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Utah Pioneer Trails and Landmarks Association Historical Markers

Organized in 1937, the association erected more than a hundred historic monuments and markers from Nauvoo, IL to Utah and throughout the West.
Pipe Springs National Monument Marker image, Touch for more information
By Bill Kirchner, May 17, 2016
Pipe Springs National Monument Marker
1 Arizona, Coconino County, Fredonia — 29 — Pipe Springs National Monument
Fifteen miles southwest is historic “Pipe Springs” early pioneer outpost and first telegraph station in Arizona.Map (db m94921) HM
2 Arizona, Mohave County, Kaibab — 5 — Pipe Springs National Monument
Established May 31, 1923 Through effort of Stephen T. Mather and friends Pipe Springs Occupied in 1863 by Dr. James M. Whitmore, who, with Robert McIntyre, was killed 4 miles S.E. Of here January 3, 1866 by Navajo and Piute . . . Map (db m131296) HM
3 Arizona, Navajo County, Winslow — 46 — Brigham City Cemetery Reported missing
March 24, 1876, Mormon colonization in Arizona began here with the establishment of Ballanger's Camp, later Brigham City, by Lot Smith, Jesse O. Ballanger, George Lake, William C. Allen and others sent from Utah by Brigham Young. They also . . . Map (db m96974) HM
4 Arizona, Pinal County, Picacho — 71 — Mormon Battalion Trail
The Mormon Battalion of the U.S. Army camped here enroute to California December 17, 1846. During the war with Mexico, on the longest infantry march of record, they were first to unfurl the flag of the United States in Tucson. This marker . . . Map (db m92383) HM
5 Idaho, Bannock County, Downey — 119 — Captain Jefferson Hunt, Soldier, Pioneer, ChurchmanBorn January 20, 1804 in Kentucky - Died May 11, 1879 in Idaho
Charles Jefferson Hunt served in the Mormon Battalion as Captain of Company “A” and as assistant executive officer. In its historic march from Council Bluffs, Iowa to San Diego, California, 1846 - 47. His service won the commendation of . . . Map (db m48986) HM
6 Idaho, Bear Lake County, Paris — 73 — Charles Coulson Rich
In honor of Charles Coulson Rich 1809-1893 Pioneer builder of the west. Major-General of the Nauvoo Legion Alderman of the City of Nauvoo, in the time of Joseph Smith. Pioneer of Utah, 1847. Chairman of the first committee . . . Map (db m105849) HM
7 Idaho, Bingham County, Fort Hall — 11 — Fort HallAn Indian Trading Post
First habitation in this region was built by Nathaniel J. Wyeth on Snake River 14 miles west of this monument July 15, 1834 and named for Henry Hall, senior member of Wyeth's firm. The original stockade, 80 feet square was purchased by Hudson's . . . Map (db m124481) HM
8 Idaho, Bonneville County, Idaho Falls — 15 — Eagle Rock Crossing
Honoring builders of bridges and trails and pioneers who passed this way in the development of the West. The first wagon bridge over Snake River was erected here by James M. Taylor in 1865 replacing the ferry established on the . . . Map (db m152316) HM
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9 Idaho, Franklin County, Preston — 16 — The Battle of Bear River
The Battle of Bear River was fought in this vicinity January 29, 1863 Col. P.E. Connor, leading 300 California volunteers from Camp Douglas, Utah against Bannock and Shoshoni Indian guilty of hostile attacks on emigrants and settlers engaged about . . . Map (db m105787) HM
10 Idaho, Fremont County, St. Anthony — 40 — Fort Henry
was built in the fall of 1810 by Captain Andrew Henry and his companions of the Missouri Fur Company, about five miles below here on the left bank of this stream (Henry's Fork of Snake River), first buildings erected by Americans in the present . . . Map (db m108980) HM
11 Idaho, Lemhi County, Tendoy — 116 — The Salmon River MissionFort Lemhi
There are four plaques, one on each side, of this monument.) The Indian Mission Call: Issued by Brigham Young to 27 elders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) at Salt Lake City, April 6 1855. "Go into the . . . Map (db m123678) HM
12 Idaho, Madison County, Rexburg — 54 — In Honor of the Rexburg Stake Pioneers
Erected Sept. 28, 1935 In honor of the Rexburg Stake Pioneers The founders of Rexburg, March 11, 1883 Thomas E. Ricks• Henry Flamm • Francis C. Gunnell • Fred Smith• William F. Rigby • Daniel Walters • Thomas E. Ricks, Jr. • Lorenzo . . . Map (db m84344) HM
13 Idaho, Madison County, Rexburg — 70 — North Fork Ferry
No. 70 August 21, 1937 In honor of The Mormon Pioneers of Idaho Builders of North Fork Ferry The first ferry on Henry’s Fork of Snake River, was first operated near this spot March 26, 1883. It was constructed by Rexburg . . . Map (db m103903) HM
14 Nebraska, Dodge County, Fremont — 117 — Mormon Pioneer Trail
The Mormon Pioneer Trail from Nauvoo, Illinois to the Rocky Mountains passed here April 17, 1847. In this vicinity a military-type organization was formed with Brigham Young, Lieutenant General; Stephen Markham, Colonel; John Pack and Shadrach . . . Map (db m58566) HM
15 Nebraska, Douglas County, Florence, North Omaha — 130 — Mormon Pioneer Memorial Bridge
This Bridge is on the Mormon Pioneer Trail from Nauvoo, Illinois, to the Rocky Mountains. Driven from their homes by mobs, many of the dispossessed Mormon people crossed the Mississippi River on the ice in February, 1846. From these refugees five . . . Map (db m90469) HM
16 Nebraska, Lincoln County, North Platte — 80 — Mormon Pioneer Camp
Mormon pioneers enroute from winter quarters, (Omaha) to the valley of the Great Salt Lake, under the leadership of Brigham Young, camped near here May 11, 1847. While in this vicinity William Clayton made a distance-measuring device which when . . . Map (db m180898) HM
17 Nebraska, Morrill County, Bridgeport — 79 — Mormon Pioneer Camp
Brigham Young and his company of Mormon Pioneers camped about 1,000 feet west of this point May 24, 1847. They were enroute from Nauvoo, Illinois and Winter Quarters, Nebraska to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake, which they reached July 24, 1847. . . . Map (db m79387) HM
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18 New Mexico, Sandoval County, Santo Domingo Pueblo — 99 — The Mormon Battalion
The Mormon Battalion Council Bluffs, July 16, 1846 Fort Leavenworth, Aug. 2, 1846 Santa Fe, Oct. 9, 1846 San Diego, Jan 29, 1847 Erected June 16, 1940 [ Map of Mormon Battalion Route ] The Mormon Battalion, composed . . . Map (db m150860) HM
19 Utah, Beaver County, Beaver — 67 — Fort Cameron(Located 2 miles east)
Established as the post of Beaver, May 15, 1872, by the 8th U.S. Infantry, Major John D. Wilkins, commanding. The military reservation, declared May 12, 1873, comprised two and two-thirds square miles. The name was changed July 1, 1874, to Fort . . . Map (db m75575) HM
20 Utah, Beaver County, Beaver — 68 — Lee’s Ranch Indian Raid
Hostile Indians raided a small settlement in this vicinity Oct. 27, 1866, centering their attack on the house where Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Lee, their two daughters, and eight year old son, a young Miss Hall and Joseph Lillywhite were barricaded, fighting . . . Map (db m75616) HM
21 Utah, Box Elder County, Brigham City — 22 — Call's Fort
This monument marks the S.E. corner of fort built by Anson Call and associates in 1855 under direction of President Brigham Young as protection against Indians. The fort was the most northerly outpost in Utah. It was one hundred twenty feet . . . Map (db m152317) HM
22 Utah, Box Elder County, Brigham City — 69 — Erected in Honor of Brigham Young
In commemoration of the outstanding service he rendered the intermountain west as Patriot, Pioneer, Colonizer, Church leader, and Statesman on this plot of ground Aug 19th, 1877 he delivered his last public address when he organized the Box Elder . . . Map (db m152538) HM
23 Utah, Box Elder County, Honeyville — 10 — In Honor of James Bridger1804 - 1881 — Early Western Fur Trapper, Frontiersman, Scout and Guide —
To settle a wager among the trappers who were making their first winter rendezvous in Cache Valley, Bridger floated alone in a bull boat down Bear River to its outlet to determine the river's course in the late autumn or early winter of 1824, thus . . . Map (db m152315) HM
24 Utah, Cache County, Hyrum — 55 — The Great Fur Cache
To commemorate an important episode in the early history of the west and to honor the scouts and explorers of earlier days, this monument was erected. In this vicinity in the winter of 1825-26 a cache containing 75 bales of furs, mostly beaver, . . . Map (db m149775) HM
25 Utah, Cache County, Logan — 2 — Cache Valley
Known to the Indians as Willow Valley was renamed by fur trappers and traders in the winter of 1825-1826. James Bridger led the first trappers to a winter encampment near here in 1824 towards December 1825. William L. Sublette, in charge of Gen . . . Map (db m44438) HM
26 Utah, Cache County, Logan — 63 — Logan Community Center
Thirty feet east of this spot was built, in the winter of 1865-1866, under the leadership of Benget P. Woolfenstein, the first community center of the Logan Fifth Ward. Consisting of but one room, 16 by 20 feet. It served, nevertheless, as church . . . Map (db m154443) HM
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27 Utah, Cache County, Logan — 9 — The First Settlers of Logan
The first settlers of Logan encamped near this spot on the bank of the Little Logan early in May 1859 Heads of Families: John R Blanchard, Abraham Caldwell, Griffith Charles, Israel J. Clark, Ann Davis, William Dees, James Demino, Sidney Dibble, . . . Map (db m44437) HM
28 Utah, Cache County, Providence — 110 — Providence Pioneers
This marker honors the first settlers of Providence, who camped near here early in May 1859, and those who followed in the years 1860,1861,1862. Included in the groups who pioneered this section are the following families: Alder, Bowen, . . . Map (db m44477) HM
29 Utah, Davis County, Layton — 251 — Stage Coach Station
On this spot stood the Layton Stage Coach Station on the Utah Idaho Montana (Virginia City) trail. It was established in 1857 by Ben Holladay, and carried mail and passengers between Salt Lake and points north and west. Isaac Brown was the keeper. . . . Map (db m154484) HM
30 Utah, Iron County, Cedar City — 60 — Old Irontown
Established 1868 by Ebenezer Hanks and others who organized the Great Western Iron Manufacturing Co., a cooperative enterprise. Officers were E. Hanks, President, Homer Duncan, Vice President, Seth M. Blair, Secretary. 800 pounds of iron of good . . . Map (db m150259) HM
31 Utah, Iron County, Paragonah — 61 — Paragonah Fort
Paragonah was founded in 1852. Indian trouble caused abandonment a year later until 1855 when the pioneer fort was built. The site was selected and dedicated by President Brigham Young. The fort was 105 feet square with walls 3 feet thick at the . . . Map (db m59617) HM
32 Utah, Iron County, Parowan — 62 — Pioneer Sundial
Parowan was founded January 13, 1851 by settlers from northern communities under the leadership of George A. Smith. Among the early structures were a large liberty pole and a sundial. This marker designates the site of the community sundial . . . Map (db m59612) HM
33 Utah, Kane County, Kanab — 115 — Fort Kanab
On June 14, 1870 Levi Stewart, who had been called from Salt Lake County by President Brigham Young to head a group of pioneers in settling this area, brought a party with seven wagons from Pipe Springs, where they had camped temporarily, to Fort . . . Map (db m41252) HM
34 Utah, Kane County, Kanab — 21 — Jacob HamblinBorn April 2, 1819 Died August 21, 1886
The great Mormon frontiersman and Indian missionary settled in Tooele Valley, Utah in 1850 and began peaceful negotiations with the Red Men. He was so successful that the officials of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints sent him to . . . Map (db m41254) HM
35 Utah, Rich County, Garden City — 74 — Fur Traders Rendezvous
The Rocky Mountain Fur Company, headed by Milton G. Sublette, David E. Jackson and Jedediah S. Smith, conducted a fur trading rendezvous in this vicinity in June-July, 1827, taking 130 bales of beaver furs for shipment to St. Louis by pack train. . . . Map (db m66970) HM
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36 Utah, Salt Lake County, Bluffdale, Independence at the Point — 48 — Rockwell Station
About 1800 feet due west prominent on the overland stage and Pony Express route 1858 to 1868. Kept by Orrin Porter Rockwell. This monument was constructed of the stone from the old station.Map (db m150035) HM
37 Utah, Salt Lake County, Brighton, Holladay Cottonwood — 14 — The First Statewide Pioneer Day CelebrationWas held in this Basin July 23-24, 1857
Headed by Brigham Young, the company reaching here July 23d numbered 2,587 persons, with 464 carriages & wagons, 1,028 horses & mules, and 332 oxen & cows. A program of addresses, six brass bands, singing, athletic events, drills by six . . . Map (db m153210) HM
38 Utah, Salt Lake County, Copperton, Bingham Canyon — 114 — Bingham Canyon
Bingham Canyon was named for Erastus Bingham and sons, Sanford and Thomas, Utah Pioneers of 1847, who in 1848 took up grazing land in this vicinity, first for private herds and later as a community enterprise. They built a small cabin at the mouth . . . Map (db m35228) HM
39 Utah, Salt Lake County, East Milcreek — 64 — Pioneer Flour-Mill Site
445 feet west of this monument is the site of the pioneer flour mill erected in the spring of 1848 by John Neff, 1847 Pioneer, the burrs were bought by him at winter quarters from Brigham Young at whose request they were brought to Utah. The granite . . . Map (db m150269) HM
40 Utah, Salt Lake County, Herriman — 32 — Fort Herriman
This monument marks the site of Fort Herriman built in 1855 by Thomas Butterfield, Henry Herriman, Samuel Egbert, Robert Petty, and John Stocking, as protection against the Indians. The Fort was abandoned in 1858, under instructions from . . . Map (db m35032) HM
41 Utah, Salt Lake County, Midvale — 109 — Union Fort
Early in 1849 the Pioneers of Union settled 1½ miles South-East of here, water, grass, wood and clay were abundant, Silas Richards first Bishop and school teacher arrived November 4, 1949. In 1853-54 Union Fort was built on ten acres donated by . . . Map (db m150037) HM
42 Utah, Salt Lake County, Millcreek — 57 — Gardner's Saw Mill
Was erected by Robert Gardner and his sons, Archibald, Robert and William, on Warm Springs Stream, in Salt Lake City, October, 1847, where three boards were sawed. The Mill was moved to this site in 1848, producing the first commercial lumber in . . . Map (db m150254) HM
43 Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City — Site #3 — Big Mountain
On 19 July 1847, scouts Orson Pratt and John Brown climbed the mountain and became the first Latter-day Saints to see the Salt Lake Valley. Due to illness, the pioneer camp had divided into three small companies. On 23 July, the last party, led by . . . Map (db m150080) HM
44 Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Capitol Hill — 52 — Brigham Young’s Office
Erected about 1852. Used as the executive offices of the Territory of Utah until 1855. Headquarters of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from the time it was finished until 1917 when the new church office building was complete. For a . . . Map (db m172051) HM
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45 Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Capitol Hill — 43 — Ensign Peak
July 26, 1847, two days after the Mormon pioneers entered this valley Brigham Young and party climbed to this point and with the aid of field glasses made a careful survey of the mountains, canyons and streams. In the group were Heber C. Kimball, . . . Map (db m150534) HM
46 Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Capitol Hill — 12 — Great Salt Lake Base and Meridian
Latitude 40°46'04" - Longitude 111°54'00" Altitude (sidewalk) 4327.27 Ft.

Fixed by Orson Pratt assisted by Henry G. Sherwood, August 3, 1847, when beginning the original survey of “Great Salt Lake City,” around the . . . Map (db m35007) HM
47 Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Capitol Hill — 65 — Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother
Old Folks Day was inaugurated in Salt Lake City in 1875, by Charles R. Savage, assisted by Edward Hunter, presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and George Goddard, since which time all persons seventy or more years of . . . Map (db m34998) HM
48 Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Capitol Hill — 50 — The Bee-Hive House
Erected about 1852 by President Brigham Young as the official residence of the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and occupied by him from the time it was completed until his death in 1877. From 1852 to 1855 it also . . . Map (db m172047) HM
49 Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Capitol Hill — 51 — The Lion House
Built by President Brigham Young and used by him as a residence from about 1855 until his death in 1877. On the lower floor were the dining room and kitchens. On the next floor were the living rooms and large parlor; and on the top floor were the . . . Map (db m172050) HM
50 Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, East Central — 18 — Sisters of the Holy CrossCatholic Pioneers in the Cause of Christian Education and Charity in Utah
In June 1875 in answer to the appeal of the Rev. Lawrence Scanlan, two Sisters of the Holy Cross, Mother M. Augusta and Sister M. Raymond, came to Salt Lake City. In August they were joined by Sisters M. Pauline, Anna, Josepha, Holy Innocents, and . . . Map (db m149966) HM
51 Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Fairpark — 7 — Donner Trail 1846
The Donner Party led by George and Jacob Donner and James F. Reed passed here and crossed Jordan River nearby about September 2, 1846. This party, consisting of 81 persons, 35 of them children, was delayed 2 weeks building a road via emigration . . . Map (db m152455) HM
52 Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Rio Grande — 8 — Great Salt Lake City Station
This monument marks the site of the Great Salt Lake City station of the Pony Express, St. Joseph Mo. - Sacramento Cal., inaugurated April 3, 1860.Map (db m200663) HM
53 Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Rio Grande — 23 — Pioneer Square
This monument marks the site of the "Old Fort" in which the Mormon Pioneers wintered in 1847-48 and in which some of the settlers resided for several years. Brigham Young laid the foundation stones on August 10, 1847, for 4 of the 17 houses . . . Map (db m161604) HM
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54 Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Rio Grande — 20 — Social Hall
This monument marks the site of the Social Hall, the first recreation center in the intermountain west. Built by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints under the direction of Brigham Young. Made of plastered adobe walls with native wood . . . Map (db m35756) HM
55 Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, The Avenues — 35 — A Private School House
Built by Brigham Young for his own children stood on this corner lot 1860-1903 This early school was directed by Eli B. Kelsey, who in soliciting additional students announced in the Deseret News, December 12, 1860, as follows: . . . Map (db m35005) HM
56 Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, The Avenues — 78 — Grave of Brigham YoungProphet - Pioneer - Statesman
Born June 1, 1801, at Whitingham, Vermont Died August 29, 1877, at Salt Lake City, Utah Brigham Young, second President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints succeeded Joseph Smith, founder of the Church, who was martyred at . . . Map (db m62788) HM
57 Utah, Salt Lake County, Sandy — 49 — Temple Granite Quarry
The granite used in the construction of the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City was quarried from a large field of huge boulders covering this area broken by nature's forces from adjacent cliffs. The quarrying of these boulders was begun about . . . Map (db m44176) HM
58 Utah, Sevier County, Richfield — 6 — Peace Treaty with Fish Lake Indians
Was Made Here June 14, 1873 This treaty led up to the final treaty at Cedar Grove in Grass Valley July 1, 1873, ending the Black Hawk Indian War in Southern Utah. Present at the treaty council were: Gen. Wm. B. Pace · George Evans · Byron . . . Map (db m138058) HM
59 Utah, Summit County, Henefer — 4 — "Mormon" Pioneer Trail
Under the Leadership of Brigham Young the "Mormon" Pioneers Exploring Their Way to the Valley of The Great Salt Lake Passed here July 15 to 20, 1847. Orson Pratt's advance company reached here July 15, others following at . . . Map (db m150075) HM
60 Utah, Tooele County, Dugway — 95 — Burial Plot
Enclosing graves (West side) of two men and a child, emigrants of the early eighteen sixties. Original Wall erected in 1888, by Mrs. Horace (Aunt Libby) Rockwell, to shelter graves of her beloved dogs. 1. Jenny Lind, 2. Josephine Bonaparte, . . . Map (db m150601) HM
61 Utah, Tooele County, Dugway — 86 — Lookout StationPony Express 1860 - 61
St. Joseph, MO. - Sacramento, Cal. Also Overland Stage & Freight Route 1858 - 1868 This Monument Constructed by Enrollees of U.S. Grazing Division, C. C. C. Camp G-154, Company 2517.Map (db m150600) HM
62 Utah, Tooele County, Faust — 53 — Faust StationPony Express
St. Joseph, Mo. to Sacramento, Cal. 1860-1861Map (db m149986) HM
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63 Utah, Tooele County, Rush Valley — 98 — Rush Valley StationPony Express 1860-61
St. Joseph, MO. - Sacramento, Cal. Also Overland Stage & Freight Route 1858-1868 This monument constructed by enrollees U.S. Grazing Division, C.C.C. Camp G-154, Company 2517Map (db m149988) HM
64 Utah, Tooele County, Stockton — 97 — Steptoe's Military CampGodbe's Chicago Smelter — (At Spring 700 feet S.W.) —
A detachment of the U.S. Army, the first to enter the Rocky Mountain region, consisting of two companies of artillery, 85 dragoons, 130 teamsters, herders and hostlers from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, under the command of Col. E.J. Steptoe, reach this . . . Map (db m149985) HM
65 Utah, Utah County, Fairfield — 82 — Fairfield-Camp Floyd-Fort Crittenden / The Pony Express
Upper Marker: Fairfield - Camp Floyd - Fort Crittenden In 1855 Fairfield was settled by John Carson, William Carson, David Carson, William Beardshall and John Clegg. A rock fort 4 rods square was erected in 1856-57, this monument . . . Map (db m149983) HM
66 Utah, Utah County, Lehi — 118 — Pioneers of Lehi
The pioneers of Lehi settled in this vicinity in the fall of 1850. Thirteen families located at Sulphur Springs, later Snow’s Springs, forty rods east of here where a fort was begun. Another group formed the Lott Settlement, to the southeast. Others . . . Map (db m149977) HM
67 Utah, Utah County, Pleasant Grove — 133 — Old Pleasant Grove Fort
In 1853 because of Indian troubles, Brigham Young instructed the people to build forts for protection. A two foot six inch rock wall from three to five feet high, four city blocks square, was built here. Private homes faced the center of the . . . Map (db m149513) HM
68 Utah, Utah County, Pleasant Grove — 56 — Utah’s First Indian BattleIn Commemoration of
The first battle between Indians and the Utah Pioneers occurred in February 1849, two miles east of this monument, near the mouth of the canyon, between the Deseret Militia and the Indians. The stream and canyon were named “Battle Creek” . . . Map (db m149511) HM
69 Utah, Utah County, Provo, Maeser — 1 — Escalante Trail
Fray Francisco Silvestre Velez De Escalante and Fray Francisco Atanasio Dominguez, two Catholic Priests of the Franciscan Order accompanied by their attendants Don Juan Pedro Cisneros - Lucrecio Muniz Don Dernardo Miera Y Pacheco - Andres . . . Map (db m149097) HM
70 Utah, Wasatch County, Wallsburg — 66 — Wallsburg Fort
This monument stands 62 feet South, 2 feet East of the center of the fort built in 1862 by William M. Wall and the pioneers of Wallsburg. 20 families lived in the fort which was 400 feet square. This valley, known to the Indians as Little Warm . . . Map (db m149978) HM
71 Utah, Washington County, Central — 17 — Mountain Meadows Massacre Grave Site Memorial
Built and maintained by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Out of respect for those who died and were buried here and in the surrounding area following the massacre of 1857.Map (db m152387) HM
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72 Utah, Washington County, New Harmony — 59 — Fort Harmony
Established May 9, 1854, by John D. Lee, Richard Woolsey, William R. Davis and others who had founded Harmony in 1852. County seat of Washington County until 1859. Headquarters of Mormon Mission to Lamanites 1853-1854. The fort was finally . . . Map (db m59470) HM
73 Utah, Weber County, Ogden — 112 — Captain James Brown
Marker on Left: Captain James Brown Captain James Brown, Pioneer, Soldier and one of the founders of Ogden, enlisted in the Mormon Battalion of the U. S. Army in the Mexican War, July 16, 1846, at Council Bluffs, Iowa, and was made . . . Map (db m149971) HM
74 Utah, Weber County, Ogden — 3 — Jedediah Strong Smith
Outstanding explorer, Trapper, Trader and devout Christian. Came to Utah with Wm. H. Ashley's expedition in 1824. Started first successful overland journey through Utah to the pacific coast from this vicinity August 22, 1826. Substantially . . . Map (db m149967) HM
75 Utah, Weber County, Ogden — 113 — Lorin Farr
Marker on Left: Lorin Farr Lorin Farr, Utah Pioneer of 1847, one of the founders of Ogden, established Farr's Fort in 1850, assistant in laying out the city and organized its first government. In 1851, he became the first mayor, . . . Map (db m149969) HM
76 Utah, Weber County, Ogden — 44 — Ogden Canyon Toll Gate
805 feet North of this site was located the toll gate established November 15, 1860 by Lorin Farr and Isaac Goodale, builders of the first road through Ogden Canyon. From 1865 to 1882 it was operated by the Ogden Canyon Road Company with the . . . Map (db m149973) HM
77 Utah, Weber County, Ogden — 416 — Ogden City Wall
In 1854 Ogden pioneers built a rock and mud wall a mile square along 28th Street, Wall Avenue and 21st Street. Madison Avenue was not completed because the Indians became peaceful. The eight foot wall had a six foot base, a 31 inch top and four . . . Map (db m81035) HM
78 Utah, Weber County, Ogden — 72 — Pierre-Jean De SmetPriest of the Society of Jesus 1801-1873 — Courageous Missionary to the American Indians 1838-1868 —
Father De Smet became well acquainted with the region of the Great Salt Lake, and gave much valuable information to Brigham Young and the Mormon Pioneers while they were at Winter Quarters, Nebraska, in November, 1846.Map (db m150039) HM
79 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — 58 — The Mormon Colonists
In honor of The Mormon Colonists of the Big Horn Basin who, under the leadership of Abraham O. Woodruff, first camped near this site in May 1900. These pioneers, under many difficulties, established towns, notably Byron, Cowley and . . . Map (db m91255) HM
80 Wyoming, Fremont County, South Pass City — 27 — Willie’s Handcart Company
Captain James G. Willie’s Handcart Company of Mormon emigrants on the way to Utah, greatly exhausted by the deep snow of an early winter and suffering form lack of food and clothing, had assembled here for reorganization by relief parties from Utah, . . . Map (db m80154) HM
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81 Wyoming, Natrona County, Alcova — 28 — Martin's Cove
Survivors of Captain Edward Martin's Handcart Company of Mormon emigrants from England to Utah were rescued here in perishing condition about Nov. 12, 1856. Delayed in starting and hampered by inferior carts it was overtaken by an early winter. . . . Map (db m95487) HM
82 Wyoming, Natrona County, Mills — 13 — The “Mormon” Ferry
First commercial ferry on the Platte River was established 1/2 mile south of here in June 1847 by “Mormon” pioneers on their way to the valley of the Great Salt Lake. Brigham Young directed nine men to remain to operate the ferry. They . . . Map (db m91916) HM
83 Wyoming, Sweetwater County, Farson — 26 — Little Sandy Crossing
On Monday evening, June 28, 1847, Brigham Young and the Mormon pioneers met James Bridger and party near this place. Both companies encamped here over night and conferred at length regarding the route and the possibility of establishing and . . . Map (db m47138) HM
84 Wyoming, Uinta County, Fort Bridger — 25 — The Mormon Wall
On August 3, 1855 the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints concluded arrangements for the purchase of Fort Bridge from Louis Vasquez, partner of James Bridger, for $3,000. Final payment was made October 18, 1858. A cobblestone wall was . . . Map (db m90617) HM
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