of all the Armed Forces. Presidents who have served in our military are displayed on the following . . . Map (db m92424) HM WM
3Arkansas (White County), Beebe — Beebe Gold Star Family Memorial Monument
This monument pays tribute to the sacrifices made by families who lost a loved one in military services to the United States of America. The heritage and patriotism of the Beebe community is depicted in the first scene. The second scene . . . Map (db m183679) WM
4California (Butte County), Oroville — Cherokee
Led from Indian Territory by their New England schoolmaster, a band of young Cherokee Argonauts discovered gold here 1850. Town established 1853 when first stores erected by Welsh miners. During heyday of 1875, Cherokee boasted its own theatre, race . . . Map (db m234) HM
5California (Calaveras County), West Point — HOSTAGE: A most painful experience of human suffering — 444 Days - "Free at Last"
All Americans have a partnership in the "ROCK" at West Point, California. ...It's purpose is to demonstrate the solidarity of the American people in their heartfelt concern and compassion for the 53 fellow Americans taken from the U.S. Embassy . . . Map (db m91729) HM WM
6California (Los Angeles County), Chatsworth — Garden of the Gods — Iverson Movie Ranch
Garden of the Gods was part of the Iverson Movie Ranch which flourished from 1912 until the late 1960s, the golden era of the "B" Western movies. This site was known as the "most shot up location in movie history." Hollywood cowboys Rex . . . Map (db m127037) HM
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7California (Los Angeles County), Hollywood — 44 — Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
Built in 1927 by a group of celebrities that included Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and Louis B. Mayer. Site of the first Academy Awards in 1929. A hideaway for Clark Gable and Carol Lombard. Marilyn Monroe did her first commercial shoot by the . . . Map (db m167870) HM
8California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — S.S. Lane Victory — Port of Los Angeles —
Panel 1: 1945: March: Lane Victory is named for the former slave, Isaac Lane, founder of Lane College, in Jackson, Tennessee. The Victory Ship was one of a class of cargo ships designed and built during World War II by the . . . Map (db m131429) HM
9California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — McClellan Air Force Base
[Panel 1a:] The 1930s With war clouds gathering over the Pacific, in 1936 Congress authorized the construction of the Sacramento Air Depot. The Army Air Corp envisioned that the new depot would support operations on the West Coast, . . . Map (db m57199) WM
10California (Santa Barbara County), Santa Barbara — President Reagan Meets Queen Elizabeth II
In commemoration of the historic meeting in Santa Barbara of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and His Royal Highness the Prince, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh with the President of the United States, Ronald W. . . . Map (db m135686) HM
11California (Santa Barbara County), Vandenberg Air Force Base — Ronald W. Reagan Missile Defense Site
Dedicated to Ronald W. Reagan 40th President of the United States of America For his steadfast commitment to develop and deploy missile defenses to protect our nation, our forces, our allies and friends "Wouldn't it be better to . . . Map (db m98728) WM
12California (Santa Clara County), San Jose — International Business Machines : RAMAC
[ Main Marker: ] International Business Machines : RAMAC In 1952, IBM sent Reynold Johnson to San Josι to open its first West Coast development laboratory to research new data storage methods. At this site in 1955, IBM unveiled . . . Map (db m30095) HM
13California (Ventura County), Simi Valley — Ronald Wilson Reagan
I know in my heart that man is good, that what is right will always eventually triumph, and there is purpose and worth to each and every life.Map (db m82161)
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14Delaware (Kent County), Dover — Sequoia - A California Redwood
Presented to the State of Delaware by President Ronald Reagan when he was Governor of California.Map (db m199001) HM
15Delaware (Kent County), Dover — VC-9C — S/N 73-1682
This VC-9C, serial number 73-1682, transported America's top leadership from 1975 until 2011. Much of that time it served as Air Force Two for Vice Presidents Walter Mondale, George H.W. Bush, Dan Quayle, Al Gore, and Dick Cheney. It also . . . Map (db m142564) HM
16District of Columbia (Washington), Adams Morgan — President Reagan Assassination Attempt — National Historic Place
On March 30, 1981, President Ronald Reagan marked the 100th visit to Washington Hilton by a sitting U.S. President. Reagan had been invited to speak in the International Ballroom at a meeting of the North America's Building Trades Unions. Upon . . . Map (db m93218) HM
17District of Columbia (Washington), Adams Morgan — 14 — Rooms With a View — Roads to Diversity — Adams Morgan Heritage Trail —
This hill, with its sweeping views of Washington and the Potomac, has tantalized visionaries since the 1800s. But few of their plans have been built. In 1873 businessman and city commissioner Thomas P. Morgan (whose name survives as part of . . . Map (db m93415) HM
18District of Columbia (Washington), Adams Morgan — Solidarność — No Bread Without Freedom
Solidarność (or Solidarity) emerged in Poland in 1980) as the first free, independent labor union in the so-called Eastern Bloc, i.e. the Soviet sphere of influence, which included the USSR and much of Central . . . Map (db m163276) HM
19District of Columbia (Washington), Anacostia — 12 — The Big Chair — An East-of-the-River View — Anacostia Heritage Trail —
This Anacostia icon once marked the entrance to Curtis Brothers Furniture Co. The business dated to 1926, when young Fred and George Curtis acquired a Model T Ford truck to deliver ice, then progressed to moving furniture. They soon rented a . . . Map (db m100690) HM
20District of Columbia (Washington), Capitol Hill — Japanese American Memorial to Patriotism During World War II
[Panel 1 of the historical narrative at memorial entrance]: On February 19, 1942, 73 days after the United States entered World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066 which resulted in the removal of 120,000 . . . Map (db m40541) HM
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21District of Columbia (Washington), Capitol Hill — The National Garden Takes Root — 10th Anniversary — National Garden —
In 1986 President Ronald Reagan signed legislation creating the rose as the national floral emblem for the United States. Plans then got underway to find a site to showcase roses in the nation's capital. The U.S. Botanic Garden (USBG) was . . . Map (db m110456) HM
22District of Columbia (Washington), Columbia Heights — 14 — Pitts Motor Hotel — Cultural Convergence — Columbia Heights Heritage Trail —
The Pitts Motor Hotel, formerly located at 1451 Belmont Street, lingers in memory for two reasons. In the 1960s it was a gathering place of Civil Rights movement leaders. Later it became a "welfare hotel." In March 1968 the Reverend Dr. . . . Map (db m63706) HM
23District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown Washington — The Inaugural Parade Tradition
This montage showing four presidential inaugural parades along 15th St., NW is based on artist Earl Minderman's 1980 visioning of President thomas Jefferson's inaugural parade as well as historic photos of the inauguration of Presidents Garfield, . . . Map (db m91808) HM
24District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — 9 — Completing the Triangle — Make No Little Plans — Federal Triangle Heritage Trail —
The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center honoring the 40th president, filled the last open space in the Federal Triangle. When former First Lady Nancy Reagan dedicated it in 1998, the redevelopment of this area of . . . Map (db m57205) HM
25District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Edward Teller — Professor of Physics, 1935 to 1945
This plaque commemorates the seminal research of the renowned Dr. Edward Teller during his tenure at The George Washington University. By agreement with GW Professor George Gamow, President Cloyd Heck Marvin invited the Hungarian-born Teller to . . . Map (db m47326) HM
26District of Columbia (Washington), Judiciary Square — National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
This Memorial was established by the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund, as directed by an Act of the United States Congress. The authorizing law was sponsored by U.S. Representative Mario Biaggi and U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell, and was . . . Map (db m65404) HM
27District of Columbia (Washington), Logan Circle — 4 — Paying Attention — A Fitting Tribute — Logan Circle Heritage Trail —
By the 1970s, nearby Dupont Circle's counterculture and gay businesses extended into Logan Circle, making Logan an attractive place to live for members of DC's gay and lesbian communities. Political collectives and individuals acquired . . . Map (db m184989) HM
28District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — Site of Rhodes Tavern — 1799 - 1984
Built in 1799, in the hope that the new capital would become a great city. Opened as a tavern and inn by William Rhodes, 1801. Washington's first 'town hall,' where White House architect James Hoban and other citizens met to petition . . . Map (db m39618) HM
29District of Columbia (Washington), Southwest Federal Center — The General Dwight David Eisenhower Plaza — United States Holocaust Memorial Museum — "Loss and Regeneration, 1993" —
Panel 1: Dedicated in gratitude to the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe, General Dwight David Eisenhower and the valiant soldiers of all Allied Armies he led into battle. Victorious in battle, they brought the Third Reich . . . Map (db m48459) HM
30District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — German-American Friendship Garden — Celebrating 300 Years of Friendship — National Mall and Memorial Parks, Washington, D.C. —
“One magnificent symbol of the bonds that tie our two great peoples together is the German-American Friendship Garden. This symbol of eternally renewing growth and strength will be dedicated this autumn here in the Capital. In its . . . Map (db m130364) HM
31District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — German-American Friendship Garden — National Mall and Memorial Parks — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
"One magnificent symbol of the bonds that tie our two great peoples together is the German-American Friendship Garden...In its growth, our own commitments to the well-being of America and Germany shall be cultivated and nurtured." . . . Map (db m130365) HM
32Florida (Hillsborough County), Tampa — Gulf of Sidra incident (1981) — Hillsborough County Veterans Memorial Park
In 1973 Libya claimed the Gulf of Sidra as a closed bay and part of its territorial waters. This prompted the United States to conduct Freedom of Navigation (FON) operations in the area. Once the claim did not meet the criteria established by . . . Map (db m194776) HM WM
33Florida (Hillsborough County), Tampa — Operation Golden Pheasant (1988) — Hillsborough County Veterans Memorial Park
In early March, 1988, the Nicaraguan Sandinista government launched Operation Danto to overrun Contra rebel supply caches in the San Andrιs de Bocay region, crossing into Honduran territory in their drive. The United States, under . . . Map (db m194762) WM
34Florida (Orange County), Orlando — United States Marine Corps — 10 November 1775
. . . Map (db m143613) HM
35Florida (Sumter County), Bushnell — Florida National Cemetery
This cemetery is dedicated to the memory of all the patriotic men and women who answered their country’s call to service. Their inspiring contribution will help preserve in the hearts and lives of all Americans the spirit of . . . Map (db m145992) WM
36Georgia (Bryan County), Richmond Hill — Richmond Hill Veterans Monument — In God We Trust
The Richmond Hill Veterans Monument is dedicated to the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who have served our great nation throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, but the history of sacrifice and duty to our nation weaves a patriotic tapestry . . . Map (db m128029) WM
37Georgia (Macon County), Andersonville — Memorial to POWs at Hiroshima, Japan — National Prisoner of War Museum — Andersonville National Historic Site —
In honor and memory of the U.S. Army Air Force and U.S. Navy airmen who lost their lives while prisoners of war at Hiroshima, Japan, the day of the bomb-August 6, 1945. -S/Sgt. Charles O. Baumgartner-USAAF -2nd/Lt. Durden Looper-USAAF -2nd . . . Map (db m93023) WM
38Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Paul Anderson Memorial Park
Gold Medalist Weightlifting 1956 Olympic Games Melbourne, Australia ——————— "The Greatest Weight Ever Raised by a Human Being 6,270 pounds in a backlift." Listed in The Guinness Book of . . . Map (db m63434) HM
39Illinois (Adams County), Quincy — Welcome to Illinois
In 1673 the areas of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers were explored by Frenchmen Louis Joliet and Father Jacques Marquette. Their voyages resulted in French claims on the area until 1763 when, by the Treaty of Paris, France ceded the land to . . . Map (db m150015) HM
40Illinois (Bond County), Greenville — Ronald Reagan
Dedicated to the memory of Ronald Reagan, who spoke at this intersection on October 18, 1980, while campaigning for the United States Presidency.Map (db m34158) HM
41Illinois (Douglas County), Arcola — Hippie Memorial Dedication Speech
Even after thirty years of marriage to Bob Moomaw, I was always surprised by his ideas--and this event is another surprise. Bob said there have been sculptures built on more ridiculous concepts than my life--this is not ridiculous--this is my life: . . . Map (db m135930) HM
42Illinois (Lee County), Dixon — Berlin Wall Replica
General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace-- if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe-- if you seek liberalization. come here, to this gate. Mr. Gorbachev. Open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev. Tear down this . . . Map (db m78278) HM
43Illinois (Lee County), Dixon — Dixon Historic Center
The Dixon Historic Center, in Dixon's old South Central School building, celebrates Ronald Reagan's years in Dixon and his attendance at South Central School. Ronald attended sixth and seventh grades in this building. This building has been . . . Map (db m78279) HM
44Illinois (Lee County), Dixon — Dixon Memorial Swimming Pool
This Pool given by the citizens of Dixon, Illinois in Memory of the Men & Women who served in World War II. Erected & Dedicated 1950 Dixon Park District Edward Vaile, Pres. Commissioners Louis Pitcher John R. McDaniel Esther M. . . . Map (db m70717) HM
45Illinois (Lee County), Dixon — Dixon Public Library
Books which young Ronald Reagan borrowed from the Dixon Public Library helped him shape lifelong values. At nine years of age in 1920 he received card number 3695, becoming a frequent Library visitor and an avid reader throughout his Dixon years. . . . Map (db m78275) HM
46Illinois (Lee County), Dixon — First Christian Church — Disciples of Christ
On June 21, 1922, Ronald Reagan, with his brother Neil, was baptized at this church. Ronald and Mother Nelle were active members of the church from 1921 - 1937. Ronald Reagan taught a Sunday school class here. Mother Nelle taught Sunday school, snag . . . Map (db m78273) HM
47Illinois (Lee County), Dixon — Reagan Home
The Reagan family—Jack, Nelle, and their two sons, Neil (age 12) and Ronald (age 9), moved to Dixon and into this house on December 6, 1920. The boys attended school at South Side School, later known as South Central School, just four blocks . . . Map (db m78281) HM
48Illinois (Lee County), Dixon — Reagan Way
Hennepin Avenue was often walked by a young Ronald Reagan from home to downtown and back. The street has four landmark institutions that played a vital role in the development of his character. They include the boyhood home, the grade school, now . . . Map (db m78280) HM
49Illinois (Lee County), Dixon — The Wings of Peace and Freedom
In 1991 Nick Tanev, an immigrant to the United States from Bulgaria, presented to then Mayor James Dixon and the City of Dixon, the sculpture called “The Wings of Peace and Freedom.” The presentation was made during a sister cities . . . Map (db m78277) HM
50Illinois (St. Clair County), O'Fallon — 122 E State Street — Main Street O'Fallon Landmark Award — Presented 2009 —
O'Fallon's first theater built exclusively for motion pictures, the 500 seat State Theatre was built in 1937. It was here that O'Fallonites watched countless movies including those of O'Fallon native William Holden and the nephew of O'Fallon . . . Map (db m148588) HM
51Illinois (St. Clair County), O'Fallon — 126 E State Street — Main Street O'Fallon Landmark Award — Presented 2009 —
Except during Prohibition, this building has been a saloon or tavern since it was built in the late 19th century. In 1920, it was purchased by Stephen and Emily "Ma" Rush as a soft drink parlor, later a confectionery and ice cream parlor. It was . . . Map (db m148579) HM
52Indiana (Gibson County), Princeton — Gibson County Korean - Vietnam Honor Rolls
( Center Panel ) “They have earned the undying esteem and respect of all thoughtful and freedom-loving Americans for their overriding devotion and sense of duty to our Nation.” — President Ronald Reagan — . . . Map (db m48224) WM
53Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — Charles Luna
1906 - - - - - 1992 President, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen 1963 - 1969 President, United Transportation Union 1969 - 1972 Contributing six decades to the Rail Labor Movement, Charles Luna began working as a Yard . . . Map (db m58537) HM
54Kansas (Bourbon County), Fort Scott — Gordon Parks — Photographer, film maker, writer, composer
Gordon Parks was born on November 20, 1912 in Fort Scott, Kansas to Sarah and Andrew Jackson Parks. Gordon wrote, "Poppa was a dirt farmer who farmed mostly dirt, but he kept us alive and taught us about love and devotion." The youngest of 15 . . . Map (db m128781) HM
55Kansas (Leavenworth County), Fort Leavenworth — General Colin L. Powell — American Statesman • American Son • American Soldier
Born 05 Apr 1937 Harlem, New York Graduated ROTC, City College of New York, 1958 Married Alma Vivian Johnson, 25 Aug 1962 Parents Luther and Maud Powell - First Black - Secretary of State National Security Advisor Chairman, . . . Map (db m83307) HM WM
56Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Bing Crosby — 1904 - 1977
After Meadow Court wom the Irish Sweeps Derby of 1965, fans were treated to Bing Crosby's impromptu crooning of "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling." The famous singer and actor was part owner of the winning colt. Years before, Crosby had greeted the . . . Map (db m57709) HM
57Maryland (Frederick County), Emmitsburg — Fallen Firefighters Memorial
Dedicated October 4, 1981. National Emergency Training Center. Emmitsburg, Maryland. "Dedicated to the thousands of Firefighters who have lost their lives in the very act of saving others." Ronald Reagan, President. United States of . . . Map (db m19021) HM
58Maryland (Worcester County), Ocean City — Smaller Conflicts After WWII
World War II was the last fought in which the President asked Congress for a declaration of war. Since then, United States armed forces have been in combat, including these smaller conflicts: Cuba 1961 The U.S. orchestrates the . . . Map (db m150158) HM
59Massachusetts (Worcester County), Whitinsville — Vietnam War Memorial — 1961 - 1975
Dedicated to the men and women from the town of Northbridge who served during the Vietnam War "Ours was an honorable cause" In memory of Joseph E. Fitzgerald SSgt. United States Army November 25, 1948 - May 31, 1967 LLRP, 3rd . . . Map (db m117481) WM
60Michigan (Grand Traverse County), Traverse City — Second Industrial Revolution — Historic Traverse City — The West Bay Waterfront —
In 1942, the local Chamber of Commerce persuaded the Parsons Corporation to move its Pureaire Unit Kitchen Division into the vacant 60-year-old Greilick plant. About the same time the Sheffer Collet Company also started operations in a . . . Map (db m98231) HM
61Michigan (Ingham County), East Lansing — L1338 — Michigan Automobile Dealers Association
In 1920 the Michigan Automotive Trade Association was founded in Detroit. On May 19, 1921, the group was incorporated, with the following officers: G.S. Garber, President: H.H. Shuart Secretary; and Clark Graves, Treasurer. The association's purpose . . . Map (db m102983) HM
62Missouri (Pettis County), Sedalia — Coliseum — 1906 — Architect: Thomas Bast • Contractor: T. H. Johnson —
The Coliseum, originally called the Livestock Pavilion, has traditionally been used for showing and judging livestock and for horse shows. In addition, four presidents who have visited the Fairgrounds have spoken here – William Howard . . . Map (db m85011) HM
63Missouri (St. Louis County), Florissant — First Lieutenant Michael J. Blassie — Vietnam Era Unknown Soldier — 4 April 1948 - 11 May 1972 —
Florissant patriot graduated Air Force Academy, fighter pilot 8th Special Ops Squadron Vietnam. Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross Air Metal. May 11, 1972 his A-37 Dragonfly was shot down during his 138th combat mission. His remains, classified . . . Map (db m149383) HM WM
64Montana (Fergus County), Lewistown — Training Building — Lewistown Satellite Airfield Historic District
During World War II, many aircrews came to Lewistown for the final phase of their training. Here they logged an average eight hours of ground school for every hour of flying time. In this building the men studied aircraft identification, learned . . . Map (db m143592) HM
65Nebraska (Howard County), St. Paul — 317 — Grover Cleveland Alexander
Grover Cleveland Alexander, the third winningest pitcher in major league baseball history, was born near Elba, Nebraska, on February 26, 1887. After pitching for local and minor league teams, Alexander signed with the Philadelphia Phillies. In 1911, . . . Map (db m104682) HM
66Nebraska (Lancaster County), Lincoln — Ronald Reagan — 1911 - 2004
On February 6, 1911, Ronald Wilson Reagan was born to Nelle and John Reagan in Tampico, Illinois. He attended high school in nearby Dixon and then worked his way through Eureka College. There, he studied economics and sociology, played on the . . . Map (db m179362) HM
67New Jersey (Hudson County), Jersey City — Morris Pesin’s Legendary Canoe Trip Which Launched Liberty State Park
On the foggy, drizzly morning of June 13, 1958, Morris Pesin (1911-1992) made his historic 8 minute canoe trip to the Statue of Liberty with a Jersey Journal reporter to dramatize the close proximity of the Jersey City shoreline to Ms. . . . Map (db m126346) HM
68New York (New York County), New York — Reagan-Gorbachev Meeting 1988 — Quarters 403
Chairman Gorbachev made his final preparations here before participating in the historic luncheon at Quarters 1 with President Reagan and Vice President Bush on 7 December 1988. During that time, he also composed his first communique to the . . . Map (db m148741) HM
69New York (New York County), New York — Romare H. Bearden — September 2, 1911 - March 12, 1988 — 154 West 131st Street, Manhattan —
Born in Charlotte, N.C., Romare Howard Bearden moved to Harlem with his family ca. 1914. After he completed his B.S. in Education from NYU in 1935, he studied with George Grosz at the Art Students' League, and worked as a political cartoonist. From . . . Map (db m210013) HM
70New York (Steuben County), Corning — Centerway Bridge
1921 Year the Bridge was Completed 92.3’ Each Arch Span Length 752’ Total Bridge Length 41’ Each Arch length This bridge was built in 1921, when Warren G. Harding was president of the United States. It closed to motor vehicles in 1981, . . . Map (db m144164) HM
71North Carolina (Wayne County), Goldsboro — Wayne County Veterans Memorial
We must honor those sons of ours who fought so bravely. A Grateful Citizen (1925) (Walkway plaque) Most of them were boys when they died and they gave up two lives--the one they were living and the one they would have lived when . . . Map (db m66520) WM
72Ohio (Allen County), Delphos — Delphos Veterans Memorial
…remember those who served, those who fought… those still missing, and those who gave their last full measure of devotion for our country. -President Ronald ReaganMap (db m166769) WM
73Ohio (Crawford County), Bucyrus — Crawford County's Veterans Hall Of Fame
Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream it must be fought for protected and handed on for them to do the same. Ronald Reagan The cost of freedom is . . . Map (db m195381) WM
74Ohio (Montgomery County), Dayton — P-47 Thunderbolt
P-47 Thunderbolt Alexander Kartveli, Designer The Thunderbolt was the largest, heaviest, single-seat fighter built during World War II: a rugged, dependable,and heavily armed fighting machine, whose accomplishments advanced the ultimate . . . Map (db m114927) WM
75Ohio (Montgomery County), Dayton — Ronald Reagan — Fortieth President of the United State
"I hope that today's youth will find the same golden dream America that we found when we were growing up".
…at Dayton October 12, 1984Map (db m199869) HM
76Ohio (Summit County), Akron — 24-77 — Astronaut Judith Resnik
"The future doesn't belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave. The Challenger crew was pulling us into the future and we'll continue to follow..." President Ronald Reagan
As the second American woman . . . Map (db m43539) HM
77Pennsylvania (Bradford County), Towanda — United States Marine Corps — Semper Fidelis
1775 - 1917 New Providence, Bahamas Tripoli War of 1812 Battle of Chapultepec, Mexico - Spain China Relief Expedition (Boxer Rebellion) Battle of Peking - Nicaragua Vera Cruz - Haiti . . . Map (db m117235) HM WM
78Pennsylvania (Delaware County), Media — Delaware County Courthouse
Originally part of the farm property of Sarah Briggs in 1848. The site was laid out by Joseph Fox and purchased by the Delaware County Commissioners in 1849 for the erection of a courthouse. The structure, whose construction plans cost $50, was . . . Map (db m83369) HM
79Pennsylvania (Delaware County), Media — Ronald Reagan
On this site, Ronald Reagan, the fortieth President of the United States, delivered an address to the citizens of Media and Delaware County during his presidential re-election campaign on October 29, 1984.Map (db m157065) HM
80Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Lititz — Lititz Wall of Remembrance — In recognition of those who built our community
[Left panel:] Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzedorf In 1742, Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf of Saxony, the leader and organizer of the modern day Moravian Church, preached at the tavern of Jacob Huber, north of Lititz, while . . . Map (db m136380) HM
81Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Notable Liberty Medal Ceremonies — Independence National Historical Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Shimon Peres at the Liberty Medal Ceremony, 1996 Photo by Phil Mantas Kofi Annan at the Liberty Medal Ceremony, 2001 Independence National Historical Park Sadako Ogata at the Liberty Medal Ceremony, 1995 . . . Map (db m146648) HM
82South Carolina (Florence County), Florence — Florence National Cemetery
The Florence National Cemetery established in 1865 is this day re-dedicated to the memory of all the patriotic men and women who answered their country's call to service their inspiring contribution will help preserve in the . . . Map (db m45967) HM
83South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — Strom Thurmond
[East Inscription]: A Century of Service Born December 5, 1902 in Edgefield, South Carolina, Strom Thurmond provided nearly a century of service to the Palmetto State and to this nation. Highlights of his extraordinary life include: . . . Map (db m46598) HM
84South Carolina (Spartanburg County), Spartanburg — Berlin Wall
[Left Marker] "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" President Ronald W. Reagan Berlin, June 12, 1987 [Right Marker] "Ich bin ein Berliner!" President John F. Kennedy Berlin, June 26, 1963Map (db m14171) WM
85South Dakota (Minnehaha County), Sioux Falls — Ronald Reagan — 1911-2004
On February 6, 1911, Ronald Wilson Reagan was born to Nelle and John Reagan in Tampico, Illinois. He attended high school in nearby Dixon and then worked his way through Eureka College. There, he studied economics and sociology, played on the . . . Map (db m112633) HM
86South Dakota (Pennington County), Rapid City — Celebrating Victory — The Berlin Wall Memorial
Panel A. On November 9, 1989, to stem the flow of refugees, desperate Communist leaders announced amid chaos that they would issue passports to all East Germans, allowing them to come and go as they pleased. That evening hundreds of . . . Map (db m136631) HM
87South Dakota (Pennington County), Rapid City — The American Commitment — The Berlin Wall Memorial
The United States never wavered in its commitment to freedom and democracy in Berlin, a city isolated 100 miles inside Easts Germany. In 1948, to assert its influence over Germany, the Soviet Union blockaded land access to Berlin. The Western . . . Map (db m136414) WM
88Tennessee (Knox County), Farragut — Farragut Schools: Recent Years
Named for Admiral David Glasgow Farragut who was born in this area, Farragut High School began in 1904 as a six-room frame academic building on 12 acres of land at the junction of Concord Road and Kingston Pike. In addition to practical agriculture, . . . Map (db m101749) HM
89Tennessee (Obion County), Union City — Ronald Reagan — 1911-2004
President of the United States of America, served two terms from 1981-1989 During his inaugural speech, he called for an era of national renewal and hoped that America would again be 'A beacon of hope for those who do not have freedom.' He . . . Map (db m106040) HM
90Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — The Omlie Tower — Vernon Cleophas Omlie (1895-1936) Phoebe Fairgrave Omlie (1902-1975)
Vernon Omlie, a flight instructor during World War I, and Phoebe Fairgrave began barnstorming in the Midwest in 1921. They landed in Memphis a year later, married and opened the first commercial aviation company in Memphis. Mid-South Airways, Inc. . . . Map (db m89711) HM
91Texas (Harris County), Houston — Baker Common
Baker Common The Baker Family history and Houston’s history are one and the same Few have contributed more to our city’s progress than the members of the James Addison Baker family. They pioneered Texas law, built the law firm Baker Botts, . . . Map (db m140419) HM
92Texas (Uvalde County), Uvalde — 2941 — Kincaid Hotel
This four-story hotel building was constructed in 1927 by the family of William Davis "Billy" Kincaid (b. 1854) in memory of his life as a prominent Uvalde cattleman, businessman, and civic leader. The Kincaid Hotel became a popular place for . . . Map (db m64463) HM
93Utah (Kane County), Kanab — Ronald Reagan — Utah's Little Hollywood — Kanab Utah “Walk of Fame” —
Fortieth President of The United States Destination: Kanab, Utah "Utah's Little Hollywood" Television Series "Death Valley Days" Host 1960'sMap (db m130626) HM
94Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington — Ronald Reagan
The statue of Ronald Wilson Reagan, 40th President of the United States from 1981-1989, is located northeast of this location at the driving entrance to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. In 1987, President Reagan's Secretary of . . . Map (db m70983) HM
95Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington — Tomb of the Unknowns
Under authority of Public Resolution 67, of the 66th Congress, approved March 4, 1921, an unknown American soldier was exhumed from each of the four American cemeteries in France. They were placed in identical caskets and assembled at Chalons Sur . . . Map (db m61934) HM WM
96Virginia, Lynchburg — William C. Wise Vietnam Veterans Memorial Oak Tree
In Memory of William Clayton Wise 1947 - 2010 and in honor and memory of the bravery and sacrifice of the men and women who served in the Vietnam War
Freedom is never more than one generation away . . . Map (db m179759) WM
97Virginia, Newport News — Pearl Mae Bailey — Singer - Actress - Scholar
A Native of Newport News - born March 29, 1918. Served as United States Delegate to the United Nations. Awarded First Order of Arts by President of Egypt. Appointed Ambassador of Love by President Nixon. Received the highest civilian . . . Map (db m94334) HM
98Virginia (Prince William County), Triangle — Quantico National Cemetery
This cemetery is dedicated to the memory of all the patriotic men and women who answered their Country's call to service. Their inspiring contribution will help preserve in the hearts and lives of all Americans the spirit of patriotism, the love of . . . Map (db m3359) HM
99Virginia (Prince William County), Triangle — Second Battalion First Marines Vietnam Memorial — HQ & SVC • Echo • Fox • Golf • Hotel
Vietnam Dedicated to all who serve with or supported Second Battalion First Marines, FMF 1965-1971 "Ghost Battalion Unit Honors Presidential Unit Citation Streamer with 3 Bronze Stars Navy Unit Commendation . . . Map (db m168555) HM WM
100Virginia, Virginia Beach — Pearl Bailey — 1918 - 1990 — Newport News —
President Nixon dubbed her "Ambassador of Love" to the world. "Pearlie Mae" sang with Count Basie and Cab Calloway, starred in the movie version of "Porgy and Bess," won a Tony Award for an African-American version of "Hello Dolly," and received the . . . Map (db m165915) HM

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