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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Austin TX 78701

1928 Granite Water Fountain Marker Area image, Touch for more information
By Larry D. Moore, October 27, 2018
1928 Granite Water Fountain Marker Area
1Texas (Travis County), Austin — 1928 Granite Water Fountain
Installed in 1928 over the artesian well, this granite water fountain replaced the circa 1903 cast-iron fountain that once stood east of the Great Walk. Eight spigots on the granite fountain provided abundant access to the mineralized well water, . . . Map (db m112201) HM
2Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6425 — 1933 Austin Public Library
Overlooking one of the city's four public squares platted in 1893, this site was obtained from the Texas Legislature in 1913 for a public library. Completed in 1933, this building represents the most prominent public work of Austin native Hugo . . . Map (db m25757) HM
3Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12238 — Addcox House
Built in 1935 for Mary Susie Sheedy, this house changed hands three times before being purchased by University of Texas electrician Charles J. Addcox and his wife, Addie Lee, a homemaker and nursery school operator, in 1944. It became known as the . . . Map (db m25742) HM
4Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13929 — African Americans in the Texas Revolution
Many African Americans, free and slave, supported Texas during its 1835-36 war of independence from Mexico. Although official recognition of the African American role was generally denied, recorded accounts of individual acts of bravery and . . . Map (db m25746) HM
5Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15108 — All Saints’ Episcopal Church
This edifice stands on the mid-1840s land grant of former Republic of Texas President Mirabeau B. Lamar, and near the official residence of the second Bishop of the Diocese of Texas, the Rt. Rev. George Herbert Kinsolving (1849-1928). Aided by the . . . Map (db m25747) HM
6Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14948 — Andrew Jackson HamiltonJanuary 28, 1815 – April 11, 1875
A native of Alabama, Andrew Jackson Hamilton moved his family to Texas in the 1840s. He served as State Attorney General and as a member of the State Legislature before being elected to the U.S. Congress in 1859. An opponent of secession, he left . . . Map (db m25682) HM
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7Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15335 — Andrew Jackson Zilker
Voted Austin's most worthy citizen twice, Indiana native Andrew Jackson Zilker (1858-1934) grew up with a strong respect for the laborers along the Ohio River. He came to Austin penniless in 1876 but quickly became a businessman and bank director. . . . Map (db m25697) HM
8Texas (Travis County), Austin — Angelina Eberly Statue
In 1842 Texas was an independent nation, and Austin was its capital, Sam Houston, the president of the Republic of Texas, regarded Austin as a vulnerable and unsuitable location for the seat of government and waged an unsuccessful campaign to have . . . Map (db m187095) HM
9Texas (Travis County), Austin — Artesian Well and East Drinking Fountain
The artesian well completed at this site in 1889 furnished an ample and inexpensive water supply for the new Capitol. At a depth of about 1,550 feet, natural pressure forced water from the Trinity aquifer to the surface. The powerful flow of . . . Map (db m112205) HM
10Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6442 — Ashford McGill HouseZilker Park Refectory
Originally built in the 1870s for Austin pioneer Ashford McGill, this native limestone structure and the surrounding property were purchased by Andrew J. Zilker who conveyed the land to the city for a park in 1931. Remodeled by the Federal Civil . . . Map (db m25701) HM
11Texas (Travis County), Austin — Austin City Limits
The longest-running music series in American television history, ACL recorded its first program with Willie Nelson in October 1974 at KLRU-TV at the University of Texas. Showcasing roots music, legends and innovative popular music from every . . . Map (db m130206) HM
12Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15360 — Austin High SchoolJohn T. Allan Campus
An ornate, red brick building at this site served as the first structure in town built for the public high school, founded in 1881. Construction of the facility was hastened when classrooms in the former temporary State Capitol at 11th and . . . Map (db m25753) HM
13Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6416 — Austin High SchoolRio Grande Campus
In Edwin Waller’s 1839 plan for the City of Austin, two blocks were set aside for schools at Rio Grande and 12th Street, then called College Avenue. The Austin School Board in 1881 authorized the use of existing school facilities on the south . . . Map (db m25755) HM
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14Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6449 — Austin High SchoolA Centennial of Public High School Education
Tax supported, locally controlled secondary education began in Austin in 1881 with the establishment of a high school department in the city school district. Plans for implementing the program were developed under the leadership of school board . . . Map (db m25705) HM
15Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12743 — Austin Presbyterian Theological SeminaryAmerican Presbyterian and Reformed Historical Site
This seminary had its origins in the Austin School of Theology, begun in 1884 by the Rev. Dr. Richmond Kelley Smoot and the Rev. Dr. Robert Lewis Dabney to provide training for candidates for the Presbyterian ministry whom the founders hoped would . . . Map (db m158889) HM
16Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12757 — Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Campus
The Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary held its first classes in a donated building at 9th and Navasota. President T.R. Sampson, hoping to create a strong association between the seminary and the University of Texas, promoted the relocation . . . Map (db m121809) HM
17Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15648 — Austin State Hospital
While Texas was a frontier state and psychiatry a pioneer venture, the Texas Legislature in 1856 created this hospital for the mentally ill; in 1925, named Austin State Hospital. Oldest Texas mental hospital. Construction began in 1857. The . . . Map (db m25758) HM
18Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6430 — Austin Woman’s Club
Begun as family residence by Mrs. Catherine North in 1874. Completed in style of French Chateau by Austin banker, Maj. Ira Evans, 1892. Bought by charter members, A.W.C., 1929. Remodeled, using 19th century materials. Recorded Texas . . . Map (db m25759) HM
19Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12690 — Austin, C.S.A.
An active place during the Civil War, Austin was the site of the Secession Convention, March 2, 1861, and legislative sessions which lasted until June 1865. City visitors during the early 1860s included lobbyists, cotton speculators, military . . . Map (db m152123) HM
20Texas (Travis County), Austin — Austin's Moonlight Towers
This is on of 31 original moonlight towers installed in Austin in 1895. Seventeen remain. Each tower illuminated a circle of 3000 feet using 6 carbon arc lamps (now mercury vapor). Austin's tower lights are the sole survivor of this once-popular, . . . Map (db m186872) HM
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21Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6424 — Austin's Moonlight Towers
City of Austin Marker: This is one of 31 original moonlight towers installed in Austin in 1895. Seventeen remain. Each tower illuminated a circle of 3000 feet using 6 carbon arc lamps (now mercury vapor). Austin's tower lights are the . . . Map (db m158890) HM
22Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15050 — Bailey Hardeman
A signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Secretary of the Treasury of the Republic. Born in Tennessee, 1795. Died on Caney Creek, Matagorda County October 12, 1836Map (db m25688) HM
23Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15620 — Barr Mansion
Built in 1898 for cotton merchant William Braxton Barr (1864-1902) and his wife, Matilda (Tilly) Birdwell (1868-1951), this home was designed by Austin architect Charles Page. Barr named the surrounding community after his grandfather Capt. . . . Map (db m25740) HM
24Texas (Travis County), Austin — Battles for Texas Independence from Mexico1836
Several notable individuals of African descent participated in the battles at the Alamo and San Jacinto in 1836. Joe, slave of William B. Travis, fought at the Alamo and survived. His account of the fighting is one of the most important Alamo . . . Map (db m162981) HM
25Texas (Travis County), Austin — Bicentennial Fountain1975-1996
Through a concurrent resolution in April 1975, the 64th Legislature accepted an ornamental water fountain as a gift to the people of Texas from the REALTORS® of Texas (Texas Association of REALTORS®) commemorating the Bicentennial of the Declaration . . . Map (db m206073) HM
26Texas (Travis County), Austin — Bicentennial Star1976-1996
The Austin Lawyers Auxiliary (previously known as the Austin Lawyers Wives' Club) dedicated a star-shaped landscape monument at this location in 1976 to commemorate the Bicentennial of the Declaration of Independence. The pink granite monument, . . . Map (db m206096) HM
27Texas (Travis County), Austin — Booker T. WashingtonWooldridge Square
The 1911 Speech at Wooldridge Square Booker T. Washington, famed educator and preeminent African American leader, toured Texas in 1911 to promote his ideas for African American advancement. Washington spoke with local residents and students . . . Map (db m205248) HM
28Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15416 — Brackenridge Hospital
When Edwin Waller surveyed the Austin townsite in 1839, he set aside this block, in what was then the northeast corner of the city, for a hospital. The site lay empty until 1884, when the City of Austin and Travis County jointly opened a 20-bed, . . . Map (db m25779) HM
29Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6453 — Brizendine House
This simple Vernacular Rough Ashlar house represents the life style of the late 19th century working middle class family in Austin. The exterior proportions of the structure reflect Victorian influence. Built of limestone about 1870 by John R. . . . Map (db m25780) HM
30Texas (Travis County), Austin — Cactus Theater521 E. Sixth Street
In the 1930's and 40's, the Cactus Theater was owned by legendary vaudeville performer Richard “Skinny” Pryor, and featured cowboy and Spanish language movies. His son, Cactus Pryor, would sell patrons their tickets, pop the popcorn, . . . Map (db m69750) HM
31Texas (Travis County), Austin — Cannons and Fountains
By the early 20th century, five cannons and two spraying fountains had been installed near the Great Walk. (1)Two, 24-pounder, howitzer cannons presented by Major General Thomas Jefferson Chambers to the Republic of Texas in 1836 were placed at the . . . Map (db m205596) HM
32Texas (Travis County), Austin — Capitol Fence
William Munro Johnson, hired in 1888 to plan the Capitol's landscaping, designed ornate iron fencing with a granite foundation to demarcate the perimeter of the grounds. The wrought- and cast-iron fencing, manufactured by Mast, Foos & Company of . . . Map (db m205598) HM
33Texas (Travis County), Austin — Capitol Greenhouses
Four greenhouses have stood on Capitol Square at different periods. Each was designed to cultivate various plants and flowers for use on the grounds of the Capitol, governor’s mansion and state cemetery and to provide potted plants and cut flowers . . . Map (db m205593) HM
34Texas (Travis County), Austin — Capitol Grounds Design
Soon after completion of the Capitol in May 1888, the Capitol Board hired prominent Dallas civil engineer, William Munro Johnson, to design the landscaping of the grounds. His plan called for symmetrical, but curving, stone-edged carriage drives. An . . . Map (db m205599) HM
35Texas (Travis County), Austin — Capitol of 1852-53
Constructed in 1852-53 at an approximate cost of $150,000, this three-story limestone structure was the second Capitol in Austin, but the first statehouse to be built on Capitol Square. Situated within the 56-square-block townsite surveyed by Edwin . . . Map (db m205597) HM
36Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15300 — Capt. and Mrs. Chauncey Johnson
Here sleep Capt. and Mrs. Chauncey Johnson. Capt. Johnson was born in Burlington, Vermont May 1, 1798. Served in the War of 1812. Came to Texas in 1840. Captured by General Adrian Woll at San Antonio, September 11, 1842 and imprisoned in Mexico. . . . Map (db m25696) HM
37Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14871 — Captain Andrew Briscoe
Born in Mississippi November 25, 1810. Came to Texas in 1833. A volunteer in the Army at Anahuac, 1835. Commanded a company at the Capture of San Antonio, 1835. Signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. Commanded a company at San Jacinto. . . . Map (db m25676) HM
38Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6423 — Carrington-Covert House
Leonidas D. Carrington (1816-97) and his wife, Martha Hill Carrington (1824-59), came to Austin from Mississippi in 1852. He began to accumulate real estate and on Sept. 15, 1853, bought this block from James M.W. Hall, Austin hotelman, and ten . . . Map (db m25792) HM
39Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13210 — Cementerio Mexicano de Maria de la Luz
Tradition holds that a family passing through the area in 1912 buried a child, Maria de la Luz, at this site. In August of that year, A. Donley, A.C. Rodriguez and S. Galvan bought the land for use as a Mexican cemetery. In the 1940s, a fire set . . . Map (db m25797) HM
40Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6417 — Central Christian Church
In 1847, eight years after the City of Austin was platted, ten members of the Disciples of Christ Brotherhood met to organize this congregation. Although early records of the church are scarce, it is known that regular worship services were being . . . Map (db m25798) HM
41Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13928 — Central Presbyterian Church
This congregation traces its roots to October 13, 1839, when Austin’s first Presbyterian worship service was held at Bullock’s Hotel. Present that day was builder Abner Cook, elder in the first Presbyterian church organized in Austin. He helped . . . Map (db m25633) HM
42Texas (Travis County), Austin — Cisterns
The cistern located below this site is one of two underground brick reservoirs built to store rainwater for use in the Capitol. Although by 1889 an artesian well was supplying an abundance of highly mineralized water, the two cisterns continued . . . Map (db m112203) HM
43Texas (Travis County), Austin — Civil War, Emancipation and Juneteenth1861-1865
On the eve of the Civil War, the number of enslaved people in Texas totaled 30 percent of the state's population. This number continued to grow as slaveholders from other areas of the Confederacy came to Texas as refugees to escape the fighting . . . Map (db m162926) HM
44Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14916 — Claudia Taylor Johnson HallThe University of Texas System
Constructed during the period 1912-1914. This building was the seventh United States post office location in Austin, Texas. The supervising architect for the Neoclassical Revival style structure was James Knox Taylor of the U.S. Treasury . . . Map (db m26000) HM
45Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15334 — Col. Lewis Miles Hobbs WashingtonDec. 2, 1813 - Feb. 1857
Georgia native Lewis Washington came to Texas about 1835 and joined the revolutionary forces at San Antonio. A member of Col. Fannin’s staff, he served with the Georgia battalion at Refugio and Goliad. He was appointed to an office in Sam . . . Map (db m26725) HM
46Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12685 — Confederate Texas Legislatures
When Texas seceded, Feb. 1, 1861, the 8th Legislature was in Austin in a called session, adjourned Feb. 9. On March 18, the 8th came back for a second called session; the 9th and 10th Legislatures in turn were harassed with problems of the . . . Map (db m26644) HM
47Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14389 — Congress Avenue
In his original 1839 plan for the capital city, Edwin Waller, signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence and Austin’s first Mayor, designed Congress Avenue as Austin’s most prominent street. Known for many years as “The Avenue”, . . . Map (db m101557) HM
48Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6454 — Daniel H. Caswell House
Daniel H. Caswell came to Austin from Nashville, Tennessee, about 1895. He purchased a cotton oil manufacturing company, bought and sold cotton, and in 1899 built a cotton gin. When completed for his family in 1900, this house was located in the . . . Map (db m25796) HM
49Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14473 — Daniel Shipman
Participated in the disturbance at Anahuac June, 1832 and the storming and capture of Bexar, December 5 to 10, 1835. Born in North Carolina February 20, 1801. Died in Goliad County, Texas March 4, 1881. Eliza Hancock Shipman Wife of Daniel . . . Map (db m25666) HM
50Texas (Travis County), Austin — 16195 — Davis Cemetery
George W. Davis (ca. 1809-1884), his wife Emiline P. Moore Davis (1810-1872) and family arrived in Texas in 1835. George served in Captain Mosely Baker’s company at the Battle of San Jacinto while Emiline spent six weeks with the children on the . . . Map (db m26778) HM
51Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14668 — Denny-Holliday House
This structure originated as a one-story limestone dwelling. Built between 1869 and 1871 by Charles Denny. Mrs. N.L. Holliday, a widow with six children, purchased the house in 1898 and added the second floor in 1906. The residence was later . . . Map (db m25669) HM
52Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14420 — Diocese of Austin
In 1947, the Catholic leaders of the San Antonio, Galveston and Dallas Dioceses voted to surrender counties within their Ecclesiastical jurisdiction to create the Diocese of Austin. This move led to the raising of St. Mary Church in Austin to a . . . Map (db m166622) HM
53Texas (Travis County), Austin — Disabled American Veterans of Texas Monument
Dedicated to the Memory of the Disabled American Veterans of Texas They Offered Their Lives for the Nation and Received Each for His Own Memory the Noblest of Shrines Not the Graves in Which Their Mortal Bones Are Buried . . . Map (db m206087) WM
54Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14888 — Dr. George Moffit Patrick
A volunteer at Anahuac, 1832. Member of the Consultation, 1835. Commander of the schooner “Flash”, 1836. Most Worshipful Grand Master Grand (Masonic) Lodge of Texas, 1848-49. Born in Virginia, September 30, 1801. Died in Grimes County, . . . Map (db m44241) HM
55Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13931 — Driskill Hotel
Built 1885-86 by Col. Jesse L. Driskill (1824-1890), cattle king who moved to Austin in 1869. Brick dressed with limestone. Had three grand entrances – one the largest arched doorway in Texas. “Ladies’ Entrance” was on northeast, . . . Map (db m25634) HM
56Texas (Travis County), Austin — 17293 — Edward Clark House Outbuilding
Edward Clark (Lt. Governor 1859-1861; Governor 1861) purchased four lots, including this property, in 1856. This brick structure likely served as an outbuilding, and possibly as slave quarters, during the period Clark lived in the adjacent home . . . Map (db m150065) HM
57Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15042 — Elvira T. Manor Davis House
Elvira T. Manor Davis (1841-1918) was reared in east Travis County near present-day Manor, Texas. Named for her father, she married Blackstone H. Davis whose family owned quarry, supplied stone for the 1853 Texas Capitol. Elvira widowed and the . . . Map (db m185799) HM
58Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6451 — Emma West Flats
After attorney Robert G. West (1860-1904) died, his widow Emma Grant West (1865-1952) had this structure built to provide rental income for support of their four children. Erected by contractors Fischer & Lambie in 1905, the brick edifice had one . . . Map (db m26766) HM
59Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14294 — F. Weigl Iron Works
Ironsmith Fortunat Weigl (1884-1973) migrated to Austin in 1913 from Germany with his wife Anna and sons F. Lee and Herbert. Work was scarce until 1917, when Weigl was commissioned by the noted local woodcarver Peter Mansbendel, who supplied a . . . Map (db m26728) HM
60Texas (Travis County), Austin — 16096 — First Capitol in Austin
The first capitol in Austin was erected on this site in 1839. Every president of the Republic of Texas performed some official act within its walls. Marked by the State of Texas in 1936Map (db m166289) HM
61Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13935 — First Classes of the University of Texas Law School
The University of Texas held its first classes in the temporary capitol at this site on Sept. 15, 1883. Fifty-two of the 218 original students were registered in the law department. They were taught by former Governor of Texas Oran M. Roberts . . . Map (db m25647) HM
62Texas (Travis County), Austin — First Contact and the Spanish Colonial Era1528-1820
The first recorded people of African descent arrived in Texas with Spanish explorers and settlers. Estevanico, a Moorish slave from Azamor, Morocco, arrived in Texas in 1528 with a party of Spanish explorers who were shipwrecked on the Gulf Coast . . . Map (db m162917) HM
63Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6418 — First United Methodist Church of Austin
In 1840, shortly after Austin was incorporated, the Rev. John Haynie (1786-1860), a Methodist circuit rider from the Mississippi Conference, led 14 members in forming this fellowship. They worshiped at temporary sites, including the Capitol . . . Map (db m25883) HM
64Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6452 — Fischer House
Prussian native Joseph Fischer (1826-1889) constructed this home for his family in 1882 with the help of his son Francis. Skilled stonemasons, Joseph and Francis Fischer developed one of Austin’s leading masonry contracting businesses and worked . . . Map (db m25706) HM
65Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14828 — French Legation
Erected in the year 1841 by Conte Alphonse Dubois de Saligny, Charge D’Affaires for King Louis Philippe of France, to the Texas Republic. He lived here 1841-1842. House constructed of Bastrop pine, in Louisiana Bayou style. Furnishings . . . Map (db m201862) HM
66Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15113 — Gen. George W. Terrell
Born in Kentucky 1803. Came to Texas in 1840 from Mississippi. Associate Justice, Supreme Court, 1840. Secretary of State, 1841. Attorney General, 1841-42. Charge d'affairs of the Republic of Texas to England, France and Spain 1844-45. Died in . . . Map (db m25693) HM
67Texas (Travis County), Austin — General James Earl Rudder1910 – 1970
General James Earl Rudder, born May 6, 1910, served his state and country in a variety of positions. The rancher and businessman served as mayor of Brady from 1946 to 1952. General Rudder personally led his regiment up Pointe du Hoc overlooking . . . Map (db m194817) HM
68Texas (Travis County), Austin — General Land Office Building of 1856-57
The General Land Office building, constructed in the 1850s, housed the agency responsible for administering the state’s vast landholdings. Designed by German architect and Land Office draftsman Christoph Conrad Stremme, it is the oldest . . . Map (db m111951) HM
69Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14984 — General Moseley Baker
Commanded Co. D., First Regiment of Texas Volunteers at San Jacinto. A member of 1st and 3rd Congresses of the Republic and later a Brigadier General of Militia. Born in Virginia Sept. 20, 1802. Died in Houston, Texas Nov. 4, 1848. His wife Eliza . . . Map (db m25765) HM
70Texas (Travis County), Austin — 2162 — George W. Sampson Home
Former Confederate Army Captain and leading Austin merchant George W. Sampson (1825-88) married Mary Goodwin Hall (b. 1845), niece of Gov. Edmund J. Davis. Their wedding in 1872 was the first held in the Governor’s Mansion. In 1875 the Sampsons . . . Map (db m26497) HM
71Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15632 — Gerhard-Schoch House
Merchant Philip Henry Gerhard (1850-1906) and wife Lena had this house built by contractor Herman S. Love in 1887. It was said to be first 2-story brick veneer home in Austin; it was enlarged in 1891. The Gerhards’ daughter Clara and her husband, . . . Map (db m25889) HM
72Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12732 — German Free School
German Free School Education was a primary concern for the new German immigrants who arrived in Texas in the 1840s and 1850s. Although Texas did not have a system of free public education at that time, it did offer subsidies for students attending . . . Map (db m25890) HM
73Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14770 — Gethsemane Church
The first Lutheran church in Travis County. Organized Dec. 12, 1868, by Swedish pioneers under leadership of Swante Palm. Site of first church building was 11 blocks SW; this structure was erected in 1883. It contains stone hauled in . . . Map (db m25891) HM
74Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14373 — Gilfillan House
This residence was constructed in 1905 for William L. Gilfillan (d.1932), one of the founders and directors of the Austin National Bank. Designed by the prominent Austin architect Charles H. Page, Jr., the two-story brick home reflects a mixture . . . Map (db m25893) HM
75Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6438 — Goodman Building
Probably constructed in the early 1890s, this commercial building is noted for its decorative brickwork and iron railing. Built for grocer Joseph Goodman, the main floor served as his store until 1924. The upper floor was used from 1892 until . . . Map (db m25700) HM
76Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15101 — Governor Andrew Jackson HamiltonThe First Republican Governor of Texas
Nicknamed “Colossal Jack” because of his imposing stature and his oratorical skill, A.J. Hamilton was born in Alabama. He migrated to Texas about 1846. A lawyer, he served as acting Attorney General of Texas in 1850. His residence once . . . Map (db m25965) HM
77Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13934 — Governor Edmund Jackson DavisOctober 2, 1827 – February 7, 1883
Born in Florida, E.J. Davis became a lawyer and judge after moving to Texas. During the Civil War (1861-65), he commanded a regiment of Texas Unionists and rose to the rank of Brigadier General. During the Reconstruction era, Davis led the . . . Map (db m25824) HM
78Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14643 — Governor Elisha Marshall Pease
In 1835 E.M. Pease migrated to Texas from his native Connecticut. He joined the Texian forces at the Battle of Gonzales, Oct. 2, 1835, which initiated the Texas War for Independence. In the early days of the Republic, he worked as a government . . . Map (db m26210) HM
79Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14797 — Governor James Edward Ferguson August 31, 1871 -September 21, 1944Governor Miriam A. Ferguson June 13, 1875 - June 25, 1961
James Ferguson, son of a Methodist preacher, and Miriam Wallace, daughter of a wealthy farmer, were Bell County natives. They married in 1899 and later settled with their two daughters in Temple. James, running as “Farmer Jim”, won the . . . Map (db m25874) HM
80Texas (Travis County), Austin — 16353 — Granger House and The Perch
Austin architect Charles Granger (1913-1966) designed the two-story garage and apartment structure at the rear of this lot in 1938. “The Perch” features a stucco façade and a continuous band of unadorned steel windows, and is a rare Austin example . . . Map (db m201896) HM
81Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6444 — Green Pastures
This Victorian home, located on the 1835 Isaac Decker Grant, was built in 1894-95 by Dr. E. W. Herndon and sold in 1912 to Judge W. W. Burnett. It became the residence in 1916 of lawyer Henry Faulk (1867-1939), his wife Martha (Miner) (1878-1957), . . . Map (db m25702) HM
82Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14554 — Grinninger Fence
First known use of barbed wire in Texas (1857), by John Grinninger, immigrant from Europe, worker in an early Austin iron foundry. Grinninger, who lived on Waller Creek (NE of here) grew fruit, vegetables and flowers. To protect garden, he ran . . . Map (db m25896) HM
83Texas (Travis County), Austin — Grotto and Lagoon
In conjunction with the City Beautiful Movement that swept the country during the early 20th century, the Austin Daily Statesman in 1904 proclaimed, "It is now possible to make luxurious scenery out of a barren waste, and transform a piece of ground . . . Map (db m206077) HM
84Texas (Travis County), Austin — 16288 — H&TC and I&GN Depots
On December 25, 1871, the first train into Austin rolled over Waller Creek, bringing with it hope, prosperity and progress. The Houston and Texas Central (H&TC) Railroad made Austin its westernmost terminus in the state and the most prominent . . . Map (db m167371) HM
85Texas (Travis County), Austin — Heman Marion Sweatt1912-1982
Despite outstanding academic credentials, Heman Marion Sweatt, a black man, was denied admission to the University of Texas School of Law in February 1946 because of his race. In May 1946, Mr. Sweatt challenged the university's segregationist . . . Map (db m130372) HM
86Texas (Travis County), Austin — Heman Sweatt CampusDedicated April 15, 1988 in tribute to Heman Marion Sweatt 1912-1982 — The University of Texas at Austin —
By action of the University of Texas System Board of Regents on August 13, 1987, the historic "Little Campus" of the University of Texas at Austin was renamed the "Heman Sweatt Campus" in honor of Heman Marion Sweatt, a civil rights pioneer. A . . . Map (db m157544) HM
87Texas (Travis County), Austin — Hendrick Arnold and Samuel McCulloch, Jr.
Hendrick Arnold and Samuel McCulloch, Jr. played important roles in the Texas Revolution and the formation of the Republic of Texas. After Texas became independent, both were considered free Blacks, but they were placed under severe legal . . . Map (db m163014) HM
88Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12736 — Henry H. and Bertha Sterzing Ziller House
Henry (1853-1924) and Bertha (1857-1900) Ziller, both members of families who came to the Austin area from Germany, married in 1876 and purchased this property in 1881. Records indicate that a residence, built about 1877, already existed on the . . . Map (db m26774) HM
89Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15055 — Henry Smith
Henry Smith (1788-1851) immersed himself in public affairs soon after arriving in Texas in 1827. Initially a local political leader in what is now Brazoria County, he was appointed in 1835 as a delegate to the San Felipe Consultation, which met to . . . Map (db m26540) HM
90Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6459 — Herblin – Shoe House
Built in 1899-1900 by local contractor John Allen Greathouse for the William H. Herblin family. This house was located in the neighborhood known as “Quality Hill”, construction costs totaled $2,500. The William B. Shoe family purchased . . . Map (db m25709) HM
91Texas (Travis County), Austin — Heroes of the Alamo1836
Inscriptions around monument "I Shall Never Surrender or Retreat" "God and Texas, Victory or Death" "Thermopylae Had Her Messenger Of Defeat, The Alamo Had None" 1st Panel W.B. TravisAllen R. • Anderson • . . . Map (db m205701) WM
92Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6440 — Hirshfeld House
Henry Hirshfeld (1834-1911), a native of Germany, was a prominent Austin merchant and a leader in the city’s Jewish community. In 1873 he and his wife Jennie (Melasky) built a one-story limestone cottage on the lot west of this site. Because of . . . Map (db m25971) HM
93Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14765 — Hofheintz-Reissig Store
Built between 1850 and 1875 for German immigrant Henry Hofheintz (1822-1880), this structure served as a grocery and dry goods store for nearly 100 years. Built later was the one-story addition, which was used as a saloon and a residence. . . . Map (db m166674) HM
94Texas (Travis County), Austin — Hood’s Texas Brigade Monument
Hood’s Texas Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia, Confederate States of America, 1861-1865. First Texas Regiment, Fourth Texas Regiment, Fifth Texas Regiment, Eighteenth Georgia Regiment, Third Arkansas Regiment, Hampton’s South Carolina Legion. . . . Map (db m96262) WM
95Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14733 — Hotel Provident and Heierman Building
Built in 1887, apparently as a hotel, for Tom Smith. Contractor was Austin Mayor Joseph Nalle. The “Hotel Provident” operated under various names until the 1920s. In conjunction with the hotel, the lower floor housed numerous . . . Map (db m25979) HM
96Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6457 — Hugh B. Hancock House
Built in 1886, this house was originally located on 7th Street in the Robertson Hill area of East Austin. It was constructed for Hugh B. Hancock, a successful black businessman of the city. In 1904 it was sold to German native Charles Frederick . . . Map (db m25966) HM
97Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6429 — Ira Hobart Evans(April 11, 1844 - April 19, 1922)
Born in New Hampshire, Ira H. Evans grew up in Vermont. During the Civil War he served in the Union Army, attaining the rank of Major. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor and in 1865 was a member of the Honor Guard for the funeral of . . . Map (db m43652) HM
98Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14635 — J. L. Buaas Building
Norwegian immigrant John L. Buaas moved to Austin in 1839 and in 1872 was appointed city alderman by Reconstruction Governor E.J. Davis. In 1875 he built a mercantile store here. The two-story Italianate commercial structure was designed with two . . . Map (db m25781) HM
99Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6450 — J.P. Schneider Store
In the mid-1860s, shortly after the Civil War, Jacob Peter “Jake” Schneider (1852-1925) began working in William Brueggerhoff’s general mercantile store, and part-time as a legislative page in the Capitol. About 1870, he and his . . . Map (db m26498) HM
100Texas (Travis County), Austin — 16289 — J.W. and Cornelia Scarbrough House
This Italian Renaissance Revival-style home was designed in 1920 by architect Edwin C. Kreisle for the family of prominent Austin merchant John William Scarbrough. Scarbrough and his wife, Cornelia (Rice), resided in the home until their deaths in . . . Map (db m205242) HM

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