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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Jewish Merchants/Jewish Life Marker image, Touch for more information
By Jane Ruschky, April 19, 2017
Jewish Merchants/Jewish Life Marker
1South Carolina, Orangeburg County, Orangeburg — 38-41 — Jewish Merchants/Jewish Life
(side 1) Jewish Merchants Russell St., historic hub of Orangeburg's commercial life, was home to Jewish merchants for over 160 years. German Jews began settling in Orangeburg in the 1830s, followed in the next century by Eastern . . . Map (db m103381) HM

2Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, Antigua Guatemala — Anne Frank Children's Human Rights Memorial
De los 6 millones de Judíos asesinados durante el Holocausto, entre 1939 a 1945, 1.5 millones eran niños. Ana Frank fue una entre todos ellos. “A pesar de todo, sigo creyendo que las personas son realmente buenas de corazón”. Ana Frank . . . Map (db m190723) HM WM
3United Kingdom, England, Greater London, City of London — Children of the Kindertransport
In gratitude to the people of Britain for saving the lives of 10,000 unaccompanied mainly Jewish children who fled from Nazi persecution in 1938 and 1939. “Whosoever rescues a single soul is credited as though they had saved the whole . . . Map (db m117258) HM
4United Kingdom, England, Greater London, City of London — Hope Square
. . . Map (db m117259) HM
5Iowa, Lee County, Keokuk — First Permanent Jewish House of Worship in IowaB'nai Israel Congregation
Jews have been part of the social, economic and cultural life of Iowa since the early 19th century. It was not until 1855 that the Jewish population in Keokuk grew large enough to establish a religious community, Congregation B’nai Israel ( . . . Map (db m27084) HM
6Maine, Penobscot County, Bangor — Site of First Permanent Jewish House of Worship in Maine
Site of First Permanent Jewish House of Worship in the State of Maine Congregation Beth Israel, 1897Map (db m40493) HM
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7Maryland, Baltimore, Downtown — Baltimore's Holocaust MemorialDedicated October 6, 1997
Recalling the elaborate rail system used during the Holocaust to transport millions of people to their deaths, the concrete monoliths symbolize two abandoned rail cars. Haunting messages, written by a survivor, are the only freight these rail . . . Map (db m183360) HM
8Mississippi, Adams County, Natchez — Temple B'Nai IsraelEstablished 1843
Jewish Americans have been part of Mississippi’s economic, social and political life since the 1780’s. In 1843, the Jewish community of Natchez grew large enough to organize and sustain the state’s first permanent religious congregation, Temple . . . Map (db m79345) HM
9Nebraska, Douglas County, Omaha, Park East Inc. — Congregation of Israel - 1884
Jews have been part of Nebraska’s social, economic and political life since the mid 1800’s. It was not until 1871 that the small Jewish community in Omaha grew large enough to organize and formally found Congregation of Israel. On Sept. . . . Map (db m40743) HM
10Oklahoma, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma City, Central Oklahoma City — Temple B'Nai Israel(Children of Israel) — First Permanent Jewish House of Worship in Oklahoma —
Jews have lived in Oklahoma since the mid 19th century. In 1903, Jews in Oklahoma City organized Temple B'Nai Israel. During its first few years, the congregation met at several local churches. The synagogue, located at 50 Broadway Circle, was . . . Map (db m134144) HM
11South Carolina, Richland County, Columbia, Midtown - Downtown — 40-191 — Beth Shalom Cemetery
In 1883 members of Columbia’s Jewish community founded the Hebrew Cemetery Society of Columbia as an alternative to the Hebrew Benevolent Society’s cemetery, which had been established in 1822. The organization purchased a 4-acre tract bounded by . . . Map (db m123490) HM
12South Carolina, Richland County, Columbia, Midtown - Downtown — 40-193 — Beth Shalom Synagogue
Side 1 In 1905 disagreements over religious practices divided members of Columbia’s Tree of Life Synagogue. Jews embracing Orthodoxy formed a new synagogue, which they named Beth Shalom (House of Peace). Meetings were held in a private home . . . Map (db m123492) HM
13South Carolina, Richland County, Columbia, Shandon — 40-192 — Tree of Life Synagogue
In 1896 members of 18 Jewish families assembled to worship at the Independent Fire Company’s station overlooking Sidney Park. Organized as Etz Chayim (Tree of Life), this group’s members embraced Judaism’s Reform branch or liberal movement. In 1907, . . . Map (db m123491) HM
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14Delaware, Kent County, Viola — KC-58 — Immigrant Jewish Farmers
Delaware’s first Jewish farmers, Isaac and Ida Beinoff, settled here in 1897. Like those to follow, they were recent immigrants fleeing poverty and oppression in their native Russia. Between 1912 and 1929, the Jewish Agriculture Society, based in . . . Map (db m142529) HM

15Spain, Cataluña, Barcelona, El Call — C5 — El Call: Rabbi Samuel Ha-Sardi Stone — Medieval Jewish Quarter, 12th-14th centuries —
First panel, in Hebrew: הקדש רבי שמואל הסרדי נבת Second panel, in . . . Map (db m142385) HM
16Tennessee, Shelby County, Memphis, Downtown Memphis — Congregation B'Nai Israel(Children of Israel) — First Permanent Jewish House of Worship in Tennessee —
Jews have been part of Tennessee’s economic, social and political life since the late 18th century. Congregation Children of Israel, chartered by the State of Tennessee, March 2, 1854, rented and eventually purchased a building near this site at . . . Map (db m84648) HM

17Germany, Hamburg, Eimsbüttel — Platz der Jüdischen Deportierten[Place of the Jewish Deportees]
Im Jahre 1933 lebten in Hamburg 24.000 Juden. Hier begann der Weg tausender jüdischer Bürger Hamburgs, der in den Vernichtungslagern des Nazi-Regimes endete. [English translation:] In 1933, 24,000 Jewish . . . Map (db m140236) HM
18Spain, Cataluña, Barcelona, El Call — C7 — El Call: Carrer de L'Arc de San Ramon del CallMedieval Jewish Quarter, 12th-14th centuries
(Catalan:) Segueix la línia interior del mur romà. No tenia sortida al carrer del Call, i, per un pont elevat, es comunicava directament amb el Castell Nou, una fortalesa medieval construïda sobre la porta romana. . . . Map (db m142352) HM
19Spain, Cataluña, Barcelona, El Call — C6 — El Call: Carrer de Sant DomènecMedieval Jewish Quarter, 12th-14th centuries
(Catalan:) Carrer principal del Call, on es concentraven la Sinagoga Major, la carnisseria i les cases dels membres més importants de la comunitat. En un extrem hi havia el portal d'accés al barri. - . . . Map (db m142358) HM
20Spain, Cataluña, Barcelona, El Call — C2 — El Call: Carrer de Sant HonoratMedieval Jewish Quarter, 12th-14th centuries
(Catalan:) El Call Major. Barri jueu medieval, segles XII-XIV Carrer de Sant Honorat Límit est del barri. A l'extrem hi havia un dels portals d'accés al Call i, en un carreró ara desaparegut, la font, la . . . Map (db m141496) HM
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21Spain, Cataluña, Barcelona, El Call — C3 — El Call: Carrer de Sant SeverMedieval Jewish Quarter, 12th-14th centuries
(Catalan:) Límit nord del Call. A la dreta limitava amb els dominis episcopals i a l'esquerra estava tallat pel mur romà. No s'obrí fins a final del segle XIV, vers el carrer de la Palla. . . . Map (db m142359) HM
22Spain, Cataluña, Barcelona, El Call — C4 — El Call: Placeta de Manuel RibéMedieval Jewish Quarter, 12th-14th centuries
(English:) Modern square in the centre of the old Call. The Call was the quarter inhabited by the Jewish community in medieval Barcelona. The word Call means narrow street. The community was called Aljama and . . . Map (db m141161) HM
23United Kingdom, England, Cornwall, Penzance — Albert ReussAustrian Jewish Artist
Remembering Austrian Jewish Artist Albert Reuss and his devoted wife Rosa nee Feinstein who fled Vienna to England in 1938 to escape the Nazi Holocaust. They moved to Mousehole in 1948. Because of Rosa's love . . . Map (db m206534) HM WM
24United Kingdom, England, Greater London, City of Westminster — Leopold (Leo) Samuel Marks, MBEJewish Cryptographer
Leopold (Leo) Samuel Marks, MBE lived flat 410 Park West, when Chief of Codes at Special Operations Executive (SOE) in WW2. He was a key trainer of secret agents sent to defeat the Nazis. Set a watch before my mouth Lord: and over the . . . Map (db m205212) HM
25United Kingdom, England, Worcestershire, Barnard's Green — Frieda SalvendyJewish Holocaust Refugee and Expressionist Artist
Lived in this house until her death in 1965, after she was forced to flee Austria in 1938Map (db m188400) HM
26Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Shaarai ShomayimFirst Jewish House of Worship in Alabama - 1846
Jews have been part of Alabama’s economic, social and political life since 1764. It was not until 1841 that Mobile’s small Jewish community grew large enough to organize “Congregation” Shaarai Shomayim (Gates of Heaven). The community . . . Map (db m27083) HM
27Arizona, Cochise County, Tombstone — Welcome to Boothill Graveyardand Jewish Memorial — 1879 —
Buried here are the remains of Tom McLaury, Frank McLaury, Billy Clanton - killed in Earp Clanton battle Oct 26, 1881. Dan Dowd, Red Sample, Bill DeLancy, Dan Kelly: Tex Howard hanged legally by Sheriff Ward for Bisbee massacre Mar 1884, John . . . Map (db m100173) HM
28Arkansas, Pulaski County, Little Rock, River Market — Concordia Hall and Jewish Life in Little RockSite of the first Jewish house of worship in Arkansas
From 1882 to 1887, an ornate two-story space on the second floor of this building served as the social hall for the Concordia Association – an organization established in 1864 to help Jewish immigrant families adapt to their new lives in . . . Map (db m78014) HM
29District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Judiciary Square — e.8 — Lillian and Albert Small Jewish MuseumJewish Historical Society of Greater Washington — Civil War to Civil Rights, Downtown Heritage Trail — Reported missing
“The neighborhood was our whole life.” Albert Small, born in the neighborhood in 1902. This is the oldest surviving synagogue building in Washington. Constructed in 1875 by Adas Israel Congregation, and . . . Map (db m29761) HM
30Kansas, Leavenworth County, Leavenworth — 8 — The Landing Retail District"Our Jewish Heritage" — Historic Wayside Tour #8 —
Leavenworth - Gateway to the West and Headquarters of the Department of the Missouri - was the supply base for settlers and emigrants to the vast region lying west to the Pacific Ocean. Selected because of the excellence of its site, the . . . Map (db m50902) HM
31Kansas, Saline County, Salina — August Bondi (1833-1907)Jewish-American Abolitionist, Salina Resident
“August Bondi was born July 21, 1831, in Vienna, Austria. The Bondis, Jewish European refugees, fled the Austrian Empire after the failed revolutions of 1848 and settled in St. Louis, Missouri. August Bondi moved to Pottawatomie Creek in . . . Map (db m134060) HM
32Maryland, Wicomico County, Hebron — The Four Immortal ChaplainsGeorge L. Fox - Methodist Minister; Alexander D. Goode - Jewish Rabbi — Clark V. Poling - Dutch Reformed Minister; John P. Washington - Catholic Priest —
During the early morning hours of February 3, 1943, the USAT Dorchester was part of a convoy of six ships heading for Greenland when an enemy u-boat attacked, firing a torpedo into the ship's midsection. The Dorchester quickly began taking on water . . . Map (db m41887) HM
33South Dakota, Minnehaha County, Sioux Falls, Axtell Park — Congregation Sons of IsraelFirst Jewish House of Worship in South Dakota — 1916 —
Since the territorial days of 1870's, Jewish people have played an important role in the social, economic and cultural life of South Dakota. In the 1880's, Sioux Falls experienced an influx of Reformed Jews from Germany, who became some of the . . . Map (db m134205) HM
34Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Rio Grande — Congregation B'Nai IsraelSite of the First Permanent Jewish House of Worship in Utah
Jews have been part of Utah’s religious, economic, social, and political life since the mid-19th century. Congregation B’Nai Israel was organized in 1874. The first service was held in March, 1883. B’Nai Israel merged with Congregation Montefiore in . . . Map (db m35792) HM
35Virginia, Lexington — 21 — Moses Jacob EzekielVMI 1st Jewish Cadet
Battle of New Market. Famous sculptor "Va. Mourns Her Dead"Map (db m172856) HM
36Wyoming, Laramie County, Cheyenne — Mt. Sinai CongregationFirst Permanent Jewish House of Worship in Wyoming
The first Permanent Jewish Synagogue in Wyoming was erected in 1915 by Cheyenne’s Mt. Sinai Congregation. German Jewish merchants came to Cheyenne starting in 1867, organized but were unable to build a Synagogue. After 1900, with the arrival of . . . Map (db m27087) HM

37South Dakota, Lawrence County, Deadwood — Jewish American Pioneers and Deadwood
Jewish American pioneers significantly contributed to the commercial development and establishment of responsible government in Deadwood. For example, gritty Jewish westerner, Sol Star, arrived in Deadwood in 1876 with his business partner Seth . . . Map (db m183220) HM

38France, Île-de-France, Département de Paris, Paris, Hôpital-Saint-Louis — 10ème Arrondissement Enfant Juifs / Tenth Arrondissement Jewish Children
De 1942 à 1944, plus de 700 enfants juifs demeurant dans le 10ème arrondissement furent déportés dans les camps d'extermination. Parmi eux, 75 tout-petits furent arrachés à leur famille et sont morts sans sépulture. Afin d'honorer . . . Map (db m214803) HM WM
39France, Île-de-France, Département de Paris, Paris, Hôpital-Saint-Louis — Jardin Villemin Jewish Children’s Memorial
Arrétés par la police du Gouvernement de Vichy, complice du l’occupant nazi, plus de 11400 enfants furent déportés de France de 1942 à 1944 et assassinés dans les camps de extermination parce qu’ils étaient nés juifs. Plus de 700 . . . Map (db m214850) HM WM
40France, Île-de-France, Département de Paris, Paris, Mail — Middle School Public César Franck Jewish Children’s Deportation Memorial
A la mémoire des élèves de cette école déportés de 1942 a 1944 parce que nés juifs, victimes innocentes de la barbarie nazie avec la complicité du gouvernement de Vichy. Ils furent exterminés dans les camps de la mort. 140 . . . Map (db m214798) HM WM
41France, Île-de-France, Département de Paris, Paris, Rochechouart — Jewish Student Memorial
A la mémoire des élèves du cette école, déportés de 1942 a 1944 parce que nés juifs, victimes innocentes de la barbarie nazie et du gouvernement de vichy. Plus de 300 enfants du 9ème Arrondissement on été exterminés dans les camps de la mort. . . . Map (db m86568) WM
42France, Île-de-France, Département de Paris, Paris, Sorbonne — Lycée Henri IV Jewish Students Memorial
A la mémoire des enfants, élèves de cette école déportés de 1942 a 1944 parce qu'ils étaient nés juifs, victimes innocentes de la barbarie nazie avec la complicité active du Gouvernement de Vichy. Ils furent exterminés dans les . . . Map (db m215845) WM
43France, Île-de-France, Département de Paris, Paris, Sorbonne — Square René-Viviani Jewish Children’s Memorial
Arretes par la police du Gouvernement de Vichy, complice du l’occupant nazi, plus de 11000 enfants furent deportés de France de 1942 à 1944 et assassinés a Auschwitz parce qu’ils étaient nés juifs. Une centaine de ces enfants . . . Map (db m214801) HM WM
44Germany, Bayern, Ansbach, Rothenburg ob der Tauber — Granary/Jewish CemeterySchrannenplatz/Judenkirchhof — (ca 1339 - 1520) —
Der „Judenkirchhof” war der Bestattungsplatz der jüdischen Einwohner und lag ursprünglich außerhalb der ersten Stadtmauer. Bereits seit 1339 bezeichnete man den Platz als „coemeterium Judaeorum” (Begräbnisplatz der Juden). In . . . Map (db m77690) HM
45Germany, Bayern, Ansbach, Rothenburg ob der Tauber — Jews's Alley and Jewish QuarterJudengasse und jüdisches Viertel — (ca. 1371 - 1520) —
Im letzten Drittel des. 14. Jahrhunderts siedelten sich jüdische Einwohner auf dem Gebiet unmittelbar außerhalb der früheren Stadtmauer an. Der Name „Judengasse” ist seit 1377 belegt. Sowohl jüdische als auch christliche Mieter . . . Map (db m77705) HM
46Germany, Bayern, Schweinfurt, Gerolzhofen — The Decline of the Jewish Community of Gerolzhofen from January 30, 1933Niedergang der Jüdische Gemeinde Gerolzhofen ab 30. Januar 1933
[Marker text in German:] Urkundlich nachweisbar genehmigte im Jahr 1425 Fürstbischof Johann II v. Brunn die Ansässigmachung von Juden in Gerolzhofen. Viele jüdische Mitbürger engagierten sich im öffentlichen Leben und genossen Vertrauen . . . Map (db m58963) HM
47Germany, Bayern, Würzburg — Würzburg Jewish Deportation Memorial
In der Schrannenhalle an dieser Strasse wurde am 27. November 1941 die erste Deportation Würzburger u. Fränkischer Juden in die Vernichtungslager zusammengestellt Ihnen und allen Opfern des . . . Map (db m125273) HM WM
48Germany, Hessen, Frankfurt am Main, Innenstadt I — Alter Jüdische Friedhof / Old Jewish Cemetery
1272 Älteste erhaltene jüdische Begräbnisstätte der Stadt Frankfurt am Main Früheste nachweisbare Bestattungen Oldest preserved Jewish burying place of the city of Frankfurt am Main Earliest . . . Map (db m141534) HM WM
49Germany, Hessen, Frankfurt am Main, Innenstadt I — Jewish Ghetto Gate
Hier war das nördliche Tor zur Judengasse, in der Frankfurts Juden von 1462 bis zur Aufhebung des Ghettozwangs 1811 in großer Enge leben mußten. - Here was located the northern gate to "Jew's Lane", in which Frankfurt's . . . Map (db m135468) HM
50Germany, Thüringen, Weimar, Buchenwald Memorial — Jewish Memorial / Jüdisches Mahnmal
[Title is text - French and Russian text not transcribed] “So that the generation to come might know, the children, yet to be born, that they too may rise and declare to their children.” (Psalm 78:6)Map (db m80867) HM WM
51Israel, Tel Aviv District, Tel Aviv-Yafo — The First Jewish Hostel in Jaffa
[Hebrew not transcribed] In 1740 The first Jewish hostel in Jaffa was established here which included a synagogue and a mikve The synagogue re-opened in 1948 by Libyan Jews is still in use Map (db m209610) HM
52Mexico, Veracruz — Monument to 100 years of Jewish Immigration to Mexico
Monumento Conmemorativo a los 100 años de Inmigración Judía a México El corazón del inmigrante es tan voluble como el mar sobre la arena: se hincha con el deseo de alcanzar lo que está por venir, hasta que la fuerza de ese deseo se . . . Map (db m135893) HM
53Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam, Jodenbuurt — Joods Verzetsmonument /Jewish Resistance Monument
לזכרון לוחמי המחתרת בשנות ת”ש - תש”ה Ter herinnering aan het verzet . . . Map (db m100519) WM
54Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam, Plantage — Defenders of Jewish Children World War II Memorial
aan allen die tijdens de duitse bezetting hebben geholpen joodse kinderen voor deportie te behoeden 1940     1945 - (English translation:) To all those who helped to protect Jewish children from . . . Map (db m120826) WM
55Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam, Watergraafsmeer — Transvaalbuurt Jewish Deportation Memorial
. . . Map (db m214830) HM WM
56Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam, Watergraafsmeer — 3 — Transvaalbuurt Monument deportatie Joodse kinderen / Monument to Deported Jewish Children
Ter Gedachtenis Aan het bestuur, leden en kinderen dezer speel tuinafdeling die in de jaren 1940-1945 werden gedeporteerd en niet terugkeerden (English translation:) In remembrance of the leaders, . . . Map (db m214797) WM
57Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam, Weesp — Weesp Jewish Deportation Memorial
Dit was de plaats waar zij de eeuwige en elkaar ontmoetten. tot ze so maar weg waren 29 april 1942 voormalige synagoge 1840-1942 (English translation:) This was the place where they met the eternal . . . Map (db m214834) HM WM
58Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Jewish Rest Magnolia CemeteryMobile County
Jewish Rest, also known as the Old Hebrew Burial Ground, is the oldest Jewish cemetery in Alabama. The land was purchased on June 22, 1841 by the congregation of Sha'arai Shomayim Umaskil el Dol of the Needy), Alabama's first and longest . . . Map (db m212911) HM
59Arizona, Maricopa County, Phoenix, Central City — Jewish War Veterans Memorial
In honor of the Arizonans of the Jewish faith who gave their lives in the service of our country in World War II In Memoriam Sgt. Leno Off April, 1943 • Sgt. Eli Gold - Dec. 29, 1943 • Sgt. Elmer I. Rosner - July 8, 1944 • Lt. Harry . . . Map (db m27677) HM
60California, Amador County, Jackson — 865 — Site of Pioneer Jewish Synagogue
On September 18, 1857, Congregation B’nai Israel of Jackson dedicated on this site the first synagogue in the Mother Lode. High holiday worship continued until 1869 when the larger Masonic Hall was used to accommodate the congregation. The wooden . . . Map (db m100588) HM
61California, Butte County, Oroville — Jewish Cemetery
Thousands of Jewish emigrants escaping religious persecution and economic oppression in Germany and Eastern Europe joined the Gold Rush to California. They brought with them a strong work ethic and religious conviction. These settlers were . . . Map (db m61497) HM
62California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Echo Park — 822 — First Jewish Site in Los Angeles
The Hebrew Benevolent Society of Los Angeles (1854), first charitable organization in the city, acquired this site from the city council by deed of April 9, 1855. This purchase of a sacred burial ground represented the first organized community . . . Map (db m122688) HM
63California, Riverside County, Palm Springs — Jewish War Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to all American who offered their lives in support of freedom throughout the world. Dedicated February 24, 2003 by Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A., LCDR Ben Dobris Post 750, Palm Springs. Donated By Wiefels & Son Funeral . . . Map (db m206278) WM
64California, San Francisco City and County, San Francisco, North Beach — 462 — First Jewish Religious Services
In a second floor room in a store which stood on this location, forty pioneers of Jewish faith gathered on Yom Kippur (5610) September 26, 1849, and participated in the first Jewish religious services in San Francisco. State Registered Landmark . . . Map (db m40514) HM
65California, San Joaquin County, Stockton — Stockton Jewish Community Center
Jewish Community Center 1926 Stockton’s “Architect Laureate” Glen Allen designed this culturally important edifice. Built by Louis S. Peletz, it served the Stockton Jewish community and Temple Israel until 1964 when purchased by the . . . Map (db m103028) HM
66Colorado, Fremont County, Cotopaxi — The Cotopaxi Jewish Agricultural Colony 1882-1884
"Set up for yourself roadmarks...the way by which you went. Return, O virgin of Israel" Jeremiah 31:21 Nearly 70 Jewish immigrants were settled in and near Cotopaxi. Facing insurmountable challenges, the ill equipped . . . Map (db m134127) HM
67Delaware, New Castle County, Wilmington — NC-141 — Delaware's Jewish Community
This building, once known as the Morrow Building, symbolizes the founding of an organized Jewish community in Delaware. Jews have been present in Delaware since the 1650's. Until the late 19th Century, the Jewish community was too small to maintain . . . Map (db m166679) HM
68Delaware, New Castle County, Wilmington, Fairfax — Jewish Veterans Memorial
תנצב״ח Eternal witnesses of man's need for the world brotherhood Nathan H. Arenson • Nathan Balick • Arthur M. Blatman • Nathan Blume • Morton Carlis • Herman Cohen • Charles Edelberg • . . . Map (db m174916) WM
69Florida, Escambia County, Pensacola — F-435 — First Jewish House of Worship in Florida
Jewish families in Pensacola began organized worship following the Civil War. On this site in 1876 a Reform Jewish Synagogue was constructed. The State of Florida granted a charter in 1878 for Congregation Beth El. Temple Beth El joined the Union of . . . Map (db m134326) HM
70Florida, Marion County, Ocala — Medal of Honor Recipients of the Jewish FaithOcala - Marion County Veterans Memorial Park
Medal of Honor Recipients of the Jewish Faith Benjamin Levy 3-1865 • Abraham Cohn 8-1865 • Leopoldo Karpeles 4-1870 • Simon Suhler 11-1876 • David Orbansky 8-1879 • Samuel Gross 5-1917 • Sydney G. Gumpertz 2-1919 • Benjamin Kaufman . . . Map (db m198455) WM
71Florida, Miami-Dade County, Miami Beach — The Sephardic Jewish Center
The Sephardic Jewish Center of Greater Miami existed in this building between 1960 and 1993Map (db m134626) HM
72Florida, St. Johns County, St. Augustine — Sixteen Jewish Clergy
On this site, June 18, 1964, sixteen Jewish clergy marching in protest for civil rights at the request of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were arrested in the largest mass arrest of rabbis in United States history. St. . . . Map (db m153728) HM
73Georgia, Chatham County, Savannah, Historic District - North — Jewish Colonists
Near this site on July 11, 1733, five months after Oglethorpe founded Georgia, 42 Jewish colonists, having sailed from London, disembarked from the William and Sarah. It was the largest group of Jews ever to sail on one vessel from . . . Map (db m26707) HM
74Georgia, Chatham County, Savannah, Kayton/Frazier Area — Old Jewish Burial Ground
Established by Mordecai Sheftall on August 2, 1773 from lands granted him in 1762 by King George III as a parcel of land that "shall be, and forever remain, to and for the use and purpose of a Place of Burial for all persons whatever professing the . . . Map (db m14471) HM
75Georgia, Muscogee County, Columbus — Columbus' First Jewish Cemetery
Since Biblical times when Abraham purchased land to bury his wife Sarah, it has been considered a religious obligation for Jews to set aside land for interring their dead. Often before congregations were established burial societies were formed to . . . Map (db m57359) HM
76Georgia, Muscogee County, Columbus — Jewish Section of Riverdale Cemetery
Side 1: The earliest recorded Jewish burials in Columbus were in historic Linwood Cemetery and in the Raphael Moses family cemetery, Esquiline. When the City of Columbus established Riverdale Cemetery in 1890, Temple Israel purchased a . . . Map (db m22943) HM
77Illinois, Cook County, Chicago, Chicago Loop — First Jewish House of Worship
On this site stood, in 1851, the first Jewish house of worship in the State of Illinois and the middle Northwest. Kehlath Anshe Mayriv Congregation Men of the West Now known as K.A.M. Temple Established 1847 Dedicated by the Jewish . . . Map (db m134416) HM
78Indiana, St. Joseph County, South Bend, Northeast South Bend — 71.2002.1 — Jewish Cemetery Site
Hebrew Society of Brotherly Love of South Bend established Jewish cemetery on this site 1859. First Jewish families settling in a new community typically organized a burial society before establishing a formal congregation. Before Civil War era, . . . Map (db m2759) HM
79Kentucky, Jefferson County, Louisville — 1923 — Early Jewish Congregations
The Temple was created in 1976 by uniting Reform congregations Adath Israel and Brith Sholom. Adath Israel was chartered by Kentucky in 1842; it was the oldest Jewish congregation in Ky., 7th Reform in U.S., a founder of Union of American Hebrew . . . Map (db m161986) HM
80Kentucky, Jefferson County, Louisville, Bowman — 2221 — Rebecca Rosenthal Judah 1866-1932 / National Council of Jewish Women
Rebecca Rosenthal Judah 1866-1932 Rebecca Rosenthal Judah organized the National Council of Jewish Women, Louisville Section, and served as their president from 1896 to 1910. She worked to win women's right to vote and was also vice . . . Map (db m162000) HM
81Louisiana, Caddo Parish, Shreveport, Allendale-Lakeside — First Jewish CemeteryHistoric Site — Shreveport —
The Hebrew Benevolent Assn. of Shreveport purchased a quarter acre of Oakland Cemetery from the city in July, 1858. The resulting Jewish cemetery was Shreveport's first and Louisiana's fifth. This cemetery was used exclusively from 1858-1886 and . . . Map (db m139944) HM
82Louisiana, Rapides Parish, Alexandria — The Jewish TempleCongregation Gemiluth Chassodim
Gemiluth Chassodim Synagogue was admitted to the National Register of Historic Places on January 29, 2014 as a notable example of the post-war architectural style known as Mid-Century Modern. It was designed by a member of the Congregation, . . . Map (db m124030) HM
83Louisiana, Rapides Parish, Pineville — The Jewish Cemetery
The earliest known Jewish settler in the Alexandria-Pineville area was Henry Michael Hyams, whose name appears in the 1830 census. The earliest grave marker identifiable on this site tells that Augusta Bernstein, daughter of Samuel Bernstein, was . . . Map (db m38329) HM
84Maine, Cumberland County, Portland, East Bayside — Maine's Jewish Fallen Heroes Memorial
Jacob Cousins Post 99, Jewish War Veterans of the USA, honors the memory of Maine's Jewish Fallen Heroes in the two great wars. World War I Fallen Heroes, 1917 - 1918 Jacob Cousins, Portland • Arthur Goldstein, Portland • John A. . . . Map (db m204566) WM
85Maine, Cumberland County, Portland, East End — Portland's Jewish War Heroes
In memory of Portland's Jewish War Heroes who died in World War II action 1941 - 1945 Samuel M. Citrin • Benjamin A. Cox • Edward R. Goldstein • Louis S. Lane • Herbert F. Meyers • Sidney R. Miller • Max Weinstein This . . . Map (db m186388) WM
86Maryland, Baltimore County, Owings Mills — Jewish Armed Forces Memorial
Dedicated to all Jewish men and women of Maryland who served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America during War and Peace. — American Revolution Civil War Spanish-American War World War I World War II Korea . . . Map (db m131335) WM
87Massachusetts, Barnstable County, Bourne — Jewish War Veterans of the United StatesMassachusetts National Cemetery
Peace and Honor To All Our Comrades Jewish War Veterans of the United States Department of Massachusetts Map (db m184054) WM
88Michigan, Emmet County, Mackinaw City — 249 — Michigan's First Jewish Settler
Ezekiel Solomon, a native of Berlin, Germany, who had served with the British army, arrived at Michilimackinac in the summer of 1761. He is Michigan’s first known resident of the Jewish faith. Solomon was one of the most active Mackinac fur . . . Map (db m107159) HM
89Michigan, Van Buren County, South Haven — L2212C — West Michigan Summer Resorts / Jewish Resorts
West Michigan Summer Resorts After the American Civil War (1861-1865) a new wealthy class arose with the time and means to escape the grime of industrialized cities for the summer “Season.” In the 1870s the Little Traverse Bay region became . . . Map (db m182951) HM
90Michigan, Washtenaw County, Ann Arbor, Burns Park — L1037 — Michigan's First Jewish Cemetery
At this site the first Jewish cemetery in Michigan was established in 1848-49. The Jews Society of Ann Arbor acquired burial rights to this land adjacent to what was then the public cemetery. Several years earlier, immigrants from Germany and . . . Map (db m127346) HM
91Michigan, Wayne County, Detroit, Downtown Detroit — L516 — First Jewish Religious Services
Near this site, in 1850, a small group of German-Jewish immigrants gathered at the home of Isaac and Sarah Cozens and formed the Bet El Society. Here Marcus Cohen, a layman, conducted the first Jewish religious service in Detroit. The following . . . Map (db m174196) HM
92Michigan, Wayne County, Detroit, Eastside Historic Cemetery District — S0241 — Michigan's Oldest Jewish Cemetery
Beth El, the first Jewish congregation in Michigan, was organized in Detroit on September 22, 1850, by 12 families. This half-acre cemetery, dedicated on January 1, 1851, was known then as “The Champlain Street Cemetery of Temple Beth El” because . . . Map (db m180884) HM
93Michigan, Wayne County, Detroit, Rivertown - Warehouse District — S687 — Chapman Abraham / Jewish Soldiers in the Civil War
Chapman Abraham During the French and Indian War (1754-1763), the British took Canada from France and with it possession of French forts in the western Great Lakes region, including Detroit. The post remained an important center of trade . . . Map (db m33485) HM
94Mississippi, Claiborne County, Port Gibson — Jewish CemeteryPort Gibson Historic Tour
900 Marginal. 1870. Although Jewish families have played an important role in Port Gibson life since the 1830's, burials were made in the Jewish cemetery in Natchez prior to 1870.Map (db m139180) HM
95Mississippi, Hinds County, Jackson — 28 — Bombings in Jewish Community — Mississippi Freedom Trail —
Front Rabbi Perry Nussbaum came to Beth Israel in 1954 and was an important voice for racial justice. Working with diverse ministers, he helped found the Committee of Concern, raising money for black churches burned by the Klan. In 1967, . . . Map (db m133848) HM
96Mississippi, Lauderdale County, Meridian — 4 — The Jewish ContributionMeridian Civil Rights Trail
Jewish merchants contributed greatly to Meridian's growth. The Grand Opera House (MSU Riley Center) and the Threefoot Building stand as evidence of their business success. Although Jews were well accepted in Meridian, their support of Civil Rights . . . Map (db m111054) HM
97Nevada, Storey County, Virginia City — The Jewish Cemetery - Virginia City 1862
The Jewish cemetery is located a few miles north of where you stand. It was the norm for organizations to have separate cemeteries. However the commonalities of the Comstock population are of more significance than separatism. Like their neighbors, . . . Map (db m134333) HM
98New Jersey, Bergen County, Fair Lawn — Jewish War Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the memory of the men and women of Jewish faith who gave their lives in the service of their country. Placed in their memory by the Lt. James I. Platt Post No. 651 Jewish War Veterans of the United States August 19, . . . Map (db m63528) WM
99New Jersey, Middlesex County, Piscataway — The Jewish Agricultural Society
The Jewish Agricultural Society founded an agri-industrial community here in the 1930s on land purchased by Gabriel Davidson. Backed by the Baron deHirsch, the program enabled Jewish families to poultry farm while maintaining jobs in New York and . . . Map (db m165715) HM
100New Jersey, Monmouth County, Long Branch — Long Branch Post 316 Jewish War Veterans of the USA Memorial
Long Branch Post 316 Jewis War Veterans of the USA through whose efforts Oceanpointe Towers was erected dedicates this site in honor of the men and women who have served in our nation's armed forces and in memory of those who made . . . Map (db m209106) HM WM

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