“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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By Devry Becker Jones, April 10, 2021
A Voice from the South Marker
1District of Columbia (Washington), LeDroit Park — 3 — A Voice from the South — Worthy Ambition — LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale Heritage Trail —
This Circle Honors Anna Julia Haywood Cooper the educator and civil and women's rights advocate who lived in the gracious house at 201 T Street from 1916 until her death in 1964 at age 105. Born into slavery, Cooper graduated from Oberlin . . . Map (db m170781) HM
2Georgia (Glynn County), Jekyll Island — Preserving the Legacy
Chartered by the State of Georgia to be trustworthy stewards of the island, the Jekyll Island Authority has been very active in the preservation of the National Historic Landmark District. The rehabilitation of Crane Cottage and Cherokee in . . . Map (db m115119) HM
3Minnesota (Jackson County), Jackson — Government Ditches — The Draining of Minnesota
Drainage of surface water is vital to all aspects of development, from town sites to agricultural crop land. Its importance, impact, and consequences cannot be over stated. With the western expansion of the United States, swamp lands. as they were . . . Map (db m166441) HM
4Mississippi (Claiborne County), Hermanville — The Town of Rocky Springs
At the end of this trail is evidence of a once thriving rural community. First settled in the late 1790's, the town grew from a watering place along the Natchez Trace, and took its name from the source of that water -- the Rocky Spring. In 1860, a . . . Map (db m80147) HM
5Montana (Gallatin County), Three Forks — Gallatin City Hotel - 1868
Built by Jarvis Akin, the Hotel was originally a one-room building of hand-hewn logs. It was the center of Gallatin City's social life; travelers sometimes complained of not being able to sleep because of the ruckus. As the town died, the Hotel was . . . Map (db m127043) HM
6Montana (Rosebud County), Forsyth — Forsyth Bridge
Although heavy rain disrupted the celebrations, it couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm Forsyth residents felt for their new bridge, dedicated on July 4, 1905. Prior to the bridge’s construction, Rosebud County residents had to ford the Yellowstone River . . . Map (db m164782) HM
7Montana (Rosebud County), Forsyth — Forsyth Water Pumping Station
Recognizing that successful communities require infrastructure, Forsyth’s civic leaders proposed construction of a waterworks and sewerage system in 1906. As the town council asserted when it posted the bond issue, “We desire to improve the . . . Map (db m164783) HM
8Montana (Yellowstone County), Billings — The Clark Hotel - 1928 — Historic Montana Avenue
The Clark Hotel, another architectural landmark along Montana Avenue, was demolished in 1968, and the site is now a parking lot. The hotel, built around 1906 across from the Parmly Billings Library, featured an elaborate facade with pressed brick . . . Map (db m165964) HM
9New Jersey (Monmouth County), Long Branch — Century Building
Constructed in 1906, this is the 4th and present home of the Neptune Hose Co No.1 Formerly the Neptune Hook & Ladder Co. Founded in 1866 by Dr. James O. Green, following the burning of the Bath Hotel, it was the first organized fire company in . . . Map (db m168851) HM
10New Mexico (Bernalillo County), Cedar Crest — Ben and Pat Abruzzo
Ben Abruzzo 1930 – Rockford, Illinois Pat Abruzzo 1932 – Rockford, Illinois 1985 – Albuquerque, New Mexico Ben Abruzzo was one of those rare individuals who undertake great enterprises – adventures of the human . . . Map (db m120091) HM
11New Mexico (Catron County), Glenwood — The Catwalk
This steel causeway follows two pipelines which supplied water and water power to the old town of Graham where gold and silver ores were milled from nearby mines in the 1890's. The causeway clings to the sides of a sheer box canyon in Saltwater . . . Map (db m36378) HM
12New Mexico (Chaves County), Roswell — The Iron Cross
During World War II a prisoner of war camp was established by the War Department near Orchard Park southeast of Roswell, which housed some 4800 German prisoners of war. On January 1, 1943, the first prisoners arrived there from the . . . Map (db m72748) HM
13New Mexico (Colfax County), Eagle Nest — Eagle Nest Lake State Park
Eagle Nest was a place where members of several Indian tribes were said to have come to collect ceremonial feathers. Before 1919, Charles Springer acquired the land and built a dam for irrigation. It now has a capacity of 78,000 acre feet and . . . Map (db m45752) HM
14New Mexico (Sierra County), Truth or Consequences — Elephant Butte Lake State Park
Situated beside the huge, 36,000-acre Elephant Butte Reservoir, this is one of the largest and most popular parks in New Mexico. It combines boating, waterskiing, fishing and other water-based sports with land activities such as camping, picnicking, . . . Map (db m45110) HM
15New Mexico (Valencia County), Acoma Pueblo — Old Acoma "Sky City"
Legend describes Acoma as a "place that always was". Archaeological evidence shows it has been occupied since at least the 13th century. Established on this mesa for defensive purposes, Acoma was settled by inhabitants of nearby pueblos which had . . . Map (db m30263) HM
16New York (Albany County), Albany — 1816 Dwelling House
The Dwelling House or "Bell House" contained a kitchen, large community dining rooms, and retiring rooms (bedrooms). At the height of this community, 100 Shakers lived in the main building and the 'T' shaped wing. On its roof in a cupola, hung a . . . Map (db m115659) HM
17New York (Albany County), Albany — Academy Park
Established in 1882, a hill on the site required the removal of 10,000 loads of sand and clay filling a gully on the north side of Elk Street where present houses were built. Albany 300 - 1686-1986 - Still making History Erected by Albany . . . Map (db m64997) HM
18New York (Albany County), Albany — Bleecker Park
In 1835 the City appropriated $1,000 and citizens raised a fund to enclose it within an iron fence. A fountain, the first in the city, dedicated in 1863. Albany 300 - 1686-1986 - Still making HistoryMap (db m65000) HM
19New York (Albany County), Albany — Boats and Music
The Lakehouse that appears in these images is very different than the building that stands in front of you. The existing Lakehouse, designed by J. Russell White, was built of brick and terra cotta in 1929. It replaced the original 1875 wood . . . Map (db m144255) HM
20New York (Albany County), Albany — Brethren's Workshop (1822)
The Brethren's Shop was used by the men and boys for various crafts including shoe making and tinsmithing. The porches and dormers were added in 1930 and the building is now used by Albany County as offices. A date stone in the basement is . . . Map (db m115662) HM
21New York (Albany County), Albany — City Hall Carillon — Albany 300 - 1686-1986 — Still Making History —
Initiated by William Gorham Rice. Completed in 1927. Restored in 1986 celebrating Albany's Tricentennial of the Dongan Charter through the generous contributions of the citizens of Albany.Map (db m64992) HM
22New York (Albany County), Albany — Creamery (1856)
The Shakers stored milk in the creamery to keep it cool. Milk was brought from the barn in large milk cans, which were then kept cool in troughs filled by water diverted from the creek. Later the building was used as a hen house; now it is used . . . Map (db m115688) HM
23New York (Albany County), Albany — Ministry Shop (1825)
This brick building was used by the ministry elders. Each member of the ministry had to perform daily manual labor such as shoe making or tailoring. Elder Chauncey Copeley a cabinet maker, worked in a wing added to the building in 1850. Originally . . . Map (db m115660) HM
24New York (Albany County), Albany — Shaker Garage (1920)
By 1920, automobiles had become both necessary and fashionable. The Shakers never hesitated to adopt new technology that would make life easier and more efficient. They built this concrete garage for their Packard automobilies [sic].Map (db m115671) HM
25New York (Albany County), Albany — Shaker Meeting House
This Meeting House, or Church, was built in 1848 to replace an earlier (1791) and much smaller Meeting House. It demonstrates many typical characteristics of Shaker architecture; double doors, one for men and one for women; a large meeting room . . . Map (db m115663) HM
26New York (Albany County), Albany — Wash House & Cannery (c.1858)
Shaker Creek provided water for both the canning and laundry operations. The first laundry, done on December 12, 1859, used a steam powered washing machine. Albany County used the building for laundry until the mid 1980s. Today it is a . . . Map (db m115674) HM
27New York (Albany County), Albany — Washington Park — Albany 300 — 1686-1986 • Still Making History —
Attained its present form in the years 1869-1884 Design attributed to the concepts of renowned Landscape Architect Frederick Law OlmstedMap (db m138130) HM
28New York (Albany County), Altamont — 2 — Altamont Free Library — Altamont, New York — The Museum In The Streets —
The Village's First Freight and passenger train station was built in 1864, only months after the first train passed through Knowersville. In 1896 the old station was moved south along the tracks. In 1897, it was replaced by the newest, . . . Map (db m115732) HM
29New York (Albany County), Altamont — Severson House
Built by Early Settler Jurrian Severson Located on Map of West Manor Rensselaerswyck, 1767 Map (db m44897) HM
30New York (Albany County), Cohoes — Breastworks
Erected under direction of Thaddeus Koscuiszko in August-September 1777 to check Burgoyne's invasionMap (db m115356) HM
31New York (Albany County), Cohoes — Cluett, Peabody & Company — What Happened at the Bleachery?
Cluett, Peabody & Co., a Troy-based manufacturer of men's collars and shirts, purchased Peebles Island in 1909. The abundant water, existing rail lines, and proximity to the company's Troy factory made the island an ideal location for treating . . . Map (db m115364) HM
32New York (Albany County), Cohoes — New York Power Authority
The present day hydroelectric power plant located at this site is owned and operated by the New York Power Authority. It was constructed in 1908 when the Mohawk River was dammed, the Waterford Flight of Locks was constructed, and the Erie Canal . . . Map (db m138991) HM
33New York (Albany County), Cohoes — Peebles Island in the 18th-20th Centuries
During the Revolutionary War, American troops camped on Van Schaick and Peebles Islands. Thaddaeus Kosciuszko, a prominent Polish engineer who aided the American cause, designed the earthworks that are visible today near the bridge to . . . Map (db m115385) HM
34New York (Albany County), Colonie — Maplewood Historic Park
Site of Erie Canal lock & former Weighlock Bldg.1850-1915 located near "The Juncta" of old Erie and Champlain CanalsMap (db m40996) HM
35New York (Albany County), Colonie — The Weighlock Building — 1850-1915
This Greek-revival building was one of several weigh stations along the Canal used to levy the tolls for barges carrying merchandise and farm goods. Until 1850 freight cargoes were measured by the displacement theory, but this hydraulic type . . . Map (db m40999) HM
36New York (Albany County), Guilderland — Guilderland Town Hall
Town Hall Town of Guilderland Est. April 4, 1803 First Officers; Supervisor Nicholas V. Mynderse, Clerk Peter G. Veeder Town of Guilderland 1985 Map (db m103165) HM
37New York (Albany County), Guilderland — Locust Vale School
Locust Vale School New Scotland School District No. 11. Built about 1827 and closed 1939. Moved to Meadowdale from Tygert Road During the 1940's. Map (db m48608) HM
38New York (Albany County), Knox — Dutch Barn
Built Circa 1800 For Palatine German Settler Jacob Sholtes 1761-1852 By Grandson Jacob 1817-1891 Map (db m62841) HM
39New York (Albany County), Voorheesville — First P.O. 1868
Site of First P.O. 1868 Established in Reid's General Store, Farm of James Reid Town's First Supervisor Map (db m48607) HM
40New York (Albany County), Watervliet — Erie Canal
Completed 1825 Terminus at Hudson River. Locks called Sidecut allowed entry to navigable waters.Map (db m12214) HM
41New York (Albany County), Watervliet — Saint Patrick's Church Bell
The most obvious music associated with any church is the sweet and dignified tolling of the church bell. Pictured above is George E. Hipwod, President of the Holy Names Society who presented the bell for placement in the new church. The bell was . . . Map (db m70628) HM
42New York (Allegany County), New Hudson — Hanging Bog
Hanging Bog is a man-made pond built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930's on then federally owned land. In 1962 Hanging Bog was transferred to New York State. The pond is referred to as Hanging Bog because of its unique mat of floating . . . Map (db m86561) HM
43New York (Broome County), Whitney Point — M60 A3 Battle Tank — [War Memorial]
Years in Production: 1960 - 1987 Manufacturer: Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant, Chrysler Weight: 46 Tons Main Armament: 105mm (4.1in) M68 Gun Engine: V-12 Twin Turbo Diesel Top Speed: @30mph (road) This display is in honor of all service . . . Map (db m104532) HM WM
44New York (Cattaraugus County), Red House — Civilian Conservation Corps
1933-1942 Allegany State Park - Salamanca, New York Camp SP-50 - Red House - Company 1250 Camp SP-51 - Red House - Company 249 Camp SP-19 - Red House - Company 2218 Dedicated this 7th day of October 1990 to the memory of those young men . . . Map (db m77525) HM
45New York (Cattaraugus County), Red House — The School in the Forest
Welcome to Science Lake, a favorite park attraction with an interesting history. Science Lake was built in 1926 as the new location for a science camp popularly called "The School in the Forest." Chauncey J. Hamlin, president of the Buffalo . . . Map (db m104901) HM
46New York (Cattaraugus County), Salamanca — Sweet Water Spring
Sweet Water Spring Legend has it that the Sweet Water Spring gets its name from a Buffalo druggist who was in the area searching for gold with the property owner, N.L. Mr. Kysor. Evidently when the druggist tasted the water, he pronounced it . . . Map (db m60092) HM
47New York (Cayuga County), Port Byron — Glaciers, Drumlins, and High Level Lakes — Port Byron / Old Erie Canal Heritage Park
During the ice ages of the last 2 million years, glaciers sculpted the land surface forming, amongst other features, the many rounded and elongated hills called drumlins that are seen from the Thruway between Rochester and Syracuse. From this . . . Map (db m103583) HM
48New York (Cayuga County), Port Byron — Port Byron's Lock 52
Lock 52 on the Erie Canal was once a busy place. Built in 1851 and lengthened on the berm side in 1887 to accommodate two boats hitched together in tandem, the lock created a popular stopping point for canal boatmen. The 11-foot lift at Lock 52 . . . Map (db m103581) HM
49New York (Cayuga County), Port Byron — The Erie Canal in Port Byron — Erie Canal Heritage Park at Port Byron — Today's Canal System in New York —
The Erie Canal in Port Byron When the original Erie Canal or "Clinton's Ditch" was completed here in 1819, Port Byron was transformed from a frontier settlement to a thriving canal town. Indeed, the local citizens were so hopeful with the new . . . Map (db m103580) HM
50New York (Chautauqua County), Chautauqua — Palestine Park — A Continuing Tradition
At the founding of Chautauqua in 1874, John Heyl Vincent assigned to Dr. W.W. Wythe the task of creating Palestine Park, starting with a makeshift temporary wooden model. The park has evolved to its present permanent location and depicts the . . . Map (db m117529) HM
51New York (Chautauqua County), Kennedy — Kennedy Mills
First commercial enterprise in southeastern Chautauqua County Doctor Thomas Ruston Kennedy built first mill October 1805 after purchase of 3000 acres in the area which became the Town of PolandMap (db m60146) HM
52New York (Chautauqua County), Westfield — Barcelona Light House
Barcelona Light House Erected in 1829 By the Federal GovernmentMap (db m57203) HM
53New York (Chemung County), Elmira — A Civil Rights Victory — The CCC At Newtown
Newtown Battlefield Preservation has a special place in the history of African Americans' struggle for equality in the United States. When 180 young African-American men of Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Company 1251 arrived to work on . . . Map (db m90317) HM
54New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Eldridge Park
Dr. Edwin Eldridge opened his park in 1879. Called the beauty spot of the southern tier for its gardens. Elmira bought the park in 1889.Map (db m77928) HM
55New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Mark Twain Watering Trough
One of four originally located beside the road to Quarry Farm. Moved to the college campus during the bicentennial year, 1976Map (db m123535) HM
56New York (Chemung County), Horseheads — Zim Bandstand
Designed in 1910 by nationally renowned local cartoonist Eugene Zimmerman. Dedicated on this site in 1914 for “Zim's” band.Map (db m66955) HM
57New York (Chenango County), Oxford — Chenango Canal — 1837-1878
The Oxford Turning Basin. Sight of overnight tie up for canal boats.Map (db m92749) HM
58New York (Chenango County), Oxford — Lock 99
The Chenango Land Trust expresses its graditude Maurice and Barbara Ingraham for having the foresight to protect Chenango Canal Lock 99,the best preserved Chenango Canal lock, Lock purchase and preservation made possible by a grant from the Land . . . Map (db m93513) HM
59New York (Chenango County), Oxford — Site of Log House
Site of Log House built by Benjamin Hovey, 1790, who served in the Revolution and was known as "Father of the Settlement" Map (db m92747) HM
60New York (Clinton County), Altona — McGregor Powerhouse
McGregor Powerhouse and LaSalle Dam est. 1923 by William H. MinerMap (db m106442) HM
61New York (Clinton County), Plattsburgh — Trinity Episcopal Church - 1830
Plattsburgh's oldest public building. Reverend John Henry Hopkins, who authored the hymn We Three Kings was the rector here from 1872-1877. Le plus ancien batiment publique de Plattsburgh. Ce fut le Reverend John Henry Hopkins et . . . Map (db m115224) HM
62New York (Columbia County), Copake Falls — Harlem Valley Rail Trail
The Harlem Valley derives its name from "The New York and Harlem Railroad," chartered in 1831 and opened in lower Manhattan in 1832 with horse drawn cars. In 1842 the line crossed the Harlem River, and in 1873 joined the New York Central . . . Map (db m116811) HM
63New York (Columbia County), Hillsdale — 446 — East Gate Tollhouse — Columbia Turnpike 1799-1907
Located on this site Linked Columbia County farming and industry to Hudson River portsMap (db m118755) HM
64New York (Cortland County), Cortland — Civil War Memorial
Centennial offering of Cortland County, to the memory of those who fought in defense of the Union. 1861. 1865.Map (db m126614) WM
65New York (Cortland County), Cortland — World War Memorial
Lest We Forget Cortland County's Sons and Daughters Who Served In The World WarMap (db m126624) WM
66New York (Cortland County), Homer — David Hannum — 1898 • David Harum • 1998 — Edward Noyes Westcott —
David Hannum (1822-1891), horse trader and investor in the hoax, "The Cardiff Giant," and on whose life the 1898 novel DAVID HARUM was based, lived in Homer. Portrayed as a horse trader, banker and humanitarian residing in "Homerville," . . . Map (db m141515) HM
67New York (Cortland County), Marathon — 1820 Peck Block
Burned rebuilt 1854 3 floor Seamans Bros owned 1890 to 1920 W F Allen Block burned 1938 built store station Frost 1985 Antiques 1990Map (db m131028) HM
68New York (Cortland County), Marathon — Civil War Memorial
Dedicated May 30, 1893, to the memory of those who fought for the preservation of the Union. 1861 — 1865 Comrades G.A.R. - F.C. & L. - W.R.CMap (db m131032) WM
69New York (Cortland County), Marathon — First Baptist Church Bell
Presented to the First Baptist Church of Marathon village, by Mrs. D. E. Whitmore, April 23-1901. ———————————— The Carillon of Bells is dedicated to the . . . Map (db m131022) HM
70New York (Cortland County), Marathon — Flag Pole
Made in Marathon, NY by Climax Company, erected by Sons of Veterans of the Civil War, 1914 Original pole was 110 feet with arrow weather vane. *Restored and Rededicated September 8, 2007* Those who unselfishly gave of their time, talent, . . . Map (db m131030) HM
71New York (Delaware County), Cannonsville — The Cannonsville Reservoir
The Delaware Valley has been inhabited for thousands of years. At Chestnut Point, and in fields along the West Branch of the Delaware River, more recent local residents have found arrow points, pottery shards, scrapers and other artifacts left . . . Map (db m137644) HM
72New York (Delaware County), Fleischmanns — Anti-Rent War
Hole in nearby boulder held flag calling farmers to action in 1840s to protest unfair land rent system.Map (db m24805) HM
73New York (Delaware County), Hancock — Reflections on Five Hamlets
The Largest Community in the valley was Cannonsville, a center of commerce and civic life. Presbyterian Baptist and Methodist Churches served both spiritual and temporal needs. The Cannonsville Community House hosted dances, lectures, and . . . Map (db m137637) HM
74New York (Dutchess County), Beacon — Welcome to Beacon
Named for the signal fires lit by Washington's troops atop our mountain during the American Revolution, Beacon is a city with a rich history dating back 400 years to when Henry Hudson's Half Moon anchored here in this beautiful bay. Beacon . . . Map (db m124897) HM
75New York (Dutchess County), Beacon — Welcome to Beacon
Named for the signal fires lit by Washington's troops atop our mountain during the American Revolution, Beacon is a city with a rich history dating back 400 years to when Henry Hudson's Half Moon anchored here in this beautiful bay. Beacon has . . . Map (db m144529) HM
76New York (Dutchess County), Beacon — Welcome to Beacon
Named for the signal fires lit by Washington's troops atop our mountain during the American Revolution, Beacon is a city with a rich history dating back 400 years to when Henry Hudson's Half Moon anchored here in this beautiful bay. Beacon has . . . Map (db m144532) HM
77New York (Dutchess County), Millerton — Iron Mine Pond — Taconic State Park
People have mined iron in the Taconic region since the late 1700s. The first iron furnace with a steam-powered bellows was built on this site in 1847. Caleb Maltby purchased the mine in 1861 and the Maltby Iron Company produced a high grade of iron . . . Map (db m138098) HM
78New York (Dutchess County), Poughkeepsie — Built to Last
Conceived in the 1860s, the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge created the only Hudson River crossing between New York City and Albany. Political and financial difficulties prevented the project from getting underway for several years. In 1886, . . . Map (db m142777) HM
79New York (Dutchess County), Poughkeepsie — Matthew Vassar
Founder of Vassar College, lived in house on this site for many years. Now site of Vassar Brothers Home for Aged MenMap (db m130553) HM
80New York (Dutchess County), Poughkeepsie — Vassar Brothers Institute — Science Literature & Art
Founded by John Guy Vassar 1883Map (db m130556) HM
81New York (Dutchess County), Poughkeepsie — Walkway Loop Trail
Walkway Loop Trail Crossing Walkway Over the Hudson and the Mid-Hudson Bridge, this 3.6-mile loop offers thrilling river views and connects attractions on the Poughkeepsie and Highland waterfronts. It provides a link with 25 miles of rail trails in . . . Map (db m37878) HM
82New York (Dutchess County), Poughkeepsie — Walkway Over the Hudson
Walkway Over the Hudson A place to enjoy the river and a place to appreciate the wonder of an engineering feat unprecedented in its time with a beauty unsurpassed in our generation. History • Completed in 1888, the . . . Map (db m37871) HM
83New York (Erie County), Amherst — A Dam on Tonawanda Creek — The Canalway Trail: Amherst
A Dam on Tonawanda Creek Tonawanda Creek was the only section of the original Erie Canal that was not man-made. The problem was that the creek level ran 4-½ feet too low. The alleviate this, a wooden dam was constructed in 1823 just west . . . Map (db m98569) HM
84New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Development of the Inner Harbor — The Industrial Heritage Trail
Early History Converting the mouth of the Buffalo River into a safe and easily navigable harbor was a work of great magnitude and cost. The mouth of the Buffalo River frequently became clogged by sands moving north along the beach towards the . . . Map (db m85329) HM
85New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Nowak Pier
Nowak Pier in honor of Henry J. Nowak Member of Congress "The Billion Dollar Man" for community service (1966-1992) constructed by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo District in cooperation with New York State Departmetn of . . . Map (db m97958) HM
86New York (Erie County), Buffalo — The Pan-American Exposition — Historic New York
Extending one mile north from Delaware Park Lake, between Elmwood and Delaware Avenues, the Pan-American Exposition was a spectacular sight to over eight million visitors from May 1 to November 2, 1901. Ornate buildings, embellished with . . . Map (db m57079) HM
87New York (Erie County), Buffalo — The South Pier
The 1,425-foot south pier as it exists today was built by the Army Corps of Engineers, to strengthen an earlier citizen-built pier that was vital to Buffalo's emergence as a city. In 1820 villagers built a 900-foot pier at this site by placing . . . Map (db m84953) HM
88New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Times Beach Nature Preserve — The Industrial Heritage Trail
In 1987, the New York State Department of State designated the Times Beach area as a significant coastal fish and wildlife habitat. This designation is aimed at protecting the state's most important coastal habitats. Times Beach Nature Preserve is . . . Map (db m85308) HM
89New York (Erie County), Grand Island — Did You Ever Wonder What It Takes to Restore an Island? — Here Are a Few Things that Must Be Considered
• Planning for the Strawberry Island Restoration effort had to take into account the sensitivity of the area in order to avoid negative environmental impacts. • Material added to the island's structure had to be natural-looking, yet still serve . . . Map (db m101062) HM
90New York (Erie County), Grand Island — Recovery — The Saving of an Island
Phase I, The Breach Severe autumn storms in 1992 sped up the erosion of Stawberry Island's southwestern shoreline. In December, the waters of the Niagara River broke through the island and penetrated the lagoon interior. By spring, the . . . Map (db m101069) HM
91New York (Erie County), Grand Island — Strawberry Island — Past to Present
Strawberry Island formed near the end of the Wisconsin Ice Age about 12,000 years ago. When meltwaters broke through gracial till and created the present course of the Niagara River, gravel and sand carried downstream by river currents settled out . . . Map (db m101061) HM
92New York (Erie County), Tonawanda — Engineering the Erie Canal
You are standing on the bed of the Erie Canal, a 363 mile long, 40 ft. wide, 7 ft. deep "ditich" built from 1817 to 1825 that connected Lake Erie waters with the Hudson River and ultimately the Atlantic Ocean. It unleashed a flood of products, . . . Map (db m98540) HM
93New York (Erie County), Tonawanda — Gastown — Erie Canalway Trail
In 1884, the Tonawanda Gas Light Company was incorporated to supply gas to both Tonawanda and North Tonawanda for street and house lighting. The "gas works" was located on property once owned by Mary Long. Between the Canandaigua and Erie . . . Map (db m166212) HM
94New York (Erie County), Tonawanda — Gateway to the West
During the 1800s, many Americans and newly arrived immigrants were eager to move west, but this undertaking proved difficult because of the Appalachian Mountains. A natural barrier running from Alabama through Pennsylvania, New York and on into . . . Map (db m77385) HM
95New York (Erie County), Tonawanda — The Dam
An Overview In the spring of 1823, work on the Erie Canal at this end of the state began with the building of a dam. Its purpose was to raise the water level of Tonawanda Creek 4 to 4 1/2 feet so that its ten-mile stretch between Pendleton . . . Map (db m77499) HM
96New York (Erie County), Tonawanda — Westward to Buffalo — Niagara River Greenway
The westernmost leg of the Erie Canal completed in 1825 followed a route paralleling the Niagara River between Tonawanda and Buffalo. From where you are standing, the Canal travelled some ten miles through the mostly unsettled Township of Tonawanda . . . Map (db m98556) HM
97New York (Essex County), Lake Placid — Sonja Henie Ice Fountain
Dedicated on February 14, 1980 during the XIII Olympic Winter Games to the memory of Norway’s greatest figure skater Sonja Henie (1912-1969). Holder of 10 World Championships, 3 Olympic Gold Medals, the second awarded in Lake Placid at the 1932 . . . Map (db m100520) HM
98New York (Essex County), Port Henry — A Busy Iron Port
The aerial photograph of Port Henry taken about 1925 leaves no question as to the nature of this place: a busy port shipping the products of its furnaces by water and by rail. Two new furnaces, begun in 1922, represented the latest technology. An . . . Map (db m109054) HM
99New York (Essex County), Port Henry — A Busy Iron Port
The aerial photograph of Port Henry taken about 1925 leaves no question as to the nature of this place: a busy port shipping the products of its furnaces by water and by rail. Two new furnaces, begun in 1922, represented the latest technology. An . . . Map (db m109055) HM
100New York (Essex County), Port Henry — Industrial Shoreline
Iron processing changed the shoreline of Port Henry. When the New York and Canada Railroad was built in 1874, the tracks hugged the lake. That same year, a modern blast furnace was built at Cedar Point, just beyond the train station. Eight blast . . . Map (db m109053) HM

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