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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Sacramento CA 95814

American Merchant Marine Monument image, Touch for more information
By Syd Whittle, February 24, 2009
American Merchant Marine Monument
1California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — “Cobblestone” Ballast
Sailing ships since the “Gold Rush” laden with supplies and sitting deep in the water just above the river bottom have inched their way slowly up the Sacramento River to Sacramento. After unloading, the ships would risk rolling over . . . Map (db m16474) HM
2California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 1854 City Hall and Waterworks
The original building was completed in the spring of 1854 at a cost of $120,000. It housed the City Waterworks, its Superintendent and Tapper, and the City offices for Mayor, Council, Secretary, Marshall, Police, Collector, Assessor, Surveyor, and . . . Map (db m16948) HM
3California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 1854 Flagpole
The original flagpole was constructed from a single Oregon pine tree reaching a height of 113 feet. When first erected in the 1860's during a patriotic “Flag War” with the Central Pacific Railroad, it was considered to be the tallest . . . Map (db m136275) HM
4California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — A Stately Mansion
This landmark home upholds a tradition of service to the state Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park, a National Historic Landmark, served as the headquarters of three governors during the turbulent 1860s. Today it welcomes leaders from . . . Map (db m137650) HM
5California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — A. J. Stevens Monument
[Front of Monument:] Erected To A Friend of Labor By His Coworkers Nov. 28, 1889 [Inscription on West Side of Monument:] Think Look Up And Lift Up [Inscription on Back of Monument:] Well . . . Map (db m160828) HM
6California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Acorns, Oaks, and the Native Peoples
From the upland we descended into broad groves on the river, consisting of the evergreen, and a new species of white oak.. Among these was no brushwood; and the grassy surface gave to it the appearance of parks in an old settled country We made . . . Map (db m143965) HM
7California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 606 — B.F. Hastings Bank BuildingWestern Terminus of the Pony Express
This structure, erected in 1852-53, was occupied during the 1850’s by the B.F. Hastings Bank, Wells Fargo and Co., various state officials, Sacramento Valley Railroad, and the Alta Telegraph Co. during April 1860 - May 1861. The Alta Telegraph Co. . . . Map (db m11388) HM
8California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Bishop Alfonso Gallegos
The Most Reverend Alfonso Gallegos, O.A.R., D.D. Titular Bishop of Sasabe, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Sacramento Feb. 20, 1931 – Oct. 6, 1991 “Love one another” May 24, 1958 – Ordained priest for the . . . Map (db m137648) HM
9California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 596 — Booth Building
This building was the home of the Booth Company, a wholesale grocery business and its founder Newton Booth, lawyer, writer, lecturer, and politician. Booth served as State Senator 1862-1863, and lived here while Governor of California 1871-1875 and . . . Map (db m154356) HM
10California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — California Firefighters Memorial
Honoring men and women of uncommon courage who paid the ultimate price to protect our lives, our families and our dreamsMap (db m14836) HM
11California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — California Mexican-American War Memorial
In memory of the American Servicemen of Hispanic descent and all others who sacrificed their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy.Map (db m15474) HM
12California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — California State Capitol
ORIGINAL CONSTRUCTION – 1860 – 1874 Miner F. Butler – Won Design Competition, 1860 Ruben Clark, Supervising Architect, 1860 – 1865 Gordon P. Cummings, Supervising Architect, 1865 – 1870 Kenitzer & . . . Map (db m154358) HM
13California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — California State Capitol Park
HISTORY When Spanish governors ruled the California territory, its capitol was moved from town to town between San Diego and Monterey. San Jose had already been designated the capitol by the time California was granted statehood in 1850. . . . Map (db m15017) HM
14California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — California State Capitol Park
History When Spanish governors ruled the California territory, its capital was moved from town to town between San Diego and Monterey. San Jose had already been designated the capital by the time California was granted statehood in 1850. In . . . Map (db m137646) HM
15California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — California Veterans Memorial
(Memorial is without text.)Map (db m113219) WM
16California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — California Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Dedication The people of the State of California dedicate this Monument to the memory of those Californians who died, or remain missing, in the Vietnam War 1959-1975 and in doing so, Honor all the men and women who served during that war. . . . Map (db m137482) WM
17California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 526 — California’s First Passenger Railroad
The Sacramento Valley Railroad running from Sacramento to Folsom, was begun at this site on February 12, 1855. Here, at Third and R Streets, was located the Sacramento passenger terminal. The turntable and freight depot were at Third and Front . . . Map (db m16056) HM
18California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 872 — California’s Historic Capitol
The historic Capitol was designed by architects M.F. Butler and Reuben Clark. Its style is an adaption of Roman Corinthian architecture. Work began in 1860 and by late 1869 the Capitol was partly occupied. In 1874, construction ended at a cost of . . . Map (db m154357) HM
19California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Central Pacific’s Other Big Four
When the task of building the C.P.R.R. line over the Sierra provided too much for the Irish, Chinese laborers from Kwantung took over. Called Tze Yap or Four Districts Men, their hard work and perseverance earned them the nickname of “Cholly . . . Map (db m16941) HM
20California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — City Wharf and Warehouses
The City’s Wharf and Warehouse probably was constructed in the late 1880’s. A south extension likely was added around 1900. The small waterfront facility provided river-craft dockage for a number of small independent operators. As indicated by the . . . Map (db m16500) HM
21California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Civil War Memorial
In grateful memory of the brave men from California who served gallantly in War, 1861 - 1865. This memorial plaque is dedicated one hundred years later in tribute to their sacrifices.Map (db m113193) WM
22California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Civil War Symbol Yields To Time
A STUMP IS ALL THAT REMAINS of a Silver Maple transplanted from the Battlefield of Chattanooga. In 1897 the sapling was planted here as part of a Memorial Grove dedicated to Union soldiers who fought in the Civil War. The first war memorial to . . . Map (db m14984) HM
23California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 595 — Eagle TheatreEst. 1849
This replica is on the site of the original Eagle Theatre. Built in 1849, it was the first structure in California constructed specifically as a theatre. The Theatre was a canvas covered timber structure with a false front, a large door and a . . . Map (db m143478) HM
24California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — El Camino Real Bell
This commemorative bell celebrates a combined century of service by the California Federation of Women’s Clubs and California State Automobile Association including the establishment of bell markers along the historical El Camino Real.Map (db m14819) HM
25California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Elbridge L. Hawk
[A tree was planted in the memory of Elbridge Hawk. At the foot of the tree lies this marker] In Memory of ELBRIDGE L. HAWK Past Commander in Chief, G.A.R.Map (db m15010) HM
26California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Father Junipero Serra1713 – 1784
Dedicated to the Memory of Father Junipero Serra 1713 - 1784 the first Franciscan missionary to whom California owes an everlasting tribute – he brought civilization to our land and in deed and character he deserves a . . . Map (db m14817) HM
27California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — First Sacramento High School
First Sacramento high school building was erected on this site - occupied January 1, 1877 Founding of Sacramento high school - September 1, 1856 one block west of this site Map (db m161689) HM
28California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 654 — First SynagogueOwned by Congregation B'nai Israel
This was the site of the first synagogue on the Pacific Coast, dedicated on September 3, 1852. The building, prefabricated in Baltimore and shipped around Cape Horn in 1849, originally housed the Methodist Episcopal Church, whose trustees sold the . . . Map (db m149189) HM
29California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 780 — First Transcontinental Railroad Groundbreaking Site
You are standing where the First Transcontinental Railroad in America had its western origin, at Front and K Streets in Sacramento. On January 8, 1863, prominent citizens and railroad founders gathered here for a groundbreaking ceremony to . . . Map (db m146491) HM
30California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 780 — First Transcontinental Railroad Groundbreaking Site
At this location on January 8, 1863, Governor Stanford surrounded by politicians and locals, announced the start of the United States’ first transcontinental railroad. You are standing at Mile Marker 0, the origin of the Central Pacific Railroad . . . Map (db m149177) HM
31California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Freight on the MoveCentral Pacific Railroad
Since the days of Sutter’s Fort, Sacramento was the trading center for much of the Central Valley, the Sierra Nevada and points beyond. As the railroad network around the capital city expanded, Sacramento merchants were able to market a greater . . . Map (db m16052) HM
32California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Fremont Cash Grocery
. . . Map (db m98052) HM
33California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 823 — Governor’s Mansion
This mansard-styled Victorian house was built for Albert Gallatin in 1877. Acquired by the State, it served as the first official Governor's residence. Governor George C. Pardee and his family moved in during November, 1903. It ultimately served as . . . Map (db m13882) HM
34California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Gravel Pit Parking Lot
On this site generations of dedicated legislative and State employees parked their cars. 1952 through 2000 - Dedicated by - Senator Patrick JohnstonMap (db m145028) HM
35California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Heilbron House
Built in 1881 for August and Louisa Heilbron and occupied by them and their descendants until 1953. Purchased and restored by San Diego Federal Savings and Loan in 1974, this historic mansion symbolizes the emergence of Sacramento from Gold . . . Map (db m135526) HM
36California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Historic Street Lights
Historic Street Lights Restored by SACRAMENTO MUNICPAL UTILITY DISTRICT Personnel and Traffic Signals & Street Lighting Employees of the City of Sacramento Department of Public Works Installed by Allen L. Bender, . . . Map (db m16521) HM
37California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Independent Boat Operations of the 1850s
The Sacramento Wood Company’s steamer wood freight shed, between N and O streets in the Front Street right-of-way, remained at this location for approximately 30 years. The Sacramento Wood Company could trace his roots from an earlier enterprise . . . Map (db m16508) HM
38California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Jean A. Bell Kellogg
[A tree was planted in the memory of Jean Bell Kellogg. At the foot of the tree lies this marker] Charter member of Sumner Woman’s Relief Corps No.11, Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic, Founded 1885.Map (db m15012) HM
39California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Jesse M. Unruh State Office Building
Designated on the 19th day of August 1987 By the Honorable George Deukmejian Governor of California In honor of Jesse Marvin Unruh September 30, 1922 – August 4, 1987 Member of the Assembly, 1955 – 1970 . . . Map (db m14852) HM
40California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Kenneth L. Maddy
Dedicated to the Memory of KENNETH L. MADDY 1934 – 2000 served in the California State Legislature from 1970 to 1998, and as the Senate Minority Leader from 1987 to 1995. ”As someone who spent nearly three decades in the . . . Map (db m15028) HM
41California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 603 — Lady Adams Building
Built in 1852 by the Lady Adams Mercantile Co.; named after the brig which brought the partners around the horn. She has survived fires, flood, and being lifted one story. She has served merchants, bankers, and as a “rooming house”. . . . Map (db m58582) HM
42California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 614 — Leland Stanford House
The house originally designed in 1857 by Seth Babson and was purchased by Leland Stanford in 1861. It served as the State Executive Office from 1861 to 1867, before the completion of the State Capital. It was later extensively remodeled and . . . Map (db m11842) HM
43California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Liberty Bell Replica
Dedicated To You, A Free Citizen In A Free Land This reproduction of the Liberty Bell was presented to the people of California by direction of The Honorable John W. Snyder Secretary of Treasury As the . . . Map (db m14837) HM
44California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Merchant Marine Monument
Dedicated to all Merchant Marine Seaman Members of the U.S. Merchant Marines serving world wide aboard U.S. Flag cargo ships during World War II suffered a greater percentage of war-related deaths than did all of the nation’s regular armed . . . Map (db m16493) HM
45California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — New England Seed Store
On this site stood the store of James L. L. F. Warren, an influential center of agriculture during the Gold Rush. Here at the New England Seed Store, the camellia was first introduced into California in February, 1852. Camellia Official . . . Map (db m11193) HM
46California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Old City Plaza
Dedicated in 1849 to the use of future generations by Captain John A. Sutter Later used as a hay market, miners gathering place, civic celebrations and since 1873 as a public park.Map (db m17346) HM
47California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 633-2 — Old Folsom PowerhouseSacramento Station A
The first distribution point of electricity for a major city, Station A was constructed in 1894. Built by the Sacramento Electric Power and Light Company to receive power generated from Folsom Powerhouse. The first transmission of electricity was on . . . Map (db m11185) HM
48California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 812 — Old Sacramento
Founded in December 1848 by John A. Sutter, Jr., Sacramento was an outgrowth of Sutter’s Fort established by his father, Captain John A. Sutter, in 1839. State Capital since 1854, it was a major distribution point during the Gold Rush. A . . . Map (db m11486) HM
49California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum
Dedicated September 9, 1977 PUBLIC SCHOOLS “LEARNING FOR LIVING”Map (db m14104) HM
50California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Pinus PineaItalian Stone Pine
Pinus Pinea Italian Stone Pine Dedicated on April 14, 1983 by Governor George Deukmejian Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Civilian Conservation CorpsMap (db m90265) HM
51California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Pioneer Camellia Grove
Established as a living memorial to the early builders of California in recognition of their courage, determination & contribution toward progress in the community & our golden state.Map (db m14822) HM
52California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Pioneer Hall
Constructed in 1868. Headquarters of Sacramento Society of California Pioneers Founded 1854 Sacramento Pioneer Foundation Incorporated 1966 Plaque dedicated April 19, 1967 by Sacramento Historic Landmarks Commission Rededicated June 30, . . . Map (db m68630) HM
53California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Pioneer Park
Display 1 Sacramento property owners often adorned their buildings with cast-iron columns like these to embellish their structures and refine the city's overall appearance. If you look closely, a decorative column may feature information . . . Map (db m113063) HM
54California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Pony Express River Steamer “Antelope”
Dedicated April 13, 2000 Sacramento by James Stretesky George E. Kuchler Family Rotary Club of Sacramento Burnett & Sons Planing Mill and Lumber Co – Since 1869 Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society Sacramento Metro Chamber of . . . Map (db m15702) HM
55California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Prisoner of the RiverLaGrange
Among the many sailing ships bound for California in 1849 was the LaGrange, a three-masted bark from Salem, Massachusetts. The ship arrived at Sacramento on October 3, 1849, and the following June was purchased by the city for a prison. In . . . Map (db m16989) HM
56California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — R Street Bridge
R Street formed the boundary of a levee system that surrounded Sacramento. It also served as the base of operations for the State's first rail line, the Sacramento Valley Railroad. The line was designed by Theodore Judah, who also became the . . . Map (db m90220) HM
57California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Rededication of El Centro Mexicano PlaqueSeptember 16, 2011
First panel: The Comité Centro Mexicano commemorates the same respect and sense of equality dictated by this historical plaque. With great honor we re-dedicate it in honor of all humanity on this date. From 1948 to 1975, El Centro . . . Map (db m91735) HM
58California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Sa’ Cumn’e Plaza
Sa’ Cumn’e means “Big House” in the Miwok Language And was an early name for the Sacramento area This plaza is dedicated to the Native Americans who walked this land before us and inspire current generations to carry . . . Map (db m60041) HM
59California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Sacramento Engine Company No. 3Organized March 27, 1851
This original building built in 1853, housed Sacramento Engine Company No. 3. In 1921 the building was abandoned as a firehouse. It was restored to its present state in 1960, as an historical landmark.Map (db m17004) HM
60California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — GPY 135-7 — Sacramento Pioneers Society
The Pioneer Hall was built in 1868 as headquarters of the Sacramento Society of California Pioneers, which was organized February 6, 1853. It has been owned and cared for since its construction by the California Pioneer Association, descendants of . . . Map (db m68629) HM
61California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Sacramento Purple Heart Memorial
Purple Heart Memorial front: My Stone Is Red For The Blood They Shed The Medal I Bear Is My Country's Way To Show They Care If I Could Be Seen By All Mankind Maybe Peace Will Come In My Lifetime Purple Heart Memorial top: . . . Map (db m114107) HM WM
62California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Sacramento River Waterfront
Display 1 Before 1848, the Sacramento River waterfront, behind you, was quiet and occupied by few people. New arrivals during the Gold Rush transformed the waterfront rapidly, turning it into a chaotic transportation hub crowded with goods . . . Map (db m113061) HM
63California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Sacramento’s Maritime Heritage
The second world war found river transportation companies continuing service on the Sacramento River while under the restrictions of wartime conditions. In the 1950’s, river commerce consisted of the transportation of barges of bulk grain, . . . Map (db m16467) HM
64California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Sacramento's Early Waterfront
John Sutter, a central figure in California's gold rush and Sacramento's early development, would hardly recognize his embarcadero today. Located just north of the present I Street bridge, Sutter's landing in 1848 was little more than a . . . Map (db m113064) HM
65California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Sacramento's Original Level
As you gaze down, you look back in time at Sacramento's original level. The building that once stood here was probably raised in the 1860s, creating this courtyard and providing access to hollow sidewalk segments. Imagine how easily flood waters . . . Map (db m136276) HM
66California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Sisters of Mercy
During the Gold Rush Days of 1857, the Sisters of Mercy came to Sacramento to care for the children of the miners and to serve the sick and the homeless. In those early days, the Sisters purchased land in the heart of the city to build a . . . Map (db m14839) HM
67California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Sisters of MercyArrival in Sacramento, October 2, 1857
This sculpture commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Sisters of Mercy caring for those in need to the greater Sacramento region. Mary Baptist Russell, California Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, is depicted here as a woman of vision, courage . . . Map (db m14840) HM
68California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 1013 — Site of First African Methodist Episcopal Church on the Pacific Coast
This is the site of the first church building associated with an African American religious congregation on the Pacific Coast. The church was the Methodist Church of Colored People of Sacramento City, formally organized in 1850. In 1851 the . . . Map (db m4327) HM
69California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 869 — Site of First and Second State Capitols at Sacramento
Sacramento’s first county courthouse, formerly located on this site, served as California’s State Capitol from January 16, 1852 to May 4, 1852 for the third session of the legislature and from March 1, 1854 to May 15, 1854 for the fifth session. . . . Map (db m14803) HM
70California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Site of the Ridge Home - Sacramento's First Mercy Hospital
On June 24, 1895 the Sisters of Mercy responded to the healthcare needs of the people of Sacramento by acquiring the Ridge Home, a small private hospital, from two local physicians. In 1896, the Sisters broke ground for the construction of a larger . . . Map (db m91585) HM
71California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — St. Elizabeth Portuguese National Church
Established 1909, Dedicated 1913 Designated Point of Historical Interest February 18, 19883 Calif. Dept. of Parks & Recreation (Reg. Sac - 006) Oldest Portugese National Church West of New England Plaque by Portuguese Historical & . . . Map (db m91856) HM
72California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — St. George Hotel
[Front of Marker] ST.GEORGE HOTEL Dedicated March 19, 2005 SACRAMENTO By James Streetsky First Northern Bank The Firehouse Restaurant Rotary Club of Sacramento Burnett & Sons Planing Mill and Lumber Co. – Since . . . Map (db m14810) HM
73California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — The Birth Place of the Railroads
“The Docks” area is significant in that California’s first railroad began here. Railroads have directly influenced the development of the southern waterfront for more than 100 years. The Sacramento Valley Rail Road, the pioneer steam . . . Map (db m16727) HM
74California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — The California State InsectaryConstructed in 1908
This property has been listed on the National Register of Historical Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m137574) HM
75California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — The Camellia Coffee Shop
The Camellia Coffee Shop was located on this site from 1962 to 1999 and operated by Parise "Bill” Voudouris and his wife Rosalie. "He was a friend to man, and lived by the side of the road” -Homer Map (db m152858) HM
76California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — The Civil War Memorial Grove
This grove of trees as saplings, transplanted from southern battlefields was dedicated to the memory of Union Veterans of the Civil War and presented to the State of CaliforniaMap (db m14827) WM
77California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — The Docks
“The Docks” has had a remarkably varied occupational history. Gold Rush immigrants camped along the riverbank. In the following years, a limited number of individuals and families lived in the area in private residences and lodging . . . Map (db m16511) HM
78California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — The First Brick Building in Sacramento
The Bridge Lunch Restaurant was the last of a long line of restaurants, saloons and boardinghouses located at, or nearby, 1323 Front Street, the first brick structure in the city. George Zins, a native of Searsburg, Lorraine, started a . . . Map (db m16728) HM
79California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — The First Hundred Years are the Hardest
When Sacramento bought steam pumpers the volunteers could not keep their steam? up, so they hired professional firemen. Since March 30, 1872, Sacramento paid firemen have always been the first to respond to any crisis. New Helvetia Chapter No. 5, . . . Map (db m38318) HM
80California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — The Interurban Railroad Lines
Another distinctive era in the demographic history of the southern waterfront occurred when the construction of several interurban railroad lines along Front Street revitalized the area. In the first decade of the 20th century, several interurban . . . Map (db m16544) HM
81California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — The Northern Electric Bridge
In 1911, the Northern Electric Railway Company, along with Sacramento and Yolo counties, built the Northern Electric Bridge. The bridge carried a single railroad track with twin motor-vehicle roadways. Pedestrian walks cantilevered from the central . . . Map (db m16492) HM
82California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — The Pony Express
This statue commemorates the glory of The Pony Express, which started here at 2:45 a.m. on April 4, 1860, when Sam Hamilton galloped into a blinding rainstorm on the first lap of the 1,966-mile trip to St. Joseph, Missouri. During its 18-month . . . Map (db m11326) HM
83California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — The River Lines Fleet
In the early 1920’s the California Transportation Company, the leading passenger carrier on the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers, announced plans to build two modern passenger vessels for its Sacramento to San Francisco run. In 1927, the Delta . . . Map (db m16507) HM
84California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — The Squatters Riot
In the street, at the corner of Fourth and J, on Aug. 14, 1850, settlers were confronted by the Mayor and the Sheriff. The fatalities that day and the next ended THE SQUATTERS RIOTS [Column 1] Hardin Bigelow, Mayor J. W. . . . Map (db m14806) HM
85California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — The United States Merchant Marine
Throughout history, two categories of ships, merchants and naval combatants, have carried out the world’s seagoing activities. Those of the merchant marine, known as merchantmen, carry cargo, passengers, and perform special functions during times of . . . Map (db m16468) HM
86California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Theodore Dehone JudahThat The West May Remember — America’s First —
This monument was erected by the men and women of the Southern Pacific Company, who, in 1930, were carrying on the work he began in 1860. He convinced four Sacramento merchants that his plan was practical and enlisted their help. Ground was broken . . . Map (db m11735) HM
87California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Thomas Starr King1824 - 1864
Courageous and inspirational San Francisco minister, stalwart defender of the Union during the Civil War, advocate of racial justice, admired educator and pioneering nature writer. Starr King was a Unitarian preacher credited with keeping . . . Map (db m90267) HM
88California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Tony's Corner
Anthony J. "Tony" Monti sold newspapers on this corner for 35 years. He lost a leg in an accident early in life and sold newspapers here day and night to support his mother and sister. All of the Governors of the State of California from 1915 to . . . Map (db m27236) HM
89California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Tower Bridge: Gateway to the Capital
Identifying A Need By the early 1930’s, Americans were moving away from trains and ships and turning to automobiles as their mode of transporation. As a result, traffic on roadways increased dramatically. In Sacramento, M Street (now . . . Map (db m16490) HM
90California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — U.S.S. Sacramento – 1964 — [AOE-1] —
Constructed during the early years of the Vietnam War, she was commissioned as a “Combat Supply and Auxiliary Support Ship” (AEO-1). At 793’ and 53,000 tons, she is by far the largest ship in the U.S. Fleet to be named . . . Map (db m72896) WM
91California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — U.S.S. Sacramento 1863 – 1867
A wooden sloop, 229 feet long and with a crew of 138, she was commissioned for blockade service during the Civil War. First, she contained Confederate ships off the coast of North Carolina and later Atlantic ports in Europe. In 1865, she . . . Map (db m16470) HM
92California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — U.S.S. Sacramento 1914 – 1942The Galloping Ghost of the China Coast
Brought into service in 1914 to join the United States “Great White Fleet”, dubbed such for the sparkling white paint used on naval ships at the time, she was in service 28 years and two world wars. A 226-foot gleaming white steam . . . Map (db m16475) HM
93California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — United States Post Office, Courthouse, & Federal BuildingNational Register of Historic Places
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior United States Post Office, Courthouse, & Federal Building c. 1933Map (db m146396) HM
94California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — USS California Bell Memorial
(Left Side of Base Holding Bell) Only battleship built on the Pacific Coast Launched at Mare Island Navy Yard Nov. 20, 1919 Ship’s bell dedicated and rung for the last time by Governor Earl Warren Oct. 27, 1949 . . . Map (db m70035) HM WM
95California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — USS Sacramento (PG-19)“The Galloping Ghost of the China Coast” — 1914 – 1946 —
As part of our nation’s maritime history, USS Sacramento steamed more than one-half million miles during her proud service in the United States Navy.
She logged 64,000 miles convoying 483 ships through submarine-infested European waters during . . . Map (db m16483) HM
96California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 604 — Vernon-Brannan House
Sacramento’s first post office was located on this lot in 1849. In 1853, Henry E. Robinson bought the lot from Samuel Brannan and built this three story brick building, naming it the Jones Hotel. The Sacramento Pioneer Association first organized . . . Map (db m149178) HM
97California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — View Near the M Street Bridge
Sacramento’s importance during the Gold Rush was as a supply depot for outlying towns in the foothill-mining region. The City’s central location to the northern mining region, combined with reliable year-round river transportation to San Francisco, . . . Map (db m16496) HM
98California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 373 — Westminster Presbyterian ChurchAmerican Presbyterian and Reformed Historical Site
Has Been Placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m121391) HM
99California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Williams House
This place was built in 1884 as a home for L. Williams, a flour merchant. The structure is primarily Stick style, with some Baroque and Second Empire influences which lingered into the 1880 Victorian Era. It was moved about 40 feet west in 1907, . . . Map (db m145240) HM
100California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Young America Engine Co. No. 6Engine House
. . . Map (db m17538) HM
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