“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Matagorda County Texas Historical Markers

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By Brian Anderson, July 21, 2018
Bay City Library
Texas (Matagorda County), Bay City — 337 — Bay City Library
Organized in 1912, the Bay City Public Library was first housed in the J. P. Keller Insurance Company office. The non-profit Bay City Library Association, also formed in 1912, spearheaded community fund raising efforts to operate the library. Land . . . — Map (db m120755) HM
Texas (Matagorda County), Bay City — 339 — Bay City Post Office
An election in the fall of 1894 resulted in the relocation of the Matagorda county seat from the city of Matagorda to Bay Prairie (now Bay City). D.P. Moore, the postmaster at the nearby small town of Elliott, owned property in the new town and . . . — Map (db m96314) HM
Texas (Matagorda County), Bay City — 1461 — Elliott's Ferry
During the early days of Anglo-American colonization in Texas, the Matagorda Bay Prairie area was an important route for people traveling between settlements. A convenient river crossing was a necessity, and a ferry was established on the Thomas . . . — Map (db m89332) HM
Texas (Matagorda County), Bay City — 1868 — Ira IngramFirst Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives — (1788-1837) —
(front side) Born in Vermont. Came to Texas in 1824. Worked to establish the Republic. Represented Matagorda in the First Congress of the Republic where he served as speaker, Oct. 1836 to April 1837. At his death in Sept. 1837 left . . . — Map (db m117462) HM
Texas (Matagorda County), Bay City — 3251 — Matagorda County
. . . — Map (db m117470) HM
Texas (Matagorda County), Bay City — 18864 — Matagorda County
Early home of the Karankawa Indians. Landing place of LaSalle in 1685. Settled 1822-1836 by colonists of Stephen F. Austin. The municipality of Matagorda organized under the Mexican Government on March 6, 1834. Became on March 17, 1836, Matagorda . . . — Map (db m120752) HM
Texas (Matagorda County), Bay City — 15467 — Matagorda County Confederate Memorial
1861-1865 To the memory of our Confederate Soldiers. "Lest We Forget." — Map (db m120757) WM
Texas (Matagorda County), Bay City — 3254 — Matagorda, C.S.A.
Near the mouth of the Colorado River, 20 miles to the south, is the town of Matagorda, the second most important port of entry in early Texas. In the Civil War, center for rich farmlands and one of 8 Texas ports that blockade runners used for . . . — Map (db m120750) HM
Texas (Matagorda County), Bay City — 3689 — Old Bay City Bank
Established 1898, four years after founding of Bay City. Private bank. Owners: Henry Rugeley, Frank Hawkins. This building erected 1903, site of many investment transactions important to Texas Gulf Coast development. Recorded Texas . . . — Map (db m120754) HM
Texas (Matagorda County), Bay City — Sugar Cane Mill
Sugar cane mills were used to make syrup from the sweet sorghum cane that grew extensively along Caney Creek in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Once the cane was stripped, topped, and cut, it was hand-fed into one side of the mill. A . . . — Map (db m118408) HM
Texas (Matagorda County), Blessing — 13257 — Blessing Library Association
In the first years of the 20th century, Jonathan Pierce filed a deed with the Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio Railroad (Southern Pacific) to lay out a town along the rail line at the junction of two major roads. He named the community . . . — Map (db m118424) HM
Texas (Matagorda County), Blessing — 3741 — Old Hawley Cemetery
Known 1838-1899 as Deming's Bridge Cemetery. Second post office in Matagorda County was located nearby in 1858. Two acres donated by Emelius Savage and his son Norman for the cemetery and Tres Palacios Baptist Church, founded 1852. More . . . — Map (db m118415) HM
Texas (Matagorda County), Clemville — 12554 — Clemville
Originally part of land granted to early colonist Henry Parker, this was a rural farming and ranching area until 1908 when F.J. Hardy discovered oil and formed the Hardy Oil Company. By 1911, F.J. Clemenger had settled in the community, then known . . . — Map (db m120739) HM
Texas (Matagorda County), Markham — J.S. Abercrombie Mineral CompanyOil Well Pumping Rig
In 1920, near Clemville, Texas, J.S. Abercrombie Mineral Company put this pumping rig into operation on a new oil well at a location west of present El Dorado Road. In 1927 the well went dry, and the pumping rig was not used again. In 1980 . . . — Map (db m119460) HM
Texas (Matagorda County), Sargent — 1024 — Confederate Defenses at the Mouth of Caney Creek
During the Civil War (1861-65), Federal forces tried several times to seize Texas ports. Galveston was taken on October 5, 1862, but recaptured by a Confederate army on January 1, 1863. Lt. Dick Dowling's troops stopped a Federal invasion at Sabine . . . — Map (db m31150) HM

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