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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Delaware

Brecknock Park image, Touch for more information
By Bill Pfingsten, December 15, 2010
Brecknock Park
1 Delaware, Kent County, Camden — K-55 — Brecknock
In 1680 Alexander Humphreys received a warrant from the county court for 600 acres of land which he called Brecknock. The tract is believed to have been named for a shire of Wales. A milling operation was established here in the 1740’s. For nearly . . . Map (db m39507) HM
2 Delaware, Kent County, Camden — KC-62 — Caesar Rodney
Caesar Rodney-Born on October 7, 1728 on a farm east of Dover, Caesar Rodney was one of Delaware's most distinguished statesmen. Entering public life at an early age, Rodney held numerous local offices. He was a member of the Colonial State . . . Map (db m141257) HM
3 Delaware, Kent County, Camden — KC-41 — Camden
Founded 1783 on the tract “Brecknock” by Daniel Mifflin and settled largely by Quakers. Once called Piccadilly and Mifflins Cross Roads. Incorporated 1852, it was a center of anti-slavery sentiment. Several homes were by tradition stops . . . Map (db m168332) HM
4 Delaware, Kent County, Camden — Gov. George Truitt HomeCirca 1750 — 12 South Main Street —
National Register of Historic PlacesMap (db m113688) HM
5 Delaware, Kent County, Camden — KC-82 — Morning Star Institutional Church of God in Christ, Inc.
In 1856, the trustees of Whatcoat Methodist Episcopal Church purchased this site from Thomas Mifflin. The present church was erected thereafter and dedicated on July 26, 1857. Extensive renovations of the structure were undertaken in 1865 and 1940. . . . Map (db m173913) HM
6 Delaware, Kent County, Camden — Operation Silent Witness
This Eisenhower Green Ash tree was dedicated on 28 May 2001 in remembrance of our World War II veterans Map (db m142502) WM
7 Delaware, Kent County, Camden — KC-100 — Site of Whatcoat Church
In 1791 Daniel Lowber granted permission for “the society of people called Methodists” to erect a “meeting house” at this location. The site was formally conveyed to church trustees in 1796. Adjoining land was obtained in . . . Map (db m39601) HM
8 Delaware, Kent County, Camden — K-50 — Star Hill A.M.E. Church
By the end of the 18th century this area was home to a large number of African Americans, many of them freed slaves. Their settlement was largely due to the efforts of local Quakers. A congregation of the African Methodist Episcopal Church was . . . Map (db m39605) HM
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9 Delaware, Kent County, Camden — The History of the Howell Mill Site
1680 Alexander Humphrey obtains title to 600 acres south of Isaac Branch. The tract is called Brecknock. 1740 John Hill builds the first mill at Brecknock. 1746 John Clayton, Jr. purchases the mill at Brecknock from John Hill. . . . Map (db m131998) HM
10 Delaware, Kent County, Camden — KC-110 — Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church
Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church-The roots of this congregation can be traced to 1845, when a group of local residents met to formally organize Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church. With several churches established in the area by free . . . Map (db m141317) HM
11 Delaware, Kent County, Camden, Camden Wyoming — KC-72 — Camden
The history of this community can be traced to the 1780s, when members of the Mifflin family began dividing their land into lots. Much of this land was originally a part of a tract known as Brecknock, which was granted to Alexander Humphreys in . . . Map (db m39511) HM
12 Delaware, Kent County, Camden, Camden Wyoming — KC-73 — Camden Friends MeetingBurial Place of John Hunn
This house of worship, built in 1805, was first a Preparative Meeting under the care of Motherkiln (Murderkill) Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). In 1830, Camden Monthly Meeting was formed by uniting with Motherkiln and . . . Map (db m39513) HM
13 Delaware, Kent County, Camden, Camden Wyoming — John Hunn1814 - 1894 — Quaker Abolitionist —
Chief engineer of the Underground Rail Road in the State of Del. and the richest man in Del. He was convicted and fined in 1846 by the U.S. Dist. Court, later he was fined twice for $10,000.00 each by Del. but was advised the fines wouldn't be . . . Map (db m39514) HM
14 Delaware, Kent County, Cheswold — KC-83 — Cheswold Volunteer Fire Company
This company was organized on February 2, 1928, when a group of interested citizens met at C. H. Pearson’s Store for the purpose of electing officers. William S. Scarborough was chosen to be the President of the organization, and Willard D. Boyce . . . Map (db m39050) HM
15 Delaware, Kent County, Cheswold — KC-6 — Kenton Hundred
Kenton Hundred-Created in 1869 by joining of western halves of Duck Creek and Little Creek Hundreds. Is bounded on north by Blackbird Hundred in New Castle County, on east by Duck Creek and Little Creek Hundreds, on south by East Dover and West . . . Map (db m141240) HM
16 Delaware, Kent County, Cheswold — Little Creek Hundred
Originally embraced all lands south of Leipsic Creek and north of Little Creek from Delaware River to Maryland line. In 1869 western half was detached and joined to western half of Duck Creek Hundred to form Kenton Hundred.Map (db m39049) HM
17 Delaware, Kent County, Cheswold — KC-5 — Little Creek Hundred
Originally embraced all lands south of Leipsic Creek and north of Little Creek from Delaware River to Maryland line. In 1869 western half was detached and joined to western half of Duck Creek Hundred to form Kenton Hundred.Map (db m39051) HM
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18 Delaware, Kent County, Clayton — KC-112 — Byrd's African Methodist Episcopal Church
In the early 1890s Clayton was home to an increasing population of African-Americans, many of whom were railroad workers. Byrd's African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church was built in 1894 to accommodate this growing community who previously had . . . Map (db m141340) HM
19 Delaware, Kent County, Clayton — Clayton Veterans Park
Dedicated in honor of those who have served and continue to serve and in memory of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of our country [Additional dedication on the clock display:] In honor of those that . . . Map (db m174553) WM
20 Delaware, Kent County, Clayton — KC-74 — Site of Blackiston Methodist Church
A local society of Methodists was organized circa 1778. On May 16, 1781, they obtained land here on which to build a permanent house of worship. A large frame church was then constructed and named Blackiston's Chapel, to honor the family that . . . Map (db m40190) HM
21 Delaware, Kent County, Clayton — KC-59 — Town of Clayton
First known as Smyrna Station, the Town of Clayton began when the railroad came to this area in the mid-1850s. In 1860, the name was changed to honor Delawarean John M. Clayton, a former United States Secretary of State and strong advocate of the . . . Map (db m39023) HM
22 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — "So Others May Live."
The radio call sign "Dustoff" originated as the call sign for helicopter units dedicated to evacuating wounded from the battlefield by 1966 there were several Dustoff Units in various locations in Vietnam. A Dustoff Mission was three times more . . . Map (db m198954) HM
23 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — …and His Accomplishments
In the 1960's and through the 1980's, life in slow-paced Dover grew busier. New payrolls arrived. Annexation added to both the population and taxable base. Cooperation with Kent County's government advanced. Relations between Dover . . . Map (db m198996) HM
24 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — 148th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
Dedicated to the living and deceased members of the 148th who reopened this facility, at the height of the Korean Conflict on Feb. 1, 1951. The unit served at Dover A.F.B. until Oct. 31, 1952 flying F-51D, F-84C and F-94B aircraft.Map (db m142516) WM
25 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — 2nd Ferrying Group
Dedicated in remembrance of all who served in the 2nd Ferrying Group, Ferrying Division Air Transport Command, New Castle Army Base, Delaware. 1942-1946 The group delivered aircraft all over the world and was the first to utilize . . . Map (db m142515) HM WM
26 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — 61st Troop Carrier Squadron
The missing man formation of the 61 st Troop Carrier Squadron World War II In memory of those no longer with us who flew, maintained, or supported the C-47 in the U.S. Military ServicesMap (db m168145) WM
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27 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — A-26CInvader — S/N 44-35523 —
Intended to be built in large numbers to replace the USAAF's three medium bombers (A-20 Havoc, B-52 Mitchell, and B-26 Marauder), Douglas' A-26 Invader served briefly in Europe and the Pacific in the closing months of World War II. Pilots praised . . . Map (db m142605) HM
28 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Afghanistan-Iraq Memorial
Honoring the service and sacrifices of the Delaware heroes who fought and died to keep America free in the conflicts in the Middle East and Afghanistan.Map (db m190731) WM
29 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — American Legion Veterans Memorial
Dedicated on January 26, 1968 as a lasting memorial to those who have served their country for our freedomMap (db m142504) WM
30 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — An Army of Restoration (CCC)
To provide employment and vocational training for youthful citizens of the United States…through the performance of useful public work in connection with the conservation and development of the natural resources of the United States and its . . . Map (db m4491) HM
31 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — AN/GPN-20 Airport Surveillance Radar
The AN/GPN-20 is a dual-channel radar system with tower-mounted antenna and remote site operator controls. Its mission is to detect aircraft within 60 nautical miles of the radar site and to process and display information for air traffic . . . Map (db m142615) HM
32 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — KC-119 — Annie Jump Cannon
Annie Jump Cannon (1863-1941), a prominent astronomer who pioneered stellar classification, observed her first stars from the roof of this house. Cannon, who was legally deaf, graduated valedictorian from Wilmington Conference Academy, now Wesley . . . Map (db m94379) HM
33 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Armed Forces Memorial
This monument is dedicated to remember those men and women missing in action while serving in the Armed Services of the United States of America Korean War Clifton E. Brooks – PFC U.S. Army • Samuel L. Crawford – PFC U.S. Army . . . Map (db m39725) WM
34 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Asian American and Pacific Islander U.S. Air Force Memorial
In honor of the many contributions made by Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders to the U.S.A.F. Past, Present & Future Map (db m142508) WM
35 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Battles and Engagements of the Delaware Regiment
Battles around New York City and Environs, 1776-1779
1. Long Island, August 27, 1776 2. Throg's Neck, October 12-18, 1776 3. Mamaroneck Raid, October 22, 1776 4. White Plains, October 28, 1776 5. Retreat across New Jersey, . . . Map (db m39713) HM
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36 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Bell UH-1 Iroquois Helicopter"Huey." — Dedicated May 26, 2014 —
First seeing combat in Vietnam, the UH-1 Iroquois helicopter, nicknamed the Huey, is one of the most successful rotary-winged aircraft in aviation history, with more than 16,000 being produced. Throughout the Vietnam War, the Huey was used . . . Map (db m198952) HM WM
37 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Berlin Airlift Memorial
In memory of the United States military personnel who served on the Berlin Airlift 26 June 1948 to 30 September 1949. Map (db m142511) WM
38 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Bioretention
This facility was converted from a stormwater pond into a bioretention facility in 2009. A bioretention facility, also known as a rain garden, filters polluted stormwater before it enters into a waterway. When it rains, water washes over parking . . . Map (db m51116) HM
39 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — K-43 — Bishop Richard Allen
Richard Allen founded and became the first Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1816. Born into slavery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on February 14, 1760, Allen and his family were sold to a family near Dover in 1772. While there, . . . Map (db m39093) HM
40 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — KC-88 — Booker T. Washington School
On November 13, 1922, 210 children and 6 teachers marched from two old school buildings located on Slaughter Street and Division Street to a new school for African-American students in Dover. Funding for the building was provided by the Delaware . . . Map (db m39064) HM
41 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — KC-53 — Byfield
Near this site stood the boyhood home of Caesar Rodney, signer of the Declaration of Independence, Brigadier General of the State's militia (1775-1778), and President (Governor) of Delaware (1778-1781). Byfield was originally settled in the early . . . Map (db m75835) HM
42 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — C-119GFlying Boxcar — S/N 10-870 —
Twin-boom cargo planes were Fairchild's trademark in the post-1945 era. These heavy-lift transports helped the United States to reach out with its new-found postwar power. C-119s formed the backbone of the USAF transport in the 1950s. In the . . . Map (db m142611) HM
43 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — C-121CSuper Constellation — S/N 4557 —
The Lockheed Constellation with its gracefully contoured fuselage is a mixture of beauty, power, and utility. Constellation or "Connie" began as the 1943 C-69 Constellation prototype. A small number of C-69s were assigned to the Air . . . Map (db m142614) HM
44 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — C-123KProvider — S/N 54-658 —
One of many innovative aircraft designs to come on the scene just after WWII, the C-123 Provider began life as the XG-20 cargo glider. This all-metal glider was designed with conversion to a powered assault transport in mind. It first flew as the . . . Map (db m142609) HM
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45 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — C-130EHercules — S/N 69-6580 —
Designed in 1951 for the U.S. Air Force's Tactical Air Command, the C-130 Hercules set a new pattern for military transportation aircraft. Previously types usually had piston engines, tailwheel landing wheel, and side doors. The Hercules uses . . . Map (db m142600) HM
46 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — C-131DSamaritan — S/N 55-295 —
The C-131 was based on the Convair 240, 340, and 440 airliners developed to replace surplus WWII transports that were being used as civilian airliners in the early 1950s. The first U.S. Air Force versions were navigator and radio operator . . . Map (db m142563) HM
47 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — C-133 Cargomaster1957 - 1971
Dedicated to C-133 aircrew members and support personnel of the 1st and 39th Heavy Airlift Squadrons and to the memory of those who are no longer with usMap (db m142510) HM
48 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — C-133BCargomaster — S/N 59-0536 —
The museum's C-133 was the last of the 50 C-133s to be manufactured The C-133 was designed around one major mission—hauling the first generation intercontinental ballistic missiles. The largest of these was the Atlas missile. . . . Map (db m142629) HM
49 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — C-141AStarlifter — S/N 61-2775 —
The museum's C-141A was the first one manufactured The C-141A was the first jet-engine military transport and was introduced to replace the slower propeller-driven C-124 and C-133. It incorporated long-range, high-speed, and . . . Map (db m142565) HM
50 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — C-141BStarlifter — S/N 64-0626 —
The museum's C-141B was the last C-141 stationed at Dover AFT, Delaware In 1973 television audiences watched the C-141 bring home POWs released by Hanoi. Others know that C-141s dropped U.S. paratroopers on Panama in 1989. But . . . Map (db m142570) HM
51 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — C-45GExpeditor — S/N 51-11795 —
The museum's C-45 was the first obtained by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) The C-45 is the military version of the popular Beechcraft Model 18 commercial light transport. Beech built a total of 4,526 of these aircraft . . . Map (db m142622) HM
52 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — C-54MSkymaster — S/N 44-9030 —
The Museum's C-54 is the last remaining "M" model skymaster The Douglas C-54 Skymaster was the military variation of the DC-4 commercial transport. This propeller-driven aircraft was flown by the U.S. Army Air Force in WWII and . . . Map (db m142553) HM
53 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — C-5AGalaxy — S/N 69-0014 —
The most noticeable and revolutionary design feature of Lockheed's C-5 Galaxy is its immense size. Other large aircraft played important roles in aviation history, but none of those giants could haul anything, anywhere, anytime as well as the . . . Map (db m142623) HM
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54 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — C-60Lodestar — S/N 42-55918 —
During WWII, the military brought or pressed into service all kinds of transport aircraft. Lockheed Lodestars were smaller and faster than the Douglas DC-3 aircraft that had become the industry standard. The USAAF commandeered over 50 early model . . . Map (db m142621) HM
55 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — C-7ACaribou — S/N 63-9760 —
The Canadian DHC-4 Caribou, a dedicated short takeoff and landing (STOL) utility transport, first flew in 1958. The aircraft was designed to combine the STOL performance of the Canadian Otter aircraft with the load-carrying capability of the . . . Map (db m142608) HM
56 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — C-9A/CNightingale — S/N 67-22584 —
The museum's C-9 was the first delivered to the military airlift command in 1968 In the mid-1960s there was a definite need to replace the propeller-driven C-118 and C-131 aircraft that had been used as medical evacuation . . . Map (db m142599) HM
57 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Caesar Rodney
Statesman, Soldier and Patriot. Member of Stamp Act Congress and of First and Second Continental Congresses. Signer of Declaration of Independence. Member and Speaker of Colonial Assembly of “Three Lower Counties on Delaware.” Member of . . . Map (db m39067) HM
58 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — KC-87 — Calvary Baptist Church
Calvary Baptist Church-On January 26, 1883, the Delaware Baptist Union was formally incorporated by the state legislature. The purpose of the organization was to spread the message of the denomination and promote the erection and maintenance of . . . Map (db m141273) HM
59 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Charles Inglis
In memory of 1734 Charles Inglis 1816 1759 Rector of this parish 1765 1787 Bishop of Nova Scotia 1816 First Colonial Bishop in the British Empire His wife Mary Vining and their two infant children rest in the churchyard.Map (db m42757) HM
60 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Colonel John Haslet
Presbyterian minister, later practiced medicine, Member of Colonial Assembly, Member of Council of Safety, 1775. Commanded First Delaware Militia Regiment. This regiment, reviewed in Dover, later joined Washington’s army and fought in Battles of . . . Map (db m4716) HM
61 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Commemoration Park
Dedicated on 13 September 1997 Constucted by 436th Civil Engineering SquadronMap (db m51022) HM
62 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Constitution Park
In 1787 the Golden Fleece Tavern owned by Elizabeth Battell, stood facing Court House Square on a property that included this site and there the Constitution of the United States was ratified by the Delaware state. "Fully, freely and . . . Map (db m142494) HM
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63 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Continuity & ProgressHistorically Happening — Dover, Delaware —
These two words say a great deal about Dover. It is a modern and growing city entering the 21st century on a foundation of achievement built over more than 300 years of American history. And a rich history it is. Founded by William Penn in . . . Map (db m142501) HM
64 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Crawford Carroll, the Man…
If ever an individual citizen embodied the warm and friendly spirit of Delaware's Capital City, it was Crawford Carroll. A natural leader, he promoted the city's progress during a period of unprecedented economic and population growth. In . . . Map (db m198995) HM
65 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — D.A.R. Garden
The DAR marker above was moved from the first DAR garden which was located between the north and south bound lanes of Route 13 north of Dover. It was rededicated by the Colonel Haslet Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, to honor its . . . Map (db m198992) HM
66 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Delaware 9/11 Memorial
In memory of those Delawareans who died during the terrorist attacks on America in September 2001 and in grateful appreciation for the service of many brave persons who responded to terrorists crisis in our nation's time of need.Map (db m190740) WM
67 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Delaware DecidesFirst State National Historical Park
In early December 1787 the thirty delegates to the Delaware ratifying convention were called upon to make a momentous decision. For five days they considered whether to approve the new, stronger central government proposed at the Constitutional . . . Map (db m131993) HM
68 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Delaware Public ArchivesWho Are We?
Established in 1905, the Delaware Public Archives is one of America's oldest public archives. The mission is threefold:
1. To identify, collect, and preserve public records of enduring historical and evidential value; 2. To . . . Map (db m190724) HM
69 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Delaware State College
Established May 15, 1891, by an act of the Delaware General Assembly as the State College for Colored Students, by virtue of the 1890 Morrill Land-Grant Act under the provisions of the 1862 Morrill Act of Congress. Incorporated July 1, 1891. . . . Map (db m39054) HM
70 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — KC-45 — Delaware State College High School
On June 17, 1921, the Board of Trustees of the State College for Colored Students, later known as Delaware State College, approved a resolution recommending the establishment of a high school for Negro students on its campus. This was the second . . . Map (db m142491) HM
71 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Delaware Women's Service Monument
Honoring women throughout our history who have served in defense of our state and our nation. In Tribute to the women of the first state who have come forward to protect and defend our state and our nation in the military and supporting . . . Map (db m194642) WM
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72 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Delaware Women's Suffrage Memorial
"We are called the Iron-Jawed Angels. Is that supposed to be an insult?" Delaware suffrage leader Mabel Vernon
In tribute to the heroic effort of those Delawareans who fought unceasingly for . . . Map (db m198986) HM
73 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Delaware's Medal of Honor RecipientsFrom the Twentieth Century
Delaware Governor Walter W. Bacon speaks at ceremonies after a parade in Wilmington in 1945 honoring Medal of Honor recipient, Army Sergeant James P. Connor. Connor landed in North Africa in November, 1942, with the 9th Division and went on to . . . Map (db m194618) HM WM
74 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Delaware's Medal of Honor RecipientsFrom the Nineteenth Century
Of the eighteen Delawareans who have been awarded the Medal of Honor since it was established by an Act of Congress in 1862, fifteen received the medal for actions during the 19th century — twelve from the Civil War, one from the Indian Wars in . . . Map (db m198966) HM
75 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — KC-131 — Delaware's Struggle for Women's Right to Vote
In March 1920, Governor John G. Townsend called a special session of the Delaware General Assembly to vote on the ratification of the 19th amendment. Suffrage and anti-suffrage groups descended on Dover that spring to try to sway the vote in their . . . Map (db m190714) HM
76 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Did you know…Historically Happening — Dover, Delaware —
The Old State House Fact: After the capital was moved from New Castle to Dover in 1777, the State House was built as the first permanent capitol building in 1787 and finished in 1791. Information: This Georgian . . . Map (db m142495) HM
77 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Dover
County seat since 1680. William Penn, in 1683, ordered townsite laid out and named Dover. Plotted in 1717. Temporary capital in 1777 and permanent capital since 1779. Federal Constitution ratified here in 1787 making Delaware First State in Union. . . . Map (db m51115) HM
78 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — KC-34 — Dover
County seat since 1680. William Penn in 1683 ordered Town site laid out and named Dover. Plotted in 1717. Temporary capitol in 1777 and permanent capitol since 1779. Federal Constitution ratified here in 1787, making Delaware first State in Union. . . . Map (db m39061) HM
79 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — KC-35 — Dover
County seat since 1680. William Penn in 1683 ordered Town site laid out and named Dover. Plotted in 1717. Temporary capitol in 1777 and permanent capitol since 1779. Federal Constitution ratified here in 1787, making Delaware first State in Union. . . . Map (db m39107) HM
80 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — KC-129 — Dover Downs
Dover Downs began as a dual-purpose racing facility that featured a five-eights' mile dirt horse racing track built within the larger one mile race track of Dover International Speedway. Gov. David P. Buckson, Lt. Gov. John W. Rollins, and Melvin L. . . . Map (db m141445) HM
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81 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — KC-128 — Dover International Speedway
Dover International Speedway-The Speedway hosted its first NASCAR event, the Mason-Dixon 300, on July 6, 1969. Richard Petty won that raced by 6 laps. The highly-banked, one-mile oval track was created, financed, and built by Gov. David P. Buckson, . . . Map (db m141439) HM
82 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Dover Light InfantryKent County, Delaware Militia — 1776-1777 —
The Light Infantry Company of Dover, a part of the 1st Battalion of Kent County, mustered in on 2 April 1776. Each militia volunteer was uniformly armed, equipped, and wore a standard military coat of green faced with red lapels, cuffs, and . . . Map (db m39576) HM
83 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Dupont SchoolDelaware State University — Making our mark on the world —
From 1921 until 1952 this simple brick structure, named for its benefactor, Pierre S. Dupont, served as a laboratory-classroom for students enrolled in the teaching course at the State College for Colored Students (now DSU). The educational . . . Map (db m142492) HM
84 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — KC-117 — Eden Hill Farm
In 1680, a large tract of land called "Brothers Portion" was warranted to John and Richard Walker. In 1695, 200 acres of the parcel were purchased to create the town of Dover. When the town plot was completed in 1718, John Mifflin purchased 69 acres . . . Map (db m94380) HM
85 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — F-101BVoodoo — S/N 59-428 —
From 1951 until 1973, Dover AFB had the additional mission of hosting fighters from the Air Defense Command's 98th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (FIS). The squadron flew F-101s from 1959 until 1963 when they moved to New York. The mission of the . . . Map (db m142574) HM
86 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — F-106ADelta Dart — S/N 59-0023 —
The Museum's F-106 is the only surviving Delta Dart that was stationed at Dover AFB, Delaware When it was introduced in the late 1950s, the Convair F-106 was one of the fastest fighters in the world. An extensive redesign of the . . . Map (db m142568) HM
87 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — KC-86 — Former Site of ILC DoverMakers of the Apollo Moonsuit
In 1947 the International Latex Corporation established a specialty products division and chose this site for its location. The company’s rise to prominence as a supplier of aeronautic and aerospace equipment began in 1952 when it was contracted to . . . Map (db m39062) HM
88 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Gold Star Memorial
In honor of all Gold Star Mothers and Families from all conflicts
"I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride . . . Map (db m198917) WM
89 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Hall HouseThe First State Heritage Park at Dover Reported permanently removed
The land on which Hall House stands was originally part of the Woodburn property. In 1885, Thomas Wilson, Jr. purchased an acre from his uncle living in Woodburn and built this house, which was completed in 1887. In 1983, during the . . . Map (db m43736) HM
90 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Hall HouseFirst State Heritage Park
The land on which Hall House stands was originally part of the Woodburn property. In 1885, Thomas Wilson, Jr. purchased an acre from his uncle living in Woodburn and built this house, which was completed in 1887. In 1983, during the . . . Map (db m198999) HM
91 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — KC-68 — Hangar 1301
Constructed in 1944, Hangar 1301 served as the headquarters and engineering facility for the 4146th Base Unit from 1944 to 1946. Highly secret testing and development work was done here on air-launched rocket weapons. Aircraft used in testing . . . Map (db m50623) HM
92 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Home of John Dickinson
"The Penman of the Revolution." Member of Delaware colonial and state assemblies. Member of Continental Congress, Annapolis Convention, and Philadelphia Federal Constitutional Convention. Signer for Delaware of Articles of Confederation and Federal . . . Map (db m39583) HM
93 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — In the Council Chamber of Elizabeth Battell's Golden Fleece Tavern
On this site, Delaware became the first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States. December 7, 1787.We, the deputies of the people of the Delaware state, in Convention met, having taken in our serious consideration the Federal . . . Map (db m39074) HM
94 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — In Tribute to Dover VFW Memorial Post 9962Chartered from 1950 to 2014 — Dedicated to Country and Community —
For nearly 65 years Dover VFW Memorial Post 9952 reached out to fellow veterans, their families, and the community at large. Its faithful members served during times of war and peace and willingly placed themselves in harm's way to proudly serve . . . Map (db m198915) HM
95 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — John Bell House
The 18th-century front section of this structure is the oldest surviving wood building in Dover. It is being restored to serve as an interpretive center for the First State heritage Park.The 20th-century rear additions will be removed to return the . . . Map (db m39097) HM
96 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — John M. Clayton
Born in Dagsboro, Delaware, 1796. Graduate of Yale College 1815. Member of Delaware House of Representatives 1824. Secretary of State of Delaware 1826-1828. United States Senator 1829-1836, 1845-1849 and 1853 until his death, 1856. Chief Justice of . . . Map (db m4748) HM
97 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — KB-50JSuperfortress — S/N 49-0389 —
Originally a B-50 Superfortress bomber aircraft, the B-50 started life as an upgraded model to the B-29 Superfortress. The general appearance of the B-29 and B-50 are similar, however, the B-50 features several upgrades from the B-29 design, . . . Map (db m142618) HM
98 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — KC-135EStratotanker — S/N 57-1507 —
The museum's KC-135E was the first all-jet tanker assigned to the Air National Guard in April 1975, and it flew the last operational mission of any KC-135E on 14 July 2009. In the early 1950s the Strategic Air Command (SAC) . . . Map (db m142626) HM
99 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — Kent County Courthouses (1680-1983)
Court was first held in Jones County in 1680. In 1682 William Penn changed the county’s name to Kent County. On August 11, 1683 William Penn directed that the town of Dover be laid out and that a courthouse be erected at the intersection of its two . . . Map (db m190867) HM
100 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — KC-80 — Kitts Hummock
Like the Native Americans before them, European settlers used this rising ground or "hummock" on the shore of the Delaware Bay as a place for fishing and recreation. In 1738, Jehu Curtis received a patent for lands that he called "Kitt's Hammock." . . . Map (db m39578) HM

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