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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Pony Express National Historic Trail Historical Markers

These are markers about the Pony Express found along the trail that ran from Sacramento, California to St. Joseph, Missouri.
Reverse Side of Pony Express Ferry "Oakland" Marker image, Touch for more information
By Andrew Ruppenstein, May 10, 2009
Reverse Side of Pony Express Ferry "Oakland" Marker
1California (Alameda County), Oakland — Pony Express Ferry “Oakland”Jack London Square
Dedicated April 23, 1999 Jack London Square By Port of Oakland, William Campbell Family, Dreyers Grand Ice Cream, Alameda/Oakland Ferry Service, Waterfront Plaza Hotel & Jacks, Sportsman's Hall - Pollock Pines Pony Express Home . . . Map (db m19017) HM
2California (Alpine County), Woodfords — 805 — The Pony Express - Woodfords
During the initial five weeks of its operation in 1860, an important remount station of the famous Pony Express was located a few feet from here at Cary’s Barn. This monument erected by the Historical Society of Alpine County. National . . . Map (db m143520) HM
3California (Alpine County), Woodfords — 805 — Woodfords Station
Historic Woodfords Station, the Eastern Sierra gateway to the goldfields of California, way station of the famed Pony Express, and entrance to Carson Pass on the Emigrant Trail to the Sacramento Valley. Beginning in 1849 with the building of the . . . Map (db m195369) HM
4California (Contra Costa County), Lafayette — Dedicated to the Pony Express
In 1860-1861 Pony Express riders stopped in Lafayette 19 times to change horses en route to San Francisco from St. Joseph, Missouri Lafayette Historical Society 1992Map (db m24461) HM
5California (Contra Costa County), Lafayette — Lafayette House
Dedicated April 23, 1998 Lafayette House Added Station By Diablo Foods Better Homes Realty - Lafayette Diamond K. Supply, Ltd. Lafayette Chamber of Commerce Lafayette Historical Society Pony Express Trail Association {reverse . . . Map (db m24916) HM
6California (Contra Costa County), Martinez — Martinez-Benicia Ferry"Gateway to the Gold Fields"
Founded by Dr. Robert Semple in 1847, the Martinez-Benicia ferry was the first established and longest operating ferry service in the S.F. Bay Area. In 1850 Oliver Coffin took over the operation and with his brothers purchased a new ferryboat, the . . . Map (db m27645) HM
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7California (Contra Costa County), Martinez — Morgan House
Dedicated April 23, 2000 Morgan House Pony Express Route Apr. 23, 1860 - Sep. 8, 1861 Home Station Apr. 16, 1869 - Sep.8, 1861 By James Stretesky Supervisor Gayle B. Uilkema Martinez Area Chamber of Commerce Pony Express Trail . . . Map (db m24369) HM
8California (Contra Costa County), Orinda — Pony Express1860-1861
A nearby plaque commemorates the passage in 1860-1861 of Pony Express riders from Sacramento to the San Francisco terminus. They usually rode river steamers, but 20 times the Pony Express took an overland route as the steamers did not . . . Map (db m142217) HM
9California (Contra Costa County), Orinda — The Pony Express
Pony Express Trail This plaque commemorates the passage in 1860 and 1861 of the Pony Express riders from Sacramento to San Francisco through what is now Orinda. Sponsored by the City of Orinda's Historical Landmark Committee and the Pony . . . Map (db m29913) HM
10California (El Dorado County), Diamond Springs — 487 — Diamond Springs
This town, settled in 1848, derived its name from its crystal clear springs. Among the richest in this vicinity its diggings produced a 25 pound nugget, one of the largest in El Dorado County. Its most thriving period was in 1851. Later it became a . . . Map (db m10936) HM
11California (El Dorado County), El Dorado — 700 — El Dorado (Mud Springs)
Trading post, emigrant stop, and mining camp of the 1850’s. This became one of the remount stations of the Central Overland Pony Express. Here at the Nevada House on April 13, 1860, pony rider William (Sam) Hamilton changed horses while carrying . . . Map (db m11571) HM
12California (El Dorado County), El Dorado Hills — 699 — Mormon TavernOverland Pony Express Route - California
At this site on the old Clarksville-White Rock Emigrant Road was Mormon Tavern. Constructed in 1849, this popular stage stop was enlarged and operated by Franklin Winchell in 1851. It became a remount station of the Central Overland Pony Express and . . . Map (db m12056) HM
13California (El Dorado County), Kyburz — 705 — Moore’s (Riverton)
This was the site of a change station of the Pioneer Stage Company in the 1850’s and 1860’s. During 1860-1861, the Central Overland Pony Express maintained here the first pony remount station east of Sportsman’s Hall.Map (db m57977) HM
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14California (El Dorado County), Kyburz — 706 — Webster’s(Sugar Loaf House)
This was the site of Webster's Sugar Loaf House, well-known stopping place during the Comstock rush. Beginning in April 1860, it was used as a remount station of the Central Overland Pony Express. In 1861 it became a horse change station for . . . Map (db m14177) HM
15California (El Dorado County), Meyers — John (Snowshoe) Thompson
Send me men to match my mountains. These are words a great poet said speaking for the brave young nation that needed strong and brave men’s aid. In memory of John (Snowshoe) Thompson who, for twenty successive winters, 1856-1876, . . . Map (db m434) HM
16California (El Dorado County), Meyers — Yank’s Added Station
>br>(back) The Hawley Grade from April 3, 1860 to November 17, 1860 was used by the Pony Express. On November 18, 1860 the new toll road down Johnson Pass (Echo Summit), today’s Old Meyers Grade, was opened to horse traffic and was now used . . . Map (db m435) HM
17California (El Dorado County), Meyers — 708 — Yank’s Station
This was the site of the most eastern remount station of the Central Overland Pony Express in California. Established as a trading post in 1851 by Martin Smith, it became a popular hostelry and stage-stop operated by Ephraim “Yank” Clement on the . . . Map (db m433) HM
18California (El Dorado County), Placerville — 701 — Placerville Pony ExpressStation and Terminus
Gold Rush town and Western Terminus of the Placerville – Carson Road to the Comstock. Placerville was a relay station of the Central Overland Pony Express, April 4, 1860 – June 30, 1861. Here on April 4, 1860 the first east-bound pony . . . Map (db m57973) HM
19California (El Dorado County), Pollack Pines — The Pony Express - Sportsman’s Hall
California’s only Home Station where riders changed on the Pony Express trail. Here, at 8:01 A.M. on April 4, 1860, Sam Hamilton, first eastbound rider, was relieved by Warren Upson who carried the initial mail over the then storm swept Sierras. . . . Map (db m613) HM
20California (El Dorado County), Pollock Pines — 704 — Sportsman’s Hall
This was the site of Sportsman’s Hall, also known as Twelve-Mile House. The hotel operated in the late 1850’s and 1860’s by John and James Blair, a stopping place for stages and teams of the comstock. It became a relay station of the Central . . . Map (db m609) HM
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21California (El Dorado County), Shingle Springs — Du Roc HouseIn Search of the Pony Express — Historical Marker —
Dedicated July 1, 2000 Du Roc House Added Station July 1, 1861 – Nov. 20, 1861 by PW Pipe James Stretesky Norman & Ann Root County of El Dorado American Suzuki Motor Corporation Pony Express Trail . . . Map (db m50321) HM
22California (El Dorado County), Skinners — 703 — Pleasant Grove House
This was the site of a popular roadhouse, where the ponies of the Central Overland Pony Express were changed during July 1, 1860 to June 30, 1861. From here the route of the pony riders continued westward to Folsom and eastward through Rescue, Dry . . . Map (db m10442) HM
23California (El Dorado County), Strawberry — 707 — Strawberry Valley House
This popular resort and stopping place for stages and teams of the Comstock, established by Swift and Watson in 1856, became a remount station of the Central Overland Pony Express on April 4, 1860. Here on that date division superintendent Bolivar . . . Map (db m436) HM
24California (Sacramento County), Folsom — 702 — Folsom Pony Express Terminus
Gold Rush and Railroad town Folsom became the Western Terminus of the Central Overland Pony Express on July 1, 1860. The express mail had been run by pony to and from Sacramento. Beginning on July 1, 1860, the Sacramento Valley Railroad carried it . . . Map (db m5090) HM
25California (Sacramento County), Rancho Cordova — American River Grange #172
Organized March 1874 Dedicated October 1882 Presented by Native Daughters of the Golden West San Juan Parol #315 Rededicated 5-15-98Map (db m2033) HM
26California (Sacramento County), Rancho Cordova — 698 — Fifteen Mile House
Owned and operated from 1857 as a stage station by Henry F. W. Deterding. This was the site of the second remount station of the Central Overland Pony Express during March-July 1860. Here on April 4, 1860, Sam (Bill) Hamiton with the first eastward . . . Map (db m2034) HM
27California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 606 — B.F. Hastings Bank BuildingWestern Terminus of the Pony Express
This structure, erected in 1852-53, was occupied during the 1850’s by the B.F. Hastings Bank, Wells Fargo and Co., various state officials, Sacramento Valley Railroad, and the Alta Telegraph Co. during April 1860 - May 1861. The Alta Telegraph Co. . . . Map (db m11388) HM
28California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 526 — California’s First Passenger Railroad
The Sacramento Valley Railroad running from Sacramento to Folsom, was begun at this site on February 12, 1855. Here, at Third and R Streets, was located the Sacramento passenger terminal. The turntable and freight depot were at Third and Front . . . Map (db m16056) HM
29California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 697 — Five Mile Station
Departing at 2:45 A.M. from the Alta Telegraph Co. in Sacramento, Pony Rider Sam (Bill) Hamilton carried the first mail eastward of the Central Overland Pony Express on April 4, 1860. Here quickly changing ponies he sped on to the next stop at . . . Map (db m19583) HM
30California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 812 — Old Sacramento
Founded in December 1848 by John A. Sutter, Jr., Sacramento was an outgrowth of Sutter’s Fort established by his father, Captain John A. Sutter, in 1839. State Capital since 1854, it was a major distribution point during the Gold Rush. A . . . Map (db m11486) HM
31California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Pony Express River Steamer “Antelope”
Dedicated April 13, 2000 Sacramento by James Stretesky George E. Kuchler Family Rotary Club of Sacramento Burnett & Sons Planing Mill and Lumber Co – Since 1869 Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society Sacramento Metro Chamber of . . . Map (db m15702) HM
32California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — St. George Hotel
[Front of Marker] ST.GEORGE HOTEL Dedicated March 19, 2005 SACRAMENTO By James Streetsky First Northern Bank The Firehouse Restaurant Rotary Club of Sacramento Burnett & Sons Planing Mill and Lumber Co. – Since . . . Map (db m14810) HM
33California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — The Pony Express
This statue commemorates the glory of The Pony Express, which started here at 2:45 a.m. on April 4, 1860, when Sam Hamilton galloped into a blinding rainstorm on the first lap of the 1,966-mile trip to St. Joseph, Missouri. During its 18-month . . . Map (db m11326) HM
34California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — The Pony ExpressRussell, Majors, Waddell — Founders, Owners, Operators —
1860 · 1861 1960 · 1961 120 celebrated riders rode 650,000 miles with only one rider killed by Indians, one schedule not completed and one mail pouch lost.Map (db m11348) HM
35California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Pony Express
The first Pony Express rider to reach San Francisco on the final relay carrying mail from St. Joseph, Missouri to California, arrived in this city Apr. 14, 1860 aboard the River Str. ‘Antelope’. Led by a band and several engine companies, a . . . Map (db m84866) HM
36California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Pony Express Wharf
Nearby was the location of the Broadway Wharf. The wharf extended from Broadway and Davis Streets east to this location. All of the Pony Express mail that was delivered to and from San Francisco used this wharf. The Pony Express ran from April 3, . . . Map (db m63717) HM
37California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — 80 — The Montgomery Block
This, San Francisco’s first fireproof building erected in 1853 by Henry Wager Helleck, was the headquarters for many outstanding lawyers, financiers, writers, actors and artists. James King of William, editor of the Bulletin, died here . . . Map (db m143443) HM
38California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — 696 — Western Headquarters of Russell, Majors, and Waddell
This was the site of the western business headquarters of Russell, Majors, and Waddell -- founders, owners, and operators of the Pony Express, 1860-1861. The firm's main office was in Leavenworth, Kansas. W.W. Finney was the western representative . . . Map (db m33775) HM
39California (Santa Clara County), San Jose — Montgomery MazeBorn in New York City 1836 -- Died June 19, 1875 — Aged 39 yrs —
Verified Rider of the Pony Express 1860-1861Map (db m92735) HM
40California (Solano County), Benicia — Dedicated to the Memory of Pony Express Riders1860 The Knights of the Saddle 1861
William Hamilton, the first Pony Express rider to reach Benicia on the final relay. Carrying the mail from St. Joseph, Missouri to California. Arrived in this city April 23, 1860, at 7 a.m. Thomas J. Bedford, a young Benician, took the mochila by . . . Map (db m16325) HM
41California (Solano County), Benicia — Pony Express Ferry “Carquinez”
[Front of Marker:] Dedicated April 23, 2000 by James Stretesky Benicia Historical Society Benicia (N.S.G.W.) Native Sons Richard & Veronica Tipton Benicia Camel Barn Museum Exxon Mobile, Benicia Refinery Benicia Chamber of . . . Map (db m16327) HM
42California (Solano County), Benicia — Solano HotelIn Search of the Pony Express - Station Marker
[Obverse:] Dedicated April 23, 1997 SOLANO HOTEL Pony Express Route Apr. 23, 1860 - Sep. 8, 1861 Home Station Apr. 23, 1860 - Apr. 15, 1861 By Benicia Historical Society Benicia (N.G.S.W.)Native Sons Benicia . . . Map (db m29711) HM
43California (Solano County), Dixon — Halfway HouseIn Search of the Pony Express - Station Marker
{Obverse:} Dedicated April 23, 1998 Halfway House Added Station Apr. 23, 1860 - Sep. 8, 1861 By Sidney & Diane Schroeder Family Ron Dupratt Family John & Patty Greiner Family Dixon Historical Society American Legion . . . Map (db m29940) HM
44California (Solano County), Fairfield — Rockville StationIn Search of the Pony Express - Station Marker
{Obverse:} Dedicated April 23, 1998 Rockville House Added Station Apr. 3, 1860 - Sep. 8, 1861 By Rockville Inn Floyd & Lillian Hembree Joseph C. Wolfskill Family Ramirez Towing - Rudy's Auto Body Solano #39 (NGSW) . . . Map (db m30619) HM
45California (Solano County), Fairfield — Vezér Family Vineyard
This site was originally constructed in 1860 as the Suisun Valley General Mercantile & original Pony Express station. The Vezer Family provides this facility for the enjoyment of the families of this wonderful valley and gives special . . . Map (db m25058) HM
46California (Solano County), Rio Vista — Pony Express River Steamer “New World”
[Front of Marker] Dedicated April 3, 1997 RIO VISTA by James Stretesky The Dutra Group Barrier Systems, Inc. Rio Vista Chamber of Commerce Pony Express Trail Association Sponsors are listed on bottom of base . . . Map (db m18276) HM
47California (Solano County), Vacaville — Gillespie’s Store
[Front of Marker:] IN SEARCH OF THE PONY EXPRESS STATION MARKER Dedicated April 23, 1997 GILLESPIE’S STORE Added Station Apr 23, 1860 – Sep 8, 1861 by Dave & Buff Fleming American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Vacaville . . . Map (db m16833) HM
48California (Yolo County), Davis — Solano House
Dedicated April 23, 1999 SOLANO HOUSE Added Station Apr. 23, 1860 - Sept. 8 1861 By First Northern Bank William & Linda Bernheim The Rotary Clubs of Davis UC Davis - Cal Aggie Alumni Association Davis Enterprise - McNaughton . . . Map (db m24606) HM
49California (Yolo County), West Sacramento — Pony Express Bridge
Dedicated April 23, 2000 WEST SACRAMENTO by James Stretesky First Northern Bank Daniel F. Ramos Family Frank C. Ramos Family Dr. & Mrs. James O. Farley West Sacramento Land Company West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce Pony Express Trail . . . Map (db m15708) HM
50Colorado (Sedgwick County), Julesburg — Julesburg, ColoradoThe Pony Express
. . . Map (db m100196) HM
51Colorado (Sedgwick County), Julesburg — Oregon Trail
South of river Old Julesberg Stage and Pony Express Station, 5 mi. S.W. Trail and station marked 1931 Map (db m79879) HM
52Colorado (Sedgwick County), Julesburg — Overland City (Julesburg) Pony Express Riders
(left panel) The Pony Express route was used for a little more than 19 months from April 3, 1860 to November 20, 1861. Those known and verified riders of the 1860-1861 Pony Express that used “Overland City” (first Julesburg) as . . . Map (db m130331) HM
53Colorado (Sedgwick County), Julesburg — The Pony Express Trail1860 -1861
The first Pony Express trip between St. Joseph and San Francisco was 1943 miles. This first trip took 10 days. The Pony Express operated from April 3, 1860 to November 20, 1861. The trail was located 1100 feet North and Overland City was 6 miles . . . Map (db m47328) HM
54Colorado (Sedgwick County), Ovid — Ovid, Colorado
350 rods southeast of this site is the famous and hazardous Upper California Crossing of the South Platte River which was used by the intrepid riders of the Pony Express in 1860-1861. Ovid was incorporated at this site in 1925. Erected in . . . Map (db m110329) HM
55Kansas (Atchison County), Atchison — 5 — Massasoit HouseCompany and Division Headquarters, Added Station — Sep. 14, 1861 - Nov. 20, 1861 —
On September 14, 1861 the "Central Overland California and Pike's Peak Express Co." who were the original owners and operators of the Pony Express moved their offices from the Patee House in St. Joseph, Missouri to here at the "Massasoit House." It . . . Map (db m44626) HM
56Kansas (Doniphan County), Troy — TroyAdded Station — Jul. 1, 1861 - Sep. 13, 1861 —
A little over a quarter of a mile to the southwest was a Pony Express Station called Troy. This was due to its close proximity to the town of Troy, Kansas. It was owned and operated by Henry Thompson and had 16 rooms and a tavern. To save money the . . . Map (db m47990) HM
57Kansas (Leavenworth County), Leavenworth — Russell, Majors & WaddellHistoric Wayside Tour #6
Before you stands the manufacturer's bank building; once headquarters for the freighting firm of Russell, Majors and Waddell. Fort Leavenworth's strategic location made it the logical logistical supply center to support the U.S. Army throughout the . . . Map (db m46713) HM
58Kansas (Leavenworth County), Leavenworth — Site of Offices of Russell, Majors, and WaddellA Famous Freighting Firm
In the years 1855-1861 this firm was a major factor in the settlement of the West. Using thousands of teams, and both wagons and stagecoaches, it hauled supplies and passengers to Army posts and settlements west of Fort Leavenworth. Members of the . . . Map (db m46720) HM
59Kansas (Marshall County), Axtell — David Smith's Pony Express and Stage Station Overland Trail1861
80 rods S.W.Map (db m77960) HM
60Kansas (Marshall County), Beattie — Saddle Up at GuittardPony Express Trail
We spanned the prairie to Guittard's Station, on the far side of a shady, well-wooded creek, the Vermillion... For dinner...the ham and eggs, and hot rolls and coffee were fresh and good, and although drought had killed the salad, we had . . . Map (db m77972) HM
61Kansas (Marshall County), Marysville — MarysvilleOriginal Station — Apr. 3, 1860 - Nov. 20, 1861 —
In 1859, A.G. Barrett built the "Barrett Hotel." It was located here on the corner of Eighth and Broadway. He built it of native lumber made at his sawmill on the Black Vermillion River. This was one of the largest hotels on the Overland Route . . . Map (db m48596) HM
62Kansas (Marshall County), Marysville — Marysville, Kan.A Home Station — 1860 - 1861 —
[Relief of Pony Express Rider]Map (db m48602) HM
63Kansas (Marshall County), Marysville — Pony Express Home Station No. 11859
This barn, a Pony Express Station of 1860-61, stands on the original site. Here courageous Pony Express Riders changed mounts as they carried the Overland Mail through 1966 miles of territory, now eight states. Russell, Majors, Waddell . . . Map (db m48631) HM
64Kansas (Nemaha County), Seneca — Pony Express Home Station
To the brave men who rode the Pony Express 1860 - 1861 Exact location of the Home Station Seneca, KansasMap (db m63792) HM
65Kansas (Nemaha County), Seneca — The Smith Hotel
Captain John E. Smith was Seneca's first entrepreneur. In 1858 he built a simple hotel and tavern on this site. He also built a wooden bridge over the Nemaha River that bypassed the risky ford crossing two miles north at Richmond. These . . . Map (db m63795) HM
66Kansas (Nemaha County), Wetmore — Don Clarence RisingBorn December 1, 1844 • Died September 30, 1909
Pony Express Rider known as Johnny Granada Verified Rider of the Pony Express 1860-1861 Pony Express Trail AssociationMap (db m63803) HM
67Kansas (Washington County), Hanover — 119 — Hollenberg Ranch Pony Express Station
This building, constructed in 1857 by G.H. Hollenberg on his ranch here on the Oregon Trail, was a station on the Pony Express route in 1860-1861. It is believed to be the only such station which has remained unaltered on its original site.Map (db m53293) HM
68Missouri (Buchanan County), St. Joseph — Donnell Court BuildingNeo-Classical — 1902 —
Robert Washington Donnell, one of the first settlers of the Platte Purchase, was instrumental in organizing the Bank of the State of Missouri and securing St. Joseph's position as the eastern terminus of the Pony Express.Map (db m66385) HM
69Missouri (Buchanan County), St. Joseph — Patee HouseCompany & Division Headquarters, Original Home Station — Apr. 3 1860 - Sep. 13, 1861 —
The Patee House was the Pony Express Company's Eastern Headquarters from April 3, 1860 to September 13, 1861. The company's official name was "The Central Overland California and Pike's Peak Express Company." John Patee built the hotel from . . . Map (db m47398) HM
70Missouri (Buchanan County), St. Joseph — Patee House - 1858The Pony Express
Patee House – 1858 In this National Historic Landmark were located the offices of the Pony Express, founded by Russell, Majors & Waddell; the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad and the Civil War offices of the U.S. Provost Marshall. [sic] . . . Map (db m47444) HM
71Missouri (Buchanan County), St. Joseph — Pony Express1860 - 1861
On this site, April 3, 1860, a ferry carrying a horse and rider crossed the Missouri River to start a 10 day journey of 1,966 miles to deliver mail to Sacramento, California. The race against time, elements and a hostile land captured the spirit . . . Map (db m47470) HM
72Missouri (Buchanan County), St. Joseph — Pony Express"Saddle and Mochila"
On April 3, 1860 the eastern Pony Express mail arrived by train and it was late. To save time the Pony Express Company which was located in the Patee House at 12th and Penn Streets had the mail taken directly to the post office. The post office . . . Map (db m47480) HM
73Missouri (Buchanan County), St. Joseph — Pony Express Stable
1,996 miles in 10 days. A daring horseback relay mail service connects the nation. The Vision of the Pony Express In January 1860. William H. Russell, Alexander Majors, and William B. Waddell, right, (partners in the freighting firm . . . Map (db m122600) HM
74Missouri (Buchanan County), St. Joseph — Saint Joseph
Renowned city of the Pony Express, St. Joseph was first settled as a trading post for the American Fur Company by Joseph Robidoux, 1826. Later he acquired the site and laid out a town in 1843. St. Joseph became an outfitting point for settlers in . . . Map (db m4989) HM
75Missouri (Buchanan County), St. Joseph — The Civil War in St. JosephA State Divided: The Civil War in Missouri
On April 3, 1860, the Pony Express started from this neighborhood on its historic run to the West. Eight months after the Pony Express joined East and West, the country split North to South when South Carolina seceded. Missouri, including St. . . . Map (db m48063) HM
76Missouri (Buchanan County), St. Joseph — The First Pony Express
This monument erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution and The City of St. Joseph marks the place where the first Pony Express started on April 3, 1860Map (db m47492) HM
77Missouri (Buchanan County), St. Joseph — The Pony Expressby — Albert Fales —
A stone from the U.S. Post Office 1898 - 1940Map (db m47466) HM
78Missouri (Buchanan County), St. Joseph — The Pony ExpressSt. Joseph, Missouri
The National Significance of the Pony Express The Pony Express ran from April 3, 1860, until the transcontinental telegraph was completed in October, 1861. The Pony Express proved that the Central Route to California could be traveled all . . . Map (db m79289) HM
79Missouri (Jackson County), Kansas City — Alexander MajorsOctober 4, 1814 - - - January 14, 1900 — Honour To —
He was a member of the firm of Russell, Majors and Waddell, founders, owners and operators of the Pony Express. This marks his grave. The Pony Express 1860-1861 • 1960-1961Map (db m63030) HM
80Missouri (Lafayette County), Lexington — Original Site of Russell, Majors and Waddell Home OfficeThe Pony Express
Northwest across this intersection is the original site of the Home Office of Russell, Majors and Waddell, owners and operators of the Pony Express. Though operating headquarters was at Leavenworth, Kansas, and the Eastern Terminus at St. Joseph, . . . Map (db m90906) HM
81Missouri (Platte County), Kansas City — A1 — The Pony Express
Some might say the idea for the Pony Express arose from a bad case of saddle sores. In 1849, W.M. Gwin, a senator from the new state of California, was making his way on horseback from San Francisco to Washington City. He and his companion, Mr. . . . Map (db m43179) HM
82Nebraska (Dawson County), Gothenburg — Original Pony Express Station1854
Erected on the Oregon Trail, four miles east of Fort McPherson, Lincoln County, Nebraska, and used as fur trading post and ranch house. 1860 – 61 Used as Pony Express Station. 1862 – 1931 Used as Overland Trail Stage Station, dwelling, . . . Map (db m86773) HM
83Nebraska (Dawson County), Gothenburg — The Pony Express
      This old station once stood on the upper 96 Ranch west of here and south of the Platte River, on the original Pony Express route. It was moved and restored by Gothenburg Post No. 64, American Legion. Erected by the Gothenburg Chamber of . . . Map (db m86775) HM
84Nebraska (Deuel County), Big Springs — South Platte Station
[Pony Express medallion on top] 1860-61 South Platte Station 1.5 mi. directly south Erected to the intrepid riders and operators 1932 by Deuel Co.Map (db m51252) HM
85Nebraska (Deuel County), Big Springs — The Pony Express
[Map of the Pony Express route] From April 1860 until October 1861 the famed Pony Express riders passed along the south side of the Plate River south of Big Springs. Diamond Springs station was to the southeast. Frontz and Julesburg stations were . . . Map (db m51247) HM
86Nebraska (Deuel County), Chappell — Historic Lodgepole Creek Valley
Here is the valley of Lodgepole Creek through which passed historic trails, telegraph lines, and railroads. The famed Pony Express followed the valley in 1860-61. "Nine Mile" Pony Express station was located just southeast of present Chappell; "Pole . . . Map (db m100093) HM
87Nebraska (Deuel County), Chappell — 9 — Hughes’ Ranch Pony Express StationIn Search of the Pony Express Stations
This marker has text on both sides Dedicated October 4, 2003 Hughes’ Ranch Added Station July 1, 1861 - Nov. 20. 1861 by Deuel County Historical Society James Stretesky Sterling Monument Company Pony . . . Map (db m79441) HM
88Nebraska (Jefferson County), Fairbury — Jefferson County Pony Express StationsThe Pony Express — 1860:1861 • 1960:1961 —
These were the four Pony Express Stations in Jefferson County. Big Sandy Station • Whiskey Run • Rock Creek Station • Otoe StationRock Creek Station was the site where Wild Bill Hickok shot and killed David McCanles, July 12, 1861. Russell, Majors . . . Map (db m177362) HM
89Nebraska (Jefferson County), Fairbury — Representing Rock Creek Station WellOregon Trail
Scene of Wild Bill — McCanles tragedy 1861Map (db m177369) HM
90Nebraska (Jefferson County), Fairbury — Virginia Station — (Whiskey Run)The Pony Express — 1860:1861 • 1960:1961 —
Pony Express riders and Oregon Trail emigrants used Virginia Station, once located near this site. Indians traded for whiskey at the station and harassed the emigrant trains. The whiskey was dumped in a near-by creek, thus dubbing the station . . . Map (db m177351) HM
91Nebraska (Keith County), Brule — Diamond Springs Station
[Pony Express medallion on the top] 0.8 miles to southward Erected to the intrepid riders and operators 1962 by Keith Co.Map (db m51227) HM
92Nebraska (Keith County), Ogallala — Sand Hill Station
A relay station on the Pony Express Route, 1860-61, often referred to as Gill’s Station located near here at the crossing of the Oregon and Texas Trails. Pony Express stations in Keith County were Alkali, Sand Hill and Diamond Springs. . . . Map (db m122909) HM
93Nebraska (Keith County), Ogallala — 4 — The Pony Express
The Pony Express operated for only eighteen months, from April 1860 until October, 1861, delivering mail between St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California. It ceased operating when the transcontinental telegraph line was completed. During its . . . Map (db m50785) HM
94Nebraska (Lincoln County), North Platte — 1887 Horse BarnBuffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park
The Barn, built in 1887, is 148 feet long, 70 wide, 40 feet high. It required seven railroad cars of lumber for construction. The original rafter ends under the eaves were shaped as gun stocks. Annie Oakley's trademark, the Ace of Hearts with a . . . Map (db m125057) HM
95Nebraska (Lincoln County), North Platte — Pony Express
[Relief of Pony Express Rider] Erected by Tent 23 Daughters of Union Veterans of Civil War 1861 — 1865 North Platte NebMap (db m191698) HM
96Nebraska (Lincoln County), North Platte — Pony Express Cold Springs Station
(side 1) Dedicated June 15, 2002 Cold Springs added station Jul. 1, 1861 – Nov. 20, 1861 Located 1600’ south by Lincoln County James Stretesky Nebraskaland Days, Inc. Nebraskaland National Bank North . . . Map (db m125063) HM
97Nebraska (Lincoln County), North Platte — Pony Express Station
This log blacksmith shop and its sister station building, which was a two-story log house, were originally located on the Upper 96 Ranch four miles east of Fort McPherson near the Sam Machette Canyon. In 1931, the log house was dismantled and taken . . . Map (db m191700) HM
98Nebraska (Morrill County), Bayard — Chimney Rock Station
Seal of the National Pony Express Centennial Association Chimney Rock Station on the route of the Pony Express, was located near here between Chimney Rock and the North Platte River. This was an important Pony Express stop between . . . Map (db m79423) HM
99Nebraska (Scotts Bluff County), Gering — Ficklin Springs Pony Express Station
- Site of - Ficklin Springs Pony Express Station and Old Coad Ranch North 20º East 450 feet Map (db m79424) HM
100Nebraska (Scotts Bluff County), Gering — Pony ExpressDaring riders sped the mail from Missouri to California in ten days
Go back in time to 1860 or 1861 and picture the traffic on the Oregon Trail – the freight wagons and stagecoaches, and the emigrants, soldiers, and Indians. But most colorful, perhaps, was the Pony Express rider streaking through Scotts . . . Map (db m156142) HM

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