“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Pierce County Washington Historical Markers

The Historical Carbonado Saloon and Marker image, Touch for more information
By Amber Pries - Saloon Owner, April 21, 2012
The Historical Carbonado Saloon and Marker
Washington (Pierce County), Carbonado — The Historical Carbonado Saloon
This structure was a close relative to the Carbon Hill Coal Company’s brick store that sat directly across from it on Pershing Avenue. Right around 1880, this building held Carbonado’s first Post Office. It’s known that a barber shop once inhabited . . . — Map (db m54791) HM
Washington (Pierce County), DuPont — Global War on Terrorism Memorial — City of DuPont
Tablet #1 On September 11, 2001, nineteen Al-Qaeda terrorists attacked the United States homeland. In less than 4 hours they killed nearly 3,000 men, women and children. Countless extraordinary Americans answered the call to defend this . . . — Map (db m40169) WM
Washington (Pierce County), DuPont — Ross Memorial
Named in honor of M/Sgt Wilburn K. Ross who was awarded the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty on 30 October 1944 near St. Jacques, France. After his unit, Company G, 30th Infantry, 3rd . . . — Map (db m40170) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Elbe — Elbe Evangelische Lutherische Kirche — Elbe Lutheran Church
The Elbe Lutheran congregation was founded in 1893 by settlers from Germany. For the first 13 years, services were held in members' homes and the town hall. Elbe Evangelische Lutherische Kirche was built in 1906. The building's dimensions are 18 . . . — Map (db m129483) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Greenwater — Mud on the Move — Osceola Mudflow — Mather Memorial Parkway —
Mud on the Move. Along with lava and ash, the volcanically active Mount Rainier has contributed thick flows of mud from its sides and summit. One of the largest mudflows occurred about 5,800 years ago sending thick rivers of mud down the White . . . — Map (db m84414) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Greenwater — Why is the River White? — Scenic Skookum Falls — Mather Memorial Parkway —
Why is the River White? Particles the size and color of plaster dust give the White River its distinctive pale hue. These particles are what geologists call “glacial flour”—a fitting name for the pulverized rock from the . . . — Map (db m84396) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Lakewood — Lakewood Veterans Memorial — Dedicated on Memorial Day, May 26, 2003
In honor of the men and women who served in the armed forces of the United States of America. They served, and many sacrificed their lives, not only to preserve the freedoms which we enjoy today, but to bring freedom to people and nations . . . — Map (db m41552) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Lakewood — Military Road
Side A 1852Congress appropriated $20,000 for a military road from Fort Steilacoom to Fort Walla Walla. The road was made passable 1885. Side B Supplementing the appropriation made by congress citizens helped build the military . . . — Map (db m28032) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Lakewood — Western State Hospital Historical Cemetery, 1876-1953
Over 3,200 psychiatric patients from Western State Hospital were buried here from 1876 to 1953. Since then, burial has been elsewhere. The graves are marked with numbers for privacy reasons and the stigma of mental illness. These people worked on . . . — Map (db m28029) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — 36th Airlift Squadron Memorial
36 ALS In memory of our thirteen airmen who lost their lives 30 November 1992 65-0255 Capt Edward D Parent Jr • Capt Banks E Wilkinson • Capt Kevin M Maquire 8ALS • 1st Lt Edward H Hoyle III • TSgt Peter L Osterfeld • SSgt Monte L Bissett • . . . — Map (db m44249) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — Beechcraft UC-45J Expeditor — Bu. No. 89484 — "Twin Beech" —
The C-45 was developed from the Beech Model 18 civil transport which first flew on 15 January 1937. The USAAF placed orders for its first aircraft in 1940, acquiring nearly 1300 of the Beech 18s modified for various missions. These included light . . . — Map (db m43924) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — Convair F-102A Delta Dagger — S/N 56-1515 — "Duce" —
On 13 December 1956, McChord's 325th FW's 317th FIS upon receiving their first F-102, was the base's first fighter squadron to go "supersonic". the 325th's other squadron, the 318th FIS would receive their first F-102 one year later. In an effort to . . . — Map (db m42735) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — Convair F-106A Delta Dart — S/N 56-0459 — "Six" —
F-106A S/N 56-0459 was the primary aircraft flown during USAF's World Speed Record operation named "Project Firewall". Piloting another F-106, Capt. Joe Rogers set the record of 1595.95 MPH on 15 December 1959, a record that stands today for a . . . — Map (db m42731) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — Douglas B-18A Bolo — S/N 37-505 — First McChord Based Aircraft Type —
The Douglas B-18 was a military adaptation of the company's DC-2 airliner sharing a similar powerplant, wing and tail designs. Although obsolete by the end of 1941, the number of aircraft available made B-18s the most important long-range bomber in . . . — Map (db m43914) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — Douglas B-23 Dragon — S/N 39-036
In 1938, the Douglas Aircraft Co. developed the B-23 Dragon to rectify the shortcomings of its B-18 Bolo. the B-23 Dragon featured upgraded engines, a considerably refined fuselage, and a tail gun position not found in the B-18. Beginning in early . . . — Map (db m43915) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — Douglas C-124C Globemaster II — "Old Shakey" — S/N 52-0994 —
The C-124 on display completed the last flight of a Globemaster II on its delivery from Willow Run Airport, MI to McChord AFB on 09 October 1986. C-124's were assigned to the base from 1951 - 1969. Proudly maintained by the McChord Air Museum — Map (db m43918) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — Douglas TC-47D Skytrain — S/N 44-76502 — "Gooney Bird" —
The C-47 first entered service in 1941 and became the backbone of the U.S. Army Air Forces airlift capability during World War II. Between 1942-1945, C-47s helped the 62d Troop Carrier Group make their mark on the front lines of North Africa and . . . — Map (db m43916) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — F-16 Fighting Falcon
This F-16 protected our nation's capitol on September 11, 2001 Dedicated to the men and women who defend America's skies May 21, 2008 — Map (db m43921) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — Fairchild C-82A Packet — S/N 48-57574
In 1946, the 62d Troop Carrier Group received their first C-82s while stationed at Bergstrom TX in 1946. The unit would later move to McChord AFB on August 15, 1947. The 62d gained valuable experience during "Project Yukon" as operation that . . . — Map (db m43917) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — Fairchild Republic A-10A Thunderbolt II — S/N 75-0270 — "Warthog" —
On 05 January 1993, the 354th Fighter Squadron "Bulldogs" activated at McChord AFB, geographically separated from their parent unit, the 355th Wing, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. While at McChord, the 354th flew over 15,000 sorties in 11 deployments to . . . — Map (db m42734) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — Loadmasters Memorial
In Memory of all Loadmasters — Map (db m44247) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star — S/N 58-2106 — "T-Bird" —
The T-33 was a familiar sight at McChord for almost 40 years, flying lastly with the 318th FIS until the T-33 retirement on 04 February 1988. T-33's were used for instrument training, certification or requalification of pilots, simulated targets for . . . — Map (db m42954) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — Lockheed-Georgia C-141B Starlifter — "Tacoma Starlifter" — S/N 65-000277 —
The "Tacoma Starlifter" was the first C-141 assigned to 62d Military Airlift Wing on 05 August 1966. McChord AFB active and reserve units flew the C-141's from the base between 1966-2001. Proudly maintained by the McChord Air Museum — Map (db m43919) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — McDonnell CF-101F Voodoo — S/N 101022 — "One-Oh-Wonder" —
The Royal Canadian Air Forces 409th Fighter Squadron based at Comox B.C. began replacing their worn CF-100s with CF-101s in mid 1961. While assigned to the 25th NORAD Region, the 409th FS "Nighthawks" commitment in the defense of the Pacific . . . — Map (db m42733) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle — S/N 76-0048 — "Eagle" —
On 10 June 1983 McChord's 318th FIS received its first F-15 replacing the units venerable F-106. The 318th "Green Dragons" captured the 1984 Hughes Achievement Trophy, presented to USAF's Top Fighter Squadron. In 1989, plans to convert the 318th FIS . . . — Map (db m42732) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — North American F-86D Sabre — S/N 52-3669 — "Sabre Dog" —
The first operational F-86D entered USAF Squadron service in March of 1951, with McChord's 317th FIS, and the 465th FIS receiving their first aircraft in 1953. The 465th FIS was later redesignated as the 318th FIS on 18 August 1955 under . . . — Map (db m42953) HM
Washington (Pierce County), McChord AFB — POW/MIA Memorial
Sculpture plaque Dedicated to All Former Prisoners of War by Christmastown U.S.A. Chapter American Ex-Prisoners of War Shelton, Washington 1999 Left Tablet Code of Conduct {This tablet was not transcribed or photographed, but can . . . — Map (db m44246) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Orting — McMillin Bridge — Puyallup River • 1934 • Washington
A testament to the durability of concrete bridges. The McMillin Bridge is the only structure of its kind in the world. This through truss bridge, which is designed for longer spans and heavier loads, has a truly unique configuration. The . . . — Map (db m142033) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Paradise — An Ancient Community — Mount Ranier National Park
Enter an ancient forest and find yourself sheltered by giant trees reaching more than 200 feet into the sky. Western hemlock and western red-cedar, some as old as 850 years, are the dominant trees in Mount Rainier’s old-growth lowland forests. These . . . — Map (db m62156) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Paradise Inn — Paradise Inn
Advertised as a place "where the flowers and the glaciers meet,” Paradise Inn opened on July 4, 1917. Here tourists arrived wearing long skirts and woolen traveling suits, "seeking a renewal of spirit in the vast world out-of-doors.” . . . — Map (db m129378) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Paridise Inn — A Recovering Forest — Mount Rainier National Park
Does this forest look different than the forest on the other side of the river? Multiple mudflows have raced down Mount Rainier’s slopes snapping off trees like toothpicks. When the mud stopped flowing, it set like concrete over tree roots, . . . — Map (db m70743) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Paridise Inn — Changing Course — Mount Rainier National Park
Not long ago, the waters of Kautz Creek filled this creek bed. Today only a small stream flows here. Kautz Creek has moved. Along with record rainfall, early November 2006 brought debris flows to several areas of the park. Not far from here, . . . — Map (db m70744) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Paridise Inn — Inspired to Preserve — Mount Rainier National Park
Since the early 1900s people have parked at this site to get an exceptional view of Mount Rainier. The park road was designed to harmonize with the landscape and take advantage of spectacular vistas like this one. The surrounding scenery has . . . — Map (db m70745) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Paridise Inn — Kautz Creek Nature Trail — Mount Rainier National Park
Along this short trail, discover clues to one of the most powerful geologic forces that has shaped Mount Rainier. Mudflows have thundered down this valley, topping trees, damaging bridges and leaving behind thick layers of mud and debris. . . . — Map (db m70742) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Puyallup — Old Oregon Trail
Front of Marker: Monument Expedition Camp One 29 Jan 1906 Left Side of Marker: This stone is donated by Gregory L. Meeker Cousin to Ezra In honor of Bobby and Helen Meeker who taught their son the love of . . . — Map (db m39786) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Steilacoom — Two-Story Log House — Just South — Erected 1852 —
First School Session North of Columbia (River) -1854 Refuge During Indian War 1855-56 Occupied by families of Rev. J.F. Devore 1853 Abram Woolery 1854 Sherwood Bonney 1854-1856 — Map (db m28031) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Tacoma — Alice Maude Smith, M.D. — 1867 - 1938
Despite the attempted interference by her physician peers, Dr. Alice Maude Smith came to Tacoma from Chicago in 1898 where she built a successful practice. — Map (db m99341) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Tacoma — Emma Smith Devoe — 1848 - 1927
Emma Smith Devoe moved to Tacoma in 1905. She was President of the Washington Equal Suffrage Association and worked constantly to win the women's right to vote. — Map (db m99340) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Tacoma — Ester Allstrum — 1873 - 1917
Ester Allstrum was a well respected Tacoma food inspector. National magazines recognized her as "the woman who has made Tacoma famous for its model food ordinance" — Map (db m99473) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Tacoma — Fannie C. Paddock — 1831 - 1881
Fannie Paddock moved from New York to Tacoma to build Tacoma's first hospital. Fannie died on her trip to Tacoma, but in 1882 the Fannie C. Paddock Memorial Hospital was dedicated. — Map (db m99339) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Tacoma — Jennie Jones — 1888 - 1963
A teacher at Grant Elementary for 37 years, Miss Jones' teaching style was ahead of its time using imaginative art and exploration. She developed close relationships with her students. — Map (db m99471) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Tacoma — Nettie Asberry — 1865 - 1968
In 1883 Nettie Asberry earned her doctorate degree in music. She helped establish the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Tacoma in the early 1900's. — Map (db m99329) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Tacoma — Ten Inch Shell From U.S.S. Maine
The Property of John R. Thompson Camp Number One United Spanish War Veterans Tacoma — Map (db m56347) HM
Washington (Pierce County), Wilkeson — Wilkeson Eagles Building 100th Anniversary
On this Hundredth year of the Wilkeson Eagles Building we dedicate this plaque to all the Fraternal Orders that have called it home. We also want to recognize the past and present members of these groups that have helped preserve it in posterity. . . . — Map (db m48994) HM

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