“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Former U.S. Presidents: #36 Lyndon B. Johnson Historical Markers

U.S. Congress Approves Voting Rights Act of 1965 Marker (Side 2) image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, March 25, 2015
U.S. Congress Approves Voting Rights Act of 1965 Marker (Side 2)
1Alabama (Dallas County), Selma — 'Bloody Sunday' Attack at Edmund Pettus Bridge / U.S. Congress Approves Voting Rights Act of 1965
Side 1 'Bloody Sunday' Attack at Edmund Pettus Bridge A voting registration campaign in 1965 turned tragic Feb. 17 when an Alabama state trooper fatally shot Jimmie Lee Jackson in Marion. It prompted a protest march from . . . Map (db m81944) HM
2Alabama (Escambia County), Flomaton — Flomaton, Alabama
Front As railroads were reconstructed following the Civil War, a junction of north-south and east-west lines was established along the Alabama-Florida border near the confluence of Big Escambia Creek and the Conecuh-Escambia River. A . . . Map (db m47484) HM
3Alabama (Lowndes County), White Hall — Marchers, Supporters, Hecklers — Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail —
While helicopters buzzed overhead, National Guard soldiers—ordered by President Lyndon Johnson to protect the marchers—lined U.S. Highway 80, alert to the potential of violence by angry whites. Marchers walked mile after tired mile, while black . . . Map (db m112384) HM
4Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — 9 — Judge Frank M. Johnson: Judicial Fairness in the Age of SegregationMolton and Montgomery Streets — Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail —
Following two attempted marches from Selma in 1965 civil rights leaders turned to the federal courts for legal protection prior to the Selma To Montgomery March. Federal District Court Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr., appointed by President . . . Map (db m91321) HM
5Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — 11 — Thousands Protest at the Seat of GovernmentDexter Avenue — Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail —
On Thursday, March 25, 1965, the Selma to Montgomery marchers left St. Jude and continued through the streets of Montgomery, the crowd swelling in numbers as they approached Court Square. By the time they reached Dexter Avenue, a crowd of more . . . Map (db m91322) HM
6Arkansas (Benton County), Bella Vista — United States Commanders in Chief
[Written on the initial marker, provided for context] Our Constitution names the President of the United States the Commander in Chief of all the Armed Forces. Presidents who have served in our military are displayed on the following . . . Map (db m92423) HM WM
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7Delaware (New Castle County), Wilmington — The Park
The park was created by the State of Delaware for the tercentenary in 1938. It was designated a National Historic Landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior March 29, 1963 in the presence of Prince Bertil of Sweden, Vice President Lyndon B. . . . Map (db m174432) HM
8District of Columbia (Washington), Adams Morgan — 5 — Ambassadors of FaithRoads to Diversity — Adams Morgan Heritage Trail —
Three dramatic religious structures dominate this corner. They are among some 40 religious institutions lining 16th Street between the White House and the Maryland state line. Many serve as unofficial “embassies” representing the . . . Map (db m152206) HM
9District of Columbia (Washington), American University Park — 15 — For the ChildrenTop of the Town — Tenleytown Heritage Trail —
From 1927 until the late 1950s, the landscaped grounds across the street were the Hillcrest Children’s Center. It was founded downtown in 1814 as the Washington City Orphan Asylum by Marcia Burnes Van Ness and President Madison’s wife Dolley. . . . Map (db m130930) HM
10District of Columbia (Washington), Anacostia — Thurgood Marshall
Real Justice The Spirit of Thurgood Marshall 7-2-08 to 1-24-98 I still believe firmly that the right will win out. Justice for all people, regardless of race, creed or color. The long-time NAACP lawyer who argued successfully in . . . Map (db m88468) HM
11District of Columbia (Washington), Brookland — Robert Clifton Weaver Residence SiteAfrican American Heritage Trail, Washington, DC — 3519 14th Street, NE —
Economist Robert Clifton Weaver (1907-1997) was born in Washington and grew up here in Brookland. After graduating from Dunbar High School, he earned three degrees in economics from Harvard and moved into a long career in government service. Weaver . . . Map (db m111796) HM
12District of Columbia (Washington), Columbia Island — "Where flowers bloom, so does hope"Claudia Alta Taylor “Lady Bird” Johnson — Lady Bird Johnson Park - George Washington Memorial Parkway —
First Lady Claudia Alta Taylor Johnson, known as Lady Bird, is famous for her nationwide beautification initiatives. When she served as First Lady from 1963 to 1969, she championed legislation concerning pollution, conservation, urban renewal, . . . Map (db m181397) HM
13District of Columbia (Washington), Columbia Island — Architect of the Great SocietyGeorge Washington Memorial Parkway — Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove —
"Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose." - Lyndon Baines Johnson
The Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove on the Potomac is a living memorial, surrounded by a grove of white . . . Map (db m181395) HM
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14District of Columbia (Washington), Columbia Island — First BloomLady Bird Johnson Park — George Washington Memorial Parkway —
”To me beautification means our total concern for the physical and human quality we pass on to our children and the future.” - Lady Bird Johnson When kids connect with national parks, the result is conservation. Through . . . Map (db m53699) HM
15District of Columbia (Washington), Columbia Island — The Memorial GroveA Living Legacy — Lady Bird Johnson Park —
"This strip of land will always be a special place for me… It appears at the moment when you come over a rise and look down into the Potomac Valley and see the capital spread out with its great monuments." - Claudia Alta . . . Map (db m181393) HM
16District of Columbia (Washington), Columbia Island — Tomorrow is ours to win or loseLyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove on the Potomac — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Today, we proclaim our refusal to be strangled by the wastes of Civilization. Today, we begin to be the masters of our environment. Lyndon B. Johnson at the signing of the Water Quality Act of 1965 President Johnson . . . Map (db m181394) HM
17District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown Washington — Executive Office Building
Originally State, War, and Navy Departments Constructed 1871-1888 South Wing Ground broken June 1871 Completed December 1875 East Wing Ground broken July 1872 Completed April 1879 North Wing Ground broken July 1879 Completed December 1882 West . . . Map (db m71253) HM
18District of Columbia (Washington), LeDroit Park — 2 — T Street ElitesWorthy Ambition — LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale Heritage Trail —
The Roster of LeDroit Park's accomplished African Americans is long. Consider these prominent Washingtonians who lived on T Street. Walter E. Washington and his wife, Bennetta Bullock Washington, lived with her family at 408 T Street. Mrs. . . . Map (db m152367) HM
19District of Columbia (Washington), Logan Circle — Belford V. Lawson and Marjorie M. Lawson Residence8 Logan Circle, NW — African American Heritage Trail, Washington D. C. —
Belford V. Lawson (1909–1985) and Marjorie M. Lawson (1912–2002) were prominent attorneys. Mr. Lawson helped win landmark civil rights cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, including New Negro Alliance v. Sanitary Grocery (1938) . . . Map (db m79362) HM
20District of Columbia (Washington), Logan Circle — 13 — The Presidents' ChurchA Fitting Tribute — Logan Circle Heritage Trail —
Through The 1960s President Lyndon B. Johnson and his family worshipped across the street to your left at National City Christian Church. The First Family sat near the front in the pew deemed safest by their Secret Service agents. The church . . . Map (db m130858) HM
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21District of Columbia (Washington), Pleasant Plains — 11 — The Lake So BlueLift Every Voice — Georgia Ave./Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail —
The body of water that inspired the line in Howard University’s alma mater, “far above the lake so blue stands old Howard firm and true,” is McMillan Reservoir, which opened in 1902 to supply water to the city. The reservoir and . . . Map (db m130766) HM
22District of Columbia (Washington), Sheridan-Kalorama — Robert Emmet: Irish PatriotRock Creek Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
"I wished to procure for my country the guarantee which Washington procured for America" The centerpiece of this small park is a sculpture of Irish patriot Robert Emmet that serves as a tribute to how American democracy inspired the . . . Map (db m112614) HM
23District of Columbia (Washington), Southwest Waterfront — Can you identify these famous Civil Rights leaders?All four lived in this Southwest DC neighborhood!
Who are these famous Civil Rights leaders? Barbara Jordan (upper left)(some text missing due to illegibility) Patsy Mink (wearing...    (some text missing due to illegibility) ... supporter of civil rights . . . Map (db m130649) HM
24Florida (Brevard County), Mims — Thurgood MarshallHarry T. & Harriette V. Moore Memorial Park
Thurgood Marshall (July 2, 1908-January 24, 1993), the great-grandson of slaves, was the first African-American justice appointed to the United States Supreme Court. Where he served from 1967 to 1991. Earlier in his career, Marshall was a . . . Map (db m179223) HM
25Florida (Citrus County), Crystal River — Withlacoochee Bay TrailMarjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway
The Price of Progress Picture massive barges, tugboats and trawlers clogging the bay. This was to be the west end of the Cross Florida Barge Canal, where the water enters the Gulf of Mexico. The canal would have impacted Florida's fresh and . . . Map (db m167343) HM
26Florida (Hillsborough County), East Lake-Orient Park — United States occupation of the Dominican Republic (1965-1966)Hillsborough County Veterans Memorial Park
The second United States occupation of the Dominican Republic began when the United States Marines Corps entered Santo Domingo on April 28, 1965 in the Dominican Civil War. They were later joined, beginning the following day by most of the United . . . Map (db m194506) WM
27Florida (Marion County), Ocala — Canal BuildingHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
Roosevelt EraThe Cross Florida Canal got its start during the Great Depression years. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's efforts to revive the nation's ailing economy involved a wide array of projects and jobs funded by tax-payers. The . . . Map (db m166868) HM
28Florida (Miami-Dade County), Florida City — F-739 — Operation Pedro PanOperación Pedro Pan
On this site, which was officially known as the Florida City Shelter of the Catholic Welfare Bureau’s Children’s Program, thousands of Operation Pedro Pan children found refuge from Communist Cuba between 1961 and 1966. Operation Pedro Pan . . . Map (db m71917) HM
29Florida (Miami-Dade County), Homestead — The Edge of "Progress" / Al Margen del "Progreso"
The Edge of "Progress" (English) Imagine standing at this spot and watching tanker ships approach an oil refinery directly ahead of you. In the distance to your right, a causeway connects the Florida mainland to a new city on the . . . Map (db m131792) HM
30Florida (Okaloosa County), Hurlburt Field — Lieutenant Colonel Joe Madison Jackson311th Air Commando Squadron
Lieutenant Colonel Jackson was the aircraft commander of an unarmed C-123 transport flying a tactical emergency evacuation mission to rescue three remaining survivors at the Special Forces camp at Kham Duc, Republic of Vietnam, on 12 May 1968. The . . . Map (db m99813) HM
31Florida (Okaloosa County), Hurlburt Field — Major Bernard Francis Fisher1st Air Commando Squadron
Major Fisher was an A-1E pilot at A Shau, South Vietnam on 10 March 1966. The Special Forces camp was attacked by 2,000 North Vietnamese Army Regulars. Tops of 1,500-foot hills were obscured by an 800-foot ceiling, limiting maneuverability and . . . Map (db m99811) HM WM
32Florida (Putnam County), Crescent City — F-564 — Asa Philip Randolph
Civic Rights Activist, Trade Union Leader, Crusader for Justice 1889–1979 “Salvation for a race, nation or class must come from within. Freedom is never granted; it is won. Justice is never given; it is exacted.” Asa Philip . . . Map (db m5514) HM
33Florida (Putnam County), Palatka — Buckman Lock North / Buckman Lock SouthMarjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway
"God Was Good to this Country" On a rainy February day in 1964, President Lyndon Johnson spoke to a crowd near here. "God was good to this country… He gave us great estuaries, natural locales for harbors, but he left it to us to dredge them out . . . Map (db m167899) HM
34Florida (Putnam County), Palatka — F-122 — Cross Florida Barge Canal
Two and a-half miles to the east, at Rodeheaver Boys Ranch, President Lyndon B. Johnson, on February 27, 1964, dedicated the Start of Construction on the 185-MILE CROSS FLORIDA BARGE CANAL. An estimated audience of 15,000 attended.Map (db m129568) HM
35Florida (Putnam County), Palatka — F-123 — Cross Florida Barge Canal Memorial
President Lyndon B. Johnson Dedicated the Start of Construction of the 185-Mile Long Canal at this Site on February 27, 1964Map (db m101763) HM
36Florida (Seminole County), Sanford — Vietnam War1954-1975
The Vietnam War began when Vietnamese nationalists ended one hundred years of colonial rule by forcing the French out of the country. The 1954 Geneva Peace Accords divided the country into North and South Vietnam to separate the opposing groups . . . Map (db m57568) HM
37Florida (St. Johns County), St. Augustine — Andrew Young CrossingPeaceful Protest for Civil Rights
At this location on June 9th, 1964, Civil Rights Movement Leader Andrew Young led a march from Lincolnville to the Plaza de la Constitución where they met violent opposition. Young had been sent to St. Augustine by the Reverend Martin Luther King, . . . Map (db m107336) HM
38Georgia (Baldwin County), Milledgeville — Carl Vinson • Mary Green VinsonNov.18, 1883 - June 1, 1981     Sept. 19, 1887 - Nov. 16, 1950
Carl Vinson, native son, farmer, lawyer, statesman, served in the United States Congress for 50 years; Chairman of the Naval Affairs Committee; Chairman of the Armed Services Committee; an advocate for Military Preparedness; He was credited with . . . Map (db m42626) HM
39Illinois (Kane County), Geneva — Vietnam(1964-1975 U.S. Involvement)
Major Campaigns and Deaths Tet Offensive 1/68-2/68) 2,500 Vietcong Offensive (2/69) 1,140 Operation Rolling Thunder (2/65-11/68) 818 Battle of Khe Sahn (1/68-4/68) 730 Battle of Dak To (11/67) 285 Operation . . . Map (db m94949) HM WM
40Iowa (Cherokee County), Cherokee — Cherokee County Freedom Rock Veterans Memorial
Francis L. Sampson 1912-1996 Francis L. Sampson's amazing record as a war hero put him in history books. As the "Paratrooper Padre" in World War II, he was one of the 20th century's best-known Army Chaplains. His real life story of . . . Map (db m126926) HM WM
41Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 1960 — Civil Rights Activist Author / Alice Allison Dunnigan 1906-1983
Civil Rights Activist Author In 1948, Alice Dunnigan was first black reporter on campaign trail with a president--Truman. Under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, she was member of President's Committee on Equal Opportunity. Author of: A . . . Map (db m123369) HM
42Kentucky (Union County), Morganfield — 1844 — Earle C. Clements — (1896-1985) —
This Union Countian became governor following service in WW I, then as sheriff, county clerk and judge, state senator. As governor, 1947-1950, Clements spurred massive industrialization effort as well as road and state parks development. Resigned to . . . Map (db m123606) HM
43Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — The Vietnam War1954-1975
Panel 1 Much like the Korean War before it, the Vietnam War started as a civil war in Asia, but quickly evolved into an international matter because it became yet another manifestation of the Cold War. By 1954, a communist regime controlled . . . Map (db m208813) WM
44Louisiana (Orleans Parish), New Orleans — My Bourbon Home
New Orleans maps, as early as 1720, all reveal the presence of earlier buildings on this historic site. During the time of Spanish Rule, after the Great Conflagrations of 1788 and 1794, Casa Quinones was erected in 1795 by Don Estevan de Quinones, a . . . Map (db m51377) HM
45Louisiana (Orleans Parish), New Orleans — Superdome Vietnam Wall
1954 Communist forces win decisive victory over French at Dien Bien Phu. Geneva Accords divide Vietnam. Southeast Asia Treaty Organization is formed. President Dwight D. Eisenhower offers aid to South Vietnam. 1955 One Million Vietnamese . . . Map (db m106032) HM WM
46Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapolis — Evoking Our Naval Heritage PastSailing Confidently Into The Future
Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium has been called a "Memorial that happens to be a stadium". While visitors and athletes for nearly 50 years have been inspired by the campaigns and battles emblazoned around the stadium facade, much more needed . . . Map (db m127935) HM WM
47Maryland (Baltimore), Upton — Courting JusticePennsylvania Avenue Heritage Trail
Working with the Mutual United Brotherhood of Liberty (MUBL), a small group of African American lawyers living in Baltimore were committed to erasing racism within the law. But first they had to fight for the right to practice law in Maryland, . . . Map (db m168769) HM
48Maryland (Frederick County), Catoctin Furnace — Harriet ChapelCirca 1828
A picturesque fieldstone chapel built as a memorial to Harriet McPherson Brien, wife of John Brien, owner of Catoctin Iron Furnace. Harriet Chapel would become a place of worship for members of the Episcopal Church in 1833. Most church services were . . . Map (db m184185) HM
49Maryland (Frederick County), Myersville — The Bill Pate Portal
One half mile to the west of this plaque, the gap in South Mountain, the Appalachian Trail footbridge, and I-70 symbolically form the Bill Pate Portal to the Appalachian region—a region where a people and their governments joined in a national . . . Map (db m167360) HM
50Maryland (Prince George's County), Oxon Hill — Working to Improve the River
In the mid-1960s, the water quality of the Potomac River was unhealthy. In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson called the river a "national disgrace." Development and public neglect had allowed the river to become polluted with sediment, sewage, and . . . Map (db m127729) HM
51Maryland (Worcester County), Ocean City — Smaller Conflicts After WWII
World War II was the last fought in which the President asked Congress for a declaration of war. Since then, United States armed forces have been in combat, including these smaller conflicts: Cuba 1961 The U.S. orchestrates the . . . Map (db m150158) HM
52Michigan (Ingham County), Lansing — E. Genevieve Gillette 1898-1986Athletics and Recreation
Known as the “Mother” of Michigan State Parks system. Genevieve Gillette is remembered as one of the state’s most effective conservation lobbyists. In 1920, she was the only woman in the first landscape architecture class to graduate . . . Map (db m103684) HM
53Michigan (Oakland County), White Lake Township — Genevieve Gilletteand the Treasures of Nature
Michigan state parks welcomed the newly-mobile drivers of automobiles in the early 1900s. Genevieve Gillette made it her life's work to preserve precious natural settings and make them available to the travelling public. In 1920 she began . . . Map (db m99055) HM
54Minnesota (Hennepin County), Minneapolis — President Lyndon B. Johnson
President Lyndon B. Johnson, Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, and Governor Karl Rolvaag enjoy the spray from Minnehaha Falls. On that day in 1964, however, Minneapolis was experiencing a drought. In order to create the beautiful display of the falls . . . Map (db m41153) HM
55Mississippi (Coahoma County), Clarksdale — 16 — Aaron Henry — Mississippi Freedom Trail —
Front Aaron Henry (1922-1997), Clarksdale pharmacist, was a major early grassroots activist in the civil rights movement. As local NAACP president, he led the early 1960s Clarksdale boycott campaign, during which he was arrested and . . . Map (db m170477) HM
56Mississippi (Hinds County), Jackson — 2 — Medgar Evers Home — Mississippi Freedom Trail —
Front Medgar and Myrlie Evers moved into this home with their children - Darrell and Reena - in 1955 after Medgar became Mississippi's first NAACP Field Secretary. Son Van was born in 1960. Evers was an outspoken activist for . . . Map (db m115401) HM
57Mississippi (Pike County), McComb — 15 — C.C. Bryant — Mississippi Freedom Trail —
Side 1 Elected president of the Pike County branch of the NAACP in 1954, Curtis Conway Bryant (1917-2001) played a major role in early civil rights activism of southwest Mississippi. He campaigned to expand membership in the NAACP, led large . . . Map (db m108990) HM
58Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — 201 — WonderHistoric Mining Camp — 1906 - 1919 —
text from: Nevada State Historic Preservation Office Located 13 miles to the north is the camp of Wonder, a major mining center in the early years of the twentieth century. Thomas J. Stroud and several others made the first locations in . . . Map (db m69651) HM
59New York (Essex County), Newcomb — Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt became President of the United States while in Newcomb during the early morning hours of September 12th, 1901. Earlier in the day he was descending from Mount Marcy when a guide reached him with information that President McKinley . . . Map (db m147527) HM
60New York (Orange County), West Point — Twentieth Century Wars
The Cold War (1946-1991) Peace Operations (1991-2000) Shortly after its victory in World War II, the United States faced new international security challenges. The Soviet Union established Communist governments in central and eastern Europe and . . . Map (db m35504) HM
61New York (Queens County), Corona — New York Worlds Fair1939 - 1940 1964 - 1965 — New Amsterdam Entrance —
Heads of State who visited the New York Worlds Fair 1939 - 1940 Herbert C. Hoover, USA • Franklin D. Roosevelt, USA • George VI, Great Britain • Anastasio Somoza, Nicaragua 1964 - 1965 Herbert C. Hoover, USA • Harry . . . Map (db m193429) HM
62Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Ohio University's Distinguished Visitors
Susan Brownell Anthony Woman Suffrage Leader Visited October 19, 1878 "To secure both national and 'domestic tranquility,' to 'establish justice,' to carry out the spirit of our Constitution, put into the hands of all women....the . . . Map (db m53838) HM
63Ohio (Miami County), Piqua — 32-55 — William Moore McCullough / Civil Rights Movement in Piqua
Side A: William Moore McCulloch William McCulloch was born in Holmes County where he was educated in a one-room schoolhouse before moving to Wooster to attend high school and the College of Wooster. He attained prominence as Ohio's Speaker of . . . Map (db m29828) HM
64Ohio (Montgomery County), Riverside — MSgt Salvador ParadisoIn Honor Of
35 years of dedicated service Veteran of Korea and Vietnam A member of the ground crew on Columbine III – Air Force One President Kennedy and President Johnson Member of the 4950th Test WingMap (db m82720) HM WM
65Pennsylvania (Forest County), Marienville — Marienville
Top Left First called "Blood's Settlement", and then later Marien, then Marienville, after Marien (Blood) Hunt, daughter of Cyrus Blood, the founder of Forest County. Marienville is located on a flattened ridgeline known as the "Big Level", . . . Map (db m138604) HM
66Pennsylvania (Forest County), Tionesta — Howard Zahniser(1906-1964)
Conservationist and architect of National Wilderness Preservation System Act of 1964. Although he died four months before President Lyndon Johnson signed the bill, his efforts led to the preservation of over 100 million acres across the nation. . . . Map (db m39881) HM
67Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Frank Gasparro(1909-2001)
Designer of the reverse side of the Lincoln Penny and, with Gilroy Roberts, the Kennedy half-dollar. Born and educated in classical art in Philadelphia, Gasparro was first employed as a junior engraver by the U.S. Mint in 1942. By 1965 he was . . . Map (db m81640) HM
68Puerto Rico (Municipio de San Juan), San Juan — Lyndon B. Johnson36th President of the United States / 36to Presidente de los Estados Unidos — 1963 - 1969 —
President Johnson is one of only four people who served in all four elected federal offices of the United States: representative, senator, vice-president and president. Johnson succeeded to the presidency following the assassination of John . . . Map (db m193237) HM
69South Carolina (Horry County), Myrtle Beach — Cold War - Dominican Republic
In 1961, Dominican Republic Dictator Raphael Trujillo was assassinated. In the following years, turmoil and conflict were the order of the day on the island. President John F. Kennedy made it clear that it was time for democracy in the Dominican . . . Map (db m102073) WM
70South Dakota (Pennington County), Rapid City — The American CommitmentThe Berlin Wall Memorial
The United States never wavered in its commitment to freedom and democracy in Berlin, a city isolated 100 miles inside Easts Germany. In 1948, to assert its influence over Germany, the Soviet Union blockaded land access to Berlin. The Western . . . Map (db m136414) WM
71Tennessee (Fentress County), Pall Mall — Sgt. Alvin C. York - America's Greatest Civilian Soldier
On Oct. 8, 1918, outside the French village of Chatel-Chenery, Alvin C. York took his fateful walk into history during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive against the German forces. As the sharpshooter for Company G in the 328th Infantry of the U.S. Army, . . . Map (db m81525) WM
72Texas (Bell County), Bartlett — 1613 — First Baptist Church of Bartlett
Originally known as Pecan Grove Baptist Church, this fellowship was organized in 1873 by the Rev. M.V. Smith, the Rev. H.I. Kimball, and the Rev. G.W. Baines, great-grandfather of United States President Lyndon Baines Johnson. In 1884 the church was . . . Map (db m29036) HM
73Texas (Bell County), Salado — 279 — George Washington Baines House
Built in the 1860s, this house was the residence of the Rev. George Washington Baines (1809-83) from 1870 to 1883. A pioneer Baptist preacher, missionary, editor, and educator, the Rev. Baines was the great-grandfather of United States President . . . Map (db m29313) HM
74Texas (Bell County), Temple — 18315 — Cora Anderson Negro Hospital
Officially opened on May 17, 1953, Cora Anderson Negro Hospital offered medical services to the growing African American population of Temple and greater Bell County. The hospital featured 16 patient rooms and a surgical suite. It was located only . . . Map (db m131552) HM
75Texas (Blanco County), Johnson City — 5550 — Blanco County Trail Drives
From this headquarters site in the 1870s, the brothers J. T. and Sam Ealy Johnson started thousands of cattle up trails to Kansas and other shipping or market points. To the west, at Williamson's Creek, and at Deer Creek (southeast) the Johnsons had . . . Map (db m35352) HM
76Texas (Blanco County), Johnson City — 2829 — James Polk Johnson Building
Built by Johnson City founder James Polk Johnson (1845-1885), this structure has housed a variety of businesses and served as a community gathering place. In addition to serving as a community hall, opera house, and meeting place for churches and . . . Map (db m31126) HM
77Texas (Blanco County), Johnson City — Johnson City
“It was just a big family town. Nobody was rich, and everybody had plenty to eat and plenty to wear, and Lyndon was no different from the rest of us. I miss that little town, that feeling that everybody would do anything for anybody else. . . . Map (db m31098) HM
78Texas (Blanco County), Johnson City — Johnson Settlement Trail
The sidewalk ahead leads to the Johnson Settlement, frontier home of President Johnson's paternal grandparents, Samuel Ealy Johnson, Sr., and Eliza Bunton Johnson. Between 1867 and 1872 Sam Ealy Johnson, Sr., and his brother Tom drove huge herds . . . Map (db m31097) HM
79Texas (Blanco County), Johnson City — LBJ Boyhood Home
Lyndon Johnson spent most of ten years living in this home - a decade that profoundly affected the future president's view of the world. A neat landscape in front of you bears little resemblance to the backyard Lyndon Johnson knew. In Johnson's . . . Map (db m31036) HM
80Texas (Blanco County), Johnson City — 16864 — Lyndon B. Johnson and Hill Country Electrification
By the 1930s, many residents of cities across the U.S. were benefiting from the common use of electricity. However, a vast majority of rural areas lacked electric service, which compounded depression-era problems for farmers whose crop returns were . . . Map (db m126764) HM
81Texas (Blanco County), Johnson City — Resting Place of a FounderJames Polk Johnson 1845 - 1885 — Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park —
Born in Alabama on August 24, 1845, James Polk Johnson was still a child when his family moved to Texas in search of a better life. As a teenager he served in the Civil War and then joined his uncles Tom and Sam Ealy Johnson in their cattle droving . . . Map (db m127310) HM
82Texas (Blanco County), Johnson City — The LBJ Legacy
Just as Johnson City helped shape Lyndon Johnson, Lyndon Johnson helped shape the modern face of Johnson City. Throughout the town are buildings that reflect Johnson's quest to ease the hardships he knew here in his youth. The former LBJ Hospital - . . . Map (db m31128) HM
83Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6805 — Oath of Office of President Johnson
Near this point on November 22, 1963, Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson took the oath of office as 36th President of the United States. He is the first Texan to hold the office of President. The ceremony was held in the central compartment of . . . Map (db m97767) HM
84Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — "Mr. Jelly Bean"Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
Beyond the Pedernales is Stonewall’s Project Head Start building—a symbol of one of President Johnson’s enduring legacies to the American people. President Johnson initiated the Head Start program in 1965; it was one of many programs that . . . Map (db m91184) HM
85Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — A Grand EntranceLyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
For many years this low-water crossing served as the primary access to the LBJ Ranch; for non-Texans, it served as a dramatic entry into Lyndon Johnson’s world. Constructed in 1951, the dam and crossing were the first improvements Lyndon . . . Map (db m91131) HM
86Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — A More Perfect SocietyLyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
It is a Society where no child will go unfed, and no youngster will go unschooled .... Where no citizen will be barred from any door because of his birthplace or his color .... Where peace and security is common among neighbors and possible . . . Map (db m91183) HM
87Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — A River Runs ThroughLyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
I first remember walking along the banks of the Pedernales when I was a boy four or five years of age. Lyndon Baines Johnson The Pedernales River carves out the landscape of the Texas Hill Country, stretching 106 miles from . . . Map (db m91182) HM
88Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — Aviation: Key to the Texas White HouseLyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
In 1951, Senator Lyndon Johnson purchased 240 acres from his Aunt Frank Martin. Beginning with this core property, he set out to establish a home base where he could continue his work away from Washington. To improve access to the ranch, a 3000 . . . Map (db m91282) HM
89Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — Bringing Washington HomeLyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
Imagine a plane roaring onto a newly constructed 3,000 foot grass airstrip. It’s 1953, and Senator Lyndon Johnson has arrived at the LBJ Ranch. Initially built to improve access to the Ranch during floods, the small airstrip soon proves inadequate . . . Map (db m91268) HM
90Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — Communicating with the WorldLyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
The LBJ Ranch had but a single telephone line when Lyndon Johnson purchased the property in 1951. By the time he became vice president in 1960 the array of technology had grown to 15 local and long-distance phone lines as well as a fifty-foot-tall . . . Map (db m91283) HM
91Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — Conserving the LandscapeLyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
To a Texas rancher like Lyndon Johnson, conservation meant getting the most from the soil, water, and grass. The landscape before you reflects some of President Johnson’s conservation efforts. These upper fields are terraced to control erosion and . . . Map (db m91234) HM
92Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — Education for AllLyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
Sitting at a table on this site on April 11, 1965, President Johnson signed the landmark Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. “As a former teacher,” the president said, “I have great expectations of what this law . . . Map (db m91135) HM
93Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — Farm History
1900 - 1920 The Dawn of a New Century The years following the turn of the century heralded sweeping changes in agriculture throughout Texas and the nation. Advances in technology led to improved irrigation and farming methods . . . Map (db m91053) HM
94Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — Friendship StonesLyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
For Lyndon Johnson, a traditional guest register was not enough. To commemorate the visits of dignitaries and friends to the Ranch, the Johnsons used “Friendship Stones.” Visitors etched their autographs and the date of their visit into . . . Map (db m91314) HM
95Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — Generations of JohnsonsLyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
Here on these familiar hills under these expansive skies and under these oak trees that he loved so much, his life has come full circle ... his roots go deep here on this spot in the hill country. From the eulogy delivered here by the . . . Map (db m91149) HM
96Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — Housing the WorldLyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
The welcome mat at the Johnson home read, “All the World is Welcome here.” But as the house became an alternate White House it soon became clear there was not enough room. Describing the steady stream of visitors in her home, Lady Bird . . . Map (db m91206) HM
97Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — LBJ – The ImageLyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
From his childhood and throughout his political career, Lyndon Johnson drew from his western heritage. The grandson of a Chisholm Trail cattle drover never forgot that “can do” spirit of the cowboy way. The LBJ Ranch was the best place . . . Map (db m91272) HM
98Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — Lifetime of ServiceLyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
The Secret Service had a presence in the Johnson family for forty-six years beginning on January 20, 1961 when Lyndon Johnson was inaugurated as vice president. Over that lifetime of service, agents witnessed many events, both in Washington and . . . Map (db m91316) HM
99Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — Low Water CrossingLyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
For many years this low-water crossing served as the primary access to the LBJ Ranch; for non-Texans, it served as a dramatic entry into LBJ’s world. The construction of this dam and crossing was the first improvement made to the ranch by Lyndon . . . Map (db m91317) HM
100Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — 10063 — Lyndon Baines JohnsonThe 36th President of the United States of America
As a 12-year-old student attended classes of the 8th grade here at the old Stonewall school from October 1920 to June 1921.Map (db m90992) HM

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