“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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City of Foley Camellia Walk Marker image, Touch for more information
By Sandra Hughes, December 7, 2011
City of Foley Camellia Walk Marker
1 Alabama, Baldwin County, Foley — City of Foley Camellia Walk
The camellia, often called the Queen of winter flowers, is the state flower of Alabama. Originally from the Orient, the camellia made its way to Europe in the 1600s, then to America and Australia in the 1700s. It now flourishes in the southern . . . Map (db m188784) HM
2 Alabama, Baldwin County, Gulf Shores — Here ends the Alabama Scenic River Trail
Historic 650 miles Water Route along the Coosa, Alabama and Mobile Rivers _________ Beginning on the Coosa River at the Alabama-Georgia State Line Established 2007Map (db m122443) HM
3 Alabama, Blount County, Oneonta — Champion Mines
John Hanby came in 1817 and found a rich seam of brown iron ore. Named Champion in 1882 when Henry DeBardeleben and James Sloss bought land and brought L&N Railroad causing county seat to be moved from Blountsville to Oneonta in 1889. Most ore was . . . Map (db m28362) HM
4 Alabama, Clay County, Delta — Alabama's Highest Point
Everyone needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. –John Muir Mount Cheaha is Alabama's highest point at 2,407 feet above sea level and is part of the . . . Map (db m175329) HM
5 Alabama, Colbert County, Tuscumbia — Petrified Conifer Tree / Petrified Lycopod Tree Stump
Plaque A 85-90 Million Years Old Possibly a Bald Cypress from the Cretaceous Period or the Age of Dinosaurs Plaque B 325 Million Years Old A Member of the Giant Club Mosses from the early Coal AgeMap (db m29287) HM
6 Alabama, Jackson County, Woodville — Cathedral Caverns
Cathedral Caverns has been designated a Registered Natural Landmark under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935 This site possesses exceptional value in illustrating the natural history of the . . . Map (db m76233) HM
7 Alabama, Jefferson County, Birmingham — Reading Red Mountain
The Big Seam The red iron ore labeled "The Big Seam" in the diagram below appears as an outcrop over this sign. It extends all the way to Gadsden, 60 miles to the northeast. To the south, it runs as far as Hoover, where it is a mile . . . Map (db m188879) HM
8 Alabama, Jefferson County, Clay — The Cahaba Heart River of Alabama
On Cahaba Mountain to the NW, springs form a fragile stream that grows as it carves through the steep, rocky terrain of Birmingham suburbs, flowing south on the Gulf Coastal Plain to the Alabama River, at the site of Alabama's first capital, . . . Map (db m25110) HM
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9 Alabama, Jefferson County, Pinson — Pinson, Alabama
Pinson, one of Alabama’s oldest communities, was settled by General Andrew Jackson’s soldiers in the early 1800s, after victory at Horseshoe Bend during the War of 1812. The community was originally known as Hagood’s Crossroads for settler . . . Map (db m88406) HM
10 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Waterloo — Mud Glorious Mud
Birds Come From All Directions to Enjoy the Tasty Treats Hidden Beneath the Mud In the late summer. fall, and winter, reservoir levels in the Tennessee River Valley drop drastically to expose areas of mudflats. although unsightly to some, theses . . . Map (db m105713) HM
11 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Waterloo — Rock Spring
Rock Spring Nature Trail offers you an opportunity to explore a small natural spring as it bubbles forth from the ground. Small fish dart about a deep pool created as the stream wandered through rich bottomland soil and limestone rock. Vegetation . . . Map (db m84703) HM
12 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Burritt Museum
Situated on 167 acres of some of the most scenic land in North Alabama, the museum and its grounds contain items of local and national interest. This property was willed to the City of Huntsville in 1955 by Dr. William Henry Burritt . . . Map (db m27876) HM
13 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Old Town Historic District
Designated by the City of Huntsville, Alabama on December 12, 1974 as a Huntsville historic district, it contains houses dating from 1828 onward with the majority dating from 1880 to 1929. Approximate boundaries: East Clinton Avenue north to . . . Map (db m30381) HM
14 Alabama, Marengo County, Demopolis — White Bluff
Composed of limestone or “Selma chalk” which abounds in fossils. Called “Ecor Blanc” by eighteenth-century French explorers and cartographers. Named “Chickasaw Gallery” because early Indian inhabitants . . . Map (db m38001) HM
15 Alabama, Marshall County, Guntersville — Section of Core
Drilled from limestone bedrock during construction of Guntersville Dam, 1935 - 1938Map (db m85903) HM
16 Alabama, Mobile County, Grand Bay — William Bartram TrailTraced 1773-1777 — Deep South Region —
In 1775, William Bartram, Colonial naturalist, visited Mobile and environs recording flora, fauna, land areas, and rivers.Map (db m102188) HM
17 Alabama, Talladega County, Childersburg — DeSoto Caverns
Named for the famous Spanish explorer who traveled through this area in 1540. Over its rich history it offered shelter for native Indians for centuries (a 2,000-year-old Woodland Period burial was excavated by archeologists in the mid-1960s), . . . Map (db m45034) HM
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18 Alabama, Tuscaloosa County, Tuscaloosa — Burns’ Shoals
The remains of Burns' Shoals now lie nearly 40 feet underwater. This rock outcropping was the first of the shoals known as the "Falls of Tuscaloosa" and represents the "Fall Line" or contact point of the Coastal Plain and the Appalachian Plateau, . . . Map (db m28904) HM
19 Alabama, Tuscaloosa County, Tuscaloosa — Marr’s Spring
Part of Marr’s Field, on farmland owned by William Marr, this spring was a major factor in the selection of this site for the University of Alabama campus in 1827. From its opening in 1831 well into the 20th century, the institution relied upon . . . Map (db m40388) HM
20 Alabama, Tuscaloosa County, Tuscaloosa — Why Are We Here?City of Tuscaloosa
Since ancient times, people have been attracted to this area because of ease of accessibility and abundant resources. Tuscaloosa lies at an important point where the Black Warrior River crosses the boundary of the Coastal Plain and the Appalachian . . . Map (db m217172) HM
21 Arizona, Apache County, Chambers — Badlands
Geologists call eroded landscapes such as the Painted Desert "badlands." Summer thunderstorms and winter snowmelt carve the shale and sandstone into mazes of sharp ridges, steep hillsides, and deep V-shaped gullies. Practically waterless, badlands . . . Map (db m72923) HM
22 Arizona, Apache County, Chambers — Painted Desert / Finding Fossils Reported missing
The colorful mesas, buttes, and badlands before you compose a natural work of art--the Painted Desert. Wind and running water cut these features from the Chinle Formation deposited over 200 million years ago when this area was a vast inland . . . Map (db m72925) HM
23 Arizona, Apache County, Petrified Forest National Park — A Painted ParkPetrified Forest National Park
As you look out over the Painted Desert, you are only seeing a small portion of it. The Painted Desert extends over 7,500 square miles (19,425 km²) across northeastern Arizona. Because Petrified Forest National Park lies at its heart, the entire . . . Map (db m163185) HM
24 Arizona, Apache County, Petrified Forest National Park — Over the EdgePetrified Forest National Park
Below you lies a black basalt which forms the rim of the plateau on which you stand. This hard basalt, called the Bidahochi Formation, was deposited by local volcanoes between 16 and five million years ago, and forms a protective cap over the soft, . . . Map (db m163270) HM
25 Arizona, Apache County, Window Rock — In Remembrance of Our Warriors / Navajo Warrior Memorial
In Remembrance of Our Warriors Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice and/or Missing in Action, They will never be forgotten and to us they will always be young in our thoughts. Nelson Lewis • Walter Nelson • Willie A. Notah • Edie . . . Map (db m27911) HM
26 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — 086-352 — Old Fort BowieGuardian of Apache Pass
Established 1862 following the Battle of Apache Pass, largest conflict in Arizona Indian Wars. Massed Apaches under Cochise and Mangas Coloradas were routed by howitzers fired by California Volunteers attacked in the pass. Fort Bowie overlooked . . . Map (db m6994) HM
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27 Arizona, Coconino County, Flagstaff — Telephone Exchange1909
This building was constructed in 1909 by John W. Weatherford, the man who earlier built the adjacent Weatherford Hotel. It was the headquarters for the Arizona Overland Telephone Company, housing its offices and physical plant. Construction . . . Map (db m59966) HM
28 Arizona, Coconino County, Flagstaff — The Citadel / Natural Features
The Citadel It was a remarkable achievement, to use primitive mortar and local stones to build the walls above you straight up from the edge of the top of the rock. “The Citadel” is the modern name given to this ruin because . . . Map (db m60087) HM
29 Arizona, Coconino County, Grand Canyon National Park — Grandview, 1898
"No language can fully describe, no artist paint the beauty, grandeur, immensity and sublimity of this most wonderful production of Nature's great architect. [Grand Canyon] must be seen to be appreciated." C.O. Hall, Grand Canyon visitor, . . . Map (db m39659) HM
30 Arizona, Coconino County, Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument — As Powerful as a Volcano
Cinder cones erode easily and scars are slow to heal. In 1973, Sunset Crater was closed to climbing when 2-foot-wide trails eroded to 60-foot-wide swaths. Tons of cinder were shoveled back up the cone to fill hip-deep trenches. Notice the scars . . . Map (db m41676) HM
31 Arizona, Coconino County, Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument — Life and Landscape Transformed
The landscape before you has existed on Earth for less than 1,000 years, less time than Romanesque architecture or paper money. Consequently, this environment has unique scientific value. Geologists come here to study weathering processes and . . . Map (db m41691) HM
32 Arizona, Coconino County, Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument — The Birth of a Mountain
About 1,000 years ago, something spectacular happened in the lives of local Native peoples. Perhaps they first observed a change in animal behavior. Maybe they noticed the ground warming. Then the tremors increased in number and intensity. By the . . . Map (db m41689) HM
33 Arizona, Mohave County, Fredonia — How Can 10 Million Gallons of Water a Year Suddenly Appear in a Stony Desert? — Pipe Spring National Monument —
The answer lies buried in the white and red rocks you can see ahead. Here about 90 percent of any rain and snow is absorbed by plants or quickly evaporates. Only 10 percent of Pipe Spring’s precipitation soaks into the light-colored rock you see at . . . Map (db m149469) HM
34 Arizona, Mohave County, Fredonia — Remnants of a Frozen Sahara — Pipe Spring National Monument —
The pale rock you see here is Navajo sandstone. This rock caps the top of the Vermilion Cliffs for more than 80 miles. Navajo sandstone also forms the high canyon walls at Zion National Park. Imagine an enormous Sahara-like desert, full of . . . Map (db m149385) HM
35 Arizona, Navajo County, Holbrook — A Gap in the Geologic Record
The black basalt that caps the cliffs before you stands in stark contrast to the colorful Chinle Formation visible throughout the Painted Desert. Below this layer of basalt, a horizontal line cuts across the face of the mesa and separates rocks . . . Map (db m68901) HM
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36 Arizona, Navajo County, Holbrook — Desert Vistas
From Pintado Point, vistas of remarkable clarity extend far beyond boundaries because the air quality in the surrounding Petrified Forest is among the purest in the continental United States. At times, the San Francisco Peaks, 120 miles (193 km) . . . Map (db m68903) HM
37 Arizona, Navajo County, Holbrook — From Wood to Stone
Approximately 225 million years ago, during the Triassic Period, a floodplain existed here – littered with fallen trees. Periodic flooding buried the logs beneath layers of silt. Over time, silica-laden waters filtered through these deposits . . . Map (db m68870) HM
38 Arizona, Navajo County, Holbrook — Jasper Forest
The petrified wood strewn in the valley below was once encased in the bluffs around you. When erosional forces removed the softer rocks, the petrified wood tumbled and accumulated on the valley floor. Once filled with fallen logs, Jasper Forest was . . . Map (db m68871) HM
39 Arizona, Navajo County, Holbrook — Painted Desert Community Complex Historic District
. . . Map (db m36387) HM
40 Arizona, Navajo County, Holbrook — The Painted Desert
The Painted Desert stretches before you as an outdoor museum of fossilized plants and animals. Its striking colors emanate from the Chinle Formation of the Late Triassic, which has been eroded by the Little Colorado River drainage system. An . . . Map (db m68896) HM
41 Arizona, Navajo County, Holbrook — Triassic Landscape
The dry plateau lands of this region today are far different from the tree-littered floodplains of 225 million years ago during the geologic period called the Triassic. Imagine a forested Triassic land where crocodile-like phytosaurs inhabited the . . . Map (db m68868) HM
42 Arizona, Navajo County, Shonto — A Relict ForestNavajo National Monument
Before you lies a small tributary of the Tsegi Canyon watershed. A quaking aspen grove graces the canyon floor, while the north-facing cliff (right) offers shady habitat for towering Douglas-fir trees. Thriving here in this desert wilderness is . . . Map (db m144450) HM
43 Arizona, Navajo County, Shonto — Upside-down MountainNavajo National Monument
Hidden away in Tsegi Canyon’s wilderness of bare rock, sand, and sparse vegetation are surprising pockets of luxuriant growth. Betatakin Canyon—home to a village of prehistoric cliff-dwellings farmers—is one of these oases. Fir Canyon, . . . Map (db m71514) HM
44 Arizona, Navajo County, Winslow — Sunset Crossing
This crossing, first noted early in the 1850s in journals and maps of explorers along the 35th parallel, is the only convergence of major travel routes on the Little Colorado River. It lies on the trail used by Mormon immigrants journeying from Utah . . . Map (db m32722) HM
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45 Arizona, Pima County, Tucson, Menlo Park — Sentinel Peak
Used as a lookout and for signal fires by the Indians prior to and since 1692 and later by early settlersMap (db m38401) HM
46 Arizona, Pima County, Vail — Colossal Cave Mountain Park
This Property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior Colossal Cave Mountain Park 1934Map (db m30613) HM
47 Arizona, Yavapai County, Sedona — Wilson Mtn. TrailNational Recreational Trail
Richard Wilson was an old bear hunter who lived at Indian Gardens. In 1885 he was killed by a large grizzly bear in what is now known as Wilson Canyon.Map (db m99272) HM
48 Arkansas, Arkansas County, Arkansas Post — The Post of Arkansas
Here on the Grand Prairie you tread on soil laid down over the centuries as the mighty Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers brought down their precious cargoes of silt from the northern uplands. The footprints of many were pressed into this . . . Map (db m108486) HM
49 Arkansas, Carroll County, Eureka Springs — Calif SpringSouth Main
Calif Spring was originally called Table Rock Spring, named for the rock formation above the spring area. This area was set aside as a spring reservation in 1886 by City Ordinance. S. L. Calif established a residence and general store next to the . . . Map (db m90703) HM
50 Arkansas, Clay County, St. Francis — Chalk Bluff
Named for the white clay which resembles chalk, this magnificent bluff is one of the most important historical landmarks in Arkansas. At this point the St. Francis River cuts through Crowley's Ridge from west to east and forms the boundary between . . . Map (db m18136) HM
51 Arkansas, Crawford County, Van Buren — Log Town Hill
The residents of Log Town were witness to the retreat of the Rebel army through Van Buren and onward through their settlement. High on Log Town Hill the community watched as masses of Southern soldiers crowded the hill trying desperately to reach . . . Map (db m96614) HM
52 Arkansas, Garland County, Hot Springs — Hot Springs
After 1877 when the title to the springs was finally vested in the federal government by the Supreme Court, Congress began to take an active interest in the Hot Springs Reservation. In 1921 the Reservation officially became Hot Springs National Park.Map (db m103164) HM
53 Arkansas, Jefferson County, Pine Bluff — Bayou Bartholomew
Beginning 10 miles northwest of Pine Bluff, this storied bayou flows 300 miles through 6 Arkansas counties and 2 Louisiana parishes before emptying into the Ouachita River in north Louisiana. Indian mounds dotted its banks. Immigrants travelled it . . . Map (db m30581) HM
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54 Arkansas, Phillips County, Helena — Battery A
Union forces entrenched on this hill held off repeated assaults by Confederate troops under CSA General Marmaduke on the morning of July 4, 1863, in their attack on Helena. CSA General Marsh Walker's Cavalry Brigade, consisting of the 5th Arkansas . . . Map (db m107784) HM
55 Arkansas, Phillips County, Helena — Battery D
Hindman Hill, southernmost of four positions fortified by Union Forces in June, 1863, was attacked by the 35th, 37th, and Hawthorn's Arkansas Infantry Regiments under General Fagan, CSA at daybreak, July 4, 1863. Thwarted by the strength of the . . . Map (db m107791) HM
56 Arkansas, Pike County, Murfreesboro — B-26 — Pike County Diamond Mines
Two and a half miles southeast of this point is the only locality in North America where diamonds have been found in the rock in which they were formed. They have been found principally in one igneous pipe which, with three small pipes, aggregates . . . Map (db m121290) HM
57 Arkansas, Pulaski County, Jacksonville — The Memphis to Little Rock RailroadSamson Gray Helps Link the State Capital with the Mississippi
One of the largest public works projects to take place in territorial Arkansas was construction of the Memphis to Little Rock Road, an ambitious effort to allow travelers to cross the dense swamps and Grand Prairie of east Arkansas to reach the . . . Map (db m116571) HM
58 Arkansas, Pulaski County, Little Rock — One Old RockLa Petite Roche Historical Walk
La Petite Roche ("the Little Rock") refers to the rock outcropping on the Arkansas River used as a navigation point during the early exploration of what would become the state of Arkansas. Sometimes called the Point of Rocks, it is the first . . . Map (db m116556) HM
59 Arkansas, Pulaski County, Little Rock — Smaller Rock, Big BridgeLa Petite Roche Historical Walk
Post-Civil War, railroads became vital to the Arkansas economy. Point of Rocks was a natural support for a railroad bridge on the river. In October 1872, construction began at the Little Rock with several tons of rock removed from the . . . Map (db m116541) HM
60 Arkansas, Pulaski County, Little Rock — The Big Rock and the Little RockLa Petite Roche Historical Walk
Jean-Baptiste Bénard de La Harpe was the first European explorer to record the existence of a large rocky bluff on the north bank of the Arkansas River. According to his journal, La Harpe named it le Rocher Français ("the French Rock") on . . . Map (db m116558) HM
61 Arkansas, Pulaski County, Little Rock — Witness to RemovalLa Petite Roche Historical Walk
In 1818, the U.S. policy on Indian Removal restricted the Quapaw to a reservation in Arkansas. The western boundary, or Quapaw Line, began at "the Little Rock." This was perhaps the first official use of the name Little Rock. In 1824, a new . . . Map (db m116565) HM
62 Arkansas, Searcy County, Marshall — Devils Backbone Road Cut-Geology / Construction
Devils Backbone Road Cut-Geology This road cut exposes the upper Fayetteville Shale, and overlying lower Pitkin Limestone deposited in a shallow sea covering the southern Ozark region as the Mississippian Geological Period ended. As . . . Map (db m143764) HM
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63 California, Alameda County, Berkeley, Berkeley Hills — Indian RockBerkeley History
Outcroppings of weathered rock are a prominent feature of the Berkeley Hills, providing evidence of this area’s complex geological past. Composed of Northbrae rhyolite, Indian Rock is an ancient volcanic remnant. Native Ohlone communities gathered . . . Map (db m53852) HM
64 California, Alameda County, Berkeley, Berkeley Hills — Thousand Oaks Neighborhood and UrnsCirca 1909-1910 — Mark Daniels, Landscape Engineer —
Berkeley History In the early 1900s, the natural beauty of this undeveloped district, with dramatic rock outcroppings and ancient oaks made it a favorite destination for picnickers and hikers. After a campaign to make the area a city park . . . Map (db m53848) HM
65 California, Alameda County, Berkeley, North Berkeley — Live Oak Park1914 — Berkeley History — Reported permanently removed
Live Oak Park was created in 1914 when the City of Berkeley purchased four acres from landowners R.S. Penniman and Michael O’Toole. Mr. Penniman’s brown shingle house served as the park clubhouse and also, from 1916-1936, as Berkeley’s North Branch . . . Map (db m194669) HM
66 California, Alameda County, Fremont, Cameron Hills — Under the Canopy
Amphibians such as the native Pacific Tree Frog rely on shade and habitat created by oaks, buckeyes, willows, and other riparian trees that grow near the creek. Tree frogs eat insects and spiders as large as they are. The toe pads of these . . . Map (db m212648) HM
67 California, Alameda County, Piedmont — Sulphur Springs GrottoThe Healing Powers of Mineral Springs
The first recorded visitor to the sulphur springs grotto is Isaac Holmes, a retired U.S. Senator from South Carolina, who reportedly installed a bathtub in Bushy Dell canyon in the early 1860s in order to take alfresco baths for his rheumatism. . . . Map (db m72378) HM
68 California, Alpine County, Kirkwood — Caples Lake
In 1849 Dr. James Caples passed through here on his way to California’s gold country. After a brief stay in Old Hangtown (Placerville) Caples remembered the lake and returned here with his family to establish a way station that served weary . . . Map (db m11048) HM
69 California, Alpine County, Kirkwood — Summer Retreat
In 1849 Mary Jane Walker Caples, along with her brother, husband James, and baby daughter Isabella, traveled overland by wagon to the gold fields of California. The Caples went to “Hangtown,” (Placerville,CA) to seek their fortune. James . . . Map (db m44987) HM
70 California, Alpine County, Markleeville — Grover Hot Springs
Telltale signs of geologic activity surround Grover Hot Springs State Park. Bold granite peaks to the northwest are the work of immense mountain building forces. Old lava flows cover hundreds of square miles to the east, giving the Markleeville area . . . Map (db m13239) HM
71 California, Amador County, Volcano — Volcano Masonic Cave
In Memory of the Bryant Brothers Clemens E. Bryant, Thomas L. Bryant, Roy Bryant and Walter F. Bryant Whose surviving relatives deeded this property to Volcano Lodge No. 56 F. & A. M. on June 20, 1962. Our pioneer . . . Map (db m15824) HM
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72 California, Butte County, Oroville — Bald Rock Dome
Bald Rock Dome was formed from a large body of melted rocks (called the Bald Rock Pluton) deep in the earth's crust. The Bald Rock Pluton is two miles wide, and was formed approximately 140 million years ago. As the pluton cooled, parts of its . . . Map (db m146208) HM
73 California, Calaveras County, Angels Camp — Stalactite/Stalagmite
This natural formation came from a cavern on the property of the Calaveras Cement Co., located near Calaveritas in Calaveras County. It was donated to the museum by the Flintkote Co. in 1957. Collectively known as speleothems, these ancient . . . Map (db m101618) HM
74 California, Calaveras County, Cave City — 956 — California Caverns at Cave City — California Historical Landmark No. 956 —
California Cavern at Cave City, Historical Landmark No. 956.Map (db m241571) HM
75 California, Calaveras County, Murphys — Mercer Caverns
Discovered September 1, 1885, by Walter J. Mercer. Resting at this site and noticing movement of grass near a small hole. Enlarging the opening, he ascended into extensive caverns containing varieties of fantastic crystalline formations. The public . . . Map (db m16017) HM
76 California, Contra Costa County, Clayton — History of Marsh Creek Springs
Founded in 1927 by Gerald (Jerry) Gill and family, the park consisted of four picnic sections, over forty acres, four baseball diamonds, two swimming pools, a wading pool for children, large dance hall and two snack bars. At one time the grounds . . . Map (db m94663) HM
77 California, Contra Costa County, Clayton — Old Marsh Creek Springs
This area in the mid 1850s, was a known hideout for legendary bandit Joaquin Murrieta, who worked as a vaquero for John Marsh on his rancho just east of here. It was also frequented by John "Grizzly" Adams, famed California mountain man. In 1927 . . . Map (db m94657) HM
78 California, Contra Costa County, El Cerrito — Cerrito Creek
. . . Map (db m94104) HM
79 California, Contra Costa County, El Cerrito — Historic Cerrito Creek
Cerrito Creek and its branches carry rain and spring water from the East Bay Hills to San Francisco Bay. Native Americans lived along its banks. It became the boundary between vast Spanish land grants and, later, the county line. The City . . . Map (db m155139) HM
80 California, Contra Costa County, El Cerrito — The Little Hill
El Cerrito, Spanish for "the little hill", is named for the hill to the southwest - now called Albany Hill. Like Brooks Island, the hills north Port Richmond, and the hills at China Camp across the bay, Albany Hill is a part of a range older than . . . Map (db m94105) HM
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81 California, Fresno County, Sanger — 25 — Kings River
Its waters made possible the irrigation of a million fertile acres, despite a 39 year battle over water rights. From 1882 forward, 150 lawsuits were filed and early irrigators often used armed force to open headgates to water their crops. L. A. . . . Map (db m27996) HM
82 California, Humboldt County, Fortuna — The Eel River Starts on Your StreetEel River: Linking Human and Coastal Environments
The Eel, California’s third largest river, flows 800 miles before emptying into the Pacific Ocean. Through ongoing monitoring, public and private entities are working to preserve the integrity of this designated “Wild and Scenic River.” (The . . . Map (db m71985) HM
83 California, Humboldt County, Garberville — Richardson Grove Historic Lodge
People have been drawn to the beauty and serenity of Northern Californias's majestic redwood forests for millennia In the 1910s and 1920s, improved roads and services drew tourists from every walk of life, and the redwoods became a . . . Map (db m139843) HM
84 California, Inyo County, Death Valley National Park — Devil’s Cornfield
Seeking to capitalize on the mystique of Death Valley, early promoters attached dubious names like "Devils Cornfield" to its strange and unusual features. Thought to resemble bundled corn left to dry in rows at harvest time, the root system . . . Map (db m195412) HM
85 California, Inyo County, Death Valley National Park — Lake Manly
How vivid is your imagination? Can you visualize the desert scene before you as it would have appeared approximately 20,000 years ago? Imagine, if you can, this valley filled with a lake, 90 miles long, 6 to 11 miles wide and up to 600 feet . . . Map (db m160793) HM
86 California, Inyo County, Death Valley National Park — Star Wars CanyonMilitary Training — Rainbow Canyon —
Before you is part of one of the largest military aircraft training areas in the U.S. It has been used continuously since the 1930s. Much of what is now the western portion of Death Valley National Park was added under the condition that . . . Map (db m194626) HM
87 California, Inyo County, Death Valley National Park — The Racetrack PlayaDeath Valley National Park
In front of you is a dry lake bed - a playa - the flattest of all natural surfaces. Fine mud and silt, eroded from the surrounding mountain, compose the playa. Water washes across the playa, suspending the sediments in a shallow, . . . Map (db m235586) HM
88 California, Inyo County, Death Valley National Park — Ubehebe CraterDeath Valley National Park
Before you is vivid evidence of one of the geologic forces that shapes Death Valley. Unlike most geologic features, the age of Ubehebe Crater (u-bee hee-bee) is measured in thousands rather than millions of years; it is about 2,000 years old. . . . Map (db m167511) HM
89 California, Inyo County, Ridgecrest — Fossil Falls
Early People at Fossil Falls - Life at the Edge of Volcanoes and Glaciers An Oasis in the Past Imagine this spot twelve thousand years ago. The climate was much wetter than it is now. Large lakes filled many of today's . . . Map (db m194960) HM
90 California, Kern County, Buttonwillow — Tule Elk State ReserveA California State Park
Back From the Brink of Extinction Half a million tule elk once roamed the marshes and grasslands of California. The Gold Rush began an era of commercial hunting and agricultural practices that decimated the elk and their . . . Map (db m184928) HM
91 California, Los Angeles County, Agoura Hills — Ladyface Mountain
Ladyface Mountain climbs to 2,031 feet above sea level and is visible for many miles. Legend has it that the Chumash Indians, who used the mountain as a perch to view the entire Conejo Valley, gave the mountain the name "Ladyface." The . . . Map (db m200712) HM
92 California, Los Angeles County, Arcadia — CycadsJurassic Period — 200 Million Years Ago —
Once common across the globe, cycads are now threatened or endangered in the wild. Explore our diverse collection and learn about these impressive plants. Age of Cycads The Jurassic Period is famous for its fantastically large . . . Map (db m198164) HM
93 California, Los Angeles County, Azusa — Crystal Lake Reported missing
Known to the Mission Padres, Crystal Lake is the only natural lake in the San Gabriel Mountains. R.W. Dawson visited the lake in 1876, and later built a cabin nearby. Pasadena Judge Benjamin Eaton wrote in 1887 that "The water is clear as a crystal . . . Map (db m172024) HM
94 California, Los Angeles County, Compton — Eagle Tree
A sycamore tree, being Station 1 for the survey, the Rancho San Pedro, December, 1857.Map (db m196776) HM
95 California, Los Angeles County, Inglewood, South Los Angeles — 363 — Centinela SpringsAguaje de la Centinela
On this site, bubbling springs once flowed from their source in a deep water basin which has existed continuously since the Pleistocene Era. Prehistoric animals, Indians, and early Inglewood settlers were attracted here by the pure artesian water. . . . Map (db m126337) HM
96 California, Los Angeles County, La Verne — La Verne Heights Elementary School
In 1984 a Red Oak tree in front of La Verne Heights Elementary School became diseased. Tree limbs began to fall off onto Baseline Road, creating hazards for drivers as well as students of the elementary school. Recognizing the potential danger, . . . Map (db m190868) HM
97 California, Los Angeles County, Lancaster — California Poppy ReserveThe Dream of a Poppy Park
In the 1940s Jane S. Pinheiro, a local resident and self-taught wildflower artist, became concerned that rapid growth in the Antelope Valley was endangering wildflower fields. Jane's dream was to have a "Poppy Park" to protect the official . . . Map (db m189239) HM
98 California, Los Angeles County, Long Beach, Waterfront — Evolution of a SkylineLong Beach's history can be seen in its rooftops
In the early 1990s, Long Beach was world-famous as a visitor destination. Hotels and dance halls, trolleys and roller coasters lured tourist to the city. The mild climate and pristine beaches beckoned people to the water's edge. With daily train . . . Map (db m71543) HM
99 California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Chatsworth — Garden of the GodsIverson Movie Ranch
Garden of the Gods was part of the Iverson Movie Ranch which flourished from 1912 until the late 1960s, the golden era of the "B" Western movies. This site was known as the "most shot up location in movie history." Hollywood cowboys Rex . . . Map (db m127037) HM
100 California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Encino — 24 — Encino Oak Tree
Declared Historic Cultural Monument No. 24 by the Cultural Heritage Board, Municipal Arts Department, City of Los Angeles.Map (db m165309) HM

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