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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Texas 1936 Centennial Markers and Monuments Historical Markers

In 1935/1936 the State of Texas Legislature created a commission to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Texas independence from Mexico. Part of this consisted of placing about 1,100 statues, and granite and bronze markers and monuments around Texas. See more at the Texas Historical Commission website 1936 Texas Centennial Markers.
The Dickinson Parker Marker is the second marker on the right side image, Touch for more information
By James Hulse, April 25, 2024
The Dickinson Parker Marker is the second marker on the right side
1 Texas, Anderson County, Elkhart — 8795 — Dickinson Parker
A San Jacinto Veteran Born in Tennessee May 29, 1812 Died August 1, 1844 His Wife Lucinda Eaton Parker Born January 14, 1820 Died January 27, 1847Map (db m245832) WM
2 Texas, Anderson County, Elkhart — 8736 — Miles Bennett
A Soldier in the Army of Texas, 1836 Born in Indiana July 26, 1816 Died November 24, 1849 His Wife Laura Jordon Bennett Born August 28, 1830 Died December 24, 1925Map (db m245833) WM
3 Texas, Anderson County, Elkhart — 8799 — Pilgrim Predestinarian Regular Baptist Church
Organized in Illinois in 1833 by Daniel Parker Members moved to Texas First meeting in Stephen F. Austin's Colony January 20, 1834 Log church built December, 1839 Old graveyard adjoins. Present church fourth on the same site . . . Map (db m36924) HM
4 Texas, Anderson County, Elkhart — 8799 — Pilgrim Predestinarian Regular Baptist Church
Organized in Illinois, July 26, 1833 by Daniel Parker Members moved to Texas in a body arriving November 12, 1833. First recorded meeting in Texas was held in Austin's Colony near the present town of Anderson, Grimes County January 20, . . . Map (db m245752) HM
5 Texas, Anderson County, Elkhart — 8794 — Rev. Daniel Parker
Pioneer Baptist Minister Born in Virginia April 6, 1781 Died December 3, 1844 His Wife Patsy Dixon Parker Born January 17, 1783 Died December 1, 1846Map (db m245830) WM
6 Texas, Anderson County, Frankston — 8770 — Site of the Kickapoo Battlefield
Here General Thomas J. Rusk with 200 Texans on October 16, 1838, attacked a band of hostile Indians and allied Mexicans, molestors of frontier settlements, and routed them.Map (db m102008) HM
7 Texas, Anderson County, Palestine — 8731 — Anderson County
Created March 24, 1846, from Houston County Organized July 13, 1846 with Palestine as the county seat Named in honor of Kenneth Lewis Anderson Vice-President of the Republic of Texas 1844-45Map (db m128942) HM
8 Texas, Anderson County, Palestine — 8752 — Fort Houston
A fort and stockade built about 1836 on the public square of the town of Houston (then in Houston County), as a protection against the Indians, by order of General Sam Houston, Commander-in-Chief of the Texan Armies. The town was abandoned in 1846 . . . Map (db m182048) HM
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9 Texas, Anderson County, Palestine — 8746 — Henry Fields
A San Jacinto Veteran Born in South Carolina May 8, 1806 Died October 15, 1890Map (db m246927) WM
10 Texas, Andrews County, Andrews — 167 — Andrews County
. . . Map (db m61419) HM
11 Texas, Angelina County, Huntington — 7008 — Site of the Town of Jonesville
Site of the town of Jonesville Second county seat of Angelina County August 22, 1854 ••• May 19,1858Map (db m37243) HM
12 Texas, Angelina County, Lufkin — 6981 — Angelina County
Created and organized in 1846. Originally a part of Nacogdoches County. Bears the name of the river traversing the region. The following towns have served as the county seat; Marion,1846-1854; Jonesville,1854-1858; Homer, Feb. 3 - May 17, 1858, when . . . Map (db m29862) HM
13 Texas, Angelina County, Lufkin — 7004 — Site of the town of Homer
Also known as Angelina Third county seat of Angelina County, 1858 - 1890Map (db m31629) HM
14 Texas, Aransas County, Fulton — 2537 — Home of George W. Fulton
Home of George W. Fulton Born at Philadelphia, June 8, 1810 Served in the Texan Army in 1836 A pioneer resident of Refugio County After an engineering career of distinction elsewhere, he returned to Texas and became a cattle . . . Map (db m53700) HM
15 Texas, Aransas County, Fulton — 2733 — Site of One of the Homes of James Power
Site of one of the homes of James Power Born in Ireland, 1789 Died in Live Oak Point, Texas, 1852 With James Hewetson he was granted authority January 11, 1828 to settle 200 families in Texas Served Texas under three flags as . . . Map (db m53708) HM
16 Texas, Aransas County, Lamar — 3018 — Site of the Town of Lamar
Site of the town of Lamar Named for Mirabeau B. Lamar 1798 – 1859 President of the Republic of Texas 1838 – 1841 Established in 1838 Made a Port of Entry in 1839 Sacked by Union Troops Feb. 11, 1864 Survived until . . . Map (db m53711) HM
17 Texas, Aransas County, Rockport — 180 — Aransas County
Created September 18, 1871 from Refugio County; Organized in 1871 with Rockport as the County Seat. Named for the River Nuestra Señora de AranzazuMap (db m53705) HM
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18 Texas, Archer County, Archer City — 189 — Archer County
A part of the Peters Grant, 1841 Created January 22, 1858 Organized July 27, 1880 Named in honor of Dr. Branch Tanner Archer 1790-1856 Texas Commissioner to the United States, 1835, Member of Congress, Secretary of War of . . . Map (db m187144) HM
19 Texas, Armstrong County, Goodnight — 4850 — Site of Old Goodnight Ranch
First ranch in the Texas panhandle Established in 1876 by Charles Goodnight 1836- 1929 Noted scout, Indian fighter, trail blazer and rancher The Burbank of the rangeMap (db m49328) HM
20 Texas, Armstrong County, Goodnight — 5528 — Town of Goodnight
. . . Map (db m100447) HM
21 Texas, Atascosa County, Jourdanton — 223 — Atascosa County
As early as 1722 El Camino Real (The King's Highway) from the Rio Grande to San Antonio was well established in this area. The Spanish word "Atascosa," denoting boggy ground that hindered travel, gave region its name. The county was created in . . . Map (db m201987) HM
22 Texas, Austin County, Bellville — 243 — Austin County
A part of the grant to Stephen F. Austin in 1821 Created a municipality under the Mexican government in 1828 Became a county of the Republic of Texas, March 17, 1836 Named in honor of Stephen Fuller Austin, 1793-1836 Pioneer . . . Map (db m125601) HM
23 Texas, Austin County, Bellville — 4018 — Michael Robert Pilley
A member of the Mier Expedition, 1842 Born in Grantham, England March 30, 1820 Died January 4, 1865 Erected by the State of Texas 1936Map (db m157516) HM
24 Texas, Austin County, Cat Spring — 759 — Town of Cat Springs
A Pioneer German Settlement Founded in 1832 by Members of the Amsler, Kleberg and Von Roeder FamiliesMap (db m202528) HM
25 Texas, Austin County, Industry — 2644 — IndustrySite of the first Permanent Settlement in Texas — 1831 —
Founded by Friedrich Ernst • Born at Varel, Oldenburg, Germany • Immigrated to America, 1829 and to Texas in 1831 • Died here in 1858 • The Town was laid out in 1838Map (db m165426) HM
26 Texas, Austin County, New Ulm — 3586 — Site of the Town of New Ulm
First known as Duff's Settlement in honor of James C. Duff to whom the land was granted in 1841 • Settled by Germans after 1845 and renamed in honor of the German city of UlmMap (db m176227) HM
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27 Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — 5514 — A Town Hall
Near this site stood A Town Hall Built about 1830 in which were held the First and Second Conventions of Texas, 1832 and 1833, and the Consultation of 1835 the provisional government functioned here until March 2, 1836, when . . . Map (db m43759) HM
28 Texas, Bailey County, Muleshoe — 276 — Bailey County
. . . Map (db m73669) HM
29 Texas, Bandera County, Bandera — 290 — Bandera County
A strategic Indian point in early days. Rangers and Comanches struggled here in 1843. In 1854 Elder Lyman Wight settled Mormon colony. In 1855 Poles settled here. From early days a part of Bexar County, created and organized in 1856 Bandera, . . . Map (db m117676) HM
30 Texas, Bandera County, Bandera — 293 — Bandera Pass
Celebrated Indian pass known from the earliest days of Spanish settlement · Identified with many a frontier fight and many a hostile inroad · Old ranger trail from the Medina to the Guadalupe River and the United States Army route between frontier . . . Map (db m24384) HM
31 Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9152 — Bastrop County
A part of Austin's grant in 1821 created the municipality of Mina 1834, became the County of Mina in the Republic of Texas 1836 Name changed to "Bastrop" December 18, 1837, in honor of Felipe Enrique Neri Baron de Bastrop, 1770-1829 land . . . Map (db m118740) HM
32 Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9163 — Captain James Burleson
Chosen commissary by General Andrew Jackson, War of 1812 Edward Burleson, his son, accompanied him as book-keeper Participated in the Battle of New Orleans January 8, 1815 Served under his son, Edward, Army of Texas, in the Grass . . . Map (db m111111) HM
33 Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9185 — Felipe Entrique Neri, Baron De Bastrop1770 - 1829
Erected in recognition of the distinguished service to Texas of Felipe Entrique Neri, Baron De Bastrop 1770 - 1829 Pioneer Red River empresario. Land commissioner of Austin's colony. Member of the Congress of Coahuila and Texas. In . . . Map (db m111113) HM
34 Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9220 — Robert Love Reding
Army of Texas • Participated in the Capture of Goliad October 9, 1835 • Signer of the Goliad Declaration of Independence • Born in Tennessee, 1810 • Died 1849Map (db m195970) HM
35 Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9156 — Site of Bastrop Military Institute
A Methodist Institution · Chartered January 24, 1852 as Bastrop Academy · · Rechartered under the Auspices of the Methodist Episcopal Church South in 1853 · In 1856 became the Bastrop Military InstituteMap (db m65159) HM
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36 Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9176 — William Dunbar
A Member of the Mier Expedition, 1842-1843 • Born in Tennessee, January 1, 1819 • Died December 20, 1855Map (db m195937) HM
37 Texas, Bastrop County, Elgin — 9171 — Site of the Home of Col. Robert M. Coleman — (1799 -1837) —
Signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence Aide-de-camp to Gen. Houston at San Jacinto Commander of a regiment of Rangers 1836-37 Here his widow Mrs. Elizabeth Coleman and son, Albert V. Coleman were killed by Indians and . . . Map (db m82688) HM
38 Texas, Bastrop County, Jeddo — Rev. Benjamin F. Fry
. . . Map (db m180699) HM
39 Texas, Baylor County, Seymour — 340 — Baylor County
Created February 1, 1858 Organized April 23, 1879 Named in honor of Dr. Henry W. Baylor 1818-1854 Indian fighter and Ranger Captain served in the Mexican War. Seymour, the County SeatMap (db m178509) HM
40 Texas, Bell County, Belton — 357 — Bell County
Settlement began on Lampasas River, 1847. Created Jan. 22, organized Aug. 1, 1850. Named for Peter Hansbrough Bell (1812-1898), native of Virginia; veteran of Battle of San Jacinto; served in Somervell expedition to stop Mexico's Raids into Texas; . . . Map (db m218643) HM
41 Texas, Bell County, Belton — 3516 — Mrs. Sarah Ann Hardin-Kelton
Widow of William Hardin before her marriage to Dr. O.P. Kelton Many of the Mexican officers and men were placed in the care of Judge and Mrs. Hardin after the victory at San Jacinto and were mercifully treated by them. Born August . . . Map (db m152194) HM
42 Texas, Bell County, Salado — 2535 — Home of Elijah Sterling Clack Robertson
This house was built 1856-1860 by Elijah Sterling Clack Robertson 1820-1879 Texas pioneer, patriot, soldier and jurist, and one of the founders of Salado College.Map (db m29312) HM
43 Texas, Bell County, Salado — 5586 — Home of Orville Thomas Tyler1810 - 1856
Pioneer Texan--County Judge Member of the legislature President of the board of trustees of Salado College Built in 1857Map (db m29250) HM
44 Texas, Bell County, Salado — 1179 — The Davis Mill
Built in 1864 by William A. Davis First stone mill with carding machine in this vicinity. A sawmill and gin were added in 1866. French burrs, Leffel water wheel and silk bolt brought from Galveston by wagon in 1871. Made flour for Central Texas . . . Map (db m29251) HM
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45 Texas, Bell County, Temple — 410 — Bird Creek Indian BattleMay 26, 1839
. . . Map (db m240398) HM
46 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Alamo Plaza — Gonzales Men at the Alamo
Erected in grateful recognition of the supreme act of heroism of the thirty two men from Gonzales who gave their lives in the Alamo in response to the appeal of Travis. Erected March 1, 1936Map (db m30777) HM
47 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Alamo Plaza — 95 — The Alamo Cenotaph"The Spirit of Sacrifice"
In memory of the heroes who sacrificed their lives at the Alamo, March 6, 1836, in the defense of Texas. “They chose never to surrender nor retreat. These brave hearts, with flag still proudly waving, perished in the flames of . . . Map (db m30709) HM
48 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, East Side — 245 — Site of the Camp of Stephen F. AustinOctober 20-26, 1835
While assembling troops preparatory to the attack on the Mexican garrison at San Antonio • • After his appointment on November 12 as commissioner to the United States, the Texans, under Colonels Ben Milam and Frank W. Johnson stormed and . . . Map (db m207943) HM
49 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Eastside Promise Neighborhood — 2943 — Charles Frederick King
Served in the Texas Army 1836 • • Was Mayor of San Antonio, 1847 - 1849 and 1852 - 1853 • Born in New Hampshire, January 17, 1811 Died in San Antonio, May 13, 1869Map (db m177381) HM
50 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Eastside Promise Neighborhood — 13333 — Colonel George Wythe Baylor
Born August 24, 1832 at Fort Gibson in what is now the State of Oklahoma Died March 24, 1916 Colonel of the 2nd Regiment Arizona Brigade, C.S.A. Later a noted Texas Ranger.Map (db m208480) HM
51 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Eastside Promise Neighborhood — 1903 — James Nathaniel Fisk
Served in the Army of Texas March 6, 1836 to November 16 1837 • Born in Swanton Vermont, September 4, 1815 Died April 15, 1876 Erected by the State of TexasMap (db m237182) HM
52 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Eastside Promise Neighborhood — 1904 — Mrs. Simona Smith Fisk
Daughter of Erastus "Deaf" Smith and wife of James Nathaniel Fisk. Born in San Antonio October 28, 1829 - Died November 11, 1890Map (db m208481) HM
53 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Eastside Promise Neighborhood — 4963 — Samuel S. Smith
. . . Map (db m177383) HM
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54 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Inner West Side — 3329 — Capt. José Antonio Menchaca
A Veteran of San Jacinto Born in San Antonio 1797 Died November 1. 1879 His Wife Teresa Ramon Menchaca Born in July, 1796 Died February 7, 1874Map (db m201642) HM WM
55 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Inner West Side — 4385 — Col. José Francisco Ruiz
. . . Map (db m201637) HM
56 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Inner West Side — 3557 — José Antonio Navarro
A Signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence Born in San Antonio February 27, 1795 Died January 13, 1871 His Wife Margarita de la Garza Navarro Born October 17, 1801 Died July 8, 1861Map (db m201641) HM WM
57 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Inner West Side — 3021 — Moses LaphamNear Here on October 20, 1838
A Veteran of San Jacinto, and three of his companions were killed by Indians, as were seven members of a rescue party on the following dayMap (db m201633) HM
58 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Inner West Side — 3848 — Placido Olivarri
A guide to the Texas Army 1835 • • Born in San Antonio, February, 1815 • • Died September 8, 1894 His Wife Micaela J. Olivarri Born June 10, 1844 Died May 5, 1917Map (db m201645) HM WM
59 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Main/Military Plaza — 246 — Moses Austin
(Panel 1) Born in Connecticut, October fourth 1761; moved to Philadelphia in 1783, thence to Virginia in 1785 and to Missouri in 1798. Arrived in San Antonio on December 23, 1820. Died in Missouri June tenth, 1821. (Panel . . . Map (db m119803) HM
60 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Near East Side — 335 — The Battle of the Salado
Decisive in Texas history, was fought here, September 18, 1842. Col. Mathew Caldwell and Capt. John C. Hays, commanding a force of Texas volunteers, opposed the Mexican Army under General Adrian Woll that had captured San Antonio, and with the loss . . . Map (db m128119) HM
61 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Near East Side — 1182 — The Dawson Massacre
Occurred in this vicinity on September 18, 1842 when Captain Nicholas Mosby Dawson and 53 men from La Grange, in attempting to join Captain Mathew Caldwell (Old Paint) and his company of Texas volunteers during the Battle of the Salado, were . . . Map (db m85981) HM
62 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Southside — 12646 — The Battle of the Medina Reported damaged
Was fought here on August 18, 1813 by an army of Spanish Royalist commanded by General José Joaquín Arredondo which defeated with terrific slaughter the Republican Army of the North composed of Anglo-American, Mexicans and Indians commanded by José . . . Map (db m208252) HM
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63 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Thelka — 3414 — Mission San Francisco Xavier de NájeraApproximate Location of
Established in 1722 • Its Indian neophytes, few in number, passed into the care of the missionaries at San Antonio de Valero in 1726 • The land was later granted to the Mission Nuestra Señora de La Purísima Concepción de Acuña • Reestablished in . . . Map (db m163845) HM
64 Texas, Borden County, Gail — 456 — Borden County
. . . Map (db m127422) HM
65 Texas, Bosque County, Meridian — 463 — Bosque County
Named for the Bosque (Spanish for "Woods") River. The territory now part of this county was traversed in 1841 by the Texan-Santa Fe Expedition. Maj. George B. Erath, noted surveyor and soldier, explored the region prior to its settlement. The . . . Map (db m240399) HM
66 Texas, Bowie County, New Boston — 9469 — Bowie County
Named for James Bowie (1799-1836), who fought for Texas freedom from 1819, when he joined the Long Expedition, to 1836 — when he died in defense of the Alamo. Inhabited before 1800 by agricultural Indians, charted 1819 for . . . Map (db m96141) HM
67 Texas, Bowie County, Texarkana — James Bowie
Front Hero of the Alamo "They never fail who die in a just cause" Love of adventure brought the young South Carolinian to Texas with James Long in 1819. Romance made of him a Mexican citizen and won for him in San . . . Map (db m96572) HM
68 Texas, Brazoria County, Brazoria — 9525 — Don Carlos Barrett
A member of the General Council of the provisional government of Texas and by that body elected Judge Advocate General of the army with the rank of Colonel, 1835 Born in Vermont June 22, 1788 Died in Texas May 19, 1838Map (db m167917) HM
69 Texas, Brazoria County, Brazoria — Henry Smith
(South Face of Monument) Henry Smith was born in Kentucky, May Twentieth 1788, came to Texas in 1827 and settled in what is now Brazoria County which he regarded as his home until his death. He was severely wounded in the Battle of . . . Map (db m90101) HM
70 Texas, Brazoria County, Brazoria — 9522 — Site of the Home of John Austin
Member of Long's Expedition in 1819 · Pioneer Settler in Austin's Colony · Alcalde of Brazoria, 1832 · Commander at the Battle of Velasco · Signer of the Turtle Bayou Resolutions · Died in 1833Map (db m167903) HM
71 Texas, Brazoria County, Clute — 9521 — Dr. Branch Tanner Archer
President of the Consultation, 1835 · Texas Commissioner to the United States in 1835-1836 · Archer County was named in his honor · Born in Virginia, 1790 · · Died September 22, 1856 Grand Master of Masons in Texas December 25, 1838 to December . . . Map (db m172705) HM
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72 Texas, Brazoria County, Clute — 9557 — Eagle Island Plantation
"Eagle Island Plantation," Site of the Home of Sarah Ann Groce Wharton (1810-1878) and William Harris Wharton (1806-1839) Member of the Convention of Texas, 1832 President of the Convention of 1833 Member of the Senate of the Republic of . . . Map (db m172706) HM
73 Texas, Brazoria County, Clute — 9614 — William Harris Wharton
Participated in the Battle of Velasco, 1832 · Member of the Convention of Texas, 1832 · President of the Convention of 1833 · Minister of the United States, 1836-1837 · Member of the 5th Congress of the Republic · Born in Virginia, 1806 · Died . . . Map (db m172703) HM
74 Texas, Brazoria County, Damon — 9556 — Abraham Darst
Emigrated to Texas from Missouri in 1827 as an Austin Colonist • Participated in the Battle of Velasco, 1832 • Five of his sons were in the Army of Texas in 1836 • Born May 14, 1786 • Died in December, 1833 Erected by the State of Texas . . . Map (db m158869) HM
75 Texas, Brazoria County, Damon — 9555 — Edmund Calloway Darst
A San Jacinto Veteran Born in Missouri 1815 Died in 1838 Erected by the State of Texas 1936Map (db m158863) HM
76 Texas, Brazoria County, Freeport — 9606 — Four Miles Southeast to the Original Town of Velasco
Landing place of the "Lively" First vessel bringing immigrants to Austin's colony in 1821. There the Battle of Velasco, between Texas colonists and Mexican troops, was fought June 26, 1832. A treaty of peace between Texas and Mexico was signed . . . Map (db m167496) HM
77 Texas, Brazoria County, Jones Creek — 9581 — Peach Point
. . . Map (db m90243) HM
78 Texas, Brazoria County, Liverpool — 9542 — Thomas Jefferson Callihan
A San Jacinto veteran · Born in Illinois, May 10, 1817 · Died May 31, 1880 His wife Johanne Bishoff Callihan Born in Germany, March 18, 1839 · Died March 1, 1925Map (db m173659) HM
79 Texas, Brazoria County, Surfside Beach — 9616 — The Lively
First vessel with emigrants to Austin's colony landed here December 23, 1821. The Battle of Velasco was fought here June 26, 1832. Public and secret treaties of peace between the Republic of Texas and General Santa Anna were signed here . . . Map (db m237185) HM
80 Texas, Brazoria County, Sweeny — 9597 — Thomas Jefferson Sweeny
A San Jacinto Veteran Born in Tennessee 1812 Died in La Grange, Texas 1869 Erected by the State of Texas 1936Map (db m237449) HM
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81 Texas, Brazoria County, West Columbia — 9575 — Home of George B. McKinstry1802 - 1837
A member of Austin's colony, 1829. Soldier in the Battle of Velasco; delegate to the General Convention, 1832; chief justice of Brazoria County, 1836. In this home, built about 1830, Stephen F. Austin died, December 27, 1836Map (db m78618) HM
82 Texas, Brazoria County, West Columbia — 9540 — John S. D. Byrom
Born in Georgia September 24, 1798 Died July 10, 1837 Delegate to the Consultation, 1835 Signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, 1836Map (db m173097) HM
83 Texas, Brazoria County, West Columbia — 9566 — Nathaniel C. Hazen
Came to Texas in January, 1836 Led out to be shot with Fannin's men, March 27, 1836, but escaped Fought at San Jacinto in Captain William H. Patton's company Died in Columbia, December 27, 1836Map (db m173082) HM
84 Texas, Brazoria County, West Columbia — 9526 — Site of the Home of Josiah Hughes Bell1791 - 1838
One of the “Old Three Hundred” who came to Texas with Stephen F. Austin in 1821 • First alcade (sic, alcalde) of Austin's Colony • On this tract of 6,642 acres, granted him in 1824, was later built the town of Columbia, First . . . Map (db m52793) HM
85 Texas, Brazoria County, West Columbia — 9527 — Thaddus Constantine Bell
First male child born in Austin's colonies in Texas Born October 4, 1822 Died in March, 1871 His wife, Elizabeth Cayce Bell Born September 30, 1830 Died Feb. 24, 1864Map (db m173006) HM
86 Texas, Brazos County, Bryan — 8666 — Brazos County
Brazos County, part of Stephen F. Austin’s colony, was created from Washington County in 1841. It was first named Navasota County, with Boonville as the county seat. In 1842 the name was changed to Brazos County. Through the Civil War, Millican, . . . Map (db m119591) HM
87 Texas, Brazos County, Bryan — 8665 — Site of the Town of Boonville
Established in 1841 as the county seat of Navasota County by John Millican, John H. Jones, J. Ferguson, E. Seale, and Mordecai Boon whose name it bears • The name of the county was changed to Brazos in 1842 • Boonville flourished until 1866 when . . . Map (db m170254) HM
88 Texas, Brewster County, Alpine — 503 — Brewster County
Formed from Presidio County Created February 2, 1887. Organized February 14, 1887. In 1897 the territory of Buchel and Foley counties was added to Brewster. Named for Henry Percy Brewster, 1816-1884 soldier and statesman, a hero . . . Map (db m60923) HM
89 Texas, Brewster County, Alpine — 570 — Burgess' Water Hole
Called San Lorenzo by Juan Domínguez de Mendoza, 1684. Later Charco de Alzate in honor of an Apache chieftain. After Civil War given name of Burgess' water hole honoring John W. Burgess, pioneer freighter, who here outwitted the Apaches. The . . . Map (db m26390) HM
90 Texas, Brewster County, Big Bend National Park — 994 — Comanche Trail
You are now traveling the Comanche Trail blazed by Comanche Indians, en route from the western plains to Mexico, and traveled later by emigrants and soldiers. It extended south from the Horse Head Crossing of the Pecos by Comanche Springs . . . Map (db m53931) HM
91 Texas, Brewster County, Marathon — 2003 — Fort Peña Colorado (Red Rock)
Established in 1880 as a means of preventing Indian raids into Mexico. Raided by Apaches in 1881. Abandoned in 1893 after Western Texas had been permanently cleared of Indians.Map (db m73723) HM
92 Texas, Briscoe County, Quitaque — 4146 — Site of Original Headquarters of the Quitaque Ranch
. . . Map (db m237450) HM
93 Texas, Briscoe County, Silverton — 512 — Briscoe County
Formed from Bexar Territory Created August 21, 1876 Organized March 15, 1892 Named for Andrew Briscoe 1810-1849 Defender of Texan liberty at the Battle of Concepcion, the Capture of Bexar and the Battle of San Jacinto. Chief . . . Map (db m99865) HM
94 Texas, Brooks County, Falfurrias — 522 — Brooks County
Formed from Hidalgo, Starr and Zapata counties, Created March 11, 1911 Organized September 2, 1911 Named in honor of James Abijah Brooks Captain of Texas Rangers, 1882-1906, member of Texas Legislature, County Judge, Brooks County . . . Map (db m180468) HM
95 Texas, Brown County, Brownwood — 528 — Brown County
Created August 27, 1856; Organized March 21, 1857. Named for Capt. Henry S. Brown; came to Texas in 1824; Indian trader and fighter, commanded a company at the Battle of Velasco, member of the Convention of 1832; county seat, Brownwood 1856; moved . . . Map (db m220746) HM
96 Texas, Burleson County, Caldwell — 7553 — Burleson County
Farmed early as 1744 by Indians under guidance of Spanish missionaries. In 1830, Ft. Tenoxtitlan, guarding Brazos crossing, San Antonio Road, attracted Anglo-Texans, who lived off wild game in early years. County created and organized in 1846. . . . Map (db m129339) HM
97 Texas, Burnet County, Bertram — 9700 — Black's Fort
Built as a defense against the Indians in 1855 by William Black (1815-1907) on land owned by him. In the stockade, constructed of cedar logs, sentries were kept on guard on moonlight nights. Guns and ammunition for public use were kept here. . . . Map (db m27429) HM
98 Texas, Burnet County, Burnet — Burnet County
In memory of the Pioneer Settlers of Burnet County Samuel L. Holland, first settler, 1848. Logan Vandeveer, Peter Kerr, William H. Magill, Noah Smithwick, Jesse Burnam, R. H. Hall, General Adam R. Johnson, Captain Christian Dorbandt . . . Map (db m150765) HM
99 Texas, Burnet County, Burnet — 9704 — Burnet County
Formed from portions of Travis, Williamson and Bell counties. Created Feb. 5, 1852; organized August 28, 1852. Named in honor of David G. Burnet (1788-1870), president of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Texas in 1836. County seat, . . . Map (db m233324) HM
100 Texas, Burnet County, Burnet — 9711 — Site of Fort Croghan
Established by Lieut. C. H. Tyler, United States Second Dragoons, by order of the War Department, March 18, 1849, as a protection to frontier settlers against hostile Indians. Abandoned in December, 1853 as the settlements had extended farther west.Map (db m20644) HM

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