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Andrews County Marker image, Touch for more information
By Bill Kirchner, October 25, 2012
Andrews County Marker
1Texas, Andrews County, Andrews — 167 — Andrews County
. . . Map (db m61419) HM
2Texas, Aransas County, Lamar — 1547 — John Fagan
John Fagan Soldier in the Texas War for Independence at Goliad, 1835-1836Map (db m53825) HM
3Texas, Aransas County, Lamar — 5103 — Stella Maris Chapel
Irish immigrant James W. Byrne (1787 – 1865), a veteran of the Texas Revolution, was an early settler of this area. He established the town of Lamar and with his wife Harriet, sold land on Aransas Bay to the Catholic Church for a chapel site. . . . Map (db m53717) HM
4Texas, Archer County, Holliday — 722 — Captain John Holliday(Dec. 8, 1811 - Aug. 19, 1842)
Born Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania; came to Texas about 1835, joined Texian Army, and was one of 24 survivors of the Goliad Massacre, March 27, 1836. Joined Texian-Santa Fe Expedition, and en route to New Mexico, Aug. 4, 1841, carved his name on a . . . Map (db m187196) HM
5Texas, Atascosa County, Poteet — 4819 — Site of Jose Antonio Navarro Ranch Headquarters(2.3 Mi. SSE)
This land had once been allocated in the 1700s as a ranch for Mission San Jose in San Antonio (20 mi. N), but in the 1820s was left unsettled. In 1828 prominent San Antonio resident Jose Antonio Navarro (1795-1871) beseeched the Governor of the . . . Map (db m111187) HM
6Texas, Austin County, Bellville — 243 — Austin County
A part of the grant to Stephen F. Austin in 1821 Created a municipality under the Mexican government in 1828 Became a county of the Republic of Texas, March 17, 1836 Named in honor of Stephen Fuller Austin, 1793-1836 Pioneer . . . Map (db m125601) HM
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7Texas, Austin County, Bellville — 366 — Early History of Bellville Methodist Church
​ The heritage of Bellville Methodist Church dates to 1822, when Thomas B. Bell came to Texas from Florida with Stephen F. Austin's Old Three Hundred colonists. He settled in an area west of the Brazos River, and donated fifty acres of land . . . Map (db m157592) HM
8Texas, Austin County, Cat Spring — 14296 — Elemelech Swearingen(September 25, 1805 - May 15, 1887)
Austin County pioneer and Texas War for Independence veteran, Elemelech Swearingen, was born in Shepherdsville Kentucky (Bullitt Co.) in 1805. He married Angelina Weeks (1811-1883) in 1827 and in 1831, moved with his family to Texas. The Swearingens . . . Map (db m202526) HM
9Texas, Austin County, Industry — 1941 — Charles Fordtran(May 7, 1801-Nov. 1, 1900)
In Jan. 1831 Charles Fordtran, a German of Huguenot descent, joined the colony of Stephen F. Austin. His first work was to survey land for Austin's partner, Samuel May Williams. He was given a league (4,428.4 acres) as his fee. Soon he brought in . . . Map (db m146168) HM
10Texas, Austin County, Industry — 1499 — Friedrich Ernst
Christian Friedrich Ernst (Dirks) was born in Germany in 1796. Friedrich Ernst was inducted into the German Army in 1814 and served for five years. He married Louise Gesine Auguste Weber in 1819. They became the parents of Caroline, John . . . Map (db m165425) HM
11Texas, Austin County, Industry — 1500 — John Friedrich Ernst, Jr.
A native of Oldenburg, Germany, John Friedrich Ernst (1820-1863) emigrated to the United States with his family at the age of nine. In 1831, they traveled from New York City to Texas, finally arriving in what is now the town of Industry. The . . . Map (db m165424) HM
12Texas, Austin County, Kenney — 17874 — Concord Cemetery
Founded by the Concord Christian Church in 1870, Concord Cemetery (also known as the Concord Church Cemetery) sits on 3.4 acres of land in northern Austin County and is part of the Concord Christian Church. The earliest known grave is that of Dr. . . . Map (db m202580) HM
13Texas, Austin County, Kenney — 6360 — James Bradford Pier(Nov. 23, 1813 - Feb. 5, 1888)
A native of Circleville Ohio, J.B. Pier came to Texas in 1835 with his wife Lucy (Merry). The Piers settled in this area near the site of the early Texas town of Travis. Pier served as a member of the Texas Army during the War for Independence. He . . . Map (db m202586) HM
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14Texas, Austin County, Kenney — 2925 — John Wesley Kenney(1799-1865)
One of great pioneer Methodist ministers of Texas. Pennsylvania - born. He began preaching at age 19. In 1833 he came to Texas and soon settled in this county. Unkempt in appearance, Kenney redeemed his eccentricity with an eloquent style of . . . Map (db m202581) HM
15Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — A Home on Commerce SquareLots 537 & 538
Ideally Situated Close to Commerce Square and the Brazos River, these two lots were near the center of town. Like many San Felipe lots, the property changed hands several times. First developed by the Calvit family, its last owner was Almyra . . . Map (db m206287) HM
16Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — 5514 — A Town Hall
Near this site stood A Town Hall Built about 1830 in which were held the First and Second Conventions of Texas, 1832 and 1833, and the Consultation of 1835 the provisional government functioned here until March 2, 1836, when . . . Map (db m43759) HM
17Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Austin & Perry StoresLots 16 & 51
Stephen F. Austin hoped his colony in Texas would help his family prosper. But the business of being an empresario proved financially disappointing. Hoping a family business - like a store - would generate income, Austin encouraged his . . . Map (db m206267) HM
18Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — 3 — Austin's Colony: First Colony in Mexican Texas
Austin's land office and its agents set about carving civilization out of the untamed Texas wilderness. Mapping and surveying land at a whirlwind pace, Austin's office issued nearly 1500 land grants to settlers in Mexican Texas between 1823 and . . . Map (db m201786) HM
19Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Bottomland FarmsLand Along the Brazos River
Downtown San Felipe was the center of the colony, but its farms and ranches fed settlers and generated profits that helped the colony thrive. Farm plots, or labors, measuring 177 acres each spread outward from town - many along waterways, which . . . Map (db m206323) HM
20Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Building the TownLot 20
San Felipe's First Townsfolk Arrived to find the "town" yet to be built. Many raised their houses, kitchens and stables with their own hands. Austin also enlisted skilled housewrights (house builders), sawyers, teamsters and blacksmiths to . . . Map (db m206316) HM
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21Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Business DistrictNeighborhood to the West
As the Number of Permanent Residents in San Felipe grew, a business district developed west of Commerce Square. Merchants, including Nathaniel Townsend and George Huff, supplied shoppers with goods from around the world. Tailors cut clothes to . . . Map (db m206271) HM
22Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Clopper StoreLot 17
Stocked With Goods From Cincinnati, Nicholas Clopper's store in San Felipe opened in 1826. Clopper faced the challenges of all merchants on the frontier. The town was "in a state of infancy" and home to only nine families of resident customers. . . . Map (db m206272) HM
23Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Cotten Print ShopLot 50 — Cotten Print Shop - Travis Law Office —
Godwin B. Cotten tried printing in Alabama, Louisiana and Tamaulipas, Mexico, before setting out The Texas Gazette and the first book published in Texas: Translation of the Laws, Orders, and Contracts, on Colonization. Cotten . . . Map (db m206260) HM
24Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — 11707 — Early Roads To San Felipe
During the mid-1820's, When Stephen F. Austin was founding this town, the only roads in the area were wagon ruts or beaten trails marked by notched trees. Within a decade, however, the village of San Felipe, one of the first Anglo settlements in . . . Map (db m43718) HM
25Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Founding the TownLot 47
With his Empresario contract in hand, Stephen F. Austin searched out a suitable location for the "capital" of his colony. Together with surveyors and guides, Austin selected a site where a ferry crossed the Brazos River. By late October . . . Map (db m206331) HM
26Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Governing the TownLot 19
In the Town's Early Years, Empresario Stephen F. Austin filled many roles. Administrator of land grants and court judge, Austin also coordinated with Mexican government officials. He managed the growing town, and as colonel of the . . . Map (db m206275) HM
27Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — 11704 — Hill House
The first known person to occupy the land where the Hill House is located was Judge Robert M. "Three Legged Willie" Williamson. During his ownership, the community of San Felipe de Austin was burned to the ground by order of Moseley Baker, a . . . Map (db m202605) HM
28Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — 2678 — J.J. Josey General Store
Built by John Crutcher in 1847 on the Plaza de Commercio in San Felipe, this was the last store built in the town after its 1836 burning by military order. Purchased in 1867 by Dr. J.J. Josey, it was in continuous operation as a store until 1942. . . . Map (db m43760) HM
29Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Jane Wilkins' HomeLot 82
Jane Wilkins and her family were among the Colony's earliest immigrants and the first to settle what is now the City of Houston. By 1827, Wilkins and her two daughters, Jane and Mary, had made a home in San Felipe. They also received a league . . . Map (db m206262) HM
30Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — John Bricker
In memory of John Bricker a private in Captain Mosley Baker’s company, who was killed just across the river from this site April 7th 1836 by a shot from a Mexican cannon, and was buried where he fell. He was born in Cumberland . . . Map (db m43758) HM
31Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — 6 — Remembering San Felipe de Austin
Beginning in the 1920s local leaders looked for ways to commemorate this important colonial Texas history site. After 15 years planning and developing the property for its transition to the State in 1940, local supporters created a Friends . . . Map (db m201789) HM
32Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Rio BrazosCommerce Square
Empresario Stephen F. Austin Considered several sites for his colony's headquarters, but this location on the Brazos River had a convenient advantage. A ferry, operated by an early settler named John McFarland, took travelers on the . . . Map (db m206274) HM
33Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — 4536 — San Felipe de Austin
First Anglo-American capital of Texas. Came into being on July 26, 1828, as capital of the Austin Colony, by decree of the Mexican government. Father of Texas Stephen F. Austin had begun under the 1821 grant from Mexico the settlement of more than . . . Map (db m116924) HM
34Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — San Felipe de Austin Town Site
[Side 1] San Felipe de Austin Town Site laid off by Stephen F. Austin as the Capital of his Colony in 1824 Here was held the only Federal District Court ever convened in Texas under Mexican rule [Side 2] Events leading to Revolution, First . . . Map (db m163048) HM
35Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Spanish TownCommerce and Mier y Terán Streets 1/2 Mile East
A neighborhood on the east edge of town was home to a number of Tejanos, or native born Texans. The cluster of families was referred to as Spanish Town. Some families had been driven from their homes during Mexico's war for independence . . . Map (db m206325) HM
36Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Stephen F. Austin, Father of Texas
Between 1821 and 1835, Austin shaped the course of colonial Texas. Here, he built his only home in Texas. His log cabin also served as the colony's land office, and became the center of San Felipe commerce. Following a plan begun by his . . . Map (db m201785) HM
37Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — 249 — Stephen F. Austin's Cabin Reported missing
Replica of Stephen F. Austin's Cabin This structure is a replica of the only Texas home of Stephen F. Austin, “Father of Texas.” The chimney contains bricks from original (1828) cabin. Other materials were made as . . . Map (db m156552) HM
38Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — 5 — The Burning of San Felipe
After the fall of the Alamo on March 6th, 1836 General Sam Houston and his Texian volunteers retreated to the east from Gonzales. Colonists evacuated and abandoned their homes and property in what became known as the Runaway Scrape. Local . . . Map (db m201788) HM
39Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — 4 — Toward Revolution
The Convention of 1833, followed by the Consultation in 1835, reflected the growing tension between the colonists and the Mexican government. The fateful military and political events of late 1835, would sway Austin to the war movement. . . . Map (db m201787) HM
40Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Travis Law OfficeLot 50 — Travis Law Office - Cotten Print Shop —
William Barret Travis is remembered as a revolutionary patriot and martyr of the Alamo. Before he gave his life for Texas' independence, he was a young attorney in San Felipe who ran a law office located on lot 50. Travis represented his . . . Map (db m206178) HM
41Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — 1 — Welcome to San Felipe de Austin
Between 1823 and 1836, San Felipe de Austin was the focal point for issues related to the immigration and settlement of American colonists in Mexican-controlled Texas. This site marks the central business district of San Felipe de Austin . . . Map (db m201784) HM
42Texas, Austin County, Wallis — 6344 — Martin Allen(November 28, 1780 - December 30, 1837)
As a young man Martin Allen assisted his father, Benjamin, in surveying roads in their native state of Kentucky. He married Elizabeth Vice in 1804 and by 1810 they and their three children were living in Louisiana. Martin joined the . . . Map (db m61299) HM
43Texas, Bandera County, Bandera — 18801 — Hendrick ArnoldSurvey No. 59 — Colored Burial Ground —
Freedman and soldier Hendrick Arnold (1804-1849) was awarded land following the Texas Revolution for his participation in the Siege of Bexar and the Battle of San Jacinto. He received six surveys in what was then Bexar county, including this . . . Map (db m201897) HM
44Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9233 — Campbell Taylor
A Mina Volunteer Who Fought for Texas Independence at San Jacinto, 1836Map (db m196000) HM WM
45Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9163 — Captain James Burleson
Chosen commissary by General Andrew Jackson, War of 1812 Edward Burleson, his son, accompanied him as book-keeper Participated in the Battle of New Orleans January 8, 1815 Served under his son, Edward, Army of Texas, in the Grass . . . Map (db m111111) HM
46Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9151 — Early History of the City of Bastrop
Long before white men arrived, this region was inhabited by Tonkawa and Comanche Indians. In 1691 the first Spanish explorers crossed this territory en route to east Texas. From their route, parts of “El Camino Real” (the King's . . . Map (db m126751) HM
47Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9185 — Felipe Entrique Neri, Baron De Bastrop1770 - 1829
Erected in recognition of the distinguished service to Texas of Felipe Entrique Neri, Baron De Bastrop 1770 - 1829 Pioneer Red River empresario. Land commissioner of Austin's colony. Member of the Congress of Coahuila and Texas. In . . . Map (db m111113) HM
48Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9192 — Jesse Halderman
Served in the Volunteer Army of Texas, 1835 A Veteran of San Jacinto 1836Map (db m196003) HM WM
49Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9202 — John Holland Jenkins
Young Soldier in the Texas War for Independence During the San Jacinto Campaign Map (db m196002) HM WM
50Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9220 — Robert Love Reding
Army of Texas • Participated in the Capture of Goliad October 9, 1835 • Signer of the Goliad Declaration of Independence • Born in Tennessee, 1810 • Died 1849Map (db m195970) HM
51Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9240 — Samuel Wolfenberger(1804 - 1860)
Early land grantee in this area. Of Dutch descent, he was born in Virginia. Came to Texas (then part of Mexico) in 1831 as a colonist of Stephen F. Austin, the "Father of Texas." Received a Spanish league of land (4,444 acres) here. Active in . . . Map (db m118406) HM
52Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 13114 — Thomas H. Mays
Thomas H. Mays was born in 1802 in Virginia and emigrated to Texas from Tennessee in 1830. In 1834, he became Bastrop's first municipal surveyor and platted the city's new streets. Two years later, he was wounded in the leg at the Battle of San . . . Map (db m65221) HM
53Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9176 — William Dunbar
A Member of the Mier Expedition, 1842-1843 • Born in Tennessee, January 1, 1819 • Died December 20, 1855Map (db m195937) HM
54Texas, Bastrop County, Elgin — 9171 — Site of the Home of Col. Robert M. Coleman — (1799 -1837) —
Signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence Aide-de-camp to Gen. Houston at San Jacinto Commander of a regiment of Rangers 1836-37 Here his widow Mrs. Elizabeth Coleman and son, Albert V. Coleman were killed by Indians and . . . Map (db m82688) HM
55Texas, Bastrop County, Jeddo — 9175 — John Socrates Darling
Born April 24, 1806 Came to Texas in 1835. A soldier in the Texas War for Independence before and during the Siege of Bexar 1835 and participated in the Battle of San Jacinto 1836 Died April 6, 1870 His wife Louranie Darling Born June 10, 1810 . . . Map (db m180695) HM
56Texas, Bastrop County, Jeddo — Rev. Benjamin F. Fry
. . . Map (db m180699) HM
57Texas, Bastrop County, McDade — Capt. Jesse Billingsley1810-1880
Born in Tennessee, friend of David Crockett, Jesse Billingsley came to Texas in 1834. Known as a fearless Indian fighter, Billingsley was elected captain of the Mina Volunteers, Company C, of the Republic of Texas Army. At the Battle of San Jacinto, . . . Map (db m205479) HM
58Texas, Bastrop County, McDade — 9194 — John Herron
A Mina Volunteer in the Texas War for Independence A San Jacinto VeteranMap (db m205522) HM
59Texas, Bastrop County, Smithville — 9228 — Stephen Scallorn
Maryland native Stephen Scallorn (1787-1887) lived in Kentucky and Tennessee, where he practiced medicine and was active in the Primitive Baptist Church, before moving to Texas. He was attracted to the Republic by the favorable accounts of his . . . Map (db m160302) HM
60Texas, Bee County, Beeville — 2155 — George Home
Built in 1890 by Will H. and Julia George of materials from early house on land inherited from her father, Maj. J.H. Wood (Texas Cattle Empire Builder) who came from New York to join Texas War for Independence. Remodeled in 1900, house is raised . . . Map (db m207402) HM
61Texas, Bee County, Beeville — 3315 — Medio CreekSignificant natural landmark
Named by the Spaniards about 1800 because of its midway position between the San Antonio and Nueces Rivers. Rises in Karnes County; empties into Mission River. Crossed by explorers, padres, soldiers, settlers who traveled on three early ox-cart . . . Map (db m202009) HM
62Texas, Bell County, Belton — 3516 — Mrs. Sarah Ann Hardin-Kelton
Widow of William Hardin before her marriage to Dr. O.P. Kelton Many of the Mexican officers and men were placed in the care of Judge and Mrs. Hardin after the victory at San Jacinto and were mercifully treated by them. Born August . . . Map (db m152194) HM
63Texas, Bell County, Belton — 15622 — Norman Austin(August 2, 1811 – May 12, 1890)
Texas revolutionary veteran and local merchant Norman Austin made important contributions to his adopted state. Born in Skaneateles, New York, he was the fifth son of a large family and traveled widely throughout his life. He farmed in Michigan and . . . Map (db m152240) HM
64Texas, Bell County, Belton — 5859 — Wilson Van Dyke(Dec 25, 1817 - Aug. 3, 1881)
A native of South Carolina, Wilson Van Dyke served as a member of the Somervell Expedition, which was organized in 1842 to expel the Mexican Army from Texas. Under command of Col. W.S. Fisher, he crossed the Rio Grande and was captured. A survivor . . . Map (db m29382) HM
65Texas, Bell County, Salado — E.S.C. Robertson
Elijah Sterling Clack Robertson was born in Giles County, Tennessee, August 23, 1820. His father, Empresario S.C. Robertson, brought him to Texas to learn Spanish and to help him in his land office translating and copying land grants to Spanish. For . . . Map (db m212459) HM
66Texas, Bell County, Salado — The Robertson and Sutherland Family
Under the sheltering trees on this hill, Mary E. Robertson and Thomas S. Sutherland met and studied at Thomas Arnold High School graduating in 1906 and 1910, married in the Robertson Homeplace uniting two families whose ancestors settled in Texas . . . Map (db m212453) HM
67Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 141st Infantry Regiment"Remember the Alamo" — Oldest Militia Unit in Texas —
Texas Revolution - 1836 Spanish-American War - 1898 Cuban Occupation - 1898 Mexican Border Serivce - 1916 World War I - 1918 World War II 1940-1945 Campaigns Naples-Foggia • Anzio Rome-Arno • Southern France Ardennes • Alsace . . . Map (db m32656) HM
68Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 4 Pound Replica Cannons
These iron 4 pound cannon replicas are based on the measurements of the cannons recovered in 1852 by Samuel Maverick near the northwest corner of the Alamo. Archival research indicates that these cannons were on site but not in use during the Battle . . . Map (db m188609) HM
69Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 86 — Adina de Zavala(November 28, 1861 – March 1, 1955)
As the granddaughter of Lorenzo de Zavala (1789-1836), first vice-president of the Republic of Texas, young Adina de Zavala was exposed to vivid accounts of Texas' revolutionary and republican past. She became a guiding force in the preservation . . . Map (db m61083) HM
70Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — Alamo Funeral Pyre
On this spot bodies of heroes slain at the Alamo were burned on a funeral pyre. Fragments of the bodies were afterward buried here. This tablet is the gift of relatives of Green B. Jemision and of other friends. Second Marker The De . . . Map (db m30589) HM
71Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 96 — Alamo Low Barracks and Main Gateway
Mission San Antonio de Valero, established nearby in 1718, was relocated here in 1724. By 1762, the mission plaza was enclosed by thick stone and adobe walls. The 11x14-foot main gateway was located at this site along the south wall. In 1803 . . . Map (db m30713) HM
72Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 11741 — Alejo de la Encarnación Pérez(March 23, 1835 - October 10, 1918)
Alejo de la Encarnación Pérez, infant son of Maria Juana Navarro Pérez, was the youngest known survivor of the 1836 Battle of the Alamo. From 1861 to 1864 Alejo served in the Confederate Army. After the Civil War he served the city of San Antonio in . . . Map (db m201644) HM
73Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — An Archaeological PuzzleArchaeology for Preservation
At this location an exciting discovery was made. Approximately two feet below the current surface archaeologist recently uncovered a circular stone platform - but what is it? Alamo archaeologist Kristi Nichols explains, "It appears to be . . . Map (db m188522) HM
74Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — Articles of Capitulation
In this place General Cos signed articles capitulating to the Texans who under Milam and Johnson took San Antonio Dec. 9, 1835.Map (db m82889) HM
75Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — Battle of the Alamo
By 1835, tensions between those in Mexico who supported republican ideals and the centralist Mexican government had escalated into all-out war. Seeking their independence, Texan revolutionaries won the town of San Antonio de Béxar from . . . Map (db m188616) HM
76Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 3370 — Benjamin Rush Milam
Right Panel Preeminent Hero of Texas A man of rare initiative and courage • Of a modest and winning personality A devoted friend • Born in Frankfort Kentucky in 1788 Soldier in the War of 1812 Back Panel Trader with the . . . Map (db m213076) WM
77Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 400 — Bexar County Under Nine Governments Reported missing
The administrative government of Bexar County, besides being the oldest in Texas, is distinguished by having served under nine governments. The community served under Spanish rule from May, 1718, until January, 1811, when it was taken over by . . . Map (db m53972) HM
78Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — Cannon From the Battle of the Alamo
Spanish soldiers saved this 18th-century cannon from a shipwreck in Matagorda Bay located off the Texas coast in 1817. It was brought to San Antonio where it was later captured by Texian forces during the Battle of Béxar (1835). The following year, . . . Map (db m188593) HM
79Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 3329 — Capt. José Antonio Menchaca
A Veteran of San Jacinto Born in San Antonio 1797 Died November 1. 1879 His Wife Teresa Ramon Menchaca Born in July, 1796 Died February 7, 1874Map (db m201642) HM WM
80Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 2943 — Charles Frederick King
Served in the Texas Army 1836 • • Was Mayor of San Antonio, 1847 - 1849 and 1852 - 1853 • Born in New Hampshire, January 17, 1811 Died in San Antonio, May 13, 1869Map (db m177381) HM
81Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — Clara DriscollLest We Forget
Title to the Alamo Mission property, acquired through her efforts and her personal fortune, was conveyed by Clara Driscoll to the State of Texas, Sept. 5th 1905: “That the sacred shrine be saved from the encroachments of . . . Map (db m30734) HM
82Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 1287 — Clara Driscoll(April 2, 1881 - July 17, 1945)
A descendant of early Texas colonists, including a veteran of San Jacinto, Clara Driscoll was born in Refugio County and grew up as a wealthy rancher's daughter. In 1903, soon after returning from school in Europe, she learned that the Long . . . Map (db m30130) HM
83Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 3371 — Col. Edward Miles(Feb. 8, 1816 - Apr. 1, 1889) — Noted Texas Soldier —
Came to Texas 1829. Served in Battles of Anahuac and San Jacinto in Texas War for Independence and the Indian, Mexican and Civil Wars. Born Natchez, Miss., Married Mary Ann Sawyer 1850. Prominent in Civic and Public Affairs. Recorded - . . . Map (db m163736) HM
84Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 4385 — Col. José Francisco Ruiz
. . . Map (db m201637) HM
85Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — Colonel Henry Wax KarnesIn Memory of the Famous Scout and Spy
Captain of a Company of Infantry at San Jacinto Elected Colonel of Cavalry May 10, 1837 Born in Tennessee Sept. 12, 1812 Died at San Antonio Aug. 16, 1840Map (db m179891) HM
86Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — Colonel William B. Travis
(Born August 1, 1809) sacrificed his life for Texas liberty while defending the north wall of the Alamo in the vicinity of the present day federal building (across Houston) on March 6, 1836.Map (db m188587) HM
87Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — Council House
Here stood the early Court House, City Council Room, etc., and where occurred the Indian Massacre in 1840, and where the Court was captured in 1842. De Zavala Daughters of the Heroes of Texas. 1924.Map (db m142413) HM
88Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — David Crockett(1786-1836) — Frontiersman, American Humorist, Politician and Alamo Defender —
David Crockett was a frontiersman who became a well-known politician and humorist in early 19th Century America. In a period of history that celebrated the rise of the common man, no common man rose higher from such humble beginnings. "Davy" . . . Map (db m188527) HM
89Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — Dawson Massacre MemorialSeptember 18, 1842
Dawson Massacre Memorial September 18, 1842 Erected by Alamo Mission Chapter Daughters of The Republic of TexasMap (db m85982) WM
90Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — Defender of the Alamo
In 1836, an 18-pounder cannon similar to the one seen here was mounted to defend the Alamo's southwest corner. The 18-pounder played a legendary role in the prelude to the battle. After a brief parlay, the Alamo's commanding officer Lt. . . . Map (db m188611) HM
91Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 13385 — Don José de Jesús Rodríguez1822 - 1889
Veteran in the Texas War for Independence 1835 - 1836 One of the Storming Party Who Entered Bexar December 5, 1835 an Honored Citizen Soldier and Ranger of TexasMap (db m201639) HM
92Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 18173 — Don Jose Miguel de Arciniega
In 1810, Don Jose Miguel de Arciniega (1793- 1849), a maker of Texas, entered the Spanish military at the age of 17. After the Mexican War for Independence in 1821, Arciniega held many municipal posts, including San Antonio Alcalde in 1830 and . . . Map (db m213308) HM
93Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 5918 — Don Juan Ximenes
. . . Map (db m201640) HM
94Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 1440 — El Quartel (El Cuartel)
Built in 1810. On Jan. 22, 1811, Captain Juan Bautista de las Casas recruited forces here for first overthrow of Spanish rule in Texas by arresting governor, and other high officials. On March 2, 1811, Juan Zambrano led counter revolutionary . . . Map (db m213309) HM
95Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — 1502 — Enrique Esparza(September, 1824 - December 20, 1917)
Son of Alamo defender Gregorio Esparza, 11-year old Enrique, his mother, two brothers and sister were present at the seige by the Mexican Army (Feb 23 - March 6, 1836). Hidden in a pile of hay, the youth saw his father fall and witnessed the heroic . . . Map (db m208260) HM
96Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — Founding of the Mission and Origin of Name
The San Antonio de Padua Mission was founded in San Antonio in 1716 by the Franciscan Father, Antonio Olivares, and after merging with the San Francisco Solano Mission in 1718, it was officially founded as the San Antonio de Valero Mission. The . . . Map (db m9228) HM
97Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — From Republic to Early Statehood1837-1885
The Treaty of Velasco mandated that all Mexican forces withdraw south of the Rio Grande. Before leaving the Alamo, however, Mexican troops destroyed much of what remained. For many years, the structure stood deserted as the affairs of the new . . . Map (db m188747) HM
98Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — From Warehouse to Shrine1886-1997
As the twentieth century approached, the historic Alamo Shrine was surrounded by commercial property, and original parts of the mission were in danger of being lost forever. Adina De Zavala, granddaughter of the first vice president of the Republic . . . Map (db m188760) HM
99Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — Gonzales Men at the Alamo
Erected in grateful recognition of the supreme act of heroism of the thirty two men from Gonzales who gave their lives in the Alamo in response to the appeal of Travis. Erected March 1, 1936Map (db m30777) HM
100Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio — Heroes of the Alamo
This oak tree planted in the spring of 1965 in memory of the Heroes of the Alamo. Presented by the First Officers' Training Camp Association of Texas, Leon Springs, Texas, May 8...August 15, 1917. Roster of First Campers filed in Alamo Library.Map (db m30599) HM

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