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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Virginia

Accomac Historic District Marker image, Touch for more information
By Devry Becker Jones (CC0), January 17, 2021
Accomac Historic District Marker
1 Virginia, Accomack County, Accomac — Accomac Historic District
Accomac Historic District has been registered as a Virginia Historic Landmark pursuant to the authority vested in the Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission Act of 1966.Map (db m7827) HM
2 Virginia, Accomack County, Accomac — Accomack County Virginia World War I
In honor of the men of Accomack County, Virginia who died in the service of our country in the World War 1917-1918.Map (db m7825) WM
3 Virginia, Accomack County, Accomac — Accomack County Virginia World War II, Korea & Vietnam
In honor of the men of Accomack County, Virginia who died in the service of our country in World War II, The Korean war and the Vietnam War.Map (db m7826) WM
4 Virginia, Accomack County, Accomac — EP-21 — Birthplace of Governor Wise
Here stood the birthplace of Henry Alexander Wise (1806-1876), Governor of Virginia (1856-1860) and general in the Confederate States Army. A talented orator and debator in an age of great orators, Wise was elected to six terms in Congress. He . . . Map (db m7823) HM
5 Virginia, Accomack County, Accomac — WY-19 — Debtors Prison
Built in 1783 in one corner of the jailyard to serve as a residence for the jailer, the building served in this capacity for 41 years. Iron bars, oak batten doors and locks were added in 1842 when it was converted into a prison for debtors in . . . Map (db m162818) HM
6 Virginia, Accomack County, Accomac — Elijah BakerPioneer Baptist of the Eastern Shore of Virginia
who landed at Hunt's Point, Old Plantation Creek, on Easter Sunday 1776 and the same day preached the first Baptist sermon, “At the End of a Horsing Tree.” Opposition of the established church caused him to be deported; but kind . . . Map (db m71852) HM
7 Virginia, Accomack County, Accomac — Makemie Statue
The Presbyterian Historical Society of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania erected this monument and dedicated it on May 11, 1908, at Makemie Park on Holder Creek where Francis Makemie is buried at his Pocomoke home. In 1984 the monument was moved here and . . . Map (db m7829) HM
8 Virginia, Accomack County, Accomac — EP-22 — Mary Nottingham Smith High School
The first high school for blacks in Accomack County was dedicated on this site in 1932. It was named in honor of Mary Nottingham Smith (1892-1951), a black educator who dedicated her life to educating all young people. In 1956, the school was . . . Map (db m7822) HM
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9 Virginia, Accomack County, Assawoman — WY-109 — Assawaman Church of England
Fifty yards north on the hilltop stood Assawaman Church of the Anglican Accomack Parish, formed in 1663. The brick sanctuary was built after 1680 on land donated by Willam Taylor, a native of England who had settled on the Eastern Shore by 1637. . . . Map (db m205005) HM
10 Virginia, Accomack County, Belle Haven — WY-13 — Occohannock Indians
The Occohannock Indians, one of the important Virginia Indian groups on the Eastern Shore, were composed of several tribes including the Onancock, Machipongo, Metomkin, Chincoteague, Kegotank, Pungoteague, Chesconessex, and Nandua. Capt. John Smith . . . Map (db m71855) HM
11 Virginia, Accomack County, Belle Haven — Site of Willis Store-House
Site of Willis Store-House believed built circa 1835 by Dr. Robert Smith Trower, M.D. of "Melville" Plantation and used as medical office prior to Civil War. After the Civil War, was operated as "yellow-bodied store house" on main coach route by his . . . Map (db m165126) HM
12 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Assateague Light House
Assateague Light House Rebuilt 1866-1867 Light House Board Acts of Congress June 20, 1860 and July 28, 1866Map (db m98850) HM
13 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Assateague LighthouseAssateague Island National Seashore
The historic Assateague Lighthouse is one of nearly 450 automated lighthouses maintained today by the U.S. Coast Guard. First built by the U.S. Treasury Department in 1833 the original 45-foot tower proved too low and dim to be effective. The . . . Map (db m205169) HM
14 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Boats and Bridges
Boats and then bridges not only formed Chincoteague Island's lifelines to the mainland, they changed the island's way of life. Beginning around 1881, after several years of irregular service by other boats, the steamboat Widgeon began . . . Map (db m165054) HM
15 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Bounty from the Sea
First oysters, then bay and sea clams buoyed Chincoteague's economy. During the second half of the 19th century, Chincoteague's seafood industry relied on the oyster. Each year, from September to April, island watermen gathered Chincoteague's . . . Map (db m165063) HM
16 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Captain Timothy Hill House5122 Main Street
Captain Timothy Hill House Built circa 1800 is registered as a Virginia Historic Landmark and placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior 2011Map (db m59833) HM
17 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Chincoteague Island LibraryHistoric Landmark
Built in 1887, this Queen Anne style commercial building was originally the O.M. Jones Drug Store. In 1908, the building became Wallace "Tig" Jester's barber shop. For 75 years, Tig offered a shave, haircut, and gathering place for island men. In . . . Map (db m165065) HM
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18 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Chincoteague Timeline
1671 First land purchase from Gingo-Teague Indians recorded on April 1. Oral tradition says the Gingo-Teague called Chincoteague Island "the beautiful land across the water." 1680 Tenant farmer Robert Scott moves to Chincoteague . . . Map (db m165061) HM
19 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Chincoteague's Front Door
Historically, Chincoteague's western waterfront provided the town with its front door. Many watermen sailed from docks along Chincoteague Channel, "goin' down da Bay" to return with cargoes of oysters, bay clams, mussels, and terrapins. For . . . Map (db m165058) HM
20 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Christ Sanctified Holy Church1892 - 1984
Was established on this island on February 14, 1892 by Joseph B. Lynch, not far from this location. Doctrine is Justification and Sanctification. This building was erected in 1903. Since this beginning churches are established throughout the . . . Map (db m59834) HM
21 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Coast Guard StationAssateague Island National Seashore
Between 1922 and 1967. the white buildings visible in the distance marked the center of lifesaving activities on this end of Assateague Island. The twelve-man crew of the Assateague Beach Coast Guard Station stood ready to aid vessels in distress . . . Map (db m205179) HM
22 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Dollars from Decoys
Decoys carved by Chincoteague residents have evolved into a form of art that is highly respected and collected. But decoy carving itself originated in the long tradition of waterfowl hunting. Ducks and geese have always been a part of life on . . . Map (db m165059) HM
23 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Fish So Fine
In 1890, fish made the Chincoteague news. Islanders caught so many fin fish that a reporter claimed the take was never so large, or the "fish so fine." Fish became so plentiful in Chincoteague markets that a local islander wrote in 1922 that . . . Map (db m165060) HM
24 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Keeping the Forest Full of Life
Keeping the Forest Full of Life Wildlife have the same basic needs humans do—food, water, shelter, and space. To make sure those needs are met, refuge staff carefully manage forest areas. They remove some trees, plant others that are . . . Map (db m98827) HM
25 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Miss Mollys Inn
Marguerite Henry wrote "Misty of Chincoteague" while staying at the Inn in 1947Map (db m165068) HM
26 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Misty of ChincoteagueSculpture by Brian Maughan
Dedicated to the outstanding contribution to children's literature made by Marguerite Henry and Wesley Dennis in memory of Misty Given to the Town of Chincoteague and the children of the world June 14, 2006 by the Misty of Chincoteague . . . Map (db m165040) HM
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27 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — So Terribly Helpless
It started on a September Sunday in 1920. Fanned by a northwest wind, a fire in an ice cream parlor spread quickly to nearby wooden buildings. Volunteer fire fighters rushed to the scene, but their engine failed. Before the flames died out, . . . Map (db m165057) HM
28 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Still Shining…After All These Years
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Assateague Island Lighthouse is a striking landmark that attracts many visitors. At the same time, it is an active aid to navigation, operated by the U.S. Coast Guard, that gives ships a . . . Map (db m98824) HM
29 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Telegraph hereWestern Union
The origin of this building is unknown, but was moved to this location to be used for a Western Union Telegraph office in 1896. Next door is the Boatman Bank and across the street stood the Atlantic Hotel. Visitors, ferried from the mainland, . . . Map (db m165067) HM
30 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — The Watson LightCirca 1890 - 1932
In the early 20th century, without street lights or lighted homes to use as reference points, ferry boats from the Delmarva mainland would run aground as they approached Chincoteague Island. Especially on dark nights, the Watson family would . . . Map (db m165071) HM
31 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — The Wild Ponies
Hardy, compact, and spirited—the horses on Assateague Island run freely over a range bounded by ocean and bay. Bands of mares and young led by protective stallions graze on marsh grasses, drink at freshwater ponds, and retreat into island . . . Map (db m98826) HM
32 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Tom’s Cove ShellfishingAssateague Island National Seashore
Since Colonial times, residents of Assateague and Chincoteague Islands have depended on fish and shellfish for food. By the time of the Civil War, islanders were exporting seafood to Northern cities. Toms Cove, or Chincoteaque, oysters . . . Map (db m205182) HM
33 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Watson House1898 — Historic Landmark —
Built by Robert Watson and his son, David Robert Watson in the Chincoteague architectural style of the later 19th century. Annie Tatum married David Robert Watson and raised nine children in the house, all of whom lived and prospered on Chincoteague . . . Map (db m165073) HM
34 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — Welcome to Assateague Village
In the 1800s, after the lighthouse was built, a small community grew up not far from here. By the early 1900s, about 225 lived in the village, which included a school, dry goods store, and a church. The residents harvested resources from the sea, . . . Map (db m98825) HM
35 Virginia, Accomack County, Chincoteague — You Had to Keep On
Storms continually reshape coastal islands and challenge resilience of residents. Chincoteague is no exception. A hurricane, the Great September Gust, "leaped upon the devoted island with a scream" in 1821. A blizzard in January 1922 rammed ice . . . Map (db m165049) HM
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36 Virginia, Accomack County, Exmore — WY-13 — Occahannock
Five miles west is "Hedra Cottage", site of the home of Colonel Edmund Scarborough (Scarburgh), surveyor general of the colony. Beyond, at the end of Scarborough's Neck, was the village of the Occahannock Indians, the seat of Debedeavon, the . . . Map (db m7608) HM
37 Virginia, Accomack County, Greenbackville — Greenbackville Volunteer Fire Dept., Inc.
Building constructed in May 1956, on land donated by the late John A. Selby Renovated into a community center — August 2004 This building is re-dedicated in memory of all persons whose hard work and devotion to their community helped . . . Map (db m165036) HM
38 Virginia, Accomack County, Greenbackville — Original Greenbackville School Bell
Original Greenbackville School Bell donated by Esther Marshall Outten, Orville J. Outten to Greenbackville Fire Department.Map (db m165038) HM
39 Virginia, Accomack County, Harborton — Harborton High School
Built in 1907 the buildings first floor was used for classrooms while the second floor was a meeting room for a fraternal lodge. Although the building served as a public school offering three years of high school classes, it was privately built and . . . Map (db m151385) HM
40 Virginia, Accomack County, Keller — WY-17 — “The Bear and the Cub”
This first play recorded in the United States was presented August 27, 1665. The Accomack County Court at Pungoteague heard charges against three men “for acting a play,” ordered inspection of costumes and script, but found the men . . . Map (db m7613) HM
41 Virginia, Accomack County, Keller — WY-16 — Oak Grove Methodist Church
Two miles east, on Route 600, meets what is possibly the nation's oldest continuous Sunday School. Begun by William Elliott in his home in 1785, it was moved in 1816 to Burton's Chapel and in 1870 to the present church.Map (db m7615) HM
42 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — Annie C.Log Canoe
As John Smith helped settle Jamestown, he admired the capabilities of the Native Americans' log canoes. Colonists adopted the log canoe and used iron tools to improve the design. Early canoes were made from a single log, but as the need arose for . . . Map (db m165105) HM
43 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — Chesapeake Lodge #158
Ancient Free and Accepted Masons Chartered November 1889 Met in this building January 1, 1925 - January 13, 2010 Merged with Central Lodge #300 March 2010 Map (db m165099) HM
44 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — Dr. John Ross
Dental Office of Dr. John Ross Built 1924Map (db m165097) HM
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45 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — Genl. Edmund R. Bagwell
Born June 2, 1840. Died June 13, 1876. His life was gentle and the elements So mixed in him that Nature might stand up And say in all the World. This was a man.Map (db m7678) HM
46 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — Historic Cemetery
Known as the Scott Hall Cemetery, it dates from the late 18th century. Here will be found the grave of Commodore Whaley of the Maryland Navy who was killed in the Battle of the Barges in the Chesapeake Bay near the mouth of Onancock Creek in . . . Map (db m7681) HM
47 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — Historic Cokesbury Church
Built in 1854, Cokesbury Church is the oldest church building in Onancock. Today it serves the community as a venue for religious services, meetings, and concerts. Key events in its history include:
1864 — Closed . . . Map (db m165100) HM
48 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — Hopkins and Sons; Hopkins and Brothers
Records of this mercantile business date back to 1842. This store also served the community as a bank and as a social and political meeting place. Deeded in 1970 to Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities.Map (db m7675) HM
49 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — Kerr Place
An eighteenth century mansion acquired in 1950 by the Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society as headquarters for the society.Map (db m7682) HM
50 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — Log Canoe Annie CDimensions: Length on Deck 45', Ream 9'6"
The Annie C, a five log canoe, is one of the largest canoes built on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Designed as a work boat, she was built in 1904, by Horace Bundick in the Town of Sanford. After fastening five logs together with iron . . . Map (db m165115) HM
51 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — WY-14 — Onancock
Two miles west is Onancock, founded in 1680. A courthouse was then built and used for a few years. Militia barracks were there in the Revolution. From Onancock, Colonel John Cropper went to the aid of Commodore Whaley in the last naval action of the . . . Map (db m7673) HM
52 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — Site of the Home of Francis Makemie
Hard by this spot is the site of the home of Francis Makemie the founder of organized Presbyterianism in America who married Naomie Anderson of Accomack County Virginia and established one of his first licensed preaching places here in his Onancock . . . Map (db m165101) HM
53 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — Steering the Annie C…
As originally build, the Annie C did not have an engine, although various engines were added in later years. As exhibited now, she was sail only and steered by a 7 foot tiller. This tiller was carved using traditional tools from a 10 inch by 4" . . . Map (db m165106) HM
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54 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — The Cabin area…
Only the largest log canoes had a cabin. This cabin had bunks and slept 3-4 persons. It had a small wood stove (installed later) for cooking and heat in the winter. A large portion of the cabin is taken up the centerboard truck and the mast . . . Map (db m165113) HM
55 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — The knees and washboards…
Looking at the port side of the Annie C you see "knees" every 16 to 18 inches. The original knees were made of cedar taken from the tree at limbs that formed the desired shape. The knees were fitted to the side of the boats and attached . . . Map (db m165111) HM
56 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — The Logs…
Annie C has five logs. A center or Keel Log (24 inches wide and 4 inches thick), a port and starboard wind logs (about 20 inches wide), and a port and starboard garboard logs (about 19 inches wide) the thickness goes from about 4 inches at the . . . Map (db m165109) HM
57 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — Water: A Way of Life
Before railways and highways, the waterways of the Eastern Shore of Virginia were the primary mode of transportation of people and goods. Thus, the Town of Onancock, founded in 1680, grew and flourished. Despite the move to rail and then . . . Map (db m165102) HM
58 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — World Wars I and II
Dedicated to the men and women from Onancock and community who devotedly served their country during World Wars I and IIMap (db m7677) WM
59 Virginia, Accomack County, Painter — Z-1 — Accomack County / Northampton County
Accomack County. Area 502 Square Miles. The Eastern Shore was first known as the Kingdom of Accomack, for an Indian tribe. Accomac was one of the original shires formed in 1634. The name was changed to Northampton in 1643. In . . . Map (db m7609) HM
60 Virginia, Accomack County, Parksley — Barber Shop Bench
This curverd wooden bench is from the barber shop of Owen Crockett and Harry Miles. Located on Bennett Street, the barber shop operated from 1946 to 1983. For 1.00 you got a haircut and a piece of Bazooka Gum. On loan by Mr. Henry Nicholson.Map (db m165089) HM
61 Virginia, Accomack County, Parksley — WY-25 — Civil Air Patrol Coastal Base Four
The Civil Air Patrol, a civilian organization established during World War II, operated Coastal Patrol Base Four about one mile west of here at the Parksley airport. Volunteers constructed runways and hangars, converted a farmhouse and chicken coop . . . Map (db m165077) HM
62 Virginia, Accomack County, Parksley — Class X23 Box CarPennsylvania R.R. 499303 — Eastern Shore Railway Museum —
The Class X23 Box Car was adopted by the Pennsylvania R.R. as a standard box car in 1912. It was their first 40 footer standard box car and was also their first built with a steel underframed steel body with wood sheathing. Most . . . Map (db m165094) HM
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63 Virginia, Accomack County, Parksley — Confederate Memorial
Erected by Harmanson-West Camp Confederate Volunteers in memory of their dead comrades from Accomack and Northampton Counties They died for the principles upon which all true republics are founded They fought for conscience sake and . . . Map (db m165074) WM
64 Virginia, Accomack County, Parksley — Diner #6061Eastern Shore Railway Museum
Dining car #6061 was built for the Seaboard Airline Railroad in 1947 by Budd. It was used on the Seaboard Airline and Atlantic Coastline Railroads until Amtrack [sic] took over the passenger train service and renumbered it #8011. It stayed in . . . Map (db m165091) HM
65 Virginia, Accomack County, Parksley — Freedom Is Never Free
Jerry Clark Burkhead Corporal ACO, 1st BN, 9th, 3rd MARDIV United States Marine Corps 19 Oct 1946 - 08 Feb 1968 Lee Mont, Virginia Corporal Jerry . . . Map (db m165082) WM
66 Virginia, Accomack County, Parksley — Lightweight Sleeping CarEastern Shore Railway Museum
The Fairfax River was built for the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad in 1950 at the cost of $126,776.32 by the American Car and Foundry Company. It was leased to the Pullman Co. between March 1950 and October 1966. During this time it . . . Map (db m165095) HM
67 Virginia, Accomack County, Parksley — Maintenance-of-Way Tool ShedEastern Shore Railway Museum
This maintenance-of-way tool shed was constructed soon after the N.Y.P.&N. Railroad was built from Pocomoke City, Maryland to Cape Charles, Virginia in 1884. It was used by the section gang for the storage of tools and equipment . . . Map (db m165093) HM
68 Virginia, Accomack County, Parksley — The Hopeton Passenger StationEastern Shore Railway Museum
The Hopeton Passenger Station was donated to the Town of Parksley in 1988 by Nancy Shields for use as a museum. It has been relocated on the foundation of the 1906 Parksley Station and restored through the efforts of the Friends of the Eastern . . . Map (db m165088) HM
69 Virginia, Accomack County, Parksley — The Railroad Tracks That Run Through ParksleyEastern Shore Railway Museum
The railroad tracks that run through Parksley have operated continuously since 1884 when Alexander Cassatt, as president of the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad, built the line connecting Pocomoke City, Maryland to Norfolk, Virginia, . . . Map (db m165090) HM
70 Virginia, Accomack County, Parksley — This corner portion of the brick foundationEastern Shore Railway Museum
This corner portion of the brick foundation of Parksleys original 1884 station, a two story structure built by the NYP&N, was uncovered in 1988 when the museum's Hopeton Passenger Station was moved to this site. The 1884 station . . . Map (db m165087) HM
71 Virginia, Accomack County, Parksley — You Are Not ForgottenPOW ★ MIA
Since World War I, more than 90,000 American soldiers are unaccounted for. This unoccupied seat is dedicated to the memory of those brave men and women and to the sacrifices each made in serving this country. God Bless You. God Bless . . . Map (db m165085) WM
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72 Virginia, Accomack County, Pungoteague — WY-18 — “The Bear and the Cub”
Probable site of Fowkes’ Tavern where this first recorded play in English America was performed August 27, 1665.Map (db m7611) HM
73 Virginia, Accomack County, Pungoteague — St. George's Episcopal Church30114 Bobtown Road
St. George's Episcopal Church circa 1738 has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m165125) HM
74 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Banty's Wharf
At the south end of Main Ridge, the road becomes Banny's Road, which once led to Banty's Wharf. Banty's Wharf was named for Capt. John L. "Banty" who lived here with his wife, Mrs. Ellen Elizabeth Shores. For over 200 years the island's primary . . . Map (db m106987) HM
75 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Chambers Lane
At the end of Chambers Lane in an area once known as Chambers Wharf, site of the John Chambers Store. Lorraine's Sandwich Shop now occupies the site of the first Post Office, built in 1891. The homes at 4411 and 4413 Chambers Lane were moved . . . Map (db m107002) HM
76 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Chesapeake House
The famous Chesapeake House occupies two old island homes. Hilda Crockett opened the business in 1944 in the Peter Crockett House with four guest rooms and a dining room on the porch. She expanded by purchasing the Nathan Rayfield House where the . . . Map (db m39952) HM
77 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Daley's Grocery
Peter Williams owned and operated the first store on this site. It was built by Charles Roland Parks and William Walters in the 1920's. It later operated as the Smith and Moore Market and was one of the first businesses to take credit cards when . . . Map (db m107006) HM
78 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Doctor's Bungalow
The Doctor's Bungalow was built in 1961 by Grover Charmock. In 1964, Oscar Watson, Jr., MD moved in. It is thought to be the first house on Tangier to have two bathrooms.Map (db m106990) HM
79 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Dr. Copter — Flying Medicine to TangierDavid Buell Nichols, MD — Feb 18, 1948 – Dec 30, 2010 —
Every week for more than thirty years Dr. David Buell Nichols made the voyage from Hummel Field in Middlesex County to Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay to administer health care to those in need. For an island with no resident doctor, the sound . . . Map (db m97803) HM
80 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — First Mobile Home
The former Noble Dise Store was replaced with the island's first mobile home in 1959. Manufactured homes remain popular today, but require a community-wide effort to move one into place after being delivered to the island by barge.Map (db m39950) HM
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81 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Fisherman's Corner
Fisherman's Corner Restaurant was featured in Southern Living Magazine (May, 2005) and is renowned for superb stuffed shrimp, irresistible crab bisque, and soft shell crab tidbits. The owners, Irene Eskridge and Mary Stuart Parks rely . . . Map (db m107004) HM
82 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Former Site of New Testament Congregation
In 1946, this building served as the first meeting place of the New Testament Congregation. It was vandalized several times during a rather contentious time in the island's religious history, a story reported in Newsweek, 1947. Throughout the . . . Map (db m39682) HM
83 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Q-83 — Fort Albion
In April 1814, during the war of 1812, British forces commanded by Adm. Sir George Cockburn established Fort Albion on the southern tip of Tangier Island. The fort, which included barracks a hospital, a church, parade grounds, and . . . Map (db m97720) HM
84 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Gladstone Memorial Health Center
Dr. Charles Gladstone (1880 - 1968) was Tangier's longest serving doctor. He arrived in 1918 and was always on call. Monthly, he would go door-to-door to collect his flat fee of $1.50 but would accept whatever the family could afford. This monthly . . . Map (db m39684) HM
85 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Gravestones
Many people ask about the gravestones in front yards. While not unique to Tangier Island and seen throughout the Eastern Shore of Virginia, these are more obvious on such a small island. A number of reasons have been given for these burial sites: . . . Map (db m106973) HM
86 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Ice Cream StandSite of Tangier's only unsolved murder
This is the site of the island's only unsolved murder. Charles C. "Bud" Connorton, the Town Sergeant, was eating in an earlier building here when he was fatally shot through an open window. His assailant was never identified.Map (db m39555) HM
87 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — J.E. Wallace & Co. Store
John Wallace (1855-1926) moved to Tangier in the 1870's. The J.E. Wallace & Co. Store was on the corner of Wallace Road and West Ridge, facing Wallace Road. It sold groceries, general merchandise, and coffins, as Wallace also worked as an . . . Map (db m106992) HM
88 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Joshua Thomas Lane
The Joshua Thomas House is long gone, replaced by the modern, chalet style house at the end of the lane. Joshua Thomas, the renowned "Parson of the Islands," lived here from 1799 until about 1825. The Tangier Town Hall is a former US Navy . . . Map (db m106998) HM
89 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Lee’s Bethel
This cemetery is the possible site of Lee’s Bethel, the island’s first church. Next to the cemetery is the last of the island’s once plentiful garden farms. Tangiermen were famous for growing melons, filling their boats until just the gunnels . . . Map (db m97873) HM
90 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Long Bridge
Long Bridge, formerly called Mooney's Bridge, leads over the Main or Big Gut back to the section of Tangier known as "Meat Soup." The house at the end of the bridge was the home of Norris Angle, who operated the Ambulance Boat. An airplane . . . Map (db m107001) HM
91 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Methodist Parsonage
The Methodist Parsonage, the home of the resident Reverend and his family, was erected in 1887. It is the only house on the island with a basement and the first to have an indoor bathroom. It was the first house to have chain link fence, . . . Map (db m39949) HM
92 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — New Testament Congregation
The New Testament Congregation was dedicated on Easter Sunday, 1957, and occupies the same site used for the Chautauqua tent in the 1920's. The New Testament Mission House was once the home of teacher Alfred Benson (1893-1963) who taught at . . . Map (db m207732) HM
93 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Old Shirt Factory
Factory Road was originally named New Road. It is said to have been built by Henry Frazier, a Black man, by hand, around the time of the Civil War. In 1919, George Lawson of Crisfield, MD in association with the Kegan, Grace & W. Shirt Makers Guild . . . Map (db m106988) HM
94 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Parks Marina
Owner Milton Parks has provided warm hospitality to boaters for decades. His marina serves local watermen, commercial and recreational boat traffic. (captions) Milton Parks on his scooter - Kaye, 2005 Oyster Buy Boats at Park's . . . Map (db m106963) HM
95 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Peter Crockett Store
The new house on the corner of Garman Road and Main Ridge is the site of the former Peter S. Crockett Store, later Daughtery & Ward, and then Haynie Grocery. It had a two-story front porch and was featured in many old photographs. . . . Map (db m106972) HM
96 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Spanky's Place
Spanky's Place, now an ice cream parlor with a 50's theme, is one of many businesses to occupy this site. These include Michael Thomas's store that sold stoves and propane, Jolly Jim's Restaurant, Nice's Place, and the Roadside Restaurant. It was . . . Map (db m106966) HM
97 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Swain Memorial United Methodist Church
The most prominent of the island's buildings, Swain Memorial United Methodist Church is easily recognized as the focal point of Tangier. Built in 1899 on the site of the island's second church (1842), it is the center of the Tangier's religious . . . Map (db m39998) HM
98 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Tangier Harbor
Mailboat Harbor replaced Steamboat Harbor in the 1930’s as the age of steamboats came to a close. The harbor was first dredged in 1922, from the Eastern side. In 1967, the harbor was dredged through to the Western side of the island. This was a . . . Map (db m39554) HM
99 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Tangier History Museum and Interpretive Cultural Center (THMICC)
This is the site of the former Lewis Crockett Store. It is also the site where in 1936, the Goodyear Blimp arrived with provisions to feed the islanders, who had been frozen in for over two months during a record freeze. The Visitors Center . . . Map (db m106969) HM
100 Virginia, Accomack County, Tangier — Q-7-a — Tangier Island
The island was visited in 1608 by Captain John Smith, who gave it the name. A part was patented by Ambrose White in 1670. It was settled in 1686 by John Crockett and his sons’ families. In 1814, it was the headquarters of a British fleet ravaging . . . Map (db m46705) HM

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