“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historic Trees Historical Markers

An historic tree is one that was witness to an historic event, or maybe it was planted by, or otherwise directly associated with a famous historic figure. These have been marked with a historical marker.
The Tree That Owns Itself image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, February 4, 2017
The Tree That Owns Itself
1Alabama (Barbour County), Eufaula — The Tree That Owns Itself
The Tree That Owns Itself Planned and Dedicated April 19, 1961 Replacing the Walker Oak Felled by Wind April 9, 1961 Original Deed Granted by City of Eufaula to the Post Oak Tree April 8, 1936 . . . Map (db m101286) HM
2Alabama (Colbert County), Tuscumbia — Petrified Conifer Tree / Petrified Lycopod Tree Stump
Plaque A 85-90 Million Years Old Possibly a Bald Cypress from the Cretaceous Period or the Age of Dinosaurs Plaque B 325 Million Years Old A Member of the Giant Club Mosses from the early Coal AgeMap (db m29287) HM
3Alabama (Colbert County), Tuscumbia — The Moon Tree
The Moon Tree was grown from seeds that journeyed to the moon and back aboard Apollo 14 during the period of January 31-February 9, 1971. The seed was germinated by the U.S. Forest Service in Gulfport, Mississippi, and the seedling was presented to . . . Map (db m108374) HM
4Alabama (DeKalb County), Valley Head — Site of Cherokee Council Tree
Here stood The giant Black Spanish Oak Under which Traditionally Sequoyah Taught his newly invented Alphabet Tree felled by a storm 1934Map (db m28036) HM
5Alabama (Macon County), Notasulga — Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church "The Tree"
It was under this tree that participants in the U.S. Public Health Study of Untreated Syphilis in Negro Males in Macon County, Alabama, met to wait for Nurse Rivers, the Shiloh School nurse, to come and either administer treatment, update health . . . Map (db m95113) HM
6Alabama (Marshall County), Albertville — Liberty Tree Memorial
This American Liberty Elm was named after “The Liberty Tree: Our Country’s first Symbol of Freedom.” On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of . . . Map (db m85848) HM WM
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7Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — "Moon Tree"
Loblolly Pine crown from seeds that journeyed to the moon with 1971 Apollo 14 mission. Planted here in 1976.Map (db m94931) HM
8Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Civil War Laurel Oak Tree
This Laurel Oak Tree from Battle Fields of Virginia, 1861-65 Planted by Gov. Thomas G. Jones 1893 Map (db m94932) HM
9Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Washington Elm Tree
Washington took command of the American Army under grandparent of this elm, Cambridge, Mass., July 3, 1775 Raised and given by Maryland D.A.R. and Alice Paret Dorsey as part of 200th anniversary of birth of Washington, . . . Map (db m155635) HM
10Alabama (Shelby County), Vincent — Town of Vincent(Home to Alabama's Largest Living Decorated Christmas Tree)
The Town of Vincent is located on land that was granted to the Kidd family by the Governor of Alabama in the 1800's. In 1859, the land was willed to three Kidd daughters, one daughter's name was Anna Bella Vincent after whom the town was named. The . . . Map (db m61623) HM
11Arizona (Maricopa County), Wickenburg — The Jail Tree
From 1863 to 1890 Outlaws were chained to this tree for lack of a Hoosegow- - Escapes were unknownMap (db m29475) HM
12Arizona (Pima County), Tucson — Bicentennial Moon Tree
This seedling was grown from the very seeds that journeyed to the moon and back on board Apollo 14. It symbolizes the major role forests played in developing our American Heritage and the vital role forests have in our future. This planting made . . . Map (db m83012) HM
13Arizona (Pinal County), Globe — The Hanging TreeDedicated to Gila County Law Enforcement — Protect and Serve —
From a Sycamore near this spot, L.V. Grime and C.B. Hawley were lynched on Aug. 24, 1882 for the hold up – murder of Andrew Hall, Wells Fargo Packer, and Dr. S.T. Vail. The culprits had a fair hearing before JP Allen on Wednesday eve, and at 2 . . . Map (db m34116) HM
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14Arizona (Yavapai County), Prescott — Statehood Tree / Centennial Witness TreePlanted Feb. 14, 1912
(Statehood Tree marker) (north side of monument) Statehood Tree Planted Feb. 14, 1912 • • • Monument presented to people of Arizona by Cub Scouts of Prescott, 1960 (Centennial Witness Tree marker) (south side of monument) The . . . Map (db m157657) HM
15Arkansas (Benton County), Bentonville — Big TreeLargest Sycamore in Arkansas — Circumference 21.45 ft. height 106 ft. diameter BH 82 in. spread 120 ft. —
To insure protection during its lifetime, owner Bill Bradford on April 11, 1975, legally willed to itself this tree and all land within a radius of 10 feet from its trunk and donated its use to the city of Bentonville as a mini-park in celebration . . . Map (db m50368) HM
16Arkansas (Hempstead County), Hope — Catalpa Tree
This tree is believed to have been planted in 1912 when the railroad station was built. Local residents remember the days when its limbs were so long that they nearly touched the ground. A cannon sat next to this tree prior to World War II but this . . . Map (db m161918) HM
17California (Alameda County), Oakland — 962 — Site of Blossom Rock Navigation Trees
Until at least 1851, Redwood trees on this site were used as landmarks to avoid striking the treacherous submerged Blossom Rock in San Francisco Bay west of Yerba Buena Island. Although by 1855 the original stems had been logged, today's trees are . . . Map (db m100564) HM
18California (Amador County), Jackson — Hangman's Tree
Here stood in early days the Hangman’s Tree This marker placed by Ursula Parlor No.1 N.D.G.W July 24, 1937Map (db m27881) HM
19California (Butte County), Chico — 313 — Hooker Oak
The massive and majestic Hooker Oak, which occupied this site, was named in honor of renowned British Botanist Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker. The Hooker Oak was acclaimed to be the largest Valley Oak in the world before it fell on May 1, 1977. Age . . . Map (db m100595) HM
20California (Butte County), Oroville — 1043 — Mother Orange Tree of Butte County
Judge Joseph Lewis planted this Mediterranean Sweet Orange seedling near the toll bridge at Bidwell’s Bar, Butte County, California in 1856. It has survived hard times and is the oldest living orange tree in California. “From its example and . . . Map (db m143395) HM
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21California (Butte County), Oroville — 1043 — Northern California's Oldest Citrus TreeSweet Mother Orange and Her Seeds
Imported from Mazatlan, Mexico, the Mother Orange Tree was purchased on the streets of Sacramento when it was only a 2 to 3 year-old seedling in a tub. She was planted in 1856 and quickly grew into a California legend. The leafy greens of her robust . . . Map (db m62787) HM
22California (Butte County), Oroville — 314 — The Mother Orange Tree of Butte CountyBidwell Bar Bridge
To commemorate The Mother Orange Tree of Butte County planted at this spot by Judge Joseph Lewis in 1856 The Bidwell Bar Bridge First suspension bridge of California Transported from New York via Cape Horn 1853. Completed . . . Map (db m100596) HM
23California (Calaveras County), Arnold — California Big Trees State ParkThe Discovery Stump — The Calaveras North Grove —
In the spring of 1852, Augustus T. Dowd, while hunting, discovered a grove of truly immense trees, now known as the Calaveras North Grove. Several stockholders of the Union Water Company (who employed Augustus as a hunter) developed a plan to . . . Map (db m34120) HM
24California (Calaveras County), Arnold — Hanging On By A BranchThe Pioneer Cabin Tree
Here at Calaveras Big Tree State Park, it's a regrettable fact that the most famous trees are those most harmed by human action. Both the Mother of the Forest and the Big Stump remind us of how people placed their own curiosity and pleasure above . . . Map (db m95184) HM
25California (El Dorado County), Placerville — 141 — Hangmans Tree
This city in the days of ’49 was called “Hangtown” This was the site of Elstner’s Hay Yard on which stood the ‘Hangman’s Tree’ where vigilantes executed many men for various crimes. The stump of the tree is under this . . . Map (db m10504) HM
26California (Humboldt County), Bull Creek — Giant Tree
Recognized by the American Forestry Association as the National Champion Coast Redwood, Sequoia sempervirens, November 1991. Height • 363 feet Circumference • 53.2 feet Average crown spread • 62 feetMap (db m165464) HM
27California (Inyo County), Big Pine — The Roosevelt TreePlanted July 23, 1913
This Giant Sequoia is reported to have been planted to commemorate the opening of Westgaard Pass to automobile traffic. The tree was named in honor of President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt.Map (db m54428) HM
28California (Kern County), Buttonwillow — 492 — Buttonwillow TreeCalifornia Historical Landmark
A lone tree landmark on an old trans-valley trail. It was an ancient Yokuts Indian meeting place, later a location for white stock rodeos. Miller and Lux established their headquarters and store here about 1885. The town of Buttonwillow takes its . . . Map (db m50251) HM
29California (Los Angeles County), Beverly Hills — Morton Bay Fig — Ficus Macrophylla —
Planted by the Rodeo Land and Water Company between 1910 - 1914. Plaque donated by Margo and Irwin Winkler, 1995.Map (db m148845) HM
30California (Los Angeles County), Compton — Eagle Tree
A sycamore tree, being Station 1 for the survey, the Rancho San Pedro, December, 1857.Map (db m196776) HM
31California (Los Angeles County), Encino — 24 — Encino Oak Tree
Declared Historic Cultural Monument No. 24 by the Cultural Heritage Board, Municipal Arts Department, City of Los Angeles.Map (db m165309) HM
32California (Los Angeles County), Gardena — The Washington Elm
This is a fourth generation of the elm tree under which General George Washington took command of the Continental Army on July 8, 1775; and the Declaration of Independence was first read to the people of Cambridge, Massachusetts.Map (db m164425) HM
33California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — El AlisoKizh-Gabrieleño Sacred Sycamore Tree — Sha’var —
Here once stood the grandest of all sycamore (Sha’var) trees measuring 60 feet high with a canopy spreading 200 feet wide. The tree was given the Spanish name of El Aliso. The original inhabitants of this area, the Kizh (keech) or Gabrieleño were . . . Map (db m177327) HM
34California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Historic Palm Tree
This historic palm tree stood for more than 25 years at the entrance of the Southern Pacific Station. At this railroad portal of the city it became a familiar landmark to many thousands of Los Angeles and Southern California citizens and visitors . . . Map (db m155323) HM
35California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 19 — Moreton Bay Fig Tree
Planted circa 1875. Declared Historic Cultural Monument No. 19 by the Cultural Heritage Board, Municipal Art Department, City of Los Angeles.Map (db m188853) HM
36California (Los Angeles County), South Pasadena — 19 — Cathedral Oak Monument
Panel 1: Under this oak — the legend runs — the first Easter Services in California were held by Father Crespi in 1770. Panel 2: Near this spot the Cathedral Oak stood. Time destroyed its roots. This . . . Map (db m134912) HM
37California (Los Angeles County), Whittier — 681 — Paradox Hybrid Walnut Tree
Planted in 1907 as an experiment for the University of California.Map (db m50978) HM
38California (Mariposa County), Fish Camp — A New Vision for an Ancient GroveMariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias — Yosemite National Park
Creating an Experience to Match the Dignity of the Trees People have revered this Grove and its mighty trees for thousands of years. Through ecological restoration, the health and resilience of these giants will be protected and all visitors . . . Map (db m160409) HM
39California (Mariposa County), Fish Camp — Enduring Giant
Standing relatively short at 209 ft. (63.7 m), the Grizzly Giant measures 96 ft. (29 m) in circumference and 28 ft. (8.5 m) in diameter at the base. What do you notice first about this big tree? Is it the blackened fire scars at the base of the . . . Map (db m159099) HM
40California (Mariposa County), Fish Camp — Sustaining the Mariposa GroveMariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias — Yosemite National Park
”You can save a place, but it’s never really safe. It always takes people caring. It always takes vigilance. It always takes effort to keep those forces at bay that want to crowd in, want to change it, want to over-commercialize it. Once it’s . . . Map (db m160410) HM
41California (Mariposa County), Fish Camp — The Surviving Tunnel Tree
Walk through this living tree and look for evidence of it healing itself. Bark of this sequoia is growing inward in an attempt to close over its wound — the large tunnel carved in 1895. Thought to have served as a lower elevation winter . . . Map (db m84231) HM
42California (Monterey County), Monterey — Chestnut Tree
This Chestnut tree, form the lawn of the White House, was originally planted in front of Colton Hall on September 20, 1966 by First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson. It was later replanted in Friendly Plaza.Map (db m63327) HM
43California (Monterey County), Monterey — Moon Tree
Coast Redwood Sequoia sempervirens This "Moon Tree" is a Coast Redwood grown from a seed that in January 1971 was carried to the moon and brought back to earth by Major Stuart Roosa, Command Module Pilot for Apollo 14. The seed . . . Map (db m63500) HM
44California (Orange County), Placentia — 34 — Macadamia Tree
These Australian nut-producing trees are the oldest Macadamia tetraphylla in California. They were planted prior to 1890 by a local spiritualist health colony, the Societas Fraternia. Members experimented with many varieties of fruits and nuts to . . . Map (db m50018) HM
45California (Orange County), Tustin — Hanging Tree
Under this tree General Andres Pico hung two banditos of the Flores Gang in 1857.Map (db m155232) HM
46California (Placer County), Loomis — Liberty Tree Memorial
This American Liberty Elm was named after "The Liberty Tree: Our Country's first Symbol of Freedom.” On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of the . . . Map (db m143673) HM
47California (Placer County), Tahoe City — Tahoe City’s “Big Tree”
For over 125 years a grand pine tree known as the “Big Tree” stood in the centerline of Highway 28 in the heart of Tahoe City. In 1940 the Federated Women’s Club literally joined hands around the tree when the California Division . . . Map (db m34524) HM
48California (Riverside County), Riverside — 20 — Parent Washington Navel Orange Tree
To honor Mrs. Eliza Tibbets, and to commend her good work in planting at Riverside in 1873 the First Washington Navel Orange Trees in California, native to Bahia Brazil, proved the most valuable fruit introduction yet made by the United . . . Map (db m154354) HM
49California (Riverside County), Riverside — The First Marsh Grapefruit Trees into California
To Commemorate the introduction of the first Marsh Grapefruit Trees into California, brought to Riverside from Lakeland, Florida in 1890 by Twogood and Cutter, pioneer nurserymen, and to honor J.E. Cutter who planted here one of those first trees.Map (db m82144) HM
50California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Sutter's FortThis Tree Came From Kandern, Baden, Germany — The Birthplace of General John A. Sutter —
The Native Sons and Native Daughters of the Golden West planted it on July 19, 1939. and dedicated it September 9, 1948, on the occasion of the celebration of Admission Day and the Centenary of the founding of the modern City of Sacramento.Map (db m11886) HM
51California (San Bernardino County), Big Bear Lake — Champion Lodgepole Pine — How long does it take to become a Champion? —
Over 400 years ago, as the Spanish adventurer Cabrillo was exploring what is now Southern California, the mighty pine above you had just peeked through the soil. By the time Benjamin Davis Wilson discovered our valley in 1845, this tree had . . . Map (db m197487) HM
52California (San Bernardino County), Ontario — Nine Young Pepper Trees
This is one of nine young pepper trees purchased and planted on Euclid Avenue by the students of Ontario's nine public elementary schools in observance of Arbor Day, March 8, 1954. The young trees were planted as replacements for mature trees . . . Map (db m124287) HM
53California (San Diego County), Coronado — Christmas TreeHotel del Coronado
Here stands the world's first electrically-lighted outdoor Christmas tree, unveiled at the Hotel del Coronado on December 24, 1904Map (db m70553) HM
54California (San Mateo County), Redwood City — Methusela
Age Estimated - 1,860 Years Height:     Before Top Broke - 225 Ft     In 1954 - 137 Ft Diameter at Base - 14 Ft Access courtesy of California Water ServiceMap (db m202567) HM
55California (Santa Barbara County), Carpinteria — 5 — Portolá Sycamore
Oral tradition holds that this tree survives from the naming of "La Carpinteria” - the Carpenter Shop - on August 17, 1769 when the Portolá Expedition observed the Chumash building plank canoes at this site.Map (db m137942) HM
56California (Santa Barbara County), Carpinteria — 1Wardholme Torrey Pine
Wardholme Torrey Pine, 1888. Largest known in existence. Historical Landmark No. 1, City of Carpinteria.Map (db m138543)
57California (Santa Barbara County), Santa Barbara — Moreton Bay Fig Tree
In 1876, a visiting sailor presented the seedling of this Moreton Bay Fig Tree to a little girl who planted it at 201 State Street. When the girl moved away a year later, her friend Adeline Crabb relocated the sapling to the location before you. . . . Map (db m115203) HM
58California (Santa Clara County), Campbell — Black Walnut TreesCampbell Historical Location
Black Walnut Trees planted about 1885 by William A. Swope, Son-In-Law of Benjamin Campbell, and daughters Alda Swope Blaine, Ethel Swope Davis, and Lena Swope French. Map (db m24234) HM
59California (Santa Clara County), Los Gatos — The Teddy Roosevelt Tree
The original Coast Redwood tree was planted by our 26th President Theodore Roosevelt on May 11, 1903. This majestic redwood was located on the southwest corner of Campbell Avenue at Winchester Boulevard. It stood in that location, growing to a . . . Map (db m154876) HM
60California (Santa Clara County), Mountain View — Site of Witness Tree
Wild Cherry Tree on property of Benjamin Bubb, used in government survey of 1865 and by early settlers to locate their land. Map (db m100127) HM
61California (Santa Clara County), San Jose — SCL-056 — Keesling’s Shade Trees
The Northern California Black Walnut trees seen along this highway owe their existence to horticulturist Horace G. Keesling of San José. While passing this way by camp wagon on a blistering summer day in 1900, Keesling could find no roadside tree . . . Map (db m52138) HM
62California (Santa Clara County), Stanford — The Gordon Hampton Oak
Posted as a sentry on the dark, damp night of November 17-18 1931, Gordon Hampton, '35, a frosh of only six weeks on the "Farm," stood under the adjacent oak tree to sound the alarm of any Cal attempt to torch prematurely the tower of RR ties . . . Map (db m143594) HM
63California (Santa Cruz County), Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park — The Lt. John C. Fremont Tree
Lt. Fremont engaged in surveying the shortest route between the Atlantic and Pacific, camped here on February 25, 1846.Map (db m196340) HM
64California (Santa Cruz County), Scotts Valley — POHI-005 — Mountain Charlie Big Tree
Named for Charles Henry “Mountain Charlie” McKiernan, who was one of the first white settlers in the Santa Cruz Mountain area. One of the largest trees of its species, this Sequoia sempervirens was originally over 300 feet high. The tree . . . Map (db m53479) HM
65California (Solano County), Vacaville — Nut TreeAn Historic Highway Landmark
Nut Tree began under a great black walnut tree as a ranch fruit stand on July 3, 1921. The founders, Edwin and Helen Power, pioneered highway merchandising and food service, creating a unique enterprise that symbolizes bountiful California. The Nut . . . Map (db m94545) HM
66California (Solano County), Vacaville — Uncle Burt's Tree
This famous Black Walnut tree has provided the nuts for starting over 100 walnut groves in California. It gave shade for travelers and their teams who enjoyed the Wykoff Ranch hospitality of the cool water well nearby. It is said to have been . . . Map (db m91457) HM
67California (Tulare County), Lindsay — Cairns Corner Olive TreesFirst Commercial Planting of Olive Trees in Tulare County
In 1894 John Jolly (J.J.) Cairns planted rows of olive trees as a windbreak on the north side of his newly planted orange orchard. His daughters Laura and Ethel, stated that Cairns truly loved the beauty of the trees. He planted three rows on the . . . Map (db m155668) HM
68California (Tulare County), Three Rivers — General Sherman TreeSequoia National Park
There it is! The largest tree on earth. Directly in front of you stands the biggest tree on the planet, the General Sherman Tree. Some trees grow taller, and some are bigger around, but no tree has greater mass. The amount of space taken up by its . . . Map (db m87852) HM
69California (Ventura County), Newbury Park — 30 & 44 — Stagecoach Inn and Sycamore Tree
"The hotel was built by James Hammell as the Grand Union Hotel in 1876 and was often called the "Conejo" or "Big" Hotel. In 1885, the site was purchased by Cecil Haigh. In 1965, his grandson, H. Allen Hays, donated 4 acres and the hotel to the . . . Map (db m78003) HM
70California (Ventura County), Santa Paula — 756 — Sycamore Tree
In 1846 General John C. Fremont passed this site of the sycamore tree on his way to sign a treaty with General Andres Pico to secure California for future annexation to the United States. It served the Padres as a resting place; the community as a . . . Map (db m114949) HM
71California (Ventura County), Simi Valley — 134 — Heritage OakQuercus Agrifolia
The Heritage Oak that stood on this site for more than 400 years was witness to the 4 historical periods of Simi Valley. From the Chumash Indians, to the largest land grant ever made to the Pico family in the Spanish period, through the pioneer . . . Map (db m132651) HM
72Colorado (Phillips County), Holyoke — Liberty Tree Memorial
This American Liberty Elm was named after "The Liberty Tree: Our Country's first Symbol of Freedom." On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of the hated Stamp . . . Map (db m176792) HM
73Connecticut (Fairfield County), Norwalk — Liberty Tree Memorial
This American Liberty Elm was named after “The Liberty Tree: Our Country’s first Symbol of Freedom.” On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of the . . . Map (db m53918) HM
74Connecticut (Fairfield County), Stamford — Liberty Tree Memorial
This American Liberty Elm was named after “The Liberty Tree: Our Country’s first Symbol of Freedom.” On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of the . . . Map (db m53765) HM
75Connecticut (Hartford County), Hartford — Charter Oak Monument
Near This Spot Stood The Charter Oak Memorable in the History of the Colony of Connecticut As The Hiding Place Of The Charter October 31, 1687 The Tree Fell August 21, 1856 [ back ] 1905 This Monument Erected by . . . Map (db m52339) HM
76Connecticut (Hartford County), New Britain — 100 Birthday of Freedom Tree
This Tree Was Planted By Stanley Post No. 11 July 4, 1879 To Commemotate The 100 Birth Day Of Freedom Of The U.S. of A.Map (db m41388) HM
77Connecticut (Litchfield County), Harwinton — Liberty Tree Memorial
Liberty Tree Memorial This American Liberty Elm was named after "The Liberty Tree: Our Country's first Symbol of Freedom." On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in . . . Map (db m29765) HM
78Connecticut (Litchfield County), Pine Meadow — Liberty Tree Memorial
This American Liberty Elm was named after “The Liberty Tree: Our Country’s first Symbol of Freedom.” On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of the . . . Map (db m93049) HM
79Connecticut (Litchfield County), Torrington — 1902 Constitutional Convention Pin Oak Tree
In 1902 delegates from all 168 towns in Connecticut met in Hartford for a state Constitutional Convention. Torrington's delegate to the Convention was Orasmus R. Fyler. Each delegate received a Pin Oak tree seedling from the USDA bureau of Plant . . . Map (db m30184) HM
80Connecticut (Middlesex County), Middlefield — Charter Oak Tree
Charter Oak Tree The White Oak Tree in front of this monument was presented to the Town of Middlefield by the State of Connecticut in appreciation of John Lyman for his participation in he State Constitutional Convention of 1965. The Tre is a . . . Map (db m94841) HM
81District of Columbia (Washington), Adams Morgan — 14 — Rooms With a ViewRoads to Diversity — Adams Morgan Heritage Trail —
This hill, with its sweeping views of Washington and the Potomac, has tantalized visionaries since the 1800s. But few of their plans have been built. In 1873 businessman and city commissioner Thomas P. Morgan (whose name survives as part of . . . Map (db m93415) HM
82District of Columbia (Washington), Capitol Hill — “The President’s Trees”
Dedicated by Maryland State Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, April 21, 1934. Growing on land that was once a part of Maryland and was in 1790 her gift to the United States of America for the national capitol, the 31 trees in this group . . . Map (db m186804) HM
83District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown Washington — The National Christmas TreePresident's Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
At 5:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve, 1923, President Calvin Coolidge walked from the White House to the Ellipse and “pushed the button” to light the first National Christmas Tree. A crowd of 3,000 witnessed the inaugural lighting of the . . . Map (db m130403) HM
84District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown Washington — The National Christmas TreePresident's Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
The National Christmas Tree has been located at the site in front of you since 1973. Calvin Coolidge was the first president to light the National Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve, 1923. Since that time presidents have continued the tradition in . . . Map (db m130405) HM
85District of Columbia (Washington), Georgetown — The Tree
Beginning in the 1930s, a maple tree at this location became a traditional gathering spot for many students. Over the years, several trees have been dedicated to individual alumni. These plaques continue to stand in their memory.Map (db m186609) HM
86District of Columbia (Washington), National Bonsai Museum — If trees could talk…
…this one would tell quite a story. It has grown as a bonsai for so long that it passed through five generations of a single family of bonsai artists in Japan before crossing the ocean to live here. The Yamaki family was well known in Japan for . . . Map (db m144347) HM
87District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — The Chinese Hackberry TreeWitnessing a Century of Change
This tree has seen many changes. Planted around 1905 on the grounds of what was then the U.S. Patent Office Building, it has slowly grown as the city has developed and transformed around it. A rare, large, local specimen of a . . . Map (db m202449) HM
88District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — Live Oaks: A Gathering Place
Welcome to the Reading Grove This space provides a place to meet, rest, read, and reflect. Live oaks have long harbored gatherings, from religious services and classes to community celebrations. Witness Trees Trees that were . . . Map (db m143315) HM
89District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — The American Elm that Grew Along with America
This American elm (Ulmus Americana) is one of the oldest and most majestic trees on the Smithsonian grounds. It was planted around 1850, well before the opening of the National Museum of Natural History in 1910. Known as the Smithsonian . . . Map (db m113994) HM
90District of Columbia (Washington), The Tidal Basin — The 1912 Cherry Tree PlantingsNational Mall and Memorial Parks, Washington, D.C. — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Historic Trees. You are standing near two of the most important cherry trees in Washington, D.C. These Yoshino Cherries (Prunus x yedoensis) are among the 3,700 trees of various species that grow in East and West Potomac Park and on the . . . Map (db m215) HM
91District of Columbia (Washington), The Tidal Basin — The First Japanese Cherry Trees
The first Japanese Cherry Trees, presented to the City of Washington as a gesture of friendship and good will by the City of Tokyo, were planted on this site, March 27, 1912.Map (db m54912) HM
92Florida (Collier County), Naples — Landmark Cypress № 10 — "Dutcher"Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
William Dutcher was the first president of the National Association of Audubon Societies, appointed in 1905. He helped shape the organization and worked tirelessly for bird protection. He was instrumental in establishing the Audubon warden program . . . Map (db m164918) HM
93Florida (Collier County), Naples — Landmark Cypress № 12 — "Baker-Curry"Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
The Baker-Curry tree is named for two individuals whose unlikely partnership saved Corkscrew and established it as an Audubon Sanctuary. It started with passionate citizens who came together to stop the logging of the last remaining old-growth bald . . . Map (db m164919) HM
94Florida (Collier County), Naples — Landmark Cypress № 3 — "Leopold"Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
Aldo Leopold is considered the father of the modern conservation ethic. He lamented the toll wrought on the landscape in the name of material progress, and the ever widening disconnect between society and land. Where John Muir was inspired by . . . Map (db m164909) HM
95Florida (Collier County), Naples — Landmark Cypress № 4 — "Roosevelt"Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States (1901-1909) is known as the "conservationist president" for creating the Division of Forestry and protecting 230 million acres of federal land. He was a member of Florida Audubon during . . . Map (db m164912) HM
96Florida (Collier County), Naples — Landmark Cypress № 6 — "Guy Bradley"Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
Guy Bradley is one of the heroes of Audubon and one of the most colorful characters of its history. He was the first warden to be deputized by Audubon, a strange fact due to his passion for hunting birds for their valuable, fashionable plumes. When . . . Map (db m164913) HM
97Florida (Collier County), Naples — Landmark Cypress № 7 — "Rhett Green"Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
The Rhett Green tree is an iconic, massive individual, rugged like its namesake. It has withstood the test of time. In 1912, Rhett Green was hired as an Audubon warden to protect plume bearing birds such as egrets, herons and roseate spoonbills . . . Map (db m164914) HM
98Florida (Collier County), Naples — Landmark Cypress № 8 — "Asteenahoofa"Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
In the early 1800s, the Seminole tribe sought and found refuge deep in the bald cypress forests of Southwest Florida during the Seminole Wars. This tree bears the Seminole name for big cypress, Asteenahoofa. It is straight, solid and free of . . . Map (db m164916) HM
99Florida (Orange County), Orlando — Walden's Live Oak
In 1548 when I sprouted, Florida belonged to Spain. When I was 17 the oldest city in Florida, St. Augustine, was established. I was 215 years old when Spain traded Florida to Britain. When Florida became a U.S. Territory, I had lived 274 years. In . . . Map (db m129719) HM
100Florida (Palm Beach County), Palm Beach Gardens — F-720 — Historic Banyan Trees
These two Banyan trees (Ficus benghalensis), with a combined limb spread encompassing one-half acre, form the entrance to the City of Palm Beach Gardens. Palm Beach Gardens was developed by insurance magnate and philanthropist John D. . . . Map (db m97049) HM

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