“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Washington

Asotin County Memorial Bridge plaque (Abbott - Ferguson) image, Touch for more information
By cmh2315fl via Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0), August 20, 2014
Asotin County Memorial Bridge plaque (Abbott - Ferguson)
1 Washington, Asotin County, Asotin — Asotin County Memorial Bridge
Service Roll Asotin County Memorial Bridge Dedicated in honor and memory of those who served in the World War James W. Abbott • John Abbott • Calvin Addison • Francis Ahalt • Ernest J. Anderson • L. Clift Aplington • R.L. . . . Map (db m197096) WM
2 Washington, Asotin County, Clarkston — Álpáwayma Village
A Friendly Encounter with People from an Ancient Village For thousands of years, a Nimiipuu ("the people") village was located a few miles west of here, near the Álpáha (Alpowa) Creek - Snake River confluence. For a . . . Map (db m159257) HM
3 Washington, Asotin County, Clarkston — Granite Lake Park
On October 10th, 1805, the Lewis & Clark Expedition camped across the river from this park. They called the great river flowing in from the south Lewis' River. ”The Country on either Side is an open plain leavel & Fertile …not a tree of . . . Map (db m129075) HM
4 Washington, Asotin County, Clarkston — Lewis & Clark Almost Slept Here
While trekking westwards, the Lewis & Clark Expedition constructed dug-out canoes near the present-day city of Orofino. The Nee Mee Poo or Nez Perce Indians had shown the explorers how to burn out the centers of the Ponderosa pine logs. After . . . Map (db m129063) HM
5 Washington, Asotin County, Clarkston — Lewis and Clark
1805 William Clark recorded in his journal that on this date: “I can observe at a distance... a high ridge of thinly timbered countrey the water of the south fork is greenish blue, the north as clear as crystial.” . . . Map (db m120772) HM
6 Washington, Asotin County, Clarkston — 36 — Lewis and Clark Enter Washington
Guided by two Nez Perce men, the Lewis and Clark Expedition entered present-day Washington on October 10, 1805. They beached their dugout canoes and camped at a site across the Snake River from here. In this area, the explorers met, traded with, . . . Map (db m129083) HM
7 Washington, Asotin County, Clarkston — Nimiipuu Homelands"likeley men, handsom women"
The Lewis and Clark Expedition reached the Clearwater — Snake river confluence on October 10, 1805. The explorers camped across the river from here, their first encampment in present-day Washington. That evening, William Clark wrote about the . . . Map (db m129064) HM
8 Washington, Asotin County, Clarkston — Snake River Passage & Columbia Plains Crossing
"Swifter than any horse could run" In fall 1805, the Lewis and Clark Expedition raced against time, hoping to reach the Pacific Ocean before winter set in. Traveling faster than at any other time during the journey, the party . . . Map (db m159272) HM
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9 Washington, Asotin County, Silcott — Lewis & Clark Historic Trail
(left panel – in Asotin County – facing westbound traffic) You are now entering Garfield County over the historic trail traversed by Lewis and Clark on their return from the mouth of the Columbia River, May 4, 1806. (right . . . Map (db m129099) HM
10 Washington, Asotin County, Silcott — Temuut'su(Chief Timothy)
The Nez Perce Indian Nation was comprised of hundreds of separate bands. Chief Timothy, along with Red Wolf, ruled the Alpowa Band whose camp was located where Alpowa Creek meets the Snake River. Chief Timothy, a Nez Perce Indian Christian . . . Map (db m129085) HM
11 Washington, Benton County, Plymouth — Strangers "from the clouds"
"I gave my hand to them all and made signs of my friendly disposition" On October 19, 1805, William Clark and three men traveling ahead of the rest of the party arrived at a Umatilla village near here. Upon seeing Clark, the villagers . . . Map (db m158634) HM
12 Washington, Benton County, Prosser — Benton County Courthouse
Under the provisions of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, this property possesses exceptional value in illustrating American History and Culture Entered in the National Register of Historic Places December 12, 1976 by U.S. Department . . . Map (db m129388) HM
13 Washington, Benton County, Prosser — The Golden Rule Store1901–1996
Founded by Mr. Fred Long in 1901 as the Kash Savin Stor. Moved in 1909 to this Sixth and Meade building constructed in 1904 by E.W.R. Taylor. Renamed The Golden Rule Store between 1910 and 1912. Mr. T. B. Sampson was employed by the Kash Savin . . . Map (db m129390) HM
14 Washington, Chelan County, Cashmere — Old Mission Indian Cemetery
Near this marker is the site of Old Mission Indian Cemetery established in 1867Map (db m74464) HM
15 Washington, Chelan County, Chelan — St. Andrews Episcopal Church
Log Building Completed 1898 Architect: Kirtland Kelsey Cutter, Spokane Placed on National Register of Historic Places, 1992 Organized by the Rt. Rev. Lemuel H. Wells, Bishop of the Spokane Missionary District who presided at confirmations . . . Map (db m129263) HM
16 Washington, Chelan County, Entiat — 26 — Earthquake Point
This site on Ribbon Cliff called Broken Mountain by the Indians experienced a violent earthquake in December, 1872. The shock split the mountain, forming the cliff to the west and causing a huge rock slide which stopped the flow of the Columbia . . . Map (db m129261) HM
17 Washington, Chelan County, Leavenworth — Earle Little - Hermod Bakke Sr. - Magnus Bakke
. . . Map (db m179224) HM
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18 Washington, Chelan County, Leavenworth — The History of Travel Over Stevens Pass
The Native Americans Prehistoric travelers established trails. The first travelers to cross the Cascade Range were the ancestors of today's American Indians. They followed animal trails and natural passageways which eventually became . . . Map (db m156201) HM
19 Washington, Chelan County, Stehekin — Historic Resort
In the 1880's and 90's miners ventured up-lake searching for gold, silver, copper, and other metals. Wealth eluded them, but the scenic beauty of Lake Chelan and the Stehekin Valley made a fasting impression on all who passed through. By 1900 . . . Map (db m196820) HM
20 Washington, Chelan County, Wenatchee — Judge Thomas Burke
To commemorate the work and achievement of Judge Thomas Burke founder of Wenatchee, and Washington’s first citizen, this enduring tablet is affectionately dedicated by the citizens of Chelan County, to honor him while he is still living among . . . Map (db m153400) HM
21 Washington, Chelan County, Wenatchee — Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center
This complex of two buildings - the former federal building and post office - represent the best examples of federal architecture in Wenatchee. The first federal building was built in 1917 at the corner of Yakima and Mission. It housed the post . . . Map (db m197130) HM
22 Washington, Clallam County, Forks — Fort Ross, California - Sitka Castle, Alaska - Fort Elisabeth, Kaua’i, Hawai’i
In the early 19th century what is today the northwest coast of Washington State might have become a Russian colony, an extension of Alaska, if the Sv. Nikolai voyage had been successful. This could have led to this section of New Albion, the . . . Map (db m129579) HM
23 Washington, Clallam County, Forks — Makah Indian Tribe
Bordered by the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Pacific Ocean, pre-contact Makah held a vast area of inland and coastal territory. These richly forested lands and the seas which teemed with life offered early Makah a wealth of natural resources. The . . . Map (db m129586) HM
24 Washington, Clallam County, Forks — The Shay Locomotive
The Shay locomotive is named for inventor Ephraim Shay of Cadillac, Michigan. The vertical cylinder conveyed power to all the wheels by universal joints and expansion couplings forming a flexible shaft which was rigid in revolution but flexible in . . . Map (db m129548) HM
25 Washington, Clallam County, Forks — Timber TransportationFrom Oxen to Locomotives
In the last 150 years, the West Olympic Peninsula has seen many changes in timber transport. photo 1: This picture shows a team of oxen hauling logs off a hillside in the 1890s. In the early days of logging on the Peninsula, oxen were . . . Map (db m129493) HM
26 Washington, Clallam County, Neah Bay — 9 — Snow Creek — Welcome to the Whale Trail —
Sail and Seal Rocks rise from the seascape in front of you, where Snow Creek enters the Strait of Juan de Fuca. This rich and productive marine habitat attracts fishermen, divers, kayakers—and whales! Snow Creek overlook is one of the . . . Map (db m83679) HM
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27 Washington, Clallam County, Olympic National Forest — Rain Forest Monarch
The temperate rain forest is dominated by Sitka spruce. Except where it penetrates valley such as the Hoh, the Sitka spruce grows along a narrow coastal strip from northern California to Alaska. High rainfall, fog, and ocean-moderated . . . Map (db m83654) HM
28 Washington, Clallam County, Port Angeles — Juan de Fuca
According to a seventeenth century account, Apostolos Valerianos discovered a waterway through the northwest corner of North America in 1592 — a Northwest Passage. He reputedly sailed for the Spanish under the name “Juan de Fuca.” For a . . . Map (db m177413) HM
29 Washington, Clallam County, Port Angeles — 43 — Spanish Explorers — The Evergreen State —
The Spanish Captain Juan Perez sailed north from San Blas in 1774 with orders from Spain to claim the Coast against the Russians. Perez discovered Nootka Sound on the West shore of Vancouver Island and traded with the natives of the Queen . . . Map (db m83652) HM
30 Washington, Clallam County, Sekiu — 10 — Shipwreck Point
The landscape of the Strait of Juan de Fuca was carved out by ice-age glaciers 13,000 years ago. The retreat of the glaciers created deep fjords which provide abundant food and habitat for many species of marine mammals. By the mid-1900’s, . . . Map (db m83693) HM
31 Washington, Clallam County, Sequim — How Did the Station Get Supplies?
Lighthouse tender boats supplied the Station by traversing Dungeness Bay from the mainland. At least four docks were built over the years. They were often destroyed by storms. The original dock was constructed circa 1857. It is unknown if it . . . Map (db m129695) HM
32 Washington, Clallam County, Sequim — New Dungeness Light Station History
Approximately 10,000 years ago Dungeness Spit began to form. The Spit is formed from sand and gravel from the Olympic Mountains carried by the Dungeness River into Dungeness Bay. Debris is also sloughed off the bluffs to the . . . Map (db m129716) HM
33 Washington, Clark County, Camas — 58004 — Camas-Washougal War Memorial
This memorial is dedicated to all servicemen from the Camas-Washougal area who have died as a result of hostile action since the beginning of the Vietnam War.Map (db m58004) WM
34 Washington, Clark County, Camas — Crown Zellerbach Employee World War II Memorial
In honor of the employees from this division who gave their lives while serving in the armed forces during World War II. Curtin P Barnett • James F Hagensen • Thelma A Rancore • Jimmie Clark Berg • Wayne A Harwood • Lewis L Ray • Eugene P . . . Map (db m58851) HM
35 Washington, Clark County, Camas — The First School in Camas1882
The first school in Camas (La Camas) was built prior to 1882. It was replaced by a four room school (with inside plumbing) in 1886. The first school remained on the school grounds until 1907. In 1907 the then Columbia River Paper Company gave the . . . Map (db m57954) HM
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36 Washington, Clark County, Ridgefield — Early Highway of the WestThe Great Columbia River
The Columbia River, located a few miles west of here, was one of the first highways in the West. American Indians used canoes as their principal transportation between camps and villages along the river, carrying fish, roots, berries, baskets and . . . Map (db m112963) HM
37 Washington, Clark County, Ridgefield — 15 — Fort Vancouver
Hudson’s Bay Company established Fort Vancouver in 1824 within the area of present-day Vancouver, 83 nautical miles from the Pacific Ocean. Forty Wooden buildings were enclosed within a 20-foot high log palisade until the treaty of 1846 set the . . . Map (db m8400) HM
38 Washington, Clark County, Salmon Creek Heights, Pleasant Valley — Harley H. Hall Reported permanently removed
Navy Captain Harley H. Hall F-4 Phantom Listed P.O.W. 1-27-73 The last pilot shot down in Vietnam just 10 hours before final cease fire was signed. Native of Vancouver, WashingtonMap (db m8513) HM WM
39 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver — Fishers
For centuries Indians used the trail that later became old Evergreen Highway. Where each creek entered the Columbia River the Indians made camp. In 1805 Lewis & Clark and their expedition camped on Government Island, a haven for waterfowl. . . . Map (db m57879) HM
40 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Central Park — Theodore A. Penland Rose Garden
This rose garden is dedicated to the memory of Theodore A. Penland 1849 – 1950 last Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic Plaque presented by The Daughters of Union Veterans and the Woman’s Relief Corps, . . . Map (db m8401) HM
41 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Columbia Way — A Busy Place Is This
You are standing on the site of a once-bustling riverfront complex at Fort Vancouver. A boat building operation, blacksmith shop, and tannery filled the air with the sights, sounds, and smells of industry. A busy place is this. The . . . Map (db m12292) HM
42 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Columbia Way — A River of Settlers
Before 1846 American immigrants traveling the Oregon Trail to Fort Vancouver had to make a choice at The Dalles (80 miles upriver from here). They could navigate their own handmade raft or take a Hudson's Bay Company boat down the Columbia River to . . . Map (db m12295) HM
43 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Columbia Way — Heart of a Trading Empire
Look around you. The scenic spot where you now stand was once the heart of one of the busiest shipping ports west of the Rocky Mountains. From 1825 to 1846, Fort Vancouver's waterfront served as the western economic artery of the Hudson's Bay . . . Map (db m12293) HM
44 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Columbia Way — Ilchee
In Recognition of the People Who Have Inhabited this Region for Thousands of Years. Ilchee Moon Girl History says she was born along the Columbia River about 1800, daughter of Chinook Chief Concomley and, later, wife of Chief Casinos leader . . . Map (db m8422) HM
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45 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Columbia Way — United States Army Arrives
On May 13, 1849, the United States steamer Massachusetts arrived off the Hudson's Bay Company wharf and unloaded Batteries L and M of the First Regiment of United States Artillery. The first permanent official American presence in the Pacific . . . Map (db m12289) HM
46 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Esther Short — Captain George Vancouver MonumentBoat of Discovery
[Panel 1]:Captain George Vancouver Monument October 31, 1792 Lt. William Broughton Named This Area For His Captain Dedicated October 31, 1992 [Panel 2]:Boat of Discovery “…The real story of George . . . Map (db m8516) HM
47 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Esther Short — Captain George Vancouver Monument Plaza1792 Discovery
[Panel 1]: Capt. George Vancouver, from King’s Lynn, England, at age 35 and with orders from the British Admiralty to explore and chart the West Coast of America, charted hundreds of miles of coast line from California to Alaska. His maps . . . Map (db m8515) HM
48 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Esther Short — Esther ShortEsther Short Park
After marrying Amos Short in 1829, Esther (Clark) Short set out on the adventure of her life! Originally from Tioga County, Pennsylvania, Esther Short, who was ½ Algonquin Indian, her husband Amos and 10 children traveled west to Linton, Oregon . . . Map (db m64239) HM
49 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — An English Garden in the Wilderness
Planting a garden was one of the first things the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) did when they established Fort Vancouver. At its height, in the mid-1840s, the garden had expanded to eight acres and provided not only produce but also large numbers of . . . Map (db m113945) HM
50 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — Cannon Replica Project
These Napoleon 12-Poind Light Field Cannons are replicas created by Mountain View High School students during the 1990 to 1992 school years in Vancouver, Washington. They are the property of the City of Vancouver, which supplied materials. This . . . Map (db m8519) HM
51 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — Carlton Foster Bond1893 - 1980
CO Pearson Field 1929 - 1933 & 1938 - 1940 Honoring Aviation PioneersMap (db m8427) HM
52 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — Clark County Veterans Memorial
Dedicated in memory of those who died in the defense of our Country Lest We ForgetMap (db m8536) WM
53 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — Congressional Medal of Honor Monument
This monument is presented to the city of Vancouver, Washington by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, in recognition of the spirit and sacrifice shown by the valiant Medal of Honor recipients now at rest in the Vancouver Barracks Cemetery. . . . Map (db m22867) HM
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54 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — Early Aviation History in VancouverPearson Field
Even before the advent of a U.S. Army Air Service field at Vancouver Barracks in 1921 and the eventual dedication of “Pearson Field” in 1925, aviation had early hallmarks at Vancouver Barracks. As part of the 1905 Lewis and Clark . . . Map (db m83990) HM
55 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — First Japanese on the North American Continent
In October 1832, the Japanese cargo ship Hojun Maru set sail from near Nagoya bound for Edo (present day Tokyo). Disabled in a storm off Enshu Nada, the Hojun Maru drifted for fourteen months before running aground on the coast near Cape Flattery, . . . Map (db m8423) HM
56 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — From Military to Municipal Airfield
The history of Pearson Field goes back almost to the origins of mechanized flight itself. The landing site of Lincoln Beachey’s groundbreaking flight across the Columbia River from Portland to Vancouver, during the 1905 Lewis & Clark Exposition, . . . Map (db m8406) HM
57 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — Howard C. French / Alexander Pearson
[Top marker]:In loving memory of Howard C. French Major Air Corps Reserve 1894 – 1938 Dedicated by his comrades of the 321st Observation Squadron United States Army Air Corps Reserve [Bottom marker]: In loving . . . Map (db m8962) HM
58 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — Officers Row
When the U.S. Army arrived in 1849 to establish a new post on the western frontier, few of the officers could afford to bring their families out to such a remote and lonely command. A thriving community of soldiers, officers, wives, and children . . . Map (db m8527) HM
59 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — Officers Row
Officers Row, a procession of homes for officers and their families, began during the early frontier years when Vancouver Barracks was considered by many to be a remote and lonely assignment. The first officer’s quarters on the Row wer log cabins . . . Map (db m8529) HM
60 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — 66 — Officers RowFort Vancouver Barracks
Registered National Historic Place Washington State Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Under the provisions of the National Historic Preservation Act of October 16, 1966, this property possesses exceptional value in commemorating or . . . Map (db m8523) HM
61 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — Pearson AirfieldAIAA Historic Aerospace Site
Pearson Field is the first airport in the Pacific Northwest and one of the oldest operating airports in the United States. It served as a major military airfield in the interwar years. In 1905, a dirigible originating from the nearby Lewis and . . . Map (db m153216) HM
62 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — St. James Mission — Officers Row —
Many employees of Fort Vancouver were of French-Canadian descent, and had been raised as Roman Catholics. Separated by thousands of miles from their home parishe, these men pleaded with the Bishop of Quebec to send them priests. The Reverend . . . Map (db m8964) HM
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63 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — The 321st Observation Squadron (1923-1941)
Although the U.S. Army allowed civilian aircraft to land at Vancouver Barracks beginning in 1905, military aircraft began operating here in 1921, when the U.S. Army Air Service established a landing field for an aviation forest patrol. The patrol . . . Map (db m8405) HM
64 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — The Artillery Barracks — Officers Row —
At the beginning of the 20th century, Vancouver was the headquarters for the Department of the Columbia, a vast administrative unit in the Northwest. The population of the post almost tripled in response to increased military activity both at home . . . Map (db m8742) HM
65 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — The Chkalov Transpolar FlightPearson Field
On June 20, 1937, the world’s attention turned to Pearson Field when a Russian ANT-25 aircraft landed after making the first non-stop flight over the North Pole. The red and gray, single-engined aircraft “Stalin’s Route” carried over . . . Map (db m50830) HM
66 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — The First Fort Vancouver
In 1824 the Hudson's Bay Company chose this place as the site for a new fort which they named Vancouver in honor of the British explorer, George Vancouver. Little is knowns of this fort as it was moved early in 1829 to its now well-known location . . . Map (db m8403) HM
67 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — The Grant House — Officers Row —
When the U.S. Army arrived at Fort Vancouver in May of 1849, they quickly built nine log cabins for shelter against the upcoming winter. Shown here is the 1850 plan of the two-story post commander’s quarters. It is the only remaining structure built . . . Map (db m8499) HM
68 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — The Infantry Barracks — Officers Row —
The Infantry Barracks is the oldest surviving structure in Vancouver Barracks proper. It was constructed in 1887, one of three identical buildings built to house individual companies of the 14th Infantry. Though it was built prior to the . . . Map (db m8741) HM
69 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — The Marshall House — Officers Row —
As part of a natural reorganization, the U.S. Army returned the headquarters of the Department of the Columbia from Portland, Oregon to Fort Vancouver in 1878. As a result, the Army funded construction of several new buildings on Officers Row, . . . Map (db m8959) HM
70 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — The O. O. Howard House — Officers Row —
This Italianate-Revival style home was built in 1878 for General Oliver Otis Howard, Commanding General of the Department of the Columbia from 1874 until 1880. This gracious home was considered ”the finest dwelling house north of the . . . Map (db m8572) HM
71 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — The Post Hospital — Officers Row —
In 1904, the U.S. Army built a new Post Hospital at Vancouver Barracks as a part of a nationwide effort to modernize its forces. Unlike the previous one, the hospital was constructed with brick to enhance sanitation and boasted a spacious floor plan . . . Map (db m8739) HM
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72 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — The Red Cross Convalescent House — Officers Row —
Following the nation’s entry into World War I, the American Red Cross was authorized to construct convalescent houses adjacent to military hospitals. These facilities provided recreation away from a hospital atmosphere, and helped boost the morale . . . Map (db m8743) HM
73 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — The Reservation Monument
[Side one of six]: Under the influence of Dr. John McLaughlin, Manager of the Hudson Bay Co., civilization of Washington started at Vancouver, A.D. 1825. [Side two of six]: The first school in Washington was taught by John Ball, at . . . Map (db m8383) HM
74 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — The Soviet Transpolar Flight of 1937Magnificent Triumph of Soviet Aviation
[Monument front]: Near this site at Pearson Airfield on June 20th, 1937, three Soviet aviators completed the first non-stop flight from the U.S.S.R. to the U.S.A. Command Pilot Valeri Chkalov, Co-Pilot Georgi Baidukov, and Navigator . . . Map (db m50831) HM
75 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — The Sutler's Store — Officers Row —
Until the late 19th century, the U. S. Army awarded sales commissions to civilian traders, known as sutlers. Each post or regiment was authorized to appoint one. Described as “a combination of saloon keeper and general store operator,” . . . Map (db m8963) HM
76 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — The Vancouver FarmFort Vancouver National Historic Site
Fort Vancouver was the first large scale farming operation n the Pacific Northwest. Beginning in 1825, the Hudson’s Bay Company established a number of farms and dairies in the area to reduce the high cost of importing food from England. . . . Map (db m92620) HM
77 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — U. S. Grant Memorial1853
General U.S. Grant when a young officer was stationed at Columbia Barracks, Vancouver, Washington. One mile east from here he planted potatoes to reduce the expense of his officer’s mess.Map (db m8424) HM
78 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — Vancouver Barracks Parade Ground
On May 13, 1849, from the deck of the USS Massachusetts, the first U.S. Army troops in the Pacific Northwest spotted the Hudson’s Bay Company’s Fort Vancouver. “Mr. Douglas, the resident Governor received us very politely and Major . . . Map (db m8496) HM
79 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — Welcome to Fort Vancouver
The London-based Hudson's Bay Company established and extensive fur trading network throughout the Pacific Northwest, utilizing two dozen posts, six ships, and about 600 employees during peak seasons. Fort Vancouver was the administrative center and . . . Map (db m113943) HM
80 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Hudson Bay — Whose Anchor?
This anchor was dredged from the Columbia River in 1960 near Fort Vancouver’s wharf, one-quarter mile east of the Interstate 5 bridge. The anchor gives some answers about its history, but poses many more questions. It is a Rogers Paten Small-Palm . . . Map (db m8691) HM
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81 Washington, Clark County, Vancouver, Lincoln — Covington House
Erected 1848 by Richard and Anne Charlotte Covington on Fourth Plain. Boarding school was conducted herein in 1850. This building housed first piano in the Oregon Country and was center of social activity in entire region.Map (db m8517) HM
82 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — "a good road"
Ancient Passage Between the Rivers On the advice of the Walla Walla people, the Lewis and Clark Expedition followed "a good road...plenty of Deer and Antilopes" that led travelers overland between there Columbia - Walla Walla and . . . Map (db m159023) HM
83 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — "encamped on the N. side"
"in a little bottom" The Lewis and Clark Expedition camped in the small valley below this viewpoint on May 2, 1806. The Expedition included thirty-three people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Known as the Corps of Volunteers . . . Map (db m159067) HM
84 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — "Good things from the Garden,Garden in the Valley, Valley of the Jolly Ho Ho Ho! Green Giant "
The first vegetable processing plant in Dayton was constructed by Blue Mountain Canneries, Inc. in 1934. The plant was constructed in only 45 days, and on the 46th day, it made its first run with a green pea canning trial. When the plant first . . . Map (db m159019) HM
85 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla Homeland
This land will always be home to the Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla people. The land is used by and shared with relatives and neighbors such as the Palouse, Wanapum, Yakama, Wishxam, Wyam, Tenino and Nez Perce. In 1805 and 1806, Lewis . . . Map (db m159022) HM
86 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — City of DaytonEarly History
Columbia County Courthouse: 1887 Washington’s Oldest Courthouse. Construction of the Territorial Courthouse was completed two years before Washington became a state in 1889. Designed by local architect W.H. Burrows, the courthouse was . . . Map (db m129474) HM
87 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — Columbia CountyHistorical Points of Interest
Palouse Indians To supplement a diet of salmon, families migrated from riverside “mat lodge” villages to the mountains for game, roots, and berries. “Appaloosa” horses played a paramount role in tribal life. . . . Map (db m129473) HM
88 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — Columbia County Courthouse
341 East Main 1887 Downtown Dayton Historical District • Listed on the National Register of Historic PlacesMap (db m197092) HM
89 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — Dodge Quarantine Cabin
The Spanish-American War was fought between the United States and Spain over a span of 3 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days: April 21, 1898 to August 13, 1898. Battle occurred in the Spanish colonies of Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Guam. . . . Map (db m159021) HM
90 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — Kendall Skyline Road
This scenic mile-high road completed in 1928 was conceived, promoted, surveyed and built under the direction of William H. Kendall who was employed by the U. S. Forest Service from 1907 to 1931. Before the road was built Kendall was hunting in . . . Map (db m113459) HM
91 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — Kimooenim Creek Lunch Site
Columbia County Washington “Saturday, May 3d, 1806” The Corps of Discovery crossed the “high plains” and descended to this location after a cold morning of rain, snow, and hail. They described the Kimooenim Creek . . . Map (db m118600) HM
92 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — Oldest Existing Depot in the State of Washington
Built in 1881 across the Touchet River by the Oregon Railroad and Navigation Co. the Union Pacific Railway bought the railroad in 1889. It moved the depot to its present site, on roller logs which were pulled by horse and winch. The stationmaster . . . Map (db m158961) HM
93 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — On The Lewis and Clark Trail
In early May of 1806, Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery passed through here on their return from the Pacific Ocean heading eastward. They would complete their epoch making journey with their arrival in the frontier town of St. Louis on . . . Map (db m158959) HM
94 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — Patit Creek CampsiteColumbia County, Washington
"Friday, May 2d, 1806" The Corps of Discovery camped near this spot with fair weather and a southwest wind on their return to St. Louis. They recorded seeing deer, sandhill cranes, beaver, and otter. There was camas in bloom along the . . . Map (db m159068) HM
95 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — Patit Creek CampsiteSilhouette Legend
1. Pvt. William E. Bratton; Blacksmith, gunsmith, skilled hunter, plant forager and messenger. Resting - bad back. 2. Jean Baptiste Charbonneau; Nick-named Pompey or Pomp. Son of Sacagawea and Toussaint Charbonneau. 3. Toussaint Charbonneau; . . . Map (db m159069) HM
96 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — Railroad Track Park
By 1899, this intersection was busy with railroad commerce. Northern Pacific and Union Pacific RR depots were across Commercial Street from each other with three sets of train tracks in between. Two or more passenger trains left each depot . . . Map (db m158963) HM
97 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — Smith Hollow Schoolhouse
Built in 1900, this country schoolhouse was originally located in Smith Hollow, eight miles north of Dayton. It served grades 1 thru 8 in the Smith Hollow School District #24 until 1933, when the district was consolidated with Dayton. On into . . . Map (db m159020) HM
98 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — The Celilo Falls Trail
The Celilo Falls Trail, now known as The Nez Perce Trail passed through Dayton near this site. For centuries this was the path used by the Indians, trappers, missionaries and the new settlers. Most notable was the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery. . . . Map (db m158967) HM
99 Washington, Columbia County, Dayton — The Giant on the Hill
Before you on the hillside above the Touchet River Valley is a 300-foot tall Green Giant, placed there in 1993 by employees of the Green Giant Company and local volunteers. His outline and partial vest are made of painted paving blocks. These . . . Map (db m158960) HM
100 Washington, Columbia County, Starbuck — M - R Military Road
M - R Military Wagon Road Located by Capt. John Mullan 1858-1862 Pyramid erected by Mullan Road Ass'n Tablet Furnished by Washington State Historical Society 1926Map (db m113458) HM

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