“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Second Muscle Shoals Canal 1890-1918 Marker image, Touch for more information
By Sandra Hughes, September 16, 2018
Second Muscle Shoals Canal 1890-1918 Marker
1Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — First Muscle Shoals Canal/Second Muscle Shoals Canal — 1836-1838/1890-1918
First Muscle Shoals Canal 1836-1838 From the earliest attempts to navigate the Tennessee River, it was known that a formidable obstacle made the passage from one end to the other almost impossible. This barrier, caused by waterfalls, . . . Map (db m125572) HM
2California (Alameda County), Pleasanton — The Pleasanton Sign
Originally installed by the Women's Improvement Club in 1932, the Pleasanton Sign has become a familiar landmark and prominent symbol of the community. In 2005, the sign underwent complete restoration, and was rededicated by the City Council on . . . Map (db m193940) HM
3California (Contra Costa County), Brentwood — Marsh-Kellogg Creek Watershed Project — Marsh Creek Floodwater Retarding Dam
Drainage Area 33,000 Acres Total Capacity 4,800 Acre Ft. Water Surface Area 375 Acres Height of Dam 58 Feet Length of Dam 1,500 Feet Volume of Fill 440,000 Cu.Yds. Built under the Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act Contra . . . Map (db m198002) HM
4California (Del Norte County), Crescent City — St. George Reef Lighthouse
. . . Map (db m192393) HM
5California (Kern County), Lebec — Interstate Highway 5
The California Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement - 1980, Interstate Highway 5, designated by the California State Council, ASCE.Map (db m192222) HM
6California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 508 — Tehachapi Loop
From this spot may be seen a portion of the world-renowned “Loop.” It was completed in 1876 under the direction of William Hood, Southern Pacific Railroad Engineer. In gaining elevation around central hill of loop a 4000 foot train will cross 77 . . . Map (db m134430) HM
7California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Sylmar Tunnel Disaster — Honoring The Lives
On June 24, 1971, an explosion and fire took the lives of seventeen construction workers building a tunnel in Sylmar, California. The tunnel was being built for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California by the Lockheed Shipbuilding . . . Map (db m126024) HM
8California (Los Angeles County), Mission Hills — Mission Dam
Rubble masonry water storage dam built by San Fernando Mission Indians in 1808. Water flowed to the mission via a tiled pipe.Map (db m156523) HM
9California (Los Angeles County), San Marino — 302 — The Old Mill — El Molino Viejo — The Millstones —
Originally located in the upper story of El Molino Viejo, these volcanic tufa millstones ground grain for the Indian community of Mission San Gabriel. The stones were turned by water flowing from nearby canyons. When the mill fell into disuse, the . . . Map (db m129132) HM
10California (Los Angeles County), Silver Lake — 422 — Silver Lake & Ivanhoe Reservoirs — Built in 1906
Where Does Your Water Come From? Discover the history of water in Los Angeles and learn how the future of water is our future. The Los Angeles River About 15,000 years ago, people began moving into the Los Angeles Basin . . . Map (db m188162) HM
11California (Los Angeles County), Stevenson Ranch — 516 — First Commercial Oil Well In California — Pico #4
On this site stands CSO-4 (Pico #4), California's first commerically productive well. It was spudded in early 1876, under the direction of Demetrius G. Scofield, later to become first president of Standard Oil Company of California, and was . . . Map (db m157684) HM
12California (Los Angeles County), Sylmar — 1006 — Beale's Cut
[This site was designated California Historical Landmark No. 1006 on May 11, 1992. There are three rock and concrete bases which had displayed four different markers. The markers are now missing. The following marker was never placed:] . . . Map (db m184724) HM
13California (Los Angeles County), Sylmar — 50 — Mission Wells
Settling Basin built by San Fernando Mission Indians about 1800. Mission water supply came from these wells. panel 2: Original water supply system, San Fernando Mission, circa 1800. Declared Historic Cultural Monument No. 50 . . . Map (db m111907) HM
14California (Los Angeles County), Van Nuys — Van Nuys Airport — In Honor of Pioneer Aviators
In honor of the pioneer aviators who have given their all that the science of aviation could be perfected, enabling it to take its place in the worlds commerce, this airport is dedicated. December 17, 1928, on the 25th anniversary of the . . . Map (db m114309) HM
15California (Orange County), Mission Viejo — Carving Farmland into a Lake — October 1974
To create Lake Mission Viejo from farmland, the original valley topsoil was removed all the way down to the clay bed during grading. The lake bottom was replace with impermeable soils to help reduce water seepage and prevent decomposition of organic . . . Map (db m188709) HM
16California (Orange County), Newport Beach — McFadden Square Centennial
1870 - Captain Samual Dunnells sails into bay, establishing a "new port" 1875-1888 - McFadden brothers ship from Newport Landing 1888 - McFadden's wharf completed 1891 - Santa Ana and Newport Railroad begins service 1892 - McFaddens . . . Map (db m191408) HM
17California (Orange County), San Juan Capistrano — Metalworking Furnaces — Mission San Juan Capistrano — Has been Designated an Historical Landmark by ASM International —
The two furnaces at this site, circa 1790's, are the oldest existing metalworking structures in California. They were used for the production of wrought iron, thereby introducing the natives living here to the Metal Age. Previously, only skills in . . . Map (db m195045) HM
18California (Sacramento County), Folsom — Forebay
Two miles upriver, the Folsom Water Power Company dam diverted water from the American River into a canal for delivery to this forebay. Intentionally constructed at an angle to the canal, the forebay serves a number of different functions. . . . Map (db m192550) HM
19California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 593 — Sutterville Brewery
Site of a two story brick building built for Robert H. Vance of San Francisco in 1853. One of five brick structures erected that year, it was first occupied as a store. Almost coincident with the founding of Camp Union in 1861, it was taken over by . . . Map (db m58583) HM
20California (San Bernardino County), Angelus Oaks — Jenks Lake — Harnessing the Mountain Water
The Legend of Cap Jenks Captain Lorin Shaw Jenks ("Cap Jenks") thought this area looked like a good place for a trout pond. In the 1870's, he built an earthen and log dam and diverted water from the South Fork of the Santa . . . Map (db m197549) HM
21California (Santa Clara County), Los Gatos — Historic Fire Bell
In 1899 this fire bell was cast in bronze in San Francisco by W.T. Garrett Company and weighs 2500 pounds. It was originally installed atop a 60 foot wooden tower which ironically burned down in the Great Fire of 1901. It was then reinstalled atop a . . . Map (db m196042) HM
22California (Ventura County), Ventura — 114 — El Caballo — Mission Aqueduct
Friar Pedro Benito Cambσn—the mission’s co-founder was highly regarded for his knowledge of irrigation, agriculture and building construction—directed Chumash laborers to build this filtration building in 1792 as part of the mission’s timber, . . . Map (db m124925) HM
23District of Columbia (Washington), 16th Street Heights — 4 — Crossroads Create Community — Battleground to Community — Brightwood Heritage Trail —
The Grand, Neo-classical Revival style building that you see across Georgia Avenue north of Missouri opened in 1925 as the Bank of Brightwood, thanks to efforts of the Brightwood Citizens Association. Designed by Treasury Department architect . . . Map (db m72818) HM
24District of Columbia (Washington), Adams Morgan — 11 — Walter Pierce Park — Roads to Diversity — Adams Morgan Heritage Trail —
The Rock Creek Valley, once home to Native Americans, had attracted European settlers by 1703. Before he became president in 1825, John Quincy Adams purchased Adams Mills on Rock Creek from his cousin. The mills, just down the hill, processed . . . Map (db m130713) HM
25District of Columbia (Washington), Columbia Heights — 7 — Nob Hill — Cultural Convergence — Columbia Heights Heritage Trail —
For nearly 50 years, this corner was home to Nob Hill Restaurant, one of the nation's first openly gay bars for-and run by-African Americans. Started in the 1950s as a private social club, Nob Hill went public in 1957. Patrons enjoyed . . . Map (db m86014) HM
26District of Columbia (Washington), Deanwood — 8 — With These Hands — A Self-Reliant People — Greater Deanwood Heritage Trail —
Up the hill to your left are several signature handcrafted houses, Beginning in the late 1800s, Deanwood attracted skilled black migrants, who freely passed on their know-how. In the 1920s Jacob and Randolph Dodd built about 50 structures . . . Map (db m153319) HM
27District of Columbia (Washington), East Potomac Park — Engineering a Landmark — Hains Point, National Mall & Memorial Parks, Washington, D.C. — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
You stand on a part of the Potomac River once marred by unattractive, putrid mudflats. Hains Point forms just a part of the over 700-acre Potomac Park created in the 1880s from 12 million cubic yards of dredged river sediments. It is named for . . . Map (db m65660) HM
28District of Columbia (Washington), Logan Circle — A Neighborhood Reborn — Logan Circle, National Mall & Memorial Parks — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
The Logan Circle Historic District has a rich history of change. A fashionable, exclusive neighborhood had evolved by the 1870s – home to members of Congress, such as Senator John Logan of Illinois. By the turn of the 20th century, Iowa – later . . . Map (db m63401) HM
29District of Columbia (Washington), Logan Circle — 6 — Logan Circle, Just Ahead — A Fitting Tribute — Logan Circle Heritage Trail —
Some of the City's finest Victorian Houses ring Logan Circle. While the area appears on the L'Enfant Plan of 1791, it took Alexander “Boss” Shephard's improvements to make these grand houses of the 1870s and '80s possible. Three Union . . . Map (db m130851) HM
30District of Columbia (Washington), Logan Circle — 15 — Treading the Boards — A Fitting Tribute — Logan Circle Heritage Trail —
The Studio Theatre, on the corner of 14th and P Streets since 1987, anchors the Logan Circle/14th Street artistic community. The theatre, founded by director and educator Joy Zinoman and set designer Russell Metheny in 1978, originally rented . . . Map (db m130860) HM
31Florida (Escambia County), Pensacola Beach — Massive Smoothbore
A 15-inch Rodman like this gun – one of the largest smoothbore cannon ever developed – was installed here in 1868 but never fired in combat. Though gradually replaced by rifled, breech-loading artillery, 8-, 10- and 15-inch Rodmans remained the . . . Map (db m196853) HM
32Florida (St. Johns County), St. Augustine — Castillo de San Marcos — National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark
National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. American Society of Civil Engineers, 1852. Castillo de San Marcos. ASCE 1976Map (db m127741) HM
33Georgia (Gwinnett County), Lawrenceville — Buggy Steps
The indentation in the sidewalk known as the Buggy Steps was used in the horse and buggy days to load and unload wares. A millinery store, an important destination for women who made most of their clothes but not their hats, was located nearby. . . . Map (db m197703) HM
34Georgia (Gwinnett County), Lawrenceville — Lake Lanier is Born
[Left panel] Lake Lanier is one of Gwinnett 's recreational gems and engineering feats, named in honor of Georgia poet and musician Sidney Lanier.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers broke ground on Buford Dam in 1950. The dam's . . . Map (db m197719) HM
35Georgia (Polk County), Cedartown — Cedartown's City Plan
Cedartown developed from the original town plan that resulted from Asa Prior's division of land that included a courthouse square on the north side of the tract. The lots surrounding the square were planned to be sold as commercial lots. The Rome . . . Map (db m197545) HM
36Idaho (Canyon County), Caldwell — Lake Lowell — Bureau of Reclamation — Lower Embankment —
. . . Map (db m195536) HM
37Illinois (Alexander County), Cairo — The "Big Subway Gate"
The "Big Subway Gate" was constructed in 1914 by Stupp Brothers of St. Louis, MO. The gate was built on the plan of the Gatum Dam at the Panama Canal and weighs 80 tons, is 60 ft. wide, 24 ft. high and 5 ft. thick. The counter weights used to raise . . . Map (db m195776) HM
38Kansas (Crawford County), Pittsburg — Kansas City Southern Locomotive No. 1023
Locomotive 488 was built July 1906, in Pittsburgh, Pa. In 1925, it underwent major changes in Pittsburg, Ks. and changed to Locomotive 1023. Track was laid and locomotive was installed in Schlanger Park on September 17, 1955, after the city had . . . Map (db m69838) HM
39Maryland (Montgomery County), Bethesda — Locust Grove
Locust Grove, the home of Lucy Beall, Daughter of George, and of Her Husband Samuel Wade Magruder, a local leader in the Revolutionary War, was built around 1770. Located near Montgomery Mall Shopping Plaza (at the intersection of Westlake Terrace . . . Map (db m72958) HM
40Maryland (Montgomery County), Takoma Park — Sligo Creek Waterworks
The dam and building foundations seen here are the remains of the Sligo Creek Waterworks which served the town of Takoma from 1900 to 1930. At times, Silver Spring, Chevy Chase, Kensington and Bethesda also received water from this plant until these . . . Map (db m73796) HM
41Michigan (Branch County), Sherwood — 28 — Riley Dam & Trail End — Union City Heritage Water Trail
George Ackerman, as a UCHS student, noted this spot on the river as a possible location for a dam. He went on to become a civil engineer. Around 1919, rising coal costs forced the village to turn toward hydro and they sought out . . . Map (db m95654) HM
42Michigan (Branch County), Union City — 5 — Union City Creamery — Union City Heritage Water Trail
The Union City Creamery was established in July 1901 as a co-operative enterprise between fifty local farmers and a handful of businessmen on capitol stock of $10,000. In 1902, the model plant managed by Mrs. C. B. Spoor averaged milk receipts . . . Map (db m95401) HM
43Missouri (Jackson County), Kansas City — Convention Center
Kansas City’s expression of service and hospitality has a rich historical heritage starting in 1899, when the original convention hall opened with a concert by John Philip Sousa and his band. The success of the hall was proven when the Democratic . . . Map (db m86215) HM
44Montana (Big Horn County), Decker — The Land Speaks — (Rosebud Battlefield/Where the Girl Saved Her Brother)
Be silent, close you eyes, and listen to the breeze as it rustles through the prairie grasses. To many, the whispering sounds make this a spiritual place. Hunans have defined this lans by its uses and the emotions it stimulates. First . . . Map (db m189806) HM
45New Jersey (Cape May County), Cape May — All Shapes, Sizes and Materials — Aids to Navigation — Maritime History —
Primary seacoast lights were located to warn mariners of their proximity to land, the presence of navigational dangers, and to help set their course. By 1852, however, lighthouses and lightships often looked so much alike that it was difficult to . . . Map (db m114571) HM
46New York (Albany County), Albany — 1816 Dwelling House
The Dwelling House or "Bell House" contained a kitchen, large community dining rooms, and retiring rooms (bedrooms). At the height of this community, 100 Shakers lived in the main building and the 'T' shaped wing. On its roof in a cupola, hung a . . . Map (db m115659) HM
47New York (Albany County), Albany — Academy Park
Established in 1882, a hill on the site required the removal of 10,000 loads of sand and clay filling a gully on the north side of Elk Street where present houses were built. Albany 300 - 1686-1986 - Still making History Erected by Albany . . . Map (db m64997) HM
48New York (Albany County), Albany — Bleecker Park
In 1835 the City appropriated $1,000 and citizens raised a fund to enclose it within an iron fence. A fountain, the first in the city, dedicated in 1863. Albany 300 - 1686-1986 - Still making HistoryMap (db m65000) HM
49New York (Albany County), Albany — Boats and Music
The Lakehouse that appears in these images is very different than the building that stands in front of you. The existing Lakehouse, designed by J. Russell White, was built of brick and terra cotta in 1929. It replaced the original 1875 wood . . . Map (db m144255) HM
50New York (Albany County), Albany — Brethren's Workshop (1822)
The Brethren's Shop was used by the men and boys for various crafts including shoe making and tinsmithing. The porches and dormers were added in 1930 and the building is now used by Albany County as offices. A date stone in the basement is . . . Map (db m115662) HM
51New York (Albany County), Albany — City Hall Carillon — Albany 300 - 1686-1986 — Still Making History —
Initiated by William Gorham Rice. Completed in 1927. Restored in 1986 celebrating Albany's Tricentennial of the Dongan Charter through the generous contributions of the citizens of Albany.Map (db m64992) HM
52New York (Albany County), Albany — Creamery (1856)
The Shakers stored milk in the creamery to keep it cool. Milk was brought from the barn in large milk cans, which were then kept cool in troughs filled by water diverted from the creek. Later the building was used as a hen house; now it is used . . . Map (db m115688) HM
53New York (Albany County), Albany — Ministry Shop (1825)
This brick building was used by the ministry elders. Each member of the ministry had to perform daily manual labor such as shoe making or tailoring. Elder Chauncey Copeley a cabinet maker, worked in a wing added to the building in 1850. . . . Map (db m115660) HM
54New York (Albany County), Albany — Shaker Garage (1920)
By 1920, automobiles had become both necessary and fashionable. The Shakers never hesitated to adopt new technology that would make life easier and more efficient. They built this concrete garage for their Packard automobilies [sic].Map (db m115671) HM
55New York (Albany County), Albany — Shaker Meeting House
This Meeting House, or Church, was built in 1848 to replace an earlier (1791) and much smaller Meeting House. It demonstrates many typical characteristics of Shaker architecture; double doors, one for men and one for women; a large meeting room . . . Map (db m115663) HM
56New York (Albany County), Albany — Wash House & Cannery (c.1858)
Shaker Creek provided water for both the canning and laundry operations. The first laundry, done on December 12, 1859, used a steam powered washing machine. Albany County used the building for laundry until the mid 1980s. Today it is a workshop. . . . Map (db m115674) HM
57New York (Albany County), Albany — Washington Park — Albany 300 — 1686-1986 • Still Making History —
Attained its present form in the years 1869-1884 Design attributed to the concepts of renowned Landscape Architect Frederick Law OlmstedMap (db m138130) HM
58New York (Albany County), Altamont — 2 — Altamont Free Library / Biblioteca Libre de Altamonte — Altamont, New York — The Museum In The Streets —
The Village's First Freight and passenger train station was built in 1864, only months after the first train passed through Knowersville. In 1896 the old station was moved south along the tracks. In 1897, it was replaced by the . . . Map (db m115732) HM
59New York (Albany County), Altamont — Severson House
Built by Early Settler Jurrian Severson Located on Map of West Manor Rensselaerswyck, 1767 Map (db m44897) HM
60New York (Albany County), Cohoes — Cluett, Peabody & Company — What Happened at the Bleachery?
Cluett, Peabody & Co., a Troy-based manufacturer of men's collars and shirts, purchased Peebles Island in 1909. The abundant water, existing rail lines, and proximity to the company's Troy factory made the island an ideal location for treating . . . Map (db m115364) HM
61New York (Albany County), Cohoes — New York Power Authority
The present day hydroelectric power plant located at this site is owned and operated by the New York Power Authority. It was constructed in 1908 when the Mohawk River was dammed, the Waterford Flight of Locks was constructed, and the Erie Canal . . . Map (db m138991) HM
62New York (Albany County), Colonie — Maplewood Historic Park
Site of Erie Canal lock & former Weighlock Bldg.1850-1915 located near "The Juncta" of old Erie and Champlain CanalsMap (db m40996) HM
63New York (Albany County), Colonie — The Weighlock Building — 1850-1915
This Greek-revival building was one of several weigh stations along the Canal used to levy the tolls for barges carrying merchandise and farm goods. Until 1850 freight cargoes were measured by the displacement theory, but this hydraulic type . . . Map (db m40999) HM
64New York (Albany County), Guilderland — Guilderland Town Hall
Town Hall Town of Guilderland Est. April 4, 1803 First Officers; Supervisor Nicholas V. Mynderse, Clerk Peter G. Veeder Town of Guilderland 1985 Map (db m103165) HM
65New York (Albany County), Guilderland — Locust Vale School
Locust Vale School New Scotland School District No. 11. Built about 1827 and closed 1939. Moved to Meadowdale from Tygert Road During the 1940's. Map (db m48608) HM
66New York (Albany County), Knox — Dutch Barn
Built Circa 1800 For Palatine German Settler Jacob Sholtes 1761-1852 By Grandson Jacob 1817-1891 Map (db m62841) HM
67New York (Albany County), Voorheesville — First P.O. 1868
Site of First P.O. 1868 Established in Reid's General Store, Farm of James Reid Town's First Supervisor Map (db m48607) HM
68New York (Albany County), Watervliet — Erie Canal
Completed 1825 Terminus at Hudson River. Locks called Sidecut allowed entry to navigable waters.Map (db m12214) HM
69New York (Albany County), Watervliet — Saint Patrick's Church Bell
The most obvious music associated with any church is the sweet and dignified tolling of the church bell. Pictured above is George E. Hipwod, President of the Holy Names Society who presented the bell for placement in the new church. The bell was . . . Map (db m70628) HM
70New York (Allegany County), New Hudson — Hanging Bog
Hanging Bog is a man-made pond built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930's on then federally owned land. In 1962 Hanging Bog was transferred to New York State. The pond is referred to as Hanging Bog because of its unique mat of floating . . . Map (db m86561) HM
71New York (Cattaraugus County), Red House — Civilian Conservation Corps
1933-1942 Allegany State Park - Salamanca, New York Camp SP-50 - Red House - Company 1250 Camp SP-51 - Red House - Company 249 Camp SP-19 - Red House - Company 2218 Dedicated this 7th day of October 1990 to the memory of those young men . . . Map (db m77525) HM
72New York (Cattaraugus County), Red House — The School in the Forest
Welcome to Science Lake, a favorite park attraction with an interesting history. Science Lake was built in 1926 as the new location for a science camp popularly called "The School in the Forest." Chauncey J. Hamlin, president of the Buffalo . . . Map (db m104901) HM
73New York (Cattaraugus County), Salamanca — Sweet Water Spring
Sweet Water Spring Legend has it that the Sweet Water Spring gets its name from a Buffalo druggist who was in the area searching for gold with the property owner, N.L. Mr. Kysor. Evidently when the druggist tasted the water, he pronounced it . . . Map (db m60092) HM
74New York (Cayuga County), Port Byron — Glaciers, Drumlins, and High Level Lakes — Port Byron / Old Erie Canal Heritage Park
During the ice ages of the last 2 million years, glaciers sculpted the land surface forming, amongst other features, the many rounded and elongated hills called drumlins that are seen from the Thruway between Rochester and Syracuse. From this . . . Map (db m103583) HM
75New York (Cayuga County), Port Byron — Port Byron's Lock 52
Lock 52 on the Erie Canal was once a busy place. Built in 1851 and lengthened on the berm side in 1887 to accommodate two boats hitched together in tandem, the lock created a popular stopping point for canal boatmen. The 11-foot lift at Lock 52 . . . Map (db m103581) HM
76New York (Cayuga County), Port Byron — The Erie Canal in Port Byron — Erie Canal Heritage Park at Port Byron — Today's Canal System in New York —
The Erie Canal in Port Byron When the original Erie Canal or "Clinton's Ditch" was completed here in 1819, Port Byron was transformed from a frontier settlement to a thriving canal town. Indeed, the local citizens were so hopeful with the new . . . Map (db m103580) HM
77New York (Chautauqua County), Chautauqua — Palestine Park — A Continuing Tradition
At the founding of Chautauqua in 1874, John Heyl Vincent assigned to Dr. W.W. Wythe the task of creating Palestine Park, starting with a makeshift temporary wooden model. The park has evolved to its present permanent location and depicts the . . . Map (db m117529) HM
78New York (Chautauqua County), Kennedy — Kennedy Mills
First commercial enterprise in southeastern Chautauqua County Doctor Thomas Ruston Kennedy built first mill October 1805 after purchase of 3000 acres in the area which became the Town of PolandMap (db m60146) HM
79New York (Chautauqua County), Westfield — Barcelona Light House
Barcelona Light House Erected in 1829 By the Federal GovernmentMap (db m57203) HM
80New York (Chemung County), Elmira — A Civil Rights Victory — The CCC At Newtown
Newtown Battlefield Preservation has a special place in the history of African Americans' struggle for equality in the United States. When 180 young African-American men of Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Company 1251 arrived to work on . . . Map (db m90317) HM
81New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Eldridge Park
Dr. Edwin Eldridge opened his park in 1879. Called the beauty spot of the southern tier for its gardens. Elmira bought the park in 1889.Map (db m77928) HM
82New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Mark Twain Watering Trough
One of four originally located beside the road to Quarry Farm. Moved to the college campus during the bicentennial year, 1976Map (db m123535) HM
83New York (Chemung County), Horseheads — Zim Bandstand
Designed in 1910 by nationally renowned local cartoonist Eugene Zimmerman. Dedicated on this site in 1914 for “Zim's” band.Map (db m66955) HM
84New York (Chenango County), Oxford — Chenango Canal — 1837-1878
The Oxford Turning Basin. Sight of overnight tie up for canal boats.Map (db m92749) HM
85New York (Chenango County), Oxford — Lock 99
The Chenango Land Trust expresses its graditude Maurice and Barbara Ingraham for having the foresight to protect Chenango Canal Lock 99,the best preserved Chenango Canal lock, Lock purchase and preservation made possible by a grant from the Land . . . Map (db m93513) HM
86New York (Chenango County), Oxford — Site of Log House
Site of Log House built by Benjamin Hovey, 1790, who served in the Revolution and was known as "Father of the Settlement" Map (db m92747) HM
87New York (Clinton County), Altona — McGregor Powerhouse
McGregor Powerhouse and LaSalle Dam est. 1923 by William H. MinerMap (db m106442) HM
88New York (Clinton County), Plattsburgh — Trinity Episcopal Church - 1830
Plattsburgh's oldest public building. Reverend John Henry Hopkins, who authored the hymn We Three Kings was the rector here from 1872-1877. Le plus ancien batiment publique de Plattsburgh. Ce fut le Reverend John Henry Hopkins et . . . Map (db m115224) HM
89New York (Columbia County), Copake Falls — Harlem Valley Rail Trail
The Harlem Valley derives its name from "The New York and Harlem Railroad," chartered in 1831 and opened in lower Manhattan in 1832 with horse drawn cars. In 1842 the line crossed the Harlem River, and in 1873 joined the New York Central . . . Map (db m116811) HM
90New York (Columbia County), Hillsdale — 446 — East Gate Tollhouse — Columbia Turnpike 1799-1907
Located on this site Linked Columbia County farming and industry to Hudson River portsMap (db m118755) HM
91New York (Cortland County), Cortland — Civil War Memorial
Centennial offering of Cortland County, to the memory of those who fought in defense of the Union. 1861. 1865.Map (db m126614) WM
92New York (Cortland County), Cortland — World War Memorial
Lest We Forget Cortland County's Sons and Daughters Who Served In The World WarMap (db m126624) WM
93New York (Cortland County), Homer — David Hannum — 1898 • David Harum • 1998 — Edward Noyes Westcott —
David Hannum (1822-1891), horse trader and investor in the hoax, "The Cardiff Giant," and on whose life the 1898 novel DAVID HARUM was based, lived in Homer. Portrayed as a horse trader, banker and humanitarian residing in "Homerville," DAVID . . . Map (db m141515) HM
94New York (Cortland County), Marathon — 1820 Peck Block
Burned rebuilt 1854 3 floor Seamans Bros owned 1890 to 1920 W F Allen Block burned 1938 built store station Frost 1985 Antiques 1990Map (db m131028) HM
95New York (Cortland County), Marathon — Civil War Memorial
Dedicated May 30, 1893, to the memory of those who fought for the preservation of the Union. 1861 — 1865 Comrades G.A.R. - F.C. & L. - W.R.CMap (db m131032) WM
96New York (Cortland County), Marathon — First Baptist Church Bell
Presented to the First Baptist Church of Marathon village, by Mrs. D. E. Whitmore, April 23-1901. ———————————— The Carillon of Bells is dedicated to the . . . Map (db m131022) HM
97New York (Cortland County), Marathon — Flag Pole
Made in Marathon, NY by Climax Company, erected by Sons of Veterans of the Civil War, 1914 Original pole was 110 feet with arrow weather vane. *Restored and Rededicated September 8, 2007* Those who unselfishly gave of their time, talent, . . . Map (db m131030) HM
98New York (Delaware County), Cannonsville — The Cannonsville Reservoir
The Delaware Valley has been inhabited for thousands of years. At Chestnut Point, and in fields along the West Branch of the Delaware River, more recent local residents have found arrow points, pottery shards, scrapers and other artifacts left . . . Map (db m137644) HM
99New York (Delaware County), Fleischmanns — Anti-Rent War
Hole in nearby boulder held flag calling farmers to action in 1840s to protest unfair land rent system.Map (db m24805) HM
100New York (Delaware County), Hancock — Reflections on Five Hamlets
The Largest Community in the valley was Cannonsville, a center of commerce and civic life. Presbyterian Baptist and Methodist Churches served both spiritual and temporal needs. The Cannonsville Community House hosted dances, lectures, and . . . Map (db m137637) HM

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