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Ventura County Historical Landmarks Historical Markers

The Ventura County Historic Landmarks & Points of Interest consist of buildings, sites, and neighborhoods designated by Ventura County, California, Cultural Heritage Board as historic landmarks and points of interest.
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By Craig Baker, March 17, 2019
Stage Road Marker
1California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Chatsworth — 92 — Old Santa Susana Stage Road‘Devil’s Slide’
Old Santa Susana Stage Road, 1859-90. Marked March 17 1939, Native Daughters of the Golden West, Topango Parlor 269.Map (db m131208) HM
2California, Ventura County, Camarillo — 3 — Adolfo Camarillo Heritage GroveVentura County Landmark No. 3
Across Mission Oaks Boulevard, next to the 101 Freeway, remains part of a grove of Eucalyptus trees that once lined both sides of the old two-lane El Camino Real. In 1892, Adolfo Camarillo planted 650 of these trees, which stretched from Pleasant . . . Map (db m130636) HM
3California, Ventura County, Camarillo — 8 — Camarillo Ranch HouseBuilt in 1892
This grand three-story, 15-room home was built by Adolfo Camarillo in the Queen Ann Victorian style, using the plans of architects Herman Anlauf and Franklin Ward. The home features seven bedrooms, a grand staircase, a tower bay, a walk-in wooden . . . Map (db m129517) HM
4California, Ventura County, Fillmore — 47 — Fillmore State Bank
This building was constructed in 1917 to house the Fillmore State Bank, which had been founded in 1905 by Judge Felix Ewing and John Carne. In 1927 it became the Bank of Italy; the name was changed in 1930 to Bank of America. In 1965 the building . . . Map (db m77889) HM
5California, Ventura County, Fillmore — Fillmore's First Bank & Masonic Hall
Original Site of Fillmore's First Bank and Masonic Hall. Est. 1905Map (db m77901) HM
6California, Ventura County, Fillmore — 157 — Rancho Sespe Bunkhouse #2
• By 1919 Rancho Sespe had three bachelor quarters: The Japanese "Ranch House" built in 1909, Bunkhouse No. 1 (built in 1911) and Bunk House No. 2 (Built in 1919). • The "Ranch House" was some distance away from the main headquarters . . . Map (db m217988) HM
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7California, Ventura County, Fillmore — 48 — Southern Pacific Depot
The Southern Pacific Depot was built in 1887 during the Southern California land boom of that decade. It was saved from demolition and moved to its present site in 1974 to become the Fillmore Historical Museum. This was done through the efforts of . . . Map (db m132748) HM
8California, Ventura County, Fillmore — 59 — The Artists’ BarnProperty and Pepper Tree
“The Artists Barn” was established in 1936 by Mr. Lawrence Hinckley. The converted old redwood barn served for many years as an art center for Ventura County and drew national recognition. The barn and pepper tree date back to the late . . . Map (db m135704) HM
9California, Ventura County, Moorpark — 55 — Moorpark’s Community Church
This church is a unique combination of two historic buildings, the Epworth and the Somis churches. Retired Methodist ministers established the Epworth Colony in what is now the Fairview district of Moorpark. A small chapel was built in 1894 . . . Map (db m131705) HM
10California, Ventura County, Moorpark — 2 — Santa Rosa SchoolOld Butterfield Stage Route
Santa Rosa School Site and School Bell The first Santa Rosa School was built and the school bell installed in 1912 by local farmers, among whom were members of the Norwegian Colony in Conejo Valley. A new school was built in . . . Map (db m180259) HM
11California, Ventura County, Newbury Park — 30 & 44 — Stagecoach Inn and Sycamore Tree
"The hotel was built by James Hammell as the Grand Union Hotel in 1876 and was often called the "Conejo" or "Big" Hotel. In 1885, the site was purchased by Cecil Haigh. In 1965, his grandson, H. Allen Hays, donated 4 acres and the hotel to the . . . Map (db m78003) HM
12California, Ventura County, Ojai — 25 — Matilija Hot Springs
Matilija Hot Springs was developed as a health spa and vacation resort by J.W.Wilcox in 1871. In 1873 cabins were added and a hotel built. The resort was destroyed by the floods of 1884, but rebuilt in 1885 with a bath house and other . . . Map (db m167495) HM
13California, Ventura County, Ojai — 6 — Ojai Post Office Tower and Portico
The Ojai Post Office Tower and Portico, completed in 1917, provide a scenic focal point for the downtown area. Architects Frank Mead and Richard Requa modeled the tower after the Christopher Columbus Cathedral in Havana, Cuba, with . . . Map (db m154419) HM
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14California, Ventura County, Ojai — 27 — The History of Libbey Bowl
The original Bowl was built in Edward Drummond Libbey's Civic Center Park in phases from 1952 to 1957 by a community effort led by the Ojai Music Festival. The shell was designed by architects Austen Pierpont of Ojai and Roy C. Wilson of Santa . . . Map (db m154425) HM
15California, Ventura County, Oxnard — 16 — American Beet Sugar Factory
The American Beet Sugar Factory was built on a 100-acre site between 5th Street and Wooley Road in 1898 at a cost of $2,000,000 by sugar industrialists Henry, James, Robert and Benjamin Oxnard. It was the second largest sugar beet factory in the . . . Map (db m172231) HM
16California, Ventura County, Oxnard — 9 — Cesar E. ChavezChildhood Home Site
Cesar E. Chavez was born in Yuma, Arizona, on March 31, 1927. His parents Librado and Juana Chavez came to Oxnard to work in the walnut orchards in 1938, 1939 and 1940. During their 1939 stay the family lived in a storage building at this . . . Map (db m146945) HM
17California, Ventura County, Oxnard — 70 — First Church of Christ ScientistHeritage Square Hall
Original - Earlier Names: (1) Christian Church. (2) First Church of Christ Scientist. Original - Earlier Locations: (1) Corner of C and 6th Streets. (2) Corner of D and 2nd Streets. Construction Date: Summer 1902. Architect & Builder: E. . . . Map (db m194104) HM
18California, Ventura County, Oxnard — 74 — Henry Levy House
The Henry Levy House, circa 1914. Ventura County Landmark #74.Map (db m187832) HM
19California, Ventura County, Oxnard — 145 — Perkins / Claberg House
Original Owner: David Tod Perkins. Original Location: 464 W. Pleasant Valley Road. Construction Date: Ca. 1887. Builder: Jens Rasmussen. The History David Tod Perkins was the son of a prominent Ohio family that included a . . . Map (db m194101) HM
20California, Ventura County, Oxnard — 100 — Petit Ranch House
Original Owner: Justin and Frances Petit. Original Location: 1900 East Wooley Road. Construction Date: Ca. 1896. Architect: Herman Anlauf. The History The Petit family emigrated from France to America in 1853 when baby Justin . . . Map (db m194066) HM
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21California, Ventura County, Oxnard — 14 — The House of the SeaRest Stop for Weary Travelers — Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area —
Chumash seafarers were so comfortable on the ocean that elder Kitsepawit once called the tomol (plank canoe) “the house of the sea.” Shipbuilders crafted the tomol by splitting driftwood, sewing planks with cordage, and caulking with . . . Map (db m154652) HM
22California, Ventura County, Oxnard — 165 — The Maulhardt Winery
Built in the 1870's by Gottfried Maulhardt who was on the building committee for the Santa Clara Chapel along with his brothers Jacob and Anton plus Dominick McGrath, Thomas Cloyne & Christian Borchard. Gottfried grew 250 vines of the . . . Map (db m146638) HM
23California, Ventura County, Oxnard — 17 — The Oxnard Pagoda
The pagoda was built in 1910 to house the pump which supplied water for irrigating the park. It was designed by architect Alfred J. Priest and built by Thomas H. Carroll, contractor. In 1911 the roof was raised to provide room for the band platform. . . . Map (db m120957) HM
24California, Ventura County, Piru — 553 — Rancho CamulosNational Historic Landmark
Rancho Camulos has been designated a National Historic Landmark. This residential complex possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America. Ygnacio del Valle established Rancho Camulos in 1853, on . . . Map (db m154495) HM
25California, Ventura County, Piru — 4 — The Piru MansionNewhall Mansion — Cook Mansion —
Built 1886-1890 by David Caleb Cook. Destroyed by fire February 18, 1981. Rebuilt 1981-1983 by Ruth and Scott Newhall, with the skills of the following artists and artisans: John L. Schleimer, J & J Construction Co., Contractor. . . . Map (db m170370) HM
26California, Ventura County, Port Hueneme — 32 — Bank of Hueneme
Constructed in 1925, this building served as the Bank of Hueneme until 1950. Myron Hunt, architect.Map (db m129519) HM
27California, Ventura County, Port Hueneme — Bard MansionMyron Hunt - Architect — Berylwood —
Berylwood, The Thomas R. Bard Estate, 1912 The Officers Club of the Naval Construction Battalion Center was originally the home of the honorable Thomas R. Bard, U.S. Senator (California, 1900-1905) and his family. This was the . . . Map (db m215216) HM
28California, Ventura County, Port Hueneme — 20 — Bard Memorial
Site of Sen. Thomas R. Bard’s first home. A memorial plot was built by the Bard family and dedicated in 1958. Now owned by the United States government with an easement to the city of Port Hueneme for the purpose of maintaining a memorial to the . . . Map (db m193908) HM
29California, Ventura County, Port Hueneme — 86 — Gerberding / Moranda House
Ventura County Landmark No. 86 — Gerberding-Moranda home.Map (db m195725) HM
30California, Ventura County, Port Hueneme — 37 — Hueneme Slough
W. B. Moranda Park was constructed over the former Hueneme Slough, or lagoon. High tides created this 8-acre body of water surrounded by cattails (tules) making it a haven for water fowl. The Ventura County Railroad crossed the slough on a trestle . . . Map (db m136194) HM
31California, Ventura County, Port Hueneme — 57 — Point Hueneme LighthouseHueneme: “Resting Place”
As early as 1857, the need for a lighthouse at Point Hueneme to mark the eastern Santa Barbara Channel entrance was recognized. In March 1873 Congress appropriated funds for a light station and a 60-acre lighthouse reservation at Point Hueneme. . . . Map (db m155775) HM
32California, Ventura County, Port Hueneme — 19 — Women’s Improvement ClubCirca 1914
Women's Improvement Club has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior.Map (db m193824) HM
33California, Ventura County, Santa Paula — 996 — Birthplace of Union Oil Company of California — National Register of Historic Places —
Birthplace of Union Oil Company of California. Founded October 17, 1890. Presented by the City of Santa Paula, California, to Union Oil Company of California, in commemoration of the company's 50 years of service to the West, August Twenty-Four, . . . Map (db m154493) HM
34California, Ventura County, Santa Paula — 142 — Canyon SchoolBarbara Webster Elementary
1925 Canyon School was built. Built especially for Spanish-speaking children to meet their language needs. Parents were offered classes in citizenship, health, and homemaking. Originally, there were eight classrooms. . . . Map (db m184851) HM
35California, Ventura County, Santa Paula — 132 — Familia Diaz CafeFormerly Las Quince Letras Reported missing
Jose Angel Diaz and Josepha de la Torre came to Santa Paula from Mexico with their parents. They met in 1916 while working at Limoneira Packing House, married in 1919 and started the first cafe at their home in 1935. In 1936 they moved into a . . . Map (db m120829) HM
36California, Ventura County, Santa Paula — 1 — Faulkner House1894 — Ventura County Landmark No. 1 —
This home was the culmination of George Washington Faulkner’s dream, expressed to his bride in 1876: "We will have to begin at the foot of the ladder and grow up with the country, but I think that in a few years we can have a beautiful home if . . . Map (db m131410) HM
37California, Ventura County, Santa Paula — 81 — First Christian Church
This church was built in 1900 by contributions from the members of the congregation. The Reverend Mr. James F. Stewart chaired the committee of church members who supervised the building of the church, and raising the funds necessary for . . . Map (db m175578) HM
38California, Ventura County, Santa Paula — 65 — Glen Tavern Inn
Glen Tavern Inn, built 1911. Presented by Aquila Chase chapter, National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century, 12 October 2014. The Glen Tavern Inn, built in 1911, has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by . . . Map (db m175684) HM
39California, Ventura County, Santa Paula — 143 — Isbell School1939
Federal Works Agency, Public Works Administration. John M. Carmody, Federal Works Administrator. Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States. Isbell School, 1939.Map (db m184889) HM
40California, Ventura County, Santa Paula — 111 — McKevett School
North Grammar School was built in 1910 on land given by Mrs. Alice Stowell McKevett. On May 15, 1927, the PTA and Pioneer Section of the Ebell Club rededicated North Grammar School as McKevett School in honor of its pioneer donor. Local . . . Map (db m184881) HM
41California, Ventura County, Santa Paula — 9 — Santa Clara Schoolhouse
The Santa Clara School District was formed in 1879 when farmers in the area wanted a public school for their children. Members of the first Board of Trustees were Mathew Atmore, Ruben Hall and C.H. Chittenden. The first schoolhouse was built in . . . Map (db m125568) HM
42California, Ventura County, Santa Paula — 46 — Tanner HomesteadVentura County Historical Landmark #46
The west portion of this house, which was built in the 1870s, is the original Tanner Home. Albert Miles Tanner was a member of the Mormon Battalion at the time of the War with Mexico. He opened the first hotel in Sacramento with Sam Brannon. Later . . . Map (db m131741) HM
43California, Ventura County, Santa Paula — 23 — The Depot, Santa Paula
Prefabricated in Southern Pacific's Sacramento shops, shipped in sections by rail, and assembled on this site; the depot opened for business in 1887. The second story served as living quarters for the station agent and family. . . . Map (db m175580) HM
44California, Ventura County, Santa Paula — 76 — The Ebell Club
The Ebell Club of Santa Paula was organized in 1913. It was the ninth chapter in California. In 1917, Alice Stowell McKevett donated land for Ebell Park and erected the first half of the building in memory of her husband, Charles M. McKevett. The . . . Map (db m120828) HM
45California, Ventura County, Santa Paula — 35 — The Hardison Estate
Site of the W. L. Hardison Estate, established in 1884 by Wallace Libbey Hardison with his wife Clara McDonald. Hardison, born in Maine in 1850, was a Representative in the 104th Pennsylvania Legislature before coming to Santa Paula in 1883 with . . . Map (db m175487) HM
46California, Ventura County, Santa Paula — 61 — The Town Clock
This is the site of the first meeting of the Santa Paula Oddfellows lodge, April 26 1884. The original hall was destroyed by fire in 1903. The present building with the clock tower was erected in 1905. Community donations made it possible to . . . Map (db m175682) HM
47California, Ventura County, Saticoy — 176 — Saticoy Railroad Depot
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior.Map (db m184238) HM
48California, Ventura County, Saticoy — 6 — Saticoy SpringsHistoric Point of Interest — Chumash Indian Village —
Ventura County is within the historic territory of the Ventureño Chumash. The Chumash village of Sa’aqtik’oy, from which the Saticoy area takes its name, was located near this site and was first recorded in the diaries of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo . . . Map (db m184242) HM
49California, Ventura County, Simi Valley — 979 — El Rancho Simi1795
This is the site of the headquarters of the Spanish Rancho San Jose de Nuestra Senora de Altagarcia y Simi. The name derives from "Shimiji," the name of the Chumash village here before the Spanish. At 113,000 acres, Rancho Simi was one of the . . . Map (db m167458) HM
50California, Ventura County, Simi Valley — 939 — Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village
Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village This fantastic assemblage is one of California's remarkable Twentieth Century Folk Art Environments. In 1956, Tressa Prisbrey, then nearly 60 years old, started building a fanciful "village" of shrines, . . . Map (db m149173) HM
51California, Ventura County, Simi Valley — 134 — Heritage OakQuercus Agrifolia
The Heritage Oak that stood on this site for more than 400 years was witness to the 4 historical periods of Simi Valley. From the Chumash Indians, to the largest land grant ever made to the Pico family in the Spanish period, through the pioneer . . . Map (db m132651) HM
52California, Ventura County, Simi Valley — 29 — Santa Susana Railroad DepotCentennial Celebration 1903-2003
Built by the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1903 at Los Angeles Avenue and Tapo Street. Moved to its present site in 1975. Designated by the Ventura County Heritage Board in 1976 as County Historical Landmark 29.Map (db m117586) HM
53California, Ventura County, Simi Valley — 6 — SilvertownCorriganville
This town site at Corriganville had many names in Hollywood including Dodge City, Mineral City, Tombstone, and Lone Ranger Ranch. Most visitors knew it as Silvertown. Whatever the name, people came by the busloads to be entertained by the Wild West . . . Map (db m154424) HM
54California, Ventura County, Simi Valley — 6 — Simi Adobe
The Simi Adobe was headquarters for the Spanish Colonial Land Grant named San Jose de Nuestra Senora de Altagracia y Simi. Santiago Pico was the original grantee in 1795, followed by three of his sons, Francisco Javier, Miguel and Patricio, to whom . . . Map (db m143273) HM
55California, Ventura County, Simi Valley — 139 — Simi Elementary Schooland Bungalows
These are Simi Valley's only school buildings of any significant age. Simi School District was formed in 1889, and school was held in one of the colony houses, while the new building was built and furnished for $3000. In 1902, . . . Map (db m172223) HM
56California, Ventura County, Simi Valley — 40 — Simi Library1930
Community-minded citizens of Simi Valley raised the money for the land, then asked the Ventura County Library system to build this small building. There had been numerous county branches here and there, using a spare room in a church or . . . Map (db m173110) HM
57California, Ventura County, Simi Valley — 93 — Wood Ranch Barns
These barns were built in the 1940s on the 5000-acre cattle ranch in the southwest corner of Simi Valley. The ranch had been known by many names through the years. It was Cañada Verde during Spanish Rancho times, then shortened to the Verde. . . . Map (db m173111) HM
58California, Ventura County, Somis — 133 — The Somis School
The Somis School building is located on the former site of the Somis Methodist Church. It was built in 1924 to replace the older school building which became the Somis Thursday Clubhouse. Originally the school had only three classrooms. . . . Map (db m163459) HM
59California, Ventura County, Thousand Oaks — 7 — Crowley House
The Crowley house was built in 1910 for Frank and Mae Crowley. In the 1920s, the home served as the sales office and dining venue for prospective home buyers interested in purchasing a home in the new development of Thousand Oaks. E.B. . . . Map (db m134189) HM
60California, Ventura County, Thousand Oaks — 4 — Hunt Olive Tree
Only surviving tree of an orchard planted by R.O. Hunt on the Salto Ranch which he established in 1876.Map (db m138684) HM
61California, Ventura County, Thousand Oaks — 63 — JunglelandLouis Goebel
On this site Louis Goebel opened one of Southern California’s most popular tourists attractions. In 1925, Goebel purchased five lots for $50 along old Ventura Boulevard, which later became Thousand Oaks Boulevard. This land had formerly belonged to . . . Map (db m138682) HM
62California, Ventura County, Thousand Oaks — 5 — Lang RanchOakbrook Regional Park Archeological Area
Dating as far back as 12,000 years ago until the late 1800’s, Chumash people had established many villages and seasonal encampments in this area due to territorial and ritual privileges and the abundant source of food and water bestowed upon the . . . Map (db m154420) HM
63California, Ventura County, Thousand Oaks — 45 — Pederson Ranch HouseCalifornia Lutheran University
When the college opened in 1961, the chicken coops located on the Pederson ranch were converted for campus use. F Building housed the campus coffee shop, which doubled as the cafeteria, and a full soda fountain, E Building served as the library; D . . . Map (db m154417) HM
64California, Ventura County, Thousand Oaks — 112 — The Janss House
This house was built in 1931 by Dr. Edwin Janss, Sr. from designs by his wife Florence Janss. It was the weekend retreat of the Janss family, the base of their Conejo Valley ranch, founded in 1910, and the family home of Edwin Janss, Jr. . . . Map (db m143287) HM
65California, Ventura County, Ventura — 847 — Old County Court House
This imposing building was designed by Albert C. Martin and built in 1912 as the Ventura County Court House. It is an outstanding example of neo-classic architecture, considered the proper style for public buildings of the early 20th century. The . . . Map (db m154494) HM
66California, Ventura County, Ventura — 28 — San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct
A visible section of the mission aqueduct still exists just east of Highway 33 on Cañada Larga Road. It is one of the few remaining parts of a seven-mile-long system that delivered water from San Antonio Creek to El Caballo filtration plant on the . . . Map (db m143278) HM
67California, Ventura County, Ventura — 11 — Santa Gertrudis AsistenciaChapel
Santa Gertrudis Asistencia (chapel) was originally located about 500 feet north. Its location is now covered by the freeway. This chapel served the Indians in the early days. Marked 1970. Replaced 1986.Map (db m143330) HM
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