“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Jefferson County Washington Historical Markers

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By Martin Schrattenholzer, March 3, 2018
An Abundant Backyard Marker
Washington (Jefferson County), Brinnon — An Abundant Backyard
Just as the cabin tells a story of the site's history, so does nature. The large stumps in the area tell about early logging activity. Notice in the photo how different the cabin must have been with an expansive view before the new forest . . . — Map (db m115751) HM
Washington (Jefferson County), Brinnon — At Home in the Outdoors
Emory Finch, the son of Hoodsport pioneers, moved into Interrorem with his new bride Maybelle Peterson on their wedding day, April 22. 1908. Like her husband, she saw at home in the outdoors. The couple met when she and two friends came over from . . . — Map (db m116139) HM
Washington (Jefferson County), Brinnon — Home and Office
Interrorem Ranger Cabin is the oldest Forest Service dwelling on the Olympic Penninsula and one of the oldest in the Northwest.

As you gaze through the trees at Interrorem Ranger cabin, step back in time to the Spring of 1907. From this spot . . . — Map (db m116138) HM

Washington (Jefferson County), Brinnon — Interrorem: Interim or Enduring?
The name Interrorem, according to the most popular theory, was derived from Latin meaning "between the gold". Others believe it was slang for "Interim," used by those who thought the cabin would be a temporary site for managing the forest. Instead, . . . — Map (db m116137) HM
Washington (Jefferson County), Brinnon — Loyalty, Courage & Common Sense
Early Forest Rangers were custodians of the forest, riding horseback over mountain trails and camping out, protecting the forest from fires, poachers, and trespassers.

Most were outdoorsmen, former cowboys, trappers and woodsmen. They were . . . — Map (db m116140) HM

Washington (Jefferson County), Brinnon — The Ranger Hole
It is no wonder that the churning fishing hole one mile down this trail is called Ranger Hole. Emery Finch, and many other early Rangers were avid fishermen, wearing a well traveled path between the cabin and their favorite fishing spot. Fishing was . . . — Map (db m116141) HM
Washington (Jefferson County), Forks — Sv. Nikolai MissionStorm at Sea, War on Land
Sv. Nikolai Mission In September 1808 the Russian American Company (RAC) schooner Sv. Nikolai (Saint Nicholas) set sail from the Russian American Company's fort in Sitka, which was then in Russian territory (now part of the State . . . — Map (db m129574) HM
Washington (Jefferson County), Forks — Anna Petrovna - Timothei Tarakanov
Anna Petrovna Anna Petrovna Bulygin, a Russian woman notable for being the first European woman known to live in what is now Washington State, landed with the crew of the Sv. Nikolai. Anna was eighteen years old, the attractive wife of . . . — Map (db m129585) HM
Washington (Jefferson County), Forks — Escape to the Hoh River Leads to CaptivityMakah Tribe Encounter & Rescue
Escape to the Hoh River Leads to Captivity At dawn following a harrowing, fearful night awaiting retribution, the Russian party reconnoiters, but finds only dense forest growing down to the high-tide surf line. Captain Bulygin decides to take . . . — Map (db m129588) HM
Washington (Jefferson County), Forks — Hoh Indian Tribe
The tribal name for the Hoh River is Chalak'At'sit (meaning "The Southern River"). The river itself is focal in Hoh tribal identity and folk-history and in traditional economic patterns. The Hoh people were created along the river. Mythic narratives . . . — Map (db m129587) HM
Washington (Jefferson County), Forks — Quileute Indian Tribe
Thousands of winters before the arrival of the White Drifting-House people, the Ho-qwats, the Quileute Indians and the ghosts of their ancestors lived and hunted near La Push, Washington. For as long as the ageless memory of legend recalls, the . . . — Map (db m129589) HM
Washington (Jefferson County), Port Townsend — Bell Tower1980
For more than 50 years, the bell was used to call volunteer fire fighters to their posts. It is the only known tower of its kind in the United States. It was restored in 2003 by the Jefferson County Historical Society and the City of Port Townsend . . . — Map (db m83776) HM
Washington (Jefferson County), Port Townsend — Fire Bell Tower — Port Townsend —
This is the last remaining wooden fire bell tower in the United States. Port Townsend’s Fire Bell Tower is a 75-foot wooden structure built in 1890 to hold a 1,500 pound brass bell and the city's new $900 fire engine. . . . — Map (db m83775) HM
Washington (Jefferson County), Port Townsend — Historic City HallPort Townsend
In 1891 architects Batwell & Patrick designed a multi-purpose civic structure to house administrative offices, council chamber, courtroom, fire hall and jail to serve the needs of a city of 20,000. Port Townsend's city council still meets . . . — Map (db m129357) HM
Washington (Jefferson County), Port Townsend — Historical Marker
Commemorating Capt. George Vancouver’s discovery, landing & naming of Port Townsend in honor of the Marquis of Townshend, May 7, 1792. Donated Dec 1, 1986, by the DeLeo Family, residents of Port Townsend since 1883. — Map (db m91334) HM
Washington (Jefferson County), Port Townsend — Kuhn Building1892
Begun in 1892 by Port Townsend pioneer Joseph A. Kuhn, this building represented the latest ideas of the time in architecture. Construction was directed by Jonas Guise, then the best known contractor in the area. Bricks came from the yards of . . . — Map (db m91331) HM
Washington (Jefferson County), Port Townsend — Starrett House
Starrett House Under the provisions of the National Historic Preservation Act of October 15, 1966, this property possesses exceptional value in commemorating, or illustrating American History Placed on the National Register on September 29, . . . — Map (db m129376) HM
Washington (Jefferson County), Port Townsend — The Haller Fountaindedicated 1906
The Haller Fountain was brought to Port Townsend by resident Theodore N. Haller to honor his deceased father and brother. After the dedication speech, Mr. Haller read a poem about the Greek sea nymph, Galatea, and the statue has been known by that . . . — Map (db m91294) HM

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