“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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South Dakota State Historical Society Markers

Markers included on the official South Dakota State Historical Markers numeric list identified by the South Dakota State Historical Society (SDSHS).
Stratosphere Balloon Landing Marker, from the east image, Touch for more information
August 29, 2021
Stratosphere Balloon Landing Marker, from the east
1South Dakota (Aurora County), Aurora Center — 337 — Stratosphere Balloon Landing
On Nov. 11, 1935, Explorer II, released in Black Hills, bearing Captains Orville A. Anderson and Albert W. Stevens, after a record ascent to 72,395 feet landed here, instruments intact and with a wealth of new scientific knowledge.Map (db m180701) HM
2South Dakota (Beadle County), Huron — 517 — Civilian Conservation Corps Camp
Camp SCS-4 (Huron): located on SE corner of State Fair Grounds. Companies: 2770--10/31/35-10/7/37; 4725V--10/7/37-8/15/41. The Civilian Conservation Corps was a federal work - relief program during the Great Depression. From 1933 to 1942, . . . Map (db m179885) HM
3South Dakota (Beadle County), Huron — 349 — W. Glenn SloanEngineer Man of Vision
While with the Bureau of Reclamation, Glenn Sloan saw the possibility of using mountain water from the Missouri River to develop irrigation in the James River Valley. His vision and determination made possible the broadened multi-purpose . . . Map (db m123908) HM
4South Dakota (Beadle County), Huron — 200 — Where Does the West Begin?/ Here the West Begins
Where Does the West Begin? Traditionally the American West has begun at the edge of the settled areas, always advancing with the sun. The Delaware River was the West of 1700; the Mississippi of 1820. Then the settlement of the Pacific . . . Map (db m179726) HM
5South Dakota (Beadle County), Wolsey — 694 — Wolsey: A Crossroad of the Heartland / Wolsey Notables
Wolsey: A Crossroad of the Heartland Wolsey has been a crossroad of the heartland of South Dakota from its beginnings. In 1880 the Dakota Central Railway, a subsidiary of the Chicago & North Western, laid track following a wagon trail called . . . Map (db m123906) HM
6South Dakota (Bennett County), Tuthill — 540 — Civilian Conservation Corps Camp
Camp BF-3: located 1 mile E, 4 miles S, 1 mile W & 5 miles S Company: 4723 May 1937-Fall 1939 The Civilian Conservation Corps was a federal relief program during 1933-1942 that gave jobless men work renovating abused lands. The Army . . . Map (db m137082) HM
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7South Dakota (Brookings County), Brookings — 553 — Brookings CountyYou are about to enter
Home of roving Indians until 1862. The exploring party of Nicollet, scientist, and Fremont, ‘Pathfinder of the West,’ visited Oakwood Lakes July 1838, leaving the first reliable record. The region East of the Big Sioux was ceded by the Santee . . . Map (db m181268) HM
8South Dakota (Brookings County), Brookings — 358 — Brookings/Hillcrest Park
Brookings: The county seat of Brookings County was platted October 3-4, 1879, when the Northwestern Railroad reached here. Some of the early store buildings were moved overland from Fountain and Medary, which soon became ghost towns. In November . . . Map (db m179949) HM
9South Dakota (Brookings County), Brookings — 285 — First Convention in Brookings County
Created 1862; Organized 1871; Convention 1877 The County, created on paper in 1862, was organized July 3, 1871 and by 1877, there were communities at Lake Hendricks, Oakwood, Lake Village and Medary, and all had delegates to the nominating . . . Map (db m179959) HM
10South Dakota (Brookings County), Brookings — 601 — Medary
. . . Map (db m179960) HM
11South Dakota (Brookings County), Brookings — 189 — Medary Townsite1857-58   1871-79
The Dakota Land Company of St. Paul, hoping to make this site the capital of a proposed Dakota Territory, started a town here, naming it for Samuel Medary, Governor of Minnesota Territory. Towns were also begun at Flandreau and Sioux Falls, the . . . Map (db m179957) HM
12South Dakota (Brookings County), Bruce — 478 — Oakwood Lakes Burial Mounds
The mounds found in Oakwood Lakes are typical of numerous such mounds in eastern South Dakota. Ten mounds have been located at Oakwood lakes and have been dated about A. D. 300 to A.D. 1400. Probably the remanents of late Woodland or Middle Missouri . . . Map (db m179695) HM
13South Dakota (Brookings County), Bruce — 8 — Oakwood Lakes State ParkBreastworks / Te-Tonka-Ha / Nicollet and Fremont
Breastworks Probably built by two companies of the 2nd Infantry, under command of Capt. D. Davidson, in June-July, 1859. Parapets were then about 5 ft. high. A log house once stood in the center, but was razed long ago for firewood. Cannon . . . Map (db m179795) HM
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14South Dakota (Brookings County), Bruce — 685 — 'Ol Spot Mortimer's Cabin
This log cabin stands on the original site where it was constructed in 1869 by Samuel "Ol Spot" Mortimer. Mortimer, a shoemaker from New York, came to Dakota Territory after hearing stories of the rich fur trade in the Big Sioux Valley. In . . . Map (db m179782) HM
15South Dakota (Brookings County), Elkton — 196 — Brookings County / Moody CountyYou are about to enter
You are about to enter Brookings County home of roving Indians until 1862. The exploring party of Nicollet, scientist, and Fremont, "Pathfinder of the West," visited Oakwood Lakes, July 1838, leaving the first reliable record. The . . . Map (db m181265) HM
16South Dakota (Brookings County), Elkton — 123 — Hole-In-The-Mountain
All early maps (1838-1879) showed the Hole-in-The-Mountain or Mountain Pass where Coteau Perce creek drained SW from Lake Benton to the Big Sioux. It is 8 miles SE. Nicollet & Fremont, first explorers, visited the "Hole" on July 6, 1838 and . . . Map (db m177443) HM
17South Dakota (Brookings County), Volga — 595 — Lake Campbell Lutheran Church
The Lake Campbell Lutheran Church was originally the Medary Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, Brookings County, Dakota Territory. The congregation was organized June 13, 1870 at the John Thompson home in Sverdrup Township Minnehaha . . . Map (db m179962) HM
18South Dakota (Brookings County), Volga — 122 — Oakwood Lakes Big Sioux River - Volga
Oakwood Lakes, called by the Sioux, Te-tonka-ha, meaning the place of the Great Summer Lodge, lie in a scenic state park 7 miles N and 3 W. First visitors of record were Nicollet & Fremont. July 8, 1838. During the Indian Disturbances of . . . Map (db m179802) HM
19South Dakota (Brookings County), White — 253 — Lake Hendricks Norwegian Colony of 1873 / Brookings County
Lake Hendricks Norwegian Colony of 1873 The first settlers at Lake Hendricks were 31 Norwegians, arriving July 14, 1873, with 11 covered wagons and 30 cattle. On May 14, 1873 they left Houston County, Minn., and Allamakee and Winneshiek . . . Map (db m179811) HM
20South Dakota (Brookings County), White — 330 — Lake Hendricks State Park / Brookings County
Lake Hendricks State Park This lake was named for Thomas A. Hendricks (1819-1885), Commissioner of the General Land Office, 1855-59, at which time the state boundary was surveyed and the lake named. Hendricks was a Member of Congress, 1851-55; . . . Map (db m184234) HM
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21South Dakota (Brown County), Aberdeen — 554 — Aberdeen, South Dakota Vietnam Veterans Memorial
(northwest section, side 1) Day is done. Gone the sun. From the lake. From the hills. From the sky: All is well. Safely rest: God is nigh. Fading light. Dims the sight. And a star gems the sky. Gleaming bright. From afar . . . Map (db m112664) HM
22South Dakota (Brown County), Aberdeen — 508 — F.W. Sallet and the Dakota Freie Presse
Two German-language newspapers, Dakota Freie Press (DFP) and Neue Deutsche Presse (NDP), were located a short distance from here at 524 South Main St. Owner and editor, Friedrich Wilheim Sallet, emigrated from East Prussia and published DFP for . . . Map (db m90571) HM
23South Dakota (Brown County), Columbia — 318 — Columbia1879
Located at the mouth of Elm River, Columbia has a notable history. Here was the wintering place of Waneta "Cuthead Band"of Yanctonaise Sioux. Here was the site of the scout's camp from which in 1866, Sam J. Brown started his famous "ride in . . . Map (db m179946) HM
24South Dakota (Brown County), Columbia — 686 — Daly Corners
In 1880, John Daly and his four sons - George, John Charles ("JC"), Edward and Austin arrived at this location from Michigan. It was here that "Daly Corners" started. On the northwest corner was J.C. Daly's tree claim and his homestead was on . . . Map (db m206716) HM
25South Dakota (Brown County), Columbia — 570 — Father Alexandra Ravoux
In 1845 near this spot in a Cuthead Indian village Father Alexandra Ravoux celebrated the first mass of record in South DakotaMap (db m206668) HM
26South Dakota (Brown County), Columbia — 580 — Hamlin Garland
who rose to distinction in American Letters resided on this spot 1881-1884 Here stood the Garland Homestead where he began his first book "Main Travelled Roads"Map (db m206717) HM
27South Dakota (Brown County), Frederick — 548 — Aurland
(east side) History The united Norwegion Luthern church. In memory of the pioneer members of the Aurland congregation, organized in 1885. Rev Rogne was the first Pastor. The services wer held in homes & school houses until when in . . . Map (db m206714) HM
28South Dakota (Brown County), Frederick — 616 — Colin Campbell Fur Post
On this spot stood Colon Campbell Fur Post 1822 - '28 The very important Sioux, Waneta was born near this place 1794 - 1848Map (db m128448) HM
29South Dakota (Brown County), Frederick — 319 — Savo Monument
This monument was created to forever make available the story of those Finnish people who early came to Brown and Dickey Counties, and settled there. Erected by the Savo Finnish Historical Society under the direction of John G. Peterson, the . . . Map (db m206703) HM
30South Dakota (Brown County), Frederick — 92-B — South DakotaYou Are Entering
Created with its twin, North Dakota, 2 November 1889, its 77,047 square miles ranks 15th in size. Those square miles include; exceptional corn land in the SE, grass land in the W, wheat land in the N and Productive land all over. Its lowest point, . . . Map (db m177397) HM
31South Dakota (Brown County), Houghton — 515 — Civilian Conservation Corps Camp
Camp BF-2 (Sand Lake): 2 1/2 miles W and 2 1/2 miles S at headquarters. Company: 2749--6/28/35 - 7/31/39. The Civilian Conservation Corps was a federal work-relief program during the Great Depression. From 1933 to 1942, the CCC provided work . . . Map (db m100979) HM
32South Dakota (Brown County), Houghton — 424 — Ralph HersethTwenty-First Governor
Ralph Herseth, 1909 - 1969, was born on a ranch near Houghten and grew to manhood here. He graduated from Columbia High School and attended North Dakota State College. As a farmer - rancher, he raised wheat, corn, and Aberdeen Angus cattle and . . . Map (db m180972) HM
33South Dakota (Brule County), Chamberlain — 169 — Chamberlain1880
Named for Selah Chamberlain, a Milwaukee RR official, the site was scene of an encounter between Jean Baptiste Trudeau and the Teton Sioux in 1794 and when Samuel H. Morrow surveyed the area, in November of 1868, he found a ranch on American Creek . . . Map (db m184645) HM
34South Dakota (Brule County), Chamberlain — 456 — Lewis & Clark Memorial Bridge at Chamberlain
Dedicated July 7, 1974 by Governor Richard F. Kneip Meriwether Lewis and William Clark with their party camped at several points near this crossing. In September 1804, continuous rain had soaked their gear. They stopped near Ocoma, above . . . Map (db m180987) HM
35South Dakota (Campbell County), Herreid — 652 — You are about to enter South Dakota / You are now leaving South Dakota
You are about to enter South Dakota Created with its twin, North Dakota, 2 November 1889, its 77,047 square miles ranks 15th in size. Those square miles include: exceptional corn land in the SE, grass land in the W, wheat land in the N. and . . . Map (db m44710) HM
36South Dakota (Campbell County), Pollock — 654 — Flint Store and Post Office
Side A The Flint store and post office was built on this site in 1895. It was named after Moses E. Flint, and early homesteader. Mr. Flint served as a teamster with General Custer on the 1876 campaign against the Sioux which ended with the . . . Map (db m112082) HM
37South Dakota (Campbell County), Pollock — 662 — Old Pollock / Lot Distribution in New Pollock / Lake Pocasse
Old Pollock In 1901 Pollock was founded as the end point of the Soo Line rail service from Wishek, ND. Soo Line officials requested the town be named Pollock in honor of R.Y. Pollock, a pioneer lay minister and respected citizen of the . . . Map (db m112084) HM
38South Dakota (Charles Mix County), Marty — 119 — Martin Marty / Rev. Sylvester Eisenman
Martin Marty 1834-1896 First Abbot of St. Meinrad Archabbey, First Bishop of the Dakota Territory, began to visit the Indians in this territory in 1877. He established the first Indian Mission called St. Ann’s Mission of Wheeler, . . . Map (db m177442) HM
39South Dakota (Clark County), Clark — 631 — Clark County Veterans Memorial
This Memorial dedicated to all veterans of Clark County and to those who will come after us for their service to God and Country. They gave the supreme sacrifice Sponsored by American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars Posts and . . . Map (db m183482) WM
40South Dakota (Clark County), Clark — 348 — Samuel Harrison Elrod,Fifth Governor of South Dakota
Samuel H. Elrod was born near Coatesville, Indiana, May 1, 1856. Having worked his way through Asbury College, now Depauw University, graduating in 1882, he passed the Indiana Bar Examinations and headed for Dakota Territory. Arriving in Watertown . . . Map (db m183480) HM
41South Dakota (Clark County), Elrod — 472 — Birthplace of South Dakota Amateur BaseballGarden City - - - - - Six Miles North
In 1931 an economic depression spread across South Dakota and the nation. A drouth ravished crops and unemployment was widespread. In an effort to raise the morale of the people and to give amateur baseball players an opportunity to compete, . . . Map (db m183478) HM
42South Dakota (Clay County), Beresford — 328 — Southeast South Dakota Experiment FarmIn Memory of Gustavus Norgren — Dedicated to the Early Pioneers of South Dakota —
The Southeast South Dakota Experiment Farm was organized on April 5th 1956, for the purpose of conducting a research demonstration farm in Southeast South Dakota. It was through the efforts of the Norgren family, farmers, and other interested people . . . Map (db m182240) HM
43South Dakota (Clay County), Meckling — 414 — Meckling & Lincoln
Named for a grading contractor on the Dakota Southern Railway, built in 1872. George W. Gilbert became the first postmaster on 29 April 1873. Prior to that Lincoln Post Office, Charles M. Taylor, Postmaster, 27 July 1864 was nearby to the south. In . . . Map (db m179347) HM
44South Dakota (Clay County), Vermillion — 425 — Bruyer Church
August Bruyer, his wife, Josephine (Simon) and their sons, John and Julius, were born in France, coming to America about the middle of the nineteenth century. By 1858, they had settled in Fairview Township, 4 miles east of what was to be Vermillion. . . . Map (db m179897) HM
45South Dakota (Clay County), Vermillion — 495 — First Rural Electric Cooperative
On November 25, 1935, 17 farmers from Clay and Union counties held an historic meeting at the Manning/O'Connor store in Burbank, three miles south of this spot. Their purpose was to form a consumer-owned corporation which would allow the rural . . . Map (db m179899) HM
46South Dakota (Clay County), Vermillion — 579 — Grand Lodge Constitution SiteFirst Baptist Church Site
This stone marks the place where, on the twenty first day of July A.D. 1875, A.L. 5875, the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Dakota, was constituted and the officers installed. Grand Officers Thos. H. . . . Map (db m179206) HM
47South Dakota (Clay County), Vermillion — 574 — Site of the First Permanent School House in Dakota Territory
School House Erected 1864 Monument Erected 1909Map (db m182954) HM
48South Dakota (Clay County), Vermillion — 413 — Vermillion / Historic Highway
Vermillion August 24, 1804, Lewis & Clark camped near the White Stone (Vermillion) River and next day visited Spirit Mound 8 miles north. The military road, Sioux City - Ft. Randall after 1855 provided access, as did steamboats. A. C. Van Meter . . . Map (db m179392) HM
49South Dakota (Codington County), South Shore — 452 — Legend of Punished Woman's Lake
During the Moon of the Harvest (August) in 1773 a band of Sioux were camped on the shore of this lake. We-Wa-Ke, fairest maiden in the camp had given her heart to a brave young warrior, Big Eagle, whose courage on the hunt and in battle far . . . Map (db m180984) HM
50South Dakota (Codington County), Watertown — 566 — Freeman Thayer Post Memorial
. . . Map (db m198594) WM
51South Dakota (Codington County), Watertown — 499 — Mellette House
Arthur C. Mellette was elected first Governor of the State of South Dakota in 1889. Although Watertown lost in its bid to obtain the State Capital, which was established in Pierre, the Mellettes maintained their home in Watertown. While the . . . Map (db m181946) HM
52South Dakota (Codington County), Watertown — 498 — Old M. & St. L. Depot Museum
This depot, originally the Rock Island Lines New Passenger Station and Division Office Building, was erected as a joint venture of the Rock Island, and the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroads in 1912 for $50,000.00. Over the years, it has . . . Map (db m90413) HM
53South Dakota (Codington County), Watertown — 635 — Town Clock History1887 – 1987
This tower was constructed in 1987 to house the old town clock. The city purchased the clock from Dakota Loan and Trust Co in 1887 for $1,000. The clock was moved to a tower on top of city hall in 1889. The old City Hall was demolished in 1965 . . . Map (db m169947) HM
54South Dakota (Codington County), Watertown — 191 — Watertownand Vicinity
1835 Joseph LaFramboise had trade post at Two Woods Lake (Chanopa. 1838 Nicollet & Fremont , explorers, visited SE Codington County. 1840 Rev. Stephen Return Riggs enroute, Lac Qui Parle to Ft. Pierre, traversed the area. 1856 Capt. Alfred . . . Map (db m177449) HM
55South Dakota (Corson County), Mobridge — 622 — Sakakawea
Sakakawea won her place in history as the indomitable guide of Lewis and Clark on their trip to the Pacific in 1805. She was a member of the Shoshoni tribe dwelling near the Big Horn mountains in Montana. In one of the frequent tribal conflicts she . . . Map (db m190173) HM
56South Dakota (Corson County), Morristown — 699 — Bismarck-Deadwood Stage Trail
At this point the Bismarck-Deadwood Stage Trail passed in a line extending about 240 miles from northeast to southwest. In 1877, the Dakota Territorial Legislature commissioned the survey of the trail, which transported passengers and freight . . . Map (db m190174) HM
57South Dakota (Custer County), Buffalo Gap — 469 — Jedediah Strong Smith’s Route - - 1823
First white man in the Black Hills, this courageous and brawny beaver trapper in 1823 led a dozen Mountain Men from Fort Kiowa to the Yellowstone. His party entered the Black Hills via the old bison trail through Buffalo Gap near here. Born in . . . Map (db m89396) HM
58South Dakota (Custer County), Custer — 588 — Anna Donna Tallent
In Memory of Anna Donna Tallent Teacher and Author. Born in New York State April 12, 1827. Died in Sturgis, S. Dakota February 13, 1901. The first white woman to enter the Black Hills. Arriving in Custer City in December . . . Map (db m185226) HM
59South Dakota (Custer County), Custer — 448 — Campsite of General Custer's ExpeditionAugust 1 - 6, 1874
This picturesque valley was the site of the permanent camp of the Black Hills Expedition of 1874 under the command of General George A. Custer of the 7th Cavalry. Their 5 day stay was the longest stop made during the entire expedition and General . . . Map (db m180983) HM
60South Dakota (Custer County), Custer — 516 — Civilian Conservation Corps CampCamp SP-3 / Camp Narrows — French Creek —
Camp SP-3 (DSP-1 in 1934): NE 2 miles, end of CSP road on French Creek. Company: 2757 - 7/28/34-10/1/41. The Civilian Conservation Corps was a federal work-relief program during the Great Depression. From 1933 to 1942, the CCC provided work for . . . Map (db m124589) HM
61South Dakota (Custer County), Custer — 531 — Civilian Conservation Corps Camp
Camp F-14 Lightning Creek: located 0.7 mile NW on road 288. Companies: 1783V--10/17/33-Spring 34 791--4/30/34-Fall 41 The Civilian Conservation Corps was a federal relief program during 1933-1942 that gave jobless men work renovating abused . . . Map (db m185227) HM
62South Dakota (Custer County), Custer — 604 — Horace N. Ross
Dedicated to the memory of Horace N. Ross Discoverer of Gold in the Black Hills at Custer, So. Dak. July 27th, 1874Map (db m185228) HM
63South Dakota (Custer County), Hot Springs — 520 — Civilian Conservation Corps Camp
Camp NP-1 (DNP-1): located southeast of the cave entrance in Wind Cave Canyon. Companies: 2754 -- 7/16/34 - 11/1/39 2757 detachment -- 4/18/40 - 8/1/40 The Civilian Conservation Corps was a federal relief program during 1933-1942 that . . . Map (db m134564) HM
64South Dakota (Custer County), Keystone — 536 — The Pigtail Bridges
In 1932, Cecil Clyde Gideon, forged ahead with the design of the Pigtail Bridges when many felt it couldn’t be done. C.C., as he was called, was a pioneer in the Black Hills, making his mark as a master builder, architect, craftsman, lawman, highway . . . Map (db m89460) HM
65South Dakota (Davison County), Mitchell — 722 — Carl Gunderson:11th Governor of South Dakota
Carl Gunderson was born June 20, 1864 on his family's homestead near Vermillion. He graduated from the University of South Dakota in 1890. Gunderson farmed in Clay and Aurora counties and was a leader of the Wheat Growers Association. He was also a . . . Map (db m179896) HM
66South Dakota (Davison County), Mitchell — 360 — Indian Medicine Tree
This tree, regarded as "medicine" by the Indians, a scrawny hackberry, growing out of a rock, near Bois Cache Creek, soon to be lost to rising waters of Oahe Lake, on April 12, 1863 was rescued in a joint enterprise of the S. D. Dept. of History and . . . Map (db m180131) HM
67South Dakota (Davison County), Mitchell — 573 — Junction of Jimtown & Fort Thompson Trails
The site of the junction of two old trails—the "Jimtown" Trail first mail route of the James River Valley and the Fort Thompson Trail much used in the Black Hills Gold Rush. Close to this junction was Firesteel the pioneer settlement and trading . . . Map (db m180135) HM
68South Dakota (Davison County), Mitchell — 615 — Old Mill Stone
Used for many years in White's mill on "Jim" River, 4 miles east of Mitchell, to grind flour for the homesteaders and farmers who hauled their wheat to the "grist" mill In memory of my father John R. White and other pioneers of 1879 . . . Map (db m180133) HM
69South Dakota (Davison County), Mitchell — 451 — Original Site of New Home Lutheran Church
During the early 1880's, a small group of Swedish settlers left their homeland to come to Dakota Territory where they took up homesteads in this vicinity. On September 15, 1883, after holding services and meetings in their homes, they organized "The . . . Map (db m180277) HM
70South Dakota (Day County), Andover — 283 — Brown County / Day County
You are entering Brown County South Dakota Colin Campbell had an early trade post on Elm River for Waneta's Cuthead Band of Yanctonaise Sioux. Leblanc's wintering post of 1835 was burnt and in 1836 he built a new one at the Talles Chenes . . . Map (db m206641) HM
71South Dakota (Day County), Bristol — 276 — Bristol1881
Indians from the Lake Region now Northeastern South Dakota visited this area frequently in the early 1800's and white traders also traveled this way while buying furs. The government survey party of Horace J. Austin arrived June 21, 1879, and began . . . Map (db m197685) HM
72South Dakota (Day County), Pierpont — 388 — Charles H. SheldonSecond Governor of South Dakota — 1893 - 1897 —
Born at Johnson, Vermont, Sept. 12, 1840. His father died when he was 4 and at 6 he was bound out to work on a farm. He had 3 months schooling per year until 14 when, to get better educational opportunity, he got a store job for room and board and . . . Map (db m179944) HM
73South Dakota (Day County), Roslyn — 431 — Pioneering in DakotaPrairie Fires
Pioneering was never easy. In Dakota, drought, and grasshoppers, blizzards, and prairie fires were all occupational hazards. In sparse timbered areas, the settlers lived in dugouts and sod houses, enduring the hardships common to all . . . Map (db m185035) HM
74South Dakota (Day County), Webster — 568 — Edgar S. McFadden
The farmers and farm organizations of Day County herewith seek to perpetuate the memory of and appreciation for one of Day County's farmers, agronomist and plant pathologist: Edgar S. McFadden The son of humble Christian parents was born . . . Map (db m91410) HM
75South Dakota (Day County), Webster — 316 — Sigurd Anderson19th Governor of South Dakota, 1951-1955 — Resident of Webster and Day County Since 1932 —
Born at Arendal, Norway, January 22, 1904, and came to the United States when three years old, settling in Lincoln County near Canton. Taught history and speech at Webster High School, 1932 to 1935. Completed law course at University of South Dakota . . . Map (db m179945) HM
76South Dakota (Day County), Webster — 376 — The Fight at Webster
Following the 1862 Minnesota Indian Uprising where nearly 600 men, women, and children were killed, the United States Army at Fort Wadsworth recruited friendly Indians as scouts to restrict the hostile Indians from white settlements. A half-breed, . . . Map (db m179955) HM
77South Dakota (Day County), Webster — 326 — WebsterCounty Seat of Day County
Founded in 1881 and named for J.P. Webster who homesteaded the townsite. Railroad supply point for Fort Sisseton (Fort Wadsworth) frontier outpost established 20 miles north in 1864. Gateway to Northeastern South Dakota Lake Region whose abundance . . . Map (db m179947) HM
78South Dakota (Day County), Webster — 659 — WWII Plane Crash Holds Memories
On October 25th, 1944 at 3:50 p.m. an A26-B two engine medium bomber from the Watertown Army Airbase crashed and burned in a field on the northwest quarter of section 12 of Butler township, which is two miles south and one mile west of this site. . . . Map (db m91404) HM
79South Dakota (Dewey County), Firesteel — 539 — Firesteel
The town of Firesteel takes its name from nearby Firesteel Creek. First known as “Firesteel Station”, it started in May of 1910 with an influx of settlers drawn by rumors an entire section (square mile) to become a government townsite. Many who had . . . Map (db m161846) HM
80South Dakota (Douglas County), Corsica — 333 — Grand View1882-1894
A great town while it lasted, Grand View became Douglas County's third county seat when it won out over Huston, the second and Douglas City by 11 votes in 1882. Brownsdale the first, a phantom city, had been a brief but expensive luxury. Grand View . . . Map (db m180686) HM
81South Dakota (Edmunds County), Ipswich — 645 — Ipswich Memorial Arch
Plaque South Post East Side. This pillar of the Memorial Arch of Ipswich is erected in honor of the valiant men of the Community of Ipswich who answered our country's call to arms in the World War 1917-1918 and as an everlasting monument to . . . Map (db m182239) HM WM
82South Dakota (Edmunds County), Ipswich — 240 — Medicine or Prayer Rock
Found near Mobridge, the impression was tediously incised by some old Indian intent on building himself up as a medicine man. Once formed it was a symbol of great power and was venerated by the Indians who believed it the work of the "Wakan" or . . . Map (db m179940) HM
83South Dakota (Edmunds County), Ipswich — 427 — Welsh Colony at Powell
On March 22, 1883 the 300 Members of a Welsh colony arrives by train at Aberdeen, South Dakota. Thirty families led by William E. Powell arrived here on the 29th and built the "Big Shanty or Shanty Mawr" on the Hugh Griffin claim on Section 9, 1 . . . Map (db m177873) HM
84South Dakota (Fall River County), Edgemont — 455 — Camp CollierJune 1876 - June 1877
Camp at the Mouth of the Red Canyon, sometimes called Camp Collier, was established at this site in mid-June 1876 to protect travelers over the 150-mile Cheyenne-Black Hills stage road. It came into being after the Sioux, resentful of the white . . . Map (db m184460) HM
85South Dakota (Fall River County), Edgemont — 705 — Cheyenne River Crossing1876-1877 Cheyenne to Deadwood Stage Trail
The Cheyenne to Deadwood Stage Line changed routes several times during its history. In 1876 and 1877, the Cheyenne to Deadwood stagecoaches came through what would become present day Edgemont over what was known as Pollock’s Cutoff Route. The . . . Map (db m119900) HM
86South Dakota (Fall River County), Edgemont — 505 — Siding 7
In early 1890, the Burlington Railroad established Siding 7 three-quarters of a mile up the tracks north from here. The siding consisted of four short, fan-shaped tracks and a hand-operated turntable over an open pit used for servicing engines. . . . Map (db m119899) HM
87South Dakota (Fall River County), Hot Springs — 509 — Battle Mountain
According to tradition, American Indians were stricken with an epidemic known as “fell disease” about the middle of the 16th century that threatened to obliterate the tribes. A messenger arrived from the Great West with news of a . . . Map (db m124081) HM
88South Dakota (Fall River County), Hot Springs — 663 — Hot Springs, SD
Tribal tradition states that as long ago as the 16th century the Fall River Valley and canyon area were seldom without groups of tipis belonging to North American Plains Tribes. They knew the curative value of the warm springs located there and used . . . Map (db m184455) HM
89South Dakota (Fall River County), Hot Springs — 728 — John Stevenson Robertson: Pioneer Horticulturalist
John S. Robertson (1866-1937) was a pioneer in farming and fruit growing in the Black Hills. His dryland orchard was located about four miles north, at an elevation of 4,200 feet. Born in Ohio in 1866, Robertson homesteaded in Fall River County in . . . Map (db m184459) HM
90South Dakota (Fall River County), Hot Springs — 347 — Leslie Jensen Scenic Drive
This highway along Fall River is dedicated to Leslie Jensen, 15th Governor of South Dakota 1937-1939, a native of Hot Springs, and a son of Chris Jensen, Black Hills Pioneer and Lillie May Haxby Jensen. Educated in Hot Springs, Culver Military . . . Map (db m184428) HM
91South Dakota (Fall River County), Hot Springs — 347 — Leslie Jensen Scenic Drive
This highway along Fall River is dedicated to Leslie Jensen, 15th Governor of South Dakota 1937-1939, a native of Hot Springs, and a son of Chris Jensen, Black Hills Pioneer and Lillie May Haxby Jensen. Educated in Hot Springs, Culver Military . . . Map (db m184450) HM
92South Dakota (Fall River County), Hot Springs — 680 — Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, SD
Gigantic Mammoths, ancestors of the elephants of today, once roamed freely across the High Plains of North America. A repository of their remains, along with other prehistoric animals, lay undisturbed until their discovery over 26,000 years later, . . . Map (db m184458) HM
93South Dakota (Fall River County), Hot Springs — 700 — Wood Stage StationSydney to Deadwood Trail
Approximately 125 yards east of this spot the Wood Stage Station served as a stop on the Sydney to Deadwood Trail. This station offered the first glimpse of the Black Hills to travelers seeking their fortune in the newly opened gold fields. The . . . Map (db m184456) HM
94South Dakota (Faulk County), Faulkton — 359 — Frank M. ByrneEighth Governor of South Dakota — 1913-1916 —
Born Oct. 23, 1858 on a farm near Volney, Iowa. Homesteaded in McCook County, South Dakota in 1879. Moved to Faulk County in 1883 where he married Emma Beaver in 1888. The following year the first of five sons was born. Gov. Byrne was elected to the . . . Map (db m179950) HM
95South Dakota (Faulk County), Faulkton — 364 — LaFoon 1882 - 1891
First county seat of Faulk County, when this area surveyed October 1882 by Albert Mellen, Louis Kniesel just south and F.M. McMullen, a mile west, were "squatting" on the land. First post office, Cecrops, Nora Reppy, postmistress, was . . . Map (db m179952) HM
96South Dakota (Grant County), Milbank — 589 — American Legion Junior Baseball Monument
In this city, on July 17, 1925, by action of the South Dakota Department of the American Legion, the nation-wide organization of Legion Junior Baseball was first proposed as a program of service to the youth of America.Map (db m197681) HM
97South Dakota (Grant County), Milbank — 578 — Gen. A. A. Humphrey PostNo. 42 G.A.R. Dept. S.D.
Erected May 30, 1904, in memory of the Union soldiers of the Civil War of 1861 to '65.Map (db m197639) WM
98South Dakota (Grant County), Stockholm — 386 — Brown Earth Indian Church1 N ½ W
In 1877 some Sisseton Christian Indians sponsored by the Presbyterian Mission, with Daniel Renville as native pastor, decided to take homesteads near Yellowbank Creek north of this point. That year they erected their church, the first in Grant . . . Map (db m197527) HM
99South Dakota (Gregory County), Pickstown — 47 — Commanding Officers Quarters
This is foundation of Commanding Officers Quarters Ft. Randall 1856-1892Map (db m187856) HM
100South Dakota (Gregory County), Pickstown — 20 — Fort Randall
was established by Brig. Gen. W. S. Harney in 1856 and named by him for Col. Daniel Randall, Deputy Paymaster U.S. Army. Construction was started on June 26, 1856 by 1st Lts. George H. Paige, 2nd Inf. and D.S. Stanley, 1st Cavalry, Col. E. Lee 2nd . . . Map (db m188367) HM

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