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Former U.S. Presidents: #31 Herbert Hoover Historical Markers

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By Bill Kirchner, August 30, 2011
Anson Smith Marker
1Arizona (Mohave County), Boulder City — Anson Smith1860 – 1935
A Memorial Tribute to Anson Smith 1860 - 1935 Editor and Publisher of the Mohave County Miner, acclaimed by President Herbert Hoover for his tireless efforts and support during construction of Boulder Canyon Project and the location of . . . Map (db m46819) HM
2Arizona (Pima County), Tucson — Home for Saguaros
The saguaro cactus before you owes its existence to the foresight of local residents. In the 1920s grazing and development threatened the saguaro's future. Saguaro forests began to disappear as mature cactuses were chopped to make way for new . . . Map (db m85355) HM
3Arizona (Yavapai County), Sedona — A Canyon Retreat: Mayhew Lodge
A cool canyon sanctuary at the confluence of two creeks Mayhew Lodge, constructed of hand-smoothed logs and adorned with a towering rock chimney, was a rustic retreat attracting politicians, and movie stars. But this grand lodge had . . . Map (db m99273) HM
4Arizona (Yavapai County), Sedona — Early TourismHistoric Sedona
Soldiers from Camp Verde were early tourists to Sedona, enjoying the beauty, cooler temperatures and Oak Creek as a break from the camp. As early as 1895, Lou Thomas turned Bear Howard’s cabin into a two-story hunting fishing lodge. It was there . . . Map (db m133684) HM
5California (San Mateo County), Redwood City — Diller-Chamberlain Gen. Store/American Hotel-American House/Sequoia Hotel/Bank of San Mateo CountyRedwood City - Path of History
(Four markers are mounted on this pedestal.) Original Marker: Diller-Chamberlain General Store (Quong Lee Laundry) 726 Main Street J.V. Diller had this one-story brick building constructed in 1859 to house his general . . . Map (db m202732) HM
6California (Santa Clara County), Stanford University — 915 — Lou Henry Hoover House
This 1919 residence of a developing international style of architecture embodies Mrs. Herbert Hoover’s innovative architectural concepts. It was executed by architects A. B. Clark, Charles Davis, and Birge Clark, and was maintained as the Hoover . . . Map (db m2717) HM
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7Colorado (Summit County), Vail Pass — 246 — Mount of the Holy Cross
It is as if God has set His sign, His seal, His promise there – a beacon upon the very center and height of the Continent to all its people and all its generations…as if here was a great supply store and workshop of Creation, the fountain . . . Map (db m58578) HM
8District of Columbia (Washington), Adams Morgan — The Lady of RadiumThe Life of Maria Skłodowska-Curie
Maria Skłodowska-Curie, born in 1867 in Warsaw, was a visionary scientist whose discoveries paved the way for effective cancer treatments and created the foundations of several scientific disciplines. Maria Skłodowska-Curie was . . . Map (db m175121) HM
9District of Columbia (Washington), Anacostia — 13 — A Neighborhood OasisAn East-of-the-River View — Anacostia Heritage Trail —
Follow Good Hope Road under the highway to your left to reach Anacostia Park, a longtime neighborhood oasis. In 1914, after years of citizen requests, Congress directed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to "improve" the Anacostia River by . . . Map (db m130717) HM
10District of Columbia (Washington), Capitol Hill — Capitol Square, NWHistorical Information
The Robert A. Taft Memorial Carillon Sculpture by Wheeler Williams Architecture by Douglas W. Orr, 1959 The memorial consists of a 100-foot Tennessee marble tower and a 10-foot bronze statue of Senator Taft. The twenty-seven . . . Map (db m111460) HM
11District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown Washington — Executive Office Building
Originally State, War, and Navy Departments Constructed 1871-1888 South Wing Ground broken June 1871 Completed December 1875 East Wing Ground broken July 1872 Completed April 1879 North Wing Ground broken July 1879 Completed December 1882 West . . . Map (db m71253) HM
12District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — 8 — Open For BusinessMake No Little Plans — Federal Triangle Heritage Trail —
Across the street the Department of Commerce's Herbert C. Hoover Building anchors the Federal Triangle, just as the department - with its mission of promoting trade, supporting economic development, and strengthening the competitiveness of . . . Map (db m57204) HM
13District of Columbia (Washington), Georgetown — The Star-Spangled Banner
The Flag. The immortal words "star-spangled Banner" refer to the magnificent flag which Francis Scott Key saw "by the dawn's early light" after the British bombardment of Fort McHenry on September 14, 1814. It is the largest flag ever flown in . . . Map (db m82470) HM
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14District of Columbia (Washington), Logan Circle — Bethune Museum-ArchivesNational Historic Site — Designated October 15, 1982 by Act of Congress —
Born on July 10, 1875, in Mayesville, South Carolina, Mary McLeod Bethune was the daughter of sharecroppers. After attending Scotia Seminary in North Carolina she founded Daytona School for Negro Girls which became Bethune-Cookman College. A . . . Map (db m17502) HM
15District of Columbia (Washington), Mount Pleasant — 2 — Upheaval and ActivismVillage in the City — Mount Pleasant Heritage Trail —
Beginning in the late 1950s, the community leadership of Mount Pleasant changed from the exclusive Citizens Association to an array of new players. Mount Pleasant Neighbors Association was the first alternative group. It presented festivals and . . . Map (db m148598) HM
16District of Columbia (Washington), Navy Yard — Presidential Fans / Fans! / Congressional Baseball GameBaseball Americana
Presidential Fans a. Woodrow Wilson throws out the first pitch on Opening Day, 1916. National Photo Company. b. Calvin Coolidge and Senators ace Walter Johnson, 1924. National Photo Company. c. President Herbert . . . Map (db m179719) HM
17District of Columbia (Washington), Sheridan-Kalorama — 11 — The PresidentsSheridan Kalorama — Call Box Restoration Project —
Five presidents lived in Sheridan-Kalorama between 1916 and 1930. Warren G. Harding lived at 2314 Wyoming Avenue while a senator from Ohio. William Howard Taft lived across the street at 2215 Wyoming Avenue while Chief Justice of the Supreme Court . . . Map (db m112606) HM
18District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — District of Columbia War MemorialNational Mall and Memorial Parks — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
”This temple will recall for all time their services and sacrifices.” President Herbert Hoover, November 11, 1931
The Great War of 1914 to 1918 transformed the world. The war introduced lethal new . . . Map (db m75903) HM
19District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — District of Columbia War Memorial
A memorial to the armed forces from the District of Columbia who served their country in the World War This memorial was erected through the voluntary subscriptions of the people of Washington • It was dedicated on Armistice Day Nineteen . . . Map (db m211379) WM
20District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — District of Columbia World War MemorialNational Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior — National Mall & Memorial Parks —
[Panel 1: northeast corner wayside.] “This monument stands for men who fought not alone for their country, but to establish the principles of justice and peace. We pay tribute here to their valor. We honor them for their . . . Map (db m76573) HM
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21District of Columbia (Washington), Woodley Park — Woodley Estate
The neighborhood of Woodley Park owes its name to the Woodley estate of Philip Barto Key (1767-1815). Key, uncle of Francis Scott Key, who wrote “Star Spangled Banner”, was an officer on the British side during the Revolutionary War. . . . Map (db m87469) HM
22Florida (Volusia County), Daytona Beach — Mary McLeod BethuneJackie Robinson Ballpark & Museum
Just as carefully as Branch Rickey chose Jackie Robinson, he chose Daytona Beach as the site for his "noble experiment.” Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, founder of Bethune-Cookman College was born July 10, 1875, in Maysville, South Carolina. She was . . . Map (db m106464) HM
23Georgia (Bibb County), Macon — William Augustus BootleFederal Building and United States Courthouse — Dedicated June 29, 1998 —
By an Act of Congress (P.L. 105-163) this historic building is named for United States District Judge "Gus" Bootle. Judge Bootle was born in Walterboro, S.C. on August 19, 1902, and attended Mercer University where he was awarded a law degree in . . . Map (db m130997) HM
24Indiana (Switzerland County), Patriot — 78.1980.1 — Dr. Elwood Mead(1858 - 1936) — "Engineer Who Made the Desert Bloom" —
Patriot, Ind., native; supervised Hoover Dam construction in Colorado R.; Lake Mead named for him; appointed Director, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, President Coolidge; served under Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt, top authority on irrigation, . . . Map (db m66902) HM
25Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — A World of Opportunity — Herbert Hoover National Historic Site —
It was here that I was given that tender care of mind and body, those first steps in education, that knowledge of poverty and struggle for family betterment which contribute to understanding of American life.”     President . . . Map (db m87749) HM
26Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — A World of OpportunityHerbert Hoover National Historic Site — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
My country owes me nothing. It gave me, as it gives every boy and girl, a chance . . . In no other land could a boy from a country village, without inheritance or influential friends, look forward with unbounded hope.”     . . . Map (db m87751) HM
27Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — A World of Opportunity
My country owes me nothing. It gave me, as it gives every boy and girl, a no other land could a boy from a country village, without inheritance or influential friends, look forward with unbounded . . . Map (db m162568) HM
28Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — Birthplace of Herbert Hoover
Birthplace of Herbert Hoover, first President of the United States born west of the Mississippi River.Map (db m86708) HM
29Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — Friends Meetinghouse
The Hoover family worshipped in this building along with neighbors and relatives who were members of the Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers as they are often called. West Branch was predominately a Quaker community in the 1850's when this . . . Map (db m48312) HM
30Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — Herbert HooverHerbert Hoover National Historic Site — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
This site commemorates the life and accomplishments of Herbert Hover, 31st President (1929-1932). The first president born west of the Mississippi River. Hoover grew up in a tradition that deeply influenced his ideals and long life of public . . . Map (db m48307) HM
31Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — Herbert HooverNational Historic Site — Presidential Library - Museum —
Herbert Hoover, the first president born west of the Mississippi, spent his formative years in this neighborhood, which is preserved as Herbert Hoover National Historic Site. You may visit his birthplace and other buildings he remembered from his . . . Map (db m162574) HM
32Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — Herbert Hoover's Birthplace
"This cottage where I was born is physical proof of the unbounded opportunity of American life." In 1871, Jesse Hoover built this two-room cottage near his blacksmith shop and moved in with his wife, Hulda, and young son, Theodore. . . . Map (db m162633) HM
33Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — Iowa Prairie
          You are viewing 76 acres of partially restored tall grass prairie, planted in 1971. Extending from the historic Miles Farm, at the hilltop on your left, it provides a south western boundary for the historic site.           Prior to the . . . Map (db m163147) HM
34Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — Schoolhouse
The early settlers of West Branch had a strong regard for education, and in 1853 they built this school. It was used not only as a school but as a place of worship for the members of the Society of Friends. Originally the building housed all of the . . . Map (db m162553) HM
35Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — The Amanda Garvin Cottage
Miss Amanda Garvin purchased this lot in 1870 and by 1872 had this small frame cottage built. She resided here until 1878. Herbert Hoover was familiar with this house and would have passed it often to and from school. The Garvin Cottage is . . . Map (db m162640) HM
36Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — The Dr. Leech House — Herbert Hoover National Historic Site —
Dr. L.J. Leech opened a medical practice in West Branch in 1882 and practiced here for the next 55 years. For many years he lived in the house one door to the north. In 1920 he moved to this home and lived here until his death in 1937. At his . . . Map (db m162609) HM
37Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — The Hannah Varney House
This house was built in 1899 for Hannah Varney. Mrs. Varney lived in the house only about one year, but her daughters Cora and Clara continued to live here until 1915. Although built some thirteen years after Herbert Hoover left West Branch, this . . . Map (db m162575) HM
38Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — The Herbert Hoover Highway
This site is along the original route of the Herbert Hoover Highway, a 42-mile series of local, state and county roads that run between the foot of Old Capitol in Iowa City and the Cedar County community of Lowden. The Hoover Highway was designated . . . Map (db m76108) HM
39Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — The Laban Miles House
Herbert Hoover’s distinguished uncle, Laban Miles, owned this house from 1875-1886, and Herbert would have visited the Miles family here on many occasions. In 1878 Laban Miles moved his family to the Oklahoma Territory where he had been appointed . . . Map (db m162578) HM
40Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — The Mackey House
David Mackey, a local carpenter, built this house between 1868 and 1871. He lived in this home until 1876. Mackey also ran a butcher shop and served as mayor of West Branch in 1879 and postmaster in 1885. Built several years before his birth, this . . . Map (db m87736) HM
41Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — To Herbert Hoover
. . . Map (db m162617) HM
42Iowa (Cedar County), Wilton — Hoover Historic Site / Hoover’s West Branch
The Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, located in nearby West Branch, honors a distinguished son of Iowa, citizen of the world, and the 31st president of the United States. Established in 1965, the Site’s foundations were laid earlier when in . . . Map (db m33437) HM
43Iowa (Johnson County), Tiffin — Hoover Historic Site / Hoover’s West Branch
The Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, located in nearby West Branch, honors a distinguished son of Iowa, citizen of the world, and the 31st president of the United States. Established in 1965, the Site’s foundations were laid earlier when in . . . Map (db m33431) HM
44Kansas (Shawnee County), Topeka — Samuel J. Crumbine, MD(1862-1954)
"I began to realize, as I never had before, how much the health of each of us depends on the health of all of us." Frontier physician, public health visionary and child health advocate, Samuel J. Crumbine was a man of tremendous . . . Map (db m120812) HM
45Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Linthicum Heights — The Heart SpokeStar-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail
Twin Oaks - the name evokes a rural character long since lost to this part of Anne Arundel County. Built in 1857 by William Linthicum, this antebellum manor home presided over a 130-acre farm. Twin oaks was the summer retreat of . . . Map (db m68392) HM
46Maryland (Baltimore), Mid-Town Belvedere — Mount Royal StationIcon for the Industrial Age
A monument to the golden era of rail travel, the Mount Royal Station enjoys a special place in the history of Baltimore and the nation—the home of the Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Railroad and birthplace of American railroading. The history of the B&O . . . Map (db m208442) HM
47Maryland (Baltimore), Washington Village/Pigtown — B&O No. 908"John T. Collinson"
Railroads built office cars for officials directors, stockholders, and other wealthy patrons as early as the 1840s. Used for right-of-way inspection trips and other business travel, these rolling offices provided an observation platform, . . . Map (db m135963) HM
48Maryland (Carroll County), Union Bridge — “Pipe Creek Meeting”
About 1735 William Farquhar and Ann his wife held a Friends (Quaker) Meeting at his house. In 1771 he deeded two acres of land on which the Meeting House and burying ground are located. Ex-President Hoover’s ancestors were members of this Meeting.Map (db m3015) HM
49Massachusetts (Hampshire County), Northampton — Upper Main Street
Commercial development along upper Main Street followed the industrial expansion spurred by the Civil War. As Northampton became a manufacturing center, its business district expanded to accommodate a growing and changing population. In the 1860s . . . Map (db m138438) HM
50Mississippi (Washington County), Greenville — St. Matthew's A. M. E. Church
St. Matthew's A.M.E. Church, organized in 1867 and originally located on Levee Street, was the first A.M.E. church established in the Delta and the fourth begun in Mississippi. Moved to its present site in 1890, this church was visited by Herbert . . . Map (db m107705) HM
51Montana (Carbon County), Red Lodge — The Beartooth Plateau
The Beartooth Plateau contains some of the oldest exposed rocks on Earth and provides a unique window into the history of our planet. About 55 million years ago, this massive block of metamorphic basement rock pushed its way upward nearly two . . . Map (db m45251) HM
52Nevada (Lincoln County), Pioche — Mountain View Hotel
This hotel was built in 1895 by the Ely Valley Mines to house their guests. And lay claim to such overnight guests as Herbert Hoover, Nel Murbarger (Famous author of the "Old West") Many U.S. Senators and Nevada Governors and many other notables. . . . Map (db m89473) HM
53New Jersey (Atlantic County), Atlantic City — The Ritz Condominiums
Former Ritz Carlton Hotel opened during the "Roaring Twenties" on June 24, 1921 as one of Atlantic City's Grand Hotels. Designed by the architectural firm of Warren and Wetmore and constructed at a cost of $6 million. During WW2 the . . . Map (db m208348) HM
54New Jersey (Middlesex County), Edison — Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower
Plaque 1: This tower marks the site of the experimental laboratory built by Thomas Alva Edison, born Milan, Ohio, February 11, 1847. The laboratory structure occupied by the inventor from 1876 to 1886, was transported in 1929 by his friend . . . Map (db m33292) HM
55New York (New York County), New York — Charles Evans Hughes1862 - 1948
The lawyer and former New York governor lived here from 1917 to 1921, after losing the 1916 presidential elections to Woodrow Wilson. Hughes served as U.S. Secretary of State during the Harding Administration (1921-23) and the Coolidge . . . Map (db m98645) HM
56New York (Queens County), Corona — New York Worlds Fair1939 - 1940 1964 - 1965 — New Amsterdam Entrance —
Heads of State who visited the New York Worlds Fair 1939 - 1940 Herbert C. Hoover, USA • Franklin D. Roosevelt, USA • George VI, Great Britain • Anastasio Somoza, Nicaragua 1964 - 1965 Herbert C. Hoover, USA • Harry . . . Map (db m193429) HM
57Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Ohio University's Distinguished Visitors
Susan Brownell Anthony Woman Suffrage Leader Visited October 19, 1878 "To secure both national and 'domestic tranquility,' to 'establish justice,' to carry out the spirit of our Constitution, put into the hands of all women....the . . . Map (db m53838) HM
58Ohio (Hamilton County), Cincinnati — Ohio River MonumentA.D. 1670   A.D. 1929 — The Ohio Valley Improvement Association —
Plaque A “River Ohio so called by the Iroquois on account of its beauty- descended by Sieur Robert de la Salle.” Discovered by the French explorer LaSalle, about 1670 and claimed by him for Louis XIV of France. Seized by the . . . Map (db m135159) HM
59Ohio (Marion County), Marion — Harding Memorial
Warren Gamaliel Harding Warren Gamaliel Harding was born November 2, 1865, in Blooming Grove, Ohio, to Dr. George Tryon Harding and Phoebe Dickerson Harding. The family moved to the village of Caledonia, and then to Marion. Harding . . . Map (db m67707) HM
60Oregon (Curry County), Gold Beach — Patterson BridgeRogue River Bridge
Patterson Bridge (Rogue River Bridge) Completed January 21, 1932 and dedicated In Memory to the Governor of Oregon Isaac Lee Patterson (1926-died in office 1929) 1932.... The bridge was considered the most advanced concrete . . . Map (db m113391) HM
61Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — A4 & B6 — Old Post OfficeNational Register of Historic Places
Construction of the Old Post Office established the presence of the federal government in this area. It was a project of the Public Buildings Program, a federal agency created by President Herbert Hoover. As one of the first buildings with . . . Map (db m113264) HM
62Oregon (Josephine County), Merlin — Hellgate CanyonThe Gateway to the Wild & Scenic Roque River
Canyon Formation Constant flow of water over the volcanic basalt rock carved the 2,100-foot long canyon. With no way for the water to expand to the sides, the river bed was forced to depths of about 100 feet. Evolution of . . . Map (db m112805) HM
63Oregon (Marion County), Salem — Herbert Hoover Boyhood HomeHistorical Landmark
Herbert Hoover 31st President of the United States 1929-1933 2213 Hazel Ave N. Boyhood Home from 1888 ~ 1891Map (db m96133) HM
64Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 13th & WalnutOn this block in 1930
Long before it was a busy commercial corridor. Walnut Street was a fashionable resident address. But by 1930, the wealthy occupants of houses like these on the 1200 block had moved on, to mansions at Rittenhouse Square and elsewhere, and the . . . Map (db m191885) HM
65Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — On this block in 1930
The Western Union Telegraph Building at 1111 Locust Street was designed in the Egyptian Revival style in 1922 by architect William Welles Bosworth, known for designing the main campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The entrance is . . . Map (db m192727) HM
66Puerto Rico (Municipio de San Juan), San Juan — Herbert Hoover31st President of the United States / 31er Presidente de los Estados Unidos — 1929 - 1933 —
Having served as Secretary of Commerce under Presidents William Harding and Calvin Coolidge, President Hoover, educated as a mining engineer, was the last Cabinet secretary to be directly elected President of the United States without . . . Map (db m193242) HM
67Rhode Island (Newport County), Newport — Rough Point & Its Neighbors: Preserved Houses
This part of Bellevue Avenue reflects the architectural variety of 19th century Newport houses, from the Gothic Revival and Second Empire French villas of the early 1850s to the Stick Style cottages of the 1870s and the Beaux Arts Classical . . . Map (db m48591) HM
68South Carolina (Cherokee County), Gaffney — From Pasture to ParkCowpens National Battlefield
The land you are standing on has not always been protected by the National Park Service. For 200 years after the battle, homes, farms, and other businesses occupied the 842 acres that make up Cowpens National Battlefield. Although Congress . . . Map (db m108656) HM
69South Carolina (York County), Blacksburg — President Hoover
On this Site President Hoover Addressed an audience of 75,000 at the Celebration of the Sesqui Centennial of the Battle of Kings Mountain Oct. 7, 1930Map (db m125171) HM
70South Carolina (York County), Blacksburg — Presidential Recognition150th Anniversary of the battle — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
This is a place of inspiring memories. Here less than a thousand men, inspired by the urge of freedom, defeated a superior force....This small band of patriots turned back a dangerous invasion well-designed to separate and dismember the . . . Map (db m17535) HM
71Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10648 — 1928 Democratic National Convention
Due to the efforts of businessman Jesse H. Jones, the Democratic National Committee chose Houston as the site of the 1928 Democratic National Convention. Located on this site, the 20,000-seat Sam Houston Hall was completed in 64 days at a cost of . . . Map (db m116847) HM
72Vermont (Caledonia County), Barnet — The Comerford Development at Fifteen Mile Falls
The Connecticut River, starting at the International Boundary, flows 380 miles to the Atlantic Ocean. In its course the river falls 1640 feet. In 1928, the New England Power Association started a two-year project to build one of the largest . . . Map (db m74467) HM
73Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Locomotive 2201915 • Moved to Museum: 1960
Locomotive 220 was the last coal-burning steam ten-wheeler used on the Central Vermont Railway. As a medium-sized engine it moved both freight and passenger trains and became known as the [sic] "The Locomotive of Presidents" for its use on special . . . Map (db m109152) HM
74Vermont (Chittenden County), Shelburne — Locomotive 220
The Rail Locomotive No. 220, built in 1915 by the American Locomotive [C]ompany of Schenectady, New York, was the last coal-burning, steam ten-wheeler used on the Central Vermont Railway. As a medium-sized 4-6-0 engine (4 leading wheels, 6 driving . . . Map (db m109153) HM
75Virginia (Greene County), Ruckersville — Z-13 — Greene County / Madison County
Greene County. Formed from Orange County in 1838, this rural Piedmont county was named for Gen. Nathanael Greene, Revolutionary War military hero. The county seat of Greene County is Stanardsville. William Donoho and William B. Phillips, . . . Map (db m21505) HM
76Virginia (Madison County), Etlan — Z-11 — Madison County / Rappahannock County
Madison County. In the hills of the Piedmont, along the Blue Ridge Mountains, Madison County was formed from Culpeper County in 1792. Madison County is named for James Madison, the “father of the American Constitution” and the forth . . . Map (db m104880) HM
77Virginia (Madison County), Leon — Z-157 — Madison County / Culpeper County
Madison County. In the hills of the Piedmont, against the Blue Ridge Mountains, Madison County was formed from Culpeper County in 1792. The county is named for James Madison, the “father of the American Constitution” and the fourth president . . . Map (db m21502) HM
78Virginia (Madison County), Madison — Herbert HooverPresident of the United States
Met here with the citizens of Madison County as their neighbor and friend and eloquently thanked them for their hospitality. Speaking of his fishing camp at the headwaters of the Rapidan River, Mr. Hoover concluded his remarks with these . . . Map (db m152167) HM
79Virginia (Madison County), Orange — Z-12 — Orange County / Madison County
Orange County. Formed from Spotsylvania County in 1734, Orange County, a pastoral Piedmont county, was probably named in honor of William IV, the Dutch prince of Orange, who married Anne, the Princess Royal, daughter of George II of . . . Map (db m4758) HM
80Virginia (Madison County), Syria — "Here is peace and quietude"
Here is peace and quietude.”- President Herbert Hoover Shortly after his election in 1928, Herbert C. Hoover and his wife, Lou Henry, expressed the desire for a weekend retreat – a place where they could find respite . . . Map (db m45639) HM
81Virginia (Madison County), Syria — A Rather Biggish Establishment
We discussed the proposed camp as we explored . . . . Conditions necessitate A Rather biggish establishment - Lou Henry Hoover, describing the future Rapidan Camp, 1929 I have discovered that even the work of the government can be improved . . . Map (db m45677) HM
82Virginia (Madison County), Syria — Outdoor Fireplace
Presidential Aids who were stationed at the camp say that this fireplace was mainly used for outdoor photographs. When reporters and authors wanted pictures of the Chief Executive and his guests they were often posed here. Logs, used for benches, . . . Map (db m45626) HM
83Virginia (Madison County), Syria — The Creel
The Creel was occupied by two of President Hoover’s Chief Aids, Larry Richey, a former F.B.I. agent, was assigned to guard the President and became his personal “secretary” or manager. He assumed great responsibility for the detailed . . . Map (db m45619) HM
84Virginia (Madison County), Syria — The President’s Quarters
Although Camp Hoover was rustic, it was comfortably furnished with a mixture of styles. The Hoovers had many Navajo rugs which they used throughout their cabin. Above is a sunporch and below the Hoovers’ bedrooms.Map (db m45612) HM
85Virginia (Madison County), Syria — The Prime Minister’s Cabin
Prime Minister Ramsey McDonald of England was a frequent guest of President Hoover. The “Press” of that day popularly envisioned these two peace loving leaders sitting on a log in the Camp Hoover area scrapping the navies of the world. . . . Map (db m45616) HM
86Wisconsin (Douglas County), Superior — 213 — Summer White House - 1928
On May 31, 1928, President Calvin Coolidge accepted former Senator Irvine Lenroot's invitation to spend the summer in the Superior area. Henry Clay Pierce had offered Cedar Island Lodge, part of a 4,000 acre Brule River estate, to serve as living . . . Map (db m52127) HM
87United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (Fermanagh And Omagh), Omagh — Camp Hill CottageThomas Mellon Birthplace
Thomas Mellon was born in this cottage on February 3rd, 1813. It was built by his father and uncle a few years earlier "chiefly by the labour of their own hands" and stood on a Twenty-three acre farm cut out of his grandfather's larger estate. . . . Map (db m85967) HM
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