“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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City of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments Historical Markers

Over 1,100 historic places designated by the City of Los Angeles.
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By Craig Baker, July 11, 2018
Carroll Avenue Marker
1California (Los Angeles County), Angelino Heights — Carroll Avenue1300 Block
A street of houses designed in the Eastlake and Queen Anne styles of the late 19th century, exhibiting the finest collection of Victorian domestic architecture remaining in Los Angeles. From their vantage point on Angelino Heights, these houses have . . . — Map (db m120038) HM
2California (Los Angeles County), Calabasas — 1 — Leonis AdobeCalabasas Adobe
This adobe was built by Miguel Leonis in the early 1870's. The chain of title extends from the King of Spain to the present owners. — Map (db m145585) HM
3California (Los Angeles County), Canoga Park — 135 — Canoga Mission Gallery1934-1936
A mission style stable converted to new uses as a community center of the arts of California and Mexico. — Map (db m164331) HM
4California (Los Angeles County), Canoga Park — 700 — Canoga Park Branch Library
Canoga Park Branch Library, Modern style, built 1959. Declared 2000, Historic-Cultural Monument No. 700, Cultural Heritage Commission, City of Los Angeles. — Map (db m163862) HM
5California (Los Angeles County), Chatsworth — 14 — Chatsworth Community Church
Chatsworth Community Church, 1903. Declared Historic Cultural Monument No. 14 by the Cultural Heritage Board, Municipal Art Department, City of Los Angeles. — Map (db m163863) HM
6California (Los Angeles County), Chatsworth — 133 — Minnie Hill Palmer HouseHomestead Acre
Cottage built by the Hill family in 1911. Last homestead acre in the Valley. — Map (db m144408) HM
7California (Los Angeles County), Chatsworth — 92 — Old Santa Susana Stage Road‘Devil’s Slide’
Old Santa Susana Stage Road, 1859-90. Marked March 17 1939, Native Daughters of the Golden West, Topango Parlor 269. — Map (db m131208) HM
8California (Los Angeles County), Chatsworth — 49 — Olive Trees
76 olive trees, clippings from the San Fernando Mission, planted by Nelson A. Gray in 1893. — Map (db m144984) HM
9California (Los Angeles County), Chatsworth — 92 — Stagecoach Trail
The Stagecoach Trail was used from 1861 to 1895. Also known as the Devil's Slide. — Map (db m145659) HM
10California (Los Angeles County), Chatsworth — 132 — Stoney Point
Stoney Point Outcroppings natural site, considered one of the most picturesque areas in Los Angeles. Declared 1974, Historic-Cultural Monument No. 132, City of Los Angeles, Cultural Heritage Commission, Cultural Affairs Department. — Map (db m163865) HM
11California (Los Angeles County), Chatsworth — 750 — The Munch Box
A classic 1950's hamburger stand built in 1956 Cultural Heritage Commission Cultural Monument No. 750. — Map (db m145764) HM
12California (Los Angeles County), Culver City — 182 — Ivy SubstationMedia Park
The Ivy Substation, named for the land development where it is located, was built in 1907 by the Los Angeles Pacific Railway. It is one of the largest electric substations along the “Balloon Route” rail line from downtown Los Angeles to . . . — Map (db m121986) HM
13California (Los Angeles County), Eagle Rock — 59 — Eagle Rock City Hall1923
Eagle Rock City Hall — 1923. Example of Los Angeles City's absorption of small Southland communities. Declared Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument No. 59 by the Cultural Heritage Board, Cultural Arts Department, City of Los . . . — Map (db m162265) HM
14California (Los Angeles County), Encino — 24 — Encino Oak Tree
Declared Historic Cultural Monument No. 24 by the Cultural Heritage Board, Municipal Arts Department, City of Los Angeles. — Map (db m165309) HM
15California (Los Angeles County), Glendale — 910 — Riverside Drive Bridge
Originally known as the Victory Boulevard bridge, the Riverside Drive bridge was constructed in 1938 to improve a bottleneck caused by an earlier wooden bridge. It was partially funded by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Works Progress . . . — Map (db m129133) HM
16California (Los Angeles County), Granada Hills — 622 — Taft House
Taft House and landscaping. Shingle style. Circa 1900. Declared 1996. Historic-Cultural Monument No. 622, City of Los Angeles, Cultural Heritage Commission, Cultural Affairs Department. — Map (db m162891) HM
17California (Los Angeles County), Highland Park — 105 — Hiner House and Sousa Nook
Chalet style. Architect - Carl Boller. Built 1922. Declared 1972, Historic-Cultural Monument No. 105, City of Los Angeles, Cultural Heritage Commission, Cultural Affairs Department. — Map (db m164786) HM
18California (Los Angeles County), Hollywood — 947 — CBS Columbia Square Studios
On this site was established the first motion picture studio in Hollywood, October 27, 1911. CBS Columbia Square Studios, International style. William Lescaze, architect. Earl Heitschmidt, associate architect. Built 1938. Declared 2009. . . . — Map (db m133742) HM
19California (Los Angeles County), Hollywood — 58 — Charlie Chaplin Studio
Historic Charlie Chaplin Studio. Built 1917. Declared 1969. Historic-Cultural Monument No. 58. Cultural Heritage Commission, City of Los Angeles. — Map (db m162823) HM
20California (Los Angeles County), Hollywood — 134 — Crossroads of the World
Crossroads of the World, 1936. Robert V. Derrah, architect. A blend of moderne & old world architecture. Declared Historic-Cultural Monument No. 134 by the Cultural Heritage Commission, Cultural Affairs Department, City of Los Angeles. . . . — Map (db m162878) HM
21California (Los Angeles County), Hollywood — 584 — Egyptian Theatre
Egyptian revival style. Architects - Meyer & Holler. Built 1922. Declared 1993 Historic-Cultural Monument No. 584 City of Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission Cultural Affairs Department — Map (db m163244) HM
22California (Los Angeles County), Hollywood — 248 — United Methodist Church
First United Methodist Church, 1930. A Gothic revival edifice constructed of steel and exposed concrete, standing as a visual beacon in the heart of Hollywood. — Map (db m128905) HM
23California (Los Angeles County), Hollywood — 180 — Warner Brothers Studio
Original home built by Warner Bros. in 1923. The pioneering talking motion picture The Jazz Singer was produced here in 1927 and revolutionized the film industry. This building was certified as a Historic Structure by the United States Department of . . . — Map (db m133609) HM
24California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 112 — A Gabrielino Indian SiteFerndell Canyon
Archaeological evidence indicates that Indian villages were located in Ferndell Canyon. — Map (db m122444) HM
25California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 401 — Adobe of the Rancho Los Feliz
Granted on March 22, 1843 to Maria Ygnacia Verdugo in confirmation of an earlier Spanish concession made to Vicente Feliz in 1795. Later owned by famous California pioneers Antonio Coronel and James Lick. Colonel Griffith Jenkins Griffith, in . . . — Map (db m120976) HM
26California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 4 — Angel’s Flight
Built in 1901 by Colonel J. W. Eddy, lawyer, engineer, and friend of President Lincoln, Angel's Flight is said to be the world's shortest incorporated railway. The counterbalanced cars, controlled by cables, travel a 33 percent grade for 315 . . . — Map (db m160015) HM
27California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Apex / Club AlabamHistoric Central Avenue Jazz Corridor — 42nd St. and Central Av. —
Curtis Mosby, the conductor of the Dixieland Blue Blowers, opened the Apex on Thanksgiving 1928. The classy nightclub was home to revues featuring beautiful showgirls in extravagant costumes. Johnny Otis led the house band, but Alabam . . . — Map (db m144912) HM
28California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 72 — Automobile Club Headquarters
Automobile Club of Southern California; headquarters building of the pioneer motoring club; founded 1900; built in Spanish Colonial style. — Map (db m131042) HM
29California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 6 — Bradbury Building
Mining Tycoon L. Bradbury Makes His Mark His name endures in the eponymous town of wealth and horseflesh set against the San Gabriel Mountains, but mining tycoon Louis Bradbury made his loveliest mark on Southern California with the . . . — Map (db m164083) HM
30California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 899 — Chapman Building
Charles C. Chapman Building, Beaux Arts style. Los Angeles Investment Company. Ernest McConnell, architect. Built 1912. Declared 2007, Historic-Cultural Monument No. 899, Cultural Heritage Commission, City of Los Angeles. — Map (db m164426) HM
31California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 486 — Chinese Cemetery ShrineNineteenth Century Los Angeles — Evergreen Cemetery —
Panel 1: This monument is the oldest surviving structure of Chinese settlement in the Los Angeles area. It illustrates the use of traditional ceremonies brought from China and honors the lives of 19th century Chinese Americans. . . . — Map (db m149116) HM
32California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 1022 — Department of Water and PowerCity of Los Angeles — General Office Building —
From pueblo to metropolis, the history of the City of Los Angeles is indelibly linked with the development of community water and power supplies. This building is dedicated to that enduring relationship past, present and future. Water for . . . — Map (db m155788) HM
33California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 163 — Disney Studio SitePoint of Historical Interest
Site of Walt Disney’s original animation studio in Los Angeles 2719 Hyperion Avenue 1926-1940 — Map (db m143586) HM
34California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 1011 — Ennis House
Ennis Brown House - 1924. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. A master work by America’s foremost architect. — Map (db m148411) HM
35California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 289 — Fire Station 30African-American Firefighter Museum — 1913 —
. . . — Map (db m137005) HM
36California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 156 — Fire Station No. 1
Built by United States Work Projects Administration, 1940. Fire Station No. 1, Streamline Moderne style. Architects — Public Works Administration. Declared 1976. Built 1940. Historic-Cultural Monument No. 156. — Map (db m134911) HM
37California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 40 — Hale House, Circa 1887Heritage Square
A superb example of the Queen Anne - Eastlake Style. Restored through the devotion of thousands of admirers. — Map (db m117173) HM
38California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 26 — Historic Los Angeles CemeteryLa Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles Cemetery
According to Catholic Church records, approximately 693 early residents of Los Angeles were buried in this cemetery. This memorial garden honors these early residents. Words surround this sacred place from the Spanish, English, . . . — Map (db m164890) HM
39California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 12 — Hollyhock HouseUNESCO World Heritage Site
Hollyhock House, as part of the 20th-century architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, has been inscribed on the World Heritage List. Inscription on this List confirms that this property deserves for the benefit of all humanity because of its . . . — Map (db m154492) HM
40California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 421 — Hollywood ReservoirMulholland Dam
Hollywood Reservoir Capacity 2,500,000,000 gallons. Maximum depth of water 183 feet. Mulholland Dam Work started August 1923. Dam completed December 1924. 172,000 cubic yards of concrete. . . . — Map (db m164319) HM
41California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 535 — Hollywoodland's Granite Retaining Walls and Interconnecting Granite Stairs
Hollywoodland's Granite Retaining Walls and Interconnecting Granite Stairs Built 1923 Declared 1991 Historic-Cultural Monument No. 535 — Map (db m31537) HM
42California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 404 — Huron SubstationLos Angeles Railway
Los Angeles Railway Huron Substation. Engineer - Edward S. Cobb, circa 1906. Declared 1988, Historic-Cultural Monument No. 404, City of Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission, Cultural Affairs Department. — Map (db m161941) HM
43California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 62 — Judson Studios
Vital contributor to Los Angeles’ artistic development through the fine art of stained glass. — Map (db m130202) HM
44California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 181 — Lankershim Monument
[Panel #1] James B. Lankershim. Born Charleston, MO, March 24, 1850. Died Oct. 16, 1931. Commissioned Capt. Troop D Calvary 1st Brigade, N.G.O. Aug. 9, 1895 and Lieutenant Colonel N.G.O. July 21, 1903. [Panel #2] Near here . . . — Map (db m125561) HM
45California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 531 — Lummis HomeEl Alisal
Built by Charles F. Lummis, writer, editor, founder Southwest Museum. Declared Historic Cultural Monument No. 68. — Map (db m163698) HM
46California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 256 — Mack Sennett StudiosThis is the Birthplace of Motion Picture Comedy
[Upper Marker] This is the birthplace of motion picture comedy. Here the genius of Mack Sennett took root and grew to laughter heard around the world. Here movie history was made. Here stars were born. Here reigned, and still reigns . . . — Map (db m120327) HM
47California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 64 — Plaza ParkBirthplace of Los Angeles
Center of the pueblo’s original area of four square leagues. Declared Historic Cultural Monument No. 64 by the Cultural Heritage Board, Municipal Arts Department, City of Los Angeles. — Map (db m162538) HM
48California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 13 — Rocha Adobe
Built in 1865 by Don Antonio Jose Rocha on Rancho Rincon de los Bueyes. — Map (db m122321) HM
49California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 139 — Shrine Auditorium & Expo Center
A Shrine To Entertainment And Service When the original Shrine Auditorium opened in 1906, the movies that would make it internationally recognizable were in their infancy; the first dramatic film made entirely in Los Angeles was being . . . — Map (db m138639) HM
50California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 283 — Southwest Museum
The first museum in Los Angeles. Dedicated to the Native Peoples of the Southwest. Declared Historic-Cultural Monument No. 283. — Map (db m114691) HM
51California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 56 — Southwestern Law SchoolBullocks Wilshire
Los Angeles in the Art Deco Age Los Angeles leapt into the modern era on September 26, 1929. At nine o'clock that morning, the doors of Bullock's Wilshire opened to gasps of amazement. Here was the first department store in the country to be . . . — Map (db m120962) HM
52California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 17 — St. Vibiana’s Cathedral1876
Declared Historic Cultural Monument No.17 by the Cultural Heritage Board, Municipal Arts Department, City of Los Angeles. — Map (db m164552) HM
53California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 763 — Studio Theatre at St. Denis Building
Birthplace of Modern Dance in Los Angeles. Built 1945. Declared 2003. — Map (db m163632) HM
54California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 543 — The History of Gilmore Oil Company 1900-1945Dairy Farm to Oil Field
1872: Arthur Fremont Gilmore leaves Millersburg, Illinois and heads west to seek his fortune in California. He soon forms a partnership with Julius Carter and the two go into the dairy business in Compton, California. 1880: A.F. Gilmore . . . — Map (db m130531) HM
55California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — The Lindbergh BeaconLos Angeles City Hall
The beacon on top of the Los Angeles City Hall was turned on by President Calvin Coolidge from the White House during the city hall dedication ceremonies April 26, 1928. The light was gratefully dedicated to Charles A. Lindbergh for his contribution . . . — Map (db m117175) HM
56California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 536 — The Oldest University Building in Southern California
Dedicated on September 4, 1880, this original building of the University of Southern California has been continuously in use for educational purposes since its doors were first opened to students on October 6, 1880, by the university's first . . . — Map (db m126924) HM
57California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 255 — The Original Pantry Cafe
The Original Pantry, opened in 1924, moved to present location in 1950. Never closed since opening. — Map (db m140667) HM
58California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 44 — The Trans-Polar Air Route
Presented to the City of Los Angeles in commemoration of the inauguration of the trans-polar air route directly connecting the city of Los Angeles with the European continent by Scandinavian Airlines System, November 15, 1954. — Map (db m140228) HM
59California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 522 — Tongva SpringsWounded Deer Springs — Serra Springs —
The National Society Sons of the American Colonists California State Society Los Angeles, John Borton Chapter Bicentennial marking 1976 Marked this day March 20 1976, as a California Historical Spanish Colonial Landmark “In 1776 Portola . . . — Map (db m122157) HM
60California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 101 — Union Station1939
Built in Spanish-Colonial style on an Indian village and later Chinese town site by Southern Pacific, Santa Fe and Union Pacific railroads. Declared Historic Cultural Monument No.101 by the Cultural Heritage Board, Municipal Arts . . . — Map (db m164664) HM
61California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Universal City Overlook
The Entertainment Capital In 1912, Carl Laemmle bought a 230-acre chicken ranch and started Universal Studios. He kept the chickens just in case the movie business failed. He could not foresee that Los Angeles would become the world's . . . — Map (db m129933) HM
62California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 65 — Valley Knudsen Garden ResidenceHeritage Square
A 19th Century Mansard Style "Petite Chateau" - A gracious reminder of French influence in Los Angeles. — Map (db m117244) HM
63California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 162 — William Mulholland Memorial Fountain
Designer - Walter S. Claberg. Built 1940. Declared 1976, Historic-Cultural Monument No. 162, City of Los Angeles, Cultural Heritage Commission, Cultural Affairs Department. — Map (db m164812) HM
64California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 728 — Woody Guthrie
Woodrow Wilson (“Woody") Guthrie (1912-1967), composer of "This Land is Your Land,” arrived in Los Angeles in 1937 along with thousands of other migrant workers and families from the "Dust Bowl” region. Guthrie hosted a popular . . . — Map (db m131321) HM
65California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 106 — York Junction
Intersection of York & Figueroa York Junction is the name given to the intersection of York Boulevard and North Figueroa Street and the area surrounding it. The name "York Junction" is derived from a streetcar line stop, which . . . — Map (db m146881) HM
66California (Los Angeles County), Mission Hills — Andres Pico Adobe
Spanish-Mexican Period Declared Historic Cultural Monument No. 7 by the Cultural Heritage Board Municipal Art Department City Of Los AngelesMap (db m165325) HM
67California (Los Angeles County), Mission Hills — Mission San Fernando Rey de España
1. Historical Museum The museum exhibits a pictorial history of the mission, pottery, santos, trade and commerce items, together with an extensive collection of early mission baskets given by Marie and Mark Harrington. 2. . . . — Map (db m114714)
68California (Los Angeles County), Mission Hills — 157 — San Fernando Mission
Founded in 1797 by Father Fermin Francisco Lasuen We honor those men of faith, courage and vision who guided the founding of the mission and also those who have preserved it for posterity. — Map (db m130662) HM
69California (Los Angeles County), North Hollywood — 883 — Weddington Family
A Founding Family in a Fledgling Town The cold winters and the hard work of Iowa farm life once drove hundreds of thousands of "Hawkeyes" to California. One of them was named Wilson C. Weddington. He came here in 1890 to visit his . . . — Map (db m163643) HM
70California (Los Angeles County), Northridge — 782 — El EncantoBlack Hawk Ranch
Rural Vernacular Style. Henry F. Withey, Architect. Built 1941. Converted 1946. Declared 2004, Historic-Cultural Monument No. 782, City Of Los Angeles, Cultural Heritage Commission. — Map (db m131226) HM WM
71California (Los Angeles County), Northridge — 484 — The Oakridge Estate ParkDedicated to the Citizens of Los Angeles in 2018 — Council District 12 —
This historic 8-acre site was once part of Marwyck Ranch, a famous 130-acre Thoroughbred breeding farm, co-owned by actors Barbara Stanwyck and Zeppo Marx. The mansion visible atop the hill was built for Stanwyck in 1937. Comedian Jack Oakie . . . — Map (db m151044) HM
72California (Los Angeles County), Reseda — 629 — Adams Residence
Modern Style. Architect — Lloyd Wright. Built 1939. Declared 1996. — Map (db m130146) HM
73California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — 894 — S.S. Catalina
Commonly referred to as the Great White Steamer, the ship was specially built by William Wrigley to serve his Catalina Island as a passenger ferry. She was christened on May 23, 1924. During World War II, she was requisitioned for use as a troop . . . — Map (db m113426) HM
74California (Los Angeles County), Sherman Oaks — 828 — Harry J. Wolff House
Modern Style. R.M. Schindler, Architect. Built 1938. Declared 2005, Historic Cultural Monument No. 828, City of Los Angeles, Cultural Heritage Commission. — Map (db m164228) HM
75California (Los Angeles County), Studio City — 151 — Campo de CahuengaOriginal Adobe
Beneath this park rest the stone foundations and floor tiles of the historic adobe where Mexican General Andres Pico and U.S. Lieutenant Colonel John C. Fremont signed the Treaty of Cahuenga on January 13, 1847. Signing the Treaty ended the . . . — Map (db m126025) HM
76California (Los Angeles County), Studio City — 917 — Roland E. Hill House
Roland E. Hill, Architect of Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle, built this home for his parents. Built 1926. Declared 2008, Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument No. 917, Cultural Heritage Commission, City of Los Angeles. — Map (db m164141) HM
77California (Los Angeles County), Sylmar — Mission Wells
Settling Basin built by San Fernando Mission Indians about 1800. Mission water supply came from these wells. — Map (db m111907) HM
78California (Los Angeles County), Sylmar — 753 — The San Fernando Pioneer Memorial Cemetery
This Cemetery, earlier known as Morningside Cemetery, is the oldest non-sectarian cemetery in San Fernando Valley. It was used from the early 1800's until 1939. It was legally abandoned in 1959. In this same year Mrs. Nellis S. Noble donated the . . . — Map (db m157885) HM
79California (Los Angeles County), Tujunga — 2 — Bolton Hall
Bolton Hall, 1913. Declared Historic Cultural Monument No.2 by the Cultural Heritage Board, Municipal Art Department, City of Los Angeles. — Map (db m163740) HM
80California (Los Angeles County), Tujunga — 63 — McGroarty Home
Honoring John Steven McGroarty, Poet Laureate of California, 1933-1944. Author of The Mission Play. — Map (db m129775) HM
81California (Los Angeles County), Tujunga — 1039 — Tuna Canyon Detention Station
World War II confinement site. — Map (db m116189) WM
82California (Los Angeles County), Van Nuys — 203 — The Baird House
Built in 1921 by Robert J. Baird, owner of a pioneering gardening business specializing in fruit and walnut trees. The Baird House was declared Los Angeles Historical Monument Number 203 in 1978. — Map (db m127624) HM
83California (Los Angeles County), Van Nuys — 911 — Van Nuys Library
Los Angeles Public Library, Van Nuys branch, built 1926. This property was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 19, 1987, and added to the list of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments on April 15, 2008. — Map (db m163953) HM
84California (Los Angeles County), Watts — 993 — Watts TowersNational Historic Landmark — [Watts Towers of Simon Rodia State Historic Park] —
Panel 1: Watts Towers California Historical Landmark No. 993 Panel 2: Unconventional Life, Unconventional Art Simon Rodia has been referred to as a visionary and a man of great passion. A self-taught laborer from . . . — Map (db m51953) HM
85California (Los Angeles County), West Hills — 9 — Shadow Ranch
Shadow Ranch, 1869 - 1872. Declared Historic Cultural Monument No. 9 by the Cultural Heritage Board, Municipal Art Department, City of Los Angeles. — Map (db m163864) HM
86California (Los Angeles County), Wilmington — 21 — Officers' Quarters, Drum Barracks, 1862-1868"Drum Barracks, Civil War Period"
Panel 1: Officers’ Quarters 1862 * Drum Barracks * 1868 Supply Depot, Department of the Southwest, U.S. Army. In memory of the historic past of this building and the importance of its association with early American history . . . — Map (db m52631) HM
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