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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Colors of Significance Historic Flags of Mobile Point Marker image, Touch for more information
By Sandra Hughes, June 1, 2018
Colors of Significance Historic Flags of Mobile Point Marker
1 Alabama, Baldwin County, Fort Morgan — Colors of Significance: Historic Flags of Mobile Point
Traditionally referred to as "colors", flags have long been used to identify nations, loyalties, and movements. As the sands have shifted through the ages, so too have the colors and loyalties of the Gulf Coast. Displayed here are a small section of . . . Map (db m187336) HM
2 Alabama, Baldwin County, Spanish Fort — Revolutionary War Battlefield and Burial Ground at Spanish Fort (1780-1781)
During the Revolutionary War, France, Spain, Britain, and the United States were interested in the fate of this region. In March 1780, Spanish forces captured Mobile. They established a palisaded fort with trenches (one mile north of here) to . . . Map (db m61451) HM
3 Alabama, Baldwin County, Stockton — Gen. Bernardo de Galvez1746 - 1786
In Recognition Of His Leadership To Secure The Gulf Coast For The American Cause During The American Revolutionary WarMap (db m187335) HM
4 Alabama, Baldwin County, Stockton — Major Robert Farmar Plantation
Here on the banks of the Tensaw River -- named for the Tensa Indian tribe whose principal village was located at this place -- Major Robert Farmar developed a plantation c. 1772. Farmar was one of the most prominent and controversial Alabamians of . . . Map (db m66380) HM
5 Alabama, Calhoun County, Jacksonville — Forney’s Corner
Jacob Forney III lived and operated a thriving mercantile establishment at Jacksonville from 1835-56 on the south-east corner of the square. He and his wife Sabina Swope Hoke were the parents of nine children. 1. Daniel Peter - b. Feb. 24, 1819, . . . Map (db m36450) HM
6 Alabama, Chambers County, LaFayette — LaFayette CemeteryChambers County
LaFayette Cemetery, also known as Westview, began in 1934 with the death of Miss Sarah Gipson. Many early pioneers and veterans of East Alabama are buried here including Revolutionary War Patriot Capt. Alexander Dunn, Col. Charles McLemore, . . . Map (db m83263) HM
7 Alabama, Chilton County, Verbena — Moore Cemetery
This cemetery is the final resting place for thirty-seven members of the Moore Family. John Moore, son of American Revolutionary War Patriot and Battle of Charleston POW Obadiah Moore, purchased this land on September 4, 1834. The Moore family . . . Map (db m206684) HM
8 Alabama, Clarke County, Grove Hill — Clarke County Soldiers Of The American Revolution
Lemuel Alston, William Armistead, Thomas Bradford, John Bradley, William Cochran, John Cox, John Creighton, Benjamin Darby, John Dean, Sr., Matthew Gayle, John Giles, William Goode, John Harvey, Aaron Lewis, Axom Lewis, Thomas Moody, Elijah Pugh, . . . Map (db m47748) HM
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9 Alabama, Clarke County, Grove Hill — Elijah & Isaac Pugh
Side 1 Near this spot are the graves of American Revolution soldier Elijah Pugh and his son Issac, a War of 1812 veteran. Elijah, born in Guilford Co., N.C. in 1760, was 18 when he joined a patriot band led by Col. Elijah Clarke at the . . . Map (db m154482) HM
10 Alabama, Colbert County, Leighton — Alabama's Historic Byler RoadAlabama's First Road
Front Byler Road Pioneer's settled path to new lands, agriculture, transport and commerce that began in Northwest Alabama. 140 mile corridor/route designated on December 19th, 1819 by the State Legislature. This was . . . Map (db m205287) HM
11 Alabama, Colbert County, Leighton — William LeighFounder of Leighton
(side 1) The town of Leighton was named in honor of the Reverend William Leigh, son and grandson of Revolutionary War veterans. He was born in Amelia County Virginia, Oct 4, 1790 and moved to Alabama about 1823.
Leigh settled nearby . . . Map (db m106112) HM
12 Alabama, Colbert County, Tuscumbia — Tuscumbia's Oakwood Cemetery
This burial ground was designated on General John Coffee's 1817 survey and original map "Plan of a Town at the Coldwater Spring." The oldest tombstone carries the burial date 1821 and the cemetery contains graves of veterans from all wars beginning . . . Map (db m28567) HM
13 Alabama, Colbert County, Tuscumbia — Winston Cemetery
The Winston family settled this area in the early 1820s. Andrew Jackson purchased the property at the U.S. government land sale and conveyed it to Col. Anthony Winston (1782-1841) who lived nearby in a two-story brick Federal-style house (razed . . . Map (db m28566) HM
14 Alabama, Conecuh County, Burnt Corn — James Salter
. . . Map (db m47979) HM
15 Alabama, Dallas County, Selma — This Tablet Commemorates the Visit of Lafayette
Soldier of France Volunteer in the cause of American Liberty Guest of the Nation Entertained in Selma On his way to Cahaba 1825 Placed by the Cherokee Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Selma, Alabama June 14, . . . Map (db m37671) HM
16 Alabama, Greene County, Eutaw — A County Older Than The State, Greene County
Named for Revolutionary hero, General Nathaniel Greene, who drove British from Southeast. Area explored by DeSoto, 1540. Claimed as French Louisiana, 1699. Ceded to England, 1763. Ceded by Choctaw Nation, 1816. Made a territorial . . . Map (db m37962) HM
17 Alabama, Greene County, Eutaw — Welcome to Eutaw, Alabama: The Gateway To The Black BeltCounty Seat of Greene County
In 1838, Greene County citizens voted to change the town seat from Erie to Eutaw. The City of Eutaw, Alabama was incorporated as a town by an act of the State Legislature on January 2, 1841. Greene County had been named for General Nathaniel Greene. . . . Map (db m83752) HM
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18 Alabama, Hale County, Greensboro — Greensboro Presbyterian Church
Organized 1823 by Rev. James Hillhouse of South Carolina, with Patrick Norris and William Hillhouse, veterans of American Revolution, as founding elders. Original wooden structure replaced by brick building in 1841 under pastorate . . . Map (db m33746) HM
19 Alabama, Henry County, Abbeville — A Revolutionary Soldier
In Memory of Rev. Nathan "Father" Grantham, born May 29, 1751, in South Carolina. He served two terms South Carolina Volunteers during the Revolutionary War. As a circuit riding Methodist Minister, he served the Liberty Chapel Methodist Church, . . . Map (db m167084) HM
20 Alabama, Henry County, Newville — Old Center Methodist Church / Old Center Cemetery
Old Center Methodist Church The church was organized in 1859. The first building was a log structure located just NW of the present building. In the 1870's it was part of the Newton Circuit and was served by a minister who lived in the . . . Map (db m71831) HM
21 Alabama, Houston County, Rehobeth — Big Creek United Methodist Church / Joseph Watford Revolutionary War Veteran
(side 1) Big Creek United Methodist Church One of the oldest churches in southeast Alabama and reportedly the oldest church in Houston County. The first church structure was a log building constructed about 20 yards north of the . . . Map (db m73356) HM
22 Alabama, Jefferson County, Birmingham — Lane Park
In 1822 William Pullen, Revolutionary War veteran, acquired this land from the Federal Government for farming. In 1889 his heirs sold the land to the City of Birmingham for use as the New Southside Cemetery which operated from 1889 to 1909 with . . . Map (db m27096) HM
23 Alabama, Jefferson County, Clay — Wear Cemetery
Established about 1850, Wear Cemetery is located off Old Springville Road to the northeast at Countryside Circle. In the 1800's the Wear family was among the first settlers of the community later known as Clay. Twenty-three remaining graves were . . . Map (db m25113) HM
24 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Kennedy Gun Factory(1823 - 1837)
The famous Kennedy Long Rifle was introduced at Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War by Alexander Kennedy who fled to Moore County, N. C., when the British invaded. About 1823 his son David moved the factory to Green Hill, Alabama . . . Map (db m208822) HM
25 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Greenhill — Tabernacle CemeteryLauderdale County
This is one of the earliest community burial grounds in Lauderdale County. The oldest dated gravestone is for Catherine Hill, first wife of Green Berry Hill, for whom the community is named. She died on June 8, 1825. George Kennedy deeded five acres . . . Map (db m154332) HM
26 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Lexington — French-Glover Farm1837
Revolutionary War Veteran Benjamin French (1764-1847), a native of Virginia, is buried at this site. Arriving in Limestone County, Alabama, about 1808 French acquired this farm in 1837. The nearby spring is the site of prehistoric Indian Village . . . Map (db m141982) HM
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27 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Rogersville — Gabriel “Old Gabe” Butler1779~1856
Gabriel Butler “Ole Gabe” was born in the Carolinas in 1779, about the time of the Revolutionary War. His name is on records in Kentucky in the 1800s. He married his first wife, Sarah Whitesides, in Warren County, KY, on December 26, 1803. Gabe . . . Map (db m216372) HM
28 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Rogersville — Samuel Burney: 1763-1849 Revolutionary War Veteran / Burneys Creek/First Creek Wheeler Lake
(side 1) Samuel Burney: 1763-1849 Revolutionary War Veteran Samuel Burney, Sr., was born on January 30, 1763, in Guilford Co., NC. He was among 17 known Revolutionary War veterans to settle in the area that became Lauderdale . . . Map (db m84299) HM
29 Alabama, Lawrence County, Courtland — Courtland Cemetery-1819-
Side A One of Alabama's oldest and most picturesque town cemeteries, this site was set aside as a burying ground by the Courtland Land Company in its original survey made prior to the incorporation of the town in 1819. Many of the area's . . . Map (db m84304) HM
30 Alabama, Limestone County, Athens — Lentzville Cemetery
Lentzville Cemetery began as the family cemetery for the family of John Henry Lentz (7 Feb 1753-18 Jul 1835) and his wife Savilla. John Henry was a veteran of the American Revolution and pioneer settler of Limestone County, entering his land in . . . Map (db m114306) HM
31 Alabama, Limestone County, Gourdsville — Gourdsville / Gilbertsboro Reported missing
Gourdsville / Gilbertsboro Gourdsville is the colorful place-name of one of the earliest settlements in Limestone County. It was little more than a camp of shanties established by intruders on the Chickasaw lands who were driven back to the . . . Map (db m132612) HM
32 Alabama, Limestone County, Salem — Abner Alloway Strange, Sr.1761-1835 — Veteran of the American Revolution —
Approximately 200 yards east of this site are the unmarked graves of Abner Alloway Strange, Sr., and other family members. (The markers were moved to Salem Methodist Cemetery in 1977.) A Sergeant in the Virginia Militia, Strange was at Yorktown . . . Map (db m32561) HM
33 Alabama, Macon County, Creek Stand — In Memory of Phoebe Tolbert Key
Born About 1780    Died March 1852 Buried in Boram Cemetery 3 miles N.E. of this site Wife of Revolutionary War soldier Capt. Henry Key Jr. of S.C. Born April 11,1759 in VA. Died August 23,1810 in S.C.Map (db m190192) HM WM
34 Alabama, Madison County, Fisk — 2F3 — Tennessee / AlabamaLincoln County /
Tennessee. Lincoln County. Established 1809; named in honor of MAJOR GEN. BENJAMIN LINCOLN of the Revolutionary Army. After service at Saratoga, he was put in Chief Command in the Southern Colonies. Later, he was Secretary of War under the . . . Map (db m30570) HM
35 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Harris Hill Cemetery
Harris Hill Cemetery is located Sec. 17, T3, and R1E, on the south side of Highway 72 East at the intersection of Moores Mill Road and Highway 72 East in a large clump of trees on a small rise. This is the old home place and family graveyard of . . . Map (db m43878) HM
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36 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Revolutionary War1775 - 1783
I am Ezekiel Reynolds, a citizen of Concord, Massachusetts Colony. My neighbors and I banded together to defend our families and farms and resist the taxation without representation in the British Parliament. We are called Minutemen for our speed in . . . Map (db m71404) WM
37 Alabama, Madison County, New Hope — Whitaker CemeteryMadison County
John Whitaker, born 1761 in Pitt County, NC, was a Revolutionary War Soldier and established this cemetery. He and his second wife Winnie sold their land in Pitt County in 1801 and migrated to Rowan County where Winnie died, then to Mulberry, TN . . . Map (db m71341) HM
38 Alabama, Marengo County, Jefferson — Jefferson Baptist Church
established as Mt. Pleasant Baptist by Elder James Yarbrough in 1820 with 27 charter members. By 1834 it had 150 members. Church among the oldest in Demopolis area. Buried in church cemetery are John Gilmore, Reuben Hildreth and . . . Map (db m72974) HM
39 Alabama, Marshall County, Albertville — Liberty Tree Memorial
This American Liberty Elm was named after “The Liberty Tree: Our Country’s first Symbol of Freedom.” On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of . . . Map (db m85848) HM WM
40 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Le Marquis de Lafayette visited Mobile
On this site stood the home of Mayor Samuel H. Garrow, where the Marquis de Lafayette was entertained on his visit to Mobile, April 7, 1825. Lafayette, French officer, statesman, and hero of the American Revolution, visited the United States as . . . Map (db m86420) HM
41 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Abram Mordecai / Mordecai's Cotton Gin
Side 1 Abram Mordecai 1755-1849 Born October 24, 1755 in Pennsylvania; settled 1783 in Georgia where he became a successful trader among the Cusseta Indians. First U.S. citizen to settle (1785) in what became Montgomery County. . . . Map (db m71357) HM
42 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Encanchata
Here at the Indian village of Encanchata, future site of Montgomery, Col. John Tate, last British agent to the Muscogee Nation, recruited and drilled Creek warriors in 1780 to relieve Tories in Augusta, Ga. being besieged by American patriots.Map (db m71373) HM
43 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — General Richard Montgomery Statue
The town of Montgomery, formed on December 3, 1819, through the joining of New Philadelphia and East Alabama, is named for Major General Richard Montgomery, who was the first American general officer killed in America's war for independence. Richard . . . Map (db m142117) HM
44 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Marquis de Lafayette
On this site stood, until December 1899, the house in which Marquis de Lafayette was given a public reception and ball, April 4, 1825, while on his last tour through the United States. This tablet is placed by the Society of the Sons of the . . . Map (db m70727) HM
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45 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Naming the City of Montgomery / Brigadier General Richard Montgomery Reported missing
Naming the City of Montgomery Montgomery named for Richard Montgomery, first American general killed in the Revolutionary War. In 1819, the Alabama Legislature combined New Philadelphia and East Alabama to form Montgomery. Walter B. . . . Map (db m69297) HM
46 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Washington Elm Tree
Washington took command of the American Army under grandparent of this elm, Cambridge, Mass., July 3, 1775 Raised and given by Maryland D.A.R. and Alice Paret Dorsey as part of 200th anniversary of birth of Washington, . . . Map (db m155635) HM
47 Alabama, Pickens County, Aliceville — In Memory of James McCrory
who departed this life November 24th 1840 Aged 82 years, 6 months and 9 days. The deceased was a soldier of the Revolution and was at The battles of Germantown, Brandywine and Guilford Court house, and was one of Washington’s . . . Map (db m37522) HM
48 Alabama, Shelby County, Maylene — David LindsayHistorical Cemetery Site
In Honor of Revolutionary War Soldier and Shelby County Pioneer Pvt. David Lindsay served with the Pennsylvania Militia during the Revolutionary War and moved to Alabama with wife Mary Casey Lindsay before 1820. The David Lindsay Historical . . . Map (db m144907) HM
49 Alabama, Shelby County, Montevallo — The Liberty Bell
(side 1) The Liberty Bell was commissioned November 1, 1751, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of William Penn’s Charter of Privileges for his Pennsylvania colony. The radical charter granted religious liberty to persecuted faiths, . . . Map (db m101506) HM
50 Alabama, Shelby County, Montevallo — The Liberty Bell GardenHonors Liberty, Its Defenders, and Our Constitution
American colonists cherished Liberty as their birthright. On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, declaring, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed . . . Map (db m101503) HM
51 Alabama, St. Clair County, Ashville — A County Older Than The State, St. Clair
Created in 1818 in first session of Alabama Territorial Legislature from lands ceded by Creek Indian Nation in Treaty of Ft. Jackson, 1814. Named for Gen. Arthur St. Clair, hero of Revolution, governor of Northwest Territory. First settlers from . . . Map (db m28143) HM
52 Alabama, Tuscaloosa County, Tuscaloosa — Honor Roll of Soldiers and Patriotsof the American Revolution — 1775       1783 —
who came to Tuscaloosa County Alabama Robert Aiken • Isaac Jaudon Samuel Baker • Reuben Jones William Binion • Thomas Keates, Sr. Benjamin Blackburn • Daniel Lookingbill Benjamin Bruton • John Madison Thomas Clarke • Samuel . . . Map (db m144863) WM
53 Alabama, Walker County, Jasper — Revolutionary War Hero Sergeant William Jasper
Sergeant William Jasper was a soldier, hero, scout and namesake of Jasper, Alabama. During the June 28, 1776 defense of Charleston against the Royal Navy, Sergeant Jasper courageously retrieved the fallen standard of the 2nd South Carolina Regiment . . . Map (db m225811) HM
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54 Alabama, Washington County, Chatom — Washington CountyFirst County in Alabama
Created in 1800 by proclamation of governor of Mississippi Territory. This was first U.S. civil government in area that was to become Alabama. Its original boundaries: East to west: Chattahoochee to Pearl River; South, 31° lat. . . . Map (db m122343) HM
55 Alabama, Winston County, Haleyville — Jacob Pruet’s Stand
Jacob Pruet’s Stand (tavern) was a popular stopping place on the Byler Road in the 1830s and 1840s. A two story poplar log structure with four twenty-foot rooms per floor. It was located near a large spring and netted a handsome profit, as most of . . . Map (db m219825) HM
56 Arkansas, Arkansas County, Arkansas Post National Memorial — Edge of Empires
The succession of outposts here, remote from centers of New World empire, symbolized a dream of the imperial age: to connect the Gulf of Mexico to North America's vast interior by the great rivers that drained it. Following British . . . Map (db m108485) HM
57 Arkansas, Arkansas County, Arkansas Post National Memorial — The Colbert RaidApril 17, 1783Arkansas Post in the American Revolution
During the American Revolution, Arkansas Post belonged to the Spanish, allies of the American patriots. In 1783, British partisans led by James Colbert raided the Spanish village and fort here. It was one of the last engagements of the . . . Map (db m108483) HM
58 Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — Purple Heart
In 1782 General George Washington created a new military badge for Enlisted Men and Non-Commissioned Officers called the Badge of Military Merit. This was the forerunner of the Purple Heart that we know today. The award fell into disuse until . . . Map (db m90776) HM WM
59 Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — Revolutionary War
The American Revolution was a conflict between England and thirteen of her colonies in North America. Following years of taxation, suppression, and subjugation by the British, fighting began at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts in 1775. A scant . . . Map (db m91470) HM
60 Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — United States Commanders in Chief
Our Constitution names the President of the United States the Commander in Chief of all the Armed Forces. Presidents who have served in our military are displayed on the following plaques. Each has served either on Active Duty, in the National . . . Map (db m92382) HM WM
61 Arkansas, Benton County, Lowell — The Butterfield Stagecoach RoadEstablished 1858
This marker, set on the Butterfield Stagecoach Road, is placed near the spot where the trail crossed the east-west road between Huntsville and the Robinson settlement in western Benton County. John Robinson, a Revolutionary soldier, settled here . . . Map (db m68781) HM
62 Arkansas, Garland County, Hot Springs — First Hotel and Bath House in the Hot Springs Territory
Near this spot around the year 1790 stood the first hotel and bath house built in the Hot Springs Territory. To mark the site of the first permanent citizen, the host of this tavern, JOHN PERCIFUL, reputed to have been a revolutionary soldier. This . . . Map (db m102954) HM
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63 Arkansas, Jefferson County, Pine Bluff — Auguste La noir de Serville
To honor Auguste La noir de Serville Hero of the American Revolution French Marine served under Count de Grasse Wounded Yorktown, VA Oct. 14, 1781 Died Jefferson Co. Ark. Dec. 30, 1828Map (db m30579) HM
64 Arkansas, Pulaski County, Jacksonville — Shared Gray     Jacob Gray1758-1836     1762-1837
Revolutionary War soldiers and brothers, Shared fought for North Carolina and Jacob fought for both North and South Carolina. In the winter of 1820-1821 they brought their families here from Williamson County, Tennessee and settled near this site.Map (db m116507) HM
65 Arkansas, Pulaski County, Little Rock, Downtown — Casimir Pulaski1748 - 1779 — S.S. Schnittmann, Sculptor, Fecit —
This heroic memorial bust of Count Casimir Pulaski was originally placed in the lobby of the Third and Spring street office of Pulaski Federal Savings and Loan Association, predecessor of Savers Federal Savings and Loan Association, in April, 1961, . . . Map (db m116213) HM
66 Arkansas, Saline County, Benton — Saline County Revolutionary War Soldiers
In honor of two Revolutionary War soldiers who chose Saline County, Arkansas as their home. After enlisting in the spring of 1777, they served through the winter at Valley Forge and to the end of the war in 1783. ASHER BAGLEY, Private . . . Map (db m96595) WM
67 Arkansas, Washington County, Fayetteville — Fayetteville National Cemetery
Civil War in Northern Arkansas The first battle in Arkansas occurred on February 16, 1862, at Big Sugar Creek just south of the Missouri border. The next day, Union Gen. Samuel Curtis' Army of the Southwest continued its southward march. . . . Map (db m224112) HM
68 Arkansas, Washington County, Fayetteville — Revolutionary War Soldier Memorial(1775-1783)
In Memory to those soldiers who fought for American Independence during the Revolutionary War. These Veterans of the American Revolution came to live and died in Northwest Arkansas Names in left column: Benton . . . Map (db m21227) HM
69 California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Glassell Park — The Liberty Chain
Part of the chain stretched across the Hudson River in 1776 to prevent the passage of British ships, which could cut the colonies in two. Danger was imminent. The British had taken New York City, at the river's mouth. General Washington ordered the . . . Map (db m207317) HM
70 California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills — Church of the Hills — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow —
This church was inspired from a carpenter's primitive model of the first parish meeting house of Portland, then Falmouth, Maine, which was attended by Longfellow as a boy, and torn down in 1824. One of his earliest poems, written at . . . Map (db m230114) HM
71 California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills — Old North Church
This church is a replica of Christ Church in Boston, long known as Old North. It is a memorial to the early American patriots who offered their lives and fortunes in the cause of liberty. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow immortalized Paul Revere and . . . Map (db m212622) HM
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72 California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills — The Washington MemorialThomas Ball - Sculptor — 1819 - 1911 —
Washington wears the uniform of the army he had led through six bitter years of war. In the midst of battle his fearless example inspired his men; when hunger stalked his weary troops, he shared their lot; when his own officers betrayed him . . . Map (db m212621) HM WM
73 California, Los Angeles County, Santa Clarita, Newhall — American Revolution1775-1783
The American Revolution was a war for independence between the thirteen American colonies and their parent country, Great Britain. When it was over, the colonies became the United States of America. On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence . . . Map (db m125419) HM WM
74 California, Monterey County, Monterey — American Revolutionary War Historical Site1779-1783
The people of the Second Royal Spanish Presidio supported the American Colonies through their military preparedness and financial contributions following the Royal Spanish Decree of June 21, 1779. Their support directly aided the victory and . . . Map (db m63505) HM
75 California, Placer County, Loomis — Liberty Tree Memorial
This American Liberty Elm was named after "The Liberty Tree: Our Country's first Symbol of Freedom.” On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of the . . . Map (db m143673) HM
76 California, Sonoma County, Sonoma — Founding Fathers of America
Marker One: George Washington: 1732-1799 America’s first President, he was called by his fellow revolutionaries the “Indispensable Man” – without him we would still be enjoying tea and crumpets at 4pm. Appointed Commander in Chief of . . . Map (db m231240) HM
77 California, Sonoma County, Sonoma — In This Cemetery is Buried Capt. William Smith
Two plaques have been placed at this memorial. In This Cemetery is Buried Capt. William Smith Born in Virginia, November 14, 1768 Died in Sonoma, May 5 1846 Who served in the Virginia Navy during the American Revolution . . . Map (db m102559) HM WM
78 Colorado, Phillips County, Holyoke — Liberty Tree Memorial
This American Liberty Elm was named after "The Liberty Tree: Our Country's first Symbol of Freedom." On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of the hated Stamp . . . Map (db m176792) HM
79 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Danbury — Danbury
Eight families came from Norwalk in 1685 to settle this area which the Indians called Pahquioque. They built their first homes a half mile south of here and made this green their common. The General Court in October 1687 decreed the . . . Map (db m22836) HM
80 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Danbury — 19 — Danbury During the Revolutionary WarDanbury, Connecticut — The Museum in the Streets® —
On April 26, 1777, 2,000 British soldiers, under the command of General Tryon, marched into Danbury. The town was a supply depot for military stores. A Corps of Artificers; skilled craftsmen, such as blacksmiths, were formed into special . . . Map (db m72558) HM
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81 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Danbury — David Wooster Monument
[ North face ] David Wooster First Maj. Gen. of the Conn. Troops in the Army of the Revolution. Brig. Gen. of the United Colonies. Born at Stratford, Mar. 2, 1710-11. Wounded at Ridgefield, April 27, 1777, while defending . . . Map (db m23074) HM
82 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Danbury — Historic SiteDanbury’s First Episcopal Church
Historic Site Danbury’s First Episcopal Church occupied this site from 1763 until 1884. In 1777, British troops, led by General Tryon, took military stores from the church and burned them in the nearby street, but spared the edifice. Three . . . Map (db m72562) HM
83 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Danbury — Soldiers and Sailors Memorial
[ Inscribed around the bronze base ] Dedicated to the Soldiers and Sailors of Danbury 1776 1861 1898 1917 Donald E. Curran SCMap (db m22785) HM
84 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Danbury — Sybil Ludington
Sybil Ludington On April 26, 1777 this brave sixteen year-old girl rode through the enemy-infested countryside for thirty miles in Putnam County, New York, to warn the local militia that British troops were attacking and plundering Danbury, . . . Map (db m25374) HM
85 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Danbury — The Danbury Raid
The revolutionary village which centered about this green with its stores of supplies for the army was sacked and burned by a force of two thousand British April 26, 1777 Warned of the gathering militia the raiders departed next . . . Map (db m23542) HM
86 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Danbury — Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route
French General Jean Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau, and thousands of French ground and naval forces arrived in Newport in July of 1780 to assist the Americans in the War for Independence. After wintering in Newport, Rochambeau’s . . . Map (db m190270) HM
87 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Darien — Museum of DarienDarien Heritage Trail
Telling the Story of Darien Originally founded as the Darien Historical Society in 1953, the Museum of Darien is dedicated to telling the town's story. Whether it's a 17th-century blanket chest, a hand-sewn Civil War-era flag, or an . . . Map (db m230984) HM
88 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Darien — Rev. Dr. Moses Mather
1894. On Sunday, July 22, 1781, while engaged in public worship in the building then occupying this site Rev. Dr. Moses Mather and fifty men of this congregation were captured by British troops and taken to New York There . . . Map (db m230983) HM WM
89 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Darien — The First Congregational ChurchDarien Heritage Trail
Darien's Roots The Creation of Middlesex Parish The origins of Darien can be traced to the challenges of a very long walk. In the 1730s residents living in the rural outskirts of Stamford's east end joined forces with their neighbors . . . Map (db m230980) HM
90 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Darien — The Mather HomesteadDarien Heritage Trail
A Historic Home The Mather Homestead was built in 1778 by Deacon Joseph Mather, son of Reverend Moses Mather, a fiery patriot and the Minister of Middlesex Parish (now the First Congregational Church in Darien), for 62 years. He lived in . . . Map (db m226764) HM
91 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Fairfield — A House That Witnessed History
Peter Burr, chief justice of the Superior Court of colonial Connecticut, built the Burr Homestead around 1732. He passed it on to his grandson Thaddeus Burr and his wife Eunice Dennie Burr after their marriage in 1759. In 1775, the Homestead . . . Map (db m203754) HM
92 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Fairfield — Andrew Roland House
Built By Andrew Roland And His Wife Elizabeth Daughter of Governor Fitch 1760 Their Son Saw the British Land And Gave the AlarmMap (db m65124) HM
93 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Fairfield — Burr Homestead
Home Of Thaddeus And Eunice Dennie Burr Here Dorothy Quincy and John Hancock President Of The Continental Congress Were Married in 1775 Burned By British in 1779 Rebuilt in 1790Map (db m27371) HM
94 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Fairfield — Dr. Hosea Hurlburt House
Home Of Dr. Hosea Hurlburt 1753 Surgeon in Connecticut Continental LineMap (db m27565) HM
95 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Fairfield — Fairfield Boulder
This boulder commemorates the settlement of Fairfield by Roger Ludlow in 1639 and the burning of the Town by the British July 8, 1779. From the founding of the Town the religious, military and civic life of the people has centered . . . Map (db m27227) HM
96 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Fairfield — Fairfield Revolutionary War Memorial
1775   1783 In everlasting memory of the Patriots and Soldiers of Fairfield who served in the War of the American Revolution ——— Erected by the Eunice Dennie Burr Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution A.D. . . . Map (db m27171) HM
97 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Fairfield — Fairfield’s Historic Green
Welcome to Fairfield’s Historic Town Green How Did This Green Come to Be? Most New England towns began with a central common "green." Where you are standing is Fairfield's historic center and is as old as the town itself. In 1639 Roger . . . Map (db m204367) HM
98 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Fairfield — Isaac Tucker House
Built By Isaac Tucker -- 1766 – Left standing when the British burned FairfieldMap (db m27158) HM
99 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Fairfield — Men of Greenfield Hill
In Memory Of The Men Of Greenfield Hill Who Fought In The American Revolution John Alvord • Benjamin Banks 4th • Daniel Banks • David Banks • Ebenezer Banks Esq. • Ebenezer Banks • Elijah Banks • Eliphalet Banks • Gershom Banks • Gershom . . . Map (db m27420) HM
100 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Fairfield — Nathan Bulkley House
Built 1750 By Nathan Bulkley Pre-Revolutionary Spared By British When Town Was BurnedMap (db m27153) HM

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