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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Fairhope Museum of History Marker image, Touch for more information
By Sandra Hughes, January 17, 2019
Fairhope Museum of History Marker
1Alabama (Baldwin County), Fairhope — Fairhope Museum of History
Dedicated 2008 A gift to the people of Fairhope from The Fairhope Single Tax Corporation & the City of Fairhope Dedicated April 5, 2008 The Front Section of this structure was carefully restored to reflect its original use as Fairhope's . . . Map (db m128887) HM
2Alabama (Chambers County), Cusseta — Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid / Pat Garrett, "The Man Who Shot Billy the Kid"
Side 1 Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid As sheriff of Lincoln County, Pat Garrett was charged with tracking down and arresting Billy the Kid, a friend from Garrett's saloon keeping days in Fort Sumner, New Mexico. He was captured . . . Map (db m83262) HM
3Alabama (Cherokee County), Gaylesville — David Hartline
David was born 4 of 12 children, served in combat in Vietnam, was wounded and is a highly decorated war veteran. David is a best selling author, a veteran advocate, and State Commander of the American Legion. He is a former college instructor and . . . Map (db m114742) HM
4Alabama (Colbert County), Tuscumbia — Judge Charles Womble(1818-1876)
Born in Tennessee on October 22, 1818, Charles Womble was the son of Amos and Sarah (Jarman) Womble. By 1850, Womble owned a farm near the town of Frankfort, which he helped select as the new seat of government for Franklin County, Alabama. Involved . . . Map (db m192076) HM
5Alabama (Dallas County), Selma — Lynching in America / Lynching in SelmaCommunity Remembrance Project
Lynching in America Thousands of African Americans were victims of lynching and racial violence in the United States between the Civil War and World War II. The lynching of African Americans during this era was a form of racial terrorism used . . . Map (db m132071) HM
6Alabama (DeKalb County), Fort Payne — Lebanon Courthouse
Lebanon Courthouse was constructed during the 1840s when Lebanon, the county seat of DeKalb County, was a thriving community with inns, taverns, and government offices. This building, built for courthouse use, remained in use as a courthouse until . . . Map (db m156255) HM
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7Alabama (Etowah County), Gadsden — Lynching in America / The Lynching of Bunk RichardsonCommunity Remembrance Project
Lynching in America. Thousands of Black people were the victims of lynching and racial violence in the United States between 1877 and 1950. The lynching of African Americans during this era was a form of racial terrorism intended to intimidate . . . Map (db m116817) HM
8Alabama (Franklin County), Red Bay — The Calaboose
You are standing near the site of “The Calaboose”, Red Bay's only jail until 1949 when the city hall was built. The Calaboose was a small brick building, approximately 10 feet by 20 feet, built over a small ditch. At that time, . . . Map (db m68983) HM
9Alabama (Greene County), Eutaw — Thomas Earl Gilmore, Sr.
On this site, in January 1971, Thomas Earl Gilmore, Sr. was sworn in as Sheriff of Greene County. He was the first African American Sheriff in the county's history and served three consecutive terms until he retired from local politics. Gilmore, . . . Map (db m203630) HM
10Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — A7 — Marchers on the RunMarch Route to Government — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
On nightly news programs and in newspapers, the images of Birmingham children under police attack shocked and sickened the nation. It was the reaction that “Project C” organizers had hoped for. The "Children's Crusade” revived the Birmingham . . . Map (db m187837) HM
11Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Racial Terrorism and Convict Leasing / Racial Violence at Brookside MinesCommunity Remembrance Project
Racial Terrorism and Convict Leasing. Thousands of black people were the victims of lynching and racial violence in the United States between 1877 and 1950 Lynching was a form of racial terrorism that went beyond only hanging, . . . Map (db m173372) HM
12Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — C11 — Shores-Lee Law Offices/Post Office GarageDestination — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Built 1924 (remodeled for offices in 1995), 413 16th St. N. Judge Helen Shores Lee bought this one-story building, a garage from the U.S. Post Office, in 1995 and turned into a law center to honor her father, pioneer civil rights lawyer . . . Map (db m188192) HM
13Alabama (Lauderdale County), Elgin — Jesse James Gang Canal Payroll Robbery/Trial of Frank James
Jesse James Gang Canal Payroll Robbery March 1881 In, 1881, approximately three miles south of here, the U.S. Corps of Engineers was constructing the Muscle Shoals Canal along the north side of the Tennessee River. On March 11, 1881, . . . Map (db m99897) HM
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14Alabama (Limestone County), Athens — James Edwin Horton, Jr.1878-1973
On June 22, 1933, Judge James Horton of Athens set aside the verdict and death sentence of an all-white jury that found Haywood Patterson, an African American, guilty of raping two white women. Patterson was one of nine black youths falsely accused . . . Map (db m154195) HM
15Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — Restoring Justice / Lives Lost in The Segregation Era
Restoring Justice Henry Williams, Johnny Williams, Ennis Bell, Theodore Wesley Samuels, Prentiss McCann, and Rayfield Davis all died at the height of the segregation era in Mobile. Mobile's Black community protested each of these deaths at the . . . Map (db m188735) HM
16Alabama (Morgan County), Decatur — "Scottsboro Boys" Case Landmark Decisions
A series of racially charged trials where nine African American males ages 13 to 20 were falsely accused of raping two white women on a freight train in Alabama produced a pair of landmark civil rights decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court in the . . . Map (db m154233) HM
17Alabama (Russell County), Phenix City — Fort Jabe BrassellAlabama Army National Guard — Russell County —
Built in 1950, Fort Jabe Brassell has served as a hub for military training and arms storage for the local community by the Alabama Army National Guard and the Armory Commission of Alabama. Between July 1954 and January 1955, the Alabama Army . . . Map (db m165538) HM
18Alabama (Tallapoosa County), Dadeville — Tallapoosa County Peace Officers
Tallapoosa County Honors its Peace Officers who gave their lives in the line of duty Larry Neal Stone Camp Hill PD December 20, 1968 Roland Hicks, Jr. Camp Hill PD August 10, 1969 Clarence Martin . . . Map (db m95078) HM
19Alabama (Winston County), Haleyville — First 9-1-1 Call
The first 9-1-1 emergency services telephone call was made from the office of the mayor on February 16, 1968. Earlier in the year, AT&T, which had a near monopoly in the telephone industry at the time, had announced its plans for launching the . . . Map (db m153209) HM
20Alabama (Winston County), Houston — Willis Farris1814 - 1888 — First Sheriff of Winston County —
Willis Farris was appointed the first sheriff of Hancock County, Alabama, serving from August 31, 1850 to September 19, 1853. Hancock County was renamed Winston County in 1858. Farris then served another term as sheriff from 1859 until 1865. He was . . . Map (db m182872) HM
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21Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — 'Cat' Houses & Sporting Women
Ketchikan's notorious Creek Street, early Alaska's most infamous red-light district, still retains traces of the gaudy rouge of a half-century of speakeasies and sporting women. Here the fame of Black Mary, Thelma Baker and Dolly Arthur . . . Map (db m182103) HM
22Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — In Defiance of the Dry Squad
The Politics of Prohibition pitted the U. S. Constitution's well-meaning 18th Amendment — which banned the manufacture, sale or transportation of liquor — against the ingenuity of the moonshiners and bootleggers who found ways to satisfy the . . . Map (db m182102) HM
23Arizona (Cochise County), Tombstone — Allen English HomeAdobe Home Built in 1882
Born in Saginaw, Mich., in 1860, English, a law graduate, moved to Tombstone in 1880. He first worked as a miner, then became a partner in Smith & Goodrich law firm. He also served 3 terms as Cochise County District Attorney. English's . . . Map (db m131100) HM
24Arizona (Cochise County), Tombstone — 33 — Curly Bill Brocius Killed Marshal Fred White Here
Curly Bill Brocius killed Marshal Fred White here on October 28th, 1880.Map (db m53408) HM
25Arizona (Greenlee County), Clifton — Clifton Cliff Jail
Blasted from living rock this jail confined many of the bad men who crowed into the district in the boom days. Local tradition says that the first inmate in 1881 was the miner who built the jail. It was contributed to the town by the Lesinsky . . . Map (db m36373) HM
26Arizona (Maricopa County), Phoenix — Arizona Rangers Monument
In Honor of All Arizona Rangers Laid to Rest at Greenwood Memory Lawn "Few But Proud, Then and Now"Map (db m196310) HM
27Arizona (Maricopa County), Wickenburg — The Jail Tree
From 1863 to 1890 Outlaws were chained to this tree for lack of a Hoosegow- - Escapes were unknownMap (db m29475) HM
28Arizona (Pima County), Tucson — Officer Erik Hite
Was Killed In The Line Of Duty Near This Location On June 2, 2008Map (db m84223) HM
29Arizona (Pima County), Tucson — Wyatt Earp Shot Frank Stilwell...
Wyatt Earp joined his four brothers in the silver-boom town of Tombstone in 1879 where brother Virgil was deputy U.S. marshal. Wyatt was a sometimes-lawman himself, and hoped to become sheriff of the newly formed Cochise County in 1881. He . . . Map (db m28929) HM
30Arizona (Pinal County), Casa Grande — Barony of ArizolaHome of the "Baron of Arizona"
James Addison Peralta Reavis was a brazen forger who claimed over 12 million acres of Central Arizona and Western New Mexico as an Old Spanish Land grant. He and his family lived here in royal style until his fraud was exposed. From the barony he . . . Map (db m27209) HM
31Arizona (Pinal County), Florence — Florence Town Hall / Police and Fire Department
Built in 1948, this Contemporary Pueblo Revival building initially housed all town government administration and the Town Council chambers. The Town had a mayor and council-commissioner form of government. With limited staff, each Councilmember was . . . Map (db m195851) HM
32Arizona (Yuma County), Yuma — Drinking Water Life in the Desert
All water for the prison came from the river. Inmates dug a network of tunnels at the base of the hill which would fill with river water. From there water was pumped up into the 85,000 gallon granite-walled tank, also of inmate construction. In . . . Map (db m185955) HM
33Arizona (Yuma County), Yuma — Incorrigible WardYuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park
In 1904 an incorrigible ward, consisting of five steel cages, was constructed on this site. The total budget for the building, including steel cages, corrugated iron roofing and lumber, was five hundred dollars. Approximately 4,000 adobe bricks, . . . Map (db m158296) HM
34Arizona (Yuma County), Yuma — Main CellblockYuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park
The main cellblock was built to house up to 204 prisoners, but at times the Superintendent's report stated that up to 240 prisoners were kept here. Each cell was approximately 9 foot X 12 foot and could hold six prisoners. When space became limited, . . . Map (db m158292) HM
35Arizona (Yuma County), Yuma — New Yard
The "New Yard" was constructed in 1900 to help relieve overcrowding. The entrance to the library was closed and the first four cells were made from the library excavation in the south bank. Eight more cells were dug into the east side of the same . . . Map (db m185959) HM
36Arizona (Yuma County), Yuma — Prison LaborYuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park
Anything a prisoner could not make himself or barter for, he had to do without. As an inmate, forty-eight hours a week were spent working in the fields, quarry, adobe yard, or on assignment in a shop. Whether you needed a tin cup or a new . . . Map (db m158293) HM
37Arizona (Yuma County), Yuma — Shops
The concrete slabs in front of you were the floors of the shop buildings constructed in 1895. The shops housed the electric generating plant, shoe/ tailor shops and the laundry/bathhouse. The 33 foot x 100 foot adobe building had a corrugated iron . . . Map (db m191835) HM
38Arizona (Yuma County), Yuma — The Prison Bell
• Cast in 1875 • Stands approximately 3 feet high • Weighs approximately 800 lbs. with carriage This bell was cast by W.T. Garratt's Brass and Bell Foundry in San Francisco, California in 1875. A sailing ship brought the bell up the . . . Map (db m185957) HM
39Arizona (Yuma County), Yuma — View of the Prison from Across the RiverYuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park
Yuma of the 1870's had limited marketplaces. Goods were brought in by steamships or many days' journey through hostile country. Calamities along the journey claimed belongings and supplies more than once. The government compensated by stocking as . . . Map (db m158298) HM
40Arizona (Yuma County), Yuma — Yuma Territorial PrisonYuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park
The concrete slabs before you are all that remain of an early adobe structure. Originally, this building was where prisoners were processed, ate meals, and received medical attention. Later it housed offices, storerooms, barbershop and the two cells . . . Map (db m158297) HM
41Arkansas (Benton County), Lowell — Old City Jail
Location: West of the railroad tracks on Lincoln Street between McClure & Monroe, almost directly across from Allen Canning Company Warehouse. It was about 12' x 12', made of native stone, cemented together. One small window on the north side was . . . Map (db m93282) HM
42Arkansas (Garland County), Hot Springs — The Arlington Hotel — Hot Springs Historic Baseball Trail —
The old Arlington Hotel, located across the street on the Arlington Lawn, was the site of the infamous arrest of New York Giants manager John “Mugsy” McGraw. Apprehended by a U.S. Marshal for unlawful gambling when he was caught pitching silver . . . Map (db m211044) HM
43Arkansas (Garland County), Hot Springs — U.S. Park Ranger James Alexander Cary
On March 12, 1927 U.S. Park Ranger James Alexander Cary was killed by bootleggers while patrolling on West Mountain in Hot Springs National Park. Cary was the first National Park Service Ranger to be murdered in the line of duty. His service . . . Map (db m211011) HM
44Arkansas (Nevada County), Prescott — 5 — Governor Thomas Chipman McRaePrescott
Thomas Chipman McRae, born in Mount Holly (Union County), Arkansas, became a courier for the Confederate Army at age twelve, following his father's early death. He attended area schools and later graduated from Washington & Lee University law school . . . Map (db m184504) HM
45Arkansas (Pulaski County), Little Rock — 10 — Frank MooreMember of the Elaine Twelve
Frank Moore, a WWI veteran buried at Little Rock National Cemetery in 1932, move to Phillips County, Arkansas, after being honorably discharged in December of 1918 from service as a private in the 162nd Depot Brigade, There he worked on a farm and . . . Map (db m210364) HM
46Arkansas (Pulaski County), Little Rock — Lynching in Little Rock
On May 4, 1927, a mob of armed white men captured a 22-year-old Black man named John Carter, hanged him from a telephone pole, and riddled his body with bullets in downtown Little Rock. Afterward, in a caravan of cars. the mob dragged Mr. . . . Map (db m211279) HM
47Arkansas (Pulaski County), Little Rock — Ward-Hays House
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m211307) HM
48Arkansas (Pulaski County), Little Rock — Zeb Ward Building
This property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m211308) HM
49Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — Deputy U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves
This statue was erected in 2012 as a result of growing awareness of the extraordinary service of Bass Reeves, an African-American former slave who became a highly respected Deputy U.S. Marshal. The deeds of African-American and Native American . . . Map (db m58047) HM
50Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — The Women’s Jail, 1872-1888Fort Smith National Historic Site — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
After the U.S. Army closed Fort Smith in 1871, the guardhouse served the Federal Court for the Western District of Arkansas. It remained in use as a jail, detaining primarily women suspected or convicted of federal crimes until 1888. At that time, . . . Map (db m58128) HM
51California (Alameda County), Pleasanton — Larkin Locke House
First constable of Pleasanton This house is one of Pleasanton's earliest examples of Craftsman style architecture Built 1911 Map (db m193939) HM
52California (Amador County), Ione — Ione City Hall and Police Offices
City Council Michael C. Bohl, Mayor • Bobbie Potts, Mayor Pro Tem • Gary Beck, Councilman • Jim Brazil, Councilman • Loreta Tillery, Councilwoman Staff Randy L. Johnsen, City Administrator • Janic Traverso, City Clerk • Guy Reynolds, . . . Map (db m2376) HM
53California (Amador County), Ione — 867 — Preston Castle
The “castle,” built in 1890–1894, is the most significant example of Romanesque Revival architecture in the Mother Lode. It was built to house the Preston School of Industry, established by the State Legislature as a progressive . . . Map (db m100594) HM
54California (Butte County), Forbestown — Black Bart, the PO8
Attacked La Port [sic] – Oroville stage here, July 13, 1888. Frank N. Morse, driver, was repulsed by George Hackett, armed messenger for Wells Fargo Express. Twenty eight stage hold-ups in California 1875-1883 are credited to Black . . . Map (db m134505) HM
55California (Butte County), Oroville — Deputy Sheriff Randal Eugene Jennings
It is not how this officer died that makes him a hero, it is how he lived. Deputy Sheriff Randal Eugene Jennings Badge No. 80 Butte County Sheriff’s Office On May 21, 1997 Deputy Randy Jennings became the first Butte County Sheriff’s . . . Map (db m65841) HM
56California (Calaveras County), Copperopolis — Black Bart at Funk HillCopperopolis
July 1875, at Funk Hill 4 miles due east Black Bart, alias Charles E. Bolton or Boles, wearing a flour sack mask and a linen duster, waving a double-barrelled shot gun held up the Wells Fargo Sonora to Milton Stage. The first successful stage . . . Map (db m70090) HM
57California (El Dorado County), Coloma — El Dorado County Jails
Coloma’s first jail was made of logs and was located around the corner on High Street. The second jail, built in 1855, quickly proved to be too small, and this stone-block prison was erected. It was used from 1857 until 1862. The metal cell that . . . Map (db m12228) HM
58California (El Dorado County), Coloma — Site of Coloma’s Law Offices
In the 1850s, the law offices of Thomas Robertson and the firm of Sanderson and Hews were at this site. The town alcalde also had his office here. Borrowed from Mexican government, the position of alcalde combined the roles of mayor, justice of the . . . Map (db m17572) HM
59California (El Dorado County), Placerville — In Respectful Memory of Joseph M. StaplesDeputy Sheriff of El Dorado County — Placerville, California —
On Thursday, June 30, 1864 at about 10 PM two west-bound stage coaches of the Pioneer Stage Company were held up and the passengers robbed at gun-point at a location approximately 15 miles east of Placerville. The bandits demanded and obtained . . . Map (db m13150) HM
60California (El Dorado County), Placerville — Joseph M. Staples
Re-Dedicated July 1, 1986 To The Memory of Joseph M. Staples El Dorado County Deputy Sheriff Who Was Killed In The Line Of Duty July 1, 1864Map (db m13970) HM
61California (El Dorado County), Pollack Pines — In Memory of the Bravery of Our Pioneer Officers
Scene of the robbery of two coaches of the Pioneer Stage Line running between Virginia City, Nevada, and Sacramento, California, on the night of June 30, 1864, at about ten o’clock. Perpetrated by a gang of fourteen men, eight sacks of bullion and . . . Map (db m13922) HM
62California (Fresno County), Clovis — September 11th California Memorial
In Memory of the victims of September 11, 2001 and in honor of our fallen heroes America's bravest - New York City Firefighters Port Authority of NY and NY Police Officers America's Finest - New York City Police Officers The Passengers . . . Map (db m114526) WM
63California (Fresno County), Coalinga — 344 — Arroyo de Cantua14 Miles
Headquarters of notorious bandit, Joaquin Murieta. Killed here July 25, 1853, by posse of State Rangers, led by Captain Harry Love. Terrorized mining camps and stage operations during his career.Map (db m148471) HM
64California (Fresno County), Coalinga — 344 — Arroyo de Cantua14 Miles
Headquarters of notorious bandit Joaquin Murieta. Killed here July 25, 1853 by posse of state rangers led by Captain Harry Love. Terrorized mining camps and stage operations during his career.Map (db m151585) HM
65California (Fresno County), Kingsburg — Fred French
On the night of November 2, 1916, Fred French, while performing his duties of deputy night watchman for the community of Kingsburg, encountered Lew Cowan behaving in a drunken and disorderly manner in the pool hall. Cowan and French engaged in a . . . Map (db m95379) HM
66California (Fresno County), Kingsburg — George Boyle
Constable George Boyle died of gunshot wounds on November 18, 1924, after being shot four times in a gun battle with three fugitives. According to the Kingsburg Recorder, Boyle was shot four days earlier while attempting to apprehend three convicts . . . Map (db m95380) HM
67California (Glenn County), Glenn — William B. Ide’s Public Service
Early California pioneer, member of original Bear Flag Party organized June 1846 in Colusi County, since changed to Colusa. As first and only president of "California Republic", issued, on June 18, 1846, historic proclamation. Held . . . Map (db m172453) HM
68California (Imperial County), Imperial — Mobley Meadows
Mobley Meadows First Sheriff of Imperial County 1907 – 1915 Map (db m62034) HM
69California (Inyo County), Bishop — The Old Inyo County Jailhouse
The early days of Inyo County presented many challenges to the original settlers, particularly for peacekeepers. The first sheriff, W.A. Greenly, served only one year. Many officials served only one or two years before resigning. Territorial and . . . Map (db m200934) HM
70California (Kern County), Red Mountain — Kelly Silver MineThe Owl Cafe and Slim Riffle
Kelly Silver Mine Silver was discovered directly behind this building around 1918. The Kelly Silver Mine was the richest in the world at the time, albeit other silver mines in the area were very profitable as well. As a result, the . . . Map (db m152428) HM
71California (Kern County), Tehachapi — Avelino MartinezDied at Age 112 on August 7, 1936 — Last Known Member of the Joaquin Murrieta Horse Gangs —
To quote the authors, Frank F. Latta, Arnold R. Rojas, and Bonnie Ketterl Kane, per Rancho El Tejon’s Mayordomo (Supervisor) of almost sixty years, Don Jose Jesus Lopez (J.J.), about Avelino Martinez; “He was a little dried up gnome of a man, . . . Map (db m98873) HM
72California (Kern County), Tehachapi — The Women's Prison in Tehachapi - 1932Became California Correction Institution for Men in 1954
In 1933 California’s first women’s prison was established in Tehachapi to provide an environment more conductive to rehabilitation than San Quentin State Prison. Two-story buildings were constructed of reinforced concrete in the French Normandy . . . Map (db m134503) HM
73California (Kings County), Hanford — Kings County Courthouse
The original Kings County courthouse, built in 1896, served as the seat of Kings County government until 1979.Map (db m153549) HM
74California (Kings County), Hanford — Kings County Jail
Kings County's original jail served as a home for prisoners and the county sheriff's office from 1897 until 1964.Map (db m153548) HM
75California (Lake County), Lakeport — 897 — Lake County Courthouse
Lake County’s century-old classic courthouse, designed by A.P. Pettit in 1871, served as the seat of county government from 1871 until 1968 when it was replaced by the new courthouse. Among the court’s landmark cases were the White Cap murders, a . . . Map (db m152479) HM
76California (Los Angeles County), Covina — Covina Firehouse - Jail Museum
The firehouse-jail was the first civic building commissioned by the city of Covina. The mission revival structure was constructed in 1911 by pioneer builder Clarence Allison. When a new city hall and fire station was built in 1930, the fire . . . Map (db m138043) HM
77California (Los Angeles County), Glendora — 1 — Glendora City Hall1913
First historical landmark — Historical Society Museum, original site of 1913 city hall, jail, and fire house — Dedicated May 8, 1990. Bob Kuhn, Mayor, City of Glendora. John Gordon, President, Glendora Historical Society. Marker . . . Map (db m137562) HM
78California (Los Angeles County), Hermosa Beach — Site of The Courthouse, City Jail, Police and Fire Station
The Hermosa Beach Police and Volunteer Fire Station, Jail, and Courthouse were built here in 1916. The city hall and the Marshal's office were moved here from the head of Pier Avenue as well. Stories maintain that the jail cells were built . . . Map (db m205516) HM
79California (Los Angeles County), Highland Park — 274 — Northeast Police Station — Highland Park Police Station —
Built - 1925, Renaissance Revival style. Declared November 15, 1972, Historic-Cultural Monument No. 274 by the City of Los Angeles, Cultural Heritage Commission, Cultural Affairs Department.Map (db m178918) HM
80California (Los Angeles County), North Hollywood — Fire Station No. 60
Firefighters: Service and Sacrifice When the entire force of four volunteers first started putting out fires here in the 1880s, the brigade used a two-wheel cart that stayed parked next to the train depot between fires. Nearly 50 . . . Map (db m162320) HM
81California (Los Angeles County), Pasadena — Pasadena Memorial for Fallen OfficersIn Memorium
To those Pasadena Police Officers and other law enforcement officers killed in pursuit of Peace and Justice in Pasadena "Be just and fear not; let all the ends thou aimest at be thy country’s, thy God’s and truth’s." W. Shakespeare This . . . Map (db m160994) HM
82California (Los Angeles County), Pasadena — Vista del Arroyo HotelRichard H. Chambers United States Court of Appeals Building — Circa 1931 —
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior. Richard H. Chambers U.S. Court of Appeals Building, c.1931.Map (db m161963) HM
83California (Los Angeles County), Rosemead — Albert S. Rowland(1855–1891) — Savannah Memorial Park —
Youngest son of John Rowland for whom Rowland Heights is named. His brother, William R. Rowland, was the youngest Sheriff of Los Angeles County at age of 25 (1872-75 and 1880-82). William Rowland was responsible for the capture of the bandit . . . Map (db m152163) HM
84California (Los Angeles County), Rosemead — Archie N. Wiggins(1863–1927) — Savannah Memorial Park —
The son of Thomas J. Wiggins, he was born in El Monte, and was one of the few American children to attend Old Mission School. He was known as the “Watermelon King” due to his success in raising watermelons in large quantities. He was an . . . Map (db m154045) HM
85California (Los Angeles County), San Dimas — San Dimas Sheriff’s Station
The first San Dimas Sheriff's Station opened in July 1927. It was located at 116 North San Dimas Avenue. In 1949, in order to make way for a new station, this building was moved to Fifth Street and Monte Vista Avenue and is now a single family . . . Map (db m167180) HM
86California (Los Angeles County), Santa Monica — Santa Monica Harbor and Breakwater
After a breakwater was built in 1933 & 1934, Santa Monica Harbor became home to a proud collection of yachts, fleets of fishing boats, a cruise liner to Catalina and water taxis which served mobster Tony Cornero's infamous gambling ship, the "SS . . . Map (db m185313) HM
87California (Los Angeles County), Whittier — Architecture and ReformFred C. Nelles School
At the time of its construction in 1991, the centerpiece of the original Reform School for Juvenile Offenders was the Administration Building, a Romanesque-style building called The Castle with an attached chapel Designed by architect . . . Map (db m207954) HM
88California (Los Angeles County), Whittier — Fred C. Nelles
In 1912, the Board of Trustees hired Los Angeles businessman Fred C. Nelles as the Superintendent of the Whittier State School. Under Nelles' tenure the school's focus was shifted from a correctional philosophy to a philosophy of reform . . . Map (db m207801) HM
89California (Los Angeles County), Whittier — 947 — Reform School for Juvenile OffendersFred C. Nelles School — A Look Back in Time —
The former Fred C. Nelles School for Boys was the oldest school for juvenile offenders in the State of California. Originally named the Reform School for Juvenile Offenders when it opened on July 1, 1891, the name was subsequently changed to . . . Map (db m207789) HM
90California (Mono County), Lee Vining — Sheriff James P. Dolan
In July of 1915, the peace and quiet of Mono County was shattered when Sheriff James P. Dolan died as a result of gunshot wounds received while attempting to apprehend two outlaws who had terrorized ranchers a short distance from this location. . . . Map (db m11416) HM
91California (Nevada County), Nevada City — Sheriff David Fulton Douglass
On this spot Sheriff Douglass, a Native Son of the Golden West, gave his life July 26, 1896, bravely performing his duty. Alone he tracked a highwayman to this retreat and both fell in battle. It is believed that Douglass was pitted against . . . Map (db m175188) HM
92California (Orange County), Cypress — Cypress Police MemorialSergant Donald J. Sowma — April 14, 1932 - November 19, 1976 —
This Police Memorial is dedicated to the Cypress Police Officers who gave their lives in the line of duty protecting the citizens of Cypress, May their memory and sacrifice never be forgotten. SERGEANT DONALD J. SOWMA April 14, 1932 - . . . Map (db m195337) HM WM
93California (Orange County), Mission Viejo — Sergeant Matt Davis Park
This park is dedicated in loving memory to Sergeant Matthew Ray Davis. A son, husband, father and hero to those he served in this community. He unselfishly gave his all to help those in need and was a dear friend to all who had the privilege of . . . Map (db m148344) HM
94California (Orange County), Modjeska Canyon — 225 — The Legend of Flores PeakA Notorious Outlaw's Bold Escape
The peak before you is named for the outlaw Juan Flores. Flores led a gang of bandits that terrorized this area in the late 1850's. In January 1857, the gang murdered a shopkeeper in San Juan Capistrano. While in pursuit of the gang, LA County . . . Map (db m148311) HM
95California (Orange County), Tustin — Hanging Tree
Under this tree General Andres Pico hung two banditos of the Flores Gang in 1857.Map (db m155232) HM
96California (Placer County), Tahoe City — Tahoe City's Constables
In 1901 Tahoe City needed a constable. There was an influx of workers and summer visitors expected with the completion of a 15-mile railroad line from Truckee and the opening of the 400-room hotel, The Tahoe Tavern. Robert Montgomery Watson, an . . . Map (db m55503) HM
97California (Riverside County), Palm Springs — HSPB-9 — Lykken’s Department Store
Desert pioneer, Carl Lykken, built the first general store in the village in 1914. For many years it contained the only telephone and the post office. The store was remodeled with the existing overhang and arches when sidewalks were installed in the . . . Map (db m52734) HM
98California (Sacramento County), Represa — Fire Extinguisher
This is a Ansul Dry Chemical Wheeled Fire Extinguisher. It had a potassium bicarbonate based dry chemical containing colorized additives, it was the most effective dry chemicals used to extinguish flammable and or combustible liquid fires. The . . . Map (db m192797) HM
99California (Sacramento County), Represa — Prison Doodlebug
This old Doodlebug was manufactured at Folsom State Prison to be used as a sturdy, powerful pulling and pushing vehicle, used in the Lower Yard. It was made in the Maintenance Shop of Folsom 1940's. It has a model A motor, a military . . . Map (db m193059) HM
100California (Sacramento County), Represa — Railroad Gate
A locomotive was purchased to be used on a short line railroad which had been constructed from the prison to the village of Folsom, for hauling supplies. In the early part of June, 1893. In 1922, the walls around the prison were finally . . . Map (db m193061) HM

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