“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Colorado

Charles Kelly Boulevard Marker image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, July 30, 2016
Charles Kelly Boulevard Marker
1Colorado (Adams County), Aurora — Charles Kelly Boulevard
In honor of Major Charles L. Kelly, MSC, U.S. Army 1925 - 1964 Dust-Off Pilot Extraordinary Killed in action by small arms fire while attempting to approach a hot LZ near Vinh Long, Viet Nam on 1 July 1964 after . . . Map (db m96555) WM
2Colorado (Adams County), Aurora — Colorado Freedom Memorial
"It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here... to the great task remaining before us... that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion, . . . Map (db m75613) WM
3Colorado (Adams County), Aurora — Sharon A. Lane Drive
In honor of 1Lt Sharon A. Lane, ANC, U.S. Army 1943 - 1969 FAMC Staff Nurse, 1968 - 1969 Killed by enemy mortar round while serving with honor 312th Evac Hospital, Chu Lai, Viet Nam Only ANC Officer to die as a result . . . Map (db m96560) WM
4Colorado (Adams County), Aurora — WWI Medical Staff Memorial
1917     1918 In Memory of the Officers Nurses and Enlisted Men of the Medical Department United States Army Who Lost Their Lives During the World War This Tablet is Erected by their Coworkers of the Medical Department . . . Map (db m96553) WM
5Colorado (Adams County), Bennett — 218 — Front Range Flight
The Rocky Mountains proved a formidable barrier to early aviation, leaving Colorado in a familiar position: bypassed. As with the railroads fifty years earlier, transcontinental air traffic went through Wyoming; Colorado had to make do with a . . . Map (db m70525) HM
6Colorado (Adams County), Brighton — Dedicated to the Pioneer Spirit of our Early Settlers
Dedicated to the Pioneer Spirit of our Early SettlersMap (db m119611) HM
7Colorado (Adams County), Buckley Air Force Base — Buckley
In honor of 1Lt John Harold Buckley (1896-1918) Longmont, Colorado Lost his life in World War I, on a mission behind German lines. Buckley Field 1942-1947 Denver Naval Air Station 1947-1959 Buckley Air National Guard Base . . . Map (db m75593) HM WM
8Colorado (Adams County), Commerce City — Early Years of Statehood
Early Years of Statehood In the early years of statehood, silver strikes at Leadville and Aspen brought settlers and money into Colorado. Rail lines, smelters, and refineries were built, and large coalfields were opened up. The High . . . Map (db m119387) HM
9Colorado (Adams County), Commerce City — Habitat for Wildlife - A Rich History
Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Located just eleven miles northeast of downtown Denver, the Refuge is the largest contiguous open space in the Denver metropolitan area. A major environmental restoration program will be . . . Map (db m119390) HM
10Colorado (Adams County), Commerce City — Headquarters Area
This Headquarters area is dedicated in honor of all the Rocky Mountain Arsenal employees who accomplished the production, demilitarization, and environmental restoration at the Arsenal from 1942 until 2012Map (db m162066) HM WM
11Colorado (Adams County), Commerce City — Headquarters for a New Mission
As the focus changed to environmental cleanup, Building 111 became the headquarters of this new mission-and of a public-private partnership among the U.S. Army, Shell Oil Co. and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Years of Partnership Called . . . Map (db m163885) HM
12Colorado (Adams County), Commerce City — On This Site Stood the "White House"
Arsenal Beginnings Building 111, also known as the “White House, "was located north of the flagpole area. The building was the U.S. Army's headquarters from the time the Arsenal was established in 1942 until the building was . . . Map (db m163883) HM
13Colorado (Adams County), Commerce City — Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge
In 1942, women and men of the U.S. Army built this Arsenal that helped achieve victory in WWII and the Cold War. With thanks to our partners, the U.S. Army, Shell Oil Company and their contractors, we dedicate this flagpole to the employees of . . . Map (db m119380) HM
14Colorado (Adams County), Commerce City — South Plants Fabrica Sur
Above this sign, a mile away, 230 buildings once stood. The U.S. Army constructed South Plants in 1942 to produce chemical weapons for World War IIMap (db m156147) HM
15Colorado (Adams County), Commerce City — The Fourteeners
The Fourteeners There are 58 peaks in the Colorado Rocky Mountains that are above 14,000 feet in height. While 54 are generally acknowledged to be "14ers", most people who want to climb them want to climb all 58. They are contained in six . . . Map (db m119395) HM
16Colorado (Adams County), Commerce City — Where's the Water?
Commerce City Commerce City was incorporated as Commerce Town in 1952 and became Commerce City in 1970. In 2004 the Prairie Gateway, a 917-acre parcel of land located along the western edge of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife . . . Map (db m119381) HM
17Colorado (Adams County), Westminster — 12 — Ma Barker's GangWestminster — [Lloyd William Barker] —
Ma Barker's infamous son, Lloyd "Red" Barker traded in a life of crime for a life in Westminster in the 1940s. Lloyd grew up as part of the Barker Gang, described by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover as "the toughest gang of hoodlums the FBI has ever . . . Map (db m69547) HM
18Colorado (Adams County), Westminster — WFD Volunteers 1934 - 2000
The value of one's life can be measured by how he or she has added value to the lives of others. In 2003 this statue was dedicated to those who gave freely of their time to serve Westminster Citizens through the fire service and community activities.Map (db m4648) HM
19Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — "Old Mose"The King of the Grizzlies
According to Outdoor Life (April, 2004), Old Mose was the most famous grizzly ever to appear in their publication. This one bear was responsible for a myriad of depredations. Known for his distinctive footprint (he was missing two . . . Map (db m160761) HM
20Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — 1988 NAIA Division 1 National Championship Runner-Up
The only Adams State College football team to play in a NAIA Division 1 National Championship Coaching Staff Head Coach - Jeff Geiser Assistant Coaches Lynn Schuett, Chris DeLorenzo, Deano Crumley, Bill Stone, Dan McMinimee, John . . . Map (db m160787) HM
21Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — Adams State College
Shortly after its creation in 1921, Adams State Normal School got caught in a political crossfire and received no state funding for construction. But Alamosa residents, quick studies when it came to higher education, raised the money to keep the . . . Map (db m160878) HM
22Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — Alamosa
The first U.S. citizen known to have seen the site of present-day Alamosa, Lt. Zebulon M. Pike, was arrested nearby in 1807 for trespassing on Spanish soil. But the Spanish were trespassers themselves—the Utes occupied the land. The . . . Map (db m160914) HM
23Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — Alamosa County
[Map captions, clockwise from top right, read] • Penitente Canyon [informational] • Great Sand Dunes National Park [informational] • Stations of the Cross Shrine [informational] • The Fort Garland Museum is a restored . . . Map (db m160927) HM
24Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — Alamosa Depot
This monument is placed here to preserve the important history of the start of the whole San Luis Valley, by the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad's entrance to Alamosa. The work train arrived in Alamosa in late 1877, and the first passenger train . . . Map (db m160877) HM
25Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — All Aboard for Alamosa!
Colorado's first home railroad was begun in 1871. William J. Palmer, Civil War veteran and founder of the Denver and Rio Grande, felt that transportation was the key to success in this new, undeveloped land. "Narrow gauge" railroad was a new . . . Map (db m160929) HM
26Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — American Legion Building
Designated Landmark City of Alamosa Historic Registry ———————————— Dickey-Springer Post No. 113 American Legion Laid by Charles G. Dawes . . . Map (db m160804) HM
27Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — American National Bank Building
Designated Landmark City of Alamosa Historic RegistryMap (db m160794) HM
28Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — Denver & Rio Grande Western Locomotive No. 169
Emblematic of the courage, fortitude, and vision of those stalwart pioneers and valiant railroad builders who foresaw a great future in the Southwest, this monument is installed to guide the way for posterity in this mighty empire.

May this . . . Map (db m160928) HM

29Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — Emperius Building
Designated Landmark City of Alamosa Historic RegistryMap (db m160792) HM
30Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — First Baptist Church
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m160802) HM
31Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — Millstone, c. 1845
from Servilleta, an early settlement near Conejos, Colorado Gift of the Herbert Nance Family Luther Bean MuseumMap (db m160758) HM
32Colorado (Alamosa County), Blanca — "The Magic Dog"Los Caminos Antiguos Scenic & Historic Byway
The Utes called this valley “Tavi-we-a-gat” or Big Valley. They came here following in the footsteps of their ancestors along this Camino; their dogs pulled their belongings along the now paved byway. This fertile valley provided . . . Map (db m71876) HM
33Colorado (Alamosa County), Blanca — Los Caminos AntiguosLos Caminos Antiguos Scenic & Historic Byway
You have entered the land of the Río Bravo del Norte, the northernmost outpost of sixteenth century Spain. To the Spanish people, the San Luis Valley was a wild and unexplored place known only to the Native people. Amidst the beauty and towering . . . Map (db m71878) HM
34Colorado (Alamosa County), Blanca — Lt. Zebulon Pike's Southwestern Expedition1806 - 7
Travel the route of these explorers and read Lt. Pike’s own words from his journal. U.S. Army Expedition to explore the United States new southwest boundary with New Spain. The men: Lt. Zebulon M. Pike Dr. John H. Robinson Sgt. . . . Map (db m71882) HM
35Colorado (Alamosa County), Blanca — On Sacred GroundLos Caminos Antiguos Scenic & Historic Byway
Isolated from the rest of Colorado, the San Luis Valley is often a forgotten place. For Native American tribes including the Utes, Apache, Navajos, and others, this Valley is a source of life - a place where humans and spirit enter and leave . . . Map (db m71875) HM
36Colorado (Alamosa County), Blanca — Welcome "Caminante" to ...Los Caminos Antiguos Scenic & Historic Byway
¡Bienvenidos! Caminantes! Come! Take a walk with us. We know an old song, El Caminante, which tells of taking a long walk along the ancient roads. Like the first prehistoric inhabitants, you too are a ‘caminante’, or one who walks upon . . . Map (db m71877) HM
37Colorado (Alamosa County), Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve — A Landmark for PeopleGreat Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
“We can see the Dunes and the Crestone Needles from all over our ranch. When we are lost, that’s what we navigate by.” --local rancher Whether traveling on foot, by horseback, Model A, or the . . . Map (db m71051) HM
38Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — "Totally Unique and Unexpected"Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
"Totally Unique and Unexpected!" —park visitor Welcome to the high elevation desert that is Great Sand Dunes! Does this landscape strike you as amazing, bizarre or totally out of place. If so, you’re not . . . Map (db m71050) HM
39Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — DimensionsGreat Sand Dunes National Monument
The scale of the Great Sand Dunes can be difficult to judge. The dunes you see from here are only the front lines of a sea of dunes that covers many square miles. How far do the dunes extend into the distance? The dunes are 8 miles (13km) . . . Map (db m104717) HM
40Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — Evidence of a Changing World
This landscape is the result of dramatic climate changes that affected plants, animals, and humans. In ancient times, large shallow lakes existed on today's valley floor, and American Indians of the Clovis culture pursued great herds of large . . . Map (db m160699) HM
41Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — Great Risk for Great RewardLos Caminos Antiguos Scenic & Historic Byway
In an attempt to settle unknown territory, the Mexican government offered a large gift of land, la merced, for anyone brave enough to attempt to settle the San Luis Valley. Mexican land grants made it possible for even a poor man to . . . Map (db m160677) HM
42Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — L.B. "Bill" CasselmanDedicated to
Pioneer conservationist and founding member of the Moffat - Hooper - Mosca Service League for his many years of dedicated service to the preservation of the natural beauty of the San Luis ValleyMap (db m160692) HM
43Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — Los Caminos AntiguosLos Caminos Antiguos Scenic & Historic Byway
You have entered the land of the Río Bravo del Norte, the northernmost outpost of sixteenth century Spain. To the Spanish people, the San Luis Valley was a wild and unexplored place known only to the Native people. Amidst the beauty and towering . . . Map (db m160674) HM
44Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — Lt. Zebulon Pike's Southwestern Expedition1806-7
Travel the route of these explorers and read Lt. Pike’s own words from his journal. U.S. Army Expedition to explore the United States new southwest boundary with New Spain. The men: Lt. Zebulon M. Pike Dr. John H. Robinson Sgt. William . . . Map (db m160680) HM
45Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — Pike and Southwest CommerceAn Inauspicious Beginning
29th January. Thursday. Finding the distance too great to attempt crossing immediately to the river, in a direct line, we marched obliquely to a copse of woods, which made down a considerable distance from the mountains. Distance 17 miles. Saw . . . Map (db m145393) HM
46Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — Sangre de Cristo EcosystemGreat Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve
Different Life Zones Exist in the Mountains Imagine climbing the mountain in front of you. You might notice it gets cooler as you ascend. As the temperature drops, moisture in the air condenses, precipitation increases, and creates different . . . Map (db m71056) HM
47Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — Sounds of SilencePike and his men enter New Spain through Medano Pass
On January 27, 1807, U.S. Army Lt. Zebulon Pike and nine soldiers (affectionally called "Dam'd Set of Rascals" by Pike) crossed the Sangre de Cristo Mountains over Medano Pass to enter the territory of New Spain. On orders of his commander, Pike's . . . Map (db m160702) HM
48Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — Stepping into WildernessGreat Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
You are about to step into the Great Sand Dunes Wilderness. Its mood changes with the seasons, from the spacious solitude of winter, to spring and summer fun and play. Whatever the season of your visit, this unexpected wilderness offers . . . Map (db m71057) HM
49Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — The Mountain Barrier
Mountains and passes were important in the formation of the sand dunes. You are looking at the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Prevailing southwesterly winds carrying sand across the San Luis Valley were blocked by the mountains. As the . . . Map (db m71055) HM
50Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — Understanding the Great Sand Dunes System: the Sabkha
As you travel through these sandy grasslands, notice the bright white surface deposits visible along the highway to the west. The sabkha forms where sand is seasonally saturated by rising ground water. When the water evaporates away in late . . . Map (db m160687) HM
51Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — Understanding the Great Sand Dunes System: the Sand Sheet
You are looking across a sandy grassland that is a vital part of the Great Sand Dunes geological system. The sand sheet lies between the dunefield and the sabkha. Its deepest portions may be remnants of an ancient lake system, but the surface is . . . Map (db m160700) HM
52Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — Welcome "Caminante" to...Los Caminos Antiguos Scenic & Historic Byway
¡Bienvenidos! Caminantes! Come! Take a walk with us. We know an old song, El Caminante, which tells of taking a long walk along the ancient roads. Like the first prehistoric inhabitants, you too are a ‘caminante’, or one who walks upon . . . Map (db m160668) HM
53Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — Who Owns This Land?Los Caminos Antiguos Scenic & Historic Byway
Ready or not, with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, Hispano settlers (pobladores) of the San Luis Valley became Americans overnight. The pobladores of the large land grants were legally granted citizenship of the United . . . Map (db m160679) HM
54Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — Zebulon Pike's "sand-hills"Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
On January 28, 1807, Lt. Zebulon Pike and his small band of tattered, hungry, foot-sore soldiers camped near here, having just crossed this snowy Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Under orders from General James Wilkinson to explore the southwestern . . . Map (db m71884) HM
55Colorado (Arapahoe County), Bennett — 218 — High-Five Plains Towns / Ten Miles a Day
High-Five Plains Towns Watkins, Bennett, Strasburg, Byers, Peoria, Deer Trail, Agate, Godfrey, Cedar Point, Riverbend—most of these Colorado high plains towns were founded around the time when the Kansas Pacific Railroad arrived in . . . Map (db m70522) HM
56Colorado (Arapahoe County), Littleton — A Memorial to the Pioneers
A Memorial to the pioneers of the Upper Platte Valley who began settlement here in 1859 Map (db m96186) HM
57Colorado (Arapahoe County), Littleton — Alfred G. Packer
Alfred Packer was born on January 21, 1842, in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War and was discharged in June 1863 for epilepsy. Packer to the Rockies and worked for the mines for 9 years. In November . . . Map (db m141404) HM
58Colorado (Arapahoe County), Littleton — Arapahoe County Courthouse
In the early part of the 20th century, Denver served as both the state capital and the Arapahoe County seat. An amendment to the Colorado Constitution creating a new City and County of Denver was passed by Colorado voters in 1902. This left Arapahoe . . . Map (db m130140) HM
59Colorado (Arapahoe County), Littleton — Littleton War Memorial
This memorial is dedicated to the millions of men and women of the United States who served their country during World War II. The cause was freedom. Their actions and sacrifices will always be remembered. November 11, 2000 American Theater of War . . . Map (db m46114) HM
60Colorado (Arapahoe County), Strasburg — Comanche Crossing Centennial
Erected by Union Pacific Railroad in commemoration of Comanche Crossing Centennial Marking point where rails were joined to form the first continuous land link by railroad across the U.S.Map (db m107232) HM
61Colorado (Arapahoe County), Strasburg — First Transcontinental Railroad
A continuous chain of rails, from the Atlantic to the Pacific had long been a vision of pioneer railroaders and frontier tamers. It became a reality at 3:00 pm on August 15, 1870 at a point 928 feet east of railroad milepost 602, near Comanche . . . Map (db m87596) HM
62Colorado (Arapahoe County), Strasburg — The Rail Chains Final LinkPacific       Atlantic
A continuous chain of rails from Atlantic to Pacific -- long a vision of pioneer railroaders and frontier-tamers -- became reality at 3:00 P.M. on August 15, 1870. At a point 3,812 ft. east of the depot in what now is Strasburg, Colorado. Near . . . Map (db m17596) HM
63Colorado (Archuleta County), Chimney Rock National Monument — Chimney Rock Artifacts
[left to right] This Payan corrugated jar was found here at the Pit House site and was used for storage of corn, beans and wild seeds. Mancos [and] Payan Corrugated This style of pottery was often used for cooking. The corrugations helped the . . . Map (db m160560) HM
64Colorado (Archuleta County), Chimney Rock National Monument — Pit House Site
The Northern San Juan Surface Pit House that was constructed here is composed of one large room used as a dwelling area and 3 rectangular room blocks used for storage. [Left illustration caption reads] Typical cross-section of surface pit . . . Map (db m160562) HM
65Colorado (Archuleta County), Chimney Rock National Monument — The Great Kiva
Kivas or Ceremonial Houses were not only used for religious ceremonies but may have been used for governmental and social events as well. Kivas varied in size and had flat or cribbed roofs. The cribbed roofs of kivas were constructed of logs laid . . . Map (db m160561) HM
66Colorado (Archuleta County), Pagosa Springs — Pagosa Springs
Pagosa Springs has a rich history, beginning with the Anasazi Indians. Later the Utes, Navajos and Apaches inhabited this beautiful corner of the Southwest. They also visited the great “Pagosah” hot springs which they believed had . . . Map (db m27527) HM
67Colorado (Archuleta County), Pagosa Springs — People and PlaceThe Wondrous Culture and Landscape of Chimney Rock National Monument
Questions Unanswered A thousand years ago, a civilization flourished here. What pulled people here — and why did they leave after 200 years? Why did they build so high above the fields in the valley, the water, and other resources? . . . Map (db m153328) HM
68Colorado (Archuleta County), Pagosa Springs — Welcome to Chimney Rock National MonumentAn Ancestral Puebloan Cultural Landmark
Learning About Our Past, Preserving Our Legacy The extraordinary archaeological resources at Chimney Rock have helped illuminate the history of the ancestral Puebloans who lived here over a thousand years ago. They built structures from the . . . Map (db m153331) HM
69Colorado (Baca County), Campo — Changing Hands --- Changing Lands
"There really is a Place Called Baca County; I think she’s mighty fine; She was good enough for my dad’s kids; Likewise she’ll do for mine; Her sunrises are all colors; Her sunsets are all the same; The only thing she needs more . . . Map (db m106474) HM
70Colorado (Baca County), Springfield — Baca County Trails
The Cimarron Cutoff and Granada Road were branches of the Santa Fe Trail from Missouri to Santa Fe. The Aubrey and Penrose were other trails. From 1866-97 thousands of Texas cattle were driven to Montana on the XIT and National Cattle trails.Map (db m120040) HM
71Colorado (Bent County), Las Animas — Boggsville
This tablet is the property of the State of Colorado — Boggsville Established in 1866. Named for Thomas O. Boggs, first settler on this site. Home of Kit Carson and John W. Prowers, noted . . . Map (db m119664) HM
72Colorado (Bent County), Las Animas — From Trail to TownSanta Fe National Historic Trail — Boggsville Historic Site —
"...On crossing the river [Purgatoire] we found a large well-filled ranch...which had only just been built by two enterprising Yankees.:" –William Bell, railroad surveyor, 1867 Boggsville was established in the early . . . Map (db m120701) HM
73Colorado (Bent County), Las Animas — Santa Fe Trail1822 — 1872
{Title is text}Map (db m119393) HM
74Colorado (Bent County), Las Animas — Welcome to Bent County
This region was once buffalo hunting grounds for the Cheyenne, Apache, Arapaho, Kiowa and Comanche. Tribes followed the buffalo throughout the plains and controlled the land. During this time, everything south of the Arkansas river was Mexico and . . . Map (db m120709) HM
75Colorado (Bent County), Las Animas — Welcome to Boggsville
The Arkansas River Valley is a historical frontier in both the American and European sense. Americans view the frontier as unsettled or a sparsely settled area lands on the edge of "civilization." To Europeans, frontiers are boundaries or borders . . . Map (db m120698) HM
76Colorado (Boulder County), Boulder — At the Foot of The Slabs
(Left Panel) Climbing -- A Longtime Boulder Passion Scrambling, tramping, hiking, climbing, mountaineering...No matter the name, early Colorado Chautauquans reveled in their outings into the adjacent foothills. In 1908, . . . Map (db m88253) HM
77Colorado (Boulder County), Boulder — Boulder County Courthouse FountainRenovated in 1998
The fountain was erected in 1936 by the Boulder Lions Club. Its smooth terra cotta cladding and strong vertical lines complement the 1933 Art Deco Style courthouse. The courthouse and fountain were designed by local architect Glen H. Huntington. . . . Map (db m87600) HM
78Colorado (Boulder County), Boulder — The Gettysburg Address
Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great Civil War, testing whether that nation, . . . Map (db m87645) HM
79Colorado (Boulder County), Boulder — L-02-1 — The Holiday Drive-In Marquee 1953
This sign marks the site of The Holiday Drive-In, which operated from 1953 until 1988. Drive-In theaters were popular in the 1950s and 1960s, especially among young families and amorous couples, where films could be viewed from the relative . . . Map (db m18299) HM
80Colorado (Boulder County), Boulder — L-90-1 — White-Davis Mercantile Building1874
This building was the site of a continuously operated dry goods store from 1874 until the closing of Brooks-Fauber in 1986. It is one of the oldest commercial structures in the downtown historic district.Map (db m87716) HM
81Colorado (Boulder County), Lafayette — City Hall201 East Simpson Street — Historic Lafayette Walking Tour —
1907 - 1985 Construction Complete February, 1907 Cost - $1555.00Map (db m120673) HM
82Colorado (Boulder County), Lafayette — Colorado's Northern Coal FieldLest We Forget
Colorado's immense northern coal field, centered beneath these rolling hills, contributed to the early development and growth of Colorado and to the birth of nearby towns. Miners and mine owners in this area battled over issues of workers' . . . Map (db m120145) HM
83Colorado (Boulder County), Lafayette — 31 — George Bermont House203 East Cleveland Street
George Bermont came to Lafayette in 1890
and owned the store at 309 East Simpson.Map (db m120679) HM
84Colorado (Boulder County), Lafayette — 2 — Joe Rodwick House103 East Simpson Street — Historic Lafayette Walking Tour —
One of the first homes built of locally manufactured brickMap (db m120694) HM
85Colorado (Boulder County), Lafayette — 6 — Kettle Dry Goods Store208 East Simpson Street — Historic Lafayette Walking Tour —
Began business in 1909 as a cafe. Operated as a beauty shop from 1934 to 1992.Map (db m120555) HM
86Colorado (Boulder County), Lafayette — Mary Miller Historical Mural
This mural is a composite of two historical photographs. One is the 1862 image of our town's founder, Mary Miller with her husband, Lafayette, (D. 1878), for whom she named the town. Mary platted 150 acres and sank the first coal mine shaft in 1887. . . . Map (db m87606) HM
87Colorado (Boulder County), Lafayette — Miner's Museum
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m120143) HM
88Colorado (Boulder County), Lafayette — 5 — Padfield House206 East Simpson Street — Historic Lafayette Walking Tour —
This home has the original gingerbread intact.Map (db m120693) HM
89Colorado (Boulder County), Lafayette — 32 — Peltier House107 South Public Road — Historic Lafayette Walking Tour —
Peter Peltier built this house in 1900 and opened the Elkhorn Saloon at the north end of this same blockMap (db m120692) HM
90Colorado (Boulder County), Superior — The Denver-Boulder Turnpike
The Denver-Boulder highway near this marker stands as a memorial to those men of vision who brought it into existence. Planning for such a highway began in 1927 by Professor Roderick L. Downing, whose University engineering students later . . . Map (db m87611) HM
91Colorado (Broomfield County), Broomfield — Columbine Mine / Coal Field Country
Front Colorado's Northern Coal Field: Lest We Forget Colorado's immense northern coal field, centered beneath these rolling hills, contributed to the early development and growth of Colorado and to the birth of nearby towns. . . . Map (db m119521) HM
92Colorado (Chaffee County), Buena Vista — Getting from There to Here
Native peoples traveled through the Upper Arkansas Valley for centuries before European and American explorers. Ute, Comanche and other tribes traveled on foot until the arrival of the Spanish and the introduction of the horse in the 1600’s. . . . Map (db m107827) HM
93Colorado (Chaffee County), Buena Vista — Stagecoach Road to Riches
With the discovery of gold in California Gulch in 1860, getting to Oro City (now Leadville) meant an opportunity for fame and fortune. It would, however, be twenty years before railroad service traversed the Upper Arkansas . . . Map (db m107833) HM
94Colorado (Chaffee County), Buena Vista — The Placers In Between
In the late 1800’s, transportation of goods and people could be an arduous undertaking. Gold and silver fever led many to endure travel up the Arkansas River from Canon City to Leadville. Although arguably the largest and most notorious, . . . Map (db m107835) HM
95Colorado (Chaffee County), Nathrop — Peaks to PasturesCollegiate Peaks Scenic and Historic Byway
Dominating the view to the west, the peaks of the Sawatch Range define the Continental Divide. Fifteen of the peaks in the Upper Arkansas River Valley are "fourteeners," boasting summits exceeding 14,000 feet. Between the peaks, creeks flow . . . Map (db m158531) HM
96Colorado (Chaffee County), Nathrop — Valley Ranching
Agriculture in the Upper Arkansas Valley was initially developed to meet the demand of area mining camps. The flood of fortune-seekers created a market for meat, flour, vegetables, and other foods. French immigrant Frank Mayol, credited . . . Map (db m158536) HM
97Colorado (Chaffee County), Nathrop — Whose Water Is It?
As trappers, miners, and settlers migrated west they encountered an arid environment. Early explorers referred to the West as the Great American Desert and many believed it could not be settled. Unlike the wetter eastern United States, . . . Map (db m158541) HM
98Colorado (Chaffee County), Poncha Springs — The Jackson Hotel
The Jackson Hotel was built in 1878 by Henry A. Jackson who left his home in Kentucky looking for a place where his family could escape the turmoil of post-Civil War reconstruction. A former Memphis steamboat captain, Jackson found himself high and . . . Map (db m117048) HM
99Colorado (Chaffee County), Salida — Chaffee County Honor Roll Board[World War II]
[Roll of Honored Dead] Frank J. Coscarelli • Jack Rundell • Joe A. Barnhill Frank Holman • Roy J. Barnhill • John T. Fowler Raymond Thorpe • John N. Maestas • Cyril J. Coster Theodore D. Benjovsky • Laverne F. Knipp • Philip F. Scholl . . . Map (db m158549) WM
100Colorado (Chaffee County), Salida — 130 — Christmas 1806
Frustrated in their attempt to climb Pike’s Peak on November 27, 1806, Zebulon Pike and his party of 15 trudged on through South Park looking for the Red River, southern boundary of the Louisiana Purchase. After crossing Trout Creek Pass, the . . . Map (db m127876) HM

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