“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Women's Suffrage Historical Markers

These markers relate for women's fight for the right to vote, a key issue for First-Wave Feminism.
Judge Thomas M. Peters Marker image, Touch for more information
By Sandra Hughes, April 20, 2010
Judge Thomas M. Peters Marker
1Alabama (Lawrence County), Moulton — Judge Thomas M. Peters
A scientist of national fame, Peters (1810-1888) lived for many years in Moulton with his wife Naomi (Leetch), a relative of President James K. Polk, who possibly visited here. A man of many talents, Peters was a noted linguist, early civil rights . . . Map (db m69670) HM
2Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Huntsville's First Black Women Voters
Ratified in 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteed women the right to vote. To register to vote in Alabama citizens were required to meet a series of residency and property requirements, pass a literacy test, and pay a poll . . . Map (db m191678) HM
3Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Huntsville's Pioneer Suffragists
Ratified in 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteed women the right to vote. The Twickenham Town Chapter, NSDAR honors the history of Huntsville's pioneer suffragists, who met here at the home of Alberta Chapman Taylor . . . Map (db m160637) HM
4Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — 63 — Votes for WomenRoad to the 19th Amendment
Huntsville Equal Suffrage Association reorganized here in 1912. In 1914, Alabama Equal Suffrage Association held convention here.Map (db m191649) HM
5Alabama (Morgan County), Decatur — 65 — Votes for WomenRoad to the 19th Amendment
Ellen S. Hildreth founded early Alabama suffrage club in New Decatur 1892. Hosted national suffrage leaders here at Echols Opera House 1895.Map (db m191695) HM
6Arizona (Maricopa County), Tempe — Hayden HouseConstructed 1874
Tempe founder Charles Trumbull Hayden built a house of willow poles on this site in 1871 and erected an adobe home, store, and blacksmith shop during the next two years. He married Sallie Davis in Visalia, California, and brought her here in 1876. . . . Map (db m27585) HM
7Arizona (Yavapai County), Prescott — Site of the O'Neill/Munds House
A beautiful Victorian Cottage which faced East Sheldon Street was built on this site by W. B. Jones. On November 15, 1893, William Owen (Buckey) O'Neill and his wife Pauline moved into the house. O'Neill used a portion of the upstairs as his office . . . Map (db m20619) HM
8California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Golden Sheaf Bakery AnnexCity of Berkeley Landmark - designated in 1978 — Clinton Day, Architect, 1905 * Jim Novosel, Architect, 2000 —
Listed on the National Record of Historic Places In 1877, English immigrant John G. Wright founded the Golden Sheaf, Berkeley's first wholesale/retail bakery. The original bakery, with a public dining room, stood around the corner on Shattuck . . . Map (db m50360) HM
9California (Monterey County), Monterey — Colton Hall – Site of California’s Original Constitution
Forty-eight men of diverse education and cultural backgrounds from throughout California converged upon Monterey in September in 1849 to frame a constitutional government for California. Working together as Californians, they created this . . . Map (db m63348) HM
10California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Alice Dunbar Nelson19th Amendment Outdoor Museum
A bisexual poet, journalist, and political activist. Among the first generation born free in the South after the Civil War and a daughter of a slave, she was one of the prominent African Americans involved in the artistic flourishing of the Harlem . . . Map (db m171821) HM
11California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Charlotte Amanda Spears Bass19th Amendment Outdoor Museum
Charlotta Bass was an educator, newspaper publisher-editor, and activist. She also focused on various other issues such as housing rights, voting rights, and labor rights, as well as police brutality and harassment. In 1952, Bass became the first . . . Map (db m171824) HM
12California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Clara Shortridge Foltz19th Amendment Outdoor Museum
Clara Shortridge Foltz was the first American female lawyer on the West Coast and the pioneer of the idea of the public defender. During a career that spanned 56 years, Foltz almost single-handedly pushed a great deal of progressive legislation . . . Map (db m171852) HM
13California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Dr. Margaret 'Mike' Chung19th Amendment Outdoor Museum
Dr. Chung advocated for the voting rights of Chinese and American women through her activism in the Woman's Auxiliary of the Chinese American League of Justice, the Chinese Protective Association, and the Chinese Women's Reform Club. Dr. . . . Map (db m171553) HM
14California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Jeannette Rankin19th Amendment Outdoor Museum
Rankin organized and lobbied for legislation enfranchising women in several states including Montana, New York, and North Dakota. She was the first woman to hold federal office as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives where she . . . Map (db m171578) HM
15California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Jovita Idár19th Amendment Outdoor Museum
As a teacher, writer, editor, and activist, Idár preserved Mexican culture in South Texas and encouraged women to pursue an education and push for equal rights. While working as a journalist, she became the president of the newly-established . . . Map (db m171579) HM
16California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Juno Frankie Seay Pierce19th Amendment Outdoor Museum
An African American educator and suffragist. Pierce opened the Tennessee Vocational School for Colored Girls in 1923, and she served as its superintendent until 1939. The daughter of a slave, Pierce addressed white women at the inaugural . . . Map (db m171461) HM
17California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Laura de Force Gordon19th Amendment Outdoor Museum
A queer California lawyer, newspaper publisher, and a prominent suffragette. She was the first woman to run a daily newspaper in the United States and the second female lawyer admitted to practice in California. Gordon's February 19, 1868 speech . . . Map (db m171548) HM
18California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Lavinia Gertrude Watson
A physician practicing during California's Gold Rush who was also a spiritualist, businesswoman, and leading Sacramento suffragist. When Sacramento officials denied her the vote, she sued the city on the grounds that as a taxpaying citizen, she . . . Map (db m171896) HM
19California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Luella Buckminster-Johnston1861 – 1958
An outspoken proponent of suffrage for women, she became the first of her gender elected to a municipal office in Sacramento, being swept into office by an all male electorate before women attained the right to vote. Widow of a politician and . . . Map (db m15621) HM
20California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Luella Johnston19th Amendment Outdoor Museum
The first woman elected to the Sacramento City Council and the first woman to be elected to the city council of any major city in the United States. She was elected as part of a slate of Progressive candidates, defeating the railroad-aligned . . . Map (db m171816) HM
21California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Mabel Ping-Hua Lee19th Amendment Outdoors Museum
The first woman to receive a PhD. from Columbia University. Even after the passage of the 19th amendment, Lee was unable to vote because of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 until it was repealed years later. She became a well-known figure in the . . . Map (db m171510) HM
22California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — María Amparo Ruiz de Burton19th Amendment Outdoor Museum
The first female Mexican American author to write in English. Who Would Have Thought It? was the first novel to be written in English by a Mexican living in the United States. The book was published in 1872 without the author's name on the . . . Map (db m171894) HM
23California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Maria Guadalupe Evangelina de Lopez19th Amendment Outdoor Museum
A California suffragist and an educator, she campaigned and translated at rallies in Southern California where suffragists distributed tens of thousands of pamphlets in Spanish and worked as a translator for the California suffrage movement. She . . . Map (db m171533) HM
24California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Marie Louise Bottineau Baldwin19th Amendment Outdoor Museum
A Metis Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians attorney and Native American rights activist who emphasized the value of traditional Native cultures while asserting her own place in the modern world as an Indian woman. In 1912, at the age of 49, . . . Map (db m171456) HM
25California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Mary Church Terrell19th Amendment Outdoor Museum
An African American suffragist who helped found the National Association of Colored Women in 1986 and served as its first national president. In addition, she was a founding member of the National Association of College Women. In 1950, she . . . Map (db m171453) HM
26California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Naomi Anderson19th Amendment Outdoor Museum
An African American suffragist, civil rights activist, and poet who highlighted the experience of African American women who were still enslaved by their inability to vote. She also found that the white women who had organized a children's home . . . Map (db m171505) HM
27California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Sara Plummer Lemmon19th Amendment Outdoor Museum
A Californian botanist and botanical artist, Mount Lemmon in Arizona is named for her, as she was the first white woman to ascend it. She was responsible for the designation of the golden poppy as the state flower of California, in 1903. A number . . . Map (db m171502) HM
28California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Zitkála-Šá19th Amendment Outdoor Museum
Zitkála-Šá (Lakota: Red Bird), also known as Gertrude Simmons Bonnin was a writer, editor, translator, musician, educator, and political activist. In 1926 she and her husband founded the National Council of American Indians, dedicated to the cause . . . Map (db m171898) HM
29California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — King of the Road!The Golden Gate’s Golden Age of Cycling
More than one hundred years ago, the bicycle was king of the road in San Francisco. The streets were filled with scorchers, bloomer girls, bone shakers, and wheelmen. More than one hundred years ago, the bicycle was king of the road in . . . Map (db m72526) HM
30California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Marie Equi(1872-1952) — Rainbow Honor Walk —
American physician and political radical who fought for peace, an eight-hour workday, women's suffrage and their right to birth controlMap (db m187158) HM
31California (San Joaquin County), Lodi — Laura de Force Gordon1838 - 1907
A famous womens' rights activist, she began speaking on behalf of womens' rights in 1868. Laura ran for the California State Senate in 1871, long before women could vote. In 1873 she bought the first of several newspapers which she used as a forum . . . Map (db m91788) HM
32California (Santa Clara County), Los Gatos — "The Cats"
In 1919, Charles Erskine Scott Wood and Sara Bard Field purchased a beautiful 34-acre site overlooking Los Gatos to establish a refuge for their creative pursuits. Here they commissioned Robert Treat Paine to create two large statures to mark the . . . Map (db m92716) HM
33California (Santa Clara County), Morgan Hill — [Morgan Hill] Centennial ProjectA History Trail — Dedicated November 10, 2006 —
[The Morgan Hill Centennial Project is a very unusual ‘marker’. It was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of the City of Morgan Hill. One starts at the center of the marker and then proceeds along an expanding spiral . . . Map (db m46097) HM
34California (Santa Clara County), Palo Alto — 969 — Homesite of Sarah WallisMayfield Farm
Sarah Armstrong Wallis (1825–1905) was a pioneer in the campaign for women’s voting rights. In 1870 she was elected president of California’s first statewide suffrage organization which in 1873 incorporated as the California State Woman . . . Map (db m2718) HM
35California (Santa Clara County), San Jose — Knox-Goodrich Building
This charming commercial structure was built in 1889 by Sarah Knox-Goodrich on property left to her by her first husband, Dr. William Knox, using sandstone from the quarry owned by her second husband, Levi Goodrich. Both men were important San José . . . Map (db m30960) HM
36California (Santa Clara County), San Jose — 32 — San Jose Woman's Club
In December 1894, nine women met to form the San Jose Woman's Club . Supporting temperance and suffrage, the members also promoted education, community improvements and the arts. The club was opened to women of all creeds and nationalities. Today, . . . Map (db m108410) HM
37California (Santa Cruz County), Santa Cruz — Georgiana Bruce Kirby1818 – 1887
An intellectual, humanitarian and suffragist, Georgiana raised her family in this house from 1854 until her death in 1887. Born in England and educated in the East by America’s leading thinkers and writers. She brought to California an intellectual . . . Map (db m62441) HM
38Colorado (Denver County), Denver — 7e — National Woman Suffrage MovementWall Street of the Rockies — Seventeenth Street Denver, Colorado —
Until 1911, Denver was the largest city in the nation where women could vote. Western states, including Colorado, were among the first to give women the right to vote. In 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteed full . . . Map (db m135444) HM
39Colorado (Denver County), Denver — The Women's Suffrage Association of Colorado
Was founded on this site at a meeting in the Unity Church on January 11, 1876. In 1893 Colorado became the second state in the Union to grant women the right to vote.Map (db m135106) HM
40Colorado (Denver County), Denver — 58 — Votes for WomenRoad to the 19th Amendment
Home of Margaret Brown, ‘Titanic’ survivor & national advocate for Suffrage & Labor Rights. Proposed as candidate for U.S. Senate 1914.Map (db m177950) HM
41Colorado (Larimer County), Fort Collins — Auntie Stone Cabin
This two-story cabin is a classic example of American frontier log construction. Sixty-three year old Elizabeth "Auntie" Stone and her second husband Lewis arrived in this area in 1864. The Army granted them permission to build a private residence . . . Map (db m51972) HM
42Delaware (Kent County), Dover — KC-131 — Delaware's Struggle for Women's Right to Vote
In March 1920, Governor John G. Townsend called a special session of the Delaware General Assembly to vote on the ratification of the 19th amendment. Suffrage and anti-suffrage groups descended on Dover that spring to try to sway the vote in their . . . Map (db m190714) HM
43Delaware (New Castle County), Newark — Emalea Pusey Warner (1853-1948)
Emalea Pusey Warner was one of the most influential women in the history of the University of Delaware. She was the first woman appointed to its Board of Trustees, serving from 1928-42. The project closest to Mrs. Warner's heart was the . . . Map (db m131148) HM
44Delaware (New Castle County), Wilmington — 31 — Suffrage RallyRoad to the 19th Amendment — National Votes for Women Trail —
May 2, 1914. First rally in Delaware for women's right to vote. Suffrage parade from Wilm. Train Station to this site.Map (db m184932) HM
45Delaware (New Castle County), Wilmington — 28 — Votes for WomenRoad to the 19th Amendment — National Votes for Women Trail —
Former site of Garrett Settlement House. African American suffrage club and integrated suffrage events held here 1914-1920.Map (db m186357) HM
46Delaware (New Castle County), Wilmington — 42 — Votes for WomenRoad to the 19th Amendment — National Votes for Women Trail —
Blanche Stubbs, 1872-1952. Equal Suffrage Study Club leader & advocate for African American voting and civil rights. Lived here.Map (db m184935) HM
47Delaware (New Castle County), Wilmington — 43 — Votes for WomenRoad to the 19th Amendment — National Votes for Women Trail —
Alice Dunbar-Nelson, 1875-1935. Teacher, author, civil rights leader. Elected president Equal Suffrage Study Club 1914. Lived here.Map (db m186358) HM
48Delaware (New Castle County), Wilmington — NCC-253 — Women's Suffrage Parade
On May 2, 1914, the Delaware Congressional Union and Delaware Equal Suffrage Association held a parade in Wilmington. Approximately 400 suffragists marched from the Pennsylvania Railroad Station to the New Castle County Court House at 10th and . . . Map (db m184921) HM
49Delaware (Sussex County), Georgetown — 52 — Votes for WomenRoad to the 19th Amendment — National Votes for Women Trail —
Margaret W. Houston Sussex Co. suffrage leader elected V.P. of Delaware Equal Suffrage Assn. 1896. Helped est. town library 1899.Map (db m190454) HM
50Delaware (Sussex County), Georgetown — SC-284 — Women's Suffrage in Delaware
On March 16, 1920, Sussex County's members of the Delaware General Assembly held a conference in Georgetown to hear opinions for and against women's suffrage. Suffragists and anti-suffragists organized similar gatherings throughout the state that . . . Map (db m190431) HM
51Delaware (Sussex County), Lewes — 50 — Votes for WomenRoad to the 19th Amendment — National Votes for Women Trail —
Leah Burton, 1878-1968. State & Sussex Co. organizer and advocate for women's right to vote, 1915-1920. Lived here until 1920.Map (db m190356) HM
52Delaware (Sussex County), Milton — SC-207 — Governor Joseph Maull Carey
Born in Milton on January 19, 1845, he was the son of merchant Robert H. Carey and his wife, Susan. Educated in local schools, he later attended Union College and received his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania. An active supporter of . . . Map (db m37728) HM
53District of Columbia (Washington), Anacostia — Frederick Douglass National Historic Site
Also known as Cedar Hill, this site encompasses the estate owned by Frederick Douglass from 1877 until his death in 1895. In honor of Douglass’ work as an author, orator, abolitionist, statesman, and civil rights leader, this site is designated a . . . Map (db m40846) HM
54District of Columbia (Washington), Brightwood — 5 — Army Nurse Corps TrainingFormer Walter Reed Army Medical Center — Walking Tour —
Until the early 20th century, the Army largely relied on untrained civilian women for temporary medical care for the sick and wounded. Shortages in medical staff set the stage for greater involvement of women in Army medical care and made a . . . Map (db m143701) HM
55District of Columbia (Washington), Capitol Hill — From June to December, 1917The Occoquan Steps
From June to December 1917 members of the National Woman's Party were imprisoned for picketing the White House to publicize the struggle to win the vote for Women. Those incarcerated in the District of Columbia's workhouse in Occoquan, Virginia . . . Map (db m71336) HM
56District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown Washington — DemonstrationLafayette Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Lafayette Park has long served as a place for political and social demonstrations. People continue to exercise their right of free speech here, using Lafayette Park as a stage and the White House as their audience. Demonstrations often take the . . . Map (db m178332) HM
57District of Columbia (Washington), Dupont Circle — Dupont Circle Mural Key
Images Courtesy Of: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division • DC Public Library, Washingtoniana Division • Heurich House Museum • Women's National Democratic Club Archives • Michael Cianciosi Private Collection, Potomac Bottle . . . Map (db m110851) HM
58District of Columbia (Washington), Dupont Circle — Tomáš G. Masaryk
“He had the mind of a scholar, the figure of a sportsman, the bearing of an aristocrat, the position of a king. But he had the heart of a democrat. ...” Dorothy Thompson, NBC broadcast, September 24, 1957. . . . Map (db m30417) HM
59District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — Americans All
All segments of American society contributed to the war effort during World War I. Despite racism at home and in the military, more than 350,000 African Americans served in uniform. Black soldiers were segregated into separate units, and and . . . Map (db m174084) HM
60District of Columbia (Washington), Judiciary Square — Pennsylvania Avenue — [The Newseum Terrace] —
[Panel 1] From the Capitol to the White House, Pennsylvania is “America’s Main Street,” a ceremonial avenue that for more than 200 years has provided a setting for the free expression that embodies the First Amendment. The . . . Map (db m37255) HM
61District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — 5850-2019 — Alice Paul1885 - 1977
Suffragist Alice Stokes Paul (1885-1977) advocated a more militant strategy for the woman suffrage movement, which was decades old when she came along, and short on victories. With others she founded the National Woman's Party. She and her . . . Map (db m141267) HM
62District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — Ida Wells-Barnett 1862 - 1921The Extra Mile — Points of Light Volunteer Pathway —
Ida Wells-Barnett crusaded aggressively for civil rights her entire life and was unafraid to exercise those rights when custom ran contrary to the law. Involved in many civil rights causes, she played leadership roles in the women’s suffrage . . . Map (db m91878) HM
63District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — Jane Addams 1860 - 1935The Extra Mile — Points of Light Volunteer Pathway —
In 1889, with Ellen Gates Starr, Jane Addams founded Hull House in Chicago, one of the nation’s first settlement houses. It served as a community center for the poor and its success helped lead to the creation of hundreds of similar organizations in . . . Map (db m91873) HM
64District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — Susan B. Anthony 1820 - 1906The Extra Mile — Points of light Volunteer Pathway —
Blessed with an industrious and self-disciplined spirit, Susan B. Anthony persevered through the prejudice and culture of her time to emerge as the architect of a movement which secured the passage of the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to . . . Map (db m92190) HM
65District of Columbia (Washington), Tenleytown — 2 — A Country RoadTop of the Town — Tenleytown Heritage Trail —
Step back into the 19th century with a walk down Grant Road, ahead and to your left. This winding byway recalls Tenleytown’s farming past. In fact Grant Road’s undisturbed quality earned it National Historic District and DC Historic District . . . Map (db m130920) HM
66Florida (Indian River County), Fellsmere — F-519 — Birthplace for Equal Suffrage for Women in Florida
“ The population of Fellsmere is of a high type of intelligence, with lofty ideals and wise execution. Progressive in all things, perhaps no better indication of the fact may be given than the unanimous vote of the town granting unrestricted . . . Map (db m14303) HM
67Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-393 — Governor John W. Martin House
John Martin was born in Plainfield, Marion County, Florida on June 21, 1884. He was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1914. He joined the Democratic Party and toured the state making speeches in support of President Woodrow Wilson before and during . . . Map (db m79523) HM
68Georgia (DeKalb County), Lithonia — 044-88 — Rebecca Latimer Felton
Birthplace of Rebecca Ann Latimer (1835-1930), daughter of Chas. and Eleanor (Swift) Latimer, pioneer settles at this point on the Decatur-Covington road. Married in 1853 to Dr. William H. Felton, later Member of Congress and a trustee of the . . . Map (db m33831) HM
69Georgia (Muscogee County), Columbus — Linwood Cemetery
A part of the 1828 plan of Columbus, Linwood contains graves of pioneer citizens and their descendents, as well as the tombs of some 200 Confederate soldiers. Among those buried here are Anna Caroline Benning (1853-1935), who formed the . . . Map (db m46947) HM
70Georgia (Oconee County), Watkinsville — 108-6 — Jeannette Rankin’s Georgia Home
Jeannette Rankin (1880-1973) was the first woman to serve in Congress: being elected from Montana in 1916 before women had the right to vote in other states. She was active in women's suffrage and was a peace advocate who opposed all war. She was . . . Map (db m14079) HM
71Illinois (Adams County), Quincy — Search for EqualityLooking for Lincoln
"Who shall say, I am the superior, and you are the inferior?" asked Lincoln in July 1858. The Lincoln-Douglas Debates focused on slavery. During the October 13th Quincy debate Lincoln affirmed: " the right to eat the bread . . . Map (db m58798) HM
72Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — Louise DeKoven Bowen — Chicago Tribute —
Louise DeKoven Bowen Social Reformer 1859 - 1953 Although she lived with all the privileges of wealth, Louise DeKoven Bowen dedicated her life to social reform in Chicago. Her tireless efforts for the rights of women, children, . . . Map (db m188525) HM
73Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — 99 — Votes for WomenRoad to the 19th Amendment — National Votes for Women Trail —
In 1913, Ida B. Wells-Barnett organized black-led Alpha Suffrage Club to promote women's right to vote. Former meeting site one block north.Map (db m191130) HM
74Illinois (Cook County), Oak Park — 27 — Grace W. TroutRoad to the 19th Amendment — National Votes for Women Trail —
Pres. Illinois Equal Suffrage Assn 1912-1920. Led state campaign for ratification of suffrage amendment. Former home on this site.Map (db m185002) HM
75Illinois (DuPage County), Lombard — 33 — Votes For WomenRoad To The 19th Amendment
On April 6, 1891, attorney Ellen Martin & 14 women voted in Lombard election asserting town charter gave right to all citizens of voting age.Map (db m173085) HM
76Illinois (St. Clair County), Belleville — Carrie Thomas Alexander-Bahrenburg1861-1929 — Progressive Activist —
Daughter of prominent civic leader Colonel John Thomas, Alexander-Bahrenburg in 1887 took over management of Belleville Citizen's Horse Railway. In 1900 she was elected one of the first female trustees of the University of Illinois. She became in . . . Map (db m152949) HM
77Indiana (Allen County), Fort Wayne — Emerine Jane Holman Hamilton1810 - 1889 — Pioneer in Religion, Education, Philanthropy, Reform —
She encouraged local efforts to form First Presbyterian Church, establish a public library, support the national Women's Suffrage Movement, and donated land for Fort Wayne's first African-American church. The Hamilton Estate on Clinton Street . . . Map (db m16967) HM
78Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2020.2 — Grace Julian Clarke1865-1938
Suffragist and political activist Grace Julian Clarke moved to Irvington by 1874 and lived in the house here. She earned her BA and MA from Butler University. As Indiana Federation of Clubs president, 1910 to 1911, she advanced women’s social and . . . Map (db m174678) HM
79Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Indiana Woman's Suffrage
Despite their role as engaged citizens and taxpayers, before 1920, women had little voice in the government whose laws affected them. Indiana women worked for suffrage for decades, starting with the 1851 formation of the Indiana Woman's Rights . . . Map (db m193808) HM
80Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — May Wright Sewall
Born in Wisconsin, May Wright Sewall earned bachelor's and master's degrees from North Western Female College in Illinois. In the early 1870s, she moved with her first husband to Franklin, Ind., where she became a high school principal. He died . . . Map (db m187296) HM
81Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Sewall House
May Wright Sewall (1844-1920) was an educator, cultural leader, and organizer of the woman's suffragette movement in Indianapolis. She formed the Art Association of Indianapolis, which became the John Herron Institute and later became the IU Herron . . . Map (db m132713) HM
82Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Susan B. Anthony(February 15, 1820 - March 13, 1906)
The second of seven children of a Quaker cotton manufacturer and abolitionist, Susan Brownell Anthony learned to read and write at just 3 years old. Her father structured her upbringing around self-discipline, principled beliefs and self-respect. . . . Map (db m132842) HM
83Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2004.4 — Zerelda G. Wallace
Born August 6, 1817 in Kentucky and came to Indianapolis with her family in the early 1830s. Was a charter member of the Church of Christ (later Central Christian Church) 1833. Married David Wallace (later governor) 1836. Was first president of . . . Map (db m4629) HM
84Indiana (Montgomery County), Crawfordsville — 54.2020.1 — Dr. Mary Holloway Wilhite1831-1892
Physician and women's rights leader Dr. Mary Wilhite was born and raised in Montgomery County. She graduated from Penn Medical University in Philadelphia in 1856 and opened a practice in Crawfordsville, making her one of the fist trained female . . . Map (db m177694) HM
85Indiana (Randolph County), Winchester — 68 2013.1 — Amanda Way
Born in Randolph Co. circa 1828 to Quaker family, Way was advocate for women’s rights and temperance. Founding member of Indiana Woman’s Rights Association, 1851; participant in “Whisky Riot” here, 1854; and nurse in Civil War. She . . . Map (db m120249) HM
86Indiana (Randolph County), Winchester — 68.2010.1 — Randolph County Quakers
(Side One) When this meeting house was dedicated 1898, membership in Quarterly Meeting of Friends at Winchester was largest in the world. Migration of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) into this area began 1814 with the arrival . . . Map (db m69283) HM
87Indiana (Wayne County), Centerville — 89.2013.1 — George Washington Julian
(Side One) A political leader defined by his moral convictions, Julian (1817-1899) advocated for abolition, equal rights and land reform, during a period marked by slavery, Civil War, monopolies, and discrimination against blacks, . . . Map (db m69282) HM
88Indiana (Wayne County), Dublin — 89.2003.1 — Indiana’s First Woman’s Rights Convention
A convention was called for by reform-minded Congregational Friends meeting at Greensboro, Henry County, January 1851. Convention held October 14-15, 1851 at Dublin adopted resolutions for political, social, and financial rights for women. Women and . . . Map (db m270) HM
89Iowa (Dallas County), Waukee — 24 — Historic Des Moines / Noted Des Moines Residents
The fork of the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers was recognized as an ideal site a military post as early 1834. Fort Des Moines was established in 1843, but was abandoned in 1846 following the treaty whereby the Sauk and Mesquakie Indians relinquished . . . Map (db m33004) HM
90Iowa (Henry County), Mount Pleasant — Belle Babb Mansfield
Commitment to Educational Excellence Born August 23, 1846, Bell Babb Mansfield moved to Mount Pleasant — known as “the Athens of Iowa” — in 1860. At Iowa Wesleyan University, she earned the B.A. in 1866, M.A. in 1870, and LL.D. in 1872. . . . Map (db m177823) HM
91Iowa (Henry County), Mount Pleasant — 14 — Votes For WomenNational Votes for Women Trail — Road to the 19th Amendment —
Belle Babb Mansfield, first U.S. woman attorney 1869. Elected Pres., Iowa Woman Suffrage Convention 1870. Taught at IW 1873-1881.Map (db m177820) HM
92Iowa (Polk County), Mitchellville — 23 — Historic Des Moines / Noted Des Moines Residents
The fork of the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers was recognized as an ideal site a military post as early 1834. Fort Des Moines was established in 1843, but was abandoned in 1846 following the treaty whereby the Sauk and Mesquakie Indians relinquished . . . Map (db m33009) HM
93Iowa (Pottawattamie County), Underwood — Historic Council Bluffs / Noted Council Bluffs Residents
The Council Bluffs area was the scene of such important events in Iowa history as the explorations of Lewis and Clark, the Mormon Trail, the Missouri River steamboat traffic and the railroad industry. Francois Guittar established the first white . . . Map (db m33290) HM
94Iowa (Pottawattamie County), Underwood — Historic Council Bluffs / Noted Council Bluffs Residents
The Council Bluffs area was the scene of such important events in Iowa history as the explorations of Lewis and Clark, the Mormon Trail, the Missouri River steamboat traffic and the railroad industry. Francois Guittar established the first white . . . Map (db m33291) HM
95Iowa (Worth County), Northwood — Historic Northern Iowa / Carrie Lane Chapman Catt - (1859 - 1947)
Side A Northern Iowa landforms result from the action of 3 separate glacial ice sheets. Clear Lake, south of here, is one of the many Iowa lakes formed by glacial action. Pilot Knob, a glacially formed hill west of here, is one of highest . . . Map (db m23264) HM
96Kansas (Leavenworth County), Fort Leavenworth — Elizabeth Schenck Smith House
This building is dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Schenck Smith, the daughter and wife of Army officers. In 1920, Mrs. Smith founded the Fort Leavenworth Women's Club, the forerunner of today's Wives' Club. Agendas included women's . . . Map (db m66675) HM
97Kansas (Leavenworth County), Leavenworth — 13 — The AnthonysHistoric Wayside Tour #13
Daniel Read Anthony, born on February 15, 1820 and his sister, Susan Brownell Anthony, born on August 22, 1824, had tremendous influence over the course of events in Kansas and the nation. Daniel's influence was felt through his newspaper and Susan . . . Map (db m42150) HM
98Kansas (Shawnee County), Topeka — Corridor of Flags
Delaware, 1st State December 7, 1787 1609 • Henry Hudson visited Delaware Bay 1638 • Swedish colonists established Fort Christina, Delaware's first permanent settlement, and founded the colony of New Sweden 1655 • Dutch captured New . . . Map (db m47214) HM
99Kentucky (Boyd County), Catlettsburg — 2136 — Mary Elliott Flanery
The first woman elected to Kentucky legislature, 1921. Mary E. Flanery elected to House of Representatives from Boyd County. She had worked for woman suffrage; was concerned with marriage and divorce laws and educational reform. At her death, . . . Map (db m126102) HM
100Kentucky (Boyle County), Danville — 4 — Dr. Mary E. Britton
Physician & teacher spoke here at 1887 State Assoc. of Colored Teachers Meeting advocating women's suffrage. Speech in national newspaper.Map (db m132656) HM

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