“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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By Tim Carr, January 23, 2010
Heritage Park Marker
1Alabama (Autauga County), Prattville — Heritage Park
Located within Daniel Pratt Historic District, this park overlooks Autauga Creek and the manufacturing complex around which this New England style village developed. Daniel Pratt founded Prattville in 1839, and patterned the town after those of his . . . — Map (db m27958) HM
2Alabama (Baldwin County), Fairhope — Land, Capital, Labor
Land “The Source of all wealth” Henry George 1839-1897 Taxes applied to the source are an inducement to use the land wisely These parks donated by Fairhope Single Tax Corporation September 29, 1931 Capital “The . . . — Map (db m128893) HM
3Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — Here ends the Alabama Scenic River Trail
Historic 650 miles Water Route along the Coosa, Alabama and Mobile Rivers _________ Beginning on the Coosa River at the Alabama-Georgia State Line Established 2007 — Map (db m122443) HM
4Alabama (Baldwin County), Orange Beach — Romar Beach
Romar Beach began as a large homestead property with three miles of beachfront spanning from Gulf State Park to Hwy 161 in Orange Beach. The original property now covers only 480 feet. It was a true homestead and the owners were required to ‘till . . . — Map (db m122463) HM
5Alabama (Bibb County), Brierfield — Hayes-Morton House
Wilson Hayes constructed this typical farm house for his wife and six children just south of Six Mile around 1900. After he moved to Oklahoma c. 1915, his daughter Ollie and her husband Levert Rotenberry lived in the home until 1928. Between 1928 . . . — Map (db m37136) HM
6Alabama (Bibb County), Brierfield — Sunshine & Dorothy Morton HouseBrierfield Iron Works Historical State Park
Originally located off Patton Chapel Road in what is today Hoover, Alabama, the Sunshine and Dorothy Morton house was moved to the Brierfield Park in March 2005 by the Morton family and restored over the next two years by restoration specialist . . . — Map (db m37177) HM
7Alabama (Calhoun County), Oxford — Better Understandings, New Friendships — Choccolocco Park Interpretive Trail —
In 2007, the City of Oxford began planning what is today known as Choccolocco Park. Discoveries at the site identified the presence of the humans inhabiting this land as early as 10,000 years ago. Oxford undertook an archaeological investigation . . . — Map (db m144980) HM
8Alabama (Calhoun County), Oxford — Caver-Christian-Davis FarmAD 1832 to AD 1865 — Choccolocco Park Interpretive Trail —
Choccolocco Park is located on land that was farmed by the Caver, Christian and Davis families from 1840 until the late twentieth century. During the Great Depression, the farm was documented by the Historic American Building Survey. The subjects . . . — Map (db m145025) HM
9Alabama (Calhoun County), Oxford — Welcome to the Choccolocco ParkInterpretive Trail
The interpretive trail winds through what was once the 19th century Muscogee (Creek) Nation town of Choccolocco. Archaeologists have found evidence that Native Americans began coming to this place about 8,000 BC and the establishment of long-term . . . — Map (db m145097) HM
10Alabama (Cherokee County), Cedar Bluff — Cornwall Furnace Memorial Park
The furnace was constructed 1862-1863 by the Nobles Brothers Foundry from Rome, GA using financing from the Confederate States of America. Slave labor was used to dig a half mile canal upstream to the Chattooga River, which powered the airblast. A . . . — Map (db m156261) HM
11Alabama (Dallas County), Cahaba — Missing Pieces
"We by-and-by discovered...a pair of those splendid birds, the Ivory-billed Woodpeckers (Picus principalis). They were engaged in rapping some tall dead pines, in a dense part of the forest, which rang with their loud notes." . . . — Map (db m112801) HM
12Alabama (Hale County), Moundville — Moundville Archaeological ParkAlabama Indigenous Mound Trail
I do not think in the Southern States there is a group of Mounds to compare to Moundville, in the arrangement and state of preservation of the mounds. - Clarence B. Moore, amateur archaeologist, 1910 Spanning more than . . . — Map (db m144745) HM
13Alabama (Jackson County), Estillfork — Walls of Jericho
Nature preserve, recreation area, and wildlife management area. This tract was protected and made available for public recreation through the efforts of the Alabama forever wild land trust. The Alabama state lands division of the department of . . . — Map (db m145464)
14Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Building The ParkVisiting the Park — Restoring Vulcan Park —
Side 1 - Building the Park In the mid-1930’s, civic leaders worked to move Vulcan to a place of honor on Red Mountain. The park was built through the combined efforts of several groups: the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham, the Birmingham Parks . . . — Map (db m83807) HM
15Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — East Lake Park
East Lake was planned in 1886 by the East Lake Land Company to help sell home sites to the men who came in the 1870's to work in Birmingham's steel industry. First named Lake Como, after the lake in the Italian Alps, it soon came to be called East . . . — Map (db m83828) HM
16Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Forest Park
A residential district extending from the crest of Red Mountain to the floor of Jones Valley with roads built along natural land contours. Birmingham real estate promoter and civic leader, Robert Jemison, Jr., began development as Mountain Terrace . . . — Map (db m26983) HM
17Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — The Cascade
One popular element of the park’s original design was a water feature known as the cascade. Cascading fountains were important features in formal European gardens. Their terraced pools and waterfalls animated the landscape with the sounds and . . . — Map (db m83857) HM
18Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — The Works Progress Administration
The WPA (Works Progress Administration) funded the design and construction of Vulcan Park in the late 1930s. This was done in conjunction with the Alabama Highway Department’s improvement of U.S. Highway 31, the major north/south route that runs . . . — Map (db m69022) HM
19Alabama (Jefferson County), Hoover — The Park Avenue Historical District
51 Structures, 70% residential, built early 20th century to post World War II period. The 1885 sale of Gardner Hale’s land began the housing development. The 33 acre 1924 Independent Presbyterian Church Children’s Fresh Air Farm, 1923 Bluff . . . — Map (db m28518) HM
20Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Deibert Park-dedicated May 25, 2000-
This park was donated to the people of Florence by Dr. Kirk R. and Lillian Cook Deibert who initially acquired this property in 1952. The acreage was once a part of a large ante-bellum plantation owned by Judge Sidney Cherry Posey. In 1875 his heirs . . . — Map (db m33086) HM
21Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — McFarland Park and Recreation Area
This bottom land serves as a reservoir for TVA's flood control program. Florence leases it for recreational purposes when not being used by TVA. Major Robert McFarland, a native of Ireland, his wife, Kate Armstead McFarland, and their seven . . . — Map (db m28453) HM
22Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Woodrow Wilson Park1818
This park, first designated as a Public Walk, was laid out as part of the original plans of Florence in 1818. On February 20, 1924, the Board of City Commissioners officially changed its name from City Park to Woodrow Wilson Park in honor of the . . . — Map (db m35665) HM
23Alabama (Lowndes County), White Hall — Holy Ground Battlefield
One of the significant battles of the Creek War of 1813-14 occurred near here on December 23, 1813. The 3rd Regiment, U.S. Infantry forces under the command of General F. L. Claiborne attacked a band of Creek Indians. Called "Holy Ground" by Creeks . . . — Map (db m116890) HM
24Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — C.B. "Bill" Miller Bridge
C.B. "Bill" Miller, of Miller and Miller, Inc., had a positive impact in all areas of the transportation industry across the State of Alabama. He has erected bridges, railroads, parks, pedestrian walks, airports, drainage, wastewater facilities, . . . — Map (db m54247) HM
25Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Dallas (Optimist) Park / (Dallas) Optimist Park
Dallas (Optimist) Park 1928-1949 Built in 1928, Dallas Park served as the baseball field for the Dallas Mill teams coached by H.E. "Hub” Myhand, who came to Huntsville in 1927 as physical director for Dallas Manufacturing Co. Until the . . . — Map (db m154279) HM
26Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Goldsmith-Schiffman Field
On January 25, 1934, Oscar Goldsmith, Lawrence B. Goldsmith, Annie Schiffman Goldsmith, Robert L. Schiffman, and Strauss Schiffman gave this property to the City of Huntsville for an athletic field. The gift was in memory of Betty Bernstein . . . — Map (db m130148) HM
27Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — Crown & Scepter of Isabel
The first and only replica of the Crown & Scepter of Queen Isabella and casks of earth from her place of birth, Madrical, Old Castile, and her place of interment, the Basilica at Granada, reside here, gifts from her beloved Granada. The originals . . . — Map (db m154246) HM
28Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — Hernando de SotoC 1500-1542
Adventurer Soldier Dreamer. The first to bring the influence of Spain, its laws, its culture to Alabama. This is an original concept in stone of DeSoto. Vicinte Rodilla Zanón of Valencia • Sculptor 1967 • — Map (db m154241) HM
29Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — Isabel La Catolica1451-1504
“Columbus, I lent you my jewels so you could buy your ships: the only ornaments I have are the violets from the hills.” This statue, a gift from the Spanish Cultural Institute, stood in the Spanish Pavilion at the New York World’s Fair. . . . — Map (db m154242) HM
30Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — Memorial Park
Side 1 Dedicated on March 21, 1926, near what was then the western city limits of Mobile, the park made possible by the Mothers' Army and Navy League, a volunteer women's group organized in the city during the Great War. Fundraising for Memorial . . . — Map (db m149322) HM
31Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — Mobile's Spanish Fountain(Fuente de España)
The design of this fountain was inspired by famous fountains of Spain designed by one of the great fountain designers of the world, Buigas of Barcelona. Friendship Arches (Arcos de la Amistad)These Arches of Friendship and the ten colorful . . . — Map (db m154240) HM
32Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — St. John's Episcopal Church
St. John’s Episcopal Church, established and built in 1855, stood at the northwest corner of this block, its rectory adjacent. Between 1860 and 1870, the Church Home, an orphanage and school consisting of three buildings, was constructed. This was . . . — Map (db m123443) HM
33Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — The Little ColtLittle Colt of Córdoba — (Potro de Córdoba) —
(2010 marker inscription) Damaged in 1979 during Hurricane Frederic, The Little Colt was basically lost to the city until 2001 when it was retrieved from a private warehouse. The Wayne D. McRae Philanthropic Fund provided funding to Main . . . — Map (db m154239) HM
34Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Historic Sites Near Fairview Environmental Park
Role of MIA The Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) was founded on December 5, 1955, to implement the 382-day Montgomery Bus Boycott that jumpstarted the 20th-century Civil Rights Movement. The MIA, as its name suggests, remains dedicated . . . — Map (db m129484) HM
35Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Lower Dexter Park
History Happened Here The City of Montgomery built this public park on one of the lots occupied by the Montgomery Fair Department Store. Rosa Parks was an assistant to the tailor for Montgomery Fair. On December 1, 1955, Mrs. Parks . . . — Map (db m121435) HM
36Alabama (Morgan County), Decatur — Beauty and HopeRestoring the Vision...Preserving The Legacy
"This section lying between Sixth Avenue and Eighth Avenue will provide the central beautification theme as it will evolve into a beautiful elevated rose garden with 2,000 selected roses planted at vantage points... the color ensemble, when . . . — Map (db m86480) HM
37Alabama (Morgan County), Decatur — Carolyn Cortner SmithFemale Architect Pioneer / Designed Delano Park Structures
Born in 1894 in Normandy, Tennessee, Carolyn Cortner was raised in the Courtland area of Lawrence County, Alabama. She attended Ward-Belmont College in Tennessee. She married Wilburn Smith in 1912. She did not attend formal architecture school . . . — Map (db m27814) HM
38Alabama (Morgan County), Decatur — Our HistoryU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service — Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge —
1838 Trail of Tears: The discovery of gold in Georgia and thirst for land expansion prompted the U.S. Government and white communities to force the Cherokee nation from their ancestral lands. During the summer and winter of 1838, the first . . . — Map (db m113290) HM
39Alabama (Pike County), Troy — Janice Hawkins Park"An excellent wife is the crown of her husband."Proverbs 12:4 —
Janice Hawkins Park was named in honor of the First Lady of Troy University, a devoted wife and loving mother, whose work benefited Troy in the fine arts, service to students, internationalization of the University, and support of military veterans. . . . — Map (db m111581) HM
40Alabama (St. Clair County), Ashville — Dalco Obed Langston
This park was dedicated on May 15, 1990 to D. O. Langston for his service to the town of Ashville, his support for senior citizens, and his enduring impact on our community. A native of Oakvale, Mississippi, Mr. Langston was born in 1904 and died . . . — Map (db m156372) HM
41Alabama (Tuscaloosa County), Tuscaloosa — 1 — Capitol ParkTuscaloosa Civil Rights History Trail
As you look at the ruins of the former Alabama State Capitol, it may be difficult to realize that the building stood at the center of debates over freedom and liberty. Until the end of the Civil War, Alabama and Tuscaloosa were centers of . . . — Map (db m144856) HM
42Alabama (Tuscaloosa County), Tuscaloosa — Medeiros PointIn Honor of Captain Mike — June 5th, 1946 — December 9th, 2005 —
Mike Medeiros was affectionately known by the community as Captain Mike. Captain Mike always greeted his passengers on the Bama Belle Riverboat with energy, optimism and a desire to make their experience a wonderful memory. He was a role model for . . . — Map (db m156404) HM
43Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Arizonal Trail - A Tribute to Dale Shewalter
The idea of a non-motorized trail traversing Arizona from Mexico to Utah was conceived by Dale Shewalter, a Flagstaff public school teacher, after numerous long-distance hikes throughout the state. In 1985 Dale walked from Nogales to . . . — Map (db m121444) HM
44Arizona (Coconino County), Grand Canyon National Park — A Trail, a Camp, and a "Hermit"
Directly behind you, looking down into Hermit Canyon, you can see part of Hermit Trail and the remains of Hermit Camp. In 1911-12 the Santa Fe Railroad built both trail and camp to serve a blossoming tourist trade. Why did Santa Fe build here at . . . — Map (db m156999) HM
45Arizona (Coconino County), Grand Canyon National Park — Down Memory LaneGrand Canyon — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
You are standing on a section of the original Hermit Road, constructed in 1911-1913. It was a road ahead of its time, offering sweeping vistas and gentle grades, at a cost of $250,000 — an unheard of sum for such a short road. It was built for . . . — Map (db m157147) HM
46Arizona (Coconino County), Grand Canyon National Park — Hermit CampGrand Canyon — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
On the inner plateau, Hermit Camp has been built.... A skilled Chef is in charge of the dining room, where excellent meals are provided. It is camping out ‘deluxe.’ —1916 Hermit Camp postcard Deep in the canyon are faint signs of . . . — Map (db m156994) HM
47Arizona (Coconino County), Grand Canyon National Park — Hermit RoadGrand Canyon — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Today, most visitors will travel the Hermit Road by shuttle, but in 1912 when the road first opened, you would have traveled by horse or buggy. The Santa Fe Railway and U.S. Forest Service built the buggy road so early visitors had a choice in . . . — Map (db m157166) HM
48Arizona (Coconino County), Grand Canyon National Park — Horace M. AlbrightHorace M. Albright Trading Center — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Albright's contributions to the National Park Service can hardly be overstated. While working with the agency's first director, Stephen Mather, in the early years of the National Park Service, Horace Albright played a decisive role in guiding the . . . — Map (db m39600) HM
49Arizona (Coconino County), Grand Canyon Village — Spanish Discovery
Near here in late summer of 1540, soldiers from the Spanish expedition of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado became the first Europeans to see Grand Canyon. After journeying for six months, Coronado's army arrived at the Hopi mesas, east of Grand . . . — Map (db m125895) HM
50Arizona (Coconino County), Grand Canyon Village — Tragedy RememberedGrand Canyon
Catastrophe can happen even in spectacular beauty. When technological achievements and human actions fail, disasters may happen. On June 30, 1956, a United Airlines DC-7 and a TWA Super Constellation maneuvered around towering cumulus clouds on . . . — Map (db m124533) HM
51Arizona (Coconino County), Tusayan — The Tusayan Lookout TreeEarly Fire Detection on the Kaibab National Forest
The Tusayan Lookout Tree is an example of one of the earliest fire detection systems in American history. Early rangers were tasked with keeping the forest safe, especially from wild fire. With little funding and no staff, rangers would simply . . . — Map (db m141327) HM
52Arizona (Maricopa County), Chandler — Historic A. J. Chandler Park / The Chandler District Honor Roll
Side A: Historic A.J. Chandler Park The centerpiece of Dr. A.J. Chandler’s town design in 1912 was a large, rectangular central park. In the early years, this park was covered in Bermuda grass, trees, and included footbridges over . . . — Map (db m70980) HM WM
53Arizona (Maricopa County), Glendale — Murphy ParkEstablished 1909
Originally known as "The Park" or "City Park," Murphy Park has always been the center of downtown Glendale. The park's namesake, W. J. Murphy, established Glendale in 1892 and donated the park to the town in 1909. Residents protected the park as a . . . — Map (db m30432) HM
54Arizona (Maricopa County), Glendale — William J. MurphyFounder of Glendale
Born August 23, 1839 – New Harford, New York Died April 17, 1923 – Phoenix, Arizona Buried Greenwood Cemetery Murphy came to Arizona from Illinois in 1880, to build a section of the Atlantic and Pacific (Santa Fe) Railroad. In . . . — Map (db m30433) HM
55Arizona (Maricopa County), Phoenix — Eastlake Park
Peace Eastlake Park has served the inhabitants of Phoenix since the late 1880's. Originally known as Patton's Park, it was developed by the Phoenix Railway Company to serve as a recreational area for patrons of the city's trolley system. The . . . — Map (db m55058) HM
56Arizona (Maricopa County), Queen Creek — 1912 Parker Carousel
This carousel was purchased from Wally Scott, Elk River, Minnesota. He had it set up in the loft of his old barn. It was disassembled and moved to Schnepf Farms in 1999. It took three months to refurbish. This carousel is listed on the National . . . — Map (db m94477) HM
57Arizona (Maricopa County), Scottsdale — Frank Lloyd Wright and Arizona
Wright visited Arizona in 1927 when he was asked to consult on the designs for the Arizona Biltmore. In the years following that visit, Wright and draughtsmen spent time at temporary sites in Arizona including a desert camp they constructed near . . . — Map (db m40613) HM
58Arizona (Mohave County), Fredonia — A New National Monument — Pipe Spring National Monument —
I have personally visited Pipe Spring several times and realize the desirableness of having this area established as a National Monument for the benefit of motorists traveling between Zion and Grand Canyon Parks. —Director Stephen . . . — Map (db m149343) HM
59Arizona (Mohave County), Fredonia — Stephen Tyng MatherJuly 4, 1867 — Jan. 22, 1930
He laid the foundation of the National Park Service, defining and establishing the policies under which its areas shall be developed and conserved unimpaired for future generations. There will never come an end to the good that he has done. — Map (db m149341) HM
60Arizona (Mohave County), Kaibab — 5 — Pipe Springs National Monument
Established May 31, 1923 Through effort of Stephen T. Mather and friends Pipe Springs Occupied in 1863 by Dr. James M. Whitmore, who, with Robert McIntyre, was killed 4 miles S.E. Of here January 3, 1866 by Navajo and Piute . . . — Map (db m131296) HM
61Arizona (Mohave County), Kingman — Charles Metcalfe Park
Dedicated in Memory of Charles Metcalfe 1855-1943 He deeded in perpetuity this land as a park for the use of Kingman youth. Recognized as a civic leader and land developer, He proposed development of Hualapai Mountain Park. He held . . . — Map (db m29362) HM
62Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Pioneers of Paleontology
Petrified Forest is a laboratory where scientists study not only the fossil record, but the records of earlier discoveries by naturalists and paleontologists. Interest in the area’s fossils goes back to 1853, when a U.S. Army expedition . . . — Map (db m68873) HM
63Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Stephen Tyng MatherJuly. 4, 1867 - Jan.22, 1930
He laid the foundation of the National Park Service, defining and establishing the policies under which its areas shall be developed and conserved unimpaired for future generations. There will never come an end to the good that he has done. — Map (db m71151) HM
64Arizona (Navajo County), Shonto — Welcome to the Historic Contact StationNavajo National Monument — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
This contact station has served many purposes over the years, including an essential role as the monument’s first interpretive center. The Cook Shack The building was originally constructed in 1939 as a nine-by-twelve-foot cook shack for . . . — Map (db m144354) HM
65Arizona (Pinal County), Coolidge — Stephen Tyng MatherJuly 4, 1867 — Jan. 22, 1930
He laid the foundation of the National Park Service. Defining and establishing the policies under which its areas shall be developed and conserved unimpaired for future generations. There will never come an end to the good that he has done. — Map (db m27206) HM
66Arizona (Pinal County), Superior — What is the Story Behind the Picketpost House?... a wealthy man built a house and planted a vision
Colonel William Boyce Thompson was a mining promoter, financial magnate, and Red Cross officer. He fell in love with the Picketpost Mountain area when he first visited his Magma Copper Mine near Superior and chose this spot for his winter home. . . . — Map (db m117109) HM
67Arizona (Yavapai County), Jerome — Laura Williams Memorial Park
Laura Williams owned the antique museum which housed numerous artifacts from Jerome. Laura was one of the founding members of the Jerome Historical Society and served as the Secretary/Treasurer from 1953-1974. She was an employee of Newmont . . . — Map (db m33189) HM
68Arizona (Yavapai County), Prescott — City Park and Ballfield
Since 1908, the area of Prescott now known as Ken Lindley Field has been used as a public park and ballfield. The land was deeded to the City of Prescott by Charles T. and Ada M. Joslin in 1922. As Mrs. Joslin requested, the City later . . . — Map (db m21161) HM
69Arizona (Yavapai County), Prescott — Pioneer Trail and Monument
The Pioneer Trail was developed in 1932 to give access to the Pioneer Monument and commemorative plaque at the end of the trail. Improvements to the trail were completed in May 2019 as a joint project of the Yavapai Questers and Cole Ortagus' . . . — Map (db m151185) HM
70Arizona (Yuma County), Yuma — Prison LaborYuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park
Anything a prisoner could not make himself or barter for, he had to do without. As an inmate, forty-eight hours a week were spent working in the fields, quarry, adobe yard, or on assignment in a shop. Whether you needed a tin cup or a new . . . — Map (db m158293) HM
71Arizona (Yuma County), Yuma — Yuma East Wetlands TodayA Return to Balance
Restoration in Progress The Yuma East Wetlands (YEW) is an innovative restoration project pioneered by the Quechan Indian Tribe and the City of Yuma. The 1,418 acres of the YEW are comprised of native riparian wetland, and aquatic habitats . . . — Map (db m158390) HM
72Arkansas (Arkansas County), Arkansas Post — Stone from Ruins of Old Bank
This Stone Was Taken from Ruins of Old Bank, built at Arkansas Post, 1839. Arkansas Post State Park. Created by Act of Legislature 1929. Introduced by Ballard Deane, Representative, Arkansas County. Act . . . — Map (db m108550) HM
73Arkansas (Carroll County), Eureka Springs — Avarana
Resort home built 1899 by William Henry Reid of Chicago. Architect Theodore C. Link of St. Louis. Design reflects simplicity favored at end of Victorian era. Upper floors are wood with verandas on four sides. Lower floor is Beaver Limestone. In . . . — Map (db m80118) HM
74Arkansas (Carroll County), Eureka Springs — The Basin Park Sycamore
I stood here growing so many years, I shared your laughter, I shared your tears. My life was good, beginning to end, and this is a wish I'd like to send. Be happy and kind to all around, and let not sorrow be ever found. The spirit of . . . — Map (db m59971) HM
75Arkansas (Carroll County), Eureka Springs — The Crescent Hotel & Spa
May 20, 1886... America's newest and most luxurious hotel built at a cost of $294,000. It was two years ago that Powell Clayton and his associates chose the site of the new Crescent Hotel... twenty seven acres at the north end of West . . . — Map (db m80116) HM
76Arkansas (Carroll County), Eureka Springs — The Springs
"It is sometimes called The Basin Springs, and is invariably the first resort for visitors. If there is any one in the city you desire to find, if no other way, go to the Basin Springs, seat yourself comfortable, and await his coming." Prof. . . . — Map (db m63300) HM
77Arkansas (Garland County), Hot Springs — Bathhouse RowHot Springs National Park
The buildings along Bathhouse Row are the latest stage in a succession of bathhouses. In the 1830s Hot Springs’ earliest facilities were makeshift shelters perched over individual springs. Later, elaborate Victorian bathhouses flourished along . . . — Map (db m61774) HM
78Arkansas (Garland County), Hot Springs — Buckstaff BathhouseHot Springs National Park
From its opening the handsome Buckstaff Bathhouse aggressively promoted its image. To gain customers the owners mounted a huge sign on the roof to attract people from the large hotels a block away. Other bathhouses lost character as they modernized, . . . — Map (db m61793) HM
79Arkansas (Garland County), Hot Springs — Dead Chief Trail
After crossing the lower slopes of Hot Springs Mountain, this "red" trail connects with Gulpha Gorge Trail on a ridge above Gulpha Gorge Campground. The Short Cut Trail leads to the summit. Historic Exercise Trail For the next 0.2 mile . . . — Map (db m145671) HM
80Arkansas (Garland County), Hot Springs — Fordyce BathhouseHot Springs National Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Inspired by the spas of Europe, Colonel Samuel Fordyce opened this Renaissance Revival bathhouse in 1915. With its copper-framed glass marquee and elegant window design, the Fordyce reflects a crowning achievement of the Golden Age of Bathing. Its . . . — Map (db m61771) HM
81Arkansas (Garland County), Hot Springs — Happy Hollow
Other than the hot baths, hiking the mountain trails was the biggest reason for baseball players to train in Hot Springs. Much of the legendary stamina of pitching legends Cy Young, Walter Johnson, Babe Ruth, and Left Grove was forged by hiking the . . . — Map (db m145648) HM
82Arkansas (Garland County), Hot Springs — Happy Hollow Spring
Spas thrive on pleasant diversions. In contrast to sedate Bathhouse Row, Happy Hollow developed a a free-wheeling carnival atmosphere. At the turn of the century, Norman Mcleod opened an amusement park in the vicinity of this cold spring and . . . — Map (db m145652) HM
83Arkansas (Garland County), Hot Springs — Lamar BathhouseHot Springs National Park
The present masonry Lamar Bathhouse, completed in 1923, has a symmetrical, California style of architecture. The large lobby contains nostalgic murals of historic landscapes, and country scenes. Art Deco stairs, signs, and lights decorated the . . . — Map (db m61777) HM
84Arkansas (Garland County), Hot Springs — Ozark BathhouseHot Springs National Park
The mission style of the Ozark Bathhouse may relate to the claim that Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto visited the hot springs. The building’s twin towers are strictly decorative. On Bathhouse Row, the Quapaw, the Fordyce, and Hale Bathhouses, . . . — Map (db m61794) HM
85Arkansas (Garland County), Hot Springs — Peak Trail
The Peak Trail is a short, moderately steep route up Hot Springs Mountain. The summit has been a traditional site for observation towers. Unlike the 216-foot-high steel structure of today, the earliest wooden tower of the 1870s barely . . . — Map (db m145684) HM
86Arkansas (Garland County), Hot Springs — Ral Springs
This spring remained open long after others were enclosed and diverted to bathhouses. It was common for the water of each hot spring to have a reputation for curing particular ailments, and the shallow water in this pool led naturally to foot . . . — Map (db m145651) HM
87Arkansas (Garland County), Hot Springs — The BandstandHot Springs National Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
As you view the formal entrance to Hot Springs National Park today, several pieces of the original architectural design from the 1890s are no longer present. For example, a distinctive stone and wood pavilion called the Bandstand graced the top of . . . — Map (db m145650) HM
88Arkansas (Garland County), Hot Springs — Tufa Terrace Trail
The Tufa Terrace Trail passes historic Ral Spring and follows a fairly level path across the hillside before rejoining the Grand Promenade. From there you can stroll the Grand Promenade or descend past the Thermal Cascade to Arlington Lawn. . . . — Map (db m145670) HM
89Arkansas (Lawrence County), Powhatan — Powhatan Courthouse State ParkNortheast Arkansas Discovery Tour
In 1815 Lawrence County was formed from the Territory of Missouri. It became part of the Arkansas Territory in 1819 when Missouri became a state. Thirty-one other counties were formed from Lawrence County, giving it the name, "Mother of Counties." . . . — Map (db m155965) HM
90Arkansas (Logan County), Paris — Eiffel Tower ParkParis, Arkansas
Eiffel Tower Park was established in 2014 on the West side of the Paris town square. The Eiffel Tower was a gift to the city by a former resident and pastor, Don Eubanks. A 7 foot water feature with fountain was added to the 18 foot tower to . . . — Map (db m129685) HM
91Arkansas (Monroe County), Holly Grove — Life in the Swamp — Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park —
Before Lewis and Clark explored the Louisiana Territory in 1804, little was known about the land or the animals of this vast region. President Jefferson, interested in America's natural resources, instructed the expedition to collect specimens and . . . — Map (db m155194) HM
92Arkansas (Monroe County), Holly Grove — Louisiana Purchase State Park — Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park —
This park preserves and protects two of Arkansas's greatest heritages: The "initial point" of the 1815 Louisiana Territory land survey and one of the state's few "headwater" swamps. The elevated boardwalk allows for safe viewing of the park's . . . — Map (db m155180) HM
93Arkansas (Monroe County), Holly Grove — The Opening of the American West — Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park —
This point was established by survey on November 10, 1815 by U.S. Government survey teams led by Prospect Robbins and Joseph Brown. Recognizing the national significance of this Initial Point, the L'Anguille Chapter of the DAR sought placement of a . . . — Map (db m155200) HM
94Arkansas (Monroe County), Holly Grove — The Purchase: 1801-1803 — Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park —
President Thomas Jefferson learned Spain had ceded the Louisiana Territory back to France in early 1801. Fearing Napoleon would close the Mississippi to American trade, the President sent Ambassador Robert Livingston to Paris (September, 1801) to . . . — Map (db m155195) HM
95Arkansas (Monroe County), Holly Grove — The Survey: 1815 — Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park —
The official Survey of the Louisiana Territory was ordered in 1815 by President Madison to establish a system for distributing this land as payment to veterans of the War of 1812. Commissioned by the United States Government, Prospect K. Robbins and . . . — Map (db m155197) HM
96Arkansas (Monroe County), Holly Grove — The Swamp — Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park —
Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park is situated in an unusual habitat — a "headwater" swamp. This swamp differs greatly from the more common "backwater" swamps. Found within the floodplain zones of large streams and rivers, backwater swamps . . . — Map (db m155188) HM
97Arkansas (Monroe County), Holly Grove — Two Lines Mark the Future of the United States — Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park —
The stone marker behind you marks the 'Initial Point' for the survey of the Louisiana Purchase Territory. The east-west Baseline and the north-south line, the Fifth Principal Meridian, are fundamental in land transactions throughout the western . . . — Map (db m155199) HM
98Arkansas (Phillips County), Helena — Explore our Top Outdoor Destinations
The Mississippi River defines Helena The Mississippi River has for centuries been the backbone of life in Helena; fertilizing its soil, supporting its farms and businesses, connecting people and cultures. Despite this rich history, there is . . . — Map (db m107810) HM
99Arkansas (Pulaski County), North Little Rock — The Old Mill at T. R. Pugh Memorial Park
Dedicated August 6, 1933, as Pugh's Memorial Park, the Old Mill is a replica of an abandoned water-powered grist mill that would have been used by Arkansas pioneers in the 1800s. Although the Old Mill never actually operated as a mill, the iron . . . — Map (db m53181) HM
100California (Alameda County), Alameda — 1890 Seawall
This plaque marks the location of an 1890 seawall on the Alameda shoreline. Behind you are the stairs where bathers went down to the beach. The wall was built by architect Joseph A. Leonard, who constructed many homes here during the 1890s. . . . — Map (db m62215) HM

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