“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Wisconsin

East Arkdale Cemetery Marker image, Touch for more information
By Keith L, April 19, 2008
East Arkdale Cemetery Marker
1 Wisconsin, Adams County, Arkdale — East Arkdale Cemetery
On July 11, 1859, Mr. Halvor Olson offered this 1/2 acre of his land to be used as a cemetery for the members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (Hauge Synod) here in the Roche a Cree (Arkdale) settlement. People of the community outside the . . . Map (db m7368) HM
2 Wisconsin, Adams County, Arkdale — Lutheran Church of the Norwegian Synod
On this site once stood a Lutheran Church of the Norwegian Synod, from the years 1887 to 1921. This church developed because of a disagreement on some doctrinal points with the United Lutheran Church which stood one half mile south of here. . . . Map (db m4657) HM
3 Wisconsin, Adams County, Arkdale — 390 — Site of the First Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Roche-a-Cri
In 1850, a group of Norwegian settlers from Koshkonong, the foremost Norwegian settlement colony in the United States at the time, left their southern Wisconsin home and migrated north, settling here in "Roch-a-Cree" or Roche-a-Cri. Imbued with . . . Map (db m36123) HM
4 Wisconsin, Adams County, Arkdale — West Church
In 1853, Norwegian immigrants to this area, organized the Norwegian Evangelical Church of Roche-a-Cri, in 1860. A log church was constructed one mile south of this location. It was destroyed by fire in 1866. A frame church was then erected on this . . . Map (db m4658) HM
5 Wisconsin, Adams County, Friendship — 260 — Roche-A-Cri State Park
This prominent butte, perhaps the steepest hill in Wisconsin, was called La Roche-a-Cri by 17th and 18th century French voyageurs. Rising 300 feet above the surrounding plain, this landmark undoubtedly guided Indians and early pioneers. Indians of . . . Map (db m19822) HM
6 Wisconsin, Adams County, Friendship — Veterans Memorial / Cpl. Red Cloud Tribute
Korea Lest We Forget In Honor of all Veterans, POWs – MIAs 24th Infantry "Victory Division" Designed by Cpl. Donald E. Hahn 34th and 19th Reg. Tribute to Cpl. Mitchell Red Cloud . . . Map (db m37091) HM
7 Wisconsin, Adams County, Monroe Center — Monroe Cemetery
Ira and Ransom Gleason, father and uncle to Charlotte and Francis Marion Rous set aside the original acre of land for this cemetery, from the land they obtained through the Public Lands Act of 1820. This plaque in memory of Edna Rous Russell and . . . Map (db m7534) HM
8 Wisconsin, Adams County, Rome — Spring Branch Cemetery Veterans Memorial
Duty, Honor, Country We dedicate this monument to all our service men and women in all wars and conflicts. United States Army United States Marines United States Navy United States Air Force United States Coast Guard . . . Map (db m41686) WM
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9 Wisconsin, Ashland County, Ashland — Doctor Edwin Ellis1824 - 1903 — Father of Ashland —
A man of indomitable faith, he brought culture to a wilderness. Learning and religion were of first concern. Freely giving to both, he labored unceasingly for a city whose good lay very close to his heart.Map (db m94062) HM
10 Wisconsin, Ashland County, Ashland — 304 — Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy
William Daniel Leahy was born in Iowa in 1875 and his family soon moved to Wisconsin. He graduated from Ashland High School in 1892 and for the rest of his life considered Ashland his home town. Leahy graduated from the Naval Academy and served . . . Map (db m204096) HM
11 Wisconsin, Ashland County, Ashland — 224 — Northland College
North Wisconsin Academy, founded in 1892 by the Congregational Churches, provided the first high school education available to young people of the small, isolated lumber camp, sawmill and farm communities in the area known as the Great Lakes Pinery, . . . Map (db m209668) HM
12 Wisconsin, Ashland County, Ashland — 6 — Radisson-Groseilliers Fort
A crude structure of boughs of trees “layed acrosse, one upon an other” was erected near here by Pierre Radisson and Medart Groseilliers in 1659. The two French traders came to Chequamegon Bay from Montreal and Radisson's account of . . . Map (db m48410) HM
13 Wisconsin, Ashland County, Ashland — Schooner LucerneHistoric Shipwreck — Wisconsin’s Maritime Trails —
Type: Wooden Schooner, three-masted Built: 1873, Parsons & Humble, Tonawanda, N.Y. Sank: November 17, 1886 Length: 195’ Beam: 34’ Cargo: Grain, coal, and iron ore Depth: 20’ Lives Lost: 9 Listed on the National Register of Historic . . . Map (db m210257) HM
14 Wisconsin, Ashland County, Ashland — Security Savings Bank
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior Security Savings Bank 1889Map (db m125034) HM
15 Wisconsin, Ashland County, Glidden — Glidden State Bank
Glidden State Bank Circa 1905 has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior Nominated by Jerry Hellenbrand - 2006Map (db m47483) HM
16 Wisconsin, Ashland County, Glidden — 54 — Great Divide
You are now on the great divide which separates the two principal drainage areas of Wisconsin. Water falling to the north of this point finds its way into Lake Superior, then down through the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River 2,000 miles into . . . Map (db m47222) HM
17 Wisconsin, Ashland County, Glidden — World's Largest White Pine LogBiggest & Last Sleigh Hauled Log
This white pine log was sleigh hauled to Glidden on Dec. 21, 1984 on the sleigh it sets on. It was cut on State 40 14 miles east of Glidden. Its estimated weight is 7000 lbs. The 20 ft log scaled 1960 [?] board ft. Estimated age 500 to 600 . . . Map (db m47534) HM
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18 Wisconsin, Ashland County, La Pointe — Early VesselsWisconsin's Maritime Trails
Native American canoes launched North America’s maritime legacy about 12,000 years ago, making them among the world’s oldest watercraft. The origins of the birchbark canoe are told in the oral traditions of the Ojibwe people. The spirit . . . Map (db m57836) HM
19 Wisconsin, Ashland County, La Pointe — Gidanamikaagoo omaa Mooningwanekaaning
... means welcome to Madeline Island in Anishinaabe (also called Ojibwe), the native language of the Ojibwe Tribes.

Madeline Island is the spiritual home of the Ojibwe people, who lived here hundreds of years before the first . . . Map (db m165829) HM
20 Wisconsin, Ashland County, La Pointe — Human History at Big Bay
Early Native American Inhabitants
People have been using and occupying sites in the Apostle Islands area for thousands of years. But it was probably not until after 800 A.D. that more extensive use of the islands took place in the form of . . . Map (db m165677) HM
21 Wisconsin, Ashland County, La Pointe — La Pointe Indian Cemetery
Established about 1836 as part of a Roman Catholic mission under the guidance of the dynamic Austrian priest, Frederick Baraga, later made a bishop. The white man's style of house was adopted as a grave cover by the Christianized Ojibway . . . Map (db m144130) HM
22 Wisconsin, Ashland County, La Pointe — 108 — Madeline IslandKnown to the Ojibway Indians as Moningwunakauning, "The Home of The Golden Breasted Woodpecker" Reported permanently removed
The largest of the Apostle Islands was one of the earliest areas of Indian settlement, fur trade, missionary activity and commercial fishing in the interior of North America. It was discovered by French explorers in 1659. Trading posts were built . . . Map (db m234580) HM
23 Wisconsin, Ashland County, La Pointe — Michel Cadotte
A French-Canadian trader built a post on this site about 1792. From his wife Madeline daughter of the Chippewa chief White Crane the island takes its present name. The official French fort La Pointe was built in 1718 about 500 feet west. Its . . . Map (db m144128) HM
24 Wisconsin, Ashland County, La Pointe — 608 — Mooningwaanikaaning
Aaniin, visitors. Welcome to Mooningwaanikaaning, the homeland of the Ojibwe people. The Ojibwe name for Madeline Island means “home of the yellow-breasted flicker bird.” This island was the last-foretold stopping point on the Ojibwe migration . . . Map (db m234361) HM
25 Wisconsin, Ashland County, Mellen — Jeanne D'Arc Willow
This willow tree began as a spring from a tree taken from the grounds of the birth place of Jeanne D'Arc of Dormery, Haute Marne, France. In May 1919, sprigs of this willow we're sent a number of Americans Legion Posts by the University of . . . Map (db m201014) HM
26 Wisconsin, Ashland County, Mellen — Legend of Mellen
Mellen, Wisconsin, nestled in a valley in the heart of the Penokee Range, was founded in 1881 by Samuel O'Grady Bennett for which Bennett Street is named. Iron City, later renamed Mellen for William Mellen of the Wisconsin Central Railroad was . . . Map (db m201380) HM
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27 Wisconsin, Ashland County, Mellen — The Vietnam Memorial Tree
In honor of those who served. In memory of: James Ledin and Melvin Gunderson, who gave the supreme sacrifice. This tree was planted, by Vietnam Veterans, on November 10, 2007,Map (db m201381) HM WM
28 Wisconsin, Ashland County, Odanah — 70 — The Bad River
The Mauvaise (Bad) River was so named by the French due to the difficulties of its navigation. The Indians called it Mushkeezeebi or Marsh River. In 1845 the Rev. L.H. Wheeler, Protestant missionary at La Pointe, planned an agricultural settlement . . . Map (db m63661) HM
29 Wisconsin, Barron County, Chetek — 218 — Pine Was King
Vast forests of virgin white pine were the treasure which brought the first wave of white settlers to Northern Wisconsin. The farms came later, but for half a century the forests were local history. In 1847, the Knapp, Stout & Co. purchased . . . Map (db m45069) HM
30 Wisconsin, Barron County, Dobie — 469 — Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church
The congregation for this church traces its roots back to 1870 when people first held services in their homes in what was originally called Stanfold. This community later became Dobie. Their first Catholic church was built in 1876 but was destroyed . . . Map (db m45151) HM
31 Wisconsin, Barron County, Rice Lake — Lentz Steam Engine
The steam engine was a unique part of the industrial history of America’s heartland. Engines, such as this one, provided the power to generate electricity and run machines in hundreds of factories and municipalities throughout the world. This . . . Map (db m130998) HM
32 Wisconsin, Barron County, Rice Lake — Logging and Lumbering in the Rice Lake AreaA Chronology
1831 Henry Schoolcraft, Indian agent from Sault St. Marie, MI travels down the Red Cedar River to Rice Lake and held council with the Chippewa Indians at this approximate site. 1847 The Knapp Stout Co. purchased thousands of acres of . . . Map (db m161500) HM
33 Wisconsin, Barron County, Rice Lake — Rice Lake, a City Built of LumberA Chronology
1901 The Knapp Stout era was over. The Knapp Stout holdings were sold to the Rice Lake Lumber Company, which later was known as the largest hardwood mill in the country. 1906 The Rice Lake Excelsior Co. arrived on the scene in its present . . . Map (db m161666) HM
34 Wisconsin, Barron County, Rice Lake — The Mystery of the Concrete Pillars
To quote from the Rice Lake Chronotype, September 30, 1920: ”Extensive improvements are being made at the yards of the Park Falls Lbr. Co. in this city. Monday Cyrille Mercer and a crew of carpenters began working at erecting a monorail . . . Map (db m120496) HM
35 Wisconsin, Barron County, Rice Lake — 598 — The Tuscobia Trail
The Tuscobia State Trail represents the history of the railroad in the development of northern Wisconsin. The route was first conceived as a rail line in 1899, but construction did not end until 1914. The Chicago and North Western Railroad ran on . . . Map (db m199897) HM
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36 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Ashland — Lands Along the Lake
You might know that Lake Superior is the largest body of freshwater in the world, but did you know that it is large enough to generate its own small tide? This tidal action, called "seiche,” influences Fish Creek. At times, water from Chequamegon . . . Map (db m201391) HM
37 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Ashland — Voices in the Mist
VOICES IN THE MIST When the mist turns a waltz along the shoreline, and swirls heavenward via convection, lend your ears to the bay. There are forms in the mist, and in the forms there are faces. The faces smile, and the hint of a melody plays . . . Map (db m201384) HM
38 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Bayfield — A Turning Point in Place and Time
You are standing at the “turning Point” for the Bayfield Waterfront Walk and across the water is a place of significance where “turning points” in history occurred. Madeline Island, or “Mooningwanekaaning Minis,” . . . Map (db m98243) HM
39 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Bayfield — Bayfield Historic WaterfrontEastern Waterfront / Ferry Dock — Wisconsin's Maritime Trails —
Bayfield’s history has been powerfully shaped by its location. Situated on the shores of a deep, natural harbor, the city is sheltered from Lake Superior’s notorious storms by the outlying Apostle Islands. Lighthouses, shipwrecks, and a historic . . . Map (db m57835) HM
40 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Bayfield — Cultural Fire Returns to Stockton Island
"This is the best combination of cultural heritage and land management that I can think of." Bob Krumenaker, Superintendent In October 2017, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, in collaboration with the Red Cliff Band, Bad River Band . . . Map (db m201395) HM
41 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Bayfield — Memorial to Commercial Fishermen of BayfieldPast—Present—Future
Dedicated in 1981 to the hard working commercial fishermen whose indomitable spirits will not be forgotten. Commissioned by Edwin Erickson, Mayor of Bayfield, 1970-1976 & 1980-1988 Designed by Harold Kerr (1909-1981) Constructed by . . . Map (db m57811) HM
42 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Bayfield — Schooner PretoriaHistoric Shipwreck — Wisconsin’s Maritime Trails —
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places In the waters off Outer Island lies the wreck of the Pretoria, one of the largest wooden vessels ever to sail the Great lakes. On September 1, 1905, Captain Charles Smart and nine crew . . . Map (db m98244) HM
43 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Bayfield — The Booth Cooperage
At one time, a local fishery once encompassed this entire block. Early sailing vessels would bring their harvests here to be salt packed in barrels and shipped to market. Here in “The Cooperage,” one of the remaining buildings of that . . . Map (db m57810) HM
44 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Cornucopia — 28 — Tragedy of The Siskiwit
Once upon a time, according to an old Indian legend, the sand beach on the east side of this bay was a favorite camping ground. One spring a few lodges of Chippewa from La Pointe encamped here. When their chief, Bi-aus-wah, returned from the hunt, . . . Map (db m194929) HM
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45 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Herbster — 522 — "The Gym"
When the community sought funding for a new gymnasium and town hall, they looked to the Work Progress Administration, a depression-era program, which utilized local materials and labor to create jobs for unemployed workers. Architect Roland C. Buck . . . Map (db m36553) HM
46 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Mason — Moquah Natural Area
In 1935 the Forest Service set aside the one square mile (640 acres) to the North of this point as a “natural area.” This area is administered for ecological research purposes to obtain a better understanding of the natural processes governing the . . . Map (db m215839) HM
47 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Port Wing — Port Wing Brown Stone
The familiar sandstone outcroppings along Lake Superior's shoreline provided a popular building material for grand and massive structures all over the Midwest and Eastern United States throughout the last half of the Nineteenth and into the . . . Map (db m201591) HM
48 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Port Wing — 145 — School Consolidation
As the 20th century began, logging operations were in full swing in this area and the small log schoolhouses could not handle the increasing number of students. Some classes were held in churches but additional facilities were needed. T.N. . . . Map (db m30845) HM
49 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Sand Bay — The Twilight Fishermen
Leo, Roy, and Eskel Hokenson began fishing commercially at Little Sand Bay in the 1920s. During the fall herring season, the brothers fished at night when cooler temperatures helped preserve the catch. Noting this habit, friends began saying, . . . Map (db m201397) HM
50 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Town of Russell — Hokenson Brothers Fishery
Harvesting the Waters In 1927, the Hokenson brothers (Leo, Roy, and Eskel) began life as fishermen. For more than 30 years, they met the challenges of fishing the largest lake in the world, relying on their skills, strength, and . . . Map (db m46908) HM
51 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Town of Russell — Steamer SevonaHistoric Shipwreck — Wisconsin's Maritime Trails —
Type: Steel, bulk and package freighter Built: 1890, Frank W. Wheeler, Bay City, Mich. Sank: September 2, 1905 Length: 372’ Beam: 41’ Cargo: Iron ore Propulsion: Propeller Depth of Wreckage: 25’ Lives Lost: 7 Listed on the . . . Map (db m46907) HM
52 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Washburn — Bank of Washburn1890
The Bank of Washburn is a unique variation of the Romanesque Revival Style designed by architects Conover & Porter of Ashland, Wisconsin. Built in less than one year, the building was fashioned from brownstone quarried at Houghton Point located . . . Map (db m48439) HM
53 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Washburn — 49 — Madeline Island
To the east is Madeline Island, known to the Ojibway as Moning-wunakauning, “The Home of the Golden Breasted Woodpecker.” The French soldier Pierre le Sueur built his post there in 1693. In 1718 a fort was erected which remained France’s principal . . . Map (db m208926) HM
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54 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Washburn — The Sprague WellHistorical Landmark
The Sprague Well, believed to be the first drilled artesian well in Bayfield County, was completed at 119 feet 8 inches in April, 1903 by Monroe H. Sprague at the mill office of the Akeley–Sprague Lumber Co. Flow from the 4 inch casing was . . . Map (db m57812) HM
55 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Washburn — Washburn Historic WaterfrontBigelow / Hines Railroad Trestle — Wisconsin's Maritime Trails —
In the early days of Washburn, the waterfront was filled with saw mills. The A.A. Bigelow Mill (1887-1902), later to become the Hines Mill, was the largest of three major sawmills in Washburn. It rested on pilings that ran directly out from the . . . Map (db m122317) HM
56 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Washburn — Washburn Lumbering Days / The Hines Lumber Company
(side 1) Washburn Lumbering Days Washburn begins on the shoreline of Chequamegon Bay. The city rises gradually 75 ft. above level of the water. In 1884, the town was created, born of the necessity of the railway (Chicago, St. Paul, . . . Map (db m57824) HM
57 Wisconsin, Bayfield County, Washburn — Washburn, The Monolith City
This title was given back in 1892 when Frederick Prentice, president of the Prentice Brownstone Co. of Wisconsin, offered to supply a huge brownstone monolith for the Wisconsin Exhibit at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. He proposed to furnish this . . . Map (db m48441) HM
58 Wisconsin, Brown County, Allouez — 22 — Curly Lambeau's GravesitePackers Heritage Trail
Curly Lambeau is buried in the southeast corner of Allouez Catholic Cemetery, which is located almost directly east of here. He is buried in a family plot along with his father Marcel, mother Mary, and brother Oliver and his wife, the former Dorothy . . . Map (db m131521) HM
59 Wisconsin, Brown County, Allouez — First Episcopal Mission in Wisconsin
Near this site stood the first Episcopal Mission in Wisconsin Founded in 1827 by the Reverend Richard Fish-Cadle Later first director of Nashotah HouseMap (db m68040) HM
60 Wisconsin, Brown County, Allouez — First Redemptorist Church in America
The church of St. John the Evangelist, the first church of the Redemptorists in this hemisphere, stood 215 feet east of this marker. It was begun by Rev. S. Mazzuchelli, O. P. and completed by Redemptorist missionaries sent from Europe by Rev. . . . Map (db m66522) HM
61 Wisconsin, Brown County, Allouez — 239 — Heritage Hill State Park Reported missing
This park, built to portray and preserve Wisconsin's beginnings, is located on a site that is itself a part of history. On this 40-acre site stood Camp Smith--a temporary location of Fort Howard--part of the pioneer settlement known as Shantytown, . . . Map (db m226256) HM
62 Wisconsin, Brown County, Allouez — Menomineeville, Seat of JusticeIn 1823, James Doty... — Fox River Trail —
was appointed by President Monroe as a district judge for the northern and western Michigan Territory, which included what is now the state of Wisconsin. Doty set up the region's new court in an empty log building. Three years later, . . . Map (db m43822) HM
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63 Wisconsin, Brown County, Allouez — Minahan's TombOverlooking Riverside Drive… — Fox River Trail — Reported missing
and the Fox River Trail is the tomb of Dr. William Edward Minahan, who died in the sinking of the Titanic. William had four brothers who were also doctors, and his oldest brother, Robert, was also a lawyer who served as mayor of Green Bay from . . . Map (db m43818) HM
64 Wisconsin, Brown County, Allouez — 542 — Roi-Porlier-Tank Cottage Reported missing
This house of wattled construction is the oldest standing house, in Wisconsin, built in 1776 by fur-trader Joseph Roi, one of the first seven settlers of La Baye (Green Bay). It was sold in 1805 to Jacques Porlier, another French-Canadian . . . Map (db m226257) HM
65 Wisconsin, Brown County, Allouez — ShantytownIn 1820, as a defensive move, — Fox River Trail —
Fort Howard commander Colonel Joseph Smith moved the garrison to near this location, about a half-mile back from the shore. The high ridge on which the camp, dubbed “Camp Smith,” was located provided good visibility and protection . . . Map (db m43820) HM
66 Wisconsin, Brown County, Allouez — Site of Camp Smith 1820
Site of Camp Smith 1820 Map (db m120576) HM
67 Wisconsin, Brown County, Allouez — The Catholic Bark Chapel
Built by the Indians for Father Claude Allouez in 1671, this is a replica of Wisconsin's first Catholic Church. The original was part of Mission St. Francis Xavior, about one mile south of this site.Map (db m68048) HM
68 Wisconsin, Brown County, Allouez — The Port & the EnvironmentWaterborne transportation... — Fox River Trail —
is the most cost-effective mode of transportation when compared to truck or rail. Ships quietly move cargo farther (per ton mile) and more efficiently than trucks or trains. Most importantly, ships move cargo more safely than trucks and trains. . . . Map (db m43814) HM
69 Wisconsin, Brown County, Allouez — Vince Lombardi's Home
Vince Lombardi's home during his nine years as coach of the Green Bay Packers is located directly east of here on Sunset Circle. Other family members included wife Marie, son Vince Jr. and daughter Susan. Lombardi coached the Packers from 1959 to . . . Map (db m131520) HM
70 Wisconsin, Brown County, De Pere — Address by President LincolnAt The Dedication of The Gettysburg National Cemetery — November 19, 1863 —
Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that . . . Map (db m114242) HM
71 Wisconsin, Brown County, De Pere — Bernard Henry PenningsCanon Regular of Premontre
Here surrounded by his spiritual sons lies all that is mortal of Bernard Henry Pennings Canon Regular of Premontre founder of St. Norbert Abbey Born June 9, 1861 Gemert, Holland Ordained June 19, 1886 Berne Abbey Heeswijk, Holland Blessed . . . Map (db m97952) HM
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72 Wisconsin, Brown County, De Pere — Brown County Court House 1838 to 1854
The site of the Brown County Court House from 1838 to 1854. Erected by Jean Nicolet Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, 1930Map (db m38984) HM
73 Wisconsin, Brown County, De Pere — 189 — Marquette–Jolliet
Here in June, 1673, an expedition headed by Jesuit priest Jacques Marquette and his companion Louis Jolliet departed from St. Francis Xavier Mission to find and explore the upper Mississippi River. In September they returned here to record their . . . Map (db m151961) HM
74 Wisconsin, Brown County, De Pere — 266 — Rapides des PeresVoyageur Park
The rapids at De Pere were well known to all early travelers along the Fox and Wisconsin rivers, which provided the best access to the Mississippi. Despite Indian domination, the waterway served explorers, fur traders and voyageurs, missionaries, . . . Map (db m11053) HM
75 Wisconsin, Brown County, De Pere — St. Norbert College & The PackersPackers Heritage Trail — Lambeau-Lombardi Spur —
St. Norbert College became the training camp of the Packers in 1958 in an agreement that would become the longest such partnership in NFL history. Father Dennis M. Burke, then president of the college, suggested the arrangement to the team that year . . . Map (db m56440) HM
76 Wisconsin, Brown County, De Pere — Union HotelPackers Heritage Trail
The historic Union Hotel opened in 1883 and has been owned by the Boyd family since 1918, the year before the Green Bay Packers were born. Over the years, Packers legends and other prominent pro football personalities have found the Union to be one . . . Map (db m190022) HM
77 Wisconsin, Brown County, De Pere — 262 — White Pillars
This building was erected in 1836 to serve as the office of the Fox River Hydraulic Company, which was chartered by Wisconsin's first Territorial Legislature to construct a dam at Rapides des Peres. Following the 1837 financial crisis, notes issued . . . Map (db m10887) HM
78 Wisconsin, Brown County, De Pere — Wisconsin's Maritime TrailsEarly Water Routes
The Fox River has served as a highway for the movement of people and goods for thousands of years. Archaeologists working along the Fox River in De Pere uncovered two-thousand-year-old pottery that demonstrates trade with communities in Illinois. . . . Map (db m189977) HM
79 Wisconsin, Brown County, Denmark — 373 — Denmark Reported missing
In 1848, immigrants from Langeland, Denmark, seeking economic opportunity and plentiful farmland, settled in this vicinity. The Danes purchased land here and called their early settlement "Copenhagen," later changed to Denmark. In subse­quent years, . . . Map (db m222658) HM
80 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — 11 — 1634 • 1909
Commemorating the discovery of Wisconsin in 1634 by Jean Nicolet, emissary of Governor Champlain of New France. In this vicinity Nicolet first met the Winnebago Indians. Unveiled August 12, 1909, by members of the State Historical Society of . . . Map (db m15786) HM
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81 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Alexis De Tocqueville
Alexis De Tocqueville The 25 year-old French aristocrat and author of Democracy In America visited this area during his 1831 - 1832 tour of America Placed by C-Span and the cable television industry while retracing the tour in 1997 - 1998Map (db m39543) HM
82 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Augustin de Langlade
On the river shore Block 3 Astor directly west of this marker stood about the year 1745 the home and trading house of Augustin de Langlade and his distinguished son Charles, the first permanent settlers of Wisconsin. Charles . . . Map (db m39145) HM
83 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Bank Of Wisconsin
. . . Map (db m39144) HM
84 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Bellevue ParkPackers Heritage Trail — Packing Plant Spur —
Bellevue Park served as the Packers' home field from 1923 to 1924 and was the site of the first Packers-Bears game played in Green Bay. Bellevue Park was built in less than three weeks in the spring of 1923 with wood salvaged from the stands at . . . Map (db m56414) HM
85 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Bellin BuildingPackers Heritage Trail
Gerald Clifford and Dr. W. W. Kelly, two members of the "Hungry Five," a group of local men critical to the survival of the Packers over their first three decades, had offices here. Kelly was a physician with an office on the fourth floor. Clifford . . . Map (db m145617) HM
86 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Birthplace Of The PackersPackers Heritage Trail
The Green Bay Packers were organized on Aug. 11, 1919, in the old Green Bay Press-Gazette building that stood here at 315 Cherry Street. The meeting took place in the editorial department on the second floor. Two days later, the paper briefly . . . Map (db m145614) HM
87 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Brown County Civil War Memorial61 Heroes 65
Dedicated To The Memory of the brave men of Brown County who fought to preserve the union. Erected by the Woman's Relief Corps No.91. Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic 1934Map (db m43396) HM
88 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Brown County CourthousePackers Heritage Trail
The imposing Brown County Courthouse was where the first stockholders meeting of the newly formed non-profit Green Bay Football Corporation was held on Sept. 17, 1923. It was the first of many important Packer meetings held here over the next four . . . Map (db m204751) HM
89 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Bryan Bartlett Starr"Bart" No. 15
Quarterback 1956 to 1971 Head Coach 1975 to 1983 6 Conference Championships 5 NFL Championships Pro Bowl Team 1961,62,63,67 All Pro Selection 1961,62,64,66 MVP Super Bowl 1 MVP Super Bowl 2 NFL MVP 1966 Elected to Pro . . . Map (db m39251) HM
90 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Chicago & North Western DepotPackers Heritage Trail
The Chicago & North Western Depot was the Packers' usual port of call for road trips over nearly four decades. And often those trips started or ended, or both, with a party thrown by the team's ever-faithful fans. They threw impromptu . . . Map (db m145630) HM
91 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — City StadiumPackers Heritage Trail
City Stadium is one of the last remaining relics from the early days of the National Football League. Although its appearance has greatly changed from the time when the Packers played here, it stands as a monument to the team's humble, hardscrabble . . . Map (db m120564) HM
92 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Clarke Hinkle Tugs at a Young Boy's Heartstrings
Walking hand in hand, their faces aglow, Clarke Hinkle and his young admirer convey the timeless rapport between the Packers and their youthful fans. From the kids who cherished the tradition of players smuggling them into games through the back . . . Map (db m118188) HM
93 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — 494 — Cnesses Israel Synagogue
Upon this site stood Cnesses Israel Synagogue, the first Jewish congregation in Brown County dedicated September 4, 1904 (24 Elul 5664). Designed by local architect Henry A. Foeller, the synagogue was Moorish in design and had two octagonal towers . . . Map (db m51362) HM
94 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Columbus Community ClubPackers Heritage Trail
The Columbus Community Club, which opened in 1925 as a recreational and social center, played many roles in Packers history. In the 1920s, before radio broadcasts of Packer games, large crowds gathered on Sunday afternoons when the team was . . . Map (db m145621) HM
95 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Curly LambeauGreen Bay Hometown Hall of Famer
Earl "Curly" Lambeau founded the Green Bay Packers in 1919 and was the team's first playing star and its coach for 31 years. Lambeau was the first pass-minded coach in the NFL and his teams were like their leader, impatient and explosive. An . . . Map (db m118251) HM
96 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Curly Lambeau's Birthplace HomePackers Heritage Trail
Earl Louis “Curly” Lambeau is Green Bay's most famous native son and the driving force behind the city's most treasured jewel. The storied Green Bay Packers were largely his creation, and they've become his lasting legacy. Born in . . . Map (db m145622) HM
97 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Curly Lambeau's Office Northern BuildingPackers Heritage Trail
Curly Lambeau occupied an office in the Northern Building for nearly 20 years while he was coaching the Packers, but visitors might have been taken aback by the sign on his door. It read: Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. Lambeau was an . . . Map (db m120567) HM
98 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Downtown Green BayPackers Heritage Trail
The Packers were founded in downtown Green Bay in 1919 and have had a presence here ever since. In 1921, their inaugural season in what is now the NFL, they held their first practice at the Old Courthouse Grounds at the southwest corner of . . . Map (db m145613) HM
99 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Drumbeat of the Lumberjack Band
The lumberjack Band was once synonymous with the Green Bay Packers. It performed at home games, pep rallies and other celebrations; and energized players and fans alike with its rollicking capers and snappy music. Loosely organized in 1921, the . . . Map (db m131513) HM
100 Wisconsin, Brown County, Green Bay — Earl L. (Curly) LambeauFounder/V.P./Head Coach/Player 1919–49
Curly Lambeau founded the Green Bay Packers in 1919 and was a driving force in the team's early years, including the 1921 decision to join what is now the NFL. He served as head coach for the franchise's first 31 seasons, leading the Packers to six . . . Map (db m77462) HM

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