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The Lynching of William Miller Marker image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, January 28, 2017
The Lynching of William Miller Marker
1Alabama (Jefferson County), Brighton — Lynching In America / The Lynching of William MillerCommunity Remembrance Project
Lynching In America Thousands of black people were the victims of lynching and racial violence in the United States between 1877 and 1950. The lynching of African Americans during this era was a form of racial terrorism intended to . . . Map (db m101159) HM
2Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Stedman-Thomas Historic DistrictThe other downtown
Across the great divide: Stedman started apart Ketchikan Creek formed a dividing line in Ketchikan in the early 1900s. To the north, white pioneers' homes, schools and churches stair-stepped up the hill and businesses crowded the waterfront. . . . Map (db m182050) HM
3Arkansas (Pulaski County), Little Rock — 10 — Frank MooreMember of the Elaine Twelve
Frank Moore, a WWI veteran buried at Little Rock National Cemetery in 1932, move to Phillips County, Arkansas, after being honorably discharged in December of 1918 from service as a private in the 162nd Depot Brigade, There he worked on a farm and . . . Map (db m180328) HM
4California (Alameda County), Alameda — A Working Waterfront
At the heart of the San Francisco waterfront are the maritime workers - the ferryboat deckhands, longshore workers, deep-sea sailors, cooks, cleaners, and engineers who move goods and people across the bay and around the world. Deckhands, . . . Map (db m157581) HM
5California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Golden Sheaf Bakery AnnexCity of Berkeley Landmark - designated in 1978 — Clinton Day, Architect, 1905 * Jim Novosel, Architect, 2000 —
Listed on the National Record of Historic Places In 1877, English immigrant John G. Wright founded the Golden Sheaf, Berkeley's first wholesale/retail bakery. The original bakery, with a public dining room, stood around the corner on Shattuck . . . Map (db m50360) HM
6California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Toveri Tupa – Finnish HallAugust Trille, Designer, 1908 — Listed on the National Register of Historic Places —
City of Berkeley Landmark designated in 1979 Toward the end of the 19th-century, a large Finnish immigrant community was located in west Berkeley. Together they constructed this wooden building which integrates traditional Finnish and American . . . Map (db m53834) HM
7California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Workingman’s Hall1879 — Berkeley History —
Originally located at Sixth and Delaware streets, this simple wooden building was constructed by volunteers from the Workingman’s Club, a west Berkeley political organization. Built as a reading room for laborers, it was used briefly as Berkeley’s . . . Map (db m53836) HM
8California (Alameda County), Oakland — 1946 General Strike
Site of the 1946 General Strike when Woman Retail Clerks fought For the Right to Organize a UnionMap (db m72701) HM
9California (Alameda County), Oakland — C. L. DellumsJanuary 3, 1900 – December 6, 1989
I am the Master of my fate / I am the Captain of my soul Sculptor: Carol Tarzier Funded by Federal Transportation Enhancement Activities Grant Commissioned by City of Oakland Public Works Agency encircling the base 1923 - . . . Map (db m71326) HM
10California (Alameda County), Oakland — General Strike!
In December 1946, management refusal to recognize a union of retail clerks in stores adjacent to Latham Square led to a general strike involving 100,000 workers in Alameda County. Called a "work holiday” by labor leaders, the spirited . . . Map (db m160525) HM
11California (Alameda County), Oakland — Oakland Rails
Railroad Heritage The opening of the transcontinental railroad in 1869 reduced travel time between the East and West Coats from as much as four months by sea to just six days. The Central Pacific made Oakland its western terminus. In 1871, . . . Map (db m71297) HM
12California (Contra Costa County), Antioch — The Cannery Lady
In the early 19th century many canneries operated throughout California. The rich agricultural and fishing areas of east Contra Costa County hosted a number of canneries and packing sheds. The picturesque Antioch waterfront was home to two canneries . . . Map (db m18292) HM
13California (Contra Costa County), Richmond — Rosie the Riveter MemorialHonoring American Women's Labor During WWII
The area where you are now standing was alive with activity during World War II, when it was known as Kaiser Shipyard #2. It was one of four shipyards carved from Richmond's coastline to serve the war effort. The Rosie the Riveter Memorial . . . Map (db m94433) HM WM
14California (Kern County), Delano — The Forty Acres
The Forty Acres has been designated a National Historic Landmark. This property possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America. Forty Acres embodies and conveys multiple layers of national . . . Map (db m54836) HM
15California (Kern County), Keene — 1056 — Cesar E. Chavez National MonumentLa Paz — Refuge —
Cesar Chavez, the farmworker who became this nation's most important Latino leader in the 20th century, chose this as his home, office, and final resting place. Here he found spiritual and physical refuge from the conflict and threats faced by . . . Map (db m140336) HM
16California (Los Angeles County), North Hollywood — Harry Chandler
A Force on the Face of the Valley Chandler Boulevard cuts across the San Fernando Valley, where wheat fields once grew - along with the ambitions of the man for whom the boulevard is named, Harry Chandler. He was a . . . Map (db m163426) HM
17California (Los Angeles County), San Fernando — César Chávez Memorial — March 31, 1927 - April 23, 1993 —
Panel 1: “Show me the suffering of the most miserable So I will know my people’s plight.” “Free me to pray for others For you are present in every person.” “Help me take responsibility for my . . . Map (db m149987) HM
18California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — American Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial
Panel 1: American Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial The United States Merchant Marine has faithfully served our country in times of war and peace, hauling life and cargo to every corner of the world. This memorial is . . . Map (db m67059) HM
19California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — American Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial Wall of Honor
American Merchant Marine Veterans Veterans Memorial Wall of Honor Dedication: National Maritime Day, May 22, 2003 [List of state and local government officials] Gene Frank Construction, Builder Randall B. Montgomery, Engraver . . . Map (db m50928) HM
20California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — Harry Bridges MemorialILWU
Panel 1: Harry Bridges 1901 – 1990 Founder of the ILWU Panel 2: Harry Bridges was an Australian seaman who came ashore and started longshoring in San Francisco in 1922. Unsafe working conditions, corrupt hiring . . . Map (db m72148) HM
21California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — In Memory of Bloody Thursday
Prior to 1934 the Pepper Tree Saloon was one of many places where longshoremen and seamen were hired along the shore. In that year, the first successful general strike in the United States was prompted to eliminate bad . . . Map (db m157964) HM
22California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — 1021 — Liberty Hill
In 1923 the Marine Transport Industrial Workers Union 510, a branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), called a strike that immobilized 90 ships here in San Pedro. The Union protested low wages, bad working conditions, and imprisonment of . . . Map (db m157331) HM
23California (Los Angeles County), Wilmington — First BloodLongshoremen Strike — May 15, 1934 —
This memorial plaque commemorates the early struggle of West Coast Longshoremen to establish hours, wages, and working conditions. It specifically recalls the day, May 15, 1934, when fighting broke out on the waterfront near this . . . Map (db m180230) HM
24California (Monterey County), Monterey — John “Bricky” Crivello1911-2005
John “Bricky” Crivello, a key figure in the Monterey Fisherman’s Union for 67 years, was instrumental in the passage of Senate Bill 1213 which provided unemployment benefits to all California fishermen. Due to Bricky’s relentless . . . Map (db m68861) HM
25California (Monterey County), Soledad — Cesar Chavez ParkIn Commemoration and Appreciation — Dedicated on March 31, 2008 —
"Preservation of one's own culture does not require contempt or disrespect of other cultures." Cesar E. Chavez (1927-1993) Cesar Chavez was a Mexican American Labor leader & cofounder of the United Farm Worker (UFW). Cesar Chavez was . . . Map (db m26874) HM
26California (Plumas County), Cromberg — Sloat Towne Hall
The Sloat Towne Hall is the only remaining public building in Sloat. It was built in 1935 as a union and meeting hall, and was donated by the United Independent Workers’ Union to the community in 1956. The town of Sloat once boasted a population . . . Map (db m56554) HM
27California (San Diego County), San Diego — 13 — Labor Temple Building, 1907
This building was the meeting place for various unions, including bartenders, cigar makers, theatrical employees, and the Women Union Labor Leagues. Also home to the San Diego Machine Shop, which operated here for four years during the 1920s. Other . . . Map (db m180801) HM
28California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — California Labor SchoolUptown Tenderloin Lost Landmarks — 1947 - 1951 —
An ethnically diverse student body experienced a “Worker's Culture” here through painting, dance, music, theater, labor history and social science courses. Such artists as Anton Refregier, Ralph Stackpole, and Pablo O'Higgins taught . . . Map (db m91526) HM
29California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Captain Shorey
Born in Barbados, West Indies in 1859, Captain William Thomas Shorey served as the only black captain on the Pacific Coast during the rise of San Francisco as America's principal whaling port. Captain Shorey, known as "Black Ahab" by his crew, took . . . Map (db m92827) HM
30California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Harvey MilkThe Mayor of Castro Street
Harvey Milk and Scott Smith opened their camera store at 575 Castro Street in 1973. It quickly developed into the neighborhood's "city hall" - the place where people always seemed to gather to discuss the latest news, problems, and concerns. Its . . . Map (db m99850) HM
31California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — In Memory of Howard Sperry and Nick Bordoise
In memory of Howard Sperry and Nick Bordoise, who gave their lives on Bloody Thursday, July 5, 1934, so that all working people might enjoy a greater measure of dignity and security. Sperry and Bordoise were fatally shot by San Francisco police . . . Map (db m26162) HM
32California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Louis Roesch BuildingOccupied this location from 1906 to 2011
The Building Although the building was quickly constructed after the 1906 earthquake, the design does not forgo aesthetics. The post-quake urgency to rebuild is reflected in the building's design; its unusual sheet metal siding was . . . Map (db m163003) HM
33California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Pier 1, Working Waterfront: The 1934 Strike
"...nothing ever comes to the working man or woman on a silver platter, free, gratis...every crumb, every thing we get has to be fought for..." 1994 (60th anniversary of the strike) As the Great Depression wore on, working . . . Map (db m157043) HM
34California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — St. Francis of Assisi by Beniamino BufanoFrank Cresci Plaza
This heroic statue of the patron Saint of St. Francis de la Varenne was carved in Paris in 1926-1928 out of a 20-ton block of granite, by the great Italian sculptor, Beniamino "Benny” Bufano. It remained unseen in a warehouse there for 27 years, . . . Map (db m177076) HM
35California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — The Big Strike
Revolution in San Francisco; July 6. 1934...Blood ran red in the streets of San Francisco yesterday. In the darkest day this city has known since April 18, 1906, one thousand embattled police held at bay five thousand longshoremen and their . . . Map (db m92869) HM
36California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — The Garcia and Maggini WarehouseSan Francisco Landmark No. 229
At this location, on July 3, 1934, a dramatic clash occured, one that eventually touched the nation. Longshoremen, sailors, teamsters, and other waterfront workers had closed down Pacific coast shipping since May, in what came to be known as "The . . . Map (db m21179) HM
37California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — The Lusty LadyThe Nation's First Unionized Worker-Owned Peep Show - 1033 Kearny
Opened in 1976, the Lusty Lady started out as a private-booth theatre showing 16mm adult films. By 1983, the theater had incorporated live performances into the mix, a move that would engender a landmark workers' rights win just thirteen years . . . Map (db m152594) HM
38California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — The Matson Line
From 1926 until 1970, Piers 30 and 32 were famous as the San Francisco base of operations of the Matson Line, founded by Captain William Matson, who in 1882 borrowed $4,000 from a scow schooner man to buy shares in the sailing schooner Emma . . . Map (db m92899) HM
39California (Santa Barbara County), Santa Barbara — Trades Union Building
Between 1961 and 2002 the Trades Union Building at 417 Chapala Street served as a headquarters for Santa Barbara building trades unions. The unions' offices were housed in a building designed by the architectural firm of Arendt, Mosher and . . . Map (db m161440) HM
40California (Santa Clara County), San Jose — Labor Temple
The San José Labor Temple, located at 72 North Second Street, was a hub of the city’s turn of the century labor movement. It was established informally between 1901 and 1903 by Harry Ryan, an early San José labor leader, and Jack London, the famous . . . Map (db m30444) HM
41California (Santa Clara County), San Jose — Plaza de Cesar E. Chavez
The Plaza de César E. E. Chávez is part of the original plaza of the 1797 Pueblo de San José and is the oldest continuously used public open space in the city. The plaza was the hub of the old Spanish settlement: the site of Juzgado and the . . . Map (db m30207) HM
42California (Solano County), Vallejo — The Alibi Clock
This clock was built by E. Howard of Boston in 1914. It was originally located in front of Burnett Brothers Jewelry Store on Market Street, San Francisco The clock became nationally known after the San Francisco Preparedness Day Parade on July . . . Map (db m100491) HM
43California (Ventura County), Oxnard — 9 — Cesar E. ChavezChildhood Home Site
Cesar E. Chavez was born in Yuma, Arizona, on March 31, 1927. His parents Librado and Juana Chavez came to Oxnard to work in the walnut orchards in 1938, 1939 and 1940. During their 1939 stay the family lived in a storage building at this . . . Map (db m146945) HM
44California (Yuba County), Wheatland — 1003 — Durst Hop RanchSite of Wheatland Hop Riot — August 3, 1913 —
Second major labor dispute in the U.S.A. Initiated by the I.W.W. Labor movement.Map (db m57628) HM
45Colorado (Boulder County), Lafayette — Colorado's Northern Coal FieldLest We Forget
Colorado's immense northern coal field, centered beneath these rolling hills, contributed to the early development and growth of Colorado and to the birth of nearby towns. Miners and mine owners in this area battled over issues of workers' . . . Map (db m120145) HM
46Colorado (Denver County), Denver — 58 — Votes for WomenRoad to the 19th Amendment
Home of Margaret Brown, ‘Titanic’ survivor & national advocate for Suffrage & Labor Rights. Proposed as candidate for U.S. Senate 1914.Map (db m177950) HM
47Colorado (Hinsdale County), Lake City — Troops Enroute
Living conditions were often deplorable in the Galena Mining District. Miners often lived in company supplied boarding houses set up in close proximity to the mines. The houses were poorly built, drafty, and had leaky roofs. Although conditions at . . . Map (db m177890) HM
48Colorado (Las Animas County), Ludlow — Celebration & Sorrow
A day of festivity was followed by one of the darkest in American Labor history. The state militia was on guard Because tensions between the strikers and the company had been steadily escalating, the state militia was stationed on . . . Map (db m100513) HM
49Colorado (Las Animas County), Ludlow — Ludlow Tent Colony Site MemorialThe Ludlow Massacre
In Memory of the men, women and children, who lost their lives in freedom's cause at Ludlow, Colorado April 20, 1914.Map (db m100506) HM
50Colorado (Las Animas County), Ludlow — The Ludlow Massacre
  On April 20, 1914, the State Militia unleashed an un-warranted attack on striking coal miners and their families living in a tent colony at this site. Eleven children and two women suffocated in a cellar beneath a tent when flames engulfed the . . . Map (db m100509) HM
51Colorado (Las Animas County), Trinidad — Women & Children's March, 1914
During the miners' strike that began in September 1913, when the United Mine Workers of America was trying to unionize the coal mines of Colorado, their most effective public speaker, organizer and morale-booster was nationally famous Mary Harris . . . Map (db m100500) HM
52Colorado (Teller County), Victor — Labor Wars
Miners Win 8-hour Day Underground gold mining was difficult, dangerous, labor intensive work. Two major labor conflicts between the Association of Mine Owners and the Western Federation of Mines (WFM) Labor Union changed Victor and Gold . . . Map (db m46892) HM
53Connecticut (Fairfield County), Danbury — 22 — Danbury Women of Note– The Museum in the Streets – — Danbury, Connecticut —
Throughout its history, countless women have contributed to Danbury and the lives of its citizens. Here are just a few that have left their mark on our community. Mary Bull (1812-1882) dedicated her life to attending the poor and needy of . . . Map (db m71247) HM
54District of Columbia (Washington), 16th Street Heights — 1 — Racing at BrightwoodBattleground to Community — Brightwood Heritage Trail —
Fresh Water Springs in this pleasant high ground once drew European settlers. Farmers called the area "Crystal Spring." In 1859 the half-mile Crystal Spring Racetrack opened on land to your left. For 75 cents, Washingtonians hopped a . . . Map (db m109288) HM
55District of Columbia (Washington), Adams Morgan — SolidarnośćNo Bread Without Freedom
Solidarność (or Solidarity) emerged in Poland in 1980) as the first free, independent labor union in the so-called Eastern Bloc, i.e. the Soviet sphere of influence, which included the USSR and much of Central . . . Map (db m163276) HM
56District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — 5850-2019 — Josephine Butler1920 - 1997
Josephine Butler (1920-1997) was a tireless and dedicated community activist. As a young woman she organized the first union of black female laundry workers in DC and the country. In the 1950s Butler shepherded the Adams and Morgan elementary . . . Map (db m141278) HM
57District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — Linotype Model 31Line-Casting Machine
The Linotype was introduced in Baltimore in 1883 by Ottmar Mergenthaler, a German-born inventor. By replacing hand-set type with machine-set type, the speed of composition was vastly increased by this important advance in printing. This machine . . . Map (db m29511) HM
58District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — United Mine Workers of America Building
United Mine Workers of America Building has been designated a National Historic Landmark This site possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America Associated with the . . . Map (db m19990) HM
59District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — 11 — From Workers to EnvironmentMake No Little Plans — Federal Triangle Heritage Trail —
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, whose mission is to protect human health and the environment, has occupied the majority of offices in this block since 2001. EPA West (this building), the adjacent Mellon Auditorium, . . . Map (db m57210) HM
60District of Columbia (Washington), Mount Vernon Square — 2 — For the Working PeopleMidcity at the Crossroads — Shaw Heritage Trail —
"There is not a wrong too long endured that we are not determined to abolish." Samuel Gompers. This large office building opened in 1916 as the headquarters of the American Federation of Labor. With 2.5 million members, this union . . . Map (db m130886) HM
61District of Columbia (Washington), Navy Yard — 1937A. Phillip Randolph
Pullman porters make the trip comfortable for long distance train travelers. Randolph organizes the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters in 1925 and wins its first major contract with the Pullman Company in 1937.Map (db m112943) HM
62District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — 16 — Cesar Chavez1927 - 1993
Led by his desire to secure a better quality of life for migrant farm workers, Cesar Chavez helped found the United Farm Workers of America, the first effective farm workers' union in the United States. Under his leadership of nonviolent protest, . . . Map (db m15471) HM
63District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — Joseph Baer Danzansky1914-1979 — Humanitarian …Businessman…Washingtonian —
“All my life I have had a love affair with the City of Washington.” In a time of racial strife he brought reconciliation and mutual respect. In the struggle between management and labor he worked for reason and moderation. In a . . . Map (db m92230) HM
64District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — Samuel Gompers 1850 - 1924The Extra Mile — Points of Light Volunteer Pathway —
As founder and 37-year president of the American Federation of Labor (AFL), Samuel Gompers is credited with winning unprecedented rights and protections for the American worker. Never wavering in his belief that power for the worker lay in . . . Map (db m92227) HM
65District of Columbia (Washington), Shaw — 6 — Working for the RaceMidcity at the Crossroads — Shaw Heritage Trail —
Carter G. Woodson, The Father of Black History, worked and lived at 1538 Ninth Street from 1912 until 1950. The son of formerly enslaved people. Woodson received a Ph.D. from Harvard, and became an acclaimed scholar, educator, and advocate. He . . . Map (db m130890) HM
66Florida (Hillsborough County), Tampa — F-384 — German-American Club
Organized in 1901, the German-American Club was one of the few non-latin ethnic clubs in Tampa. Club members laid the cornerstone for a building on the northeast corner of Nebraska Avenue and 11th Avenue on February 23, 1908, followed by a . . . Map (db m32372) HM
67Florida (Polk County), Lakeland — PCHC-019 — The Carpenters' Home
The Carpenters' Home was the retirement home for members of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America from 1929 to 1976. The Union completed the purchase of the 1,684 acre site in April 1924. Costing $632,393, the site included 594 . . . Map (db m100435) HM
68Florida (Sarasota County), Venice — Edgewood
(Side 1) In 1925, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (BLE), a labor union based in Cleveland, Ohio, purchased land to create the city of Venice. The BLE hired city planner John Nolen to complete the city design which he had already . . . Map (db m145507) HM
69Florida (Sarasota County), Venice — Venezia Park
John Nolen, world-renowned city planner from Philadelphia, created the overall design for the City of Venice. Venezia Park Subdivision helped illustrate Nolen's concept for a model city. Dr. Fred Albee, early developer, commissioned Nolen's . . . Map (db m32558) HM
70Florida (Sarasota County), Venice — Venice Apartment District
John Nolen, world renowned city planner, designed the City of Venice so residents could work and relax in harmony with nature and with each other. A central business area, outlying farms, open green spaces, and a wide variety of housing choices . . . Map (db m32702) HM
71Georgia (Glynn County), St. Simons Island — 063-34A — The Wesley Oak
Not far from this spot stood the "great tree" under which Charles Wesley had prayers and preached, March 14, 1736, the first Sunday after his arrival. There were about twenty people present, among whom was Mr. Oglethorpe. A year later, Georgia . . . Map (db m12370) HM
72Georgia (Sumter County), Plains — Old Bank Building
Plains Bank was organized in 1901 by R. S. Oliver, who served as president. W. L. Thomas, vice president, and C. C. Lunsford as cashier. The Plains Bank belonged to a chain of eighty three banks operated by Banker's Trust Company of Atlanta. The . . . Map (db m73060) HM
73Idaho (Ada County), Boise — Frank SteunenbergGovernor of Idaho — 1897-1900 —
When in 1899 organized lawlessness challenged the power of Idaho, he upheld the dignity of the state, enforced its authority and restored law and order within its boundaries, for which he was assassinated in 1905. “Rugged in body, . . . Map (db m128543) HM
74Idaho (Benewah County), St. Maries — The St. Marie's "Occupation" of 1918
During W.W. I, St Maries was a hotbed of International Workers of America (I.W.W.) unionizing activities. In December 1917, Sheriff E. Noland raided their headquarters near here and arrested secretary William Nelson for advocating sabotage. On . . . Map (db m122104) HM
75Idaho (Canyon County), Caldwell — A.K. Steunenberg / Frank Steunenberg
Second generation Hollanders, the 10 Steunenberg children (6 boys, 4 girls) lived their formative years in Knoxville, Iowa. A.K. (Albert Keppel) Steunenberg, answering an advertisement for a printer, came to Caldwell in the late 1880's. He called . . . Map (db m110215) HM
76Idaho (Custer County), Custer City (ghost town) — Miners' Union (site)Brothers are we....
The Miners' Union Hall served as a social center, as well as professional meeting hall. At its height, the Union boasted 200 members consisting of miners and businessmen. In many ways it was a fraternal organization not only for the miners, but also . . . Map (db m109900) HM
77Idaho (Shoshone County), Burke — 424 — Frisco Mill
During a gun war that broke out between company and union miners here, several boxes of dynamite were exploded shattering a four-story mill, July 11 1892 Overwhelmed by union miners, company managers surrendered. Six fatalities -- half from . . . Map (db m122820) HM
78Illinois (Alexander County), Cairo — President Clinton Visits Cairo, IllinoisAugust 30, 1996
President William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd President of The United States accompanied by his wife, Hillary and Vice President and Mrs. Albert Gore, Jr. spoke to a crowd of over 6000 in Cairo, Illinois at The Cairo Public Library on Friday, August 30, . . . Map (db m161195) HM
79Illinois (Bureau County), Cherry — Cherry Mine Disaster
Just north of town are remnants of the Cherry Coal Mine, where 259 miners lost their lives in one of the worst mine disasters in United States history. The St. Paul Coal Company began mining coal at Cherry in 1905 and by 1909 was mining 300,000 . . . Map (db m36734) HM
80Illinois (Bureau County), Spring Valley — John Mitchell1870-1919
Pioneer resident of Spring Valley. Achieved national prominence in the settlement of the Pennsylvania Anthracite Miners Strike in 1902 with the co-operation of President Theodore Roosevelt. President of United Mine Workers, 1889-1908. Author . . . Map (db m164894) HM
81Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — George PullmanIndustrialist 1831-1897 — Chicago Tribute —
George Pullman established his reputation in Chicago in 1859 by inventing a way to raise buildings to the new street level required for installation of a sewer system. In 1863, he began converting railroad passenger cars into luxury sleeping . . . Map (db m99944) HM
82Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — Site of the Haymarket Tragedy
(plaque 1) On the evening of May 4th, 1886, a tragedy of international significance unfolded on this site in Chicago’s Haymarket produce district. An outdoor meeting had been hastily organized by anarchist activists to protest the violent . . . Map (db m47728) HM
83Illinois (Cook County), Forest Park — Haymarket Martyrs’ Monument
Has been designated a National Historic Landmark This monument represents the labor movements struggle for workers rights and possesses National significance in commemoration the history of The United States of America 1997 . . . Map (db m115585) HM
84Illinois (Grundy County), Diamond — The Diamond Mine Disaster
The Diamond Mine of the Wilmington Coal Mining and Manufacturing Company, located near Braidwood on the Grundy-Will County line, was the site of a major mine disaster in Illinois. The mine was on a marshy tract of land that had no natural . . . Map (db m6868) HM
85Illinois (Macoupin County), Virden — Route 66 Coal TownsThe Battle of Virden
Miserable wages and working conditions in coal mines made conflict between miners and coal companies inevitable in the 1890s. The battle that erupted here immortalized Virden in the history of labor rights. On October 12, 1898, eight miners, four . . . Map (db m149885) HM
86Illinois (McHenry County), Woodstock — Eugene Debs and Old McHenry County Jail
The 1894 Pullman Strike and boycott of Pullman railcars led by the American Railway Union involved 250,000 workers in 27 states. It paralyzed much of the nation’s rail system and directly led to the establishment that year of a national Labor Day. . . . Map (db m118847) HM
87Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Bloomington Fire Fighters IAFF Local #49"Strength-Solidarity-Success"
Bloomington Fire Fighters organized as an original number of the International Association Fire Fighters on February 28th, 1918 as Local #49 • In 1921 Local #49 was disbanded due to the depression era antilabor sentiments in city governments . . . Map (db m163421) HM
88Illinois (Montgomery County), Raymond — Mother Jones, Coalfield Organizer, 1837-1930
Mary Harris was born in Cork, Ireland in 1837. Her family fled to Toronto during the famine. She moved to Memphis in 1860, married George Jones, an iron molder and proud union man. They had four children together. Mary Jones moved to Chicago, . . . Map (db m156812) HM
89Illinois (Montgomery County), Waggoner — The Coalfields of Illinois
Beneath us lies one of the nation's richest coal seams, formed 300 million years ago and covering two-thirds of Illinois. Coal made this state an industrial and economic powerhouse by the 1880s - it drove the machinery, heated the homes, smelted . . . Map (db m149886) HM
90Illinois (St. Clair County), East St. Louis — 2 — 1700 Bond AvenueRemembering the 1917 East St. Louis Race Riot
Dr. Leroy Bundy lived here. He was a community leader in 1917. He stood trial and was found guilty of causing the riot. He was sentenced to life in prison. He was later exonerated by the Illinois Supreme Court.Map (db m142225) HM
91Illinois (St. Clair County), Marissa — Dedicated to Coal Miners of Southern Illinois
Dedicated to Coal Miners of Southern Illinois, August 12 1990. Papa dug coal from deep in the hearth to earn a living. He dressed for work when everyone else went to bed. He wore faded denims and steel-toe shoes and he walked a mile to his job . . . Map (db m170688) HM
92Illinois (Vermilion County), Danville — Workers MemorialVermilion County, Illinois
Mourn for              Fight for   the Dead              the Living Remember Vermilion County Workers Killed on the Job Left Column of Names David Farnsworth - Danville PBPA • Charles Deck - UAW # 579 • David . . . Map (db m10556) HM
93Illinois (Vermilion County), Westville — Memorial To Westville Area Coal Miners
They made this community the melting pot of nations and proved that men of all nationalities and creeds can work and live together. "To the men who went to work below allowing the top to build and grow giving their labors in brawn and sweat . . . Map (db m11393) HM
94Illinois (Will County), Godley — Mining Black DiamondsBraidwood's Coal Boom
In 1864, farmer Thomas Byron dug a well and struck "black diamonds" - coal. The next year, Scottish miner James Braidwood sank the first shaft. Towns like Braidwood, Coal City, Carbon Hill, Diamond, and Godley sprang up. These villages were home . . . Map (db m157068) HM
95Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1999.1 — Bowen-Merrill Fire / Indianapolis Fire Department
Side A:Bowen-Merrill FireOn March 17, 1890 the Bowen-Merrill Company stationery and book store at 16-18 West Washington Street caught fire. Eighty-six firemen fought the blaze. The wood framed roof and floors collapsed, dropping many . . . Map (db m41185) HM
96Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — Charles Luna
1906 - - - - - 1992 President, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen 1963 - 1969 President, United Transportation Union 1969 - 1972 Contributing six decades to the Rail Labor Movement, Charles Luna began working as a Yard . . . Map (db m58537) HM
97Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — 84.1992.1 — Home of Eugene V. Debs
Debs (1855-1926) was leading pioneer in industrial unionism, social reformer, and peace advocate. Founded American Railway Union, 1893; cofounded American Socialist Part, 1900; and ran five times for United States Presidency. Home built in . . . Map (db m8928) HM
98Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — Jerry Wurf
1919 - - - - - 1981 President, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), 1964 - 1981 As president of AFSCME, Jerry Wurf was responsible for the union’s growth from 240,000 to one million . . . Map (db m58579) HM
99Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — Joseph A. Beirne
1911 - - - - - 1974 President Communications Workers of America 1938 - 1974 Joseph Beirne helped found the CWA in 1938, and served as President until 1974, helping develop CWA into the largest communications union in the . . . Map (db m58536) HM
100Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — Michael J. Quill
1905 - - - - - 1966 Co-Founder and First International President of Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO (1934–1966) 1934 - - - Elected President of Transport Workers. Organizing Subway, Bus and other Transit . . . Map (db m58581) HM

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